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Sleep Schedules

July 31, 2013

I find that when Uranus is lit up, I often sleep a lot less.  If I worry about not getting enough sleep, I go around tired and bummed.  If I just get up and do something fun, without worrying about my shoulds, then I just do fine on less sleep.  (Shoulds are kind of antithetical to Yintegrity anyway.)  Stealing a short nap here and there is always a boon, but usually less necessary under Uranus.  Especially with Mars (Action, Energy) filling the other corner of the Uranus-Pluto T-Square this week, it’ll be fairly remarkable if we get much sleep.  If you get 3-4 hours of good solid sleep a night this week, consider yourself lucky.

That’s a busy corner (around 9-11 of Cancer) through most of September, as Pallas then Jupiter then Lilith follow Mars through the gauntlet.  Uranus Initiated Mars back in early February, at 3 Pisces, “Petrified Tree trunks lie broken on the sand.”  Rudhyar talks about mature civilizations leaving records behind, but it sounds to me more like breaking up ossified conditions – Uranus’s Disruption mode.  Uranus Disrupts what is false or diversionary or obsolete, in order to open space for new downloads from the Individual Soul.  This is the Waxing Square, when the Energy of the Cycle “becomes mainstream.”

You can always PIAVA a loving and gentle transition to your New Life.

Mars-Pluto, reaching Opposition – Awareness – began their current Cycle at the end of November last, at 9 Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a harp“!  That’d be one tough Angel, leading a Mars-Pluto Cycle.  Rudhyar translates as “Revelation of the Spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”  Coming to these kinds of realizations during a Juno-Nodes Grand Cross will be very helpful, as long as we let them be “…or something like that.”  Intellect is a very small part of Spirit, not the other way around.

Upper Limits

July 30, 2013

Not sure he invented it, be probably did, but I first heard about Upper Limits from Gay Hendricks.  It’s when things are better than we’re used to, and we freak out in very subtle ways and sabotage ourself so we can get back to what we’re used to.  It’s definitely like that when you blow away Karma and your old Limitations aren’t there any more.  Kinda scary, actually.  You have to be Conscious of it, look for it, Breathe, purposely Rest, Ground yourself, and ease into it.

Our whole world doesn’t have to fall apart in order for us to see what we’re doing in there [in our customary state of Consciousness].  We are constantly trying to hold it all together.  If you really want to see why you do things, then don’t do them and see what happens.  Let’s say you’re a smoker.  If you decide to stop smoking you quickly confront the urges that cause you to smoke  These urges are the reason you smoke.  They are the outermost layer of cause.  If you can sit through these urges, you will see what caused them.  If you can get comfortable with what you see, you will face the next layer of causation, and so on, layer upon layer. …

If you want to see why you care so much about what you wear and what your hair is like, then just don’t do it one day.  Wake up in the morning and go somewhere disheveled with your hair a mess, and see what happens to the energies inside of you.  See what happens to you when you don’t do the things that make you comfortable.  What you’ll see is why you’re doing them.”

Michael Singer, the untethered soul: the journey beyond yourself, p.121.

This is the kind of thing Uranus and Eris do for lunch.  It’s exhilarating, an amazing feeling, to feel our “fate” shift – you can actually see your Future changing, like a chimera on a desert highway.  But most of the time we act as if we’d rather live with the Demons we know than the Grace we crave.  We have to do some serious PIAVAing to reorient ourselves – but hey, Chiron’s part of the Grand Sextile – Magic is afoot!

Doors Opening

July 30, 2013

Start with this short video…


July 29, 2013

Yang Integrity means you do what you said you were going to do.  Yin Integrity means you do what you dang well feel like doing, moment to moment.  To do Yintegrity in a Yang-Integrity World, we will probably need to minimize our Commitments to the Outside World, and renegotiate our Agreements frequently.  Yintegrity is closely associated with Authenticity and Congruence.  When we’re Congruent, our body language and our actions support our words.

Uranus, Lilith, and the Moon all encourage Yintegrity and Authenticity.  To maintain Congruence, we need a Commitment to cleaning up our Nodal issues (Karma and dedication to our Mission and Desires).  Uranus represents Congruence between our Soul Self and our Ego Self.  Lilith symbolizes our pre-Intellectual Instincts, which detect and circumvent manipulation and propaganda.  You can think of Lilith as your Bullshit Meter.  To the casual observer, the Moon represents changeability and inconsistency.  To the trained observer, those changeable and inconsistent feelings are Intuitions.

For those of us without trust funds, Saturn – which encourages emphasis on The Most Important Thing – will be needed when reducing commitments, and a well-oiled Mercury will be very useful for renegotiations.  Don’t forget the cardinal rule of negotiation: if you’re doing win-win and your counterparty is doing win-lose, you lose.  You’ll need Discernment (Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Vertex) for that, and Good Boundaries (Pallas) to stay Clear against the torrent of Yang invective you’ll get for daring to venture into Yintegrity.  By and large in American Culture, men tend to trust Yang Integrity, and women are more likely to trust Yin Integrity.

Monday’s Child

July 28, 2013

Anybody born this coming week is going to have one hellofa Mandala for a birth chart.  It looks like the cover of Be Here Now

GSexIt’s busy, but the remarkable – and positive – thing about it is all the symmetry.  ALL of the planets are between 6 and 18 degrees, so Monday’s Child (and Tuesday’s, etc, through Friday) will start life with a Grand Sextile, a Grand Cross, two Grand Trines, an extra T-Square, a Diamond Star, three Golden Rectangles, six Pythagorean Triangles, seven French Hens, and a Yod to their Sun-Vesta-Ceres Conjunction!  These folks will Change the World.

Well, ALL of the planets except Eris, but then, we knew she wouldn’t be invited to the party, didn’t we.

You use a wider Orb (fudge factor) for a birth chart than for our usual view of current events.  The week will be a Portal for us Already-borns anyway, but it takes a four-degree Orb to make the Grand Sextile, and really three degrees (or even one) is more appropriate for most of us most of the time.  Of course, if you measured four degrees or more when you measured your Sensitivity a while back, you’ll be changing the World too.

And if your birthday is coming up, then this will be your Solar Return chart, and you’re going to have one hellofa year, Changing the World!  The Solar Return chart, drawn for the moment when the Sun returns to where it was when you were born, is a picture of what your year (birthday-to-birthday) will be like.  The chart suggests that if you’ve been contemplating doing something entirely different, or taking a whole new approach to what you’ve been doing, or Changing the World, this year is the time to get it started.

And of course, if you’ve been hesitating because your new course might trigger dischord, well, everything World-Changing does, doesn’t it.  Imagine how much dischord followed Gandhi around!

For the rest of us peasants, the main change from what’s been going on for a while now, is that Vesta is replacing Ceres in the Juno-Nodes Grand Cross.  We’ll talk about that.

But y’know, we all will be living under this chart this week, and anything we begin this week will be graced by it.  If you’ve been contemplating doing something entirely different, or taking a whole new approach to what you’ve already been doing, or Changing the World, this week is the time to get it started.  If you’ve been hesitating because your new course might trigger dischord, imagine how much dischord followed Gandhi around!

In simple terms, red represents Stress, blue Grace, and green Curiosity.  The lines symbolize different Angles between the planets, and different Angles represent different ways the planets’ Energies combine.  We can experience Stress as Anxiety, Motivation, Frustration, or Excitement, and it’s our response to the Stress that determines the quality of our experience, along with the support we Ask for and receive.  Blue and green lines help mitigate the Stress and lean it toward Motivation and Excitement, or at least Confidence, or the sense that the Challenges are not overwhelming.  The important thing is Balance, and this chart exudes Balance.

And then there’s Yintegrity.  With Uranus Squaring Pluto and Lilith acting out, Yintegrity‘s been in the spotlight for a while.  In this World-Changer chart, Uranus has its own T-Square with Mars and Pluto (Compulsion to Act, consequences mopped up later), and – with birth-chart Orb – Lilith joins Mars in the Square to Uranus (Burn, Chauvinist, Burn!).  With current-event Orb, Lilith is “only” conjunct Pallas and Jupiter (expanding our Self and in the process strengthening our Boundaries) – that is, lit up in her own right.  In our Ouija-Board World, Yintegrity attracts Grace and Synchronicity.  Like Gandhi, when we’re in Yintegrity, Grace eases Dischord.  It’s only castles burning anyway.

The Grand Sextile

How often do we see a Grand Sextile?  Once a decade, once in two decades?  Three, four?  They don’t happen every day.  The Sextile, a Sixth-Harmonic or two-Sign Angle between two planets, represents Creative Grace – outcomes are fortuitous and processes flow smoothly, but only if the Humans involved show a little initiative.  A Trine is just dumb luck; a Sextile is about Guidance.  A Grand Sextile is six Sextiles end to end in a hexagram or Star of David, circling the entire Zodiac.  In this one, the largest Orb (slop) is three-and-a-third degrees, between Chiron and Pluto.  A little farther than the sort of Orb that polite company likes to see, but we’re among friends.

You can see from the blue lines in the picture that a Grand Sextile implies two mutually complementing Grand Trines, three rotating Mystic or Golden Rectangles, and three (red) Oppositions – that is, in general, everyone is agreeable and on the same page.  They’re Sextiles, so there’s some Operator Initiative involved, it doesn’t happen on its own.  But the Operator Initiative is greatly leveraged.  While the Oppositions are red as in Stress, it’s Stress only to the Intellect, as the Opposition signifies Contradiction to the Intellect, but Awareness through Contradistinction to the Observer.

When you divide the twelve Signs into two groups by alternating Signs, you get six Yang Signs and six Yin Signs, so a Grand Sextile is either Yang or Yin.  This one – as you’d expect considering the times – is Yin.  That means your Initiative happens by PIAVA more than Plan-and-Do.  You PIAVA an outcome or a tool, then respond to what you’re given.  You adapt as you go, tacking toward your objective, rather than forcing your Will on the Universe in a straight line.  This is fortunate, because in a World so far from any kind of consensus, a Yang Grand Sextile could easily produce War.

What’s the Yin bottom line?  Collaboration, Cooperation, Community.  So we PIAVA Collaborative movement toward what we Desire, and Community that supports our Desire.  The essence of the Sixth Harmonic is Collaboration and Partnership.

In the Intellectual Yang approach to Life, the Goal is predefined, and the proposed path to it established, before the effort begins.  In the Spiritual Yang approach, the Goal is clear to the Seer who can define the steps along the way, but the End Point can’t be put into words because it exists only in a future time that hasn’t been Co-Created yet.  In the Intuitive or Instinctual Yin approach, the Desired Outcome is approximate and refined at each step along the way, with much zigzagging and some backtracking.  In the Emotional Yin approach, the Outcome is unknown, but there is a clear perception of whether a given step has been successful.

The Grand Cross

By now we’re pretty accustomed to the Juno-Nodes T-Square – which symbolizes shifts in the Ground beneath us, as Juno represents our Shadow, and the Nodes stand for our Desires and Permissions.  Whoa!  New material?  Well, the more perspectives, the better, eh?

Juno stands for our Unconscious Identity, and much of that is our “Shadow,” or the parts of ourselves that we don’t have permission to express.  The North Node signals our Mission – and how does our Mission manifest?  Desire.  Probably not what your mom taught, but there it is – get used to it.  Our Karma sits at the South Node, and what is Karma but a lack of Permission to pursue our Desires?

Our Shadow gets its Energy from Desires that we’ve been told are not socially acceptable.  So we may have experienced the Juno T-Square, which has been going on since May and will continue through October, as eruptions of our Shadow – our Evil Twin sneaking around or, if we keep our several Selves on a short leash, wanting to get out more.  Nothing we aren’t used to, as we’ve been doing this dance all our Life.  Just more pronounced this year.  I mean after all, Time bailed on us, why haven’t our Shoulds retired as well?

It’s not like we haven’t had help – at the moment both Chiron (Miracles) and Mars (Action) are Trining (Grace) the North Node.  But the Nodes require Work for a reason; if we were gifted with permission to pursue all of our Desires, we’d take it for granted.  When we earn our right to our Desires, no one can take it away from us.  The downsides of Chiron and Mars are Despair and Blame: It’s impossible, I’ll never have what I want! and It’s their fault!  Usually it’s our programmers’ fault, but often we use a scapegoat; we were taught to merge with our programmers, so blaming them is blaming ourselves, which of course can lead to Despair.  Of course not all Karma/Patterns have their origins in the current lifetime, and even those that do are mere Shadows of their former-lifetime selves.

The reframing (Chiron) that gets you out of the dilemma of the Nodes, is the realization that your Desire, and what you were taught was naughty, are two very different things.  To make it easier to talk about, let’s label what-we-were-taught-was-naughty as My Problem.  My Problem is one manifestation of our Desire, but not the only one, and by no means the most important one!  When we imagine doing My Problem, what do we gain?  Excitement?  Relaxation?  Power?  Freedom?  Pleasure?  Let’s call that My Reward.  Now imagine, or PIAVA, having My Reward without having My Problem.

It could be flipped – maybe our Desire is really Community or Acceptance, and My Problem prevents us from having that.  We could imagine or PIAVA a Community where My Problem is standard fare.  It’s unlikely that we have many Desires that aren’t normal Human Desires, so that’s not far-fetched.  And when we imagine doing My Problem, what do we lose?  Prestige?  Acceptance?  Sustenance?  Freedom?  Power?  Imagine having that and having My Problem.

What we’re getting at is that there’s a zillion ways to manifest the Desire that lies underneath My Problem without manifesting the downsides that we believe My Problem will create.  We just need to do some excavating to find where our Desire and My Problem diverge, some renegotiating between various of our Selves, some retraining for our Evil Twin, and some reframing of our expectations.  All doable.

The Stations of the Cross

What about the fourth corner of the Grand Cross?

Ceres has been there since mid-July, but now the Guard is Changing, Ceres is moving on to bigger and better things, and Vesta is taking a shift.  Ceres has been Opposing Juno.  Ceres stands in for Sustainability and Sustenance, and Oppositions are about Awareness.  So if we’ve been Awake, we’ve probably been noticing some of our own self-sabotage tendencies over the last few weeks – and noticing how easy it suddenly is to change them!

Now for the next lesson – a Vesta-Juno Opposition for the next  week-and-a-half, along with Mars and the Sun, with Jupiter not so far behind.  Busy busy.  Vesta represents that which is Sacred to us, that which we must have if we are to survive and thrive.  So we get down to some Desires that aren’t optional.  We can put off some repressions for only so long, till they burst through into topside Life, and we just have to adjust everything else to make room for them.  Sometimes All you can do is thank the razor / For the fineness of the slash, as Bruce Cockburn so eloquently put it.

By the way, the Juno-Nodes Square is exact this week, but as Juno is Retrograde, it’s the second occurrence of this Angle.  That would make this occurrence resemble a peek behind the curtain at the little man who’s pulling our strings, which is to say, a peek at the past-life self and/or the childhood experiences or vows where the self-sabotaging Patterns were set.  The first occurrence of the Square, where the original thesis would have snuck up on us, was May 11.  If you have a journal, you can pull your own curtain back early.

We can also query the overall Juno-Node Cycle; this is the Waxing Square to the North Node, or the time when the Energy of the current Cycle “becomes permanent.”  The Initiation occurred in mid-September 2012 at 30 Scorpio, “Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks.”  Rudhyar’s view is “The periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still-immature energies” – which relates directly to our Repatterning of our self-sabotaging repression of our Desire.  Halloween is Samhain, the very position of the North Node in the Grand Cross!  Reverse double entendres like this make us sit up and take notice.

A double entendre is when an idiom has dual meaning.  By “reverse double entendre” we mean two idioms (astrological indications) with the same meaning.

The make-or-break Challenge represented by Samhain is Defying Death, and the essence of our new Grand Crosser Vesta is that which we would Live or Die for.  Reverse triple entendre!  And of course Life is continuously in Transformation, and the only real Death is Ego Death.  And it’s Ego Death, in the form of intolerable Emotions and unacceptable Identities, that guards our Karma and keeps it locked in the box.

One of the reasons it’s hard to reintegrate our banished Desires is that they’re stuck at the maturity level of the age at which they were repressed.  Say we have a Secret Need to be a Leader, but at age seven we were shamed by bullies into believing we didn’t have what it takes (which reinforced that past life where we Led our Village into disaster).  Now, when we try to Lead, we’ll do it like a seven-year-old would!  Likely with more embarrassment to add to the original shaming and regrets.  So we rebel against Following instead, which helps our Secret Need not a whit.

But Rudhyar misses an important point.  Most current Cultures regard a great many powerful Energies as “immature” because the Cultures are still trying to ban the Energies from polite society!  It’s not immaturity, it’s Limiting Beliefs.  Mainstream American Culture doesn’t even believe in Faeries, for example!  Western civilization has still not recovered respect for Intuition and the Natural World from the Inquisitions where the Groves and the “Witches” were burned.  In male-dominated realms like business, feminine ways are Shamed as immature.  When a woman sets a Boundary it must be because she’s a “bitch.”

We don’t need to abandon our repressed Desires because they’re childish – we need to embrace our repressed Desires because they usually embody exactly what the World needs to bring it back into Balance!

We come back to the Uranian message that the World is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle that cannot be put together while any one of the pieces is masquerading as a different piece!  Which is precisely the Spiritual function of visiting this Planet, to experience the consequences of inauthenticity.



Astrophyllite represents the jigsaw puzzle – making sense out of very large amounts of information.  Not only is the Planet’s Deliverance a jigsaw of Authenticity, but our own Mission is as well.  As without, so within – it’s all Mirrors.  Because it exists in a dimension beyond the Intellectual and the Emotional, our Mission can only be sought by the Spiritual Yang or the Intuitive/Instinctual Yin approach.  It’s a complex Silicate Hydroxide of Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, and Titanium.  Potassium and Sodium must be in Balance for the body to thrive.  Iron relates the Individual to the Earth.  Potassium, Manganese, Titanium, and Silicon all in different ways promote Community, Clarity, Healing, and Liberation from Limitations.

Eris and Her Golden Apple

As the only outlier, at 23 degrees, Eris becomes the Elephant in the subplot.  Lord knows it’s dangerous to not invite Eris to a party.  The only above-board Angles Eris makes are a

  • Square to Mercury (it’s Challenging figuring out how much to expose and how to phrase your exposé) and a
  • Trine to Ceres (which is a gift, because it means we can say it without having to give up our meal ticket).

But she makes

  • Septile Angles to the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto (wait for exactly the right time to say it!) and
  • Quintile Angles to Pallas-Lilith-Jupiter and to Juno (if you can’t be honest with them, it’s not your Tribe).

In other words, it’s Authenticity that rules the roost here, not Political Correctness.  It’s not about criticizing others, it’s about speaking up about Denial, and even more so it’s about confronting our own self-sabotage.  If we’re going to Change the World, we have to speak our Truth.  Not once, but a million times.  Everybody, us included, knows what they’re Denying, they see their Evil Twin every day.  If they hear three people talking about My Problem, they’ll turn away.  But if they hear thirty people talking about it, suddenly they no longer feel the need to hide.  When the Denial is about environmental destruction or feudalism or fascism, that’s World-Changing.

How Could You Let That Happen?!?

July 26, 2013

When your grandchildren ask How could you have let that happen? you won’t be able to tell them I didn’t know! – because you did…


Cycles and Initiations

July 22, 2013

m1In Rudhyar’s view of the Cosmos, a fundamental principle of astrology is the Cycle.  In “Tropical” astrology, the zero point is the first day of the Northern-Hemisphere Spring, when the northbound Sun crosses the Equator, and the Angles between the planets are as seen from Earth.  In “Sidereal” astrology, the zero point is a particular Star in the Sky.  These were the same several millenia ago, but no longer, as there is a slow drift in the way the Earth is oriented.  As always, it’s Both/And, but we use Tropical astrology, ‘cuz that’s what we’ve learned.  In Western Cultures, most astrology is Tropical, and it’s just called “Astrology.”

The basis of Tropical astrology is that the strongest effects relate to the Seasons – Aries being the first month of Spring, Cancer the first month of Summer, Libra the first month of Autumn, and Capricorn the first month of Winter.  Much of Tropical astrology follows pretty easily from that – we see spontaneous Creation happening everywhere in Aries, Moms nurturing their new offspring in Summer, folks beginning to think about Collaboration in Autumn, and getting serious about it in Winter.  Of course that’s all on its head in the Southern Hemisphere, but the Colonial European mind hardly noticed that.  An honest Tropical Astrology for the South would start Aries on September 21, though of course it would be Both/And.

We go through all that because once we realize we’re looking at the planets from this perspective, we see that we can watch the Planetary Cycles unfold in the Night Sky.  We need one more piece of information, though.  The planets (including the Sun and Moon as “planets”) move from West to East.  It’s the Earth that spins the other way.  So the Sun and Moon appear to move from East to West because what we’re seeing is the daily rotation of our own Planet.  If we want to watch the other planets move in the sky, we need to take a fish-eye snapshot of the Sky every night at midnight.  Arranging those snapshots as a time-lapse video, we’d see the motion of the planets as seen from Earth.  In that video we’d see the Stations and Retrogrades and Cycles.

So, getting down to Cycles on our imaginary midnight time-lapse video, we’d see the red planet Mars trotting across the Sky and returning to the same benchmark location every two years.  The fourth-brightest object in the Sky (after Sun, Moon, and Venus) is the white planet Jupiter.  It would take twelve years for Jupiter to make one complete journey across the Sky and return to the same benchmark.  Of course they’d be invisible half the time, because they’d be on the other side of the Earth.

So Mars will make six round trips for each of Jupiter’s round trips, and we can watch Mars pass Jupiter in the Sky every two years.  In real life it turns out to be two-and-a-half years for Mars to catch up again with Jupiter, because in the two years while Mars was looping, Jupiter was moving too.  So the next Mars-Jupiter Conjunction – or Jupiter-Mars Initiation – will occur further along in the Zodiac (later in the year) than the last one.

When Mars passes or Conjuncts Jupiter, we refer to it as Jupiter Initiating Mars.  The reason we do this is because we aren’t really looking at the planets, we’re looking at Energies they represent.  It’s an ancient and very useful tradition to personify Energies and Entities.  “Moderns” consider that a horribly primitive and “superstitious” thing to do, but they do it all the time, when they personify one another and their exploitative gods like Free Market and Cause & Effect.  Everyone has their Mythology, and when you hit a nerve in conversation with someone, you know you’ve stumbled onto Mythology that they’re Fundamentalist about (that is, they assume their metaphors are literally True).  As if Truth were knowable!

If they had any sensitivity, they could see that Trees and Rocks have just as much Life and Individuality as they do, and have a lot more to say than they do, if for no other reason than the Trees and Rocks have been around a lot longer.  If you personify your car, it’ll be more reliable, last longer, and tell you when it needs help.  It’s simply a matter of Respect to personify everything.  Do we really think the Wind will talk to us?  Don’t be silly, if we did we’d be a nutcase, right?  It’s symbolic.  The Wind represents an Energy, and pretending to personify it helps us to understand it.

It’s a classic error of thought to confuse a Symbol with its Referent – we all do it all the time.  We see a snapshot and we think of it as a Landscape.  We do Google Earth and we think we’ve been there.  We see a body and assume it’s a person.  We see an incident and believe it’s a trend.  We see a Star and think it’s an Omen.  But of course it’s Both/And.  And since it’s all a hologram anyway, the only difference between the Symbol and the Referent is the quality of the projector.  How incredibly arrogant to think that the Wind doesn’t talk – and listen!  You just stay out of the nuthouse (if you want) by telling people what they need to hear so they don’t freak out.  Either/Or people have very fragile Egos that are threatened by anything outside their narrow Birdcage.

So we personify Mars as a whippersnapper running around Doing a lot of stuff and kicking up a lot of dust in the process, and we personify Jupiter as a more stable source of Wisdom and a symbol for Expansion.  These personifications aren’t arbitrary; they’re based on millennia of observation.  When Mars is lit up, often so are tempers.  But of course that’s self-reinforcing; if we know Mars is lit up and we see someone coming with a fresh Sunburn, we might think they’re really angry and run away – or strike first, just in case.  And the traditional astrological interpretations are laced with millennia of negative Either/Or thinking, which we need to discount.

So we see Jupiter as the Wizard, and Mars as Micky Mouse running around trying to replicate the Wizard’s tricks while supposedly doing the Wizard’s bidding.  Or, since it’s always Both/And, you could see Micky as Jupiter and his broomsticks as Mars.  Either way, as we all know, delegation leads to trouble.

m2But the point is that in astrological Cycles there is a faster planet, the Delegatee, and a slower planet, the Delegator.  At the beginning of a Cycle, the Delegator Initiates the Delegatee, or assigns a task to the Delegatee, or confers Shaktipat to the Delegatee.  Over the course of the Cycle, the Delegatee attempts to carry out the task.  We usually say that the faster planet Conjuncts the slower planet, and that the slower planet Initiates the faster planet, but they’re the same thing.  While slower confers Wisdom, faster provides Experience – though with less opportunity for contemplation and integration.

The task, or Energy of the Cycle – we can and should personify Cycles as well – is strong at Initiation, but only for those who aren’t Denying it.  Those who are heavily invested in the old Cycle that just died, and still hoping to keep making profits from it, will be looking the other way and hoping the new Energy goes away.  In the 1960s, Pluto Initiated Uranus at 18 Virgo, “An Ouija board,” and there was Magic afoot.  And lots of Muggles working hard to Deny it.  The Guru Pluto (History personified) gave the Initiate Uranus (the Individual personified) the assignment of manifesting an Ouija Board on Earth – which we can interpret (among many other possibilities) as restoring the Realm of the Fairies, and restoring the Magic of the Human-Soul connection and respect for all Entities and Energies.

Then, as the Cycle develops, the Energy becomes less obvious.  Through the 1970s and Eighties and Nineties, as Uranus moved away from Pluto, Magic was a lot less apparent.  Till Uranus reached its Sextile (two Signs apart – Creative Grace) to Pluto, and Harry Potter launched, to become the most popular book series ever.  Harry’s mom JK Rowling was born in the mid-sixties with Uranus two degrees shy of Pluto and closing rapidly.  JK has a Grand Cross (Uranus/Pluto Opposite Saturn, Square the Nodes) and a Grand Trine (North Node-Mars-Pallas) – echoes of the current now.  The Uranus-Pluto Initiation itself Opposed both Saturn and Chiron (Magic and Miracles, with Focus); Harry Potter (the book launch) has Uranus Septile Chiron (double Magic) and Quintile Saturn-Vesta (Learning to Focus on the Sacred).

Fast forward our time-lapse video to 2012, and Uranus comes ’round to Square Pluto.  That’s when Magic becomes a part of everyday life.  With Retrogrades and Repeats, the Uranus-Pluto Square repeats seven times, till 2015, so we aren’t near done yet with our Ouija board.

So Mars (Action) has just been Initiated by both Jupiter (Expansion) and Lilith (Instinct), Lilith will be Initiated by Jupiter this December, and Jupiter and Lilith will both soon Initiate Pallas (Boundaries).  Pallas Initiated Mars in early June.  Mars is the fastest planet here (2 years per round trip), Pallas next (4 years), then Lilith (9 years), then Jupiter (12 years).   Lots of new Cycles beginning, with Jupiter the High Priestess…

  • Mars-Pallas (“Workmen drilling for oil“) or Actively setting Boundaries
  • Mars-Lilith (“A car wrecked by a train“) or Acting on our Instincts
  • Mars-Jupiter (“Game Birds feathering their nests“) or Actively Expanding
  • Pallas-Lilith (also “Game Birds feathering their nests“) or setting Boundaries that respect our Instincts
  • Pallas-Jupiter (“A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process“) or Expanding our Boundaries
  • Lilith-Jupiter (“Venetian gondoliers giving a serenade“) or Growing Instinctively

We pay particular attention to Lilith because her these-boots-were-made-for-walking act so mirrors the push for gender equality that characterized the 1960s.  In the chart of the 1965 Pluto-Uranus Initiation, Venus was overtaking Mars near the South Node, with all three Conjunct.  The implication is that during the current 140-year Uranus-Pluto Cycle, our Androgyny (in the best sense of the word) will be dredged out from beneath the Emotional Holding that has been keeping it hostage.

The exact Mars-Venus Initiation occurred ten days after the Pluto-Uranus Initiation, at 11 Sagittarius, “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a Human body.”  That’s a very unusual Symbol, laden with potential.  Left usually represents Source and consequently the Feminine.  Rudhyar’s take: “The value of the ‘return to the body’ advocated by modern thinkers in order to balance the stress on intellectuality and objective consciousness.”  You can see in the current trend toward oppression of Women by the Olde Male Power Structure, a desperate effort to extinguish this Sacred lamp.

The Olde Male Culture is deeply invested in the Intellectual and its “objectivity” because it can define the “objective” with Logic, without ever revealing the exploitative Assumptions that underlie its Logic.  Even the “religious” elements of the Olde Male are Intellectual.  They’re based not on Spirit, Energy, or Emotion, but on Ideology.  The Colonial perspective is all about objectifying Other.

Thanks to martin for several corrections; see Comments.

Full Moon

July 21, 2013

Well, my guess is that Eris went Retro Friday evening around 11pm PDT – my brain went ~Boing~ about then, and didn’t unBoing till Mercury went Direct the following morning.  Our next event is Monday’s Full Moon – how much has changed since the Uranus Station chart?

Not a whole bunch, except that the heat is off of Uranus, Eris is now Retrograde, and Mercury is Direct again – in a way, it’s like the World returning to “normal,” though as you well know, the recent normal is anything but.

First there’s the Full Moon.  It’s in the first degree of Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in Califormia,” or, in Rudhyar’s terms “The power inherent in all great human works to endure far longer than the workers’ life spans.”  Should bode well for some seriously Cererian reforms.  As we’ll see shortly, Ceres is busy these days.  The Full Moon heads a Yod (Curiosity and Focus) with Pallas (Boundaries) and Venus (Values) at the tails.

Then there’s the Grand Cross, with aforementioned Ceres filling in the last corner, Opposite Juno and Square the Nodes.  If we’re going to make anything Sustainable (Ceres) then we need to quit with the self-sabotage (South Node) and align our Unconscious Identity (Juno) with our Mission (North Node).  That’s a tall order, but a Grand Cross is a powerful motivator.

And the Grand Trines, two of them…

Saturn-Neptune-Mars/Lilith/Jupiter – Mars has been initiated by both Lilith and Jupiter, has accepted his Mission, and is now warming up the Aston Martin.  This triple conjunction is no slouch, as it signifies Peak Fundamentalism and Peak Denial.  Mars, Quintile Eris, will roust them out over the next few years.  ‘Ere long Pallas replaces Mars on this corner – the God of War replaced by the Goddess of War, and the campaign continues.  If we label the Mars(Pallas)/Lilith/Jupiter Conjunction a Crusade (to take our Destiny back from Ideology), then it’s a first-priority (Saturn) Crusade abetted by Spirit (Neptune), with God on our Side (Grand Trine).

North Node-Mercury-Chiron – cleverly (Mercury) reframing our Worldview (Chiron) to support our Mission (North Node), with Blessings (Grand Trine).

But wait.  We’ve been considering the North Node to be the focus of the Grand Trine, because it’s a corner of the T-Square, so we’ve been focusing on our Mission.  But if the North Node’s in a Grand Trine, then the South Node makes it into a Kite, which puts the focus on the South Node!  My apologies to those of you who’ve been struggling with old Limiting Beliefs as your Karma demanded to dance.  But over decades of doing this I’ve seen that errors and oversights don’t occur by chance – they’re part of the channeling.

So I have to say that from here forward we’re going to have to get more serious about facing our Emotional Ring-Pass-Nots, surrendering our Victims, Loving our Limiting Beliefs to death, and adding new rooms to our Birdcage.  I could guess that it’s Mars’s new Mission that marks the Change.

Eris and Mercury

July 18, 2013

Grace asks, Is the gold and blue body Mercury or Eris?

‘Tis Mercury.  Even from the Hubble Space Telescope, Eris (with her moon Dysnomia) is but a few pixels…


Here’s her eccentric orbit…


The next two pictures show relative sizes, but they aren’t photographic images, just “artist’s conceptions”…



For sources, see

And here’s a rotating version of the Mercury picture, from


The colors are “enhanced,” but nobody knows what they really mean, apart from tan being volcanic and blue being nonvolcanic.  Evidently Mercury would look more like this…


to the Human eye.

Now There’s Eris

July 17, 2013

Okay, we finally got Uranus to sleep…


Now for Eris…


I don’t have an ephemeris (table of which planets are where when) accurate enough to know exactly when Eris starts moving backwards, but she’s in the same arcsecond – Aries 22:57:17 – for four days, July 18-21.  Frankly, we should be able to tell!  Let me know when you feel the shift.

Meanwhile, Mercury starts moving forward again on July 20 at about half past 11am PDT.


Mercury’s now about half a degree short of its Station, so it’s well within Orb to be considered Strong, but Eris is the Star here.

And Comet ISON is behind the Sun today…