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June and July

June 29, 2011

Well, we have the end of QE2 on June 30, the Moon Occults (passes in front of, so as to hide – “occult” means “hidden”) Venus on June 30 (half-past midnight PDT), the Moon partially Occults (ie, Eclipses) the Sun on July 1 (just before 2am PDT), Uranus Stands Still and then turns Retrograde on July 9, and Night 4 (ruled by the God of Rain & War) of the Mayan Callemander begins on July 12.  Meanwhile, China has offered to buy – er, I mean, bail out – Europe!

So it’s a fabulous time to become aware (occultation) of the places in your life where you’re out of synch with your own Values (Venus) and your True Self (Uranus), so you can PIAVA (Pray for/Intend/Ask for/Visualize/Affirm) Grace-full changes to your life that will bring you more into harmony and integrity and congruity, while the option is easier (ie, Uranus is still Direct).  Don’t forget to also PIAVA a loving and gentle and rapid and complete release of everything that’s hindered your harmony and integrity and congruity up till now.  Your Old Programming could easily War With or Rain On your PIAVAs if you forget to add Grace and Ease to the mix.  And y’know, it doesn’t hurt at all to tap while you’re doing your PIAVAs.  In fact, if you haven’t already tried it, you could be amazed at how effective that is!

I wouldn’t aim for harmony integrity congruity with the old right-brain/dynamic techniques of deciding, planning, and acting.  If you do that, your Old Programming will be doing the deciding and planning.  Instead, you want your New Soul Chord to be doing the work, for which you need left-brain/magnetic techniques like PIAVAing, because only your New Soul Download has the sufficient scope and perspective, and, for all of us, most of the New Download is still occult.  We’ll be manifesting this Download in stages over the next fifty years.  Only then shall we fully understand.  The Glass is still quite darkly.

Meanwhile, here’s some entertainment…

A great meditation by Carol Tuttle;

Some clarification on the Economic Reality;

A bit of additional perspective on the European Situation;

Some interesting hearsay: “I was at a party not too long ago with a bunch of young people, and we were talking about some topic that was mildly controversial, and one of them said, ‘I’d love to look up more about that online, but I don’t want it to be part of my permanent search record.’  So, the youth of America already have it in their heads that anything they do online is being monitored and will be in their search records forever and accessible to the government”;

A long interview with Edwin Vieira, the guy who related the hearsay;

And a very entertaining two-year-old repartee between Jon Stewart and Christine Lagarde.


Didja know that every Flower is cohabited by a Fairy?  RJ Stewart, a life-long student of Celtic traditions, says that this Planet will be “saved” only by a coalition of Humans, Fairies, and Critters, and it won’t be the Humans leading the way, cuz they don’t got sufficient scope and perspective.  The Fairies and all their many Cousins live in a Dimension that is closely intertwined with this one.  Mostly They withdraw just beyond the Veil, cuz Hey, you would too if you didn’t get no respect.  But they are There – that is, Here – and every Flower is a portal to their Dimension – or that is, the occult Soft Power Wing of our own Dimension.  No better way to start getting to know the Fairies, than to just say “Hi Sweetheart!” to every Flower you pass.  One day, when you start to believe it again, you’ll get a response!

Day 4

June 21, 2011

Wow, musta been some Eclipse, eh?  More folks checked in than have checked in since Mars crossed Uranus in early April.

It’s a busy week.  Long Day today, frinstance, in the North, and Short Day in the South.  Sun-Turn-Around Day.  I celebrated with ten yards of primo topsoil.  Then Day 4 of the Callemander begins on Friday.  It’s easy to tell it’s the last few days of the Big Release Opportunity that Night 3 brings – lotsa stories from folks about reliving various emotional events from earlier in their current life, and about connecting with threads from the Other Side of the Veil.  Then lotsa threads falling in from the Future, from the likes of Hank Wesselman and John Perkins.  Hank talks about

The Ancestral Grand Plan—exploring the path our ancestors set in motion millennia ago and how the Plan is playing out across the world today,”

and John tells how

We see how countries all over the world are now rejecting tyranny.  As we stand with them, we must also demand that in our own country our leaders will hearken to the call for a new economy based on doing well by all people – workers, consumers, and those who do not have jobs or food on their tables.  The time for greed and excessive materialism has passed.

while Bloomberg tells us that 46 out of 58 economists think that The Ben Bernank will have to keep pouring cash into the gash in the Old System after June 30.  The standard line is something like, If you laid all the economists in the World end to end, they still wouldn’t agree, so 46 outa 58 is pretty good.  Not that their record of prediction is any better than the weatherfolk.

In a clamshell, the Solstice chart, which visualizes the three months and (in a more general way) the year to follow, is a doozy.  Two Grand Crosses and a Grand Trine – couldn’t get much noisier, so we can probably expect more of the same going forward, as we been enduring in the recent past.

The Solstice Sun completes the Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-Square that we spoke of recently, making it into a Grand Cross.  The Square (Fourth Harmonic), recall, is about Mastery through Challenge, the T-Square (two squares joined at the hip) about Tolerating Imperfection and “Learning Experiences,” and the Grand Cross (four squares all joined at the ends) about Finesse.  The Grand Cross gives us four Challenges, but they’re mutually complementary, so we can juggle them effectively.

The first Grand Cross connects the Sun (the essence of who we are – which is to say, Energy) with Saturn (focus, priorities), Pluto (trance formation, inevitability), and Uranus (remember that New Soul Download?).  The Grand Trine (Third Harmonic, Grace) joins Saturn (focus, priorities) with Venus (self-respect, eschewing self-abandonment) and Pallas (boundaries).

That all plays right into what Hank and John are talking about, along with a healthy dose of reliving various emotional events – we just gotta relive them till we can embrace them without rue or discomfort.  Didja notice how quickly they moved on?  Did that surprise ya?  That’s the nature of the process – we re-experience our traumadramas till they’re routine, and each time we re-experience them they get easier and easier.  Tapping, of course, helps.

The second Grand Cross connects both of the Moon’s Nodes (also called The Dragon, or the very symbol of Spiritual Fire burning away Emotional Dross – through re-experiencing of course) with Juno (guess what – Identity!  Ta-Da!) and Ceres (Sustainability or Sustenance).  Ifya don’t know Dragon well, you gotta take the time to read Ursula Leguin’s Earthsea Trilogy – all six of them.  Number six is the meat, but you won’t get nearly as many of the teaching threads unless you start with number one.  It’s not a chore, you won’t be able to put them down.  And of course, you know Juno, you also gotta read Stephen’s Who Dies?

Here’s the scoop on the Solstice Sun.

Eudialyte is the Way-Shower that leads us cleanly between Dimensions.  Ya gotta be clean to travel between Dimensions, cuz when ya try to carry baggage, the portal will rip yer arm off.  Energy passes through effortlessly, but not Matter.  Ursula’ll teach you all about that, and you’ll enjoy it to pieces.  The chemistry is Sodium Calcium Cerium Iron Manganese Yttrium Zirconium Cyclosilicate Hydroxide Chloride – !  I won’t even try to decipher all that!

Get Serious

June 9, 2011

That is, it’s time to do just that (Get Serious), cuz our old buddy Saturn is stationary, which means strong, until about 9pm PDT on Sunday (June 12).  In other words, for mucha the World, as Pogo woulda said, Friday the 13th falls on a Monday this month.  Saturn is about concentration and focus – if Saturn gives you fits, it’s probable that you aren’t focusing on priority number one.  We all like our fallbacks, cuz they cushion our fear of failing.  On Wall Street (which we’ll be discussing a bit) they say, It’s not what you earn, it’s what you learn.

And taking the risk to fail is howya learn.  Excellence derives from neither native talent nor hard work, but both.  Knowing your own unique talents, and working yer butt off to develop them, is exactly what Saturn wants for you.  Wer immer strebend, was Goethe’s phrase for it.  If you streben for your own Mission on the Planet, more Power toya.

Unless you have a natal Saturn T-Square, in which case it’s not that simple, but we can talk about that later ifya want.  This Station occurs in a weak T-Square, with Pluto and Uranus – pretty powerful company.  The bottom line of that is…

Do not expect anything to actually “work out” – just make yer best effort toward the best outcome you can think of at the moment, realize that what’s going on is a whole lot bigger than you or I, recognize that “you” (the Old you) do not actually understand where “you” (the New you) are going, Ask for a Blessing, and as much as you can, muster Curiosity about what’s going to happen next, and expect Miracles.

Tall order, but just do yer best, eh?

So, speaking of Wall Street, we need to remind that the Fed-WallStreet Scam that’s giving the World fits and propping up the illusion of continuing Empire, supposedly ends June 30, the day before the

“Small naked girl leaning over a pond trying to catch a fish and a large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”

partial Solar Eclipse on July 1.  Let’s untangle that slowly.  First, the Scam, in simple terms.  The US Federal Reserve, which the average Joe and Jane thinks is in the business of managing the US Economy, is actually in the business of managing the Wall Street Banks.  Since 2008, the Fed has been printing oodles of money and loaning it to the Banks at virtually zero interest, so they can loan it to the US Government at higher rates.  The hope is that this will prop up their balance sheets enough to compensate for the toxic garbage (called derivatives) that’s still on their books from the 2008 crash, so they can pass for solvency.  It’s not working.

Over the last three years, the Fed has quadrupled the supply of US Dollars.  Meanwhile, the supply of Broccoli, Gasoline, Shampoo, and Dental Floss has not increased all that much, so simple maths tell you, barring some kinda miracle, that before long everything’s gonna be costing four times as much as it did in 2008.  Here’s a concise summary of the process…

I’m surprised how many folks I meet who don’t know that this process is scheduled to “end” on June 30.  That is, “end,” rather than just end, because it’s not quite that simple, cuz the Fed can still continue a form of the process under the table.

All this puts the Empire at an awkward crossroads.  Without all the monetary stimulus, as we’re already seeing, the US Economy could get worse than it already is.  With negative Expectations, it could get a lot worse, since Economy is driven by Expectations (If I can expect you might buy my crop, I can grow Broccoli this Summer; if I expect you won’t, I’ll just grow Velcro instead, even though it’s worth less than Broccoli).  And with the wont of Markets to go to extremes, it could get a whole lot worse.  For instance, it might not be enough for Gasoline prices to quadruple, speculators could drive them up even further faster cuz they expect them to go up.  And Bond Traders could panic and sell, which would raise interest rates, making it harder for everyone to function.

Is the (mixed) Sabian metaphor beginning to make sense to you? 

“A small naked (Vulnerable) girl leaning over a pond (an Emotional abyss) trying (and by implication not succeeding) to catch a fish (get something to Eat) (…that is, the failure of the old system that’s been exploiting us Shoeple since the “Industrial Age” began, but which makes us feel grateful for a handout if we can get it…) and a large diamond (which is of course Forever, not to mention shiny, pretty, and relatively durable).”

Now we need to bear in mind the context:

A recent New Soul Chord Download (Jupiter-Uranus);

A recent reboot of the Basic Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune);

Night 3 of the Universal Underworld (in this Underworld, evolution is accelerated such that as much change occurs in nine months, as has occured in the previous several billions of years – and the Night phases are when things look dark cuz we’re tending to focus on what’s Leaving rather than what’s Coming);

The ongoing collapse of the American Empire (the European Empire collapsed a century ago);

Global Warming, which will make life harder for most everybody, if it hasn’t already.

The good news is that Day 4 begins before the end of June, on the 24th, so we may have a period of Grace, at least till July 12, when Night 4 begins.  On the other hand, Uranus turns Retrograde on July 9, which is fab for anyone who’s focused on the Coming, but major trauma for anyone focused on the Leaving.  That Energy should be tangible by around July 5-6.

One of the utilities of Big Government, which the Teabaggers would undoubtedly disavow, is Big Science.  Big Gummint recently put up two Satellites, one a quarter-orbit in front of the Earth, and the other a quarter-orbit behind.  Between the two of them, they have a stereo view of the bursts of Big Energy the Sun sends out, like this one…

Once that movie loads on your computer, so it plays through without interruption, play it several times.  Notice that the outburst is as big as the Sun itself!  Our Home Planet would fit into one of those bright splashes where the Energy falls back into the Sun.  That blast was  late Monday night PST, and the video is from a different, “local” Satellite, the Solar Dynamics Observatory.   And don’t forget SOHO, another Big Gummint boon.

The upshot is that the Sun is beginning an 11-year active period, and it’s expected that this one will be mild; however, mild active periods tend to be the most variable.  Any big outburst like the one in the movie, especially one that happened to be pointed at us, as this one was not, could wipe out electrical (ie, electricity) and magnetic (ie, computers) phenomena on this Planet.  These Satellites provide enough warning that grid operators can shut down before the blast arrives – if the blast hits an electrical grid that’s not running, it does far far less damage.

So while you’re planning how you might survive without the benefit of banks, without the benefit of Dollars, and without the benefit of an Economy, it wouldn’t hurt to think about how you might survive without electricity or computers.  I mean, at this point in the course of things, priority number one might be sheer survival.  Now, if any emotions arise about all this, I’m sure you’ll be tapping them out, eh?  In every case, that is priority numero uno.

And have you forgotten the bottom-line assignment?

Do not expect anything to actually “work out” – just make yer best effort toward the best outcome you can think of at the moment, realize that what’s going on is a whole lot bigger than you or I, recognize that “you” (the Old you) do not actually understand where “you” (the New you) are going, Ask for a Blessing, and as much as you can, muster Curiosity about what’s going to happen next, and expect Miracles.

Worth repeating – read slowly and carefully…

Do not expect anything to actually “work out” – just make yer best effort toward the best outcome you can think of at the moment, realize that what’s going on is a whole lot bigger than you or I, recognize that “you” (the Old you) do not actually understand where “you” (the New you) are going, Ask for a Blessing, and as much as you can, muster Curiosity about what’s going to happen next, and expect Miracles.

A coupla other treats…

Here’s a nice shot of the June 1 partial Solar Eclipse, from Norway…

and a cute one from Finnish Lapland of just the “ears” as the sun rose (to the extent that the sun “rises” at this time of year in the Arctic), taken by B.Art Braafhart…

And some truly amazing photos of the Volcano that’s erupting in Chile…

And finally, isn’t this intriguing…

We have no idea wherefrom our Grace flows, we just need to keep it coming.

The Stone at the beginning is native Graphite, the soft form of Carbon, as Diamond is the hard form.  While Diamond is hard, it’s also brittle, and fairly easily cracked.  Graphite, on the other hand, is so soft you can write with it, once your computer crashes.  Graphite’s doing some very magical things these days, part of the New Basic Paradigm, I’m sure.  So far as we know (which ain’t much, actually), Carbon is the basis for Life.

Night 3

June 5, 2011

in the Mayan Callemander, Night 3 of the Universal Underworld starts on Monday (June 6).  Let’s see if O’Bama’s got a speech ready to initiate Night 3.

Elizabeth correctly points out that I gave the wrong Sabian Symbol for Cancer 10 (the July 1 partial Solar Eclipse); it shoulda been

“A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”

I won’t correct the earlier interpretation, cuz I’ve found over the years that technical errors in astrology always have a valuable intuitive purpose.

I did notice though that O’Bama’s May 19 speech echoed the Sabian Symbol of the June 1 partial Solar Eclipse; that was curious.


I Can’t Believe Rupert Lets This Stuff Out!

June 1, 2011

But he does… .

Now, are Paul and I just being depressing?

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

“I can’t do that, Dave.”

The Age of Easy Money supposedly ends June 30, and though this particular ending is mostly symbolic, some folks may take it as a pretty serious cymbal.  The stock market’s a leading indicator of economic activity, and it’s still going up, right?  Hmmm.  What would happen if we priced the stock market in ounces of Gold instead of Dollars?

Eclipses illuminate by helping us notice the absence of what we been taking for granted.  Our two partial Solar Eclipses, on June 1 (today at 2pm PDT, visible from Lapland) and on July 1 (visible from just off the northern coast of Antarctica) occur at 12 Gemini and 10 Cancer.  Gemini 12 is

“A minority woman fights for her rights,”

and Cancer 10

“A small naked girl leans over a pond trying to catch a fish.”

Vulnerability, eh?  A pretty clear picture of the need for the Feminine to rise, to bring the Planet back into balance, Sarah Palin excepted.  And Her willingness to Act to do so.  Maybe we’ll notice the absence of Feminine Power, and respond accordingly?

The Lunar Eclipse on June 15 is Total, happening at 25 Sagittarius.  Which puts the Sun at 25 Gemini – a Lunar Eclipse is an Opposition after all.  25 Sadge is

“A chubby lad on a hobby horse”

and 25 Gem is

“A gardener trimming large Palm Trees.”

So now we get the masculine side, one working to keep Ma Dirt tidy, and the other fantasizing about riding the range.  Oppositions also illuminate, but by contrast rather than absence.  We’re contrasting play with work, youth with adulthood, hobby with vocation, chubby with trim, lumber with a living Tree, and Identity-by-fantasy with Identity-by-occupation.

The Solar Eclipses bracket the Lunar.  So we have a rising of Feminine Power examining and reorganizing how Male Energy acts upon the World.  That sounds potentially quite useful.  How depressing is that?