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As Greta often quotes World “Leaders” when they greenwash their self-congratulatory, supposedly Herculean Anti-Global Warming Endeavors. Results show that they’ve been mostly dealing out Horsepucky. There’s a good use for that to help Restore the Earth to its pre-Patriarchy state, but it’s about spreading it on the Soil, not trying to Sell it to The Sheople. Bob in Australia has sent us a more realistic appraisal…


We’d like to add that it’s not just Catpiddlism that needs to End, but Fascism – namely governments of for and by Business rather than of for and by The People…


Greta’s generation has everything to lose…


And it’s not just her generation…


We’ve written about PTSD before – pay particular attention to 24:30 through 35:00 of the video in the first post of the linked page.

There may be at least some separate movement on the Methane front, though it sounds like way too little and way too late, and won’t go into effect for a while anyway…


You can do your part by making sure your grandchildren know who Joe “Mansion” Manchin is and what he’s doing to promote yet more Global Warming. He’s the poster child for the people who Defend their Old-Cycle Investments against the nascent Energies of New Cycles. He gets away with robbing the Future’s Children of their Birthright for the sake of padding his own opulent nest. They get away with that because there aren’t enough people who understand the End of one Cycle and the Beginning of the Next, who understand that the Future arrives not in a straight line, but in a series of jumps.

Fortunately, we have two strong trends in our favor. First, the Landings have occurred…


As they established in our favorite documentary, Men in Black, “When will they Learn that Size Doesn’t Matter?” Or Shape.

And in addition, the Second Coming has also arrived…


I know, this Savior doesn’t look nearly as “tender and mild” as the First One. But consider how much detritus and destruction needs to be cleaned up! These People were very nearly driven to Extinction by the Patriarchy’s lead bullets.

We’ve been averring for a while that the pending Quaoar-Pholus Initiation in early Capricorn (Quaoar as our Survival Instincts, Pholus as our Need to Be Responsive, and Capricorn as Just Fix It! ) is the astrological Elemental that carries the Energy of Meaningful Response to the Imminent Threat of Climate Change. But that was Lit Up in September, and won’t Culminate till next year, and then it’s “just” an Initiation, when the New Energy of Responding Fully to our Survival Instincts will become the New Cycle, which means we’ll still have plenty of “Mansions” to elbow out of the Way, and we can expect a Blizzard of propaganda telling us how Important it is to Maintain the Old Order and focus on the Blah, Blah, Blah. So why is this Glasgow Pledge Storm happening now?

Well, we’re done with that nasty1 2 November 2021 Station of Moira (Fate and Choice), and the Energy currently building Strength in the wings is another two Stations, of Varuna (The Life Force) and Pallas (Boundaries), on 6 and 8 November respectively.2 So our Life Force is now Setting Boundaries against the Evils of the Patriarchy. Certainly the Patriarchy is Intimately involved with Climate Change, as it’s the Patriarchal devotion to Dualism, Linear Thinking, Materialism, and Colonial Control that has Created the Disaster we’re Living Through. But when we look at the chart (below), we see that both Varuna and Pallas are contained in Grand Crosses,3 which we consider to be a serious of inconvenient minor hassles more than a major Challenge.

So then, why is the Blah Blah Blah so lit up? Because the chart of the Varuna and Pallas Stations4 is one planet shy of a Full House,5 which means we have one T-Square (Major Challenge) in addition to the two Grand Crosses, and the Challenging Energy of the T-Square is focused on none other than Pallas and Quaoar! But in addition to the Landings and the Second Coming, we have another Boon – the T-Square is Self-Resolving.6 So we can expect that what appears to be a Major Challenge will fizzle into a Boon!

  • 1 Nasty for me anyway, as it sat right on one of my “Burrs” (see previous post). Hope it was much kinder to youalls.
  • 2 Varuna Stationary at 12:56 am PDT 6 November, in 7 Leo, Out of Bounds, and Merged with asteroid Heracles, the Greek Hero who helped murder the symbols and Magic of the Matriarchy. Pallas Stationary at 2:24 am PST 8 November, in 10 Pisces, and squeezed between Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege).
  • 3 Four planets more or less equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, which, while consisting of four normally-problematic T-Squares back-to-back, fills the Zodiac and is therefore in Balance, making the T-Squares complementary to one another. The secret to a Grand Cross is to Leave Well Enough Alone, and give the series of Hassles time to compensate for one another. The earlier Moira Station was also encased in a Grand Cross, so was probably less of a Pain for you than for I, as in my natal chart it sat on a “Burr” (an important natal planet) – unless you have a natal “Burr” at 15 Pisces as well.
  • 4 They’re two days apart, but within our usual 3 Degrees of Sensitivity to one another, more than enough reason to consider them together.
  • 5 That is, one planet shy of a Grand Unx, which is twelve planets spaced more or less equally around the Zodiacal Loop. No prominent Stars or asteroids present themselves to fill the Vacancy, so we’re stuck with the Sabian Symbol of the Degree that would Complete the Grand Cross, 4 Cancer, “A cat arguing with a mouse“! Rudhyar’s comment is “An attempt at self-justification.” It’s time to stop Arguing and start Acting – like the Cat, not the Mouse. Till now it’s been the Mansions that have played the role of the Cat, while we Sheople have played the Mouse.
  • 6 We’ve drawn the Diamond Star in heavy lines – the green wedge (Finger of the Goddess or Yod ) pointing to the business end of the T-Square creates the blue lines making a bowl of Grace under the T-Square, making the Challenge Self-Resolving.

If you’ve been following along closely enough, you might notice that the chart also contains three Yin Gates – each a blue rectangle with a red Opposition line bisecting the short sides (I didn’t draw in the green Xs that distinguish Yin Gates, so you may not have recognized them – with all of the lines in the chart, recognizing anything is a Challenge)…

  • The Ceres-Lilith to Makemake to Moon-Lachesis to Chiron-Veritas to Ceres-Lilith blue rectangle is bisected by the Uranus to Mars-Zhulong red Opposition. In a nutshell, this means that we need to keep the Linear and Dualistic Mind out of the Relationships between our Soul, our Enlightenment, and our Action; our Instincts or Intuitions should run this show instead.
  • The Varuna-Heracles to Chiron-Veritas to Saturn to Makemake to Varuna-Heracles blue rectangle is bisected by the Gonggong-Pallas-Nessus to Hopi-Thereus red Opposition. Thereus Teaches us how to Tame our Wild Impulses so that we can Act with Respect for All Things. How we Balance that with setting Boundaries against Abuse is not a subject for Anal-ytical anal-ysis.
  • The Gonggong-Pallas-Nessus to Mars-Zhulong to Hopi-Thereus to Uranus to Gonggong-Pallas-Nessus is bisected by the Chiron-Veritas to Makemake red Opposition. This Opposition is also the base of the T-Square. In order to Manifest Fully, we need to Adjust our Relationship with Discouragement (such as perhaps being Neutral about what we Want to Manifest), in particular through being Honest with ourself about our Discouragement. Or something like that. Exactly how this is done will Surprise us. Again, if you think you’ve got it Anal-yzed, you’ve got it Wrong.

2 Responses to “Blah, Blah, Blah…”

  1. Cheryl Anne Ruebner Says:

    The last paragraph, yeah… the discouragement is present, because I WANT to be all just as I want to vibe on for dark moon, but perhaps being neutral about it is the key? Neutrality as the antidote for discouragement? Neutrality as the fertile ground for positive planting?

  2. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    In a similar fashion to the challenge of recognising the configurations in this chart, the “noise” surrounding and implicit in the challenges we are collectively facing is incredible!
    I try to take it on board in my own psyche in a way that leaves room for an intuitive belief that enough of us on a soul level really do understand the predicament we are in and in a 5D sense we are creating the energy on a spiritual level to manifest the changes needed in a 3D existence to avert disaster.
    Voices do matter however and we can see that particularly amongst young people and with protests globally.

    “In Fridays for Future, Green New Deal Rising, Extinction Rebellion and the other global uprisings against systemic environmental collapse, we see people, mostly young people, refusing to consent. What they understand is history’s most important lesson. Our survival depends on disobedience.” (This might be your “cat” eluded to above.)

    And in Australia
    “We’re on track for four degrees of global warming. It’s time to do change,” she said.”

    And my apologies for the source of the clip but it was the only place I could find it.
    “Our 4 metre Koala Bear”
    “Code Red for every living entity on this planet”


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