Cuspathon II and Midpoints I

Well, hopefully that’ll take care of the brunt of our Survival Anxiety for another six months.1 We can thank Larry and Ida and Nicolas and Dixie and Caldor and Covid for their shares of the Climate Change Drama in the US, but you probably had your own Local version anyway. Ida was particularly tricky, spitefully drowning folks from New Orleans to New York and in the Between. For many people, the Challenge was all too familiar.2

1 Till Pholus [Taking Full Responsibility ] and Quaoar [Survival Instincts] go Stationary again, which occurs every six months. This time it was Quaoar first at 9:18 am PDT 16 September 2021 in 4 Capricorn [ Just Fix It, Will ya! ], followed by Pholus at 4:58 am PDT 17 September in 3 Capricorn, both turning Direct. The chart we’ve drawn up for them is for their Midpoint (symbolized by the tetherball pole) in longitude and time in 4 Capricorn at 7:08 pm PDT September 16.

2 The main structure of the chart is the two starkly perpendicular “Golden Rectangles” (blue rectangles in the chart) [Natural Grace and Harmony]. The chart is remarkably symmetrical. With a Golden Rectangle in a busy chart we always look for a Yin Gate (a Golden Rectangle with additional planets at the Midpoints of the short sides) [ A Mystery School ], but here both Rectangles had an extra planet on only one end [Open Portals], Squaring (short red line) [Challenging] each other.

The many other red lines [Tensions] are all in Grand Crosses (4 planets more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac, making a square red box with an X or + across the middle), which while potentially Difficult, they’re in Balance, and as such more easily managed than Incomplete red structures like a Naked Square (unattached short red line) or a T-Square (Opposition with third planet at one of the Midpoints, or a red “right” triangle) [Becoming Adept through a Lifetime of Repeated Similar and Challenging Experiences].

The extra planet at one end only of a Golden Rectangle “Rules” or “Sets the Stage” for the Open Portal Structure. They’re basically the Light at the End of the Tunnel, the Coordinators for the Natural Grace and Harmony in the Golden Rectangle, or the Watchers on the Threshold. A Watcher on the Threshold Protects the Ego from the Disruptive Intrusion of Enlightenment.

There are two Open Portals, one in Earth and Water Signs (Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio) that signify Magnetic or Feminine Power (PIAVA), and the other in Air and Fire Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius) that invite Dynamic or Masculine Power (Plan-Execute-Evaluate). Emotion (Water Signs) takes second fiddle to Sensation (Earth) in the Magnetic Open Portal, and Spirit (Fire Signs) yields Priority to Mentality (Air), because Earth and Air contain Grand Trines (Dumb-Luck Grace), making Becoming More Conscious about the Physical Universe a More Grace-Full Path for us through these Portals.

The Watcher at the Threshold of the Dynamic Open Portal is Global Warming and its Products such as Fires, Floods, Mass Extinction, perhaps including us, the Careenavirus, our Survival Fears and Resistance to Adapting to the Changes (none other than Pholus and Quaoar themselves). The Watcher at the Threshold of the Dynamic Open Portal is Magnetic (Earth Sign Capricorn, Just Fix It! ), signifying Integration, the Sacred Marriage of the Inner Male and Female, and Our Inner Male’s Willingness to be Guided by Our Inner Female.

The Side Doors in the Dynamic Tunnel (the corners of the Golden Rectangle) – where we may be able to collect “passwords” (Insights or Experiences or Personal Transformations) that allow us to pass by this Watcher – are Our Instincts (the Moon), Our Held or Buried Emotions (the South Node), Our Self-Sovereignty (the North Node and Lilith), and the Death of Our Attachments (dwarf planets Cyrallus and Varuna). We might say that the overriding theme is How the Hell Am I Supposed to Protect a Family and Community when Everything Is Falling Apart and Everyone Is Going Extinct?!?!?

The Watcher at the Threshold of the Magnetic Open Portal is Our Self-Sabotaging Habits or Our Frustration with Our Karma (Mars and asteroid Karma). The Watcher at the Threshold of the Magnetic Open Portal is Dynamic (Air Sign Virgo, Ego Death) – Manifesting What We Don’t Know How to Manifest, or, again, Integration. The Side Doors include Our Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong), the Birth of our Enlightened Self (dwarf planet Zhulong and asteroid Klotho), Trust that we can Manage Seemingly Impossible Situations (asteroid Eurydike and dwarf planet Thereus), and Our Ego’s Hidden Death Wish (asteroids Aletheia and Antigone). An overarching summary of the Magnetic Tunnel might be the Realization that Everything Is Grist for the Mill, or If It Doesn’t Make You Stronger It Will Kill You (and that’s Okay!).

Our Chief Asteroid Officer yesterday inquired about asteroid Antigone, and Lo, she pops up, Merged with The Truth of Our Heart (Conjunct asteroid Aletheia), in the Exaggeration of Global Warming (Pholus-Quaoar Stations) chart. The one dominant theme that I’ve noticed so far with Antigone is that Folks around her seem to Get Dead a lot. It will be worthwhile to look at Antigone’s Discovery chart next.

Hereabouts, without getting Anal-ytical with MyThoughtsAboutMyFeelings, I’m hoping that the Spontaneous bouts of Excitement that I keep Feeling are related to having made Ego-Death-Rebirth Breakthroughs during Pholus-Quaoar-Moon-Out-of-Bounds Week, that will facilitate my Becoming Adept at the Changes I’ve been working on this summer, rather than “just another” Manic phase.

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