Charts of the Portals IV

Mom ain’t gonna take it no more…

“From the Strait of Gibraltar to Galicia, Orcas have been harassing yachts, damaging vessels and injuring crew.”


As we’ve mentioned, we associate Global Climate Change with the Dance between Huper Survival (dwarf planet Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]) and Huper Response (dwarf planet Pholus [the Ability and Foresight to Respond to All Possibilities]).  So far the latter is Lacking.  On the other hand, even though it’s been going on since 2014, the actual Merger (Initiation, or First Conjunction in the Cycle) doesn’t take place till 2022 – we talk more about this in Section 1 of the U R Here post.  The hope is that by February 2022 Hupers will actually Begin to give Global Climate Change the Priority it Demands, on the Scale Required.

Both Huper Survival and Huper Response are Lit Up Strongly until at least 11:20 am PDT 15 September 2020.  That’s pretty writ large out here on the Left Coast of the US.  At this point though, the Survival issues are Global but the Responses are still Local, with the mismatch putting a lot more emphasis on the Survival.  For instance, the Fires are the size of Counties, but it’s Local Fire Departments, often Volunteer Fire Departments, that are doing much of the Firefighting.  They have neither tools nor personpower to try to actually constrain the Fires, all they can do is try to save individual buildings and people, with spotty success.  Midday pictures like this one are common, where the Fires aren’t burning  – the picture isn’t doctored…

On 13 September, the symbol for Fate and Choice (asteroid Moira) moved out of the Sign of Fearlessness (Scorpio) and into the Sign of Letting Go or Burning Away the Unnecessary (Sagittarius, Spiritual Fire).  Fate is Fate only as long as we’re Unconscious about our Karma.  Once we become Conscious of our Fate, the only thing we need to do to Change it, is to Choose to do something DifferentFate and Choice are Intimately involved with many of these charts…

For instance, in this 15 September chart of Survival and Response (Quaoar-Pholus), Fate is Merged with Transcendence (asteroid Bee-Zed, which was Stationary 4 September) in a Pattern-Breaking Relationship (Unx) with Survival-Response.  The Story is that even though Global Climate Change is orders of magnitude larger than our Span of Control, we don’t have to Surrender to it as Fate.  We can make Choices that Improve our own Future (for instance by Focusing on What We Want) and we can even make Choices that Improve the Future of Others (for instance by Teaching them to Focus on What They Want).

My Candle has burnt out!  We’ll finish looking at this Survival-Response chart tomorrow…

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