Global Climate Change

Bob (in Australia) writes…

“In reply to: It’s possible that the February Quaoar-Pholus Initiation will bring ‘The Mother of All’ environmental catastrophes, or even ‘just’ a shift in the Collective Consciousness, so the Economy-Is-Stalling, COVID-Is-Mauling, Prices-Are-Appalling headlines will be replaced by Sky-Is-Falling headlines, because the 1% already own all of the media channels and politicians, and will move toward greater ad revenue and campaign contributions. This is only the Initiation of the ‘Birds singing joyously’ Cycle, and the Real Action isn’t likely to occur till the Waxing Square, which isn’t till 2081. Till then, the propaganda from those who are heavily invested in the old Oil-Driven Cycle will be overbearing, even if they’ve learned to disguise it as ‘Environmentalism,’ which they already are to some extent. It falls on us to Adapt – what is it that WE are Denying, to Believe that our own Survival, and that of our Planet and Species as we know them, depends on something as flibbertigibbet as politicians and news media? Mom Dirt could wipe them out with an Orbital Shrug, a Flick of her Magnetic Wrist, a Krakatoa-scale Volcanic Eruption, or a Twist in the Atlantic Currents that would put the new North Pole halfway between London and New York.

I’ve got a note from a previous blog to remind me of the exact conjunction of Quaoar and Pholus which is 8/2/2023 at 9 degrees Capricorn but you indicate this cycle will be initiated soon in February. As it is such a crucial cycle, I would dearly love if you could show us the chronological events relating to this cycle into the future and what we might expect accordingly through to the “Real Action” you indicate.

I hear you! Astrology is a game of always refining your estimates. Even the online software seems to use slightly different formulae for different levels of precision, as I often get slightly different answers in a by-minutes retrieval, than I get in a by-days or by-hours retrieval. I too was thinking that the actual Initiation wasn’t till 2023, till I looked it up again for 2022, perhaps with finer resolution than I had looked before, or perhaps I just misread the tables earlier, which is easy to do.

Or maybe Mother Gaia moved the date up and had her Friends in the publishing industry adjust all the emphemerides (and then getting their minds wiped or course) because Huperity wasn’t Paying enough Attention. Free Will works both ways.

I usually dial up years, then months, then hours, then minutes, and by then I often need to use “decimal degrees” because slower planets move less than an arcsecond per minute, so they might be in the same [Degree : arcminute : arcsecond] for hours and sometimes even days.

Here’s the ephemeris by minute for the 2022 Initiation… .
And the ephemeris by month for the next 40 years at… .

If you use True-Node much, I recommend that you send donations in US$ to Jonathan Dunn at 1977ub<at>gmail<dot>com, and while you’re at it, ask him to please get a certificate to shift True-Node from http: to https: to increase security. Once I get a date and UT (Universal Time, the Time that was formerly known as GMT or Greenwich Meridian Time) from True-Node, I use Serennu to get the locations of other planets near the same Degree… . Again, if you use Serennu much, I recommend that you send donations to Serennu at serennu<dot>com in UK£. Note that the Exact Conjunction occurs at 3:02 UT in True-Node, and 3:15 in Serennu – we’re always working with Approximations, or something like that.

The beginning of the New Quaoar-Pholus Cycle is a Looong process. Compare the Longitude of the Pholus RX Station each year, to the Longitude of Quaoar on the same date – it’s 421 years before their Separating Conjunctions are more than three Degrees apart!2 In other words, this struggle will be going on for Generations. One scienterrific Perspective is that if Huperity ever gets a handle on the CO2 Cycle, it will discover that the H2O Cycle is many times as powerful as the CO2 Cycle at heating the atmosphere…

  • 1 Probably a “coincidence,” but a bow and Namaste to Douglas Adams anyway.
  • 2 That is, beyond our usual Sensitivity or “Orb.” Pholus, a Centaur (ie Orbit is Elliptical), is near Aphelion (far out), while Quaoar, a Cubewano, is near Perihelion (close in). A planet is called a “Centaur” if it has an elongated orbit between Pluto and Jupiter, and may be a (temporarily) captured Comet. Pholus’s Elliptical Orbit is 92 years, running between 9 and 32 AU (An “AU” or “Astronomical Unit” is equal to the distance between the Earth and the Sun). A “Cubewano” is a Trans-Neptunian minor planet (“TNO” or Trans-Neptunian “Object”) out beyond Pluto, whose Orbit is not pushed around by Neptune’s Gravitational Forces. Quaoar’s Orbit is 289 years, and fairly round, between 42 and 46 AU.

My Experience is that the First Exact Conjunction3 of a Cycle sees the Unexpected Event that really gets our Attention and that seems at the time to be an Intractable Problem – this is the Initiation of the New Cycle. I’ve never seen prior almost-Conjunctions have a heck of a lot of time-specific impact, though on the scale of years we’ve certainly seen the typical pre-Initiation clamor arise against the “Blah..Blah..Blah” of the Old-Cycle Defenders. The subsequent Conjunctions, of which there can be many, half of which are Retrograde, explicate the Problem and allow us to get a Handle on it, if we’re Focused on the New Cycle and willing to do the Grunt Work behind the scenes till the Waxing Square. Most people will be Focused on trying to Protect their Investments in the Old Cycle and Greenwashing it.

  • 3 As opposed to prior, “Applying” Almost-Exact Conjunctions, and subsequent “Separating” Exact Conjunctions when they repeat. In the case of any Transiting (Current) Hard Angles that repeat, the First Exact one is the “Can-Opener” of the sequence. Note that “Applying” and “Separating” apply to individual Angles, while “Waxing” and “Waning” apply to Cycles. An “Inexact” Angle is one that’s within Sensitivity or Orb, but which doesn’t actually Consummate.

This suggests that the 21 February Initiation will Surprise us. Maybe suddenly everyone will realize that we need to Reanimate Nature before we can Change anything…

Those kinds of sudden Unimagined Mass Psychic Shifts do happen. Ursula Leguin describes it pretty well in her short book The Lathe of Heaven. Maybe the Oil and Coal Industries will Collapse or Capitulate, Mansion and Cinema will newly Discover their lost shards of Huperity amidst their vast Avarice, and all of them will Learn to Install or Manage Solar Panels and Windmills and get down to Work. Maybe One of those new solid-electrolyte Batteries that last 100 hours and 500 miles on a charge, recharge in five minutes, and don’t Explode, will hit the market and suddenly everyone will be on the same page. Or maybe the Shinolavirus Omega Deviant will scare the BlahBlahBlah out of everybody. Mother N has already sent us a preview of what could happen, and the Perp wasn’t even the North Koreans (see…

A Pleasant or Very Shocking Surprise might create an instant version of that “well-established culture” that everyone “accepts unreservedly” and causes not just the Incarcerated Birds, but everyone, to sing Joyously…

Everyone except the Power-Hungry Narcissist Fear-Peddlers of course. Or maybe we’ll discover that Global Climate Change, the Shinolavirus, Imperialism, Supply Chains, Inflation, Hypersonic Missiles, the Landings, Misinformation, and Toilet Paper weren’t really the Problem all along, only the peripheral symptoms of the Real Problem.

5 Responses to “Global Climate Change”

  1. boozilla Says:


  2. Isaac George Says:

    Brilliant! The changing of the Nodes on Jan.19th won’t just herald an 18 month cycle that relates to the above. It will initiate an 18.5 year cycle. Fasten your seatbelts!

  3. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Wonderful and Thank You so much!
    If we go with the “Men in Black” theory then we are in the realm of alchemy which is probably where we should be in a 5D sense in order to discover the key to that “shift” in consciousness that is required to rescue ourselves. Quaoar-Pholus are indeed dancing closely with one another and have been and will be for a very long time. My very first thought on seeing the satellite image of that volcanic eruption was “there’s the sign” but unless you happen to be on the island of Tonga and my thoughts go out to them for the terrifying and potentially devastating experience they have just endured, that no, it’s not big enough to shake mankind in it’s entirety.
    The energy of the conjunction is still building but I do note that the emphemeris would indicate the initiation occurs in 7 degrees Capricorn ? and from Rudhyar this sabian symbol might be equally appropriate.
    “It is this deified Power which psychically “seized” especially sensitive or religiously trained men or women, who became Its mouthpiece — prophets, seers, oracles. That Power operates in our days as well, but in different ways because of the individualization and intellectualization of modern man’s consciousness. It binds together and helps to maintain the integration of organized social collectivities. It guides their development by releasing and focusing through especially open persons the visionary expectation of developments about to occur.”
    This would include your Zac Weiss and many millions and maybe even billions of other individuals who have the best interests of our planet at heart and are determined to correct the course that we are currently on.

    • astrobuss Says:

      I know many folks regard 7:01 as the 7th Degree, and I certainly don’t regard that as incorrect, but the way I learned it with respect to the Sabian Symbols is that 0:01 is the 1st Degree, which makes 1:01 the 2nd Degree, and 7:01 the 8th Degree. IE, the Sabian table goes from 1 to 30 rather than from 0 to 29. It’s not just a matter of arithmetic, it’s also a matter of Cusps, and whether Boundaries are Sudden or Gradual. Lots of things to ponder there, and I tend more to Both/And than Either/Or, so whether 7:01 is 7 Capricorn or 8 Capricorn is a matter of “Cognitive Dissonance,” or our ability to hold multiple contradictory ideas in mind at once without Tilting or having to Choose one or the other – that is, an exercise in Adding an Extra Dimension to our Reality. Two more to go!
      So yes, your observation adds a whole new Perspective on Birds Singing and Channelers Prophesizing!
      Another angle is that since the Unconscious is Dimensional but not Directional (ie, the Dimensions are Circular, so Negation is Stealth Affirmation), we should also consider reading any Sabian Symbol to include it’s Opposite, which would be more like “Birds krapping on the heads of people who can’t abide others having different Perspectives” than “Birds Singing to Celebrate Consensus.”
      Isaac’s observation is also very thought-provoking, as Uranus Stands Still. The North Node (our Understanding of our Mission in the Lifetime) is now crossing Sedna (Converting Fear to Power), but later this year, ~26 July, it will cross Uranus. That could be quite Explosive (like Hunka-Tonga-Hunka-Ha’ilea or whatever that undersea volcano is called) for lotsa people. Yes, the Eruption wasn’t big enough to have a huge impact (, but it was a symbol for the Krakatoa-class Eruption that Mom could use to squish Huper “Domination” Hubris a bit. What I found remarkable was the Shock Wave spreading from it on the photo – how often do we see photos of Shock Waves? The Spaceweather article hinted, but didn’t make it clear that the Shock Wave was a Sonic Boom that was heard from Alaska to New Zealand! The part about Converging on Morocco (where the wave would meet itself as it circled the globe in all directions) was fascinating! A Channeler friend led tours to many Earth-Changes Power Points (the Pyramids, Easter Island, Svalbard, usw) several years ago, and Morocco was one of them.

      • Bob (in Australia) Says:

        I’ll definitely go with Both/And. I like “cognitive dissonance” even though the words on paper don’t necessarily reflect the depth of the journey that they describe and yet they do! Practice makes perfect for Intuition.
        Where I am (on the north east coast of Australia) the sky was a weird color (like in bushfire season) this morning from the dust in the atmosphere even though we are more than 3,500 kms from Tonga. Another remarkable observation from the sattelite footage is the “terminator” between day and night catching up to the shock wave. Just goes to show how quickly Mama Gaia revolves and by inferrence how fast we are travelling through space !
        Another recent discovery from your Center for Astrophysics indicates our galaxy might be travelling through an enormous bubble! (looks like our home in the universe is in a womb!)


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