Rebirth Full Moon VI

In addition to the Energies we’ve already described for the Full Moon, the next few weeks will also carry the Energies of Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake) and Truth (asteroid Veritas), because both of those Energies were Strong (Stationary) at the time of the Full Moon.  So we’ll continue to be Challenged to shift our thoughts and Anxiety about Scarcity, to Embracing the Memories and Imaginings about the Abundance we Want to Live in.

The chart of the Makemake Station itself features a number of Challenges that are really Boons, but only if we Recognize and Respond to the Challenge.  For instance, the Manifestation symbol (Makemake) is in Duality (Opposition) with the symbol for Despair and Miracles (dwarf planet Chiron).  Meaning that we could easily slip into Despair over our Scarcity if we weren’t Paying Attention to our Thoughts and Feelings, and so forgot to Poor Sweetheart ourself.  However, Abundance is actually pretty well assured here (Makemake makes a Diamond Star, or Self-Resolving Challenge) as long as we stay focused on What We Want.

This Abundance/Scarity-Despair/Miracles Axis (Makemake-Chiron) Dances with another very interesting Duality.  The second Axis pits our Willingness to Abort Unproductive Timelines (asteroid Lachesis) against (Opposition) our Need to Transcend our Fear that the Future will exceed our ability to Cope (dwarf planets Quaoar and Pholus, and asteroid Bee-Zed).  However, guess what?  The Challenge to Abort Unproductive Timelines (Lachesis T-Square) is also a Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star)!

Here’s the chart…

In addition to that Grand Cross, there’s another red triangle or Big Challenge (T-Square), focused on yet another Challenge, which is the Merger (Conjunction) of the symbols for Belief (asteroid Vesta) and Soul (Uranus).  Of course if we’re not already Identifying Fully with the Descent of our Soul into our Body (Uranus in Taurus), it’s because our Beliefs Block it.  Try this sequence…

  • Tap Out “Even though I Believe that Souls and Bodies are Separate, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  We know you Believe this because there are still parts of your Life that you want to Disavow, parts that you don’t Recognize as your Soul’s Curriculum for your Ego.  The purpose of Tapping is to Acknowledge the Truth so that your mind and Energy Body are on the same page.
  • Theta Healing, “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently, Rapidly and Completely Come to Believe that My Body and My Soul Are One.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess!  Show Me!
  • Tap Out any Objections or Yes-Buts that you Feel, think of, or Are Shown.  For instance, “Even though I Fear All of the Life Events that My Ego Constantly Strives to Prevent, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  You know, all those horrible things you see happening to Other People on television and YouTube, that your Ego Fears that your Soul might Ask you to Endure.
  • Repeat as necessary, with modification reflecting what you’ve Learned.

The basis (Base Opposition) for this Soul-Belief Challenge (Uranus-Vesta T-Square) is almost Funny.  It has the symbol for Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) on one end of the Duality, and the Merger (Conjunction) of the symbols for Choice (asteroid Moira) and Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna) on the other.  It kind of Laughs at our Failure to Notice that if Soul and Ego are One, then Why Would We Choose Self-Sabotage?  The Curricula that Frighten our Ego are designed to make it Realize that Merging with Soul is the only way out!  The Fear is a picture of our Resistance, not a picture of the Consequences.

We could try Tapping “Even though I tend to Believe the Contents of my Anxious Thoughts, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself” and “Even though I still haven’t Learned to Always Focus on What I Want instead of What I Fear, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  But, Boon of Boons, this too is a Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star)!

Remarkably, even though the Full Moon and the Makemake Station are in totally different Degrees, their charts have the same major components in them – Grand Cross, T-Square, Golden Rectangle.

We introduced the Golden (aka blue) Rectangle in the Rebirth Full Moon IV post.  This one postulates that our Scarcity-Despair / Abundance-Miracles Duality (Makemake Opposite Chiron) and our Choosing-Vitality / Loving-It-All Duality (Varuna-Moira Opposite Hopi) Complement one another well.  Which makes a lot of sense.  After all, any of the Four Horsemen here – Scarcity, Despair, Judgment, or Fateful Ill Health – are great clues for where we need to Let Go of Karma we’re Grasping.

Oh, but there’s one additional Big Deal in the Makemake Station chart – a Dumb-Luck Spiritual Blessing for us (Grand Trine in Fire) that Harmonizes Despair-Miracles (Chiron), Fate-Choice-Vitality (Moira-Varuna), and Sustenance-Resilience (dwarf planet Ceres) so well that we don’t even notice there are other alternatives.  Not only that, but if we add Respect-Judgment (Hopi), Scarcity-Abundance (Makemake) and Youthful Strength-Recklessness (the Fixed Star Mirfak) we end up with Two Cats in the Yard (a Grand Sextile) that makes Everything Easy…

In other words, when you’re completing your Visions and Feelings of Abundance, Resilience, Mutual Respect, Free Choice, and Youthful Vitality, don’t hesitate to add any Miracles that you need to make them all work together.

2 Responses to “Rebirth Full Moon VI”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Love your “two cats in the yard !”, an expression in Astrology that I have not seen before, particularly as it references the fixed star Mirfak which really took some effort to place in the configuration. I would however love to have an interpretation of the (if I am reading the chart correctly) 5 pointed “finger of god” configuration which also has a vacancy for the sixth point at a similar degree in Virgo?
    Namaste –Lifelong Student Of Astrology

    • astrobuss Says:

      Excellent point, Bob, Thanks! It deserves a long answer, which I’ll do next week. The short answer is that we need to fill all three vacancies – Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio, to get the long green lines (Quincunxes) to converge – into a Twelve-Pointed Star or Grand Unx! If you start with Aquarius and follow the Quincunxes in the Makemake Station chart, you dead-end at Capricorn, because 12 is not divisible by 5. Till next week, might help.

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