4 July IX – Love Is All There Is II

You may have noticed that the Sappho-Klotho Stations and the Sedna-Moon-Nodes 4 July Adventure are fifteen Degrees or half a Sign apart.  While fifteen Degrees is the 24th Harmonic, too big to fit in the Major Arcana, a Sign and a half is an Octile, and four and a half Signs (135 Degrees) is a Trioctile.  Octiles are about Adjustment or Rebalancing, and Trioctiles are about Adjustments that promote Love with Wisdom.

And more importantly, two Trioctiles to the same planet produce a Mjölnir, symbol of Lightning or Illumination.  With lots of planets in both the 24-30-Degree Sedna Complex chart and the 8-18-Degree Sappho-Klotho chart, there may be Mjölnirs lurking…And lo, there are four.  A Mjölnir is formed when a third planet sits at the Far Midpoint between two planets that Square one another.  The third planet offers Insights into the Challenges presented by the Square.  For instance…

  • We may gain Insight into how Self-Love Allows us to make a Permanent Habit out of Embracing our Pain – by Poor-Sweethearting perhaps (Sappho-Klotho Informs Ceres Square Chiron)
  • How can we keep our mind from Wandering, or Avoid Accepting Victim Status, when someone Attempts to Power-Over us and we aren’t sure how to Speak Up Effectively?  Maybe by evaluating our Options – none of which are Promising – to see which one Diminishes our Life Force the least? (Mercury-Varuna Informs Lilith Square Neptune)
  • We all have loads of Giving-Away-Our-Power Habits.  How can we turn those around?  Maybe by looking at the World through the lens of our Yintegrity (Uranus Informs Karma Square Lilith)
  • How can we Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs?  Following Daniel Scranton’s recommendations at https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2017/07/01/4-july-viii-converging-parallel-timelines/ is one way (the South Node Informs Sun Square Jupiter)

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