4 July IX – Love Is All There Is

Earlier in the year we Experienced a Paradox School (Yin Gate) between Fear (dwarf planet Sedna) and Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and a Paradox School between Fear and Rebirth (asteroid Klotho).  We wrote about that at the time; for instance…


Now Self-Love and Rebirth are Lit Up Strongly again, but in a very different way – both Sappho and Klotho are Stationary (Strong) at the same time, namely just as we’re diving into this Sedna-Moon-Nodes (Fear-Instinct-Karma) 4 July Adventure.  Klotho’s namesake was the first of the three Fates.  She was in charge of “cutting the cloth” from which a new Lifetime was sewn.  Dwarf planet Haumea’s namesake was Pele’s daughter, a Fertility Goddess.  She also signifies Rebirth, and she also is Stationary during our 4 July Adventure.

So, as we’ve been detailing over the last many posts, while the Sedna-Nodes T-Square and the Sedna-Moon-Nodes Grand Cross will present many Big Challenges, they’re part and parcel of a process of being Reborn into greater Self-Love.  The Sappho and Klotho Stations are only four Degrees and less than a day apart, which is more than enough to consider them simultaneous.  Their Day in the Sun looks like this…

There’s a lot going on here, but it doesn’t fall into a single coherent Configuration.  Some of the more important elements of this version of the 4 July chart…

  • The Rebirth Adventure is about Reaching Deep, thoroughly Embracing whatever or whomever you find there, and using its Energy to propel yourself Up and Out of your Least Favorite Emotions (the Stations occur at the Midpoint of Scorpio, across the Pisces-Aries Duads)
  • Expect a lot of Emotion, though it will probably feel more like Letting Go than Bogging Down (Sappho-Klotho makes a Water Grand Trine with Sun and Neptune)
  • Make a Decision now that if you begin to Doubt yourself, you’ll double down with Self-Love.  Remember that Confusion is exactly what you Want here, as the first sign of Growth.  When you encounter Confusion, switch from the Material Perspective to the Spiritual (the Karma-Neptune and Sun-Juno/Chariklo Oppositions make a Golden Rectangle)
    • Rather than try to Understand what’s going on, or to Control it, Let Go and Let God/Goddess handle it (Sappho-Klotho makes a “cap” on one of the long sides of the Golden Rectangle)
  • If it Feels like you’re being propelled Too Far Out, Know that you’re Safe, and Enjoy the View (a Jupiter T-Square sits across the Sun-Juno/Chariklo Opposition)
  • Whatever Gender you Identify with in the Current Lifetime, this is about Accepting the Power of your Inner Female (asteroid Karma, Asbolus, Neptune, and Lilith form a Mutable Grand Cross)
    • The means especially your Intuition and Self-Sovereignty; Woe to anyone who tries to boss you around (Jupiter Trine-Bridges the Asbolus-Lilith Opposition)
    • The Intuition part is especially Important (Asbolus is the focus of a Finger of God on the Sextile between Sappho-Klotho and Juno-Chariklo)
  • If you find yourself in Unknown Territory and it makes you Anxious, or if you Know the Territory all too well and Hate It, Ask the Great Spirit to find or make you a Safe Space where you can go inside and Lovingly look to see what you’re Feeling where.  Whatever it is, Love it to Death.  Don’t fall for any Disease or Injury to take your Attention off your Experience (Sappho-Klotho Trine-Bridges both the Jupiter T-Square and the Karma-Neptune Opposition)

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