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Venus and Mars

November 10, 2012

So, the way we’ve mapped it out so far (bearing in mind that there are any number of other Cycles and Events going on – like the Eclipse next Tuesday that’s aided and abetted by the simultaneous Stations of Chiron and Neptune), we’ve got…

  • The Emergence of the Deep Feminine growing in influence for the next three centuries,
  • A complementary insistence on individual liberties growing for the next 50 years,
  • A complementary growth in the technology of Sustenance and Sustainability throughout the current Century, supported by the We’re All In This Together orientation of Deep Mom, and helping to redefine Community in order to survive…
  • An economic/monetary Paradigm Shift going on under the carpet for the next 30 years till it breaks out into either greater equality or total inequality (depending on how we Co-Create political change in the interim – hopefully toward individual liberty and greater equality), and
  • A big technological shift (which favors one elite or another unless the political climate moderates it) coming as we approach 2010.

Busy, busy, busy, as Kurt would put it.  So we ask, how will all this impact Me?  In the collective sense, because we’d have to look at your individual horoscope to comment on how you specifically will respond or react.  There’s a level of individuality (as opposed to sociality) that’s common to us all, emotionally and motivationally, and that’s what we’ll discuss here.

That would be the Venus-Mars Cycle.  The quickest snapshots you can grab of Venus and Mars are pictures of a teenage girl and a teenage boy.  Response and behavior gets a lot more sophisticated as we age beyond that, but the basic emotional tenor remains pretty adolescent.  Venus represents what we Value.  Mars represents Action.  In terms of manifestation, Venus stands in for the Magnetic, or Being, and Mars for the Dynamic, or Doing.  Venus-Mars is basically about Relationship, particularly our primary Relationship – and our Relationship with ourself.  When we master the Magnetic and the Dynamic equally, we enter Relationship not out of need, but out of enjoyment.  The difference is huge.  The Venus-Mars Cycles are stair-steps in this process of Integration.

The normal Venus-Mars Cycle runs for around two years, give or take.  Two Cycles began during 2002, in May and December.  The December 2004, October 2006, September 2008, August 2010, April 2013, and February 2015 Cycles span a normal two or so years.  But the 2008 and 2010 Cycles are unique.  In the usual Cycle, Venus just passes Mars and keeps on going.  In the 2008 and 2010 Cycles, Venus passed Mars, stopped, crossed Mars again Retrograde, and then stopped again before crossing Mars for the third time.  When this happens, I interpret it to mean that this is something that the Universe really wants us to learn.

The 2008 Cycle began at 16 Libra, “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.”  A boat landing is where emotions (Water) are grounded (Earth).  So we not only spent 2009 rebuilding our Relationship with ourself and our partner, but also our own Grounding.  When several different astrological indications reinforce the same trends, you know the Universe is talking to us.  This Cycle was initiated within a Grand Trine (Big Grace) along with Pallas (Boundaries) and Chiron (Reframing) – both properties critical for rebuilding Relationship.  The Initiation also Squared Jupiter (a challenge to expand) and Quincunxed a Stationary Vesta (curiosity about our deepest Values).  That’s a lot of action – and another message from the Universe to Pay Attention.

Libra 14 Initiated the 2010 Cycle, “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta.”  During 2011 we would have found that our Dynamism was fading when it became stressed.  We would have had to withdraw, or resort to developing our Magnetism to compensate.  When Venus Walked Across the Face of the Sun in June, it formed a Waning Square to Mars.  That would have challenged the Male in all of us to accept the suzerainty of the Female.  We’re still in this Cycle, but since March 2012, we’re in the Void.  One of the implications of this Cycle is that while the economy is in the Void, so are we.  In order to pull off our Sustenance, we need to manifest using our Magnetism; Dynamism could well backfire on us.

We come out of the Void and back to some degree of control over our circumstances in April 2013, when a new Cycle begins at 21 Aries, “A pugilist enters the ring.”  Sounds like Mars is reborn.  But this Initiation is Conjunct Eris!  So it’s more likely to be our Inner She-Bear entering the rings!  That’ll amp up the Emergence of the Primordial Feminine for a couple of years – probably a major push to get Obama to show some spine in dealing with the Retropublicans.

Things lighten up again in 2015, “A comedian reveals human nature,” as the 5-Star Uranus-Pluto Square winds down.  Of course we’ll have almost 50 years more of the ascendance of this Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto Gotta Be Me Cycle before it moves into it’s Void.

Talc is Magnesium Hydroxide Mica.  The grain-size Mica plates slide across one another, making it a good lubricant.  Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly, and Magnesium is the fourth-lightest metal.  Magnesium is essential for Bones (Boundaries), Heart (Compassion and Motivation), Nerves (Serenity), Metabolism (Energy), Muscles (Work), Self-Love, Optimism, and Photosynthesis (all of our Food).  We’d be but wraiths without it.

Eclipse Videos, Venus Walking

June 1, 2012

Coupla nice time-lapse videos of May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse…

With Dragon successfully delivering lunch to the International Space Station and taking out the garbage, one of the astronauts on the ISS took along a solar filter and camera, and will broadcast pictures of Venus Walking live from Space…

I hadn’t remembered that excitement about Space as an element of the 60s, but it certainly was, in the early 60s anyway.  In them days hereabouts lotsa folks wanted to become Engineers so they could outdo Sputnik.  Nowadays it’s just fundamental personal economics – so you can maybe get a job.  And of course the Chinese got it – most of their leaders are Engineers, while most of the leaders in the USofA are Lawyers.  While Chinese leaders know how to build, American leaders know only how to argue.  To American leaders, the only important thing is to win the argument; for Chinese leaders, it’s whether it works or not.  End of Empire.

Monday’s Lunar Eclipse happens at 15 Gemini – “Two Dutch children talking and exchanging knowledge.”  Interesting that they’re Dutch, as it’s the countries in between Germany and France, tired of centuries of German and French soldiers stomping back and forth across their turf, that are most keen about sustaining the Union which is threatening to dissolve in Europe – though the current dissolution is North-South rather than East-West.  They’re Dutch rather than Danish, but the Sabian image reminds me a lot of Peter Hoeg’s Borderliners – just how do we define Reality, anyway?  The EU capital, Brussels, is the cultural capital of Flanders, the Dutch half of Belgium.  Belgium was without a government for several years through 2011 because the Flemish couldn’t agree with the French half of Belgium, Wallonia.  Another North-South split.  It’ll be quite fascinating to see how this Eclipse changes the EU.

Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun the next day occurs in the following degree, 16 Gemini, “A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.”  I’ll be very surprised if her cause is obedience to a redneck Retropublican hubby.

The concurrent Venus-Mars Square is complex.  It’s waning, and the second in a series of three such Squares.  The waning Square is about the opportunity to choose between releasing and re-leasing.  Venus-Mars is of course about Relationship, most especially and critically about the Relationship between our Inner Female and our Inner Male.  The waning Cycle was intiated a year ago at 10 degrees of Taurus, “A Red Cross nurse.”  The next Cycle begins a year hence at 20 Aries – “A young girl feeding birds in Winter.”  These Symbols were channeled a long time ago, long before “man” was divided into “human” and “male,” and so many of the symbols refer ambiguously to “man.”  But here we have three Symbols together that all refer specifically to the female (of course a Red Cross nurse could be male, but realistically, what are the odds?).  The theme of both of these Venus-Mars symbols is nurturance.

So of course we turn to the Black Moon Lilith.  The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an oval, and while circles have one center, ovals have two.  The Earth is at one of the Moon’s orbit’s centers, and the other center is called in astrology “Black Moon Lilith” (this is one of several Liliths in astrology).  Think of it as Earth 2 if you like, or Earth’s “Evil” Twin – we use the word “Evil” in the Medieval sense, “Live” spelled backwards, where Evil was defined as whatever the seemed to threaten the suzerainty of a paranoid Church.  Lilith was Adam’s first wife, who Walked when Adam started making rules about obedience.  That was before the Apple affair.

In the Venus Walking chart, BM Lilith is at the midpoint between Vesta and Ceres at Taurus 20 – “Wisps of winglike clouds streaming across the Sky” – looking like Wraiths to the MCPs I suppose.  Vesta symbolizes the Sacred, and Ceres the Sustainable.  Another strong statement about returning to the Grove.

The Moon Occults Pluto a few hours after Venus Walks.  That’ll bring the Uranus-Pluto Square to the foreground along with Neptune (which recall is Stationary during all these goings-on) and of course with that, Chiron-Neptune.  All of which could paint the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) with a hefty tinge of Liberation (Uranus-Pluto) of the Feminine (Venus Walking et al).  Long overdue.

“Nature holds a memory and resonance of paradise, even though most of humanity has forgotten it.  Humanity does, however, remember at a deep, almost cellular level.  This memory has to be re-awakened through contact with the spiritual world and, more specifically, with our cousins, the Faery races and the ancestors.  Until this occurs, humanity is driven to search for that elusive missing something.  This ancestral memory lives within our blood and drives us to seek, find and share spiritual insight and meaning.  Luckily for us nature remembers and holds its essence within its processes.”

–Orion Foxwood, The Faery Teachings, p.116.

Beware! The Beginning Is Near

April 7, 2012

While it was Mars that starred in the Big Grand Cross and Big Grand Trine, the real doyenne of the first half of 2012 is Venus.

She joined the Big Amplifier Jupiter and Big Mystic Black Moon Lilith in a very close Triple Conjunction as one corner of the Grand Trine, along with Mars and Pluto, in mid-March.

Lilith, for those who’ve forgotten, was Adam’s first wife.  She split as soon as Adam began to lay down those Penis First rules that Eve was willing to take for granted.  You can see the impact of the Triple Conjunction in the reactionary Attack on Women that’s underway – which Attack is a Paper Tiger.  The Triple Conjunction occurred at 10 degrees of Taurus, “A Red Cross Nurse: The compassionate linking of all Peoples.”  It only seems like the Penis Flag is being raised again because Eve’s Old-Testament offspring own the media.

Black Moon Lilith symbolizes the mystical aspect of the feminine.  The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an ellipse, an oval.  While circles have one center, ovals have two.  Earth sits at one of those centers, and Black Moon Lilith sits at the other.  You can think of it as Earth 2, waiting just on the other side of Manifestation.  With Lilith in charge, the Penis is the Flagpole, not the Flag.

Venus crosses the Moon’s South Node next Wednesday, becoming as she does a corner of the Grand Cross, rather than the Grand Trine.  Mars turns Direct the next day.  Expect some fireworks over who gets to be the Flag and who the Pole.  This is Venus Squaring Mars – Mastery through Challenge in the relationship between our Inner Male and Inner Female.  If yours ain’t married, you’ll be doing some homework next week – enjoy it as the Learning Experience that it is.

The Mars Grand Cross, by the way, remains in effect well into May.

As we’ve seen, Venus has been dominating the evening sky.  Venus as the Evening Star is Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  She reaches her farthest extent from the Sun in mid-May, just as the Mars Grand Cross begins to fade (and the media’s Penis Flag starts to go limp).  She’s Stationary from May 7 to May 15, and then starts working her way back to the Sun, remaining Retrograde till June 27.

Meanwhile, starting April 2nd, Venus is Out of Bounds.  Out of Bounds means that she is further from the Equator than the Sun ever goes, in this case overhead north of the Tropic of Cancer.  Out of Bounds means strong.

She remains Out of Bounds, and Retrograde, until June 3.  As she returns In Bounds, she meets the Sun, on its journey north to the Summer Solstice.  On June 5, Venus crosses the face of the Sun.  Not just a Conjunction, where they share the same longitude, but a Parallel Conjunction, where they share the same latitude.  If Venus were bigger than the Sun (or the same size), it would be called an Occultation, which is the general term for an Eclipse, where one planet or body “occults,” or hides, the other.  Since Venus is smaller, it’s called a “Transit,” but it’s an astronomical Transit, not an astrological Transit.  Astrological Transits are much more general.

Venus Transits the Sun, in pairs, only once per century – and it skipped the 20th Century entirely.  It’s tempting to equate the darker elements of the previous century (two World Wars, the Bomb) with that lack, and maybe not inappropriate.  The first of the current pair of Transits occurred in 2004.  One meaning of a Venus Transit is the feminine made visible.  Venus Transits the Sun as both Square Mars.  What a fabulous time for the Genders to open their minds to learning about one another, aided and abetted by Mercury going Out of Bounds (enhanced Awareness) from May 30 to June 19.

In mid-June, Venus rises as the Morning Star, Pallas Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom.  Venus rising as the Morning Star is called the Heliacal Rising of Venus, and represents a very significant region of the year.  We’ll talk more about that later.

Then, on June 23, Uranus Squares Pluto, the Big Event of 2012.  To celebrate that event, Jupiter Squares Neptune, and Saturn turns Direct.  We’ll go into the implications of all that later as well.

Here’s an excellent interview and implicit book review on The Beginning Is Near, and the Rise of the Feminine…


Mélange à Trois

March 11, 2012

Okay, so we got a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine, with Venus Aphrodite in Jupiter’s lap.  Let’s start with Pluto.  Think of a big River, and you get to choose between paddling upstream or paddling downstream.  When Pluto is lit up, the downstream route is not only easy, but you get a great assist from the flow of the stream.  But the upstream route is fraught with rapids, and even paddling like hell, you’ll never get anywhere, except maybe swept backward or sideways into the rocks.  If something isn’t working when Pluto is highlighted, give it up, for the time being anyway.

Now, let’s throw in Jupiter.  Jupiter is the Big Amplifier.  Whatever’s happening, Jupiter just blows it up big, and in general, things turn out pretty well.  It’s possible to get Jupiter to amplify a bummer, but unlikely.  Jupiter’s usually pretty good-natured, and stands well ‘longside the Wheel of Fortune.  So a Jupiter-Pluto Trine can be pretty sunny, if yer not fighting the tape.  The Big Danger is, as always, Identity.  If you think everything’s going along swimmingly because yer Hot Poo, yer gonna end up smelling pretty bad once you step out of the canoe, or the Energy shifts and you don’t shift with it.

Just watch Rick Sanitorium in a coupla weeks.  And maybe Mitt Rommel too, as they drive on deep into Egypt.  Or the American economy, or European banks – not to mention Amerikan banks.  As Clinton might say, “It’s the River, Stupid!”  It’s not you.  But that doesn’t mean you cant use the Energy to get a heckofa lot of good works done!  Especially with Mars on the other pole of the trifecta.  Put simply, Mars is Energy.  Just pure testosterone, which juices girls just like it does boys.  It’s not too bright, easily cajoled into doing dumb things that can be self-destructive, but it also very often comes through as the Star quarterback or homerun hitter.  Mars is kindofa teenager, it needs direction, but it’s well-intentioned, muscular, and enthused.  If you want help moving, or the lawn mowed, Mars is yer man.

It’s a Grand Trine, so accept the Grace, and milk it for all it’s worth.  Don’t take it to the bank, cuz the banks aren’t yer friend these days, but do take it home and tuck it under the mattress.  The downside isn’t Greed, it’s Arrogance.  Thinking it’s cuz yer cool, rather than cuz the Energy happens to be running your way.  What, how can the Energy run everybody’s way?  Easy, it’s Both/And.  If you actually sat down with them and learned where they were coming from and where they were going, you’d realize you aren’t even in the same Universe.  They aren’t your competition, they’re just a truck going by on the highway.

As long as you focus on your own goals and don’t waste your time examining someone else’s hand, everybody can have Aces.  Don’t get caught up in competition or resistance, just let the Energy flow in your direction.  Mars is retrograde, which is actually a boon, as it’s less likely to burn out, or burn you out.  Retrograde Energy is metered, it’s less likely to run off in every direction at once, more likely to consider possible consequences before punching the throttle.  If you don’t succumb to the temptation to own your successes and become a Red Giant, then you can keep your gains after the Energy shifts, and everyone’s a winner.  The Red Giants become White Dwarfs after the Energy shifts, so just giggle behind your hand at their games and ignore them.

Then we throw Venus into the blender.  Venus generally has a spotless reputation, she doesn’t turn rivals into Stone, or chain nobody to no Tree.  She’s a sweetheart.  She lives in your Heart, and Values what you Value.  Now remember, everybody’s Truth lies in their own Heart, but everybody’s Heart is different.  Venus doesn’t abide Power trips or Control trips or even persuasion or manipulation.  She’s from Arcturus, where it is assumed without question that Other is as Sacred as Self.

The Venus-Mars Cycle is about our Relationships, particularly our Relationship with ourself, otherwise known as our Relationshit.  This is the Waning Trine, where we receive the Grace we’ve earned from the current Cycle before it descends into the Void to be recycled.  The current Venus-Mars Cycle began in May 2011 at 10 degrees of Taurus, exactly the degree where Venus crosses Jupiter next week, sharing the same “Red Cross Nurse” anthem.  That is quite remarkable.  It means that the current flow in our Relationships will  continue and greatly expand, as Father Jupiter takes over the husband role from Brother Mars – speaking in terms of Power, not Incest.

It also means that if you haven’t been owning difficulties in your Relationships, those too will expand, till you take Responsibility for them.  You don’t care whether your partners take Responsibility for their Relationshit, cuz that’s their Karma, and waaay outa your hands.  It’s yer own Karma yer gonna hafta live with tillya don’t, so use the Power of the current configuration to move through and beyond yer own Stuff.  Move to yer Arcturean self – basically, I’m Okay, Yer Okay.  With yer nursey whites on, you can be very kind to yourself while you convalesce.

As with your political aims (the word Politics is from the word Power, which is a synonym for Ego – so yer “political aims” are what you want to manifest), don’t assume that because yer Relationships are smooth at the moment, that the Beast has departed.  It’s not you, it’s the Energy.  Accept it, embrace it, run with it, but recognize that it may not be a gift that keeps on giving.  A word to the wise – win-win is only possible when both parties play the game.  If party A goes into win-lose and party B stays in win-win, party A wins.  Be mindful that yer Relationshit may still have a component of codependence, even 25 years after the concept went out of fashion.  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie likes to say.

Venus and Jupiter are the two great Benifics.  Their coming together is a Goldilocks day, a day in bright Sunshine, with temperature and humidity just right and the Lilacs blooming, and the company exciting.  Coming together as a Red Cross Nurse symbolizes a compassionate Healing that will carry us through the initial Uranus-Pluto squares, through August 2014.  We can think of it as the Light of Ascension that underlies the Paradigm Shift that our Victims feels so tortuously when we forget to own the Karma, tap it out and tame it, and send it Home.

So nothing to rue here – Enjoy!

Eudialyte doesn’t just symbolize Joy, it also dispels that which is past its time and hesitates to move on.  It Cleanses and Heals.  There could be no better Stone for this occasion, and for the next several years.  Like the Tourmalines and Beryls, it is a Cyclosilicate, arranging its Silicate ions in six-sided rings.  But its basic cationic (positive charge) minerals are Sodium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zirconium, while it’s anionic (negative charge) minerals are Silicate and Chloride.  Minerals don’t have molecules, they have ions linked up in matched pairs to create a Crystal structure.  Iron can substitute for the Manganese, and Rare Earths like Cerium and Yttrium for either the Calcium or the Manganese, making it as varied as it is rare.

Mars Caught Smoking in the Loo

March 8, 2012

Well, not only is Mars closer to Earth than it will be at any other time this year (which just means we’re on the same side of the Sun), but he’s in the news smoking up a storm.  And the Star of the major drama of the next week and a half.

I tell people that the most powerful chart anybody can have, is one that features both a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine, that share a common corner.  Well that’s what dominates the next coupla weeks, and Mars is at the common corner.  Let’s digress a minute…

A Square occurs when two planets are one fourth of the way around the circle from one another, or three signs apart.  It symbolizes Mastery through Challenge – it presents itself as a puzzle or problem, but it has no solution.  It’s a heuristic – it serves only to teach.  So for instance, a person with a Square between Venus and Mars usually encounters life-long difficulties with Relationship – simply because their current life does not include enjoying Relationship, it includes only learning about Relationship.  How do we learn?  Not by doing things “right,” but by doing things “wrong.”  We Master a subject by exploring it’s edges, by uncovering its hidden taboos, and by eschewing conventional wisdom.

A Grand Cross is four Squares lined up in series, to circle the entire Zodiac.  The Grand Cross is actually easier than a single Square, because it’s “complete” and in balance.  It has symmetry.  However, it has the additional Challenge that each of the four planets and each of the four Squares must constantly be rebalanced relative to the other three.  So it requires constant vigilance.  A victim of a Grand Cross is constantly tossed from one pole to the other by constantly varying winds.  A master of a Grand Cross has gained wisdom on a wide variety of topics and mastery of a wide variety of skills.

Four is the number of the Emperor, symbolizing Dominion, control over one’s domain.  One moves from being a victim of a Square or a Grand Cross to a master when one becomes Conscious of it’s nature, realizes what the current lifetime is about, and stops coveting the perfection that they so clearly see but can never achieve.  When one sees Reality as a constantly moving variation on the perfect blueprint, rather than flaws in the form manifested from the blueprint.

Simply put, the blueprint is an Archetype, and we are slaves to Archetypes till we become Conscious of them and separate our Identity from them.  Ever notice how an impending cold increases your desire for Sugar?  The cold virus has hold of your Will.  You are feeling the virus’s craving for Sugar, and misinterpreting it as your own craving.  If you knew it was a cold virus doing the craving, you’d never feed it!  But if you think the craving is your own, then it’s an act of self-loathing to deprive yourself!  See why we’re always harping about Identity?  Because it’s the most powerful lever you have for dealing with Karma.

A Trine occurs when two planets are one third of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another, four signs apart.  A Trine represents Grace.  It also often comes through as arrogance, as the carrier of a Trine may have a hard time seeing that other people do not share their good luck.  Haven’t seen his chart, but Romney’s constantly getting himself in trouble for revealing his Triney nature.  A team functions when each member performs their assigned roles. In order to relate to others in a team, a Trine must become Conscious, so the carrier knows that they have a unique skill, and can align it with the unique skills of others.

In American football, a wide receiver must move fast to get downfield and catch a pass, while an offensive lineman must move not at all in order to prevent the defense from rushing the quarterback.  If the wide receiver belittled the lineman about their lack of speed, and the lineman belittled the receiver about their inability to stop speeding freight trains (except perhaps in good-humored jest), there would be no teamwork.  If Grace is heads on a coin, Gratitude is tails – Grace and Gratitude are opposite sides of the same event.  Without Consciousness about our Trines, we do not have Gratitude for the good luck they convey to us, and without Gratitude, Grace will stop flowing.

A Grand Trine is three Trines lined up in series to circle the entire Zodiac.  It’s complete, in balance, and symmetrical.  And it demands exquisite Consciousness and constant Gratitude, or the arrogance will divert you from your Mission even more than remaining an unconscious victim to your Squares.  As Alan Watts said, your Good Karma is harder to let go of than your Bad Karma.  At least as an unconscious victim to your Squares, you’re still learning, even if you aren’t paying attention to what you’re learning.  Once you become Conscious, you’ll reframe all of your victim experiences.  When you become Conscious of the arrogance in your Trines, you gain only regret.

Three is the number of the Empress, symbolizing Love with Wisdom, or Compassion, the complement to Dominion.  If you can’t in a few thoughts describe the difference between sympathy, empathy, and compassion, consider it to be an assignment to study these differences.  They’re critically important to Presence, and Presence is where Consciousness and Identity converge, out there in that field that Rumi talked about.

So you can find a lot of Great People with Grand Crosses in their horoscopes, and a lot with Grand Trines.  Of course Great People are just victims of antique cultural models left over from the Age of Aries.  In the Age of Aries, some 4000-2000 years ago, there were true mythic Heroes, David and Hercules and Loki and Thoth and Inanna and Isis and Aphrodite and Freya.  Think about how few Great People are Conscious of the difference between their own Identity and the Archetype they represent.

The people you truly admire are more likely to be an obscure aunt, or a quietly generous storekeeper, or a friend from grade school whom you never appreciated at the time.  At least I hope so.  If the folks you admire most are Great People from the propaganda mills, I invite you to reconsider your Identity.  It could change your life in ways you’d never imagine.

Bear with me a minute more, as there’s one more concept we need…

Orb” is the astrological term for “slop.”  When two planets form an Angle with one another like a Square or Trine, they typically form that exact Angle for only a short time.  When they do, the Angle is said to be exact or complete.  But the influence of the Angle stretches beyond the moment of completion, often far beyond.  That “slop” in time is called “Orb.”

In a birch chart, you typically look for influences within six to ten degrees (out of 360 degrees in the full circle) of Orb.  In a chart of the Current Time, you typically use one degree of Orb, or if it’s a Big Deal, maybe three degrees.  We deal mostly with charts of Current Time, and we usually use one degree of Orb.

Okay, now we can get down to the meat of the issue…

Now, the combination of a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine in the same chart is exceedingly rare.  There are certain advantages to having both in the same chart, as the good luck of the Grand Trine can compensate for the constant frustration of all the Squares, and the challenges of the Grand Cross can deflate the arrogance of the Grand Trine.  Together, their interplay can act as a fertile medium for Consciousness.  Or, you could see any number of Master Knaves from the history books, whose arrogance is matched only by their disregard for others (a product of projecting the challenges of their Squares).

So basically, it’s the ultimate in horoscopes.  Of course, every horoscope is The Ultimate to its owner, and every horoscope matches the power and subtlety of every other horoscope, but in different ways.  That’s the unique glory of astrology, that everyone is unique and equal, and everyone has their own unique blend of Power and Mystery.  But if you want to talk about the kinds of dramas that are acted out on the World Stage and in the history and herstory books and the covers of the Hot Sheets in the supermarket checkout line, look to Grand Trines and Grand Crosses.  Notta lotta subtlety there, mostly power.

When a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross align so that they share the same planet on one of their corners, that planet becomes The Star of the Whole Show.  There is probably no greater spotlight that you could shine on a planet.

For the next week anda half, that’s exactly what’s going on in the World’s horoscope, a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross, sharing a retrograde and close-to-Earth Mars as their common corner.  I’ll just give the chronology today, and follow up with interpretation as the week&ahalf wears on.

Jupiter and Pluto are within one degree of their Trine from March 7 till March 17, with the Trine exact on March 12.  This is the foundation for the whole party.

Mars lines up to Trine both of them and complete the Grand Trine, within one degree of Orb, from March 12 to March 16 for the Trine to Jupiter, and from March 12 to March 17 for the Trine to Pluto.  Both Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Pluto are exact on March 14, so Magic will be afoot Bigtime March 12-14.  Mars is retrograde, so he’ll be backing in to the alignment.

So if I get busy and neglect to write about a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine in the next several days, remind me!

As if this wasn’t enough, Jupiter Initiates Venus on March 13, bang in the middle of the exactitude of the Grand Trine.  The anthem for this new Venus-Jupiter cycle is “A Red Cross nurse” – talk about an abundance of Grace and Healing!  If you been lucky enough to have clear weather, you’ve been watching Venus and Jupiter converge in the evening sky.

So we also have to write about the Venus-Jupiter Cycle, and a Venus-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine with Jupiter amplifying Venus no end.  Venus as the Evening Star is Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Then, to top it off, Black Moon Lilith joins the Venus-Jupiter Initiation on March 12.  We don’t work much with Black Moon Lilith, we leave that pretty much up to Creedence Clearwater – no, just kidding.  Lilith is a “Bad Moon” only to the worst kinda chauvinist.  Kelley Hunter does work with Black Moon Lilith, so I usually defer to her.

That’s the Big Show, and it would be totally Grand even without the Grand Cross.

This all happens in 10 degrees of the Earth Signs, where Venus and Jupiter are shifting from the Taurus Decanate of Taurus to the Virgo Decanate of Taurus, which means it’s lightening up, not grasping so hard as Taurus usually does.  And Pluto is moving from the Capricorn Decanate of Capricorn to the Taurus Decanate of Capricorn, meaning that Pluto is digging in, getting even more ferociously tenacious than Pluto usually is.

So far Pluto’s only been sorta dabbling in Capricorn, but now it’s gonna get serious, and take no prisoners.  Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes Just Fix It, and at least as far as the World Economy is concerned, our “leaders” have been doing anything but.  The time has come to move it.  Since constructive problem-solving doesn’t seem to be in their playbooks, it may have to arrive through crisis – or since there’s so much Grace about, through the Fuhrers suddenly finding new chapters in their playbooks.

Earth Signs symbolize stuff, materiality, hardcopy Reality, the kind that the Muggles think is Real.  So the World Economy could very well be front and center.

As for the chronology of the Grand Cross…

Mars is within one degree of a Square to both of the Moon’s Nodes from March 12 to March 17, and exactly Square on March 14.  The Moon’s Nodes delineate our Mission in the lifetime, so they’re kinda important.

Mars opposes the asteroid Pallas on March 12, and is within one degree of Orb from March 11 to March 14.  Pallas of course is Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War, also symbolized by Venus as the Morning Star.  So we have the other, firmer pole of Venus here, the Boundary-setting pole that complements the Love with Wisdom pole.

Also involved in the Grand Cross are Juno, which symbolizes Identity (Big Surprise, eh?), and Chiron, which symbolizes Healing through Resonance, through changing the Frequency.

So if I get busy and don’t write about a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross, with overtones of Juno and Chiron, within several days, remind me.

Now, as we’ve said before, the Moon is often the trigger for the meat of the manifestation of an astrological event or configuration.  So all those Orbs and times of exactitude could easily be superseded by the Moon, which Squares Mars on March 13.  Well, that’s right in the thick of it, aint it.  As Pogo would say, Friday the 13th falls on a Tuesday this month.  That’s about half-past 4pm PDT on March 13.  That’s a good candidate for the peak of the whole affair, and an excellent time for a ritual of Accepting Power.  If you want to influence events, it would behoove to start yer PIAVAs now, though injecting your own PIAVAs right into the maelstrom of the 13th would also be interesting.

But I think allowing the Power of that Hour to infuse into yourself, so you’re afterward Present to help Change the World, or to mop up compassionately after the Change, or to Ascend if that’s yer objective, would be where the greater power would lie.  Think of that Hour like Dr. Frankenstein throwing the switch.  It would be like Taking Personal Responsibility for the Planet.  You are She and She is you anyway, soya mayas well.  Ifya need a refresher on the difference between Responsibility and Blame, lemme know.  Nobody’s Conscious or Present when they’re in Blame.

Now, if we’re gonna Take Personal Responsibility for the Planet, we need Presence above all, and nothing inhibits Presence like being hypnotized by some dumb Archetype!  So let’s look at when the Moon crosses Juno/Identity (around 11am PDT on March 13) and its own North Node/our Mission, aka the Dragon’s Head (about 2pm PDT), since those are the Hours when our own switch is most likely to be thrown from unconscious to Conscious.  So, y’know, you might wanna spend the whole day in Meditation.

Oh, one more thing.  On March 12, Mercury goes retrograde.  Mercury’s our Observer, our ability to detach our Identity, and retrograde doesn’t mean off.  Retrograde means focused inward rather than focused outward.  All the more impetus for a big breakthrough in Consciousness.  It goes retro at the midpoint between Uranus and Vesta – the hotspot between Integrity and the Sacred.  The cards are definitely stacked in our favor here.  Eat it up!


May 19, 2011

Ant and Grasshopper make a prominent theme these days.  Lotsa “Why can’t they…” [just be carbon copies of me].  Or rather, “Why can’t they…” [just please my mother the way I’ve worked so hard to do all my life].  It’s a funhouse mirror for “Why couldn’t the significant adults in my childhood have just let me be myself, instead of who they demanded I be.”  So the first task is to own the projection.  When Gandhi suggested that we Be the Change We Wish to See in the World, he was speaking to precisely this aspect of projection.  We judge in others that which we reject in ourselves.

If it were possible to see this phenomenon without Blame, we could postulate that we, on the “Soul Level,” choose our programmers to set up issues for us to have to deal with.  Again it’s the difference between on the one hand rote learning, so we know all the multiple-choice answers (Taxes No! Government No! Freedom to Rip Off Everybody Like the Banks Are Doing Yes!), and on the other hand experience that leads to Wisdom (Hmmm, maybe Compassion is useful after all).  Our judgments of others are an open doorway to our own Core Issues, should we choose to accept our responsibility to raise our Consciousness through self-examination.

Welcome to Day 3 of the Mayan Callemander.  Night 2 began with a major descent into nationalism, and Day 3 also begins with a big Obama speech, this time defending the rights of “those who are reaching for their rights” as long, of course, as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of the Banks.  Whatever his virtues and vices, the man has good timing.

If you have any important communications you need to make, do it today and tomorrow.  Mercury (Mind, Communication) has been traveling side-by-side with Venus (Grace, Beauty, Magnetism) since May 6, but that ends tomorrow, May 20.  After that, if we make it past the Rupture, Venus abandons her philosophical buddy, for a fling at passion with her physical buddy, Mars.  A new Venus-Mars cycle begins every two years.  The Venus-Mars cycle defines our relationships, for sure, but it also defines our emotional approach to the World in general.

Venus represents the Magnetic, Mars the Dynamic.  Venus pulls toward, Mars takes.  The whole PIAVA thing, from Shakti Gawain on, is a Venus deal.  There’s only one word for someone who still believes that the World needs more Mars – Muskrat!  Mars is Ant, Venus is Grasshopper.  Yes, Grasshopper can crash the World – when it needs cleansing.

 The problem with judgment is that you’re usually asking someone else to change their Stripes.  If you’re severe enough, you might change someone else’s behavior, but you’re never going to change their character.  This about the significant adults in your own kidhood – they tried to mold your behavior and repress your character, and the only result was to strengthen your character.  You may not have woken up to that, but this would be an opportune moment.  Power might win a battle, but Multiversity wins the wars.

 We’ve all just received a very powerful New Soul Chord Download, and with a budding Fourth Harmonic to Pluto, It will not be repressedDon’t waste your energy trying to bend other people to your will.  Accept who they are, appreciate how their skills complement yours, and move on together as a team.  Survival depends on it.

The Venus-Mars cycle that’s ending began in April 2009 in the last degree of Pisces.  In other words, the last two years, in terms of our relationships and our emotional responses to the World, has been about Finishing Business.  Not just in the usual Pisces sense of clearing out Karma, but in the last degree sense of Dealing with the Final Details, dotting the t’s and crossing the eyes.  The symbol for the last degree of Pisces is

What you admired as a child is the Light that guides you as you get older.

Really, the last two years has been about nothing except preparing us for the new Soul Chord Download.

The new Venus-Mars cycle begins, here in “Hell,” on Monday May 23.  The symbol is A Red Cross Nurse.  In other words, now that we appreciate who We really are and who They really are, and we’ve stopped trying to twist each other into our own warped images, we’ll be spending the next two years triaging and repairing our relationships with other people and the World.

Indicolite is Blue Tourmaline, though it’s more often Blue-Greenish than true Blue.  Blue-Greenish energy is High Heart energy, Thymus energy.  The Thymus provides immune protection during adolescence, then retires.  Blue-Green energy helps us hold our space during periods of rapid growth and change.  It’s the line between compassion (Heart, Green) and communication (Throat, Blue), sortofa I hear you, but with all due respect, Sir/Miss, that’s you, not me.  Like I’m rubber and you’re glue, but more diplomatic.

Tourmaline is Sodium Lithium Aluminum Borocyclosilicate.  Boron is a magical healer – just ask anyone with a vineyard or a wounded mucus membrane.  Lithium is calming.  Lithium and Boron are the third- and fifth-lightest of the elements, inviting Levity.  Sodium, the next-heaviest of Lithium’s siblings, provides grounding and alertness, as it raises our blood pressure.  Aluminum (the source of the Blue) is the next-heaviest of Boron’s siblings, providing a stiffness to the spine, yet remaining supple and flexible.

All in a three-dimensional matrix (“cyclo”) of Silicon, the Master Exchange, the classical semiconductor.  Our biochemistry is built on Carbon, and Silicon is Carbon’s next-heavier sibling.  Silicon doesn’t just mindlessly carry electromagnetic information like the metals, or stop electromagnetic energy like the non-metals, it modulates information, switching it toward where it’s most needed.  Every Mitochondria in each of our cells is linked directly to the Zero Point Field, to all of the information in the Universe.  Silicon is the intuitive gatekeeper that prevents overwhelm.  This Mitochondrial link is fuzzed or blocked by emotional and chemical toxins, which is why it’s so important to clear away the Unfinished Business, to prevent intuitive underwhelm.

The Venus-Mars Initiation on Monday is a triple Conjunction, as Mercury is still less then two degrees away.  That is, our relationships for the next two years will be tempered with Purpose and Communication.  Venus-Mars-Mercury makes Third-Harmonic (Grace) angles to Pluto (Necessity and Transformation) and to Juno (Identity) – in other words, this is a fabulous time to take advantage of available Grace to break through into new realms of Consciousness – and frankly, it’s not optional.  The Initiation also makes a Fourth-Harmonic (Competence through Challenge) angle to another triple Conjunction, between The Moon (Authenticity), Pallas (Boundaries), and Vesta (that which is personally Sacred).  It would be a great idea to plan to wear a whole lotta Blue-Green for the next two years.


February 15, 2011

Davidite (Lanthanum Yttrium Uranium Titanium Iron Oxide)While we were busy watching Hoseme get his comeuppance on the tube, the Corporate Media conveniently got to ignore what’s happening in the USofA.  From Wisconsin, for instance, a reader writes,

“All that I can say is ‘pray.’  I never thought that our country could come to such an ‘evil’ level and then blame the people for it.  In Wisconsin Governor Walker has called in the Wisconsin National Guard to protect,,,,,,, what?  Himself maybe?  He is taking away Unions, and 20% of public employee income.  I understand that we all have to give a little for the good of all.  But to call in ‘THE GUARD’ because he suspects there will be an upheaval is such a punch in the stomach it has made me so that I can’t even breathe.  He has no idea what living at poverty level is, and that is what I have lived at while being employed by the State of Wisconsin for the last 15 years.  I have been humble and have truly appreciated being employed.  We have so much to be proud of here in this State.  Now, our new governor has addressed State employees as ‘suspect.’  I am in shock and at a loss for words.  What is happening here?”

Reality is clashing with the Hype, is what’s happening.

The public school system in the USofA has been called the World’s greatest propaganda machine, selling the US system of government as The Best and Worth Dying To Defend many times over, because of our “freedom.”  In truth, the Winner Take All system in the US guarantees freedom only when you align with the “majority” – ask Julian Assange.  The World’s second-greatest propaganda machine, television, assures that the “majority” is aligned with $money.  Corporate raids of various kinds have stripped benefits and pensions from most private employees over the last couple of decades, and now there’s an organized effort to do the same for public employees.

There is a huge global trend that you don’t want to be on the wrong side of – the Rest of the World is raising their standard of living.  Since the World hasn’t gotten much bigger or more capacious, the correlate is that people in the “First World” are lowering theirs.  The Elite know this, and they’ve long since employed two strategies to milk the trend: sell things to the Rest of the World, and make sure that in the “First World” it’s other people’s living standards that fall, not theirs.  This is not new; it’s been going on for 20-30 years already, and it’s barely begun.  In the 80s Lester Brown estimated that the “First World” ate up some 22 times as many resources per capita as the people in the Rest of the World.  What do we think the ratio is today?  21?  What will it be when the trend finishes working it’s way through?  5?  1?  Less than 1?  22:1, when you look at it from the other side, is 0.05.

Another huge trend that’s been going on for even longer, at least several centuries: machines now make and do things, not people.  On a stage coach, the ratio of service employees to those served, not counting the back office, was 2:6.  Some trains now don’t even have 1 driver, the computers do it, and they carry hundreds of people.  And the back office is no longer in San Francisco, it’s in Bangalore, or untouched by human hands at all, on the internet.  The great propaganda machine has sold that to us as “productivity,” the glorious path to greater wealth and leisure!  For most people it’s the path to redundancy.  Two questions no one in the US has bothered to deal with, even centuries later – how will the excess people entertain themselves, and how will they eat?  The initiators of this great “Industrial Revolution,” the Brits, sent their excess populations to be used as arrow fodder to protect the Colonies.  In North America, we’ve run out of West for young men to escape to.

So, viewed from the Big Picture, everyday humans in the “First World” are simply a surplus “resource.”  That’s just the Reality.  How do we deal with it?  Yes, first we have to Grieve our loss.  Our Grief doesn’t care that our counterparts in China are now making five times as much as they were a few years ago, or how much we have to discount for inflation.  Whether or not we’re grieving for the loss of material welfare, we’re certainly grieving for the loss of our Idealism and our Optimism.  It’s so blatantly obvious that we can no longer trust that Great American Dream programming we got as children.  So the Media splashes us with images of displaced youth in Foreign Lands striving for freedom and democracy, just like us!  It’s pure bullshit.  They’re striving for food and jobs, just like us.

That’s what economic geography tells us about what’s happening.  What about astrology?  Well, there’s the New Global Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) and how it has the potential to transform Despair into Miracles.  If the ghost of Ed McMahon is there in Cairo, hiring folks to go door to door passing out checks, then they’re on the leading edge of that trend.  If the military just replaces Hoseme with Squirtme, then maybe not.  Nothing has changed about the Monopoly game that the entire World is still playing.  The efforts to match up vacant houses with homeless people, and unused food with hungry people, exist, but the Corporate Media isn’t about to cover them, because it wants you to believe that you have no power, that their $money game is the only one that exists.

There’s the New Soul Chord Download that can revivify all of us if we’re willing to open to it.  What does that involve?  Well, we been writing about the Grand Cross for a coupla months now.  Means we gotta give up alotta old Identities.  Clearly the gradeschool propaganda about the American Dream is overdue for the dustbin.  It’s deep in our hearts, but it’s waaay outa date.  Strive for Self-Respect because you deserve it and you need it, not because of somebody else’s lies about what’s Right and Good.  Since Ronald Reagan read Ayn Rand, the “winners” have been using the mantra, I better get mine before somebody else takes it.  Since Jesus and long before that, some “winners” have been using the mantra, We’re all in this together.  Ram Dass’s guru advised him to Feed people.

So, what follows Grief?  Well, first of all, remember that Grief sets its own timetable.  It can’t be hurried, as much as we’d like to.  Tapping will help immensely, not because it’ll speed up the Grief, but because it’ll help us get back into the Present Moment and leave behind all those deep trances from our Past Deaths, about our Worthlessness and Powerlessness and Helplessness.  After Grief comes Response.  What’s first priority?  Are we tired?  Then sleep is most important.  Hungry?  Then food.  Do we have a bed that’s dry and warm, hot running water, and food for tomorrow?  Then Bigtime Gratitude will be very useful – most people on the planet don’t.  Political action?  You might have been able to muster some support ten years ago, when private industry was eliminating pensions and benefits, but now most people are too busy scrambling to protect their legacies.

We may not have much time to get our act together in the Garden; according to Calleman, the Whole Shebang hits crescendo a few days before Halloween of this year.  Given that the three major unconscious planets, Pluto and Uranus and Neptune, are all highly involved in the Grand Cross, pray is indeed an excellent place to start, as is meditate.  Some people say that prayer is talking, while meditation is listening.  Where there are no obvious answers, listening very carefully to the smallest, stillest voice we can hear, is paramount.

Trust follows that.  If we’re blessed to receive an answer to any prayer, we have to follow it.  An effective plan will sound way off base to our “rational” mind, because our mind will be stuck in the old paradigm.  That’s what minds do.  We need to practice appreciating the  mind’s contribution, but not necessarily acting on it.  We have to trust the instructions we get from the Other Side of the Shift.

Now, to respond directly to our friend in Wisconsin, the first question is whether there’s any competition between your very strong dynamism and very strong magnetism.  Like me, you’ve got an Outabounds Mars on one corner of the Grand Cross.  So you’re likely to have a strong sense of Doingness.  Combine that with a situation where power seems remote, and that makes frustration.  But your survival instincts are absolutely flawless – any frustrations you might be feeling about that are somebody else’s feelings, not your own.  As I’ve been working with my newfound Identity-need for Doingness, I’ve seen that my father always told me I’d never amount to anything unless I learned to get up early like him.  My natural schedule is to work late and sleep late, so my self-concept is that I’m lazy, and I hope nobody catches me at it, because it triggers shame that’s very debilitating.

So that’s your first job – healing ANY rift between your inner male, who’s always willing and able to do what’s necessary, and your inner female, who knows exactly what’s right.  As a team, they are unbeatable.  Unbeatable.  Seriously, unbeatable.  But if anybody in your past ever shamed you for either (or both!), and if the two of them judge one another at all, you’re frozen.  Any conflict there?  You gotta tap that out, and reprogram yourself to be loving and gentle with each of them all the time, so you can teach them to be loving and gentle with each other all the time.  Believe me, everything else will take care of itself just fine!


October 7, 2010

DraviteSo begins one of the more profound six weeks in the history of the Species.  Exactly 24 hours from this writing (ie, midnight PDT 10/8), Venus stands still and turns retrograde, for 42 days.  (Just in case you missed it, “42” and “DON’T PANIC” are references to Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guide.)  That mid-November date is quite significant, as we’ll see shortly.  But first, let’s have a peek at the New Moon that occurs 12 hours before that.

We can summarize this in two words: PAY ATTENTION.  Which is to say, in high astrologese, Mercury (observation) conjoins Saturn (focus) T-Square (mastery through challenge) to the Moon’s Nodes (where we been and where we’re going), with Pluto-Ceres on the North Node (how do we keep from going through all this twice?).  PAY ATTENTION is bolstered by the continuing blizzard of conjunctions that we’ve discussed at length for a long while now: Jupiter-Uranus on the cusp of Aries (rebirth times 10,000), Chiron-Neptune (you choose: limitations or Miracles), and Venus-Mars (the siesta thing).  The New Moon itself is at the midpoint of Libra, or “circular paths.”  It no longer works to be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again – it’s time to choose otherwise, and fake it tillya make it.

Like most T-Squares, this one comes with Grace, or “clues” about how to maximize the Mastery and minimize the Challenge.  The Grace here is about the Sacred, Identity, and Miracle.  It always feels like a waste of effort to write about Identity, because since everyone is their Identity, there’s little likelihood that many of us will be joining Dr. Leary –

Timothy Leary’s dead / No no no no / he’s outside / looking in

as the Moody Blues were wont to put it.  But we can always hope that a few more monkeys will PAY ATTENTION, especially since Magic (Miracle) is afoot (Chiron-Neptune opposes Juno-Identity, which trines Ceres-Pluto-North Node).

Now, Venus goes retrograde every 18 months or so.  The first layer of meaning is a reconsideration of our Values.  That’s pretty deep already, especially with the Big Rebirth going on.  Since most of us define ourselves by our pet peeves, er Values, this might have an impact on the Identity thing.  But Venus is a very complex lady.  Skipping past all the Aphrodite/Athena business and going straight to the bottom line, Venus is about Power and Magic.  If you haven’t read Starhawk’s Truth or Dare, this’d be a great time to do it.  Apples and Roses , and everything they signify.  Five-pointed stars, pointing up or pointing down.

Venus retrogrades over the first half of Scorpio.  Remember in the 80s, when they used to say the way out is through?  Well, that hasn’t been true for a coupla decades, but it’s true again now, till early January, till Venus moves out of Scorpio.  It means we can’t outrun our demons, our only choice is to run towards them – while breathing – because that’s the only way to discover that we can run through them.  They’re paper tigers.  Happy Halloween.  The bars of your birdcage are only painted on a sheet of gossamer.  Scorpio gets a bad rap from the other eleven, because Scorpio is fearless, and that scares the krap out of everybody else.  It’s about getting to the bottom of things.  Go for it!

So then, what about this mid-November thing?  Well, Jupiter goes direct on the same day that Venus does, November 18.  Once Jupiter goes direct, our resistance to our Big Rebirth is doomed.  That process doesn’t culminate till the first few days of 2011, but after mid-November, the final stages of our Rebirth start flooding in.  Plus, on November 6-7, Chiron and Neptune both go direct, unleashing another flood of Miracles, if we allow it.

Then, a few days later, Mars conjoins Pallas.  Mars, the God of War, and Pallas, the Goddess of War.  That’ll be a brew.  Pallas, though, is also the Goddess of Wisdom (another side of Venus) – Mars shoots first and asks questions later, while Pallas asks questions first, and shoots only when necessary.  The confer at 19 of Sadge – “Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young.”  As if there was anyplace safer left.  But at least it implies a retreat from confrontation, so we may not be pulling the War card when we pull our Get Out Of Depression card.

Venus-Mars Initiation

August 16, 2010

Phlogopite and Chrysoberyl, they've closed up their shopFor the last two years, we been rebuilding our relationships – the last Venus-Mars initiation (October 2009) was about “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction” (Libra 16).  It should be obvious to most folks, based simply on the common connotations of Venus and Mars, that the Venus-Mars cycle is about our relationships, and most particularly about our Relationship.  And, sure, that also includes our relationshit, mostly our unfinished business with our parents and “past” lives, and of course past spouses and significant others.

That turns out to be all too relevant, since the imminent (August 20 at around noon PDT) Venus-Mars initiation will challenge our willingness to leave the past behind and accept our future.  Which is to say, it’s at the point of a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes, which in turn is to say that it’s in a Fourth-Harmonic relationship (mastery through challenge) with the Moon’s South Node (in a word, “past lives”) and also with the Moon’s North Node (the doorway to our future).

There are two major generic impediments to leaving the past behind.  One, the unfinished emotional business “hooks” us, and keeps us frozen, and Two (which is really the same thing), our Identity is built upon the foundation of our personal history.  So letting go of our Karma (inertia) is always an “Ego Death,” which literally feels like we’re dying, because we are – that is, our I-dentity is changing, being reborn, which means it must first shed it’s old skin, and the old skin is attached.  It’s one thing to be flayed, but our old I-dentity also has deep roots that reach way down into our Being.  So letting go of our Karma is like being flayed while having a root canal.

Unless you shift your attitude.  If you recognize any serious emotional disturbance as an Ego Death, remember that it’s your future well-being that you’re resisting, and celebrate the pain as if it were Labor (which it is, and boys getta do it too), you can make the whole process fairly effortless.  Not that shifting your attitude is effortless – that’s the hardest part.  All pain is resistance, after all.  Consciousness is choosing a different Program, remember?  Pain is a signal to get Conscious.

Now in this case, the Moon is involved.  The Moon always amps up the emotional heat, so that could make things harder cuz they’re more emotional, or easier cuz things get so theatrical that we can’t help but laugh at ourself (do resist the temptation to laugh at your counterparty, unless they laugh first).  But, and this is a gift, the Moon sits on the North Node (Future), not the South Node (past).  So our Future’s going to be pulling us forward, and we’ll be feeling our emotional attachment to our own Dreams and Desires more than our emotional attachment to our History.  Hooray!

And, like most T-Squares, this one comes with it’s own Grace Kit, in the form of Third and Sixth Harmonic relationships with Mercury and Pallas.  Third and Sixth Harmonic relationships are about Grace, Ease, Creativity, Fun.  Mercury represents the mind, awareness, communication – it’s always very useful when the mind is our friend, and it’s Stationary (strong), turning Retrograde.  Pallas represents Boundaries.  So Letting Go and Moving On will be greatly facilitated by talking about it, setting good Boundaries (which may be harder or softer), and generally staying alert and awake when difficulty arises.

So really, this is a fabulous configuration, and the only potentially difficult part should be recognizing emotional pain as the beginning of a positive release, and willingly letting go of our old skin.

Which brings us the the Venus-Mars Cycle itself.  It lasts about two years, and as we said, we’re just finishing a rebuilding phase.  The new Cycle begins at 14 degrees of Libra, “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta.”  We can read that alotta different ways!  It doesn’t sound too good for staying alert and awake.  But look at it this way.  It’s the Male Ego and testosterone that drives competitiveness and ambition.  If that urge falls asleep, that’ll be very good for the Planet.  The whole sign of Libra is about releasing individuality and embracing collaboration, and this Libra midpoint just describes an important step in that process.

So we can summarize by saying that the next two years of relationship business will be about embracing collaboration, which is probably the Planet’s greatest need right now.

And, it’s not optional.  We say this because Pluto is also Stationary (going Direct) at this time.  Stationary means strong, and Pluto is about the Big Wave, or the trend which is so strong that resistance is futile, the current in the River of history.  And, Pluto is the focus of a second T-Square, this one with Vesta-Saturn (focusing our Attention on what’s Sacred) and Jupiter-Uranus (that fantastically new and refreshing Soul Chord impulse we recently received).  When you’re resisting necessary Change, a Stationary Pluto feels like swimming in Jello.  When you’re excited about your future, a strong Pluto moves you forward in leaps and bounds.