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Tipping Point

October 13, 2012

Since the Harvest Moon, the Energy has shifted.  There is less Balance overall, and more flux.  Issues are sorting themselves by importance.  We’re on a lot of Edges.  On the Edge of saving or destroying the Planet as we know it.  On the Edge of a New Paradigm that isn’t fully co-created yet.  On the Edge of committing ourselves fully to our Mission.  On the Edge of amping up the yin to balance the excess yang.  How do we come to these conclusions?


I’m sure most of youall know the Hundred Monkeys parable, and many of you probably know about the TM experiments where 1% of the population meditating lowered crime rates.  The notion of Energy Fields and their Trance(Re)Formation is central to astrology.  Many scienterrific types object because it involves apparent causation outside the power of the Human Ego.  Jung argued that it’s not causation at all but another principle entirely.  And of course we’d just point out that Linear Time is an illusion (All There Is Is Now), and without Linear Time, causation is moot, as it depends on Effect following Cause in Linear Time.  So much for Karma.  The Great God Causan Defect we often call Him, as it’s very difficult to imagine how the World might operate without His Uniquitousness running the show.

Of course it’s Both/And, as it always is.  Here’s another version of the Hundred Monkeys parable, named by sociologists the Tipping Point

It’s in the first video of the series, which, coincidentally (hah!), concerns GMO food.  If you wanna help reach the GMO Tipping Point,

has lotsa ideas for those of us who live under fascism to be able to control some Causan Defect in our own lives.  Fascism just means that Business controls Government, as opposed to Democracy, where the People control Government.

And speaking of Tipping Points, here’s the ultimate…

That’d be another good one for us 99%-ers to do a 1% meditation on.  Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist, to do a 1% meditation and lower the greed rate!

Adding the Sacred to the New Paradigm

Those lovely ladies in the photo are the blossoms of the Hestia variety of Scarlet Runner Bush Beans.  Hestia was the Greek Goddess that the Romans later renamed Vesta.  HisStory tells us that Zeus was King of the Gods, back before Goldman Sachs took Him to the cleaners.  But if we read HerStory, we find that the Greeks honored Hestia before they honored Zeus, and they honored Hestia after they honored Zeus.  Hestia was the Goddess of the Hearth – food, warmth, shelter, bottom-line stuff, easily taken for granted.  Zeus was mostly about inter-God politics and screwing all the Goddesses.  Too familiar, eh?  The Romans liked Hestia so much that they made Vesta Goddess of the State.

And as we speak, Vesta is joining Ceres in the Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron-Neptune…

That is, Vesta (the Sacred) is joining Ceres (Sustainability) in the Grand Trine (Grace) with Saturn (Focus) and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm); lest we forget, Chiron-Neptune gets to be the New Paradigm because of Chiron (healing despair by reframing our perspective, thus creating what would have been Miracles in the old paradigm) and Neptune (everything larger than ourself, or Our Relationship with God, aka the Unconscious that produces and directs the show that our Ego stars in).

Or in English, this would be a fabulous time for us to collaborate to Gracefully tip the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where we can Sustain our relationship with what we consider to be Sacred.  Back to a space where we can once again be proud to be Human and Huwoman, but with less Denial than in the days before we found out that it was all propaganda.  Of course the Grand Trine says it’s happening, not that we’re doing it.  So we could rephrase to a time when we can witness Grace tipping the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where the Sacred is Sustained.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Remember though, we’re each and all co-creators.  So yes, it’s essential that it’s also a fabulous time for us to collaborate to Gracefully tip the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where we can Sustain our relationship with what we consider to be Sacred.

I Gotta Be Me, Damn It!

Meanwhile, the Sun has abandoned the Harvest Moon’s Grand Cross, leaving us with a Ceres-Uranus-Pluto T-Square.

…leaving us with a Ceres (Sustainability)-Uranus (yin Integrity)-Pluto (mandatory Change of Trance) T-Square (Mastery through Challenge).  Which is to say, we’re in the dressing room trying on a hundred new ways (Pluto) to be true to ourself (Uranus) and mean it (Ceres), none of which quite feels like it fits (T-Square).  A T-Square recall is a graduate seminar – there are no right answers, only creative experiments and thorough explorations.  Reminder: yang Integrity means you do what you said you was gonna do, and yin Integrity means you do what you feel like doing, moment to moment.  And to live yin Integrity in a yang World, we gotta minimize our commitments, and be willing to renegotiate responsibly when we break the ones we do make.  Till the yin Tipping Point gets here.

Or in Anglais, we’re tasting this newfound Freedom and Integrity, and wondering how the hell – or if – we’re gonna be able to make it permanent.  Or, worst case, we’re wondering where the hell is our newfound Freedom and Integrity?  Not to worry, this (Uranus-Pluto) goes on for three more years.

So what happens as Vesta joins Ceres in the T-Square?  Shit, now we not only gotta be true to ourself, but true to God as well!  Yah, you betcha, Integrity is a Responsibility, as well as a Joy.  But wait, as our understanding of the Sustainable is TranceFormed, so is our understanding of the Sacred.  For then I saw through a glass darkly.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if being true to ourself was being true to God!  Maybe alls we needs is a little more Self-Love!  Well, sorry, it’s a T-Square – but hey, if you can get there and keep it feeling good, there is Mastery at the end of a T-Square.

And what about Pallas – she Conjoined Uranus at the Harvest Moon.  She’s since gone Retro and backed away a bit, though she’ll be back mid-November.  What’s Pallas-Uranus look like?  That’s easy to answer.  Boundaries (Pallas) that allow us to be ourself, to live our yin Integrity!  Like Sheila here,

So now we have the Challenge to claim the space where we give ourself permission to eschew self-abandonment forever.  What Trances will we have to Reform to make that happen without Guilt?  We might need to re-read Original Blessing.

Following me?  The Challenge (T-Square) to claim the space (Pallas) where we give ourself permission to eschew self-abandonment (Uranus) forever (Ceres), while Changing whatever Trances (Pluto) need to be changed to avoid self-betrayal (Vesta) or religious Guilt, as in “Original Sin.”

Now wait a minute – are we saying that we can Change the Trance, rather than having the Change forced upon us?  Pluto is the Big River – what if we need to paddle upstream?  Well, that’s the Challenge, isn’t it.  If we’re the Star, and the Unconscious is Director and Producer, we better be collaborating with their plans if we want to keep our job, and jobs are scarce these days.  That’s precisely the “trick” of Uranus-Pluto – knowing ourself well enough that we Love who we see in the mirror, without putting us on a pedestal.  If we’ve learned to collaborate well enough with the Unconscious that she doesn’t trip us very often, then sure, we be she and she be we, and we have no need not to take charge.  Cautiously.  But confidently.

Uranus Initiated Pallas just as it Squared Pluto at the end of June.  The new Pallas-Uranus Cycle was born the day after Uranus first Squared Pluto in late June, at 9 of Aries, “A Crystal gazer,” or, in Rudhyar’s view, “an inner realization of organic Wholeness.”  That puts the entire Pallas-Uranus Cycle in a Waning Square to Pluto.  The Waning Square means the Challenge to surrender Control, to allow ourself to drop into the Void.  That means an Egoic approach to setting those Boundaries around the self is probably going to backfire, because in the Void we don’t know the rules.  Rules change in the Reaches, as Ursula so aptly put it.

The New Paradigm and the Rebirth of the Goddess

So there’s the Challenge, eh?  How do we set Boundaries if not Egoically?  Isn’t Ego a synonym for Power?  The answer lies in The Other T-Square.

That second Harvest-Moon Grand Cross has also degenerated into a T-Square.  In a Grand Cross the Challenges balance one another, while in a T-Square they don’t.  What’s left of the second Grand Cross?  A second T-Square focused on Chiron-Neptune – the global New Paradigm.  Neptune tells us that the Changes are global, but the nature of the Changes is local and regional.  Woe be to the culture that tries to impose its rules on another culture here.

The other two corners?  Mars-Juno-Rahu and Lilith-Keto.  Intense.  At the Harvest Moon we had Venus at the antipode to help keep the peace.  Now we’re on our own.

Mars-Juno-Rahu?  Mars is action, doing.  Juno is Unconscious Identity.  Rahu is the Moon’s North Node, aka our Mission.  Nobody’s gonna stop me from my Mission.  A veritable Navy Seal.

Lilith-Keto?  Keto is the Moon’s South Node, aka our Karma.  Though it’s now dead, Karma is the self-limiting patterns that keep us from moving forward.  But those same self-limiting patterns got there on purpose.  In a “past life” we got too full of ourself, overstepped our skill level, and got knocked down.  Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.  So we vowed not to do that again.  Unfortunately, the Ego isn’t clever enough to vow never to get too full of itself.  Instead, the Ego would vow never to use that skill again.  Peeling away a layer of Karma always reveals a hidden Mastery.  What sort of Mastery this time?

The Primordial Feminine.  Lilith was Adam’s first wife, the one HisStory forgets to mention.  When Adam laid down for her his Old-Testament vision of how servile a wife would be, Lilith thought it was hilarious, and hit the road.  For Lilith, inequality like that didn’t compute.  So this is about recovering our Primordial Feminine.  The She-Bear.  Or fearing to recover our Primordial Feminine, if we haven’t noticed yet that Karma is dead.

So we have a Navy Seal (Mars-Juno-Rahu) and a She-Bear (Lilith-Keto) Challenging one another to define the New Paradigm (Chiron-Uranus).  Serious stuff.  But this is not war, it’s a T-Square, a workshop in how to get these two to collaborate.  That’s the Challenge.  Where’s John Grey when we need him?  How do we talk our irreparably Causan-Defect-infused, penisbrained, do-addicted, Ego-stuffed Masculine into taking  Guidance from the Primordial Feminine?  Or even finding the Primordial Feminine?

That’s the real Tipping Point we been looking for, eh?  No gender bias here, you gals are running on testosterone too, you just – most of you – have more options.

Manifesting Yin

So then, how do we set Boundaries if not Egoically?  Well, we PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm – and then Change the Subject.  With a twist.  We need to be vague.  We’re in the Void, we don’t know the rules.  So we don’t Ask for a specific outcome, we Ask for a better feeling state.  The Primordial Feminine is totally comfortable in the Void – just ask Innana.  She knows it’s not about knowing where you’re going, but about meeting the journey with curiosity and wonder.  So what would we PIAVA?

Safety might work.  That’s always the Ego’s number one priority, and the Void is not the Ego’s favorite haunt.  Great Spirit, may I please enjoy a Safe Space to pursue my Integrity?  Then stop thinking about it, or you’ll constrain yourself to more of what you’ve been living with all along.  Or May we all be Free to co-create a Reality where our own Beliefs are Safe.  Or one of my favorites, Great Spirit, may I please have Peace and Joy, and may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, completely, and rapidly.

Whenever we PIAVA anything, it’s very important to make a note of it, so that after we Change the Subject, we can come back and review what happened next.  If we PIAVA Peace and then our neighbor yells at us, well, that tells us what we need to let go of in order to step toward Peace – probably our Anger.  The first thing you’ll always receive when you PIAVA anything, is information about the limiting beliefs that have prevented you from having it all along.  Hence, may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, rapidly, and completely.

It’s never a bad idea, and when we’re in the Void always a good idea, to take a cue from Gene Gendlin and add,

or something like that.

Great Spirit, may I please have Peace and Joy, or something like that, and may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, completely, and rapidly.  That invites collaboration with the Unconscious, by making space for moving into the vicinity of what we would like, without spelling out the exact specifications.  Whenever you’re tempted to PIAVA something, don’t.  Instead PIAVA the feeling state you’d have if you had it.  Save you alotta pain and suffering, cuz we always get what we ask for, and it almost always includes all manner of unforeseen side effects.

And the crux of yin Integrity is permission to Change Your Mind.  We learn, we grow, what we wanted last week changes.  With PIAVA and other techniques like tapping, we can move very fast.  We run afoul of our yang-Integrity commitments very quickly.  No one else gives you permission to Change Your Mind; you do.  Power is always taken, never given.  Practice your renegotiation techniques, and take it.  One negotiation tenet to remember – if you’re playing win-win, and your counterpart starts playing win-lose, you lose.  Keep an eye out for that, and be ready to move on if it occurs.

Self Worth Summit

May 17, 2012

This has been going on since May 1, and will continue through August 20!  It’s called the Self Worth Summit.  Dunno why nobody told me about it before, prolly cuz I been too busy.  Just to try it out I listened to Sheila Gale on eliminating Self-Judgment today, and it was quite fabulous.  She’s got some of her own lingo (like somebody I know), but mostly she talks straight, and gives a great version of PIAVA (see what I mean?) and Changing the Subject.  Which is to say in English, how to manifest insight.

Y’know, one way to interpret Uranus-Pluto is as Mandatory (Pluto) Self-Appreciation (Uranus).  And of course here it’s the Challenge to Master (Square) Mandatory Self-Appreciation.  Dunno if you can get registered for the Self Worth Summit in time to hear Sheila’s session, but it’s about exactly that.  Like the Tapping World Summit, the Self-Worth Summit is free, but free replays of the live sessions are only available for a limited time, then after that ya gotta pay for ’em.

Purple Lilac symbolizes New Love.  Lilac was created when the gorgeous Greek Goddess Syringa turned herself into a Fairy to escape the infatuation of Pan, who was so enchanted by her beauty that his aggression frightened her.  A Fairy, of course, is the Spiritual Energy of a Plant, especially as expressed though its Flower.  Pan is the embodiment of Nature’s Passion.

Lotsa ‘Levens

November 10, 2011

Well, the naysayers have been predicting the downfall of the Euro and maybe the EU for a while now, and it’s still holding on.  But frankly, it sounds to me as though the naysayers are right.  And the folks who point out that unelected officials in Brussels are dictating life-and-death policies to supposedly sovereign Mediterranean states seem to be speaking truth.  I just read two long articles about how the Glitterati have total political control over the Square Mile that is London’s Wall Street – with tentacles all over the Planet.  The more I hear about it, the more it appears that David Icke is pretty right on.

The USofA seems to be somewhat more stable than Europe for the moment, though it’s certainly relative.  I don’t mean stable politically or economically – those ongoing disasters are well known.  I mean that the US Dollar may still be a valid medium of exchange on into 2012, notwithstanding the on-again off-again inflation.  I’ve been reading Michael Moore’s autobiographical Here Comes Trouble, it’s a great historical review of the last half of the 20th Century, highly recommended, especially to folks who came into this dimension after the 60s.  Very well written, hard to put down.

I’m also reading Hank Wesselman, an anthropologist-turned-Shaman, more by trying to understand and integrate his experiences than by training in the occult arts.  In the book I’m reading, he’s being mentored by a Shaman whose ancestors hail from Sirius, as they plan a canoe journey to Rapa Nui.  This is a book by an academic, albeit an initiated academic, about a Kahuna, and the information could as easily have been written by Delores Cannon!  When I was in college I discovered that when you began studying a new field, there was a period – sometimes very long and sometimes a bit of a struggle – of divergence, where you were being introduced to new ideas, and maybe had to revise some old perspectives.  But then, at a certain point, the path would circle back around, and the perspectives would begin to converge again.  This is definitely convergence, with a flourish!

So now we’re coming up on 11/11/11 – lotsa ‘lebens – leben is German for to live.  It also makes Bread rise.  Remember Lebensraum?  It wasn’t the name of a Leprechaun.  ‘Tis also a Taurus Full Moon.  Didja know there’s a Solar Eclipse on (American) Thanksgiving?  You’ll hafta go to Tasmania or better yet Antarctica to see it, though.  It’s partial, but 90%.  The charts say you can risk being more honestly yourself than you have been.  You’ll have twinges of self-doubt, and a few boundary challenges, but the Heavens say to tap those out, consider them learning experiences and consciousness-stretchers – and Healing, and go with the Honesty.  The Planet needs it from you.

[That is, the Full Moon sports TSquares (Mastery through Challenge) aimed at Vesta (the personally Sacred) from the Full Moon itself (Illumination), and at Pallas (Boundaries) from Juno-Jupiter (Expanding the Sense of Self), but it also boasts a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine (Bold Action Accelerates History and Herstory).  The Grand Trine persists till the Sagittarius Eclipse (Insight), which sits at the focus of its own Tsquare with Mars (Action) and Chiron (Healing), but Trines (Grace) Uranus (Yin Integrity – being who you really are, moment to moment).  The Scorpio New Moon at the end of October (which established the Energy which will be expounded upon in the Taurus Full Moon) joined Jupiter in a Pallas TSquare (Big Boundary Questions), and Trined (was Gifted by) Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm).]

Some folks say that 11/11/11 is when the 10/28/11 Energy blooms, but y’know, it’s all unfolding in perfect time, and we don’t need to push it, second-guess it, or try to get out in front of it.

Eleven implies Strength or Lust – “the beauty that we all possess in our gifts, talents, and resources which can quell the beasts or demons within our nature,” as Angie Arrien puts it.  Just what the charts say.

Love those Crystals!  That’s a big gorgeous Phlogopite Crystal looking over his shoulder at his Karmic Shadow, an Alexandrite Crow.  Phlogopite is a Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Hydroxide Mica, and Alexandrite a Chromium Beryllium Aluminum Oxide.  Aluminum Oxide, recall, is Ruby/Sapphire, and adding the Serpent Beryllium and the Shining Star Chromium gives you Alexandrite, a very powerful Healing Stone.  In the picture, as in ‘Leben, it’s your Shadow that Heals – Healing means Whole, and your Shadow is the part of yerself that you reject.  Phlogopite, as a Mica, symbolizes the layers of the Self, and the many Dimensions of our Parallel Lives.

The Micas are portals to other Dimensions, particularly the Potassium (abbreviated “K”) Micas, which include the Mother Mica Muscovite (K Aluminum), Fuchsite (K Chromium Al), Biotite (K Iron Al), Lepidolite and Polylithionite (K Lithium Al), Phlogopite (K Magnesium Al), and Zinnwaldite (K Lithium Iron Al).  The Shamanic Journey involves Healing by retrieving a portion of the SoulSelf that has been lost in another Dimension, or deflecting an unwelcome Energy sourced in the other Dimension.  A reminder that the passage of October 28 provides us a Free Pass to choose to simply step out of our Karmic bindings, a choice that ‘Leben ‘Leven ‘Leven should reinforce.  Karma stays with the Old Earth, the New Earth doesn’t include it.  On the New Earth, you can just be you, moment to moment.  You don’t need to worry about Inertia.

Re-integrating Splits

July 11, 2011

Love them Living-Stone Daisies; amazing shades of color and design, on a Plant that’s barely there – that reddish bit on the right is the Plant.  Looka the way the two on the left are holding hands and interlacing their many tiny fingers.  Just saw Forks Over Knives – highly recommended!

Lots of us re-integrating Split-off parts of our Self, or too-frequent Walk-ins that wanna stay around for the Big Show.  There’s a coupla rules for doing this cleanly and easily.   We don’t even know many of our Partials, cuz they’re split off from us by a gulf of Shame, and if They was Us, there’s no way We could live with Us.  Ifya really wanna stretch yer limits, ask yer friends to tellya about yer Hidden Partials – even if you never slip up and let yer friends see any of them, yer friends can still see the places where someone is AWOL.

It’s precisely how these moral-preaching Congressdudes and others can get caught with their paws and other body parts in the wrong panties, cuz their two Partials are split off from one another.  “Multiple” is an official definition that allows yer shrink to bill yer insurance company, but we’re all Multiples, mostly in lesser ways than, for instance, the lady who had Cancer in One of her Multiples, and didn’t in the Others.  Gives ya ideas, though, eh?  It’s just about sliding a dimension boundary over a bit, so’s ya can slip through, like Owen after midnight.

It should be obvious we’re gonna have big problems with our personal pronouns when we start in on this Soul Retrieval stuff.  If They is Us, then who is We?  When a Partial that “we” (our everyday self) are ashamed of takes over, we become somebody else.  Often we ain’t even home, cuz we couldn’t stand ourself.  And when we come back home, we don’t allow any memory of that other Part – it’s simply too Shameful.  Shame is the most debilitating emotion there is, and for most of us, it was the tool that our parents and other programmers used to keep us doing what they wanted us to be doing.

But if what they wanted us to do conflicted with what we had to do, all we could do is split off a Partial.  We didn’t all come here to please Mum & Da, after all – more likely we “hired” Mum & Da to tell us we couldn’t do what we had to do, so we would never forget that we had to do it!  That’s tricky; you might wanna read it a coupla times…

More likely we “hired” Mum & Da to forbid us from doing what we had to do, so we would never forget that we had to do it!

Their Hell did slowly go by, so there’s little chance they will understand anything about that.

At any rate, there comes a time when yer Everday Partial meets yer Shamed-Off Partial.  Given where we are on the Callemander, it aint surprising that the time is a-coming for many of us.  Rule Number One is

Ya Gotta be Proactive!

Chances are, yer Shamed-Off Partial will carry less weight (ie, will have spent less time behind yer glasses) than yer Everyday Partial.  Yer Everyday Partial will be more grounded, more present, and have a more responsible, mature orientation toward Life, the Universe, and Everything, than yer Shamed-Off Partial (SOP), who will have only gotten the opportunity to come out and play on Full-Moon Nights.

So yer Everyday has to take Full Responsibility for being in charge of the re-integration process.

This is really important, cuz the gap in yer Everyday where yer SOP will be when yer integrated, has a hypercritical role to play in yer Mission.  Just as a frinstance, when yer SOP comes home, you’ll stop sabotaging yerself.

You might be ashamed of yer SOP, but that ain’t because yer SOP is bad, it’s because yer Everyday was taught to believe that yer SOP’s behavior was unacceptable.  So the first step in taking Full Responsibility is to commit to being only loving and gentle with yer SOP, and with yer (Everyday) Self while yer suffering through the Shame of re-integration.  That ain’t gonna be easy, cuz yer Everyday’ll be reversing some prejudices they’ve held all their life, most at a level far below the level of consciousness.

You’ll be unlocking and releasing a Trance that yer programmers installed, probably before you were even verbal.  Do we even have such a thing as memory before we were verbal?  Good chance it’s also a Trance from many lifetimes back, which makes the concept of “memory” even more vague.  How can we change a Trance we don’t even remember?  This is why we need Rule Two…

Only Love is Allowed

When yer Everyday strays from Pure Compassion toward yer SOP, you gotta be totally loving and gentle with yer Everyday.  It’s a Challenge, it’s ancient programming that is not connected to any sense of Cause and Effect, so it’s not something that’s open to understanding.  Only blind acceptance will work.

And notice that yer required to split again – “you” have to be loving and gentle with yer Everyday – well, if “you” are yer Everyday, who is this other “you” gonna be?  That ain’t trivial.  You’re gonna hafta use every model you can muster for blind Compassion – Christ, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Terrence Malick, Green Tara – whoever you can muster up to use as a temporary model for this Walk-In that’s gonna help Everyday take Full Responsibility.  You just need to understand that

Only Blind Compassion will Create Re-Integration

and Ask for help from yer Guides and these Angels.  They’ll jump at the chance to help, once ya Ask, cuz for most of us, Compassion isn’t our strongest suit, and we don’t got alotta practice with it.

So now you’ve got an Everyday who, after being shocked by meeting this SOP, now has to work his butt off reversing his ancient prejudices – while taking Full Responsibility for being loving and gentle with yer SOP!  Not a possible assignment, even should you choose to accept it.  So whaddaya do?  Rule Three is

One Day at a Time

or rather, One Minute at a Time.  Yer gonna win some and lose some.  It’ll be stressful.  It ain’t how many times ya fall down, it’s how many times ya get up. 

Yer gonna hafta constantly remind yerself that yer being graced with a huuuge opportunity, cuz it’s gonna feel like yer being dragged through Pergatory.

Thing is, if yer SOP wasn’t a critical piece of yer Mission on the Planet, it would never have been important enough to hide from the Nazis.  Splitting Off is a form of Protection, like the Witness Protection Program.  Yer SOP stayed safe cuz the wall of Shame was impenetrable.

And now, time is getting short, and we all gotta get on with our Missions.  So it’s time to re-integrate, which means we gotta wash our faces with all that green, slimy Shame.  Moment to moment, we just do the best we can to be loving and gentle with our Rejected Self, and loving and gentle with our Rejecting Self.  The Fourth Rule is

Victory Builds on Itself

That won’t be easy to notice, when yer struggling to be Compassionate with two at-odds folks who both so clearly need yer Unconditional Love, and both of which are so certain there will be Conditions.  You’ll be working hard to get each of them to trust you.  Yer Everyday will be wanting you to join them in rejecting yer SOP – that’s what Alan Watts meant when he said that yer good Karma‘s a lot harder to release than yer bad Karma.  And yer SOP will be craving your empathy and sympathy for their Victimhood and Shame and Abandonment.  And that’s after they quit shouting at each other.

“You” meanwhile, will be saying to each of them, over and over again, calmly and quietly…

“Yes, I know you feel that way, and I’m not rejecting you for it.  But that Day is finished, and a new Day is dawning, and we need a whole ‘nother approach.  Lemme know when yer ready to consider this, okay?”

Then, when they’re ready, “you” will already have a good deal of experience imitating yer Compassion models, and you can begin to teach the two of them to first tolerate, then embrace, one another.

This is not something you do inna weekend, even with help.  You might get a good Soul Retrieval inna weekend, but that still leaves you to do the hard work of the actual re-integration.  Normally, a coupla years is more like it, and we ain’t got a coupla years.  Fortunately, Time is still getting faster and faster, which means we may well be able to do a coupla years’ worth of work in a few weeks, once we put our minds to it.  Each little Victory really does make the next one a thousand times easier.  Much of the time, we’ll be battling our own negative expectations, more than negative outcomes.

A month late, Native Blackberries begin to ripen.

The FairyFolk in these realms know a whole bunch about Splitting Off to stay safe, and they’re getting ready for their own re-integration with us.  That’ll be as big, and as initially contentious (think ADM or Monsanto), as anything we’re experiencing with our own Shame.  If the Druidic view that the Planet will come to Grace only through the Three-fold Alliance of Human and Fairy and Critter, then our practice with our own Shame is just that, practice for a far larger Cosmic assignment that will have the same rules –

  1. We Gotta be Proactive,
  2. Only Love is Allowed,
  3. One Moment at a Time,
  4. Victory Builds on Itself.

Truth is, if all this work with Identity has loosened anyone enough to be able to start to hear it, it’s Individual Identity that’s the Base Illusion on this Planet.  We personalize everything because of a deeper level of the same kinda Trance that mirrors away our SOPs.  In Real Life, Identity is fluid as can be, and Boundaries constantly float hither and thon.  “Us” is a quantum superposition, our Everyday is an average.  And like most real variables, the standard deviation is larger than the average.  That means we’re more like them than we are like us.  The Absence of Separation between Mother and Infant is not a rare miracle – it’s the natural state of things.  Nothing actually that yer Priest or Minister or Preacher or Imam or Guru hasn’t said a hundred times.

Fact is, as we experience these very very personal  SOP processes – we can’t even talk about them to more than a few people if that – as belonging to only us, they are actually not personal at all, but a glimpse into the larger integration that’s already well under way on the Planet, which we introject (take as our own) because we don’t know any better.  We actually just dropped in to watch the Big Show here at the End of It All, and the Big Show is in Experience-A-Vision.  Does a little more than just rock your chair about.

Once you and yer SOP get chummy, come on back and bite down on these notions, see if you have room for them in yer space.  They’re big, but they can save you alotta pain if you open to learning them, while remembering that it’s always Both/And.

Not to forget the Third Wing of the Three-fold Alliance.  This is a candid paparazzi snap of Her Great Cottontailed Bunniness, the Ultimate Bunny of the Third Richness, contemplating Responsibility in a quiet moment in the Clover Room.  We know who She is cuz we tapped her mobile frequency.  Compassionately, of course.

Healing the Healer

March 18, 2011

The yellow crystals above are Autunite, or Hydrated Calcium Uranyl Phosphate.  “Uranyl” means Uranium Oxide.  You may be more comfortable gazing at Iodargyrite (below), or Silver Iodide – we’ll be covering both sides of the Healing process.  Silver is also a Healer.  The Iodargyrite photo is borrowed with much appreciation from Stephan Wolfsried.

Minute quantities of radiation are reaching California as we write this, and the World seems just about to execute the modern equivalent of a Serbian Duke, or maybe the modern equivalent of the Liberation of Paris.  So it may be time to dive deeper.

Many of the Healers I know, to one degree or another, complain that their clients (and, God Forbid, patients) can’t carry the Energy through into the fullness of their lives.  There is Healing, but it doesn’t stick.  Sometimes the Healers blame themselves for not being good enough, and sometimes it’s the client’s fault for not carrying through with their proscriptions.  It’s the same with astrology – some clients are introspective, and already know what you’re talking about, you just help them see their skills, and their opportunities for improvement, through new perspectives.  Others just wanna know when He or She is gonna arrive, or when their lottery will finally pay out – nothing wrong with wanting to be prepared.  We all just want acknowledgment, and to be able to see our self-judgments through loving eyes.

You need to read this twice, once as a Healee, and again as a Healer.  We’re all both, no matter how perfect you judge yourself to be already, or how imperfect you judge yourself to be as a Healer.  As Alan Watts said, our Good Karma is a lot harder to move out of our field than our Bad Karma.

One difference between a Healing that sticks, and one that doesn’t, is the Healee’s Identity.  Ask yourself, Who would I be without my afflictions? We aren’t talking about hypochondria, we’re talking about all of us.  I suspect you’ll get at least two different answers, if you’re alert.  One will be a Terrified Little Child, powerless, and bullied by the caregivers they depend upon for their very Life.  And the other will be a Warrior Hero or Heroine left over from the Age of Aries (Ulysses, or Samson, or Cleopatra, or Holmes) or the Age of Pisces (Gandhi, or Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King, or Watson).  With Mars opposing Juno, this may not be the best time to embrace our Terrified Child, though that’s the most Healing work you’ll ever do.  That may have to wait till November, though you’ll be waaay ahead to start in as soon as this Mars Full Moon Energy calms down.  It’s certainly an ideal time to meditate on your Inner Hero.

The process of letting go of an attachment to an unconscious Identity isn’t about Denial – the process starts with bringing the Identity up into Consciousness, where you have a choice about exercising that Identity’s skills, in any particular circumstances.  As long as the Identity is unconscious, It’s in control, and It makes the decisions about when to play strong and when to play weak.  All of your Identities are skills – think of them as aspects of Wisdom, that operate intuitively – but you don’t want Them to toss you around like a rag doll.  All of your Identities are also Karmic Inertia – and They’ll toss you into your Past Deaths before They do anything else, because They know that’s where you Stop, and They want you to move forward into full Healing.  Both the global New Paradigm, and our New Soul Chord Downloads, demand this.  The Planet is demanding it.  Just ask Sendai, or Madison, or Benghazi or Sana’a or Bahrain.

When you seek Healing from a Healer, and it doesn’t work or doesn’t stick, there’s a good chance it’s because you have an Identity that depends on the affliction that you sought to Heal.  It’s a bar on your Birdcage, and it keeps Sylvester on the other side of the cage.  It’s not something you want to Change lightly, because it keeps you Safe.  When you declare an Intention, or Visualize, or Pray, or Affirm, or Ask for anything, always append, lovingly and gently.  If you don’t Ask to receive your Healings that way, they’re likely to arrive via the No Pain No Gain channel, because it’s faster, and because since most people expect it, it’s the Road More Traveled, and therefore the default option.  It behooves to Ask for [My Healing], lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely.

You could get more information with a bit of two-chairs Gestalt process, but I won’t go into that here, because we’ve talked about it elsewhere (asking yourself, what is it you gain from your limitations, so you appreciate their positive functionality, and negotiate win-win between the part of you that wants Healing and the part of you that Resists), and at this point it’s Healing you want, and more information may just serve as a crutch to keep you in self-judgment, rather than putting you in loving embrace and protection of your Terrified Child, and healthy control of your Hero.

If you’re already a Legend in Your Own Mind, and don’t need Healing from a Healer, then your Hero is in total control, and you are just its puppet.  Rather than asking, Who would I be without my afflictions? you may want to ask, Who would I be without my perfection? You’re already well in touch with your Hero, and your primary work will probably be in embracing your Terrified Child – once you find Her, since she’s probably long since vanished behind the glare of your Star.  But it’s not a good time for that, next week will be far better, so you probably want to practice your own two-chair process, where you put your Hero in one chair, and then see who if anyone is left to occupy the other chair.  No matter how small they may be, you want to shrink yourself into their body, so you can appreciate how imposing your Hero is, and how much work you have to do before the two of you are equals, and before your Hero takes orders from you, instead of the other way around.

Oh, by the way, when you look up at your Hero in the other chair, that’s the way most of your patients/clients unconsciously see you – more as an imposing Giant than as a Healer.  That might have something to do with why they can’t seem to comprehend your proscriptions for them, and can’t seem to translate them into their lives – it’s Empathy that heals, and they haven’t felt your Empathy.  It could even be that, since their lives are so tiny, you have no idea what their lives are really like, and you may never have realized that the proscriptions that work for your Hero may be totally irrelevant to them.  Your Healer may even start to understand how your Hero is a Victim to their perceived imperfections, and start to take more Responsibility for the forgotten skills of Compassion, Empathy, and Communication that are latent in your Terrified Little Child, lost somewhere in that tiny Entity on the second chair.

This isn’t a putdown of some people – it’s a prescription for all of us.  There’s a Legend in Our Own Mind in all of us, and if we aren’t aware of it, we need to bring it up into consciousness all the more.

Everything is actually always in Balance, it’s just that all the rest is unconscious.  A Healer who’s frustrated when it doesn’t seem like their Healings are good enough might Ask or Pray that their clients be able to lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely let go of their need to hold on to the affliction that the client’s Consciousness is asking to be Healed.  Margaret Mead’s suggestion that we Never do nothing because we can’t do enough is just an intellectualization, it’s not a Healing, though it might be useful as a reminder that all of our contributions are minuscule, it’s the sum that matters.  It may be that the Conscious Identity of such a Healer is intimidated by their own Hero, and similar two-chair exercises might be useful.  And somewhere in the unconscious is a Child Identity of not good enough that cries out to be embraced, empathized, protected, and brought up into Consciousness where it’s godly humility can take it’s own adult chair at the head of the table.

Now, this here Mars-Juno event at the Big Full Moon is an Opposition, and Oppositions represent the flowering of Energies born at the preceding Conjunction, so reading the Conjunction can tell us a bit about what’s likely to unfold at the Opposition.  Well, first of all, the Conjunction, in mid-February 2009, was not simple.  It was a quadruple Conjunction, between Juno and Mars and the Moon’s North Node and Jupiter – Jupiter the Amplifier.  The Moon’s North Node represents our Mission in this lifetime.  There was Grace provided by Venus (Loving Kindness) and Pallas (Boundaries).  Along with the Moon’s South Node, the quadruple Conjunction formed a T-Square with Vesta (that which is Sacred).  A T-Square is a Fourth-Harmonic configuration that is not a solvable problem, but a Teaching, a Paradox, a Story that does not lend itself to simple moralization, and needs to be rolled over in the mind and the Heart so it can be seen, lovingly, from many different perspectives.

The “Sabian Symbol,” or reading for the specific degree of major parts of the quadruple Conjunction, 10 degrees of Aquarius, was “A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular Ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this Ideal“!  That’s totally independent of our interpretation of Juno as Unconscious Identities, so it’s almost spooky.

Saturday’s part of the configuration, Mars-Juno, initiated at 13 of Aquarius, “A Barometer,” which Rudhyar expands to “The ability to discover basic natural facts that allow us to plan in advance for action.”  Maybe basic natural facts like, We’re All in This Together, or All Healers are created equal and everybody’s a Healer, or All God’s Children Gots to Have Their Freedom.

Juno comes to it’s Opposition with Jupiter on November 5, 2011.

Big Fat Full Moon

March 18, 2011

Moonstone (Orthoclase Feldspar, Potassium Aluminium Tektosilicate) mirrors Emotion back to you – call it the tapping stone.  The hardest Emotions to release are those that aren’t “our own,” but that we adopted from someone else – if you don’t have permission to set a good boundary, and someone dumps on you, the tradition is to “kick the Dog.”  So if yer the Dog, and somebody kicks you for no apparent reason, whaddaya gonna do, bite ’em?  Well, if it’s the hand the feeds ya, yer probably gonna chase the Cat.  That’s what’s meant by Emotions that aren’t “our own.”  Most of us grew up in households with some degree of Dog-kicking, or worse.  Since tapping wasn’t “discovered” yet, and neither were the more concerted methods for healing from acute or chronic abuse, few of us knew how to prevent the scourge from traveling down the seven-generation road.

Saturday’s Big Fat Full Moon occurs when the Moon in its elliptical orbit is closest to Earth, so it’ll look a lot bigger than usual.  Full Moons, of course, rise at sunset and set at sunrise, and there’s an optical trick that makes Moons look even bigger when they’re on the horizon.  We’re lucky this Full Moon didn’t fall on Thursday.

When you’re having difficulty setting a good boundary with someone in the present moment, either because it’s politically inexpedient or because they’re too fat-headed to “get it,” sometimes it works to set a psychic boundary.  It’s actually a good practice, since it’s our kicked-Dog wounds that stop us from having good psychic boundaries in the first place, and by practicing we can develop better Energy habits.  You set up a psychic boundary by imagining a wardrobe mirror between you and the person who’s invading your space, facing them.  It just mirrors their Energy back to them, and keeps it out of your own field, so yer able to just be yerself more.  Sometimes you need to make the mirror bigger, since particularly unconscious folks will just “come around to the back door.”

While we’re done with the Solstice Eclipse Grand Cross, and all the Identity work it entailed, we aren’t done with our Identity work, as this Full Moon sets up another, temporary, Grand Cross, and more Identity homework, and especially Boundary work.  The global New Paradigm is starting to congeal, and this helps, but a good deal of the work falls on our own shoulders.

It’s actually hard work, holding the mirror, it takes concentration and focus.  When it works, you can feel a flush of peace inside yourself after a minute or two of holding the mirror.  Once you feel that, you know you’re on the right track.  Then you inevitably relax, and of course they invade again as soon as they can – they’re hungry, and they’re feeding on your Energy.  So sometimes you have to keep at it, hold the mirror up again in yer mind’s eye, make it bigger if necessary, hold it a bit longer.  Once you relax, you’re relaxing back into your accustomed Victim space, and many of our Victim spaces are sooo comfortable, because that was the only space that was safe for us as kids.  So it’s actually excellent Energetic practice to wake yourself into being conscious of the wound in your Aura, and getting in the habit of keeping it full of your own Energy, so there’s no vacuum to suck in the other bloke’s Bully Energy.

If instead of a flush of internal peace, you encounter Guilt, then you absolutely know you’re on the right track, but it’s a different track.  Keep holding the mirror as best you can, while you locate the Guilt in your body, and send Love into it.  Love is soft and warm, fear is hard and cold.  You can warm the area with your hand, you can speak to it softly.  You not only have a hole in yer Aura, but you believe you’re sposta! Take time out, make yourself as safe as you can (if nothing else, five minutes in the bathroom), focus on the present moment, and work at being loving and gentle with your Guilt.  Tap it out, but also love it to death.  It served you well, keeping you safe when it was the best tool you had.  You don’t need it any more, but you want to acknowledge it with great gratitude as you send it on to its next assignment.  Then back to your mirroring.  You may need to do this many times.

If you’re seriously, or persistently, angry at or scared of someone, and mirroring doesn’t give you that few seconds of peace inside, no matter how diligently you mirror them, they they’re probably standing in for someone in your personal history.  Who’s the first person that comes into your mind?  Death is not real, any more than Matter is real.  It’s Energy that’s real.  Yes, Energy and Matter are interchangeable (with some effort), so Matter is certainly real in that sense, but all Matter is temporary, only held in place by trance.  Energy is ever-changeable, like it’s primary metaphor Weather, but it’s more persistent than Matter.  So sure, the person who unconsciously tormented you as a child may be long since “dead,” but that doesn’t mean the constellation of Energy that comprised “them” is gone.

You can conjure them up in yer mind’s eye with no effort whatsoever.  So mirror them, mirror that constellation of Energy that used to be “them,” and see if you find a few seconds of peace.  If it feels rude to mirror the dead, that’s because it is, but tough shit, this is important and life-changing work.  You can go back to Love and Forgiveness, more completely, once your Aura is repaired.  If no moment of peace, then take the second person, living or “dead,” that comes to mind, and mirror them.  The folks who told us they’d kill us – or kill someone even more important to us – if we ever told anybody, those folks can be deeply hidden from us, back in the dark recesses, with multiple layers of disguise.  If you’re thinking, that’s not me, think again.  Chronic abuse can be as deadly as acute abuse – if you were told that you’d “never amount to anything” enough times, it can create a psychic wound as large as any major acute event.

Of course you’re tapping all the while, right?  Emotion clouds your intuition, and any reduction in Emotion allows you to see more clearly.  Now, have you remembered Stephen Levine’s perspective, that it’s not our Emotion, it’s the Emotion?  Emotion is a field, and strong Emotions, particularly Emotions that don’t have a permitted avenue for release, can create a field strong enough to move physical objects.  So if you can reduce the intensity of any “negative” Emotion by tapping, you’re healing the Planet.  Never do nothing because you can’t do enough, as Margaret Mead put it.  Negative Emotions have their legit role, but that’s straightforward – if you’re angry with someone, you set a boundary, if you’re scared you protect yourself, if you’re sad you embrace yourself, if you’re in despair you give yourself empathy.  It’s when the straightforward process doesn’t work that we need to resort to magic.

So, we’re about to enter a coupla days with the Moon in perogee and Full, opposite Uranus and square to it’s own Nodes but with trines to Pallas-Vesta and Ceres-Chiron-Neptune, while Mars opposes Juno, and Mercury-Jupiter opposes Saturn.  A mouthful, eh?  What’s it mean?

Well, we’ve been talking about that since the Moonstone.  The Mars-Juno thing is dangerous.  We could be vigorously defending Identities that don’t really belong to us any longer.  It makes a weak trine to Vesta, the Sacred, so the key question is, Am I willing to die for this? If the answer is just No, I’m just pissed off!, then tap it out, mirror your antagonist(s), work on your Boundaries, and do something fun.  If the answer is Yes!! then tap it out, mirror your antagonist(s), work on your Boundaries, and visualize your own Death.  Of course it’s “only” an Ego Death, so it only feels like you’re dying, but that’s what a regression to a Past Death is all about, so go for it.  In most cases, when you martyr yourself, you’re the only one that suffers, so be mindful of the subtle difference between Give me Liberty or Give me Death and I’ll show you, you Bastard!

The Ceres-Chiron-Neptune involvement brings the global New Paradigm into alignment with our New Soul Download, so yes, many folks are preparing to become Martyrs.  Nobody is a Martyr before their physical Death, they’re only fighting for something they passionately believe in.  Or because they don’t have anything to lose.  Nobody martyrs themself, they only give themselves an Oscar for acting out the Ultimate Victim.  When you fight to the Death for something you passionately believe in, you’re most likely to become only fertilizer.  And these days, nobody fights to the Death anyway, they only stand in front of a bullet.

Clarity is important here.  We’ve been letting go of, or re-leasing, Past Deaths for several months now, but there are always more.  When you’re done with yours, you can help others with theirs.  The central issues are (1) setting good Boundaries to make space for our New Soul Download, our New Self that we hardly know yet, that’s still barely ghosting into Form – Uranus is only half a degree into Aries, only 1/720th of the way on it’s journey.  In the metaphor of a 72-year lifetime, that would make our New Soul Download the equivalent of a 5-week-old babe.  Notta lotta self-awareness at 5 weeks – I don’t think we even know that we have arms and legs yet.  It’s not about defending anything except empty space!  Everything else is still Potential.  So there’s a good chance you and the World are both better off with Ego Death than with Martyrdom.

And (2) aligning our Karma with the global New Paradigm.  The global New Paradigm is just over a year old, out of a 65-year span.  It’s crawling around, impatient, easily distracted, beginning to verbalize, just beginning to explore the limits of Emotion, and indefatigable.  It’s easy to mistake a one-year-old for a “blank slate” that we need to manipulate into our own image, but a dangerous mistake to make, because the ultimate pushback will be severe.  Imagine how effective you’d have been preaching against consumerism in 1947.  If we look at attitudes and dates, and consider that the 60s are starting to get permanent, the youth of Egypt and the Unions of Wisconsin look more like a New Paradigm than the stern, uncompromising reactionaries that are funded by the Koch Brothers and the US Defense Department and stolen oil.

The Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn thing means we’re exploring new ground, intellectually and personally, while we’re bringing better definition into our social lives.  With our own personal growth, it’s about Ooh, isn’t this interesting!! With our social interactions it’s more like, Hmm, does this grow corn?

The Full Moon itself is around 11am PDT on Saturday, but the Mars-Juno doesn’t complete until closer to 4pm.  Stay mindful.



Dawson Church

February 21, 2011

Speaking of the kinds of Miracles that have become available to us recently, here’s a fabulous interview on tapping from introduction to the World Tapping Summit: .

Along with an up-to-date summary of the scienterrific perspective on tapping, Dawson talks about it’s history, how he uses it, and his aim of Changing the World.


February 15, 2011

Davidite (Lanthanum Yttrium Uranium Titanium Iron Oxide)While we were busy watching Hoseme get his comeuppance on the tube, the Corporate Media conveniently got to ignore what’s happening in the USofA.  From Wisconsin, for instance, a reader writes,

“All that I can say is ‘pray.’  I never thought that our country could come to such an ‘evil’ level and then blame the people for it.  In Wisconsin Governor Walker has called in the Wisconsin National Guard to protect,,,,,,, what?  Himself maybe?  He is taking away Unions, and 20% of public employee income.  I understand that we all have to give a little for the good of all.  But to call in ‘THE GUARD’ because he suspects there will be an upheaval is such a punch in the stomach it has made me so that I can’t even breathe.  He has no idea what living at poverty level is, and that is what I have lived at while being employed by the State of Wisconsin for the last 15 years.  I have been humble and have truly appreciated being employed.  We have so much to be proud of here in this State.  Now, our new governor has addressed State employees as ‘suspect.’  I am in shock and at a loss for words.  What is happening here?”

Reality is clashing with the Hype, is what’s happening.

The public school system in the USofA has been called the World’s greatest propaganda machine, selling the US system of government as The Best and Worth Dying To Defend many times over, because of our “freedom.”  In truth, the Winner Take All system in the US guarantees freedom only when you align with the “majority” – ask Julian Assange.  The World’s second-greatest propaganda machine, television, assures that the “majority” is aligned with $money.  Corporate raids of various kinds have stripped benefits and pensions from most private employees over the last couple of decades, and now there’s an organized effort to do the same for public employees.

There is a huge global trend that you don’t want to be on the wrong side of – the Rest of the World is raising their standard of living.  Since the World hasn’t gotten much bigger or more capacious, the correlate is that people in the “First World” are lowering theirs.  The Elite know this, and they’ve long since employed two strategies to milk the trend: sell things to the Rest of the World, and make sure that in the “First World” it’s other people’s living standards that fall, not theirs.  This is not new; it’s been going on for 20-30 years already, and it’s barely begun.  In the 80s Lester Brown estimated that the “First World” ate up some 22 times as many resources per capita as the people in the Rest of the World.  What do we think the ratio is today?  21?  What will it be when the trend finishes working it’s way through?  5?  1?  Less than 1?  22:1, when you look at it from the other side, is 0.05.

Another huge trend that’s been going on for even longer, at least several centuries: machines now make and do things, not people.  On a stage coach, the ratio of service employees to those served, not counting the back office, was 2:6.  Some trains now don’t even have 1 driver, the computers do it, and they carry hundreds of people.  And the back office is no longer in San Francisco, it’s in Bangalore, or untouched by human hands at all, on the internet.  The great propaganda machine has sold that to us as “productivity,” the glorious path to greater wealth and leisure!  For most people it’s the path to redundancy.  Two questions no one in the US has bothered to deal with, even centuries later – how will the excess people entertain themselves, and how will they eat?  The initiators of this great “Industrial Revolution,” the Brits, sent their excess populations to be used as arrow fodder to protect the Colonies.  In North America, we’ve run out of West for young men to escape to.

So, viewed from the Big Picture, everyday humans in the “First World” are simply a surplus “resource.”  That’s just the Reality.  How do we deal with it?  Yes, first we have to Grieve our loss.  Our Grief doesn’t care that our counterparts in China are now making five times as much as they were a few years ago, or how much we have to discount for inflation.  Whether or not we’re grieving for the loss of material welfare, we’re certainly grieving for the loss of our Idealism and our Optimism.  It’s so blatantly obvious that we can no longer trust that Great American Dream programming we got as children.  So the Media splashes us with images of displaced youth in Foreign Lands striving for freedom and democracy, just like us!  It’s pure bullshit.  They’re striving for food and jobs, just like us.

That’s what economic geography tells us about what’s happening.  What about astrology?  Well, there’s the New Global Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) and how it has the potential to transform Despair into Miracles.  If the ghost of Ed McMahon is there in Cairo, hiring folks to go door to door passing out checks, then they’re on the leading edge of that trend.  If the military just replaces Hoseme with Squirtme, then maybe not.  Nothing has changed about the Monopoly game that the entire World is still playing.  The efforts to match up vacant houses with homeless people, and unused food with hungry people, exist, but the Corporate Media isn’t about to cover them, because it wants you to believe that you have no power, that their $money game is the only one that exists.

There’s the New Soul Chord Download that can revivify all of us if we’re willing to open to it.  What does that involve?  Well, we been writing about the Grand Cross for a coupla months now.  Means we gotta give up alotta old Identities.  Clearly the gradeschool propaganda about the American Dream is overdue for the dustbin.  It’s deep in our hearts, but it’s waaay outa date.  Strive for Self-Respect because you deserve it and you need it, not because of somebody else’s lies about what’s Right and Good.  Since Ronald Reagan read Ayn Rand, the “winners” have been using the mantra, I better get mine before somebody else takes it.  Since Jesus and long before that, some “winners” have been using the mantra, We’re all in this together.  Ram Dass’s guru advised him to Feed people.

So, what follows Grief?  Well, first of all, remember that Grief sets its own timetable.  It can’t be hurried, as much as we’d like to.  Tapping will help immensely, not because it’ll speed up the Grief, but because it’ll help us get back into the Present Moment and leave behind all those deep trances from our Past Deaths, about our Worthlessness and Powerlessness and Helplessness.  After Grief comes Response.  What’s first priority?  Are we tired?  Then sleep is most important.  Hungry?  Then food.  Do we have a bed that’s dry and warm, hot running water, and food for tomorrow?  Then Bigtime Gratitude will be very useful – most people on the planet don’t.  Political action?  You might have been able to muster some support ten years ago, when private industry was eliminating pensions and benefits, but now most people are too busy scrambling to protect their legacies.

We may not have much time to get our act together in the Garden; according to Calleman, the Whole Shebang hits crescendo a few days before Halloween of this year.  Given that the three major unconscious planets, Pluto and Uranus and Neptune, are all highly involved in the Grand Cross, pray is indeed an excellent place to start, as is meditate.  Some people say that prayer is talking, while meditation is listening.  Where there are no obvious answers, listening very carefully to the smallest, stillest voice we can hear, is paramount.

Trust follows that.  If we’re blessed to receive an answer to any prayer, we have to follow it.  An effective plan will sound way off base to our “rational” mind, because our mind will be stuck in the old paradigm.  That’s what minds do.  We need to practice appreciating the  mind’s contribution, but not necessarily acting on it.  We have to trust the instructions we get from the Other Side of the Shift.

Now, to respond directly to our friend in Wisconsin, the first question is whether there’s any competition between your very strong dynamism and very strong magnetism.  Like me, you’ve got an Outabounds Mars on one corner of the Grand Cross.  So you’re likely to have a strong sense of Doingness.  Combine that with a situation where power seems remote, and that makes frustration.  But your survival instincts are absolutely flawless – any frustrations you might be feeling about that are somebody else’s feelings, not your own.  As I’ve been working with my newfound Identity-need for Doingness, I’ve seen that my father always told me I’d never amount to anything unless I learned to get up early like him.  My natural schedule is to work late and sleep late, so my self-concept is that I’m lazy, and I hope nobody catches me at it, because it triggers shame that’s very debilitating.

So that’s your first job – healing ANY rift between your inner male, who’s always willing and able to do what’s necessary, and your inner female, who knows exactly what’s right.  As a team, they are unbeatable.  Unbeatable.  Seriously, unbeatable.  But if anybody in your past ever shamed you for either (or both!), and if the two of them judge one another at all, you’re frozen.  Any conflict there?  You gotta tap that out, and reprogram yourself to be loving and gentle with each of them all the time, so you can teach them to be loving and gentle with each other all the time.  Believe me, everything else will take care of itself just fine!

(Contracted) State of the Union

January 21, 2011

Tiger IronIn the USofA, former Hopester Obama gives his annual State of the Union address, and some Retrograde Clown refudiates him, just as Saturn’s standing still.  What a drama that’ll make.  Of course life is easier when the Economy is expanding, than when it’s contracting, and the Powers That Be are cheerleading us to make us optimistic again that expansion is underway, in hopes that we’ll expand our own economic activity as well – every little bit counts.  But Saturn’s also about looking Reality square in the face, and the perspective in the following articles is important, so we aren’t blindsided by a raid on our party…

We ignored Saturn when we were discussing the Eclipses, because we were focusing on the larger configuration, the Grand Cross.  But Saturn was in a Fourth Harmonic relationship with the January 5 Solar Eclipse.  One way to interpret that, would be an implication that we would become aware (Eclipse) of the need for additional discipline (Saturn), the result of which would be competence, but the process for which would be challenging (Fourth Harmonic).  This was a waxing Fourth Harmonic relationship, meaning that Energies that were born when the Sun and the Moon crossed Saturn, were coming into visibility.  So we go back to see what Energies those were.

The Sun crossed Saturn on September 30, at 8 degree of Libra, “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home.”  Ouch.  Hits a little close to home in the US and parts of Europe (and possibly in the near future in Australia and China), where Mortgage Mania and Bank Avarice have created a slew of foreclosures.  Is the blaze in danger of igniting the whole house, or is it a reflection of the fact that not just the house, but the home, is there, warm and waiting for an occupant.  It’s just that the Bank and the Sheriff have locked the door with the would-be occupant peering in through the window.  Saturn, Contraction, can symbolize Scarcity – not having enough to share.  Certainly the wealthy Elite and their government lackeys don’t have enough to share here.  They’re busy prying pensions away from the remaining unions.  This Energy peaks this coming (northern) Summer, and in October it’s replaced with “A Sunday crowd enjoying the beach,” so there may yet be cause for hope.

The Moon last crossed Saturn, as we said, the day before Saturn’s Station, in 18 degrees of Libra.  That’s “Two men placed under arrest.”  Ouch again.  Maybe two men who were trying to get into the deserted home to get warm, or two men caught stripping the copper out of the house.  Moon cycles are short – the Moon changes this Energy next month, changing it to “A retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor.”  That’s probably a good sign, as there’s a good chance that the ships are representative of expanded economic activity.  Or at least, they might bring in some fish.  We don’t know if the sea captain retired because he had a sufficient nestegg or pension, or because he was outsourced.

The Libra-to-Capricorn Fourth Harmonic is about becoming more pragmatic in our relationships.  Where we used to serve others because out Identity required it, we’re now likely to be seeking more equal exchanges of energy in our interactions and relationships.  This bodes ill for class-structured societies, as those whose Identity requires that they be served suddenly find a hole in their Reality.