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November 4, 2012

Juanita sums things up very well…

and includes (scroll down) a video on November from Lee Harris that you don’t want to miss.

I would add,

Listen to your Body!

And I mean really Listen.  Where in your body do you feel the Fear?  Jaw?  Belly?  Bowels?  Heart?  Compassion consists of being Present with, and that means to give full Attention without judgment.  When I ask you to pay Attention to your Left Thumb, notice where “you” are – are “you” in your Eyes looking at your Left thumb, in your Heart sensing your Thumb, in your Index Finger touching your Thumb?  Or are “you” in your Thumb?  Is it a different experience when I ask you to BE your Left Thumb?

Scan your Body for any pain, discomfort, or tension.  You might find several Places.  Pick one.  Now put as much of your Attention as you can muster into that Place.  If your Attention isn’t Loving Attention, make it so.  Notice where “you” are.  If you aren’t already, then BE that Place in your Body.  Move right into the absolute center of that Place, and just sit there.  If there’s anything hard or cold, just imagine it softening and warming.  If you’re dealing with pain, it may be surrounded by a ball of Fear, and you may not be able to get to the Place.  That’s okay; just BE the ball of Fear.  Soften it and warm it.  For serious pain, it may take you several days of doing this before you can penetrate the Fear and actually be Present with the Place itself.  Guess what happens when you do get there?  No more pain!

This is a simple practice, but you can do Miraculous things with it.  Like Juanita and Lee and the Grand Trine all point out, the New Paradigm Energies are descending very intensely, and whatever it is in your own Life/Body that’s going on, that’s what it means for you to adapt to them.  As within, so without, it’s All One.  Change your Life circumstances by changing the quality of your Attention to the Place in your Body that lights up when those circumstances arise.  Could be not even in your Body, but out in your Aura somewhere.  And don’t underestimate how far your Energy Body can stretch.

It takes practice, but you have total control over your Attention.  If your thoughts distract you, locate them in your Body and give them your full Loving Attention.  Not the content, but the Body Part that’s doing the thinking.  If your emotions demand your Attention, find them in your Body and BE that place in your Body.  Thoughts and emotions are Energy Fields, like the Aurora Borealis or Australis, and they’ll drag you all over the Planet and waaay beyond.  But there’s a thinker and an emoter in your Body or Aura.  Find them, and give them your full, soft, warm, Loving Attention.  You are not your thoughts or your emotions.  In fact, there’s an excellent chance that they aren’t even yours.  You do think and feel.  Where in your Body does that happen?  It might not be the same place every time.

Once you’ve fully merged with a pain or discomfort or tension in your Body, it will move.  Another Place will ask for your Attention.  Follow it, move to the next Place.  When your pain or discomfort moves, you know you’ve succeeded in giving it the Loving Attention it was asking for.  Your Body has lots and lots to tell you.  There is a fluid that bathes all of your Cells, and that fluid is directly connected to the Zero Point Field, and directly connected to all of the information in the Universe.  Your mind could never sort all that out to decipher what’s important, but your Body does just that, all the time, every moment, whether “you” are awake or asleep.

It’s not like you’re wanting to harvest any specific information from this process, though you may well.  Your intention is Curiosity.  What will happen if I give Loving Attention to that Place in my Body that’s asking for my Attention?  Loving Attention Heals.  Your intention is to be Present with the Miracle that is your material form, one Place at a time, following wherever it calls.

Zinc Arsenate, called Adamite.  Focus, Attention, finding what’s most important and responding to it directly.  Remember it’s Saturn, Ceres, and Chiron-Neptune in the Grand Trine: Sustaining (Ceres) Focus (Saturn) on the Changes (Chiron-Neptune).  That’s where the Grace lies.  Focus on your Body’s reactions to the Changes, moment to moment.  Your Body has Wisdom far beyond your ability to imagine.

Another Big Weekend

October 3, 2012

As Frank or Ernest once said,

“Every time I just get my budget in order, along comes another big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!”

Well, here we are again.  While the more important issue is our Spiritual budget, our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up pretty big these days too.  Western astrology hails from Medieval Europe, where money was not a big part of most people’s lives.  You did your best to support your community, and your community did its best to support you.  You didn’t worry so much about how much you were getting paid, you worried about how to help your support system survive the next winter.  It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution and the Enclosure of the Commons that people and community in Europe were ripped out of their context as an intimate part of Nature and given flush toilets and Money instead.  In the rest of the World it was mostly Colonialism that industrialized Nature.

The same pattern is repeating today.  In the 16th and 17th centuries sea travel allowed the European elite to exploit the rest of the World.  They liked that so much that in the 18th and 19th century they used steam power to exploit the other 99% of Europeans.  There was significant popular opposition to the Industrial Revolution and to the Enclosure of the Commons, but you’ll never learn about either unless you dig for it, because as in any war, it’s the winners that write the history books and extol the wondrous virtues of machines and private property and the “rule of law.”  Is “Luddite” a term of praise, or “sabot-age” a virtue?  Today it’s the Banksters that are bringing about the end of Money through their own self-sabotaging greed.

It’s no accident that our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up.  Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) means “just fix it,” but the essence of Capricorn is survival and exchange.  Medieval astrology is based on the Northern-Hemisphere calendar, and Capricorn represents the onslaught of winter.  Capricorn sorts the Ants from the Grasshoppers.  The astrological “House” (the Houses are like the Signs, but they initiate at Sunrise rather than at the Spring Equinox) that corresponds to Capricorn is the Tenth.  The Tenth House is usually interpreted as pertaining to career, but the deeper meaning is Community.  You remember 2008, eh?  Pluto doesn’t do symptom relief, it roots out the cause so it can be healed.

Speaking of Houses, let’s continue that thread for a minute.  Pluto is associated with (in astrologuese, it “rules”) the Eighth House, which in turn correlates with the “products of relationship” – the gains and losses that relationships bring us.  And Pluto is associated with (or “rules”) Scorpio, which implies getting to the bottom of things, relentlessly and fearlessly.  Scorpio gets its reputation for subterfuge because anybody with a strong Scorpio influence learns early not to share too much, cuz when they did talk about their reality it scared the shit out everybody.  Better to just shut up.  Denial is a protection to maintain a fragile Ego, and Ego is important for survival.  Scorpio and Denial are antithetical.

So we ask, what was it we were Denying that triggered the collapse of the World economy as Pluto entered Capricorn?  What is it that we need to “just fix”?  What is it that we don’t want to look at because it threatens our Ego?  Since to answer those questions for the Collective we need to examine our own Perception, we look for mirrors; maybe, what part of our own life involves “self-sabotaging greed”?  Abundance means having enough to share.  What in our life are we scared to share because of fear of Scarcity?  I mean all this as rhetorical, not as confrontation.  If you’re reacting emotionally, tap it out.  If you want to use this as a trigger for meditation, feel free, but my intention is to weave a fabric of ideas as a background for what we really want to talk about here.

Saturn Enters Scorpio

First, Juanita reminds us that Saturn is about to enter Scorpio, on Friday October 5 (half past 1pm PDT).  Saturn rules Capricorn, and Pluto rules Scorpio, so we will have what’s called a “Mutual Reception” between them as each planet occupies the Sign that the other rules.  For a while now we’ve also had a Mutual Reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius.  Mutual Reception is a big deal in astrology, and we will now have all four of the outermost traditional planets in Mutual Reception.  That’s extremely fortuitous for us as a species, and will provide a real boost to our Spiritual and Community evolution.

Juanita quotes Mark Borax’s reading of Saturn in Scorpio, “Burning Karma” which I recommend highly.  In chemistry, there is healing in levity, and Boron is one of the lightest elements.  Mark starts out,

“This raises the question: Just what, exactly, is karma, and how does it burn?”

and provides some great perspective on Karma and Revelations.  It might be useful to point out that it’s Uranus that represents personal Karma, Neptune that symbolizes ancestral Karma, and Pluto that informs us about collective Karma.  Our Mutual Reception suggests that, as we evolve, personal Karma and collective Karma will be mutually supportive, while ancestral Karma and personal Ego (Saturn) will be collaborating constructively.  What might all that look like?  Well, a collaboration between personal and collective Karma is not a big surprise; we’ve been shifting our consciousness to include Co-Creation for a while now.  “The Ancestors” is a code word for the Energies embodied by the Faerie World.  So the efforts we’ve been making to reanimate the World certainly count as mutual support between ancestral Karma and Ego.

That last paragraph deserves a long exposition; lemme know if you want one and we’ll provide it.  Right now I want to take us in another direction.  We interpret Saturn as Focus and Concentration.  Saturn’s reputation as a malefic and as limitation arise because Saturn asks us to Focus on the most important thing, on Priority #1, and let go of our fallbacks, even though Priority #1 scares us because of the risk of failure.  If we fail on Priority #5 we can make that up, but if we fail on Priority #1, well, we might as well be dead.  Which is Ego, Saturn, because the only death that anyone ever endures is Ego Death, the rest is just trance(re)formation.

So what’s the most important thing?  Of course for each of us the details will depend on our Mission, but Scorpio says that the most important thing for the next coupla years will be getting to the bottom of it.  Getting to the real Root Cause.  Root Cause of what?  Well, the answer that Uranus and Pluto would suggest is that we get to the bottom of the impediments to our Spiritual and Community (economic, monetary) evolution.  Fearlessly.  So this is a good thing, in fact a fabulous wind to have at our backs as we move into Rebirth (which as always is also a Death).  Looking forward we see Rebirth, looking backward we see Death.  Which is to say, Excitement equals Fear plus Breathing.

The Saturn Ingress Chart

The chart for Saturn’s Ingress into Scorpio is of course a lot like the “horrendous” chart of last week’s Full Moon, but with a few significant changes.  The second Grand Cross is broken, leaving us with a T-Square between Pluto, Uranus, and Ceres, pointing at Uranus.  That’s a Challenge to integrate our Soul Download (Uranus) with our social-historical context (Pluto) in a sustainable way (Ceres).  Do we demonstrate against the Banksters, or teach people how to recycle?  The Cerean route to Sustainability usually leads through Sustenance, as it often asks us to give up attachment to what is comfortable but unsustainable.  As with any T-Square, the first requirement is to give up any notion that there is a “problem” to be “solved.”  That approach is guaranteed to fail.  A T-Square is a graduate seminar; there are no “answers,” only exploration and curiosity and creativity.

Mercury has moved up to closely Conjoin Saturn, in fact itself crossing into Scorpio just ten hours before Saturn does, and Conjoining Saturn an hour before that.  So this Saturn Ingress is not just about getting to the bottom of things, it’s about understanding them as well, and talking about them.  The Mercury-Saturn cycle lasts only a year, so normally we wouldn’t make a big deal of it, but given its timing, it’s very relevant.  The Sabian Symbol (a reading for the degree of the Conjunction) for this last degree of Libra is

“Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher’s Head.”

A little unusual, but fortuitous, implying that we’ll be learning a great deal in the year to come.

And the Moon now Conjoins Jupiter instead of Uranus.  Jupiter, the Great Amplifier, was the least-involved planet in the Harvest Moon chart, so this change will amplify our Excitement about what we’re evolving into.  In this chart, Moon-Jupiter Trines the Sun, but the three of them remain mostly uninvolved with the rest of the planets.  Generally, an isolated planet is a strong planet, though a “sleeper.”  So this configuration continues to emphasize Jupiter.  The one “minor” interaction that Jupiter does make is a Sesquisquare to Saturn.  A Sesquisquare is halfway between a Square and an Opposition, and symbolizes something like irritation.

But the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is intimately involved with economic trends.  This is the Waning Sesquisquare, and it tells us that we’re almost finished harvesting what we want to preserve from the Industrial Age, before we dive head first into the Electronic Age.  A lot of folks are talking about replacing Money that is “based on the full faith and credit of the government” (which faith and credit is pretty much extinct) with Money that is based on Gold, but we may be going a lot further than that, maybe moving to full faith and credit in our Self and our Community.  Hank Wesselman’s book Spiritwalker and it’s sequels make a fabulous picture of something similar – and maybe also likely, depending on what we co-create.

From May 2013 (the Jupiter-Saturn Phitile) till late 2020 (the next Conjunction), we fall into the Void in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  Jupiter is expansion, Saturn contraction.  Neither is good or bad, we obviously need both, in their relevant contexts.  Our most constructive approach to the Void of any Cycle is to clear away expectations.  We could provide the Sabian Symbol of the next Conjunction (1 Aquarius), but if we did it would provoke expectations, eh?  Any new Cycle is different – we can’t comprehend what it will be like from within the preceding Cycle, because we can’t know intellectually what the Universal Unconscious will co-create during the Void, or how much our failure to release expectations will contaminate the new Energy.

The bottom line is that we’ll be somewhere between the end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Singularity, and the transition will be very fluid, with many culdesacs and strange-seeming twists and turns Labor is pretty much obsolete, and most of us will probably be sitting on the edges of our Communities trading what we have for what we want.  But don’t let me sow any expectations.  Since only Intuition can tell where we’re going, and that only tentatively and metaphorically, our only recourse is to keep our Attention short-term, and enjoy the journey.  It will be exhilarating, if we keep breathing.  Think globally, act locally will probably continue to be a useful suggestion.

The Jupiter Station

The other hare in the Saturn-Ingress ointment is that Jupiter is Stationary, as it turns Retrograde on Thursday (quarter past 6am PDT).  Particular intriguing, since the Moon Occults Jupiter a half hour after the Saturn Ingress.  An Occultation, recall, creates Awareness, so we may expect (we don’t need to give those up till next May) to see the hope-inspiring shift in the Lamestream Media, from promulgating lies to seeking some semblance of relevance if not truth, continue.  A Stationary planet is a Strong planet, and I normally expect a much greater impact from a Station than from an Ingress.  We saw how profound the impact was when the North Node backed into Scorpio, though, and in this astroenvironment we don’t want to discount Scorpio.

So we’d be inclined to label this weekend a Jupiter-Saturn weekend, more than a Saturn-Ingress weekend.  Jupiter symbolizes extroversion and Saturn introversion, so don’t be surprised if your shoulds and wannas seem to conflict over the next several days (just move to Both/And).  Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within includes a fabulous introduction to how the energies of expansion, contraction, and compression feel in your own body, the positive function of each, and whether you habitually use them congruently.

The Jupiter-Station chart features a momentary Golden Trapezoid, as the Moon moves in between the South Node and Lilith to complete the configuration.  A Golden Trapezoid is made up of two Fingers of God that share an arm.  A Quincunx is two planets five Signs apart, and a Finger of God is three planets with two Quincunxes between them, and a Sextile forming the third angle.   When two Fingers of God share a Quincunx, that creates two Sextiles (two Signs apart) at their bases, with a Square (three Signs apart) filling the fourth angle.  I know, hard to picture, but the bottom line is that it’s a

Big Blessing.

The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity or Wonder (our natural state).

The Fingers of God point at Mercury-Saturn and Pallas Athena.  So we have Grace permeating two skills – knowing what we must do (Mercury-Saturn), and Boundary-setting (Pallas).  So we have two questions that will answer themselves – I wonder what I need to do? and I wonder how to balance protection and vulnerability with that person?  Remember that Manifestation consists of wondering, then changing the subject (not thinking about it), so magic is afoot around healing our relationships.  Since this is in the Jupiter-Stationary chart, it will impact the entire Jupiter-Retrograde period.  The other corners of the Golden Trapezoid are Venus and the Moon, bringing our semi-permanent (Venus) and temporary (Moon) Emotions into the Curiosity equation.  That’ll reduce our expectations and demands.

Jupiter flies backwards through the end of January, retrograding across 16 to 7 degrees of Gemini, or the Leo through Scorpio portions of Gemini.  Gemini represent flexibility, and Leo through Scorpio is the portion of the Zodiac where we realize that we are not the center of the Universe after all, and open ourself up to meaningful relationship with other people.  This process began in mid-July, and it will be the end of April before we put the finishing touches on this transreformation.

The Grand Trine and the Cusps

The Grand Trine from the Harvest Moon chart remains in place in both the Jupiter-Stationary chart and the Saturn-Ingress chart.  Mercury-Saturn was the one corner of the Grand Trine that was not involved in the Grand Crosses, so we can see Insight as the Big Grace that is offered to us here.  Since the Grand Trine graces the cusps of the Water Signs, our Insights will be deeper than shallow intellectualizations, and will lead to Real Change.  A Grand Trine is Big Grace, so we get to watch it happen, rather than trying to make it happen.

All but a few of the planets in all of these charts are on cusps, so the underlying theme of the whole affair is Change.  Venus moved out of Leo and into Virgo earlier in the week, and Mars moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on Saturday – both moving from Fixed Signs to Mutable Signs.  Mutable Signs are open to change; Fixed Signs are not.  And Venus and Mars are about our Emotional constitution, what we’re willing to support (Venus), and what we’re willing to work toward (Mars).  The Changes are accelerating.  Lord knows the US Congress could even start working again!  That would be a true Miracle!


Gaze at the picture for a while.  It’s a piece of pure crystalline Germanium, sitting on a bed of blue Kyanite and black Schorl.  Focusing on the three-dimensionality of the Germanium, you can feel the bones in your head expanding to encompass the broader perspective.  What happens in the rest of your body?  Are you breathing?  Schorl (black Tourmaline, or Sodium Iron Aluminum Borocyclosilicate Hydroxide) grounds us, while Kyanite (Aluminum Nesosilicate) sops up undesirable Energy for recycling.  Elemental Germanium embodies the Primordial Feminine Magnetic Energy that is descending onto the Planet to balance the excess Masculine Dynamism that the Planet has been living with since way too long.

You Are Here <—-

June 23, 2012

So, here we go.

In the particular flavor of astrology I use, we are at the focal point of 2012, the waxing Uranus-Pluto Square, aka The 60s Become Permanent.  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction was one of the defining elements of the 1960s, and according to Rudhyar, Energy born in a Conjunction forces it’s way into the mainstream at the waxing Square.  Truth is an individual thing (in the Uranian Worldview at least), Truth resides in the Heart, and to me Rudhyar speaks Truth, so we follow his notions, to see where they lead.  So far, so good, we could do a lot worse.

The first and most important instance of the Square, which repeats until 2015, occurs at quarter past 1am PDT on June 24.  Not that this is a momentary event; with Planets that move as slowly as either Uranus or Pluto, we’d look for their influence over months if not years.  I’ve been noticing particularly strong flashbacks to the 60s over the last several weeks.

Nevertheless, the moment of completion could well be palpable.  In astrology typically there are also “triggers” – relatively minor events that tip over the oxcart, often the Moon.  The Moon triggers Uranus-Pluto on Wednesday mornings – last Wednesday and next Wednesday.  The Moon Occulted (Eclipsed, ie, made blatant by its absence) Pluto on June 5, and will again July 3.  The Moon crossed Uranus on June 12, the day of the Chiron Station, and will again on July 9.  Any or all of these dates are potential markers for this alleged Permanence.

Then there are the concomitant events, the strongest of which is the Station of Saturn 24 hours after the Square is complete; we should feel a Saturn Station for at least a week prior, and we would likely feel it as a sense of overwhelm, as if there were too many demands on us, or as the urge to focus on one or a few of the most important things.  That’s what Saturn is about, the most important things.  The overwhelm is generated by our Fear of releasing the less important things.  If we could let go of our Fear and just concentrate on Priority #1, a Saturn Station would likely generate feelings of Ecstasy.

A Uranus-Pluto Square during a Saturn Station would tone down the event greatly.  Rather than a Celebration of Individual Freedom, it might feel like a Celebration of Individual Responsibility.  Of course Responsibility would include Freedom, because without Freedom we can’t be True to Ourself, and Uranus is nothing if not obedience to our Mission.  Since our Mission in each Lifetime is always the most important thing, there is definitely no conflict between Freedom and Responsibility.  The procession is just more likely to be solemn than exuberant, but no less of a Celebration.

And a Saturn Station during a Uranus-Pluto Square implies that the most important thing would be our Freedom to express our Soul’s purpose in this incarnation.  With Pluto involved, it’s no longer optional.  If we’re feeling anxiety about the possibility of having to abandon any of our Blankies or Bears (you know, money, food, shelter, those kinda pillars of the castle that our Body needs), that wouldn’t be surprising, as most of us believe that in one way or another there’s a contradistinction between Soul and Body, that we have to abandon one to serve the other.

Well, there is no contradistinction; they are one and the same, they serve one another.  Rest those anxieties by giving them to God, since She’s your Soul’s keeper and since your Body is sustained only by Her Grace, anyway.  Sure, someday “you” are likely to graduate from your current Body – most folks do, but “you” (Ego) aren’t in charge of that process, Soul is, so your best strategy is to surrender that to Soul.  Fear of Death is only possible when you don’t have an Exit Strategy.  You have to be in deep Denial about the Soul to lack an Exit Strategy (a general plan for how you’d approach a Life no longer worth Living), so there’s a task for you if you haven’t got one yet.  Hint – it probably has a lot to do with Surrender.

Lotsa folks are writing about Eris, cuz Saturn Stands Still Opposite Eris.  Eric Francis speaks of her, Willow has a wonderful riff on her Grace, and Steve Nelson says that she comes of age only after a Direct Saturn Angle activates her.  Now, if all these prophesies of Feminine Power manifesting in the World were to come true, this would be Good News indeed.  The Corporate Media has been slathering us with stories about how even Women’s Rights are being withdrawn, Rights that were hardwon in the 60s, by the way.  That in itself tells you that the MCPs are on the run.  But we’d like more than just Underground success.

Back during the Harmonic Confusion, I was wondering aloud how long one must hold on to one’s optimism, before one surrendered to the cynicism and just acted to protect oneself against the onslaught as much as possible.  The classic example was the Native American Ghost Dance, which proposed to Dance the White Scourge back out of Paradise.  I asked that question online, and the answer I got shocked me – As long as it takes!  I lean toward cynicism – having a strong and afflicted natal Eris, and at that time I hadn’t yet feathered Both/And deeply enough into my Psyche.  Their answer shocked me into recognizing my cynicism.

Battles are not won or lost in the Corporate Media, Hearts are won or lost to the Corporate Media.  I had surrendered my Heart to their cynical Trance, and As long as it takes! woke me up to it.  If my Heart believes that we are Free, and your Heart does as well, then we are Free, no matter how many slaves tell us “My name is New York T., or Washington P., and I am addicted to Slavery.”  We stop empathizing with them.  That defines our Freedom.  The more of us reach that plateau, the harder it is for the rest of the hundred to fall under the cynical Trance.  It’s not about what Fox News says to its Zombies.  It’s about how many of us are Free in our Hearts, Free to pursue our most important thing.

Now it turns out that Saturn has already Opposed Eris, late last October, and the Opposition does not complete in the current instance.  So if we were talking solely about Saturn and Eris, without the concomitant Uranus-Pluto, we’d have to expect that the major movement would have occurred last Fall.  That was the first major Angle that Saturn had formed to Eris since her “discovery” (kinda like Columbus “discovering” America, really – we should speak of her rising into human Awareness instead), but Rudhyar tells us to look to the preceding Conjunction to discern the Energy of the Opposition, even if the Conjunction occurred in the (Psychic) “darkness” of pre-discovery.

The Conjunction was in late June of 1997, at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter.”  The same Symbol as next year’s Venus-Mars Conjunction.  Venus-Mars is about our Emotional relationship with our Shadow Self, so that’s a fabulous sign that Eris and her fierce Attention to Justice will be getting embodied in a deep way.  Even more important, to my way of thinking, was the Jupiter-Eris Conjunction that occurred late last April (2011) at 22 Aries –

The gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.”

That’s pretty intense!  Jupiter amplifying Eris in this fashion for the next dozen years.

Notice that Eris has moved only two degrees in 14 years!  The sense that Pluto is the “force of history,” or the Trance that runs so deep we don’t know it’s a Trance we just think it’s Reality, is partly because it moves so slowly.  So if Pluto represents a Zeitgeist, then Eris is an Urzeitgeist!  Eris entered Aries in 1923, and won’t move into Taurus until 2047!  A century and a quarter.  That’s because Eris is out at apogee, farthest from the Sun in her very eliptical orbit.  For us to discover her when she’s at apogee tells us that her message is Strong!!  And very much needed at this hour.  At perigee her orbit almost touches the orbit of Neptune, and she’s every bit as big as Pluto.  She could be Planet X.

So, if Eris is involved in the Uranus-Pluto Square, where was she hiding when Uranus and Pluto were Conjunct, in 1965?  She did not make a strong Angle to either of them, as she is not doing now at the Square.  Feminine Power is indirect, in case you haven’t noticed.  (Have you picked up on the rise of “Soft Power”?  Another example that’s not on the Corporate Media’s radar screen.)  Vesta was making a waxing Square to Eris, which tells us that Eris’s role in the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is about enforcing the Sacred – Eris is the Priestess here.

That Vesta-Eris Cycle was initiated in late July 1963 at 12 of Aries,

A triangular-shaped flight of wild Geese.”

That Symbol has an unmistakable direction, strong momentum, wild Freedom, inherent Community, ancient rhythms, and deep Mystery in it – quite an omen for Uranus-Pluto!  And let’s not forget the symbol for the entire Uranus-Pluto Cycle –

An Ouija Board.”

Deep Mystery abounds for this Priestess, and she steps into visibility just as her flock is wandering in the Wilderness!

And Saturn?  Why is Saturn so tightly involved in the Uranus-Pluto Square?  At the Conjunction, Saturn weakly Opposed Uranus and Pluto; preparing to finish up some Cycle of Manifestation (Saturn crystallizing Patterns into Form).  Not finishing, but preparing to finish, almost to culmination.  Remind me to look up the deeper meaning of that Cycle!

Saturn was also finishing up an earlier Cycle with Chiron, which was strongly Opposing Uranus and Pluto in 1965.  Chiron and Neptune both Stationed earlier in June, and their Cycle is obviously connected to the Uranus-Pluto Cycle because their timing is so intertwined.  At the Uranus-Pluto Initiation, Chiron was in a waxing Trine to Neptune – another fabulous omen of Grace that emphasizes how important it is for us to wrap our head around the fall of the current economic regime as a cleansing and an opportunity.  More Cycles to look up – remind me!!

Speaking of Curiosity…

June 17, 2012

So, there’s an Angle in astrology that represents Curiosity.  It has a silly name, Quincunx, and it’s when two planets are five signs apart, halfway between a Trine and an Opposition.  Five is the number of Teaching and Learning, and Curiosity is the prerequisite.  So, what planets are Quincunx to one another at the New Moon and the Solstice?

Turns out both events have the same Quincunxes – Vesta-Saturn, and Venus-Pluto.

Vesta-Saturn could be read

I Wonder how our relationship with the Sacred is changing these days!

Like Taurus, Saturn solidifies things – when we think we understand something, we park that understanding in our catalog of metaphors, where we can pull it out and use it when we need it.  It’s efficient to operate from prefab metaphors – we don’t have to spell out S-T-O-P, let’s see now, what does that mean? every time we go driving, we just respond to the red octagon.

On the other hand, Saturn freezes things.  Red octogons have lost their freedom to mean Hey, let’s party! or Wanna make Love?  So, if we’re willing to open up to it, our concepts of the Sacred are likely to be pixelating and reforming themselves.  That’s kinda what we just been talking about – letting our metaphors be useful or not, rather than unfailingly true.

Venus Quincunx Pluto is a Biggie –

I Wonder how the Goddess will Manifest Herself here!

We would normally consider Saturn to be about manifestation – solidifying into form.  But Pluto is about transformation, Trance(re)formation, changing the Trance.  So what’s really going on is not how the Goddess Manifests (She always has!), but how we see Her Manifesting.  If we open to Curiosity, there’s a new Trance available to us, where we see Her in a whole new Light.  If we open to Curiosity.

Wanna Gotta Shoulda

May 31, 2012

I can tell you for sure that there’s one unmistakable element of the 60s starting to hang around!  It’s been getting recognizably strong over the last week, but in retrospect it’s been in the field for a coupla months.  Back in the 60s, if a certain part of you didn’t want to do something, it just wasn’t happening!  No matter how much “you” did wannas and gottas and shouldas on yourself, it was just in a different Universe.  I can see that we invited Mary Jane along for the congruence.  By blaming her for our intransigence – and for the absolutely side-splitting hilarity that anyone would expect us to do that – we avoided the full-frontal Identity Confrontation that we were absolutely not ready for, that would have forced us to recognize which “us” was Real and which was just programming.  That was the Conjunction, after all – this is the waxing Square!  Now we, or rather the World, are ready for that Trance-Re-Formation.

Not to condemn the programming – the Real we (that’s literally like the Royal We) chose the circumstances where we would be programmed to stay safely in hiding until it was safe for the Real we to come out and play.  We’ll never fully let the programming go without finding Gratitude for its service to us.  All of which couldn’t be more Uranus-Pluto if it tried.  Uranus as our Soul Chord, as our Yin Integrity, as our True Vibratory Self.  Yang Integrity means you do what you said you was gonna do; Yin Integrity means you do what you dang well feel like doing, moment to moment, but of course if it’s important, you renegotiate and make amends when that conflicts with your Yang Integrity.  In the 60s our programming masqueraded as our Yang Integrity.  What we said we was gonna do was something somebody else said we oughta do, and we believed them.  It was by combining our programming, our Yang Integrity, and our Yin Integrity, that we were able to survive the assault that the World has seen since the 60s.

And Pluto, of course, as Transformation, Trance Formation, Trance Reformation, as Death and Birth, as the Big River, as the Flow of History that carries us in one direction no matter how much we try to tack.  And Pluto as Scorpio – relentless pearl diving, obsessively seeking that kernel of Self that not only sings the same tune as our Soul Chord, but that somehow matches the River, whether that means Going with the Flow, or insisting that the Truth be heard, Contrarian-style.  Without Gratitude, Pluto will tear “us” to shreds.

If you don’t have a strong Uranus or a strong Pluto in your natal horoscope, you could be experiencing an entirely different World.  Without a Big Link to your own Soul Chord or a Big Link to the Flow of History, all this may come through as Anxiety.  You might be inviting yer golf pro Zack along instead of Mary Jane.  Or you could be responding from your Saturn – the Dam trying to hold back the River in full flood.  Saturn Stands Still as Uranus Squares Pluto, and there’s a reason for that.  We need to transform our Saturns from tireless defenders of our programming, to ruthless heralds of the Most Important Thing.

That’s what Saturn does for a living, it relentlessly forces us to focus on the One Most Important Thing.  We feel Saturn as Limitation because we want to focus on the distractions instead.  We fear that if we focus only on the One Most Important Thing, we might fail at it.  So we invent workarounds and fallbacks as insurance, and we focus on them instead.  Until Saturn folds his arms across his chest and gets firm with us – or arms akimbo, starts shouting at us.  Saturn is intimidating.  The whole Earth Planet would get hopelessly lost in the dust of just one of its Rings.  Our programming tells us that failure is entirely possible, even probable, but it aint.  Our Mission here is waaay beyond our Conscious picture of what we think it is, and we are on autopilot.  The thinking is just sprinkles on the frosting – empty calories.

You can think of Dog as Saturn, and Cat as Uranus.  You want to be on the Master side of the Human-Dog relationship.  You don’t want to be an interloper facing down a snarling Doberman.


February 5, 2012

Busy coupla days.  Neptune entered Pisces on Friday last.  And on Tuesday, the Full Moon (which of course is Moon Opposing Sun) Quintiles the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition, with Saturn Standing Still and turning Retrograde.

What does that all mean?  Well, first, if any apparent dilemma arises, where you’re not sure whether to set a better boundary (Saturn) or loosen up and let it go (Jupiter), don’t.  Or whether to knuckle down and get to work (Saturn) or relax and let the Universe handle it (Jupiter) – again, don’t.  That is, do neither.  It’s not about decision or action, it’s about Awareness.  Oppositions are about Awareness.  So it’s a heuristic, a learning opportunity, where your job is to look and listen and feel, because there’s a door open that isn’t open all that often, and if you slam it shut (by deciding to be serious or relaxed or firm or flexible), it’ll be many years before you can pick up on this Lesson so easily again.

So what’s the Lesson?  It’s not an intellectual Lesson, it’s an experiential Lesson.  It’s about living out beyond dichotomies.  It’s a lot more exciting out there, as Rumi would attest.  If you’ve never looked at Julie Henderson’s book, you probably know what I mean.  The Jupiter-Saturn Opposition’s been going on for a while, so it’s not a new Teaching, but the Quintile (which is about Teaching and Learning) and the lineup with the Full Moon (the quintessential symbol of Illumination) gives it alotta oomph.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is about “A Jewelry shop filled with valuable Gems” (23 Taurus, May 2000) so it’s not something you wanna ignore.

Saturn, meanwhile, is having one last Retro fling in Libra, before it moves on into Scorpio, which it does in early October.  Saturn Retrogrades across much of the Gemini Decanate (or third) of Libra, namely the Cancer, Leo, and Virgo Dwads (or twelfths) of Libra.  Sounds astrobabblical, I know, but here’s what it means.  The first third of Libra is about “Whoa, I didn’t realize that this wasn’t all about me!” – mostly shock.  The second third (the Aquarius Decanate) is about “Guess I better pretend to be social and try to make a meaningful contact with these Others.”  And the last third of Libra is about “Well, that didn’t work out, so I better let all that go, and see what I can learn!”

By the time we get to the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth twelfths of Libra, we’re into “Wait a minute, I care about these People” (Cancer) and “But I care more about ME” (Leo) and “Fuck it, I don’t understand any of it!” (Virgo).  Which sets the stage for Scorpio.  Scorpio’s fundamental urge is to Get to the bottom of things!  No cost is too great.  Scorpio needs to understand, there is no alternative.  So you’ll be millennia ahead when you get out there come October, if you’re willing this week to set aside your Ego and your Programming, forgo Decision and Action, and just Watch.  Curiosity.  I wonder what’s gonna happen to all that?  I wonder what they’re gonna do! (when I don’t react).

With Curiosity in full Flower, the next several months will be incredibly entertaining!

Pepe Escobar seems to be pretty good at seeing through all of the Diplomatic Hubris that the US projects.  Here’s his take on the Iran business…

And here’s some very useful background…

Hard to beat Topaz for creating Clarity.  That’s what Neptune in Pisces is all about, Clarity.  As long as you aren’t Ego-involved in Shopping As Usual.  I mean, as entertainment, by all mean go for it.  Stuff is fun.  (Be careful not to get yer Ego wrapped up in the Potlatch either, though!)  Topaz is the simplest of Aluminum Silicates, with a touch of Fluorine for Color.  Simplicity and Clarity, what more could we ask for when our Ego confuses us with pressing questions about Boundaries and Forgiveness and Work and Play!

Day 4

June 21, 2011

Wow, musta been some Eclipse, eh?  More folks checked in than have checked in since Mars crossed Uranus in early April.

It’s a busy week.  Long Day today, frinstance, in the North, and Short Day in the South.  Sun-Turn-Around Day.  I celebrated with ten yards of primo topsoil.  Then Day 4 of the Callemander begins on Friday.  It’s easy to tell it’s the last few days of the Big Release Opportunity that Night 3 brings – lotsa stories from folks about reliving various emotional events from earlier in their current life, and about connecting with threads from the Other Side of the Veil.  Then lotsa threads falling in from the Future, from the likes of Hank Wesselman and John Perkins.  Hank talks about

The Ancestral Grand Plan—exploring the path our ancestors set in motion millennia ago and how the Plan is playing out across the world today,”

and John tells how

We see how countries all over the world are now rejecting tyranny.  As we stand with them, we must also demand that in our own country our leaders will hearken to the call for a new economy based on doing well by all people – workers, consumers, and those who do not have jobs or food on their tables.  The time for greed and excessive materialism has passed.

while Bloomberg tells us that 46 out of 58 economists think that The Ben Bernank will have to keep pouring cash into the gash in the Old System after June 30.  The standard line is something like, If you laid all the economists in the World end to end, they still wouldn’t agree, so 46 outa 58 is pretty good.  Not that their record of prediction is any better than the weatherfolk.

In a clamshell, the Solstice chart, which visualizes the three months and (in a more general way) the year to follow, is a doozy.  Two Grand Crosses and a Grand Trine – couldn’t get much noisier, so we can probably expect more of the same going forward, as we been enduring in the recent past.

The Solstice Sun completes the Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-Square that we spoke of recently, making it into a Grand Cross.  The Square (Fourth Harmonic), recall, is about Mastery through Challenge, the T-Square (two squares joined at the hip) about Tolerating Imperfection and “Learning Experiences,” and the Grand Cross (four squares all joined at the ends) about Finesse.  The Grand Cross gives us four Challenges, but they’re mutually complementary, so we can juggle them effectively.

The first Grand Cross connects the Sun (the essence of who we are – which is to say, Energy) with Saturn (focus, priorities), Pluto (trance formation, inevitability), and Uranus (remember that New Soul Download?).  The Grand Trine (Third Harmonic, Grace) joins Saturn (focus, priorities) with Venus (self-respect, eschewing self-abandonment) and Pallas (boundaries).

That all plays right into what Hank and John are talking about, along with a healthy dose of reliving various emotional events – we just gotta relive them till we can embrace them without rue or discomfort.  Didja notice how quickly they moved on?  Did that surprise ya?  That’s the nature of the process – we re-experience our traumadramas till they’re routine, and each time we re-experience them they get easier and easier.  Tapping, of course, helps.

The second Grand Cross connects both of the Moon’s Nodes (also called The Dragon, or the very symbol of Spiritual Fire burning away Emotional Dross – through re-experiencing of course) with Juno (guess what – Identity!  Ta-Da!) and Ceres (Sustainability or Sustenance).  Ifya don’t know Dragon well, you gotta take the time to read Ursula Leguin’s Earthsea Trilogy – all six of them.  Number six is the meat, but you won’t get nearly as many of the teaching threads unless you start with number one.  It’s not a chore, you won’t be able to put them down.  And of course, you know Juno, you also gotta read Stephen’s Who Dies?

Here’s the scoop on the Solstice Sun.

Eudialyte is the Way-Shower that leads us cleanly between Dimensions.  Ya gotta be clean to travel between Dimensions, cuz when ya try to carry baggage, the portal will rip yer arm off.  Energy passes through effortlessly, but not Matter.  Ursula’ll teach you all about that, and you’ll enjoy it to pieces.  The chemistry is Sodium Calcium Cerium Iron Manganese Yttrium Zirconium Cyclosilicate Hydroxide Chloride – !  I won’t even try to decipher all that!

Get Serious

June 9, 2011

That is, it’s time to do just that (Get Serious), cuz our old buddy Saturn is stationary, which means strong, until about 9pm PDT on Sunday (June 12).  In other words, for mucha the World, as Pogo woulda said, Friday the 13th falls on a Monday this month.  Saturn is about concentration and focus – if Saturn gives you fits, it’s probable that you aren’t focusing on priority number one.  We all like our fallbacks, cuz they cushion our fear of failing.  On Wall Street (which we’ll be discussing a bit) they say, It’s not what you earn, it’s what you learn.

And taking the risk to fail is howya learn.  Excellence derives from neither native talent nor hard work, but both.  Knowing your own unique talents, and working yer butt off to develop them, is exactly what Saturn wants for you.  Wer immer strebend, was Goethe’s phrase for it.  If you streben for your own Mission on the Planet, more Power toya.

Unless you have a natal Saturn T-Square, in which case it’s not that simple, but we can talk about that later ifya want.  This Station occurs in a weak T-Square, with Pluto and Uranus – pretty powerful company.  The bottom line of that is…

Do not expect anything to actually “work out” – just make yer best effort toward the best outcome you can think of at the moment, realize that what’s going on is a whole lot bigger than you or I, recognize that “you” (the Old you) do not actually understand where “you” (the New you) are going, Ask for a Blessing, and as much as you can, muster Curiosity about what’s going to happen next, and expect Miracles.

Tall order, but just do yer best, eh?

So, speaking of Wall Street, we need to remind that the Fed-WallStreet Scam that’s giving the World fits and propping up the illusion of continuing Empire, supposedly ends June 30, the day before the

“Small naked girl leaning over a pond trying to catch a fish and a large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”

partial Solar Eclipse on July 1.  Let’s untangle that slowly.  First, the Scam, in simple terms.  The US Federal Reserve, which the average Joe and Jane thinks is in the business of managing the US Economy, is actually in the business of managing the Wall Street Banks.  Since 2008, the Fed has been printing oodles of money and loaning it to the Banks at virtually zero interest, so they can loan it to the US Government at higher rates.  The hope is that this will prop up their balance sheets enough to compensate for the toxic garbage (called derivatives) that’s still on their books from the 2008 crash, so they can pass for solvency.  It’s not working.

Over the last three years, the Fed has quadrupled the supply of US Dollars.  Meanwhile, the supply of Broccoli, Gasoline, Shampoo, and Dental Floss has not increased all that much, so simple maths tell you, barring some kinda miracle, that before long everything’s gonna be costing four times as much as it did in 2008.  Here’s a concise summary of the process…

I’m surprised how many folks I meet who don’t know that this process is scheduled to “end” on June 30.  That is, “end,” rather than just end, because it’s not quite that simple, cuz the Fed can still continue a form of the process under the table.

All this puts the Empire at an awkward crossroads.  Without all the monetary stimulus, as we’re already seeing, the US Economy could get worse than it already is.  With negative Expectations, it could get a lot worse, since Economy is driven by Expectations (If I can expect you might buy my crop, I can grow Broccoli this Summer; if I expect you won’t, I’ll just grow Velcro instead, even though it’s worth less than Broccoli).  And with the wont of Markets to go to extremes, it could get a whole lot worse.  For instance, it might not be enough for Gasoline prices to quadruple, speculators could drive them up even further faster cuz they expect them to go up.  And Bond Traders could panic and sell, which would raise interest rates, making it harder for everyone to function.

Is the (mixed) Sabian metaphor beginning to make sense to you? 

“A small naked (Vulnerable) girl leaning over a pond (an Emotional abyss) trying (and by implication not succeeding) to catch a fish (get something to Eat) (…that is, the failure of the old system that’s been exploiting us Shoeple since the “Industrial Age” began, but which makes us feel grateful for a handout if we can get it…) and a large diamond (which is of course Forever, not to mention shiny, pretty, and relatively durable).”

Now we need to bear in mind the context:

A recent New Soul Chord Download (Jupiter-Uranus);

A recent reboot of the Basic Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune);

Night 3 of the Universal Underworld (in this Underworld, evolution is accelerated such that as much change occurs in nine months, as has occured in the previous several billions of years – and the Night phases are when things look dark cuz we’re tending to focus on what’s Leaving rather than what’s Coming);

The ongoing collapse of the American Empire (the European Empire collapsed a century ago);

Global Warming, which will make life harder for most everybody, if it hasn’t already.

The good news is that Day 4 begins before the end of June, on the 24th, so we may have a period of Grace, at least till July 12, when Night 4 begins.  On the other hand, Uranus turns Retrograde on July 9, which is fab for anyone who’s focused on the Coming, but major trauma for anyone focused on the Leaving.  That Energy should be tangible by around July 5-6.

One of the utilities of Big Government, which the Teabaggers would undoubtedly disavow, is Big Science.  Big Gummint recently put up two Satellites, one a quarter-orbit in front of the Earth, and the other a quarter-orbit behind.  Between the two of them, they have a stereo view of the bursts of Big Energy the Sun sends out, like this one…

Once that movie loads on your computer, so it plays through without interruption, play it several times.  Notice that the outburst is as big as the Sun itself!  Our Home Planet would fit into one of those bright splashes where the Energy falls back into the Sun.  That blast was  late Monday night PST, and the video is from a different, “local” Satellite, the Solar Dynamics Observatory.   And don’t forget SOHO, another Big Gummint boon.

The upshot is that the Sun is beginning an 11-year active period, and it’s expected that this one will be mild; however, mild active periods tend to be the most variable.  Any big outburst like the one in the movie, especially one that happened to be pointed at us, as this one was not, could wipe out electrical (ie, electricity) and magnetic (ie, computers) phenomena on this Planet.  These Satellites provide enough warning that grid operators can shut down before the blast arrives – if the blast hits an electrical grid that’s not running, it does far far less damage.

So while you’re planning how you might survive without the benefit of banks, without the benefit of Dollars, and without the benefit of an Economy, it wouldn’t hurt to think about how you might survive without electricity or computers.  I mean, at this point in the course of things, priority number one might be sheer survival.  Now, if any emotions arise about all this, I’m sure you’ll be tapping them out, eh?  In every case, that is priority numero uno.

And have you forgotten the bottom-line assignment?

Do not expect anything to actually “work out” – just make yer best effort toward the best outcome you can think of at the moment, realize that what’s going on is a whole lot bigger than you or I, recognize that “you” (the Old you) do not actually understand where “you” (the New you) are going, Ask for a Blessing, and as much as you can, muster Curiosity about what’s going to happen next, and expect Miracles.

Worth repeating – read slowly and carefully…

Do not expect anything to actually “work out” – just make yer best effort toward the best outcome you can think of at the moment, realize that what’s going on is a whole lot bigger than you or I, recognize that “you” (the Old you) do not actually understand where “you” (the New you) are going, Ask for a Blessing, and as much as you can, muster Curiosity about what’s going to happen next, and expect Miracles.

A coupla other treats…

Here’s a nice shot of the June 1 partial Solar Eclipse, from Norway…

and a cute one from Finnish Lapland of just the “ears” as the sun rose (to the extent that the sun “rises” at this time of year in the Arctic), taken by B.Art Braafhart…

And some truly amazing photos of the Volcano that’s erupting in Chile…

And finally, isn’t this intriguing…

We have no idea wherefrom our Grace flows, we just need to keep it coming.

The Stone at the beginning is native Graphite, the soft form of Carbon, as Diamond is the hard form.  While Diamond is hard, it’s also brittle, and fairly easily cracked.  Graphite, on the other hand, is so soft you can write with it, once your computer crashes.  Graphite’s doing some very magical things these days, part of the New Basic Paradigm, I’m sure.  So far as we know (which ain’t much, actually), Carbon is the basis for Life.

Saturn’s Blessing

January 24, 2011

Morganite (pink Beryl; Manganese Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate)The Identity-Transforming Grand Cross is still strong as Saturn stands still, and as it does a very big Blessing stands in the wings.  The blessing is strongest for only a few hours, right at the Saturn Station, so I highly recommend that you spend the hours around the Saturn Station (9pm PST Tuesday), especially just prior to the Station, in meditation.  Since one interpretation for Saturn is Ego (introjection of the father – an “introjection” is a projection in reverse, where an element of our personality sees ourself through the eyes of another, in this case our father or an alternate father image from our kidhood), it’s not a stretch to see the Saturn Station as the Ego Standing Still.

You can see the Ego as a movement of energy out from the body, protecting us from an invasion of disruptive foreign energy that would invalidate us and thereby reduce our attention to furthering our own goals and promoting our own values.  If this energy Stands Still, we’re vulnerable to disruption of our habitual Ego programs.  So we want to avoid placing ourself in a situation where we could be assaulted by unfriendly fire.  But more important (since we can use unfriendly fire to the utmost advantage if we have the skill), the Ego programs which serve someone else’s goals and values also come to halt.  Chances are that many of the programs your own father figure installed in you didn’t even belong to your father – in some perspectives, some as many as seven generations old.  (Note: it’s entirely possible that your father figure was female.)

But it’s not just about your father figure (Saturn), it’s also about the Ego programs that you’ve inherited from your own “past” lives, your Karma (one corner of the Grand Cross is the Moon’s South Node).  Those energies Stand Still as well.  Most of the time, stepping off the Wheel is tricky, as you’ll recall from the last time you jumped off a moving merry-go-round.  You have to run to keep your legs under your body, you end up running in a direction you probably didn’t intend, and you’re dizzy.  The same is true any time you try to slip out of your Birdcage.  But now the merry-go-round stops!  You can simply step off.  But you wouldn’t know you wanted to, unless you were conscious of the timing and the opportunity.

The Blessing is a Grand Trine from one corner of the Grand Cross.  A Grand Trine is three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, in Third-Harmonic (Love with Wisdom) relationship.  No other astrological phenomenon has more power than the combination of a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine, connected at one corner.  It’s a challenge because most of us aren’t accustomed to handling that much power.  Hence the recommendation to spend the time in meditation – so you don’t get tripped up by the excess amperage, and so you can take maximum advantage of the opportunity.  The corner that the two Grands share is the Moon’s South Node – our Karma.  This Node is already in a Third-Harmonic angle to the New Planetary Paradigm, aka The Miracles (Chiron-Neptune), and we’ve talked about that before. as part of the Grace that’s adjunct to the Grand Cross.

But as Saturn comes to a complete halt, the Moon slips into position to form a Grand Trine with these, the South Node and Chiron-Neptune.  The Moon moves quickly – one degree every two hours.  In these kinds of situations, astrologers usually allow only one to three degrees of “slop” (or “orb,” to use the official term), so when the Moon forms an angle in the sky, it holds for only a few hours.  The greatest power will be in the two hours prior to the Saturn Station.

The Grand Cross, recall, is all about Identity and Transformation – the corners are Juno (unconscious Identity), Jupiter-Uranus (the New Soul Chord download), the Moon’s South Node (our accumulated prior-life skills along with our Karmic baggage), and the Moon’s North (our possible Futures) Node plus Pluto (transformation).  By now the asteroid Vesta (that which we hold most sacred) has joined Pluto-North Node, adding an element of protection, and programming the transformation in directions which are most valuable to us.

The Grand Trine is about updating our Karma so it aligns with the new Planetary Paradigm, the one that allows Miracle.  The Moon implements – it takes potential and manifests it into hardcopy Reality.  The Moon is about Gravity – look what it does to the Oceans!  Science has been unable to discover why Gravity is so much weaker than the other Forces of Nature because Gravity and Emotion are poured from the same flask, and both bleed between the dimensions.  Gravity is weak in the 4D Touch-Me Universe because science hasn’t learned how to quantify Emotion, and hasn’t (except for modern Physics) learned to respect the 5D Invisible Universe.  The Moon represents Authenticityyin Integrity.

In other words, our own unique Etheric Blueprint will be hovering very close to our body, and our programmed inauthenticities will be coming to a standstill – it’s a perfect time for a Walk-In; your new Soul Chord can Walk directly Into your body, without resistance from your old programming!!!  This is Huge!  Do not miss this opportunity for Grace!  All you need to do is sit comfortably, quiet your mind, and declare a solid intention, such as

Spirit, may I please come to full Authenticity, lovingly and gently, rapidly and completely, with no hangover!

– or something like that.  It’s fine if you fall asleep – in fact “you” (your old Identity) will be falling asleep for good anyway!  Between now and Tuesday evening, test potential intentions, to see which are frightening (tap it out!!), and which feel most solid in your body.  Let them evolve.  You can even intend, Spirit, may I please come to the perfect intention two hours before the Saturn Station!

The no hangover part is important.  Change is disruptive; if you intend or visualize or pray for or ask for or affirm Change, in almost all cases you’ll be dealing with the fallout from change – disruption of useful habits, pressure from people who are invested in your old Ego, the fear that danger can befall you if you drop your shoulds.  That’s how the no-pain-no-gain school got started.  So whenever you ask for a Change, always find a way to ask that it be loving and gentle, and without negative or uncomfortable side effects.  If you do nothing else, one of the most powerful ways to expand yourself is just tapping out the Yes, Buts that come up when you contemplate your fondest dreams.

Sick and Poor, and Abundance

January 23, 2011

This is totally remarkable.  At least, it is for an economic geographer.  Hope you find it as entertaining…

Watch the way some of the globes bounce down and up like a basketball, when epidemics or wars or famines hit.  And look how quickly the Asian countries bounce up once they’re released from the yoke of Colonialism!  Unfortunately, Africa’s now being sold piece by piece to foreign Agribusiness, so they may remain “sick and poor” for a while yet.

And this second link is a good story about the Thumb of Saturn, current today, about how the Neocons are proposing additional internal Colonialism, the Elites colonizing their own Peoples, the modern equivalent of Sixteen Tons

Not that this is anything new; this link just does a great job of detailing the Elite’s currently proposed format.

Oppressing and Depressing, right?  Or is that Saturn?  Saturn tells us to face Reality as it is as much as we’re able, and in that context, to focus our Attention on the most important thing for us to respond to.  Saturn is dispassionate.  So if either one of these links triggers emotion, do tap it out.  Emotions are Real and Useful, but they’re tricky.  Some of them defend our Values.  Many of them aren’t really ours, and many of them aren’t really present-moment.  Some of them are programed, and really belong to our programmers, many of whom aren’t around to own them, or refuse to own them.  Tapping may be able to release us from their tyranny.  Tapping may also help release us from heavy Karmic or non-present-moment Emotions.  The Emotions that defend our Values aren’t strong, but they’re persistent.  Tapping won’t diminish them.

Heavy Emotions prevent us from focusing on the most important thing for us to respond to – and worse, they prevent us from responding effectively.  They keep us stuck in reaction rather than response – and we won’t be reacting to the present moment.  Persistent Emotions support the focusing and responding we need to do.  We don’t get to our Persistent Emotions till we face down our habitual Heavy Emotions.  If Hans Rosling’s conclusion in the first link is believable, then there is a great “trickle-down” from what the Elites have been doing.  On the other hand, the Elites have been working very hard lately to make most of us in the US and Europe sicker and poorer, unabashedly stealing benefits and pensions as they have been, and still are.

If you look at the experience of Asia on Hans’s graphs, maybe the greatest benefit derives from resisting Colonialism rather than collaborating.  If that’s so, then winning the war is probably more important than winning any specific battle, so one important thing would be a sober assessment of when to resist and when to concede.  We can probably all count many “past lives” – and as many past deaths – spent resisting Colonialism.  Fighting the “last war” – or one many lifetimes ago – almost guarantees loss.  As Dennis Kuchinich says, we have lost the Class War, but the best revenge is still living well – what applies to the collective doesn’t have to apply to everyone.  Abundance is having enough to share.  Unless we’re Ghandi or Nelson Mandela or MLK – and still alive, that may be our best way to help the victims of Colonialism that can’t help themselves.

Saturn is not conducive to Heavy Emotions, except perhaps oppression or discouragement.  But the Emotions that do arise under a strong Saturn, have strong heavy undercurrents that are pregnant with material ripe for release.  Asking ourself, What am I afraid of? might be a useful response to oppression or discouragement.  It might be useful to respond to depression by asking ourself What am I angry about? It’s unlikely to be an opportune time to confront our fears or act on our anger.  It’s a totally appropriate time to tap out these feelings.  If they persist, then they may be fodder for future action – but remember, we’re just beginning a six-month period of reconsideration.  If you decide you need to act now, make it a very small step.  You’ll do a lot better to save the Big Steps for June.