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Paradigm Quite New (Revised)

November 8, 2012

That was surprisingly quick and easy.  Mercury Stations have been probably the second-most-reliable astrological indicator, after Full Moons.  We can certainly say that a Mercury Station indicates Strong (Station) Awareness (Mercury), but that would apply mostly to folks who aren’t sleepwalking.  So how do we interpret this?

That folks are waking up and actually becoming adept at bullshit detection?

That Mercury Stations, like Mars-Plutos, are having an impact quite different from their traditional implications?

That hidden difficulties will surface later, perhaps at the Eclipse next week?

That the whole sham is a conspiracy?

That I’m just waaay too cynical?

Till proven otherwise, I’ll take Door #2.  Well, okay, a little of Door #5 too.  Ferryboat traffic here was waaay screwed up today, so Mercury Retro still carries some of its traditional weight.  One could make a case that the election really was not as meaningful as we imagine.  That would follow from the perspective that governments are becoming irrelevant.  Then again if money was supposed to buy the election, that proposition certainly got Coyoted bigtime.  Making the assumption that O’Bama is closer to the Primordial Feminine than Rmoney (which isn’t far-fetched), maybe this is just more of Her ascendance (or descent, depending on how you look at it).

It is relevant that Neptune is also Stationary – Clarity when viewing the World through spiritual eyes and Confusion when looking through material eyes – turning Direct on Saturday.  Neptune is Water, that would help explain the Ferryboat-traffic connection.  And Chiron is also Stationary – Changing Perspective – turning Direct next Wednesday.  Chiron-Neptune symbolizes the New Paradigm, so both of them turning Direct would spill out all of the reconsidering of their Co-Creations that everyone has been doing during their Retros.  That would be since June – Neptune turned Retro during the Venus Transit, and Chiron a week or so later.  So there is a strong connection to the Return of the Goddess.  We’ll also see that tomorrow when we review the Venus-Mars Cycles.

Mythology, Metaphor, and Fundamentalism

June 17, 2012


A “Fundametalist” is someone who takes their metaphors literally.  The news is that the Universe is a tad larger than yer brainbone, and yer brainbone ain’t near big enough to be able to afford to take any metaphor literally.  As within so without notwithstanding.  On this metric, most of the Scienterrrific types among us are as bad as or worse than the Religios who are famous for investing enormous quantities of Belief and Identity in their metaphors.  It’s all mythology, not a drop of it is True.

Which of course means that they’re all True – all mythologies are useful in one situation or another, just a matter of tuning your metaphors to your situations.  Sciences and Religions both have some very useful and powerful metaphors – doesn’t mean they’re True.  The more metaphors/mythologies we know, the better we’re able to grok what’s going on and respond effectively to it.  If you haven’t noticed your Reality pixelating a bit lately, Mr. Jones, you might want to PIAVA an increase in your span of Awareness.  Used to be, the person whose Ego was strong enough to hold steady in any degree of trauma was considered the most “sane.”  But it’s really the other way around; it’s flexibility that yer Ego needs when Reality is changing rapidly, and you get that by flexing yer metaphors.

Which brings us to why we’re writing this, here on the eye of a Solstice New Moon.  Short of Joseph Campbell, nobody I know of knows as many mythologies as thoroughly as Steve Nelson, so I trust his work enormously…

This is a good one too…

And I want to thank Sherri Burch for pointing out that a Solstice is the latitudinal equivalent of a Station – I had never thought of it that way, but it certainly is, and it’s important.

A Station is when a planet stands still in the sky, because (from our perspective) it’s about to stop moving forward and start moving backward (“Stationary Retrograde”), or stop moving backward and start going forward again (“Stationary Direct”).  But that’s all relative to longitude – that is, a planet will stop moving east and start moving west (“Stationary Retrograde”), or stop moving west and start going east again (“Stationary Direct”).  It’s the rotation of the Earth that makes the planets appear to move always westward; you have to take a snapshot every night at midnight to see the planets themselves move east (Direct) or west (Retrograde) relative to last night’s snapshot.

The Sun, which (we hope) never goes Retrograde longitudinally, moves back and forth from the Tropic of Capricorn (23 and a half degrees south of the equator – near Rio de Janeiro and Brisbane) at the mid-June Solstice to the Tropic of Cancer (23 and a half degrees north of the Equator – near Havana and Hong Kong) at the mid-December Solstice.  So the Sun too is Stationary, exactly so at nine past 4pm PDT on Wednesday, a day andahalf after the New Moon.  And the Sun remains within one minute of arc of the Tropic for two days on either side of the Solstice, so we’d have to consider it Stationary for several days.

The Moon will also be Latitudinally Stationary shortly before the New Moon, as it turns around and heads back south, a few degrees shy of the Tropic of Cancer – recall that the Moon left it’s 11-year Outabounds Cycle last May, and no longer goes norther than Havana or souther than Rio.  The other planets will also have their Latitudinal Stations – for instance, Mercury stood still on June 8-9, two degrees north of the Cancer Tropic.  At the New Moon, it’s just dropping back Inbounds.

In other words, the Sun (which represents our Life Force) is Strong (Stationary), and so is the Moon (which represents our relationship to our Life Force).  And while Mercury (which represents the left brain and the mouth) has been Strong since May 31, it’s now dropping back into a more balanced perspective.

One of the differences you’ll find between the astrology that Steve Nelson usually uses, and the astrology that I usually use, is that Steve often pays close attention to the inner planets (as do most astrologers), while I pay more attention to the outer planets.  I do that because one of the metaphors I find to be often useful, is that our Conscious Ego (inner planets) has little control over our Lives relative to our Unconscious (outer planets).  So I try to use astrology to help interpret what The Boss (the Unconscious) is up to.  Steve uses his extensive catalog of mythologies to do the same.

In the Unconscious, there are no heads or tails, only coins.  That’s because it’s only the human left brain that sees the World dualistically.  To the rest of the Universe (more or less) it’s all one fabric.  In other words, when outer-planet astrology says that the “Sun (Life Force) is Strong,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that we all feel vigorous and athletic.  It means that all of our Life-Force issues are lit up.  So for instance, if our personal history or our past/parallel lives and Karma leave us wondering whether it’s really all worthwhile, or why it’s all so hard, or just whose side our immune system is on, anyway, those potential interruptions to Life Force could be lit up.

If they are, of course, and you been there before, remember the difference between Release and Re-Lease.  Whenever our Karma revisits, our natural reaction is Oh shit, here we go again!  When we allow that reaction to remain center stage, we basically sign up to renew our Lease on that sorta Karma.  But by recognizing that we been there before, and recognizing that each Karmic revisit is also an opportunity to ascend beyond it, it’s possible to actually make a step toward Letting It GoKarma, recall, is inertia – a body in motion tends to continue to move in the same direction until some force causes it to change direction.  That force can be as simple as

I Wonder what it will be like when events evolve differently this time!

There’s nothing quite like Curiosity to banish inertia!  Just ask any Puppy.

Venus Resting, Chiron Surging

June 10, 2012

How was your Venus Walking?

Last week I read Brian Froud’s How to See Faeries – it’s short, and fun.  The day after Venus Walking I was driving home from the Big City and Whoa!  Alla sudden the Trees were alive!  And there were a lot of them!  I had to focus to stay on the road, they wanted a lot of Attention.  Big Change for me, even if the Goddess skipped Wisconsin – or maybe not, if it’s really about being forced to go back to Community and stop focusing on Politics.  The word Politics is the same word as Power, which for all intents and purposes, is just Ego run amok.  Community is Other.  Of course it’s all about Identity.  Are we AllOne, or are we Alone?

Venus should be reborn as the Morning Star – Athena, Innana, Quetzalcoatl – soon; if yer up before dawn and the Eastern sky is clear, have a look.

Great new short Bruce Lipton video out…

What’s up next?  If we ignore Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini, it’s Chiron standing still and turning Retrograde.  Jupiter in Taurus for the last year would have amplified (Jupiter) stasis (Taurus) – think Europe (or for that matter the US), where one desperate attempt after another has been made to keep nonfunctioning financial-economic-government systems from collapsing utterly.  Gemini’s about change, and lots of it.  It’s about trying out all kindsa new ways of doing things, just to see what’ll work – or just to see what happens whenya do.  We’ll see that amplified for the next year.

Neptune was Stationary turning Retro last Monday; now it’s Chiron turning Retro this coming Tuesday.  They been fellow-traveling the last several years, as they’ve conspired to set up a whole new way for us to view the World and everything in and on it.  Retrograde, remember, means thinking it over.  Everybody and everything would rather mull things a while than act precipitously.  Stationary means Strong.  When a planet is Stationary, its Energy dominates everything else.  So, what happens when Chiron dominates?

Chiron is about converting Despair into Miracle by reorganizing the foundation on which we build the structures of our thinking and feeling.  Remodeling our birdcage.  Here’s a trivial example: when I was cooking up some Bacon today, I spontaneously contacted the Soul of Pig, expressed my Gratitude, and sought her Blessing – which she generously granted.  It never occurred to me to explicitly do that before.  I can feel the difference in my body; eating it brings Joy.  I think I’ve always felt a little guilty about cooking and eating Bacon before.  Opens my mind to many other possibilities.  Not that I was in Despair over Bacon, but I do notice that I’ve been seeking stronger flavors lately.  Being in Harmony with what I eat is already changing that.

Chiron is probably a “captured comet” – a big iceball that got snared into a planet-like orbit instead of a comet-like orbit, by the grabity of the Big Planets.  It’s orbit is irregular.  It soars waaay out and touches the orbit of Uranus, then zooms waaay back in, to finish inside the orbit of Saturn before it scoots back to Uranus.  It’s a messenger.  It’s even considered a “higher octave” of our wing-ankled friend Mercury.  It touches our Individual Soul (Uranus), and brings an enlightening message back to our workaday Ego (Saturn) – then takes a message back from our Working Self to our Ideal Self.  It’s not a one-way flow of Energy.

At the moment, after spending many years inside Saturn’s orbit (while repeatedly Opposing Saturn – awakening contradistinctions between the habitual and possible), Chiron is now soaring outward toward Uranus.  As a captured comet with an irregular orbit, one of these orbits Chiron could well just keep going.  That would make Earth Life unbearably boring, so you may want to join me in contacting the Soul of Chiron, expressing our Gratitude, and asking for her Blessing.  Sure, change can be hard, but you can PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm) that it be loving and gentle and rapid and complete.  You can even PIAVA that you’ll lose none of the benefits you would have gained had you done it the hard way.

So what could our Ego have to tell our Soul, that our Soul didn’t already know?  Well, it could tell the Soul what Life is actually like on Earth, here among the Hubeings.  You can imagine Chiron telling Uranus, Didja hear the one about the… and the two of them laughing their heads off.  Not that Uranus could possibly believe that it’s possible for anybody to forget the existence of the Soul, and actually believe that Matter is real!

Anyway, look for small Miracles the next several days.  Little light bulbs lighting up, “solving” long-simmering “problems” you’ve been working on.  And stay open for Big Miracles.  And don’t be quick to judge what seems Retrograde, like government in Wisconsin.  The Corporate Media want to keep you in Trance so you believe that everything is (a) Business As Usual so no worries and (b) Scary As Hell so be very scared, but it aint neither.  It’s just Change.  Tune into the Soul of Ten Years Hence, find your Gratitude, and ask for a Blessing.  Something is happening, Mr. Jones.

Neptune II

May 29, 2012

We’ve established, to our own satisfaction at least, that Neptune is currently prominent, by virtue of it’s June 4 Station, and consequently its barely perceptible movement.  Imagine what you would feel if the Sun stopped midway through its daily journey across the Sky; any other planet’s influence is similarly amplified when it slows to a crawl.  And that June’s two Big Events – Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun, and Uranus Squaring Pluto – are connected by Neptune.  She is still virtually Stationary when Venus Walks (and the Moon is Partially Eclipsed) next week, and she is Squared by Jupiter when Uranus Squares Pluto (and Saturn turns Direct) later in June.  In other words, Neptune is waving her arms and shouting “Look at Me!

Now, when we look to see what sort of impact a Square such as Jupiter’s Square to Neptune might have, we look in two places.  First, is it a waxing Square or a waning Square, and second, where and when was the preceding Conjunction.  The Conjunction initiates a new Cycle between the two planets, and defines the character of the entire Cycle.  At the waxing Square, or 1/4th point of the Cycle, the Cycle is gaining influence, and in fact, just coming into its own.  The new Energy of the new Cycle is prominent at the Conjunction, but there is still great resistance from the Energy of the previous Cycle.  Once the excitement of the Conjunction fades, the old Energy does everything it can to undermine the new Energy – until the waxing Square, when the new Energy takes hold fully and “becomes permanent,” for the rest of the Cycle anyway.  At the waning Square, the Cycle’s 3/4ths point, the new Energy has done its thing (peaking at the Opposition and the Phitile), and is beginning to fade.

Jupiter acts mostly as an amplifier, and in this kind of circumstance, where we’re dealing with outer planets dancing with one another, we could easily consider Jupiter a likely trigger for the initiation of long-developing trends into action, the way the Moon provides the same function for shorter trends and events.

The Uranus-Pluto Square is waxing, and so is the Jupiter-Neptune Square.  So we look to their respective Conjunctions to tease out the nature of their Cycles, which are both just now “becoming permanent.”  To see which obstreperous old fuddy-duddies, ne’er-do-wells, and obstructionists are about to be banished from the Temple, in other words.  Note that they are likely to be the loudest voices you can hear, as they shout out their last pathetic pleas for Attention.  Of course by now you well know that the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction occurred in the 60s.  But here we’ll talk about the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle.

Which was initiated on May 27, 2009, three years ago almost to the day, at 27 degrees of Aquarius.  You’ll recognize the Sabian Symbol – An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh Violets – the same as the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of February 2010.  At the time of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction, both Chiron and Neptune were Stationary, and only one fourth of a degree apart, doing their pre-Conjunction dance that Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner were celebrating so joyfully, as they signed all your tax money over to their buddies at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.  The current collapse of economic and political order in Europe is a direct result of that, as will be a later collapse in the US.  Jupiter Conjoined Chiron a few days prior to Conjoining Neptune, in the same degree.  Notice please Mr. Obomba and yer Repo rivals, that it’s fresh Violets, not fresh Violence.  Easy mistake for youall to make, not easy for the rest of us.  Jupiter reaches its waxing Square to Chiron on July 24 of this year.

In other words, Neptune makes this whole month turn out to be about the New Chiron-Neptune Paradigm.  To review, Chiron is about changing our perspective in such a way as to turn despair into miracles – as Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem using the same way of thinking that was used to define the problem.  The previous Chiron-Neptune Cycle began on the day when Emperor Hirohito surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri (which created an enormous change in the US and Japanese economies, from building bombs to building cars and electronic entertainment devices).  If you saw that change coming, and sold or converted your gunpowder factory, Chiron-Neptune was a huge opportunity; if you didn’t, it was a big bummer.  The Cycle before that, 1879, began when the bonds used to build the railroads from the US Midwest out to the Pacific collapsed – very similar to the housing collapse in 2007-2008.  Had you sold your rail mill and started a gunpowder plant in 1879, you’d have had a thriving century to follow.

So it’s clear that the economic collapse in Europe and the US is only a bummer to the extent that we hate change, and a big opportunity to the extent that we can intuit what the next Cycle is gonna be about.  For instance, converting from Gasoline to Natural Gas is a no-brainer.  Some “green” technologies, like windmills, will eventually prove viable.  Batteries can provide nowhere near the “power density” (horsepower per pound) that petroleum products and fuel cells provide, and no huge battery breakthroughs are in sight (other than making lead-acid batteries robust enough to survive for more than a week in a vehicle that kills the engine every time you take your foot off the accelerator).  Coming up with an alternative to both Gangs and Fascism for maintaining social order will be a win for somebody – we hope.  Pottery may not be the best business, since the Pottery is Ancient.  Flowers, maybe.  Or reanimating the Planet, as the Spiritual element of the Flowers is the world of the Faeries.

The Sabian Symbol for the 1945 Cycle was Libra 6, “A person watches their ideals taking a concrete form before their inner vision.”  Not sure how that relates to the Age of Automobiles and Electronic Toys, but obviously somebody had a vision.  Probably Mr. Toyoda or Mr. Samsung or Mr. Rockefeller, or all of the above and Mr. Pirelli as well.  The 1879 Cycle began at Taurus 11, “A woman watering flowers in her garden.”  If we recall the words to Where Have All the Flowers Gone, that certainly makes sense for the first half of the 20th century.

All of which makes the falling dominoes in southern Europe seem more and more like the first drop in the bucket of the End of the World as We Know it, duly scheduled for June.  The Uranus-Pluto (“I gotta be Me!“) stretches on until 2015, as the two planets Retrograde back and forth across one another’s Squaring paths.  If we make it into 2013, it’ll probably take till 2015 before the last domino, which could well be the US Dollar, falls.  By then southern Europe should be leading the Planet into the New Paradigm (as they often have in the past – the Ancient Pottery Bowl).  Europe has a long history of taking care of the Planet, by necessity – they can probably figure out how to frack responsibly, though as they re-colonialize a newly third-world North America, they may consider its landscape to be as expendable as it is exploitable.

Violets, Pansies, same diff.  Another common name for the species is Heartsease.  Nice, eh?

Neptune I

May 25, 2012

Okay, so the meat of Neptune’s involvement here is, first, that she’s Stationary (Strong) during the Big Events of June 4-5 (Partial Lunar Eclipse, Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun, and Moon Occulting Pluto).  And leading up to it; an outer planet Station is usually felt for a week or so by folks of moderate sensitivity, and longer for the Canaries.  As we write this, eight-and-a-half days before the Station, Neptune is one minute of arc from the location of her Station.  That’s sixty times as close as the one degree one would normally use, at a minimum, as indicating a detectable influence (“Orb,” it’s called).  Neptune has been within one degree of her Station since April 3rd.  And she entered the zone of her Retrogradation (or “Shadow Period”) on February 13th.  We’ll come back to this, but before we forget…

And the meat of Neptune’s involvement here is, second, that she’s Squared by Jupiter during the Big Events of June 23-25 (Uranus Squaring Pluto and Saturn Stationary turning Direct).  That turns out to be even more consequential, so let’s deal with the first meat first…

So with Neptune one minute of arc from her Station, we’re all fully immersed in Neptune.  What does that feel like?  Well, Confusion is probably the most common process.  Of course, if you’re a regular reader, you know that Confusion signifies that a bar has come loose in the birdcage that bounds your understanding of Reality.  A hole in your cage provides opportunity for Tweety to fly free, for Sylvester to reach in, or both.  Till the final episode, you know Tweety’s gotta evade Sylvester, or there wouldn’t be a next episode.  So if you’re willing to tap out your Fear, you can trust that Tweety will survive just fine flying free, as she so often in fact does.

Neptune runs Pisces, so we have to include Intuition and Emotionality.  Know that most of our language is codified by left-brained white males, so of course those things are associated with “irrationality.”  If you’ve sealed yerself off from yer second sight, then you work hard to keep that whole realm of Spirit and Emotion outa legitimacy.  But as Jung said, Thinking People are not rational, cuz they aren’t in touch with their Values.  The mind is a great engineer, but it’s the Heart that decides which projects are worth engineering.  Which is all enormously relevant, cuz the Neoatlanteans are engineering the Canaries and the Sensitives back into the Grove.  They cut down the Groves long ago, but guess what?  They grow back!  And some of them even block EMF.

So the bad press Neptune gets comes from the left-brain equivalent of Fox News – it’s biased, it’s propaganda designed to make you hate yourself, and it’s engineered to destroy your Humanity.  I think of Neptune as Our Relationship with God/Goddess.  This is all Us, remember, not Other.  So Neptune isn’t about the Mysteries, it’s about our relationship with the Mysteries.  In other words, expect Magic to be Afoot.  Look for it.  If it comes looking for you, fabulous!  But if you haven’t been PIAVAing an improved relationship with the Mysteries, you may have to go on a bit of a Treasure Hunt on yer own.  Keep an sharp ear out for when the Thrush knocks twice.  All of which contributes to our usual mnemonic that Neptune brings Fog to material eyes, and perfect Clarity to spiritual eyes.

Another side of Neptune that we usually ignore, is its representation of the Collective Unconscious – the cultural element of your heritage, or your Group Soul.  There are many levels here; genetic and cultural and magical components of ancestry, the crosscurrents in your cultural mileau, your twigmates on your Soul Tree, the Tree itself, the Star System where your True Home lies.  Whether you remember or not, you came here, to this Planet, to help process runaway Excess Repressed Emotional Energy that is tearing the Planet in two.  Your True Home reveals your natural methodology for this processing.  You’re surrounded by folks whose Identity is tied up in their temporary physical form, their fear of displeasing, their need to conform, their Unconscious anger or grief or other estrangement, their great grandfather’s oath of revenge, their lawn, their obsessions, their addictions.  It takes Magic to hold your own Vibration in this Funny Farm.  Confusion?  Good Stuff!  It’ll take you right Home if you let it.

Soooo, what about this particular Retrogradation of Neptune?  It spans the first 4 degrees of Pisces, 0:22 to 3:09 to be exact.  Ifya got any natal positions in that range, they’re already getting a workout.  A Retrogradation means a triple illumination of some portion of the Zodiac – the planet first crosses this zone Direct, then backs over it Retro, then crosses it again Direct.  The entire span is called the Shadow Period.  We’ll feel the planet strongly at the two Stations, but we’ll experience our own natal positions – and the Magical Transformation that they’re undergoing – before, between, and after the Stations.  Like all triple astrological events, we call the first one (February-to-May) the Canopener, the second one the Exposition (June-to-December), and the third pass the Confidence-Builder (January-February 2013).

In the Canopener phase, difficult issues arise.  They can usually be interpreted and resolved (Empathy Heals) by understanding how the natal position triggered fits into your overall horoscope, but that seldom happens, because they seem like they’re out of the blue (we get warned when a planet goes Retro, we don’t typically get warned when a planet enters the Shadow Period), and they often demand a lot of attention.  During the Exposition, when the planet backs over your natal position while Retrograde, you can watch the issue arise again, but this time in slow motion.  You’re no longer caught off guard by it, it’s not as urgent, you don’t feel as much the Victim of your circumstances, and you can try a number of strategies to deal with it.  Then in the Confidence-Building stage, you know you can handle it, and it’s almost exciting to do so, because you appreciate your new-found skills.

If all goes well, by the end of the Shadow Period, you’ve brought a significant portion of your natal skillset (horoscope) into Consciousness, learned how to apply it creatively and constructively, and grown considerably in Self and Confidence.  In the Canopener, we react, we do what we’ve always done, whether it works or not – Einstein’s definition of insanity.  In the Exposition, we learn, by trial and success (and “error” of course), new skills.  Many are trained to encounter a Retrogradation with some trepidation, but it’s the other way around.  We should be trepidatious about the Canopener, and excited about the Retrogradation!  It’s a workshop for learning skills that meet a current-moment need.

So here we have Neptune Retrograding in the early degrees of Pisces.  This is the Pisces Dwad (a Dwad is a 2-1/2 degree chunk, or one twelfth, of a sign) of Pisces – Pisces Squared, in other words.  What better place for Neptune to be at the End of the World as We Know It!  Pisces is the last sign; it’s seen it all, for better or worse.  There are lingering traumas to release, there are reunions to attend (physically or figuratively), new roads to explore, there are Joys to open up to.  Emotions come through one pipe; if you’ve half-closed a valve to tone down some unpleasantness, you’ve also half-closed your opportunities for Excitement and Ecstasy.  We find our Mission by following our Bliss – closing down to our Joy leaves us wandering in the wilderness.

We can’t recommend Tapping enough, but there are myriads of other ways to let go of old traumas, not the least of which is remembering that each time we re-experience an unpleasantry, it’s an opportunity to let go of it.  An Oh shit, here we go again! reaction cements your aversion more deeply.  A Yahoo, this krap is up for release! response, even ifya gotta fake it tillya make it, opens the pipe.  Remember the keyword Release; you don’t want to re-lease your trauma – renew your lease, you want to bless it and let it go.  Each of the traumas on your path was there to protect you.  We close down on purpose, to limit our vulnerability while we endure situations where we would be overwhelmed.  When we’re ready to find Gratitude for the trauma’s protective process, and open the valve again, it’s a cause for great celebration!

Neptune II to follow – it’s basically about how these astroevents are actually all Initiations into the Mysteries of the new Chiron-Neptune paradigm.

A White Opal.  Just Who is that, looking back at us through this foggy Neptune mirror?  Opal is Quartz, with miniscules of Water trapped inside the Crystal structure.  It’s the Water that refracts the light and produces the “Fire” in an Opal.  Opal can bring repressed Emotion up out of the deeps.  Neptune is about seeing through a glass darkly, about recognizing Other as part of Us.

Busy Coupla Weeks

March 31, 2012

Happy April Fool’s Day!  Busy coupla weeks coming up.

Mercury turns Direct on April 4, then re-enters Aries on April 16.  That means that over the next few weeks we should oughta be up for a bunch of insights into the tons of Karma that we’ve all been dumping, as Mercury makes its third pass over the tail end of Pisces.

Then Mars finally turns Direct on Friday the 13th, which falls onna Friday this month.  Till late June, Mars will be making its third crossing of the Heart of Virgo. When a planet dances across a Zodiacal zone three times, it’s an intense review of the affairs of the planet and the zone.  Mars dancing in Virgo ends up being close to a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory, or at least a thorough review of our Identity and Community, and how we use our Energy on the Planet.  The third crossing is a review and confidence-builder; the first crossing opens old wounds, and the second crossing provides the opportunity for Healing, for trying new and different ways to approach old dilemmas.

For Mars, the first crossing was mid-November to late January, and the second from late January to mid-April.  Slow processes like these are hard to correlate with external and internal personal and impersonal events and processes, but tremendously worthwhile if you can do it.  I suggest you PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, Affirm) that you receive insights, and then Change the Subject, cuz unless the Karma you’re re-experiencing is a Big Deal, it’s unlikely that you’ll find the most useful insights by thinking.

The first crossing of the tail of Pisces and the head of Aries by Mercury spanned February 27 through March 12, and the second crossing March 12 through April 3.  The tail of Pisces and the head of Aries of course represents Rebirth.

Meanwhile, Pluto turns Retro on April 9.  The last coupla days before a Pluto Station, it always feel like we’re swimming in Jello, cuz history and herstory are slowing down and getting ready to turn in a new direction.  Pluto will go backwards till mid-September, making a second crossing over the fourth Dwad of Capricorn.  A Dwad is the twelfth part of a Sign.  The fourth Dwad of Capricorn is the Aries Dwad, and of course while Pluto is Retro it’ll be Squared by Uranus from Aries, in early July.

Let’s just suppose for a minute that all of those rumors and intuitions and wishes of Breakthrough and Transcendence and New Earth and Ascendance will work out for the best.  Then if that’s true, we would have witnessed all of the roadblocks and speedbumps to that Trance(re)formation during Pluto’s first crossing of the Aries Dwad, from mid-December through April 9.  We should be experiencing the Healing between now and mid-September, and the third crossing will span mid-September through early January of 2013, finishing up just in time for an Inauguration.

Capricorn is the Just Fix It Sign (Cardinal Earth, or creativity around materiality), and the Aries Dwad is the Oh, We Could Fix It This Way! portion of Capricorn (Aries is Cardinal Fire, or creative Spirit).  Capricorn is run by Saturn, the Zodiac’s engineer (think Gopher, if yer not British).  It likes to think things over thoroughly, but once we get to the Aries Dwad, it’s time to get off the workbench and begin testing the prototypes.

Here’s a great Bill Moyers interview with Howard Zinn – who better to kick us inna butt and get us moving forward…

Followed by a David Icke article, a movie review no less.  Who could possible be bored by anything David Icke says!  Dust off yer best Both/And glasses.  You don’t need to watch the video, it’s just about some boring topic like Identity or something.  The written text below it is more compelling…

Then Ozzie Barbara sends us this nice link, a table of metaphysical properties of Crystals…

Of course different Crystals mean different things in different contexts for different people, and the best way to use Crystals is to use the one(s) you have in your hand in the way you’re guided to use it.  But our left brains like entertainment too, and, at least at first glance, this compendium looks very useful.  She describes our Green Kyanite Crystal, for instance, as

‘Heart of the Lioness’ Kyanite in the green ray allows deep meditation to draw on the loving and healing qualities of the fourth chakra.  May assist in alleviating depression through seeing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’  Stimulates the incorporation of dream work and visions into daily life.  Its energy is feminine and may be more attractive to those wishing to support receptive qualities in themselves as well as female visioning power.

Nothing to argue with there.  Kyanite, like Garnet and Topaz and Zircon and Peridot, is a Nesosilicate, the simplest of Silicates, where the Silicate groups don’t bond with one another before linking with the Metal ion.  They’re similar to Phosphates and Sulfates in this regard – the rest of the Silicates are more complex.  Like Topaz, Kyanite is an Aluminum Nesosilicate – the difference is that Topaz adds a Fluoride or Hydroxide ion.  After Lithium, Beryllium, Sodium, and Magnesium, Aluminium is the fifth-Lightest Metal.  It’s cuz they take themselves Lightly that Angels can fly.

If I recall correctly, the Black Crystal is Schorl, Black Tourmaline, the ultimate in grounding.  Nice combination, eh?  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie would put it.  Kinda like where 2012 will take us if we hold our mouths right.  That’s one of the things my Father used to say when I’d pepper him with Whys and Hows – How do you do that?  You gotta hold your mouth right.  Useta frustrate me, but now I know what he meant – you gotta be square with your Intention, so your Emotion isn’t secretly (or not-so-secretly) canceling out your Intent.

Mélange à Trois

March 11, 2012

Okay, so we got a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine, with Venus Aphrodite in Jupiter’s lap.  Let’s start with Pluto.  Think of a big River, and you get to choose between paddling upstream or paddling downstream.  When Pluto is lit up, the downstream route is not only easy, but you get a great assist from the flow of the stream.  But the upstream route is fraught with rapids, and even paddling like hell, you’ll never get anywhere, except maybe swept backward or sideways into the rocks.  If something isn’t working when Pluto is highlighted, give it up, for the time being anyway.

Now, let’s throw in Jupiter.  Jupiter is the Big Amplifier.  Whatever’s happening, Jupiter just blows it up big, and in general, things turn out pretty well.  It’s possible to get Jupiter to amplify a bummer, but unlikely.  Jupiter’s usually pretty good-natured, and stands well ‘longside the Wheel of Fortune.  So a Jupiter-Pluto Trine can be pretty sunny, if yer not fighting the tape.  The Big Danger is, as always, Identity.  If you think everything’s going along swimmingly because yer Hot Poo, yer gonna end up smelling pretty bad once you step out of the canoe, or the Energy shifts and you don’t shift with it.

Just watch Rick Sanitorium in a coupla weeks.  And maybe Mitt Rommel too, as they drive on deep into Egypt.  Or the American economy, or European banks – not to mention Amerikan banks.  As Clinton might say, “It’s the River, Stupid!”  It’s not you.  But that doesn’t mean you cant use the Energy to get a heckofa lot of good works done!  Especially with Mars on the other pole of the trifecta.  Put simply, Mars is Energy.  Just pure testosterone, which juices girls just like it does boys.  It’s not too bright, easily cajoled into doing dumb things that can be self-destructive, but it also very often comes through as the Star quarterback or homerun hitter.  Mars is kindofa teenager, it needs direction, but it’s well-intentioned, muscular, and enthused.  If you want help moving, or the lawn mowed, Mars is yer man.

It’s a Grand Trine, so accept the Grace, and milk it for all it’s worth.  Don’t take it to the bank, cuz the banks aren’t yer friend these days, but do take it home and tuck it under the mattress.  The downside isn’t Greed, it’s Arrogance.  Thinking it’s cuz yer cool, rather than cuz the Energy happens to be running your way.  What, how can the Energy run everybody’s way?  Easy, it’s Both/And.  If you actually sat down with them and learned where they were coming from and where they were going, you’d realize you aren’t even in the same Universe.  They aren’t your competition, they’re just a truck going by on the highway.

As long as you focus on your own goals and don’t waste your time examining someone else’s hand, everybody can have Aces.  Don’t get caught up in competition or resistance, just let the Energy flow in your direction.  Mars is retrograde, which is actually a boon, as it’s less likely to burn out, or burn you out.  Retrograde Energy is metered, it’s less likely to run off in every direction at once, more likely to consider possible consequences before punching the throttle.  If you don’t succumb to the temptation to own your successes and become a Red Giant, then you can keep your gains after the Energy shifts, and everyone’s a winner.  The Red Giants become White Dwarfs after the Energy shifts, so just giggle behind your hand at their games and ignore them.

Then we throw Venus into the blender.  Venus generally has a spotless reputation, she doesn’t turn rivals into Stone, or chain nobody to no Tree.  She’s a sweetheart.  She lives in your Heart, and Values what you Value.  Now remember, everybody’s Truth lies in their own Heart, but everybody’s Heart is different.  Venus doesn’t abide Power trips or Control trips or even persuasion or manipulation.  She’s from Arcturus, where it is assumed without question that Other is as Sacred as Self.

The Venus-Mars Cycle is about our Relationships, particularly our Relationship with ourself, otherwise known as our Relationshit.  This is the Waning Trine, where we receive the Grace we’ve earned from the current Cycle before it descends into the Void to be recycled.  The current Venus-Mars Cycle began in May 2011 at 10 degrees of Taurus, exactly the degree where Venus crosses Jupiter next week, sharing the same “Red Cross Nurse” anthem.  That is quite remarkable.  It means that the current flow in our Relationships will  continue and greatly expand, as Father Jupiter takes over the husband role from Brother Mars – speaking in terms of Power, not Incest.

It also means that if you haven’t been owning difficulties in your Relationships, those too will expand, till you take Responsibility for them.  You don’t care whether your partners take Responsibility for their Relationshit, cuz that’s their Karma, and waaay outa your hands.  It’s yer own Karma yer gonna hafta live with tillya don’t, so use the Power of the current configuration to move through and beyond yer own Stuff.  Move to yer Arcturean self – basically, I’m Okay, Yer Okay.  With yer nursey whites on, you can be very kind to yourself while you convalesce.

As with your political aims (the word Politics is from the word Power, which is a synonym for Ego – so yer “political aims” are what you want to manifest), don’t assume that because yer Relationships are smooth at the moment, that the Beast has departed.  It’s not you, it’s the Energy.  Accept it, embrace it, run with it, but recognize that it may not be a gift that keeps on giving.  A word to the wise – win-win is only possible when both parties play the game.  If party A goes into win-lose and party B stays in win-win, party A wins.  Be mindful that yer Relationshit may still have a component of codependence, even 25 years after the concept went out of fashion.  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie likes to say.

Venus and Jupiter are the two great Benifics.  Their coming together is a Goldilocks day, a day in bright Sunshine, with temperature and humidity just right and the Lilacs blooming, and the company exciting.  Coming together as a Red Cross Nurse symbolizes a compassionate Healing that will carry us through the initial Uranus-Pluto squares, through August 2014.  We can think of it as the Light of Ascension that underlies the Paradigm Shift that our Victims feels so tortuously when we forget to own the Karma, tap it out and tame it, and send it Home.

So nothing to rue here – Enjoy!

Eudialyte doesn’t just symbolize Joy, it also dispels that which is past its time and hesitates to move on.  It Cleanses and Heals.  There could be no better Stone for this occasion, and for the next several years.  Like the Tourmalines and Beryls, it is a Cyclosilicate, arranging its Silicate ions in six-sided rings.  But its basic cationic (positive charge) minerals are Sodium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zirconium, while it’s anionic (negative charge) minerals are Silicate and Chloride.  Minerals don’t have molecules, they have ions linked up in matched pairs to create a Crystal structure.  Iron can substitute for the Manganese, and Rare Earths like Cerium and Yttrium for either the Calcium or the Manganese, making it as varied as it is rare.


February 5, 2012

Busy coupla days.  Neptune entered Pisces on Friday last.  And on Tuesday, the Full Moon (which of course is Moon Opposing Sun) Quintiles the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition, with Saturn Standing Still and turning Retrograde.

What does that all mean?  Well, first, if any apparent dilemma arises, where you’re not sure whether to set a better boundary (Saturn) or loosen up and let it go (Jupiter), don’t.  Or whether to knuckle down and get to work (Saturn) or relax and let the Universe handle it (Jupiter) – again, don’t.  That is, do neither.  It’s not about decision or action, it’s about Awareness.  Oppositions are about Awareness.  So it’s a heuristic, a learning opportunity, where your job is to look and listen and feel, because there’s a door open that isn’t open all that often, and if you slam it shut (by deciding to be serious or relaxed or firm or flexible), it’ll be many years before you can pick up on this Lesson so easily again.

So what’s the Lesson?  It’s not an intellectual Lesson, it’s an experiential Lesson.  It’s about living out beyond dichotomies.  It’s a lot more exciting out there, as Rumi would attest.  If you’ve never looked at Julie Henderson’s book, you probably know what I mean.  The Jupiter-Saturn Opposition’s been going on for a while, so it’s not a new Teaching, but the Quintile (which is about Teaching and Learning) and the lineup with the Full Moon (the quintessential symbol of Illumination) gives it alotta oomph.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is about “A Jewelry shop filled with valuable Gems” (23 Taurus, May 2000) so it’s not something you wanna ignore.

Saturn, meanwhile, is having one last Retro fling in Libra, before it moves on into Scorpio, which it does in early October.  Saturn Retrogrades across much of the Gemini Decanate (or third) of Libra, namely the Cancer, Leo, and Virgo Dwads (or twelfths) of Libra.  Sounds astrobabblical, I know, but here’s what it means.  The first third of Libra is about “Whoa, I didn’t realize that this wasn’t all about me!” – mostly shock.  The second third (the Aquarius Decanate) is about “Guess I better pretend to be social and try to make a meaningful contact with these Others.”  And the last third of Libra is about “Well, that didn’t work out, so I better let all that go, and see what I can learn!”

By the time we get to the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth twelfths of Libra, we’re into “Wait a minute, I care about these People” (Cancer) and “But I care more about ME” (Leo) and “Fuck it, I don’t understand any of it!” (Virgo).  Which sets the stage for Scorpio.  Scorpio’s fundamental urge is to Get to the bottom of things!  No cost is too great.  Scorpio needs to understand, there is no alternative.  So you’ll be millennia ahead when you get out there come October, if you’re willing this week to set aside your Ego and your Programming, forgo Decision and Action, and just Watch.  Curiosity.  I wonder what’s gonna happen to all that?  I wonder what they’re gonna do! (when I don’t react).

With Curiosity in full Flower, the next several months will be incredibly entertaining!

Pepe Escobar seems to be pretty good at seeing through all of the Diplomatic Hubris that the US projects.  Here’s his take on the Iran business…

And here’s some very useful background…

Hard to beat Topaz for creating Clarity.  That’s what Neptune in Pisces is all about, Clarity.  As long as you aren’t Ego-involved in Shopping As Usual.  I mean, as entertainment, by all mean go for it.  Stuff is fun.  (Be careful not to get yer Ego wrapped up in the Potlatch either, though!)  Topaz is the simplest of Aluminum Silicates, with a touch of Fluorine for Color.  Simplicity and Clarity, what more could we ask for when our Ego confuses us with pressing questions about Boundaries and Forgiveness and Work and Play!

The Balance

January 21, 2011

Oh, so many dimensions to keep in balance, all the time!  For the next week or so, our balancing act revolves around Expansion and Contraction, with the emphasis on the latter.  You can play with this using your Muscles – have a “look” to see whether your Muscles are expanded (relaxed) or contracted (tight) – your sphincter, gluteus, and jaw Muscles are great places to “look” (feel, actually, but that word has sooo many meanings and connotations!), cuz they measure your stress level.  Knowing your stress level, and acting to relax it, can add years to your life.

Dunno about you, but I was programmed to believe that Expansion is better than Contraction.  But yer Muscles are a good example of the contrary – by and large, it’s their Contraction that does useful work.  You can see stress that way too – as Hans Selye put it, it’s “eustress” – positive stress – that does useful work.  The “labor of love” kinda thing, where yer working yer butt off and loving every minute of it.  And by and large, Expansion feels a lot better than Contraction.  That’s what alcohol does for us, it makes us feel expanded, and that feels good.  Some of us, particularly those of us who were programmed to believe we had worth only to the extent that we served others, can hardly stand to feel contracted.  We hate having to draw a Boundary.

The poster child for Contraction is Saturn, which is standing still this week.  Even more than when a planet is outabounds, a planet’s influence is strongest when it’s stationary.  So we’ll all be feeling the urge to contract.  Lemme digress for a minute to a quote from Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing

“When we tell ourselves how we are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or not worthy enough, we begin to wage an internal war that destroys life.  It is this internal warring that can cause imbalance, lead to depression, and contribute to illness.”

So often, so many of us respond to Saturn that way.  But that’s not what Saturn is about, it’s what our programming is about.  So Saturn events are always a big opportunity to turn our entire life around, by becoming conscious of this kind of programming, so we can respond to it consciously and lovingly.

Saturn asks us to focus, to concentrate.  It usually asks us to give up on all of our Plan B fallbacks, and put all of our energy into Priority #1.  That’s always scary, cuz our Plan Bs keep us safe from the possibility that we may not be “good enough” to make a success of Priority #1.  Saturn’s always a test, but if we recognize that it’s just trying to pull the best out of us, it doesn’t have to be negative.  In fact, it’s enormously positive – it’s half of life, when we look at life as the dance balancing Expansion and Contraction.

Now, if Saturn is lit up and the Planet is exploring Contraction, does this mean we need to contract along with it, or that we need to expand to compensate?  Well, that’ll be different for each of us and probably different for each realm of our life, and if we experience this question as a dilemma, it just tells us we’re too much in the mind.  Whenever we aren’t sure whether to choose heads or tails, we need to choose the coin.  Life is not binary, and the Universe is not binary.  It’s the mind that’s binary, that thrives on contradistinctions and oppositions.  Never let an Either/Or question slow you down – train yourself to detect the Stop, and switch to Both/And instantly.

Often we experience Expansion in the Fourth Chakra, and Contraction in the Third.  That’s an easy dichotomy to “fix” – we need to keep all of our Chakras open evenly!  We all love to think everything will be wonderful if we just live in the Heart all the time – it feels great to be in love!  But that’s precisely when we need good Boundaries most.  And many of us love that steely feeling of Nobody messes with me! that we get by empathizing with those hardass supercompetent movie heroes and antiheroes – John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, The Incredibles.  But it’s Both/And.

Next time you get angry or need to set a Boundary, see how it feels to open your Fourth Chakra just as much as you open your Third.  Next time you’re feeling in love or need to express Gratitude, see how it feels to open your Third Chakra just as much as you open your Fourth.  You prolly wanna practice this first in non-critical situations, before you try it when you’re in a job interview or proposing to somebody, cuz for most of us it’ll feel pretty weird for a while, till we get good at it.  First time I ever tried it I was bathed in sweat!  Fortunately, it was during a difficult telephone conversation, so I didn’t have to explain my diaphoresis!

I used to run on a three-mile hilly dirt path through the woods and meadows, six or seven loops at a time.  It always took about a loop and a half of conscious effort before the endorphins set in and made the rest effortless.  Then one day I ran when Saturn was stationary.  It was conscious effort all twenty miles!  I kept expecting the endorphins to click in any minute, but they never did.

On Saturday (January 22, at 9am PST), Jupiter goes back into Aries after backtracking into Pisces.  I’m sure you remember back in early June, when Uranus and Jupiter entered Aries in tandem.  We labeled that a huuuge New Download from your Soul Chord.  Not to be too simple-minded about it, in July both of them turned around, and went back into Pisces, giving us the opportunity to clean up any unfinished business that our Old Identity may have left hanging about.  They turned and went direct again in November, and they’ve been steaming back toward Aries since.  On Saturday Jupiter crosses the line.  Uranus dallies till mid-March, so we aren’t completely done with our Old Business, but we should be feeling a jolt of exhilarating freedom on Saturday, as our New Self expands.

“Should” that is, because we may have to look for it, if the Saturn Energy dominates.  Saturn stands still on Tuesday (January 25), at 10pm PST, and the Moon crosses Saturn a little before 9pm PST on Monday January 24, so the Energy may be strong earlier.  You could feel like a giant tack, as if a giant thumb was trying to push you into the ground.  No worries, just knuckle down and pay attention to what’s most important.  Just focus on one thing, and let go of the rest.  You might have to negotiate with yourself to figure out what’s most important, but if you do, that just says it’s essential work you’ve been putting off too long.  If you start negotiating now, you’ll be ahead.

Be careful to distinguish between what’s most important to you, and what’s most important to someone else to whom you usually give your power.  Don’t exclude the possibility that pleasing someone else may well be the most important thing in your life at this juncture – that’s perfectly valid.  But you wanna be conscious of making that choice, and you wanna be conscious of any jealousy you or someone else may have about that, and deal with it using your newfound skill of keeping Both your Third And your Fourth Chakra open equally.  If you have to do that verbally, you prolly wanna keep your Fifth and First Chakras open just as much as well!  In any difficult negotiation, Manganotantalite is your best friend.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to live most of your life with all of your Chakras open equally!?!?

I find that it’s far more important to know when a planet is standing still, than to know whether it’s “stationary retrograde” (about to go backwards) or “stationary direct” (about to go forwards).  The more sensitive you are to the Energy, the longer the time when you’ll feel the Station.  I usually feel an outer-planet Station (like Saturn) for about a week, prior to the Station.  Then once the planet starts to move again, the sensation drops off quickly.  You can dig yourself a hole by failing to recognize that a Station is happening, attributing the feeling to some aspect of your life, and making decisions accordingly.

For instance, Saturn may be asking me to tighten up a Boundary a little with a friend.  But if I don’t know Saturn is acting up, I might blame my feelings on my friend, say so, and create a lot of unnecessary havoc, maybe even losing the friend.  The most important thing could just have been tidying up my relationships.  I might indulge in I hate this job thoughts, give them unwarranted credence, and make a decision to quit, which could subject me to unnecessary hardship afterwards, when I discover that there aren’t any better jobs to be had.  The most important thing may just have been adjusting my attitude, or getting along with someone when I was stuck in Either/Or with them and their values, or seeking a profession that I enjoy doing.

If we’re conscious of any astrological event, the Energy drops off quickly after the event.  If we aren’t conscious, our decisions can extend the Energy indefinitely.  A classic example is the 9/11 trauma.  The nasty Saturn-Pluto Energy that prompted 9/11 was finished by the Summer of 2002.  But George II and his Lizardly cronies, for their own political purposes, exploited the Energy to meet their own ends, and we’re still suffering the consequences.  Wouldn’t you rather it was your love partner or your fantasy lover that’s feeling you up?  It was another King George that presided over the events leading to the original Tea Party.

While it’s more important that Saturn is Stationary than that that it’s Stationary Retrograde, it’s worth our time to consider the Retrogradation as well.  The outer planets go retro every year; since we go round the Sun faster than they do, we pass them, so they appear to be receding from us, or moving backwards, for a while.  Saturn goes retro on January 25 at 18 degrees of Libra, and turns direct again on June 13 at 10 degrees of Libra.  Basically, a Saturn retrogradation in the center of Libra means that we’re reconsidering (Retrograde) how we use Boundaries (Saturn) in our relationships (Libra), or reconsidering how open we are to relationship – and our relationshit (the issues that relationship inevitably brings up).

In general, Libra eschews Boundaries, because Libra’s mission is to establish a harmonious connection.  Libra’s more about meeting you than about getting met.  To another sign that might be codependence; to Libra it’s integrity.  The central third of Libra, though, is the “Aquarius decanate” of Libra.  In the Aquarius decanate, Libra begins to put relationships into context, granting continued nonjudgment to relationships that meet an appropriate social/philosophical framework, and beginning to develop Boundaries with those that don’t.  The Boundaries are “primitive” – they’re more likely to be curiosity about motives than exclusionary.  In the first third of Libra, the Self is invisible; it’s all about Other.  By the second third, the Self begins to have some preferences.

The implication is that there are things we’ve been taking for granted, without realizing that we could express an opinion or have a preference or exert any healthy control.  The entire “Shadow Period” of a retrogradation begins when the planet first crosses the retrogradation zone.  Between October 23 and January 25, Saturn crossed this region going forward.  For each of us, issues about Boundaries or Contraction/Expansion may have arisen during this period.  During the retrograde span, we reconsider how we want to relate to these issues.  Then finally, from June 13 to September 18, Saturn crosses the region for a third time.  This is when we implement our reconsiderations, and act to set our new Boundaries.

So that feeling of having someone’s thumb pressing on the top of your head, if you feel it, could be accompanied by thoughts about how someone offended you, or how you gave someone too much benefit of the doubt, or how you need to make a change in your relationship with someone, or in your relationships in general – to be more accepting perhaps, or more assertive about making space for your own beliefs and values, or both.  The important issue here is Responsibility – ability to respond rather than react.  In other words, if you’re in Blame, you’re on the wrong path.  It’s never their fault.  It’s always How did I let that happen? It’s not what they did wrong, it’s How could I have set better Boundaries? If you’re dealing with anger or a feeling of oppression or feeling wounded, tap it out.

You want to release your emotional attachment in the privacy of your own Energy System, so you can respond dispassionately and fairly when you revise your Boundaries.  Remember the context – we’re adjusting to a new Identity in alignment with a New Soul Chord Download, and working out a Grand Cross (which is always about Balance) balancing new and old Identities with the direction of History/Herstory and our own Karmic path (that is, Juno, Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto, and the Moon’s Nodes).  The elements of Grace are about the new paradigm that the Planet is moving into (fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl – Chiron-Neptune), or Miracles, and our own personal Values (Venus).  So it’s not about  burning bridges, it’s about laying the foundations for a whole new infrastructure.

Tearing Up (Over) the Mortgage

November 14, 2010

This coming Thursday is when both Venus and Jupiter turn direct, and a few days later Mars crosses Pallas.  While Venus is leaving Retreat, the more meaningful changes are probably when She rises as the Morning Star (last week), and when she finishes crossing the “Shadow Period,” that is, finishes moving forward across the space that she Retreated in.  That’s confusing.  Well, Venus was retrograde from 14 of Scorpio back to 28 of Libra.  That’s the spatial version of the Shadow Period.  But before Venus went retro, it moved forward across this minefield.  Not that there’s anything inherently more dangerous about the first half of Scorpio than any other half sign, but any retrogradation sets up opportunities for us to re-experience and re-lease our Karma.

Which is exactly what we do, we re-lease our Karma every time it comes up, till one day we finally get so tired of the treadmill that we just tear up the lease and move on.  We re-lease it cuz it’s The Devil We Know, but mostly cuz mosta the time we don’t even recognize it as our Karma, cuz we just think it’s somebody else doing something to us againI’m just stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again, as Bobby Z put it.  Minefield, in other words.

The temporal version of the Shadow Period is the time Venus takes to tippytoe across the minefield – this is the time when the Universe sets up the circumstances for the lessons that the retrogradation will offer.  In this case, it was September 5 through October 7.  Then the retrogradation spanned October 7 till this coming Thursday.  The retrogradation is actually a healing time – it’s when the issues that arose during the  Shadow Period (Shadow is the Jungian term for Karma, Unfinished Business, Held Emotion, Limiting Beliefs, Unconscious Demons, the contents of our PTSD, our “Shit,” or whatever ya wanna call it) get exposed for the Paper Tigers that they are – nothing Present Moment about it, it’s all just toxic fog steaming up the Emotional Body.

Of course, a lot of us define “Real” by our Emotions, and that’s every bit as valid as defining “Real” by consensus, or worse yet, by our Ideologies and Limiting Beliefs.  Jung used to say that “thinking” people (folks who give Thought more validity than Emotion) are irrational, because they don’t know their own Heart – since Emotion is the language of the Heart.  Without knowing their own Heart, they’re unable to make choices that further their own Values – irrational.  So there’s nothing Unreal about our Karma, it’s just not Present Moment in the Physical, till we make it so with our Expectations.  Never underestimate the power of Expectations.

Don’t wanna leave that thread hanging – divide Emotions into three components: Present Moment Emotions, Held Emotions, and Values.  Values – Meaning – is the language of the Heart.  It speaks through Emotion.  Held Emotions are those which hold us hostage, our Karma, Paper Tigers, as long as we don’t use Expectation (aka Unconscious Intention) to reincarnate them into the physical.  Present Moment Emotions are a whole nother animal.  They’re a  stream-of-consciousness technicolor movie, that have nothing to do with Attachment.  Very informative, a translation of our Intuition, when we can separate them from the other two.  The realm of true Empathy.

Okay, so Venus tiptoes across the soon-to-be-defined-as-a-minefield Shadow Period (Karma is triggered) before it turns retro (Karma is re-leased by our Victim, and/or the lease is torn up by our Master).  Then, once it goes direct again, it has to cross the Shadow Period space again.  So it’ll be the Solstice (more threads! – which we will leave dangling) before Venus shakes off this whole sordid affair, and moves freely again.  But the third crossing of the minefield, from Thursday through the Solstice, is the confidence-building phase.  An issue arises during the first crossing (the canopener) that we don’t know how to handle.  During the second crossing the issue arises again, but this time it happens in slow motion (the exposition), so we can figure it out.  Then during the third crossing, we encounter it again, and this time we know what to do with it (the confidence-builder)!

Now, how is it we avoid re-leasing our Karma and signing up for another two-year (or twenty-lifetime) contract?  Easy to describe, actually not that hard to do, but very difficult to remember to do, cuz our Karma has us hypnotized, and when it arises, we (our Consciousness) are seldom home.  Nature of the animal.  But if we do happen to wake up in the middle of a Karmic process,

focus on the verb.

Erase the prepositional object.  In other words, the usual template is They Didthat to Us. We’re Angry at them.  We’re Grieving about suchandsuch.  We’re Scared of that.  No, it’s not They Didthat to Us, it’s That happened.   It’s not We’re Angry at them, it’s I’m Angry.  Not We’re Scared of that, but I’m Scared.  Not We’re Grieving about that, but I’m Grieving.  Simple grammatical analysis.  I am Angry says, quite simply, I can’t distinguish my Self from the Emotion of Anger. Well, that’s pretty limiting, isn’t it.  We’d have a lot more of our skills available to us if we were also Green, and Tall, and Experienced, and Dressed, and any other adjective you can imagine, in addition to being Angry.  The Karmic part of the whole trance is the prepositional phrase at the end of the sentence – at them.  That’s what kidnaps our Conscious Self.

I’m Angry is simply very limiting, and most of us most of the time would simply choose to be a few other qualities as well.  In fact, most of us would rather have Anger than be it, because that leaves us a lot more space to live in.  But I’m Angry at them is a Karmic trance, and somebody’s gonna hafta tap us on the shoulder to wake us up, cuz otherwise we aint home.

Okay, that’s where Venus is.  The first half of Scorpio is about, from the Victim perspective, all of the Held Emotions that hold us back from enjoying our community and its fruits.  From the Master perspective, the first half of Scorpio is about Fearlessness.  Of course, people get hurt when they’re in trance and Fearless.  So the wakeup part is pretty important.  Then we can be Fearless about facing down the Paper Tigers and tearing up the lease.

The Jupiter?  Well, recall Uranus crossed into Aries recently, initiating a new 84-year cycle, and Jupiter crossed at the same time.  Uranus the Soul Chord, and Jupiter the Amplifier – in other words a huuuuge new download from our Individual Soul.  But then both Jupiter and Uranus went retro and backed back into Pisces.  From the Victim perspective, Pisces symbolizes the Karmic Trance itself.  So these Jupiter-Uranus retro adventures give us an additional opportunity to clean up our Unfinished Business so we can take max advantage of the whole new download.

Uranus doesn’t go direct until November 30.  Jupiter crosses Uranus again, with both planets direct, on January 4.  Jupiter re-enters Aries on January 22, and Uranus does the deed on March 11, 2011.  By then our new mission should be crystal clear.  Folks with birthdays in early March will be slung forward as if from a slingshot.

We also mentioned Mars-Pallas, this coming Sunday.  Mars is the God of War, and Pallas the Goddess of War, and of Wisdom.  Pallas asks questions first and shoots only when necessary.  Good Boundaries, in other words.  We’ll see some Boundaries (Pallas) get violated (Mars), but we’ll also see a lot of people using their Energy (Mars) constructively to create and maintain Good Boundaries (Pallas), on a global scale.

We didn’t mention Pluto-Dragon, on or about November 26.  You can think of Pluto as the inevitable, and Dragon as Karma itself.  Not Fate, by any means, because Fate/FreeWill is an intellectual distinction, and intellectual distinctions, barring excessive Expectation, occur only in the mind of the observer, not in hardcopy Reality.  Another series of Paper Tigers.  This Pluto is crossing the Dragon’s Head, not His Tail.  That means we’ll be dragged into the Future – the Dragon’s Head represents the Future, His Tail the Past.  More or less – they flip a lot, since Linear Time is only mass hypnosis, and All There Is Is Now.  Get ready for another long, emotional trip.  Good thing we know the difference between our Karma and a disturbance in the Force.

But an adventure with the Dragon’s Head is usually a lot more fun than one with the Dragon’s Tail, though the Head can be profoundly disorienting if we end up skipping a coupla years and a lot of transition.  So if you wake up one morning and have no idea where you are, you probably didn’t have a stroke.  You probably just tore up a coupla mortgage contracts on your Limiting Beliefs in yer dreams.  Recognize it, and enjoy the freedom.  If you don’t recognize it, you’ll go looking for ways to re-lease.  Sure, it’s scary out there, but just focus on the verb.  Good time to tap, eh?

A correspondent sent a link to a Martin-Luther-scale (not MLK, but ML hisself) observation about the state of the Planet –

It’s excellent.  He’s recommending continued Attachment, but read it with the Heart, and see if you can distinguish between your Held Emotions from your Present Moment Emotions.  Hint: you know your Held Emotions like the back of your Hand; your PM Emotions feel a little bit strange.  You won’t be graded, it’s just an exercise.  It’s always Both/And, remember.  The author downgrades the Spiritual to “just Magic” (snicker), but otherwise he’s spot on.  It’s not one or the other, it’s Both/And.  Both keep an eye on the erosion of your physical freedoms, and manage your Expectations carefully.