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September 3, 2012

Well, I totally deserve this comment!

“do you mean it will be horrendous when looking through earthly ego filter and fantabulous when seeing with spiritual eyes?!!! or some such both/and kind of meaning?  I am going to admit that i was actually jarred by You making such a black statement … so will it really be ‘horrendous’???!!!  scheeze…..”

It’s a month away, and now I gotta at least summarize the chart, and it’s my own fault.  I’ll do it quickly for now, and add detail when I have more time…

We’ll be challenged to permanently let go of those aspects of our lives that don’t serve our Mission.  During the last half of September we get a big download of the tools we’ll be needing during the next stages of our Mission, and we need the space.

The Full Moon sits bang on Uranus, making of course a Square to Pluto, and Ceres Opposes Pluto, making a Full Moon-Uranus-Pluto-Ceres Grand Cross.  The contribution of Ceres is to demand sustainability, ie, permanence.

On September 18, Uranus makes its second Square (of many) to Pluto, while Pluto is Stationary.

We’ll also be challenged to proactively replace old emotional and relationship patterns and complexes with new ones that serve the Planetary New Paradigm, and allow us to live long and prosper in it.  Which is to say, if we’re open to it, we get creative about co-creating the post-monetary World.

Another Grand Cross, this time the Moon’s Nodes squaring the Opposition of Venus to Chiron-Neptune.  Mars and Vesta sit on the North Node, with Venus making a Waning Square to Mars.  We’ll look up the Cyclic details later, to get more detail about the emotional and relationship patterns we need to jettison.

There is abundant Grace to facilitate all this.

First, corners of the two Grand Crosses Trine one another, that is, each resolves whatever complications the other appears to introduce.

Second, Saturn slides neatly into the third corner of a Grand Trine along with Ceres in one Grand Cross and Neptune in the other.  Venus finishes off the “Kite” (a Grand Trine with a fourth planet midway between two of the Grand-Trine planets and Opposite the third – the fourth planet becomes the “head” of the Kite).

And of course there are more details, but that’s the Heart of it.  Now, is that “horrendous”?!?  Well, certainly “momentous” would have been a less incendiary choice of words.  And Wiktionary tells me that I misuse the word “horrendous.”  I use it casually to mean something like “extreme” or “very rare” or “unbelievable” or “phenomenal” or “noteworthy.”  Wikipedia ties it down to just “extremely  bad, awful, terrible, horrific,” which I didn’t mean to imply at all.  My bad.

Here’s another great Aurora, this one from Finland by Ole Salomonsen.

Mélange à Trois

March 11, 2012

Okay, so we got a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine, with Venus Aphrodite in Jupiter’s lap.  Let’s start with Pluto.  Think of a big River, and you get to choose between paddling upstream or paddling downstream.  When Pluto is lit up, the downstream route is not only easy, but you get a great assist from the flow of the stream.  But the upstream route is fraught with rapids, and even paddling like hell, you’ll never get anywhere, except maybe swept backward or sideways into the rocks.  If something isn’t working when Pluto is highlighted, give it up, for the time being anyway.

Now, let’s throw in Jupiter.  Jupiter is the Big Amplifier.  Whatever’s happening, Jupiter just blows it up big, and in general, things turn out pretty well.  It’s possible to get Jupiter to amplify a bummer, but unlikely.  Jupiter’s usually pretty good-natured, and stands well ‘longside the Wheel of Fortune.  So a Jupiter-Pluto Trine can be pretty sunny, if yer not fighting the tape.  The Big Danger is, as always, Identity.  If you think everything’s going along swimmingly because yer Hot Poo, yer gonna end up smelling pretty bad once you step out of the canoe, or the Energy shifts and you don’t shift with it.

Just watch Rick Sanitorium in a coupla weeks.  And maybe Mitt Rommel too, as they drive on deep into Egypt.  Or the American economy, or European banks – not to mention Amerikan banks.  As Clinton might say, “It’s the River, Stupid!”  It’s not you.  But that doesn’t mean you cant use the Energy to get a heckofa lot of good works done!  Especially with Mars on the other pole of the trifecta.  Put simply, Mars is Energy.  Just pure testosterone, which juices girls just like it does boys.  It’s not too bright, easily cajoled into doing dumb things that can be self-destructive, but it also very often comes through as the Star quarterback or homerun hitter.  Mars is kindofa teenager, it needs direction, but it’s well-intentioned, muscular, and enthused.  If you want help moving, or the lawn mowed, Mars is yer man.

It’s a Grand Trine, so accept the Grace, and milk it for all it’s worth.  Don’t take it to the bank, cuz the banks aren’t yer friend these days, but do take it home and tuck it under the mattress.  The downside isn’t Greed, it’s Arrogance.  Thinking it’s cuz yer cool, rather than cuz the Energy happens to be running your way.  What, how can the Energy run everybody’s way?  Easy, it’s Both/And.  If you actually sat down with them and learned where they were coming from and where they were going, you’d realize you aren’t even in the same Universe.  They aren’t your competition, they’re just a truck going by on the highway.

As long as you focus on your own goals and don’t waste your time examining someone else’s hand, everybody can have Aces.  Don’t get caught up in competition or resistance, just let the Energy flow in your direction.  Mars is retrograde, which is actually a boon, as it’s less likely to burn out, or burn you out.  Retrograde Energy is metered, it’s less likely to run off in every direction at once, more likely to consider possible consequences before punching the throttle.  If you don’t succumb to the temptation to own your successes and become a Red Giant, then you can keep your gains after the Energy shifts, and everyone’s a winner.  The Red Giants become White Dwarfs after the Energy shifts, so just giggle behind your hand at their games and ignore them.

Then we throw Venus into the blender.  Venus generally has a spotless reputation, she doesn’t turn rivals into Stone, or chain nobody to no Tree.  She’s a sweetheart.  She lives in your Heart, and Values what you Value.  Now remember, everybody’s Truth lies in their own Heart, but everybody’s Heart is different.  Venus doesn’t abide Power trips or Control trips or even persuasion or manipulation.  She’s from Arcturus, where it is assumed without question that Other is as Sacred as Self.

The Venus-Mars Cycle is about our Relationships, particularly our Relationship with ourself, otherwise known as our Relationshit.  This is the Waning Trine, where we receive the Grace we’ve earned from the current Cycle before it descends into the Void to be recycled.  The current Venus-Mars Cycle began in May 2011 at 10 degrees of Taurus, exactly the degree where Venus crosses Jupiter next week, sharing the same “Red Cross Nurse” anthem.  That is quite remarkable.  It means that the current flow in our Relationships will  continue and greatly expand, as Father Jupiter takes over the husband role from Brother Mars – speaking in terms of Power, not Incest.

It also means that if you haven’t been owning difficulties in your Relationships, those too will expand, till you take Responsibility for them.  You don’t care whether your partners take Responsibility for their Relationshit, cuz that’s their Karma, and waaay outa your hands.  It’s yer own Karma yer gonna hafta live with tillya don’t, so use the Power of the current configuration to move through and beyond yer own Stuff.  Move to yer Arcturean self – basically, I’m Okay, Yer Okay.  With yer nursey whites on, you can be very kind to yourself while you convalesce.

As with your political aims (the word Politics is from the word Power, which is a synonym for Ego – so yer “political aims” are what you want to manifest), don’t assume that because yer Relationships are smooth at the moment, that the Beast has departed.  It’s not you, it’s the Energy.  Accept it, embrace it, run with it, but recognize that it may not be a gift that keeps on giving.  A word to the wise – win-win is only possible when both parties play the game.  If party A goes into win-lose and party B stays in win-win, party A wins.  Be mindful that yer Relationshit may still have a component of codependence, even 25 years after the concept went out of fashion.  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie likes to say.

Venus and Jupiter are the two great Benifics.  Their coming together is a Goldilocks day, a day in bright Sunshine, with temperature and humidity just right and the Lilacs blooming, and the company exciting.  Coming together as a Red Cross Nurse symbolizes a compassionate Healing that will carry us through the initial Uranus-Pluto squares, through August 2014.  We can think of it as the Light of Ascension that underlies the Paradigm Shift that our Victims feels so tortuously when we forget to own the Karma, tap it out and tame it, and send it Home.

So nothing to rue here – Enjoy!

Eudialyte doesn’t just symbolize Joy, it also dispels that which is past its time and hesitates to move on.  It Cleanses and Heals.  There could be no better Stone for this occasion, and for the next several years.  Like the Tourmalines and Beryls, it is a Cyclosilicate, arranging its Silicate ions in six-sided rings.  But its basic cationic (positive charge) minerals are Sodium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zirconium, while it’s anionic (negative charge) minerals are Silicate and Chloride.  Minerals don’t have molecules, they have ions linked up in matched pairs to create a Crystal structure.  Iron can substitute for the Manganese, and Rare Earths like Cerium and Yttrium for either the Calcium or the Manganese, making it as varied as it is rare.

And What Will You Give Me

January 18, 2012

Say the Sad Bells of Romney – of course you’re all way too young to remember that Welsh travelogue, but it was great in its day.  I always thought it was the Kingston Trio that did my favorite version of that, but maybe it wasn’t.  Amazing that Pete was actually once so young.

At any rate, that’s some rather ironic news, that Mitt owns Rabid Radio and all of its Mad Dogs!

Meant to quote this t’other day – it’s from Marko Pogacnik’s Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

“I saw the tall figure of a nymph queen of indescribable beauty.  She radiated white light in every possible tone of white.  By the crown on her head, with its rounded silvery precious stone in the center like a cosmogram, I recognized that she was on the highest level of unfoldment within the water element.  For a moment she appeared to me like a madonna who enfolded the whole of humanity in her garment.  But instead of humans the nymph queen had gathered all kinds of elementals under her robe.  Then she said to me, ‘For me and my people, it is our duty to maintain the nature temple.  You humans are destroying much, but we will stay with our duties.’  Horrified, I said, ‘The people won’t stop doing this.’  Her reply was straightforward: ‘They will feel the power of the elements.’

“While in Prague during the summer of 2006, I received a message from a group of elemental beings that also impressed me profoundly.  In happened in the course of a workshop that I was holding on both sides of the River Moldau near the Charles Bridge.  In preliminary research I had discovered a richly ordered underworld space beneath the river in the area between the two banks of the Moldau, that is to say, in the middle of Prague.  From its quality, I would say that this etheric space beneath the Moldau was like the seed of a space that did not yet exist on the earth’s surface.  In my opinion, I saw the seed of a future space.

“I was reminded of the ‘Golden Prague’ of the 16th century when the city was esteemed as an incarnation of the New Jerusalem.  The concept of a New Jersusalem means a space of universal peace and perfection that will be made possible in the future after a great transformation.  One can also compare the New Jerusalem to a seed that will first germinate in the future.

“In the workshop next day I led the group in preception exercises on both banks of the Moldau to come close to the experience of this new space and its meaning as seed.  It was especially valuable to touch into a group of elemental beings on the river island called Kampa.  During the exchange following the perception phase, members of the workshop group identified the elemental beings several times as ‘Guardians of the Seed.’  We were obviously dealing with a group of water elementals that is entrusted with the secret of the seed of the new space.  Such types of elemental being were further discussed in the last chapter.

“As I listened to the reports of the workshop participants, there emerged in my consciousness the clear voice of the elemental beings, in whose sacred space we were sitting.  The voice rang out: ‘You will survive the collapse of the Old Earth space.  For forty days confusion will rule.  In that time we will create the New Earth space from seeds such as these.  Be comforted, life goes on.”

Interesting that they refer to forty days – I had just read a Vedic forecast by Kushal Kumar of a span of “devastating earthquakes, wars, the shortage or lack of all the amenities that strengthen life, harm through the medium of fire or air, storms, solar tsunamis, volcanoes, and the disruption of communication systems” to come this Spring!  So I ran to look it up, and was much relieved to see that this forecast only covered 23 days!  Whew!  That was close!

Love those Feldspars!  They’re every bit as sophisticated as Quartz, in some sense more so, they’re just not as regal of bearing.  You might know a few of the showier Feldspars –  Amazonite, Labradorite, Sunstone, or Moonstone.  This one’s more typically “plain” and beige, though it’s much etched, and studded with Rubellite Tourmalines.  Tourmaline is a Borosilicate – a healer by virtue of it’s enfolded Boron.  Boron replaces fear with trust, and victimhood with intention.  The pink or Rubellite version is colored by Lithium and Manganese.  Manganese helps us get clear about what’s Real, and clear our relationship with it.  Lithium aids our acceptance of what can’t be changed, and promotes our flexibility to adapt without self-betrayal.  Rubellite’s sorta the Serenity Prayer of minerals.  Feldspar is the roady of minerals, setting the stage for healing, and sweeping up the detritus afterward.


May 19, 2011

Ant and Grasshopper make a prominent theme these days.  Lotsa “Why can’t they…” [just be carbon copies of me].  Or rather, “Why can’t they…” [just please my mother the way I’ve worked so hard to do all my life].  It’s a funhouse mirror for “Why couldn’t the significant adults in my childhood have just let me be myself, instead of who they demanded I be.”  So the first task is to own the projection.  When Gandhi suggested that we Be the Change We Wish to See in the World, he was speaking to precisely this aspect of projection.  We judge in others that which we reject in ourselves.

If it were possible to see this phenomenon without Blame, we could postulate that we, on the “Soul Level,” choose our programmers to set up issues for us to have to deal with.  Again it’s the difference between on the one hand rote learning, so we know all the multiple-choice answers (Taxes No! Government No! Freedom to Rip Off Everybody Like the Banks Are Doing Yes!), and on the other hand experience that leads to Wisdom (Hmmm, maybe Compassion is useful after all).  Our judgments of others are an open doorway to our own Core Issues, should we choose to accept our responsibility to raise our Consciousness through self-examination.

Welcome to Day 3 of the Mayan Callemander.  Night 2 began with a major descent into nationalism, and Day 3 also begins with a big Obama speech, this time defending the rights of “those who are reaching for their rights” as long, of course, as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of the Banks.  Whatever his virtues and vices, the man has good timing.

If you have any important communications you need to make, do it today and tomorrow.  Mercury (Mind, Communication) has been traveling side-by-side with Venus (Grace, Beauty, Magnetism) since May 6, but that ends tomorrow, May 20.  After that, if we make it past the Rupture, Venus abandons her philosophical buddy, for a fling at passion with her physical buddy, Mars.  A new Venus-Mars cycle begins every two years.  The Venus-Mars cycle defines our relationships, for sure, but it also defines our emotional approach to the World in general.

Venus represents the Magnetic, Mars the Dynamic.  Venus pulls toward, Mars takes.  The whole PIAVA thing, from Shakti Gawain on, is a Venus deal.  There’s only one word for someone who still believes that the World needs more Mars – Muskrat!  Mars is Ant, Venus is Grasshopper.  Yes, Grasshopper can crash the World – when it needs cleansing.

 The problem with judgment is that you’re usually asking someone else to change their Stripes.  If you’re severe enough, you might change someone else’s behavior, but you’re never going to change their character.  This about the significant adults in your own kidhood – they tried to mold your behavior and repress your character, and the only result was to strengthen your character.  You may not have woken up to that, but this would be an opportune moment.  Power might win a battle, but Multiversity wins the wars.

 We’ve all just received a very powerful New Soul Chord Download, and with a budding Fourth Harmonic to Pluto, It will not be repressedDon’t waste your energy trying to bend other people to your will.  Accept who they are, appreciate how their skills complement yours, and move on together as a team.  Survival depends on it.

The Venus-Mars cycle that’s ending began in April 2009 in the last degree of Pisces.  In other words, the last two years, in terms of our relationships and our emotional responses to the World, has been about Finishing Business.  Not just in the usual Pisces sense of clearing out Karma, but in the last degree sense of Dealing with the Final Details, dotting the t’s and crossing the eyes.  The symbol for the last degree of Pisces is

What you admired as a child is the Light that guides you as you get older.

Really, the last two years has been about nothing except preparing us for the new Soul Chord Download.

The new Venus-Mars cycle begins, here in “Hell,” on Monday May 23.  The symbol is A Red Cross Nurse.  In other words, now that we appreciate who We really are and who They really are, and we’ve stopped trying to twist each other into our own warped images, we’ll be spending the next two years triaging and repairing our relationships with other people and the World.

Indicolite is Blue Tourmaline, though it’s more often Blue-Greenish than true Blue.  Blue-Greenish energy is High Heart energy, Thymus energy.  The Thymus provides immune protection during adolescence, then retires.  Blue-Green energy helps us hold our space during periods of rapid growth and change.  It’s the line between compassion (Heart, Green) and communication (Throat, Blue), sortofa I hear you, but with all due respect, Sir/Miss, that’s you, not me.  Like I’m rubber and you’re glue, but more diplomatic.

Tourmaline is Sodium Lithium Aluminum Borocyclosilicate.  Boron is a magical healer – just ask anyone with a vineyard or a wounded mucus membrane.  Lithium is calming.  Lithium and Boron are the third- and fifth-lightest of the elements, inviting Levity.  Sodium, the next-heaviest of Lithium’s siblings, provides grounding and alertness, as it raises our blood pressure.  Aluminum (the source of the Blue) is the next-heaviest of Boron’s siblings, providing a stiffness to the spine, yet remaining supple and flexible.

All in a three-dimensional matrix (“cyclo”) of Silicon, the Master Exchange, the classical semiconductor.  Our biochemistry is built on Carbon, and Silicon is Carbon’s next-heavier sibling.  Silicon doesn’t just mindlessly carry electromagnetic information like the metals, or stop electromagnetic energy like the non-metals, it modulates information, switching it toward where it’s most needed.  Every Mitochondria in each of our cells is linked directly to the Zero Point Field, to all of the information in the Universe.  Silicon is the intuitive gatekeeper that prevents overwhelm.  This Mitochondrial link is fuzzed or blocked by emotional and chemical toxins, which is why it’s so important to clear away the Unfinished Business, to prevent intuitive underwhelm.

The Venus-Mars Initiation on Monday is a triple Conjunction, as Mercury is still less then two degrees away.  That is, our relationships for the next two years will be tempered with Purpose and Communication.  Venus-Mars-Mercury makes Third-Harmonic (Grace) angles to Pluto (Necessity and Transformation) and to Juno (Identity) – in other words, this is a fabulous time to take advantage of available Grace to break through into new realms of Consciousness – and frankly, it’s not optional.  The Initiation also makes a Fourth-Harmonic (Competence through Challenge) angle to another triple Conjunction, between The Moon (Authenticity), Pallas (Boundaries), and Vesta (that which is personally Sacred).  It would be a great idea to plan to wear a whole lotta Blue-Green for the next two years.

A Hint of 2012

May 14, 2011

A child born today, Friday the 13th in the Second Night of the Universal Underworld, would definitely be considered to have Uranus Square Pluto, the Fourth Harmonic angle between the two.  The Fourth Harmonic, recall, is about Mastery through Challenge – developing the competence and confidence to excel, not by book-larnin’ or following orders, but by confronting and experiencing and failing at difficult challenges that have no tidy solutions.  That’s another perspective on the Fourth Harmonic – constant failure.  Constant failure tells you what?  That your assumptions and expectations are wrong!

Constant failure is the only path there is to learning and growth and wisdom.  The rest is just turning the crank (and of course Grace).  Real Life is not a problem to be solved.  That’s Life lived as Thought, not as Experience.  Real Life is an infinite tapestry of issues to be resolved, all woven together.  You cannot solve one element of Real Life without ripping out the seams of several other elements.  The Planet is coming apart because too many people are trying to solve too many problems.  You resolve an issue by adding a dart or easing a seam, not by blaming a perp and dumping them into the Sea.

Now, what exactly is it that’s in the headlights of this Fourth Harmonic, what can we say about Uranus Squaring Pluto?  Uranus is simply, for each individual, their Authentic Self, the Soul Chord.  Pluto is that which cannot be avoided.  Transformed, yes, but not avoided.  Pluto offers tremendous opportunity for constructive change, for adding darts and easing seams.  And Pluto will nailya to the wall faster’n you can say The 60s if you approach Self-Transformation and Authenticity as a problem to be solved.  The other side of this coin is tolerance, multiversity.  If a wide receiver thinks he’s an offensive tackle, or a mother thinks she’s a maiden, teamwork becomes a disaster, and the need for teamwork – community – has never been greater.  Community is not based on conformity, it’s based on multiversity.

The waxing Fourth Harmonic challenges us to accept the Energetic Message delivered at the prior First Harmonic, or Conjunction, and work with it constructively.  It tells us that The World is moving that way, and either we move with it, or we fight against an increasingly vigorous current.  The Energetic Message of the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is “A Ouija Board,” 18 degrees of Virgo, from their Conjunction on October 9, 1965.  The essence of a Ouija Board is abandoning the effort to intellectually solve problems, and Asking for Guidance.  We are being Challenged to surrender the Ego in order to access and collaborate with a Higher Power, in order to develop Mastery at doing just that.  All without abandoning our True Self.

Uranus is now four degrees from its Square to Pluto.  In a natal chart, eight degrees is the usual margin given to an angle, so for an Initiate, whether a Person, an Energy, or a Process, the Uranus-Pluto Square is well “within orb,” or in effect.  When we look at “transits,” or events in the Sky, which is to say, Energies we Experience in the moment, the margin is usually three degrees for Jazz, and one degree for Classical.  So we can’t in general, by the usual rules, claim that Uranus-Pluto is dominating the Energy of the Moment.

But the Rules change in the Reaches.

As we write this, the Moon is Squaring Pluto from the opposite side of the horoscope as Uranus.  So basically, Friday the 13th is gracing us with a Moon-Uranus-Pluto T-Square, which is to say, a Hint of 2012.  A T-Square is two Squares, one on each side of a planet.  The Moon is Squaring Pluto from the left, Uranus from the right.  The Moon is an activator.

So, what battles were we fighting in 1965?  Dunno about you, but I was fighting to avoid being drafted to go kill Vietnamese because they were fighting for the right to run their own country.  Compare that to this (scroll down till you get to “May 9, 2011”)…

It may seem very different, but it’s not, not at all.  These are the same bankers who were making a fortune building war infrastructure in South Vietnam.  If you haven’t educated yourself about how the American Empire works, John Perkins does a very tidy job of it.  John even integrates the Ouija Board – half his books are about the American Empire, the other half about Shamanism.

In this Universal Underworld, Night appears to be about economic recovery and the Revenge of 9/11.  Obama recently, wisely, said that we need to stop being lulled back into trance every time gasoline prices recede.  He coulda shoulda said we need to stop being lulled back into trance when the media convinces us that “the economy is recovering.”  But of course he can’t, because the illusion of recovery is the biggest single determinant of re-election, and every politician is lured by the trance of re-election.  The call to Authenticity pales by comparison – his Nobel speech and behavior reveal that he’s authentically dedicated to the War Machine.  We don’t know yet whether his Authentic Self is a puppet for the bankers, or if he has merely stumbled into the appearance of that through naivete and pragmatism.

The economy in the US is not and will not recover, because the Empire is broken.  The simple act of losing the US Dollar’s status as the World’s “Reserve Currency” will reduce the standard of living in the US by 25%, a reliable observer estimates.  The World’s Reserve Currency is the one in which most important trades are made – for instance, when Brazil sells Oil to France, the French must sell their Euros and buy Dollars, pay the Dollars to Brazil, and then Brazil must sell these Dollars to buy their own currency (Reais), because Oil trades in Dollars.  Dollars are a major US export.  Losing Reserve Currency status for the US is like Ethiopia losing their Coffee exports.  This loss is not a possibility, it’s a reality.  Russia recently opened a large Oil pipeline to China, and they agreed to use Rubles and Yuan for trade, not Dollars.

But the US is losing its Reserve Currency status because the only way it can pull itself out of its third-world level of debt (to those bankers), is to deflate the currency.  If you owe somebody $10 and you can pay them with Dollars that are only worth 75 cents each, you win.  But guess what.  If your Dollars are worth only 75 cents, you can only buy three fourths as much Gasoline or Sugar or Coffee or Chocolate.  That’s another 25% drop in your standard of living.  Since the 2008 debacle, there have been no major changes in the rules, and no major changes in the Players – except that the banks that were then too big to fail are now much bigger, and the toxic derivatives that brought down the house of cards are also now much bigger.  How much did your standard of living drop in 2008-2009?  You can count on seeing that hit again in the next couple of years, if not sooner.

By all means take whatever benefits you can from the illusion of economic recovery.  Just don’t get tranced into believing it’s a trend.

Because it travels so slowly, Pluto is not only transformation, but also trance formation.  It’s what Thomas Jefferson called a faction – an illusion that everyone buys into.  “Health Care” is a good example.  Jefferson considered factions to be the most severe threat to “democracy.”  It’s the Fourth Harmonic that rends the Veil and reveals the trance, by showing us that we don’t really understand what’s going on, and forcing us to look for new Assumptions and revise our Expectations.  Living as we do in a hologram, there is no underlying Reality, only the next level of trance.  But Authentic Community requires that we are all in slightly different trances.

Zinnwaldite is a phyllosilicate (mica) of Potassium, Lithium, Iron, Aluminum, and Fluoride, with any number of “impurities” thrown in for good measure to prevent factions.  Potassium for Energy, Lithium for Calming, Iron for Grounding, Aluminum for Levity, and Fluoride for Healing.  It’s the most peaceful mineral I’ve ever encountered.  It’s named after the Zinnwald, or Tin Forest, that straddles the current triple border between Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  Like the Ruhr on the French side of Germany, you find near here Coal and Iron Ore.  In the Iron Age, who controlled the Coal and Ore, could smelt the Iron to make the Steel for weapons and rails and engines and wheels, so there has been lots of back-and-forth fighting over who controls the area.  Surrounded by open pit mines and factories, the Zinnwald has remained a Wald.

The Balance

January 21, 2011

Oh, so many dimensions to keep in balance, all the time!  For the next week or so, our balancing act revolves around Expansion and Contraction, with the emphasis on the latter.  You can play with this using your Muscles – have a “look” to see whether your Muscles are expanded (relaxed) or contracted (tight) – your sphincter, gluteus, and jaw Muscles are great places to “look” (feel, actually, but that word has sooo many meanings and connotations!), cuz they measure your stress level.  Knowing your stress level, and acting to relax it, can add years to your life.

Dunno about you, but I was programmed to believe that Expansion is better than Contraction.  But yer Muscles are a good example of the contrary – by and large, it’s their Contraction that does useful work.  You can see stress that way too – as Hans Selye put it, it’s “eustress” – positive stress – that does useful work.  The “labor of love” kinda thing, where yer working yer butt off and loving every minute of it.  And by and large, Expansion feels a lot better than Contraction.  That’s what alcohol does for us, it makes us feel expanded, and that feels good.  Some of us, particularly those of us who were programmed to believe we had worth only to the extent that we served others, can hardly stand to feel contracted.  We hate having to draw a Boundary.

The poster child for Contraction is Saturn, which is standing still this week.  Even more than when a planet is outabounds, a planet’s influence is strongest when it’s stationary.  So we’ll all be feeling the urge to contract.  Lemme digress for a minute to a quote from Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing

“When we tell ourselves how we are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or not worthy enough, we begin to wage an internal war that destroys life.  It is this internal warring that can cause imbalance, lead to depression, and contribute to illness.”

So often, so many of us respond to Saturn that way.  But that’s not what Saturn is about, it’s what our programming is about.  So Saturn events are always a big opportunity to turn our entire life around, by becoming conscious of this kind of programming, so we can respond to it consciously and lovingly.

Saturn asks us to focus, to concentrate.  It usually asks us to give up on all of our Plan B fallbacks, and put all of our energy into Priority #1.  That’s always scary, cuz our Plan Bs keep us safe from the possibility that we may not be “good enough” to make a success of Priority #1.  Saturn’s always a test, but if we recognize that it’s just trying to pull the best out of us, it doesn’t have to be negative.  In fact, it’s enormously positive – it’s half of life, when we look at life as the dance balancing Expansion and Contraction.

Now, if Saturn is lit up and the Planet is exploring Contraction, does this mean we need to contract along with it, or that we need to expand to compensate?  Well, that’ll be different for each of us and probably different for each realm of our life, and if we experience this question as a dilemma, it just tells us we’re too much in the mind.  Whenever we aren’t sure whether to choose heads or tails, we need to choose the coin.  Life is not binary, and the Universe is not binary.  It’s the mind that’s binary, that thrives on contradistinctions and oppositions.  Never let an Either/Or question slow you down – train yourself to detect the Stop, and switch to Both/And instantly.

Often we experience Expansion in the Fourth Chakra, and Contraction in the Third.  That’s an easy dichotomy to “fix” – we need to keep all of our Chakras open evenly!  We all love to think everything will be wonderful if we just live in the Heart all the time – it feels great to be in love!  But that’s precisely when we need good Boundaries most.  And many of us love that steely feeling of Nobody messes with me! that we get by empathizing with those hardass supercompetent movie heroes and antiheroes – John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, The Incredibles.  But it’s Both/And.

Next time you get angry or need to set a Boundary, see how it feels to open your Fourth Chakra just as much as you open your Third.  Next time you’re feeling in love or need to express Gratitude, see how it feels to open your Third Chakra just as much as you open your Fourth.  You prolly wanna practice this first in non-critical situations, before you try it when you’re in a job interview or proposing to somebody, cuz for most of us it’ll feel pretty weird for a while, till we get good at it.  First time I ever tried it I was bathed in sweat!  Fortunately, it was during a difficult telephone conversation, so I didn’t have to explain my diaphoresis!

I used to run on a three-mile hilly dirt path through the woods and meadows, six or seven loops at a time.  It always took about a loop and a half of conscious effort before the endorphins set in and made the rest effortless.  Then one day I ran when Saturn was stationary.  It was conscious effort all twenty miles!  I kept expecting the endorphins to click in any minute, but they never did.

On Saturday (January 22, at 9am PST), Jupiter goes back into Aries after backtracking into Pisces.  I’m sure you remember back in early June, when Uranus and Jupiter entered Aries in tandem.  We labeled that a huuuge New Download from your Soul Chord.  Not to be too simple-minded about it, in July both of them turned around, and went back into Pisces, giving us the opportunity to clean up any unfinished business that our Old Identity may have left hanging about.  They turned and went direct again in November, and they’ve been steaming back toward Aries since.  On Saturday Jupiter crosses the line.  Uranus dallies till mid-March, so we aren’t completely done with our Old Business, but we should be feeling a jolt of exhilarating freedom on Saturday, as our New Self expands.

“Should” that is, because we may have to look for it, if the Saturn Energy dominates.  Saturn stands still on Tuesday (January 25), at 10pm PST, and the Moon crosses Saturn a little before 9pm PST on Monday January 24, so the Energy may be strong earlier.  You could feel like a giant tack, as if a giant thumb was trying to push you into the ground.  No worries, just knuckle down and pay attention to what’s most important.  Just focus on one thing, and let go of the rest.  You might have to negotiate with yourself to figure out what’s most important, but if you do, that just says it’s essential work you’ve been putting off too long.  If you start negotiating now, you’ll be ahead.

Be careful to distinguish between what’s most important to you, and what’s most important to someone else to whom you usually give your power.  Don’t exclude the possibility that pleasing someone else may well be the most important thing in your life at this juncture – that’s perfectly valid.  But you wanna be conscious of making that choice, and you wanna be conscious of any jealousy you or someone else may have about that, and deal with it using your newfound skill of keeping Both your Third And your Fourth Chakra open equally.  If you have to do that verbally, you prolly wanna keep your Fifth and First Chakras open just as much as well!  In any difficult negotiation, Manganotantalite is your best friend.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to live most of your life with all of your Chakras open equally!?!?

I find that it’s far more important to know when a planet is standing still, than to know whether it’s “stationary retrograde” (about to go backwards) or “stationary direct” (about to go forwards).  The more sensitive you are to the Energy, the longer the time when you’ll feel the Station.  I usually feel an outer-planet Station (like Saturn) for about a week, prior to the Station.  Then once the planet starts to move again, the sensation drops off quickly.  You can dig yourself a hole by failing to recognize that a Station is happening, attributing the feeling to some aspect of your life, and making decisions accordingly.

For instance, Saturn may be asking me to tighten up a Boundary a little with a friend.  But if I don’t know Saturn is acting up, I might blame my feelings on my friend, say so, and create a lot of unnecessary havoc, maybe even losing the friend.  The most important thing could just have been tidying up my relationships.  I might indulge in I hate this job thoughts, give them unwarranted credence, and make a decision to quit, which could subject me to unnecessary hardship afterwards, when I discover that there aren’t any better jobs to be had.  The most important thing may just have been adjusting my attitude, or getting along with someone when I was stuck in Either/Or with them and their values, or seeking a profession that I enjoy doing.

If we’re conscious of any astrological event, the Energy drops off quickly after the event.  If we aren’t conscious, our decisions can extend the Energy indefinitely.  A classic example is the 9/11 trauma.  The nasty Saturn-Pluto Energy that prompted 9/11 was finished by the Summer of 2002.  But George II and his Lizardly cronies, for their own political purposes, exploited the Energy to meet their own ends, and we’re still suffering the consequences.  Wouldn’t you rather it was your love partner or your fantasy lover that’s feeling you up?  It was another King George that presided over the events leading to the original Tea Party.

While it’s more important that Saturn is Stationary than that that it’s Stationary Retrograde, it’s worth our time to consider the Retrogradation as well.  The outer planets go retro every year; since we go round the Sun faster than they do, we pass them, so they appear to be receding from us, or moving backwards, for a while.  Saturn goes retro on January 25 at 18 degrees of Libra, and turns direct again on June 13 at 10 degrees of Libra.  Basically, a Saturn retrogradation in the center of Libra means that we’re reconsidering (Retrograde) how we use Boundaries (Saturn) in our relationships (Libra), or reconsidering how open we are to relationship – and our relationshit (the issues that relationship inevitably brings up).

In general, Libra eschews Boundaries, because Libra’s mission is to establish a harmonious connection.  Libra’s more about meeting you than about getting met.  To another sign that might be codependence; to Libra it’s integrity.  The central third of Libra, though, is the “Aquarius decanate” of Libra.  In the Aquarius decanate, Libra begins to put relationships into context, granting continued nonjudgment to relationships that meet an appropriate social/philosophical framework, and beginning to develop Boundaries with those that don’t.  The Boundaries are “primitive” – they’re more likely to be curiosity about motives than exclusionary.  In the first third of Libra, the Self is invisible; it’s all about Other.  By the second third, the Self begins to have some preferences.

The implication is that there are things we’ve been taking for granted, without realizing that we could express an opinion or have a preference or exert any healthy control.  The entire “Shadow Period” of a retrogradation begins when the planet first crosses the retrogradation zone.  Between October 23 and January 25, Saturn crossed this region going forward.  For each of us, issues about Boundaries or Contraction/Expansion may have arisen during this period.  During the retrograde span, we reconsider how we want to relate to these issues.  Then finally, from June 13 to September 18, Saturn crosses the region for a third time.  This is when we implement our reconsiderations, and act to set our new Boundaries.

So that feeling of having someone’s thumb pressing on the top of your head, if you feel it, could be accompanied by thoughts about how someone offended you, or how you gave someone too much benefit of the doubt, or how you need to make a change in your relationship with someone, or in your relationships in general – to be more accepting perhaps, or more assertive about making space for your own beliefs and values, or both.  The important issue here is Responsibility – ability to respond rather than react.  In other words, if you’re in Blame, you’re on the wrong path.  It’s never their fault.  It’s always How did I let that happen? It’s not what they did wrong, it’s How could I have set better Boundaries? If you’re dealing with anger or a feeling of oppression or feeling wounded, tap it out.

You want to release your emotional attachment in the privacy of your own Energy System, so you can respond dispassionately and fairly when you revise your Boundaries.  Remember the context – we’re adjusting to a new Identity in alignment with a New Soul Chord Download, and working out a Grand Cross (which is always about Balance) balancing new and old Identities with the direction of History/Herstory and our own Karmic path (that is, Juno, Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto, and the Moon’s Nodes).  The elements of Grace are about the new paradigm that the Planet is moving into (fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl – Chiron-Neptune), or Miracles, and our own personal Values (Venus).  So it’s not about  burning bridges, it’s about laying the foundations for a whole new infrastructure.

The First Few Days of March

March 2, 2010

For the first few days of March, we’re advised to

Hold on to what we regard as Sacred,

Notice that old patterns are afoot so they can be recognized and released, and

Set boundaries that enable us to

Be compassionate and very gentle with ourself.

It’s not one or the other; it’s all four.

Setting boundaries doesn’t mean we can throw our anger around – we need to tap out our anger till telling someone what we won’t tolerate is clear, neutral, and heartfelt.  Hard to do, set boundaries without leaving the Heart, but that’s what we’re being asked to do.  Practice keeping your Heart Chakra open as wide as your Solar Plexus Chakra.  And while you’re at it, stay grounded.  If those two sentences aren’t clear, lemme know, and we’ll add some detail.

If setting boundaries invokes fear that you’ll lose your Sources of Support, first tap out the fear so you can be clear and neutral and heartfelt, then set the boundary anyway.  If you’re in your Heart, either your Support System will change and learn to respect your boundaries, or you weren’t really being supported anyway, and you need to let that go to make room for more reliable Support.

It’s complicated when we aren’t in the Present Moment, when old patterns are up and it’s difficult to discriminate between our old nemesis and the person who’s acting out their roles.  The key is to recognize that it’s your pattern.  If you can be loving and gentle enough with your reactions to their drama, then you may be able to create a different outcome this time.  Blaming them for acting out that role just keeps you stuck in your pattern, and keeps them stuck in their role.

Of course, you wouldn’t be dancing like this if your patterns didn’t interlock.  Most likely they’re blaming you for acting the role of their old nemesis too!  You can make the complexity manageable by just staying present with your own feelings.  What they think of you is none of your business.  Some people make themselves safe enough to stay present with themselves by yelling and blaming.  Other people need to find a safe quiet spot where they can pay close attention to what’s going on inside them, without external demands.  Be careful with judgment around either of those options – or any other patterns, whether it’s yours or other’s.  It’s always Safety First.  Respect that.

Once everyone has achieving Safety, then it’s possible to begin actually communicating.  That’s a whole nother ballgame, and better left for a more opportune time.  It’s a good time to study communication, where it succeeds and where it fails, but it’s not a good time to practice it unless you’re in the graduate program.

We say the latter because Mercury is at the focus of a Finger of God between Mars and Saturn.  That is, we say the latter because Mercury (communication) is at the focus of a Finger of God (in the hotseat) between Mars (somewhere between assertion and aggression) and Saturn (obey or else).

We say all the rest because of a Fixed-Sign T-Square between Pallas, Chiron-Neptune, and Vesta, pointing at Pallas in Scorpio.  Pallas is also one corner of a Water-Sign Grand Trine with Venus-Uranus in Pisces and the Moon’s South Node in Cancer.

In other words, we say all the rest because of a Fixed-Sign (unyielding) Fourth-Harmonic (motivation to learn competence through difficult practice) relations (a “T-Square” – three quarters of a Grand Cross) between Pallas (boundaries), Chiron-Neptune (initiation), and Vesta (the Sacred) in Leo (sanctified, or sanctimonious), pointing at Pallas (that is, the stress goes to the boundaries part) in Scorpio (it’s all about Emotional patterns).

The hexagram for the T-Square (that is, the Sabian Symbol for the Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross and bring the configuraton into balance) is A Rabbit morphs into a Nature Spirit.  Which is to say, there’s a great deal of Soul Food here.

And because Pallas is also one corner of a Water-Sign (Emotion) Grand Trine (Grace or arrogance), in Third-Harmonic (loving, but easy to take the undertow for granted) relations with Venus-Uranus (the union of our Soul’s mission with our Heart’s Values) in Pisces (well, we’d have to write a book) and the Moon’s South Node (obsolete victim patterns, with the prize being the recovery of previously unclaimed natural skills) in Cancer (as a Mother would – umm, would that be nurturance, or control?).

What about your own Mother?  Loving, or controlling?  Both, of course, but in what circumstances or proportions?  Which side (they are after all, when viewed from the Emotional perspective, just different sides of the same coin) was Conscious and which Unconscious?  It’s relevant and important, because by recognizing our unconscious replication of the roles our own Mother took, we learn a great deal about how we Love.  We focus on the Mother because it’s Cancer where the South Node lies, which means that’s where our work is and that’s where the Grace is.  But of course any significant older person, female or male, could have acted that for-your-own-good role in your own childhood.