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12/20 Power Portals

December 19, 2012


This is pretty subtle and complex, but fascinating.  Well, I think so anyway.  It’s a very long story, so I’m going to give you the bottom line right off, and if you want to just trust me, you can stop there and save yourself a lot of time reading.  If you’re curious why I’m saying such silly things, by all means read on.  Even if you don’t “study” the whole essay to understand all the twists and turns, you can learn a lot just by skimming and absorbing what catches your eye.  Here’s the bottom line…

I’m asking you to spend several hours in meditation on Thursday, December 20.  The reason I’m doing this is because there are eight powerful Portals open on Thursday at different times.  These times are unusual in that they are clock times, valid on your clock all ’round the World, whether your clock says 8am in Cairo or it says 8am in Tallahassee.

The Portals fall into two groups.  One of them provides a strong opportunity to amplify your Co-Creation of the New Paradigm, to shift it in a direction that suits you.  Don’t worry about cutting off someone else’s Desires – it’s always Both/And, and there’s plenty of room for everyone to get their wishes granted.  You do want to focus on what it will feel like in your body when you are excited about the World, not on what you will have when the World is your Oyster.

The second group of Portals is about fully embracing our own Mission on the Planet at this Time.  You don’t have to know what that is, because if you think you do, you’re probably looking at last month’s version of it.  Your Mission is a living, breathing thing, and it will be shifting constantly as we Co-Create the New Paradigm.  You know in your Heart what your Mission is – it’s what makes you excited about getting up in the morning.  You don’t need to be any more specific than that, lest your Head get in the way.  When this group of Portals are open you can just imagine waking up excited about what you’ll be doing.

Below are the start times for each of the Portals, and what each one is about.  These are times on your clock, no matter where you are on the Planet.  Start meditating at the indicated time, and focus on the given topic for half an hour if you can.  It doesn’t matter whether you feel the Portal opening, what matters is your Attention to the topic.

If you do feel a shift at any time during the half hour, make a note of the clock time, and adjust all of the other times accordingly.  In other words, if you start focusing on your Ideal Community at 4:45 am, and then notice that the Energy gets really strong at 4:55, try extending that meditation an extra ten minutes, and then starting the others ten minutes later than the indicated times.

If you can’t spare a full half hour for each Portal, give the first one a half hour, and notice when the Energy shifts.  If your first meditation becomes much deeper after seven minutes, at 4:52, and you can only spare ten minutes per Portal, then start each portal seven minutes after the indicated time.  For instance, for the Ideal Partner Portal you’d meditate from 11:07 to 11:17.  These adjustments are relevant because of small time variations across the Planet.

Even if you can only spend one minute on each Portal, it would be well worth it, especially if you can use the first Portal to find your local maximum.  If you’re anywhere close to the half hour of the opening (that is, say, 4:45 to 5:15 pm for the World Hunger Portal), you’re Golden.  Or, if you want to specialize, just pick a few Portals that you’re particular interested in.  Maybe Getting Paid for Fun and Respect are two of your core issues.

  • The Community You Would Love to Live in, at 4:45 am
  • Finding Your Tribe, at 5:45 am
  • Your Ideal Partner, at 11 am
  • Your Soulmate, at 11:45 am
  • Getting Paid More Than You Ever Imagined Possible for Doing What You Most Love to Do, at 3:45 pm
  • The End of Hunger, at 4:45 pm
  • Being Respected by Your Peers, at 9:45 pm
  • Being Really Heard When You Speak, at 11:30 pm

Note that your Soulmate is a mirror-image of you, while you and your Ideal Partner probably have very different and very complementary skills.  Don’t worry if neither match your current Partners (in Love or Business) – they can change, y’know.

You can use any meditation style you like.  One of my most effective styles is to just begin writing what I want.  I might start with “I want Community where I’m only expected to do what I love to do,” and write that several times, each time noticing if my writing is smooth from end to end.  Write it again, till your writing is perfectly smooth, with no jerks or kinks.  But let it change.  For instance, after three of those you might be inspired to write “I want Community where everyone is warm and helpful” several times, then something else.

Another of my favorites is to put my Full Attention into my Heart or my Belly, and just imagine how it will feel there when I’m in Bliss.  Just thinking about the topic is also just fine.

Negative material will force it’s way in, that’s inevitable.  “What if I can’t have that?”  “What will Mom say?”  When it does, just mumble Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade – Cancel the negative thought, Neutralize the negative Energy, and Upgrade the Thinker.  If that doesn’t work, and most especially if you encounter Fear or Anger, then tap it out.  This is very important and very deep work, and it will have leverage throughout your own future and the future of the Planet.  If you encounter Grief, embrace it.  Be an older loving friend to yourself, and just hold and comfort your grieving self, without denying any Realities.

You may also encounter Resistance to positive Energy.  “What if they get jealous?” or “I’d feel so Guilty having that!”  Ask yourself whose voice that is.  If it’s someone else’s voice – your father or your third-grade teacher – thank them for contributing and gently let them go.  If they won’t leave, bark at them.  If it’s your own voice, embrace the part of you that’s saying such nonsense.  They’re feeling left out, and they need your Love more than ever.  There’s something they want too, they just don’t know how to say it positively.  Ask them what it is that they want, gently coach it out of them.

Honeysuckle symbolizes many forms of Love, as well as staying True to our Mission.

Now, here’s the real (long) story.  Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing all this to my Attention.  If you have the time and inclination to read through it, at least skim it, it will much deepen your meditation and add more Oomph to your process.

The Quincunxes and Yods

Let me provide some essential background…

A Yod or Finger of God is two Quincunxes pointing to the same planet.  A Quincunx (two planes five Signs apart) recall is about Curiosity.  So a Yod is a narrow triangle with an Angle of 60 degrees at the Apex, and two Angles of 150 degrees at the Base.  Robert Wilkinson writes about Yods, and considers them to be “squeezing” the Energy of the two planets at the Base of the Yod through the Apex planet.  Like your toothpaste tube.  I’ve only got one natal Yod, and I can see how that view might work.  But the perspective that intense focus on the Apex opens up the Energy of the two Base planets makes more sense to me.

And the more important point is that we’re dealing with CuriosityEternal Curiosity.  Double Curiosity, Curiosity Squared.  And we regard Curiosity as one of the highest states of Consciousness, because it’s akin to Wonder and Awe.  Quincunxes are Awesome, in other words.  So a Yod would be Double Awesome.  No blessing quite like an Open Mind.  Now, sure, it takes nine lives to do a Yod, but maybe a Yod transcends Life-and-Death TranceFormation.  Maybe that’s why a Cat has nine lives.  Curiosity is akin to No Fear, and Love is an opposite to Fear.  A Relationship dies when you lose your Curiosity about the other person, and Judgement replaces it.  So Curiosity is like Love in more ways than one.

So I interpret a Yod as Eternal Curiosity about the elements governed by the three planets, a permanent absence of Fear, which I regard as a very high vibration.

The T-Squares

Meanwhile, we’ve talked a lot about T-Squares, three planets arranged in a fat triangle with a 90 degree Angle at the Apex and two 45 degree Angles on the Base…

A T-Square is two Squares to the same planet, and of course a Square represents Mastery through Challenge.  So a T-Square symbolizes Double Challenge, and Double Mastery.  A pain in the butt in other words, constant frustration.  We only get to Mastery by realizing that we will never Master the relationships between the three planets involved, we’ll only study it on deeper and more subtle levels.  It’s an Eternal Challenge.  Once we’re able to acknowledge our persistent and indefatigable dedication to these Challenges – and see the depth and breadth of our knowledge and wisdom about the dark corners of the issues involved when compared to someone without the same T-Square – then we’ll begin to honor ours Mastery!  And there is no greater Mastery!

The Diamonds

All of a sudden an astrological configuration has ascended into our Consciousness that folks are calling a “Diamond” pattern.  A Diamond is a Yod and a T-Square that share the same Apex.  When you draw it out, you see that the two planets on the Base of the Yod are Trine (Grace) and Sextile (Creative Grace) to the two planets on the Base of the T-Square, forming a bowl of Grace under the two triangles.

I have to say that, from my perspective, it don’t get much more glorious than a combination of Eternal Challenge (when seen from the perspective of Mastery of course) with Eternal Curiosity!  And that’s not even counting the bowl of Grace that provides a nice rounded foundation.  So I would interpret a Diamond pattern as a sign of a potentially extraordinarily competent person or extraordinarily fortuitous moment – albeit a person who may need some coaching to recognize their own skills, or a moment that may appear ambiguous from the outside.  And a person or moment that might have Momma Cat scurrying around rescuing the rascal by the scruff of the neck from trouble.

So we regard these new-fangled Diamond thingies as pretty fabulous.

The Solstice Diamonds

One reason this topic is up, is because someone has noticed a Diamond pattern forming on Big Solstice day.  That would be pretty neat, but there’s some controversy around it, because in order to create it you need the Ascendant.  I use Angles to the Ascendant, because it’s a very important symbolic point in a chart, having to do with how we relate to the World and how the World relates to us.  Ascendant is to Horoscope as Mouth (or Keyboard) is to Voice.  I regard it as highly significant if someone or some moment has a planet on the Ascendant, aka a planet “Rising” – since the Ascendant is the eastern horizon at the time that the chart was drawn for, the planet is quite literally Rising, which means it’s very important in the chart, and that the person has a lot to say.

The problem with using an Ascendant as part of a complex configuration in a temporal chart, is that Sunrise races all the way around the Planet every day.  So if we’re talking about an Angular relationship between two planets, that Angle holds no matter where you are on the Earth.  But if you’re talking about an Angular relationship between a planet and the Ascendant, that only holds for a few minutes in any given place, because the Ascendant circles the Zodiac every 24 hours.  So when we have a Diamond formation that includes the Ascendant, what we have is a very momentary phenomenon.

That’s when you’re in one place.  When we talk about the moment when an Angular relationship between two planets is exact, we have to recast the time of that moment for your own Time Zone, because the exact relationship occurs at an instant of time, and that instant is expressed differently in different global Time Zones.  The Solstice happens once, at twelve minutes after 3am PST, and if you follow that link you can see what the clock will say in your own neck of the Woods at that moment.

But an Angular relationship between a planet and the Ascendant occurs at the same clock time, no matter where you are.  Of course that will vary with how far you are from your Reference Meridian.  Time and the Earth’s rotation are continuous, but there are only a discrete number of Time Zones.  So the clock says the same thing in Boston as it does in Detroit, because they’re in the same Time Zone.  But the Reference Meridian for Eastern Time runs through Philadelphia, in between the two.  So if you’re in Philadelphia, your clock time is “true.”  But the Sun rises earlier in Boston, and later in Detroit.  So your clock time and the “real” time aren’t the same, but they’re usually less than a half-hour apart, so we don’t notice till we cross a Time Zone boundary and have to reset our watches.

The upshot of all that, is that an Angular relationship to the Ascendant will happen at more or less the same clock time anywhere in the World.  Very unusual for astrology, but it happens.

Now, as it turns out, the Big Solstice chart has two Yods in it, one to Jupiter (Expansion) and one to Ceres (Sustainability/Sustenance).  Each Apex planet has one Square to another planet, so as the World turns, a T-Square will be formed to each Apex from the Ascendant, and this event will occur at approximately the same clock time all ’round the World.  Like New Year.  Remember Peter Jennings’s fabulous New Year World tour at 1/1/2000?  Best thing that ever happened to television.

The Pentagrams

One final aside, before we try to integrate the four planets and Ascendant in each Diamond to see what the devil they might mean.

When you draw a Diamond in a chart, like the one at

and ignore the five lines around the outside of the circle, what’s left is a five-pointed Star – a Pentagram.  What does a Pentagram symbolize?  Power, as in Magic is afoot.  The Tarot refers to it as the Hierophant – learning and teaching, and there is Power in both Knowledge and Wisdom.  In traditional “fairy tales,” a Pentagram pointing up symbolizes “White” Magic, and one pointing downward symbolizes “Black” Magic.  But it’s not that simple.  The difference between White Magic and Black Magic is political.  It’s an artifact of the Olde Male competitive view of the World, where there is contest between Good and Evil, and the difference is defined by Authority.

That’s waaay outa line with the Yin Integrity that our current-time- dominating Uranus-Pluto process requires.  And Uranus, when seen from the perspective of the status quo, represents Disruption.  And Disruption of Business as Usual is certainly in order.  I know, there’s more than enough Disruption going on already.  So maybe what we need is to Disrupt the Disruption.  Would that be White or Black Magic?

Regress for a few minutes to the time before the Pope redefined Saturnalia (the Roman equivalent of the modern Oktoberfest or Mardi Gras) as Evil, before the Angel of Light became Lucifer.  Those were political Trance(Re)Formations.  The word politics means Ego.  It means competition to have my Ego (and my Control over Power, Money, and You) dominate your Ego.  In today’s World, it’s not at all clear whether it’s White Magic that’s good or Black Magic.  Like Google, they can Do No Evil.  Of course they spy on your every keystroke (and your front yard and your Wi-Fi connection) and sell the information to obnoxious advertisers and others who do not have your best interests at heart.   White Magic is our Magic, Black Magic is their Magic.  And they eat Babies!

As we open the Planet to greater Gender Balance, and Eris and Lilith claim their Power as representatives of the Dark Goddess (from the perspective of the Olde Male), many of those now-old definitions will be turned on their heads.  Eris produces Discord by bringing Denial into Consciousness.  Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.  Think about whether Wall Street would in your view be a haven of White Magic or Black Magic.  Would your grade school teachers and your other cultural programmers have had the same view?

The point is that we have no way of knowing whether it’s White Magic or Black Magic that will rebirth the Planet.  I mean, She’s in Labor anyway, so what do we have to do with it?  Well, we’re part of Her Consciousness, and like it or not, we’re Co-Creating  the new Trance.  Who knows, it may even be Both/And, White and Black.  Wouldn’t that be unique!

The Other Angels, er, Angles

The Squares to both Apex planets are from behind (in the order of the Signs), so when we add the Square to the Ascendant, that will be ahead of the Apex, and the Pentagram will be “right side up,” pointing skyward, toward the Midheaven (Community).  To find the Diamond that points down toward Mother Earth (Security, known in astrology as the “IC”), we need to use the Descendant instead to complete our T-Square.  The Descendant is the point in the chart where the Sun would set, the western horizon.  The Descendant is every bit as important as the Ascendant, it just concerns our relationships with our Partners, rather than our relationships with the World.

Sorry, one more aside, but a short one…

Now, if we’re going to use the Ascendant, there’s no reason in the World why we wouldn’t also use the Midheaven and the IC – they’re every bit as important as the Ascendant.  Since our Diamond Pentagram is not symmetrical, when we move the clock to draw Squares to either of these points, the tall spur on the Star points left or right, but either way a short spur points up, and another short spur points down.  These clock times will give us either Grey Magic or Rainbow Magic, depending on whether you’re combining crayon colors, splitting the White Light into its components, or penetrating the Shadows for the hologram within them.

So we end up with four clock times as Portals of Power, one White, one Black, and two Rainbow.  Now it’s time to examine the planets involved, so we can guess what sort of Power we might be talking about.

The Jupiter Diamond

One of the Diamonds puts Jupiter (Expansion) at the Apex, Saturn (Focus) and Pluto (Tranceformation) on the Base of the Yod, and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm) at one end of the T-Square Base.  Of course the other end of the T-Square Base is the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, or IC, depending on the time.  Saturn and Pluto are Sextile (Creative Grace) to one another, so with a little kick-start from ourselves (the Creative part), Grace will flow when we Focus on the TranceFormation.  Focusing on the Trance is a little oxymoronic, since the Trance is mostly Unconscious, but what it amounts to is Focusing on what we want Transformed, and how we would like to see it Transformed.  You can Focus on what you don’t want if you like, but if you do, tap on it while you’re doing it, so you don’t manifest the negative.  The Unconscious is not Dual and it doesn’t know what negation is, but your Meridians do know what Balance is.

So basically, by putting our Attention into Expansion (Jupiter), we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us.  Since we’ve got Chiron-Neptune on one corner of the T-Square, we’re Challenged to Expand into the as-yet-undefined (aren’t we Curious!) New Paradigm and imagine how it might surprise and delight us!  What this says to me is that we have a lot of Power to change the World during these Portals.  It will be important to focus on the Mastery (What have we already learned?) more than the Challenge (What haven’t we learned yet?).

Now we have to present a passage from Marko Pogacnik’s Healing the Heart of the Earth: Restoring the Subtle Levels of Life (pp.17-18)…

“Earth healing is only possible by adhering to the following principles:

“1. The principle of cycles in the earth and nature realm should be respected.  In this way, the dark phase of decline and transformation is regarded as equal in value to the light phase of becoming and blossoming.  Under no circumstance should we ever try to ‘heal’ the seemingly ‘diseased state’ of a phase of transformation.  Whoever wants to heal has to discriminate between that which needs to be healed and that which shuns the need for healing – even if this feels upsetting.  Before anything else, healers should evaluate whether, by interfering with a phenomenon that seems to be crying out for earth healing, they are actually violating the integrity of a life cycle.

“2. If active steps towards earth healing are taken, we must not omit to alert the public or the person in charge of the place in question.  Mending a split in consciousness, transforming thought patterns hostile to the earth and acknowledging the divine nature of the earth’s systems are vital preconditions for any earth healing.  If we neglect this basic level then the results of healing, as impressive as they may seem, amount only to a tinkering with symptoms which does not touch the causes of the destruction of earth, nature and landscape.

“3. Clarity about our own motivations.  What moves us to dedicate ourselves to healing a place?  Is, perhaps, the strong upsurge in interest in earth healing also an unconscious expression of fear about the earth’s power to react by means of natural catastrophes to human disregard of her balance?  Or worse, does the urge to heal the earth mask a continuing determination to dominate the earth and her nature realms?  Traditionally this dominance has taken place through the power of human intelligence, therefore today this superior attitude towards the earth could find expression through a misguided ‘intention to heal’ that continues to debase the earth by regarding it as an object.

“These are no means just rhetorical questions…  It is far easier to perceive the alienation and destruction of the rhythms of life outside ourselves, in our environment, than to admit that our own spiritual-soul Self is a stranger or that we are living in a state of inner chaos.”

The four Angles are very personal.  We can see them as our Voice (Ascendant), our Security (IC), our close Relationships (Descendant), and our Community (Midheaven).  I’m going to focus on December 20, Thursday.  These Diamonds persist on other days before and after, to one extent or another, but they are strong on Thursday.  Tune in to the Airwaves when these Portals are about to open, so you can learn what it feels like when they open.  Then you can adjust your times accordingly, and feel for the same Energies on other days.  On Thursday the Jupiter Portal is open for about 45 minutes or so, on or around these times…

  • Midheaven/Community (Rainbow), 5am
  • Descendant/Relationships (Black), 11:20 am
  • IC/Security (Rainbow), 5pm
  • Ascendant/Voice (White), 10pm

In other words, using Marko’s “rules,” spend as much or more time on your own sense of Community, Relationships, Security, and Willingness to Speak Out about your Desires for the future of the Planet, as you spend on Healing the Planet.  Substitute Responsibility for Blame – that means formulating how we will respond to where we are rather than assigning Blame for how we got here.  And don’t keep your light under a bushel about this – Speak Up about how you feel about the state of the Planet and whether Human Institutions are Life-affirming or not.

I don’t recall where I read this, and I don’t recall the issue, maybe it was Global Warming.  Someone was interviewing people about how they felt about it.  The folks in the first house said they were very concerned about it, but they didn’t talk to their neighbors about it because they knew that their neighbors felt differently and they didn’t want to argue with their neighbors.  By the time the interviewer finished the block, three fourths of the households told them the same story!  You may see your neighbor driving a soot-spewing diesel, but not see them conscientiously recycling their milk cartons and washing their diapers.  The Tipping Point won’t happen till we start talking – and as we do, listening.  Not to find debating points, but to find commonality that can be nurtured.

Notice that these times do not divide the day into four even quartiles.  That’s because there are two other factors complicating the issue – the system of Houses that are used, and the Latitude.  There are several different ways to divide the Zodiac into Houses and position the cross of Angles that define them.  This House system (Placidus) consistently works well for me, but you may be using a different one.  In this system, the further you are from the Equator, the more asymmetrical the Houses become.

The Ceres Diamond

The second Diamond has Ceres (Sustainability and Sustenance) at its Apex.  We need to remember that Ceres Rising (in all Time Zones) was one of four prominent configurations in the 1/1/2000 chart, and hence dominates the Century.  Ceres Rising means Sustainability and Sustenance coming into Awareness.  For those of us in the Consumer Class, Sustainability means Sustenance, because we’re asked to give up luxuries.  For the rest of the World’s Peoples, and for the World itself and all of Her Conscious Beings (material or otherwise), Sustainability means facilitating Survival in a way that thrives and is in Balance.

The other planets in the Ceres Diamond are Rahu (the Moon’s North Node or Dragon’s Head: our Mission) and Mars (Energy, Assertion) on the Base of the Yod, and Pallas (Boundaries) on the Base of the T-Square, along with the Angles.  In other words, by learning to respond to impediments (the T-Square) from the place of Wisdom rather than the place of Passion (Pallas), yet giving our full Attention and Energy (Mars) to our Mission (Rahu), we will surprise and delight ourselves (the Yod) by creating Sustainability (Ceres).  Give or take 20 minutes or so on either side, the Ceres Portals will be open on or around…

  • Midheaven/Community (Rainbow), 6am
  • Descendant/Relationships (Black), noon
  • IC/Security (Rainbow), 4pm
  • Ascendant/Voice (White), 11:45pm

These should really be fun.  When we make a real shift in our Presence, we can feel our Future shifting from one road to another and the potholes filling in, and it’s exhilarating.

An Open Window and a Fresh Breeze

December 2, 2012


P.M.H. Atwater researches Near-Death Experiences and trends in Kidhood.  This is from her 2012 book Children of the Fifth World: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness (pp.86-87)…

“Without meaning to, [kids born from 1982 to 2001] behaved as if prognosticators of a future they already knew and had previously agreed on.  Wave after wave of children are coming in like this now.  Many are quite open about it.  They may not consciously know what will happen in their lifetime, yet somehow, in ways no one can fully understand, they do know the future and their place in it.  This alarms parents, not kids. 

“This odd perspective is attuned to what in esoteric traditions is called the natural order.  Within this aegis they want to change the mainstream, or at least build parallels to it based on alternatives and sustainability measures that bypass the mainstream.  They … consider intuitive/psychic promptings of importance.  They listen to a guidance not their own.

“Their version of the natural order is plain enough:

  • You know what is right.  It’s stamped in your heart.
  • Return to an awareness of consequences.  Are you aware?  Do you care?
  • Expect to live your life with others who are different from you.  It’s okay.
  • We all make mistakes – admit, apologize, correct, move on.
  • Guilt serves no purpose.  Blaming and obsessing are a waste of time.
  • Your intention is who you are.  No need to defend this.
  • Life is about focus, who you are inside, your intention.
  • There are no free passes.  We’re all in this together.

There is not a leader alive who is prepared to handle this crop of citizenry…”

I’ll interrupt to remind that Uranus needs neither followers nor leaders.  And that the core Sabian Energy of the Uranus-Pluto Cycle that comes of age in 2012-15 is “A Ouija Board.”  PMH goes on…

“An immense plus many bring with them that skirts the way leadership roles have been conducted in the past is their ability to form holons.  A holon is a situation where opposing sides come together to accomplish a given task or project that is of mutual benefit for the greater good.  Young people understand that opposing forces are not going to change.  Trying to get along usually backfires…  They want solutions that make things better.  Their approach: get all sides together, figure out what needs to be done and how to pay for it, empower the people in the group to make work assignments and figure out details, do the work, finish the job.  By working together to accomplish a task at hand, progress becomes an organic mix of discovery – that opposing forces really are the same at their core.  The greater good wins.  No one changed, yet everyone changed.  A holon was created – The strength of a whole comes from the diversity of many parts working together.

Thanks to Alice Miller for turning us on to PMH.

We’re in the middle of (specifically, from about noon PST on Sunday to about noon on Monday) a fantastic window for gaining insight into the New Paradigm, as the Moon will be Quincunxing (five Signs from, representing Curiosity) Chiron-Neptune.  For the latter part of this period, the Moon will also be Quincunxing Pluto, making a Chiron-Pluto-to-Moon Finger of God.  If ever Magic is afoot, this is it.  We can label a Moon Quincunx as Emotional Curiosity – openness to Change on a deep level, as our usual Emotional Blocks are bypassed.  And of course the Initiation of Chiron (Despair becoming Miracle as Empathy with our Despair Shifts our Assemblage Point) by Neptune (our Unconscious Cultural mileau) is the basis for our New Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl Paradigm.  While we haven’t finished Co-Creating the Form of this New Pear, the Energy is extant, available for all to read.

Pluto represents Rebirth, Transformation, a New Trance, flipping to a new slide in our Holographic Viewmaster.  So there will be permanent aspects to our Assemblage-Point Shift.  Of course we’ll backslide, we have to do that to recover the rest of our old persona and psyche, so we can reintegrate.  When our Assemblage Point shifts, it’s as if we climbed a hill – our perspective on the Landscape is very different from our new vantage point.  We can see Furthur, and we can see new relationships between the elements of our Weltanschauung.  When we come back down from the hill, nothing has changed, but everything has changed.

A number of other configurations abet the Finger of God to make Stronger Magic.  The Fingered Moon Trines (Grace) Uranus (our 2012 Soul Download) and Squares (Challenge and Reward) Saturn (the Ego), making the Shift penetrate deeply into the persona (Saturn).  If you put a Square (3 Signs) and an adjacent Trine (4 Signs) into the Zodiacal circle, what’s left?  A Quincunx!  The Saturn-Uranus Quincunx is fading (it’s been with us since Samhain (Halloween), and will continue till the Uranus-Station New Moon, then re-form in March-April and September-October of next year, if we have one.  A Saturn-Uranus Quincunx, as you can imagine, represents the Ego and the Soul encountering one another with Curiosity!  Bingo!

And there are two other simultaneous Quincunxes – Juno to Ketu (the Moon’s South Node or the Dragon’s Tail), and Mars to Jupiter.  The Juno-Ketu Q, in part, stands for the Heavies we’ve been feeling, as our Karmic Baggage (Ketu) and our Unconscious Identity (Juno) encounter one another with Curiosity.  Juno’s being buffeted from all sides, but the Quin is what involves the bars of our Birdcage.  We’ve survived another Mars-Pluto, at the recent Lunar Eclipse, and now Jupiter will be expanding that In-a-Sunlit-Home-Domesticated-Birds-Sing-Happily Energy, and we can’t help but be Curious about how this Domestication will integrate with all of the Uranian Give-Me-Liberty-or-Reform my Trance! Energy that abounds for the next few years.  Wouldn’t it be handy if we were prognosticators of a future we already know.

I didn’t have a handy portrait of Childrenite, so I put in a picture of its identical twin Eosphorite – they’re both Hydrated Aluminum Phosphate with traces of Iron and Manganese; Childrenite just leans more toward the Iron (Grounding) side and less toward the Manganese (Empathy).  Here’s a photo of it’s spectrum, borrowed from Mindat.  You can see how the Mineral illuminates various frequencies differentially when it diffracts Light…

Childrenite-eosphorite EDS

Lord knows where the “Si” came from, maybe it’s mislabeled.  You can see from this how a Crystal can be Healing.  If on some dimension your own spectrum lacked intensity at these frequencies, the Crystal could Balance your Energy!  The Crystal would be in Blender X in our three-blender manifestation technique.

Mars-Pluto, Mercury, Venus-Saturn, and Lilith

November 24, 2012

Amethyst, the Violet form of Quartz, is the Crystal that most commonly represents the Crown Chakra.  Here, as it often is when it lives near Thunder Bay Ontario, it’s speckled measles-like with Hematite, providing grounding to the Root ChakraWalking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet, as Angie would put it.  Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl is the Sabian Symbol of the new Chiron-Neptune Cycle – this is how we Co-Create Miracles for the next half-century.  Nourished with water from a Sacred Well, and symbolizing a half-century of peaceful collaboration among Humans and all of the other Sentient Beings on and around our Planet.  Wouldn’t that be great!

While the Eclipse chart is much bigger than this, Mars-Pluto weaves a very complex web at Tuesday’s Eclipse, dancing with a Mercury Station, a Venus-Saturn Initiation, while Lilith hobnobs with the Eclipsed Moon.  We’ll get to the rest of the Eclipse tomorrow, but it’s important to try to find the warp and weft of this knot.  When we tease it apart and knit it back together again, we end up looking at, defending, and enjoying the larger matrix that Life exists in.  Here’s the labyrinthine Path we follow to get there…


Okay then, what about this Mars-Pluto Event?  First, Mars is Out of Bounds (Strong).  The Initiation occurs at 9 degrees of Capricorn, “In a sun-lit home, domesticated Birds sing happily.”  That’s intense.  With Uranus prominent, domestication is the last way to seek happiness (except as Resistance to Uranian Energy, and good luck with that).  Rudhyar rubs it in, “The wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly.”  This is the Mars-Pluto Cycle that reigns until November 2014.  Know of any well-established cultures that promote self-expression, freedom, and independence?  Maybe we should all move there.  I know, that’s the hype about the US, and it’s true, within limits.  To Uranus-Pluto, limits are a dare.

It’s sad, as it may indicate that those who are enjoying the spoils of the Olde Order will be shocked (as Rmoney was when he lost) that anyone would want to disrupt their reverie.  On the other hand, they may be too shocked to put up much of a fight.  Lord knows, they might even be willing to collaborate to bring more people out of poverty and injustice and slavery.  We don’t want to overlook any possibilities for Chironic miracles!

And Elizabeth points out that the Mars-Pluto Square will activate a whole generation born in the 1950s (because it Squares their natal Eris) to defend their “entitlements” – they’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare “Trust Funds” all their life so they could enjoy the fruits of those investments when they retire.  Of course they weren’t Trust Funds, they were Slush Funds for Congress to squander.  And now the 1% have relabeled those investments as “entitlements,” and even “liberals” have fallen into using the derogatory term.  If Mars-Pluto inspires these Gray Panthers, woe to the Tea Party and their fascist-collaborating ways.

Mercury Stationary Direct

Meanwhile, Mercury is Stationary turning Direct this coming Monday at quarter to 3pm PST.  A Mercury Station strongly highlights communication.  The Station occurs at 19 degrees of Scorpio, “A Parrot repeats the conversation he has heard.”  Rudhyar considers that an opportunity to transmit knowledge beyond what we understand, like when we tell people All There Is Is Now.  If that’s what’s relevant, great.  In my cynicism, I worry more about rhetoric – parroting of unexamined propaganda, like “entitlements.”  Maybe we can hope that the Station will engender Awareness of the empty flammability of rhetoric.

However, we should be looking at the path traced out by the Retrogradation of Mercury, more than the degree of the Stations.  Mercury crossed 19 Scorpio to 5 Sagittarius from mid-October to election day, then backed across the same zone for most of November, and now it will recross the same span again till mid-December.  When this happens, the Heavens are telling us to Pay Attention! to this particular section of the Zodiac.  It’s the Cancer (Nurturing) Decanate (a third of a Sign) of Scorpio (Fearlessness) and the Sadge and Capricorn Dwads (one twelfth of a Sign) of Sadge (Surrender).

During early October, Mercury taught us to dig deep into our Circumstances looking for Limiting Beliefs (the Scorpio Decanate of Scorpio).  Then in mid-October, Mercury asked us to know no Emotional Limits in this search (the Pisces Decanate).  The last third of Scorpio (the Cancer Decanate), at the end of October, was about healing the negative Karma that we’d found by empathizing with our historical selves as they were thrown to the Wolves unprepared.

You poor dear, you had no way of dealing with that when you were six years old!  You did the best you could, it was not at all your fault! 

If you missed this healing opportunity, even after our November Retrograde review, you now get a third chance to allow Grace into your Life.  The Sagittarian portion (the first half of November) was about Oh my God, the walls are gone!  This is what Freedom feels like! (the Sadge Dwad of Sadge) and What will I do with this fabulous gift? (the Capricorn Dwad).  We’ll get into that zone again December 11-13.  Watch for it.


A new Venus-Saturn Cycle is also Initiated Monday, at quarter after 5pm PST.  Venus-Saturn Events and Cycles are about Focusing (Saturn) on our Values (Venus).  What are we always offended about?  This initiation is at 7 degrees of Scorpio, “Deep-Sea divers.”  More Pearl-diving.  You can see the benefit of Consciousness – this is about looking fearlessly for First Cause, and without Consciousness we’ll be looking outside of ourself, and getting lost in Blame.  Venus isn’t about setting Boundaries (that’s Pallas) or what’s Sacred (Vesta), it’s “just” our Values.  So we’re more likely to enjoy a bitchfest than to throw rocks.  However, get a bunch of folks together enjoying the same complaints, and rocks are likely to begin flying.  Especially if the folks are unemployed.  When you ain’t got nothing, you ain’t got nothing left to lose.

Integrating All That

The Venus-Saturn Event occurs before the Mars-Pluto Initiation; this means that however our desire for Justice (Mars-Pluto) and our desire for Stability (domesticated Birds singing) rank among our Values, they’re both likely to be Strong now.  And the Venus-Saturn Initiation is Sextile (Creative Grace) to the Mars-Pluto Initiation.  That gives us excellent prospects for Creative Win-Wins, where Justice (in this case, largely the right to Food and Shelter) is extended without the Violence that diminishes everyone and makes Justice ever harder to achieve.

The Mercury Station (Awareness) is Novile (one ninth of the way around the Zodiac) to the Mars-Pluto Initiation.  The Novile represents introspection, again de-emphasizing the potential for more Violence.

The Venus-Saturn and Mars-Pluto Initiations combine various stages of several Cycles.  The Venus-Mars, Venus-Pluto, and Saturn-Pluto Cycles are in their Voids, at the Waning Sextile.  A Void, recall, is the zone in a Cycle where the Energy has peaked, and we need to release Expectations in order to clear Space for a new Cycle.  Waning Sextiles are about finding Creative ways to compensate for the loss of the benefits of the prior Cycles.  These might be Giving up excuses in favor of Honesty (Venus-Mars, September 2008, A boat landing after a Storm), Giving up Power-Over in favor of Listening (Venus-Pluto, December 2011, A veiled prophet speaks), and Giving up Ease in favor of Sustainability (Saturn-Pluto, November 1982, An old bridge over a beautiful Stream).

The Mars-Saturn Cycle is at its Waxing Sextile stage.  At this stage, if we’re Conscious about it, we’re finding Creative ways to implement the Cycle’s Energy, even though our culture isn’t supporting it yet.  Mars-Saturn is about Focusing our Energy so our Actions are efficient, and the Cycle is about “The sight of an Autumn leaf brings to a Pilgrim the sudden revelation of the Mystery of Life and Death” (Initiation August 15, 2012).  Whoa, more loss of the Veil, as presaged by Neptune-Ketu in the 1/1/2000 chart.  If we aren’t Conscious about it, we’ll be in Resistance to Rebirth.

And the Eclipse?

Well, the Venus-Saturn Conjunction and the Mars-Pluto Conjunction form a Finger of God pointing at the Eclipsing Moon.  Uhhhhh, that Strong! as Tatsuya Nakadai would have said in translation had they put Fingers of God and Eclipses into those old Samurai movies.  A Finger of God or Yod, recall, is two Quincunxes pointing at the same zodiacal location.  A Quincunx is two Planets five Signs apart.  Quincunxes represents Curiosity.

Curiosity is akin to Wonder and Awe, the highest mental state we can achieve, as it is free of Fear.  Better than Gratitude, and Gratitude is pretty dang high!  Arguably even better than Love, as Love is blind, while Curiosity is fully Conscious.  Of course we want all three, not Either/Or!  We might call that combination Compassion, or Presence.

So we bring Curiosity to this Eclipse.  The Eclipse itself occurs in 7 of Gemini, “A Well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic Trees” – we drink with relish, as do the Plants that sustain us.  The image reeks of Collaboration.  So we’re Curious (the Quincunxes) about how Creatively combining (Sextile) Cultural Preservation (Mars-Saturn) and a Fearless Inventory (Venus-Saturn) will serve (the Finger of God) Sustainable Abundance (the Eclipse).  Again, without interruption,

We may be Open to new ways to foster Sustainable Abundance by balancing defense of Social Stability with our own Soul-Searching.

Where is it that I don’t serve Sustainability?  How can I contribute to Justice and Equality?  Eclipses are about Awareness.  We may want to PIAVA these questions to our Guides.

In Celtic traditions, the Well is the entrance to the Underworld, the Worlds beyond the Veil where the Ancestors and the Faeries dwell.  We can’t Heal the Planet without re-integrating these Entities into our Worldview, as they represent Connectedness with the Living Spirit of Planetary Stuff, and the Oneness of Time.  If you don’t already know that Broccoli is a Spiritual Entity, let along Amethyst, you need to seek an education.  It’s about surrendering our Egoic acquisitiveness in favor of Universal Equality.  No one is Free until we’re all Free, including Freedom from hunger, and Freedom from disrespect.  Denying the Spirituality of Other is tremendously disrespectful.

At the Eclipse the Moon closely Conjoins Black Moon Lilith, symbol of the Primordial Feminine, Goddess of the Underworld.  The Moon’s orbit forms an ellipse, an oval with two centers.  The Earth is at one center.  The other is Black Moon Lilith.  Recall those stories about Two Earths?  So we really have three close Conjunctions all mutually Quincunx  – Venus-Saturn, Mars-Pluto, and Moon-Lilith.  Curiosity about what Actions (Mars) We Collectively (Pluto) will take to Support (Saturn) our primary Value (Venus) of Protecting the Spirit (the Well) and Form (Moon) of our Mother Planet (Lilith).

The Moon-Lilith Conjunction is still forming at the time of the Eclipse – the Moon crosses Lilith about four hours after the Eclipse.  That is, the Energy of this month-long Moon-Lilith Cycle will carry on during the nine months that the Eclipse remains influential.  The Initiation occurs at 9 Gemini, “A quiver filled with arrows.”  In Psalm 127 the arrows remain in the quiver, but their presence still protects the gate.

So what if the well-established culture that Mars-Pluto defends is not the nastily-politicized TV-adled traffic-snarled lawn-order culture that we live in every day with other Humans, but the larger culture that nurtures us, mostly without our Gratitude or even our Curiosity, or Respect for their Sentience and their Service.  Our collaboration with the Cows and Turkeys and Yams and Brussels Sprouts and Pumpkins who serve themselves at our banquets here in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, for instance.  Maybe that’s what Mars-Pluto defends.  In the context of the Waxing Square of the Ouija-Board Uranus-Pluto Cycle, that makes much more sense!

Another Full Moon

October 30, 2012

Well, the Full Moons seem to be what stirs the pot here near the End Of The World As We Know It, as 2012 is wont to be known.  Last month’s was “horrendous,” and this month’s looks very much like the Birdcage we frequently write about.  The Full Moon itself opposes Saturn, so focusing on what’s most important is certainly a highlight – for too many on the US East Coast that looks like Survival itself.  Many getting reduced to Sustenance by executive order rather than by choice.  That makes Sun-Saturn this week’s corner of the ongoing Water (Emotional) Grand Trine, along with the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) and Ceres.  Folks in the throes probably won’t take kindly to this, but the Grand Trine does imply that, looking back, they’ll find the disruption to have been a boon.

A  Cardinal (Creative) Grand Cross has returned, joining the Grand Trine on the Ceres Corner; Ceres Opposite Pluto Square Venus Opposite Uranus, Venus early in Libra.  Kinda like enforced collaboration, with Venus (Beauty) in Libra (Cooperation) tying together all that Mandatory Soul Mission (Uranus-Pluto) and Sustenance (Ceres) stuff.  But we also have two big Golden Rectangles (More Grace) and an Almost-Grand Sextile, so our traumas should be well-compensated.

Let’s focus on the Almost-Grand Sextile.  A Grand Sextile is two Grand Trines spaced two signs apart, or six planets equally spaced around the Zodiac.  Since a Sextile represents Creative Grace, a Grand Sextile is pretty special.  This on is in the Magnetic Signs (Earth and Water).  For review, when we bifurcate the Signs we get Magnetic and Dynamic (Fire and Air), when we trifurcate the Signs we get Creative, Stabilizing and Changing (or, in the vernacular, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable), and when we divide them in four we get Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Now an Almost Pattern or Configuration is in many ways better than a complete Pattern, because in an Almost-Pattern we have to contribute, we get to co-create, rather than just sit and watch.  In the case of an Almost Grand Sextile, we have five of the six requisite planets aligned into the Pattern, and the sixth is what we call a Vacancy – an if only there was a planet there place.  The Vacancy rules the Almost-Pattern, because it’s where we have to get involved.

The Vacancy here is 6 degrees of Virgo, “A merry-go-round.”  Rudhyar’s short interpretation is “The first experience of the dynamic intensity of life processes and of the possibility of using them to reach a characteristic ego-satisfaction.”  Sounds appropriate to my experience of the last few days (befuddlement wouldn’t be too far from the mark – I was thinking it might be those new EFAs I was trying out, but I do get dizzy on merry-go-rounds), and certainly mirrors the enforced collaboration theme.  With Mars Conjoining Juno opposite Jupiter, having an arena in which to exert and assert one’s skills (such as Search and Rescue) would be important, especially to ego-satisfaction.

Considering the way the whole chart falls together, I’m gonna say that we have been for the last several days and will be for the next several weeks learning a great deal about the role of Sustenance in the New Paradigm.  Coupla New York Tea Partiers may even have learned, to the dismay of the Koch Bros, that paying people to be firemen isn’t such a bad idea after all.

As is always the case, the Quincunxes in the chart are telling.  Quincunxes (two planets five signs apart) indicate where Curiosity reigns, Curiosity being the highest mental state we can achieve, because it indicates that we’re looking beyond the confines of our Birdcage (aka Limiting Beliefs) without Fear, innocently safe in our confidence that Sylvester is no match for our Vigilance and our Wings.   Not that Gratitude isn’t right up there, but Gratitude is more emotional and less mental.

One Quincunx is between Venus and Neptune.  Neptune and not Chiron – Quincunxes have very narrow “Orb” (the degree of inaccuracy allowed).  Neptune standing for our relationship to our culture, and Venus (in Libra) for our desire to be of assistance.  The Quincunx part would come across as How can I help?  It’s not about the New-Paradigm business (Chiron-Neptune), it’s about what’s constant between the Old and New (Neptune); namely, the realization that we really are all in this together.

The second Q is between Sun and Uranus.  Sun and not Saturn.  At Full Moon the Sun shines day and night, using the Moon as its proxy while it’s busy lighting up the other side of the Planet.  So Full Moons are about coming out of a state of Denial.  A Full-Moon Sun-Q-Uranus would be about how what I’ve been considering my shortcomings might actually be some of my greatest skills, I’ve just never been acknowledged about them, so their value has been invisible to me.  Wouldn’t that be Curious.  Saturn’s out of Orb for the Quincunx, so these realizations would be in contradistinction to our Focus on Survival.

Vesta and Rahu (the Moon’s North Node, or the Dragon’s Head) form the third Quincunx.   Curiosity about how our Mission (Rahu) actually serves what we consider to be Sacred (Vesta).  How could it be otherwise!  Yet we’ve been berating ourselves for focusing on our Mission when other things (keeping the lawn mowed, getting the kids to soccer) seem so much more important.  Mercury (Awareness) sits on Rahu, but it’s out of Orb for the Q to Vesta.  So we are gaining new intellectual insights into our Mission, but those stand just separate enough from our Curiosity about the Sanctity of our Mission that the contrast illuminates us all the more.

Glorious Crystal Matrix – Soul Integrity Emerging into the Light!  The emerging Crystals are Rock Quartz, our Pure Essence expressed in pure Silicon Dioxide.  The coating they’re metamorphosing out of is Chalcopyrite, or Copper Iron Sulfide.  And the lovely Heart-colored field from which they emerge is Rhodochrosite, Manganese Carbonate.  The Carbonate symbolizes our “Carbon-based life form,” the infrastructure of our current Incarnation, the “vessel” that Marko was describing.  Manganese is the Heart, synthesizing the physical and the emotional into the compassionate essence of what we consider to actually be Human, apart from the psychopaths we “admire” because they seem to be invulnerable.   Copper-Iron-Sulfide forms the protective but conductive shell that protects and grounds our egoicly-fragile, soft-skinned current-lifetime Form from the explosive energy just beyond the Veil while gently meting out information about our True Consciousness in doses small enough that our infrastructure can endure it.

Another Big Weekend

October 3, 2012

As Frank or Ernest once said,

“Every time I just get my budget in order, along comes another big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!”

Well, here we are again.  While the more important issue is our Spiritual budget, our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up pretty big these days too.  Western astrology hails from Medieval Europe, where money was not a big part of most people’s lives.  You did your best to support your community, and your community did its best to support you.  You didn’t worry so much about how much you were getting paid, you worried about how to help your support system survive the next winter.  It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution and the Enclosure of the Commons that people and community in Europe were ripped out of their context as an intimate part of Nature and given flush toilets and Money instead.  In the rest of the World it was mostly Colonialism that industrialized Nature.

The same pattern is repeating today.  In the 16th and 17th centuries sea travel allowed the European elite to exploit the rest of the World.  They liked that so much that in the 18th and 19th century they used steam power to exploit the other 99% of Europeans.  There was significant popular opposition to the Industrial Revolution and to the Enclosure of the Commons, but you’ll never learn about either unless you dig for it, because as in any war, it’s the winners that write the history books and extol the wondrous virtues of machines and private property and the “rule of law.”  Is “Luddite” a term of praise, or “sabot-age” a virtue?  Today it’s the Banksters that are bringing about the end of Money through their own self-sabotaging greed.

It’s no accident that our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up.  Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) means “just fix it,” but the essence of Capricorn is survival and exchange.  Medieval astrology is based on the Northern-Hemisphere calendar, and Capricorn represents the onslaught of winter.  Capricorn sorts the Ants from the Grasshoppers.  The astrological “House” (the Houses are like the Signs, but they initiate at Sunrise rather than at the Spring Equinox) that corresponds to Capricorn is the Tenth.  The Tenth House is usually interpreted as pertaining to career, but the deeper meaning is Community.  You remember 2008, eh?  Pluto doesn’t do symptom relief, it roots out the cause so it can be healed.

Speaking of Houses, let’s continue that thread for a minute.  Pluto is associated with (in astrologuese, it “rules”) the Eighth House, which in turn correlates with the “products of relationship” – the gains and losses that relationships bring us.  And Pluto is associated with (or “rules”) Scorpio, which implies getting to the bottom of things, relentlessly and fearlessly.  Scorpio gets its reputation for subterfuge because anybody with a strong Scorpio influence learns early not to share too much, cuz when they did talk about their reality it scared the shit out everybody.  Better to just shut up.  Denial is a protection to maintain a fragile Ego, and Ego is important for survival.  Scorpio and Denial are antithetical.

So we ask, what was it we were Denying that triggered the collapse of the World economy as Pluto entered Capricorn?  What is it that we need to “just fix”?  What is it that we don’t want to look at because it threatens our Ego?  Since to answer those questions for the Collective we need to examine our own Perception, we look for mirrors; maybe, what part of our own life involves “self-sabotaging greed”?  Abundance means having enough to share.  What in our life are we scared to share because of fear of Scarcity?  I mean all this as rhetorical, not as confrontation.  If you’re reacting emotionally, tap it out.  If you want to use this as a trigger for meditation, feel free, but my intention is to weave a fabric of ideas as a background for what we really want to talk about here.

Saturn Enters Scorpio

First, Juanita reminds us that Saturn is about to enter Scorpio, on Friday October 5 (half past 1pm PDT).  Saturn rules Capricorn, and Pluto rules Scorpio, so we will have what’s called a “Mutual Reception” between them as each planet occupies the Sign that the other rules.  For a while now we’ve also had a Mutual Reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius.  Mutual Reception is a big deal in astrology, and we will now have all four of the outermost traditional planets in Mutual Reception.  That’s extremely fortuitous for us as a species, and will provide a real boost to our Spiritual and Community evolution.

Juanita quotes Mark Borax’s reading of Saturn in Scorpio, “Burning Karma” which I recommend highly.  In chemistry, there is healing in levity, and Boron is one of the lightest elements.  Mark starts out,

“This raises the question: Just what, exactly, is karma, and how does it burn?”

and provides some great perspective on Karma and Revelations.  It might be useful to point out that it’s Uranus that represents personal Karma, Neptune that symbolizes ancestral Karma, and Pluto that informs us about collective Karma.  Our Mutual Reception suggests that, as we evolve, personal Karma and collective Karma will be mutually supportive, while ancestral Karma and personal Ego (Saturn) will be collaborating constructively.  What might all that look like?  Well, a collaboration between personal and collective Karma is not a big surprise; we’ve been shifting our consciousness to include Co-Creation for a while now.  “The Ancestors” is a code word for the Energies embodied by the Faerie World.  So the efforts we’ve been making to reanimate the World certainly count as mutual support between ancestral Karma and Ego.

That last paragraph deserves a long exposition; lemme know if you want one and we’ll provide it.  Right now I want to take us in another direction.  We interpret Saturn as Focus and Concentration.  Saturn’s reputation as a malefic and as limitation arise because Saturn asks us to Focus on the most important thing, on Priority #1, and let go of our fallbacks, even though Priority #1 scares us because of the risk of failure.  If we fail on Priority #5 we can make that up, but if we fail on Priority #1, well, we might as well be dead.  Which is Ego, Saturn, because the only death that anyone ever endures is Ego Death, the rest is just trance(re)formation.

So what’s the most important thing?  Of course for each of us the details will depend on our Mission, but Scorpio says that the most important thing for the next coupla years will be getting to the bottom of it.  Getting to the real Root Cause.  Root Cause of what?  Well, the answer that Uranus and Pluto would suggest is that we get to the bottom of the impediments to our Spiritual and Community (economic, monetary) evolution.  Fearlessly.  So this is a good thing, in fact a fabulous wind to have at our backs as we move into Rebirth (which as always is also a Death).  Looking forward we see Rebirth, looking backward we see Death.  Which is to say, Excitement equals Fear plus Breathing.

The Saturn Ingress Chart

The chart for Saturn’s Ingress into Scorpio is of course a lot like the “horrendous” chart of last week’s Full Moon, but with a few significant changes.  The second Grand Cross is broken, leaving us with a T-Square between Pluto, Uranus, and Ceres, pointing at Uranus.  That’s a Challenge to integrate our Soul Download (Uranus) with our social-historical context (Pluto) in a sustainable way (Ceres).  Do we demonstrate against the Banksters, or teach people how to recycle?  The Cerean route to Sustainability usually leads through Sustenance, as it often asks us to give up attachment to what is comfortable but unsustainable.  As with any T-Square, the first requirement is to give up any notion that there is a “problem” to be “solved.”  That approach is guaranteed to fail.  A T-Square is a graduate seminar; there are no “answers,” only exploration and curiosity and creativity.

Mercury has moved up to closely Conjoin Saturn, in fact itself crossing into Scorpio just ten hours before Saturn does, and Conjoining Saturn an hour before that.  So this Saturn Ingress is not just about getting to the bottom of things, it’s about understanding them as well, and talking about them.  The Mercury-Saturn cycle lasts only a year, so normally we wouldn’t make a big deal of it, but given its timing, it’s very relevant.  The Sabian Symbol (a reading for the degree of the Conjunction) for this last degree of Libra is

“Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher’s Head.”

A little unusual, but fortuitous, implying that we’ll be learning a great deal in the year to come.

And the Moon now Conjoins Jupiter instead of Uranus.  Jupiter, the Great Amplifier, was the least-involved planet in the Harvest Moon chart, so this change will amplify our Excitement about what we’re evolving into.  In this chart, Moon-Jupiter Trines the Sun, but the three of them remain mostly uninvolved with the rest of the planets.  Generally, an isolated planet is a strong planet, though a “sleeper.”  So this configuration continues to emphasize Jupiter.  The one “minor” interaction that Jupiter does make is a Sesquisquare to Saturn.  A Sesquisquare is halfway between a Square and an Opposition, and symbolizes something like irritation.

But the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is intimately involved with economic trends.  This is the Waning Sesquisquare, and it tells us that we’re almost finished harvesting what we want to preserve from the Industrial Age, before we dive head first into the Electronic Age.  A lot of folks are talking about replacing Money that is “based on the full faith and credit of the government” (which faith and credit is pretty much extinct) with Money that is based on Gold, but we may be going a lot further than that, maybe moving to full faith and credit in our Self and our Community.  Hank Wesselman’s book Spiritwalker and it’s sequels make a fabulous picture of something similar – and maybe also likely, depending on what we co-create.

From May 2013 (the Jupiter-Saturn Phitile) till late 2020 (the next Conjunction), we fall into the Void in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  Jupiter is expansion, Saturn contraction.  Neither is good or bad, we obviously need both, in their relevant contexts.  Our most constructive approach to the Void of any Cycle is to clear away expectations.  We could provide the Sabian Symbol of the next Conjunction (1 Aquarius), but if we did it would provoke expectations, eh?  Any new Cycle is different – we can’t comprehend what it will be like from within the preceding Cycle, because we can’t know intellectually what the Universal Unconscious will co-create during the Void, or how much our failure to release expectations will contaminate the new Energy.

The bottom line is that we’ll be somewhere between the end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Singularity, and the transition will be very fluid, with many culdesacs and strange-seeming twists and turns Labor is pretty much obsolete, and most of us will probably be sitting on the edges of our Communities trading what we have for what we want.  But don’t let me sow any expectations.  Since only Intuition can tell where we’re going, and that only tentatively and metaphorically, our only recourse is to keep our Attention short-term, and enjoy the journey.  It will be exhilarating, if we keep breathing.  Think globally, act locally will probably continue to be a useful suggestion.

The Jupiter Station

The other hare in the Saturn-Ingress ointment is that Jupiter is Stationary, as it turns Retrograde on Thursday (quarter past 6am PDT).  Particular intriguing, since the Moon Occults Jupiter a half hour after the Saturn Ingress.  An Occultation, recall, creates Awareness, so we may expect (we don’t need to give those up till next May) to see the hope-inspiring shift in the Lamestream Media, from promulgating lies to seeking some semblance of relevance if not truth, continue.  A Stationary planet is a Strong planet, and I normally expect a much greater impact from a Station than from an Ingress.  We saw how profound the impact was when the North Node backed into Scorpio, though, and in this astroenvironment we don’t want to discount Scorpio.

So we’d be inclined to label this weekend a Jupiter-Saturn weekend, more than a Saturn-Ingress weekend.  Jupiter symbolizes extroversion and Saturn introversion, so don’t be surprised if your shoulds and wannas seem to conflict over the next several days (just move to Both/And).  Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within includes a fabulous introduction to how the energies of expansion, contraction, and compression feel in your own body, the positive function of each, and whether you habitually use them congruently.

The Jupiter-Station chart features a momentary Golden Trapezoid, as the Moon moves in between the South Node and Lilith to complete the configuration.  A Golden Trapezoid is made up of two Fingers of God that share an arm.  A Quincunx is two planets five Signs apart, and a Finger of God is three planets with two Quincunxes between them, and a Sextile forming the third angle.   When two Fingers of God share a Quincunx, that creates two Sextiles (two Signs apart) at their bases, with a Square (three Signs apart) filling the fourth angle.  I know, hard to picture, but the bottom line is that it’s a

Big Blessing.

The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity or Wonder (our natural state).

The Fingers of God point at Mercury-Saturn and Pallas Athena.  So we have Grace permeating two skills – knowing what we must do (Mercury-Saturn), and Boundary-setting (Pallas).  So we have two questions that will answer themselves – I wonder what I need to do? and I wonder how to balance protection and vulnerability with that person?  Remember that Manifestation consists of wondering, then changing the subject (not thinking about it), so magic is afoot around healing our relationships.  Since this is in the Jupiter-Stationary chart, it will impact the entire Jupiter-Retrograde period.  The other corners of the Golden Trapezoid are Venus and the Moon, bringing our semi-permanent (Venus) and temporary (Moon) Emotions into the Curiosity equation.  That’ll reduce our expectations and demands.

Jupiter flies backwards through the end of January, retrograding across 16 to 7 degrees of Gemini, or the Leo through Scorpio portions of Gemini.  Gemini represent flexibility, and Leo through Scorpio is the portion of the Zodiac where we realize that we are not the center of the Universe after all, and open ourself up to meaningful relationship with other people.  This process began in mid-July, and it will be the end of April before we put the finishing touches on this transreformation.

The Grand Trine and the Cusps

The Grand Trine from the Harvest Moon chart remains in place in both the Jupiter-Stationary chart and the Saturn-Ingress chart.  Mercury-Saturn was the one corner of the Grand Trine that was not involved in the Grand Crosses, so we can see Insight as the Big Grace that is offered to us here.  Since the Grand Trine graces the cusps of the Water Signs, our Insights will be deeper than shallow intellectualizations, and will lead to Real Change.  A Grand Trine is Big Grace, so we get to watch it happen, rather than trying to make it happen.

All but a few of the planets in all of these charts are on cusps, so the underlying theme of the whole affair is Change.  Venus moved out of Leo and into Virgo earlier in the week, and Mars moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on Saturday – both moving from Fixed Signs to Mutable Signs.  Mutable Signs are open to change; Fixed Signs are not.  And Venus and Mars are about our Emotional constitution, what we’re willing to support (Venus), and what we’re willing to work toward (Mars).  The Changes are accelerating.  Lord knows the US Congress could even start working again!  That would be a true Miracle!


Gaze at the picture for a while.  It’s a piece of pure crystalline Germanium, sitting on a bed of blue Kyanite and black Schorl.  Focusing on the three-dimensionality of the Germanium, you can feel the bones in your head expanding to encompass the broader perspective.  What happens in the rest of your body?  Are you breathing?  Schorl (black Tourmaline, or Sodium Iron Aluminum Borocyclosilicate Hydroxide) grounds us, while Kyanite (Aluminum Nesosilicate) sops up undesirable Energy for recycling.  Elemental Germanium embodies the Primordial Feminine Magnetic Energy that is descending onto the Planet to balance the excess Masculine Dynamism that the Planet has been living with since way too long.

Speaking of Curiosity…

June 17, 2012

So, there’s an Angle in astrology that represents Curiosity.  It has a silly name, Quincunx, and it’s when two planets are five signs apart, halfway between a Trine and an Opposition.  Five is the number of Teaching and Learning, and Curiosity is the prerequisite.  So, what planets are Quincunx to one another at the New Moon and the Solstice?

Turns out both events have the same Quincunxes – Vesta-Saturn, and Venus-Pluto.

Vesta-Saturn could be read

I Wonder how our relationship with the Sacred is changing these days!

Like Taurus, Saturn solidifies things – when we think we understand something, we park that understanding in our catalog of metaphors, where we can pull it out and use it when we need it.  It’s efficient to operate from prefab metaphors – we don’t have to spell out S-T-O-P, let’s see now, what does that mean? every time we go driving, we just respond to the red octagon.

On the other hand, Saturn freezes things.  Red octogons have lost their freedom to mean Hey, let’s party! or Wanna make Love?  So, if we’re willing to open up to it, our concepts of the Sacred are likely to be pixelating and reforming themselves.  That’s kinda what we just been talking about – letting our metaphors be useful or not, rather than unfailingly true.

Venus Quincunx Pluto is a Biggie –

I Wonder how the Goddess will Manifest Herself here!

We would normally consider Saturn to be about manifestation – solidifying into form.  But Pluto is about transformation, Trance(re)formation, changing the Trance.  So what’s really going on is not how the Goddess Manifests (She always has!), but how we see Her Manifesting.  If we open to Curiosity, there’s a new Trance available to us, where we see Her in a whole new Light.  If we open to Curiosity.

The Yods Are Good

July 29, 2011

Elizabeth says,

“Hey Jim; Could this have had anything to do with two extroarodinary yods in effect this week – the one involving Venus in 1 Leo, Juno in 1 Libra, with Neptune in 1 Pisces at the apex; and then Sun at the apex of another yod involving a sextile between Pluto and Chiron? Also the upcoming new moon is involved in yet another yod, and also Juno in 1 Libra opposed Ceres just after its retrograde station in 1 Aries. That’s a lot of planets in the first degrees of signs at the same time making a lot of interesting aspects!”

A “Yod” is what we usually call a “Finger of God,” a configuration consisting of three planets – two planets that are two signs apart, each five signs from the third planet, making a long narrow triangle, or, if you draw lines from the center of the chart to each planet, a “Y” or “Yod.”

Five signs make a “Quincunx” – that lovely planetary relationship that’s about Curiosity.  So a Finger of God or Yod is a fabulous configuration, signifying openings to completely new perspectives that can be extremely healing.  Remember what Einstein said – you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that formulated the problem.  So Yods have the potential to make “problems” go away in a twinkling – Magic Is Afoot, in other words, when we locate our Curiosity!