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Heiress I

December 31, 2012


The amazing thing about Eris’s “Discovery” chart is the way everybody showed up for it!  Everybody beyond Neptune, I mean.  Before any of these guests arrive, there are two Cardinal Grand Crosses in the chart, one at 16-20 degrees and the other at 25-29 degrees, with a Yod bridging them at 23-25 degrees.  That fills up the last (social) half of the Signs, which in itself is intriguing.

Eris herself, Stationary Direct at Discovery time, sat on one corner of the 16-20 Cross.  And look whoall showed up for the party…

  • Haumea Opposes Eris in the 16-20 Cross
  • Salacia Trines a corner of this Cross
  • Quaoar is at the Apex of the Yod Bridge
  • Ixion Trines Eris from the Yod Bridge Apex
  • Sedna is in the Yod Bridge Base
  • Varuna sits on a corner of the 25-29 Cross and on the Yod Base
    and at the top of the Chart
  • 2002 TC302 occupies a corner of the 25-29 Cross
  • MakeMake forms a Pythagorean Triangle with two corners of this Cross
  • Snow White does the same
  • Orcas does too, while also making a Grand Trine with the Yod Apex

A Pythagorean Triangle is formed by three planets related by a Quincunx, a Square, and a Trine.  I would regard this as very fortuitous, as the Challenge of the Square would be balanced by the Grace of the Trine, and the Quincunx would automatically provide the motivation to Master the Challenge.

Many of these Pluto-fellow-travelers are Creator Gods from various of Earth’s mythic traditions, all gathering to welcome Eris to the fold and receive her gift of Golden Apples.  I’d be surprised if anybody slept that night!  Which was January 4-5, 2005, by the way.  The official Discovery time is listed as 1am PST on January 5, near Los Angeles.  I doubt that they all came to the party to keep Eris under control.  Rather I think their attendance is a sign of great Respect.

I don’t know a lot about the new dwarves and other “Trans-Neptunian Objects” or “TNOs” around and beyond Pluto, other than recognizing some of the names of these new-Millenium characters.  Several are already defined as Dwarf Planets like Pluto and Ceres, meaning they have enough gravity to spin themselves into a roundish shape.  Here are their vital stats, sorted by their approximate girth.  An “AU” is an “Astronomical Unit,” which is the length of a one-way trip from the Sun to the Earth.  By “closing” we mean moving toward the Sun and inner planets.  There are more, but these are more than enough to start with!

  • Eris, 561-year orbit, 38-98 AU (closing since 1977), 2300 km wide
  • Pluto, 246 yrs, 30-49 AU (receding since 1989), 2300 km
  • MakeMake 310 yrs, 39-53 AU (closing till 2033), 1450 km
  • Haumea 283 yrs, 35-52 AU (closing since 1992), 1400 km
  • Snow White 551 yrs, 34-101 AU (receding till 2081), 1200 km
  • 2002 TC302 414 yrs, 39-72 AU (closing till 2058), 1150 km
  • Quaoar 286 yrs, 42-45 AU (closing till 2070), 1100 km
  • Sedna 11,400 yrs, 76-937 AU (closing till 2076), 1000 km
  • Salacia 274 yrs, 38-47 AU, 900 km
  • Varuna 281 yrs, 40-45 AU (receding till 2071), 900km
  • Orcus 245 yrs, 30-48 AU (receding till 2019), 800 km
  • Ixion 250 yrs, 30-49 AU (closing till 2070), 700 km

At her closest approach (in the years 1699 and 2257), Eris is well within the orbit of Pluto.  Eris (or Pluto for that matter) would fill up most of Australia, cover Western Europe from Lisbon to Prague and Scotland to Sicily, and fit twice into the continental US, one blanketing New York-to-Houston and Minneapolis-to-Miami, and the other covering Los Angeles-to-Minneapolis and El Paso-to-Seattle.

  • Haumea is the Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, originally nicknamed Santa.
  • Salacia is the Goddess of Salt Water, and Neptune’s wife.
  • Ixion was grandfather of the Centaurs, and a bad boy of the Greek Pantheon.
  • Quaoar is the Creator God of the Mission Indians of southern California.
  • Sedna is an Inuit Goddess of the Sea living at the bottom of  the Arctic Ocean.
  • Varuna is the Hindu God of the Sea and the Sky.
  • 2002 TC302 doesn’t have a name yet.
  • MakeMake is the Rapanui (Easter Island) God that created Humanity and controls fertility; it was first nicknamed Easterbunny.
  • Orcus was an Etruscan God of the Underworld and son of Eris.  It’s also called Anti-Pluto because it’s orbit mirrors Pluto’s.
  • Snow White is the nickname for 2007 OR10, which has no official name yet.

In case anyone wants to play with any of these Animals, there are links to Ephemerides at

Eris and I are inseparable, as she has a prominent place in my birth chart.  I don’t know these other fellows yet – I don’t even know where they are in my chart, I’ll have to look them up.  As important as Pluto is, I expect these dudes and their mates to turn psychological and spiritual astrology upside down over the next couple of decades.  Let’s take Pluto as an example.  Its perihelion (closest approach) occurred in 1989 in Scorpio.  While Pluto was in Scorpio the Recovery Movement bloomed, creating and spreading great technologies for approaching addiction and exposing Denial.  The TNOs that are closest to perihelion will be the most prominent.

That means MakeMake, who is Stationary as we speak, and Retrogrades until July.  He enters Libra later in 2013, on the way to his perihelion at about 20 degrees of Libra in 2033.  Libra is about Collaboration and Harmony.  Like Thoth (Master of the Balance), MakeMake was visualized as a Bird-headed God.  He was about manifesting Humans, regenerating Plant life, and Birds.  Birds symbolize Spirit in Form.  Easter Island has been a poster child for environmental destruction, but MakeMake was actually helping Easter Islanders to adapt – it was European disease that killed Rapanui, not starvation.  For the next 30 years MakeMake will be teaching us about Sustainability.  That’s him peering out of the Basalt at the beginning.

In the next several installments on Her Majesty the Heiress we’ll interpret the traditional planets and Angles in the Eris Discovery Chart.


November 17, 2012

It’s “quiet,” temporarily, in terms of the sorta Angle-based astrology I usually use (well, the Moon does Occult Pluto again today, at a quarter past 3pm PST), but that doesn’t mean it’s quiet on the airwaves.   We’re moving deeper into the Big Shift as we move toward the Solstice.  It may be easier to embrace the Energies and resist less, if you are able to set the mind aside and deal with them directly in the Body.  The Energies are plenty heavy.  But it’s the Resistance that’s more uncomfortable, and most of the Resistance comes from the mind, just because the mind has expectations.  As Ursula LeGuin says, Rules change in the Reaches, and we’re definitely in the Reaches.

Whenever you notice yourself thinking about “what’s wrong,” locate the discomfort in your Body, and surround it with a pillow of Love – soft, gentle, warm, embracing, forgiving.  Surrender to it, let it be exactly as it is, without expecting it to be otherwise.  Once you’ve got it surrounded, move your loving Attention right into the center of it.  For some Energies, Reactions, Body Parts, you may have to keep doing this for a while – and it may even take a while to get it started.  If you can’t do it while multi-tasking, you may need to just give it priority.  It may be the most important thing to do, for yourself and for the Planet.  The more you do it, the faster it becomes a habit.  Eventually it becomes effortless and automatic – self-love becomes your Karma.

Alan Watts reminded us many years ago that our “good” Karma is harder to release than our “bad” Karma, but we can deal with that when we get there, eh?  For now, just embrace all discomfort with Love and Light.  If there’s more than one place, start with the worst, moment to moment, then move to the next one when the first one feels like a welcome part of You again.

Another Big Weekend

October 3, 2012

As Frank or Ernest once said,

“Every time I just get my budget in order, along comes another big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!”

Well, here we are again.  While the more important issue is our Spiritual budget, our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up pretty big these days too.  Western astrology hails from Medieval Europe, where money was not a big part of most people’s lives.  You did your best to support your community, and your community did its best to support you.  You didn’t worry so much about how much you were getting paid, you worried about how to help your support system survive the next winter.  It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution and the Enclosure of the Commons that people and community in Europe were ripped out of their context as an intimate part of Nature and given flush toilets and Money instead.  In the rest of the World it was mostly Colonialism that industrialized Nature.

The same pattern is repeating today.  In the 16th and 17th centuries sea travel allowed the European elite to exploit the rest of the World.  They liked that so much that in the 18th and 19th century they used steam power to exploit the other 99% of Europeans.  There was significant popular opposition to the Industrial Revolution and to the Enclosure of the Commons, but you’ll never learn about either unless you dig for it, because as in any war, it’s the winners that write the history books and extol the wondrous virtues of machines and private property and the “rule of law.”  Is “Luddite” a term of praise, or “sabot-age” a virtue?  Today it’s the Banksters that are bringing about the end of Money through their own self-sabotaging greed.

It’s no accident that our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up.  Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) means “just fix it,” but the essence of Capricorn is survival and exchange.  Medieval astrology is based on the Northern-Hemisphere calendar, and Capricorn represents the onslaught of winter.  Capricorn sorts the Ants from the Grasshoppers.  The astrological “House” (the Houses are like the Signs, but they initiate at Sunrise rather than at the Spring Equinox) that corresponds to Capricorn is the Tenth.  The Tenth House is usually interpreted as pertaining to career, but the deeper meaning is Community.  You remember 2008, eh?  Pluto doesn’t do symptom relief, it roots out the cause so it can be healed.

Speaking of Houses, let’s continue that thread for a minute.  Pluto is associated with (in astrologuese, it “rules”) the Eighth House, which in turn correlates with the “products of relationship” – the gains and losses that relationships bring us.  And Pluto is associated with (or “rules”) Scorpio, which implies getting to the bottom of things, relentlessly and fearlessly.  Scorpio gets its reputation for subterfuge because anybody with a strong Scorpio influence learns early not to share too much, cuz when they did talk about their reality it scared the shit out everybody.  Better to just shut up.  Denial is a protection to maintain a fragile Ego, and Ego is important for survival.  Scorpio and Denial are antithetical.

So we ask, what was it we were Denying that triggered the collapse of the World economy as Pluto entered Capricorn?  What is it that we need to “just fix”?  What is it that we don’t want to look at because it threatens our Ego?  Since to answer those questions for the Collective we need to examine our own Perception, we look for mirrors; maybe, what part of our own life involves “self-sabotaging greed”?  Abundance means having enough to share.  What in our life are we scared to share because of fear of Scarcity?  I mean all this as rhetorical, not as confrontation.  If you’re reacting emotionally, tap it out.  If you want to use this as a trigger for meditation, feel free, but my intention is to weave a fabric of ideas as a background for what we really want to talk about here.

Saturn Enters Scorpio

First, Juanita reminds us that Saturn is about to enter Scorpio, on Friday October 5 (half past 1pm PDT).  Saturn rules Capricorn, and Pluto rules Scorpio, so we will have what’s called a “Mutual Reception” between them as each planet occupies the Sign that the other rules.  For a while now we’ve also had a Mutual Reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius.  Mutual Reception is a big deal in astrology, and we will now have all four of the outermost traditional planets in Mutual Reception.  That’s extremely fortuitous for us as a species, and will provide a real boost to our Spiritual and Community evolution.

Juanita quotes Mark Borax’s reading of Saturn in Scorpio, “Burning Karma” which I recommend highly.  In chemistry, there is healing in levity, and Boron is one of the lightest elements.  Mark starts out,

“This raises the question: Just what, exactly, is karma, and how does it burn?”

and provides some great perspective on Karma and Revelations.  It might be useful to point out that it’s Uranus that represents personal Karma, Neptune that symbolizes ancestral Karma, and Pluto that informs us about collective Karma.  Our Mutual Reception suggests that, as we evolve, personal Karma and collective Karma will be mutually supportive, while ancestral Karma and personal Ego (Saturn) will be collaborating constructively.  What might all that look like?  Well, a collaboration between personal and collective Karma is not a big surprise; we’ve been shifting our consciousness to include Co-Creation for a while now.  “The Ancestors” is a code word for the Energies embodied by the Faerie World.  So the efforts we’ve been making to reanimate the World certainly count as mutual support between ancestral Karma and Ego.

That last paragraph deserves a long exposition; lemme know if you want one and we’ll provide it.  Right now I want to take us in another direction.  We interpret Saturn as Focus and Concentration.  Saturn’s reputation as a malefic and as limitation arise because Saturn asks us to Focus on the most important thing, on Priority #1, and let go of our fallbacks, even though Priority #1 scares us because of the risk of failure.  If we fail on Priority #5 we can make that up, but if we fail on Priority #1, well, we might as well be dead.  Which is Ego, Saturn, because the only death that anyone ever endures is Ego Death, the rest is just trance(re)formation.

So what’s the most important thing?  Of course for each of us the details will depend on our Mission, but Scorpio says that the most important thing for the next coupla years will be getting to the bottom of it.  Getting to the real Root Cause.  Root Cause of what?  Well, the answer that Uranus and Pluto would suggest is that we get to the bottom of the impediments to our Spiritual and Community (economic, monetary) evolution.  Fearlessly.  So this is a good thing, in fact a fabulous wind to have at our backs as we move into Rebirth (which as always is also a Death).  Looking forward we see Rebirth, looking backward we see Death.  Which is to say, Excitement equals Fear plus Breathing.

The Saturn Ingress Chart

The chart for Saturn’s Ingress into Scorpio is of course a lot like the “horrendous” chart of last week’s Full Moon, but with a few significant changes.  The second Grand Cross is broken, leaving us with a T-Square between Pluto, Uranus, and Ceres, pointing at Uranus.  That’s a Challenge to integrate our Soul Download (Uranus) with our social-historical context (Pluto) in a sustainable way (Ceres).  Do we demonstrate against the Banksters, or teach people how to recycle?  The Cerean route to Sustainability usually leads through Sustenance, as it often asks us to give up attachment to what is comfortable but unsustainable.  As with any T-Square, the first requirement is to give up any notion that there is a “problem” to be “solved.”  That approach is guaranteed to fail.  A T-Square is a graduate seminar; there are no “answers,” only exploration and curiosity and creativity.

Mercury has moved up to closely Conjoin Saturn, in fact itself crossing into Scorpio just ten hours before Saturn does, and Conjoining Saturn an hour before that.  So this Saturn Ingress is not just about getting to the bottom of things, it’s about understanding them as well, and talking about them.  The Mercury-Saturn cycle lasts only a year, so normally we wouldn’t make a big deal of it, but given its timing, it’s very relevant.  The Sabian Symbol (a reading for the degree of the Conjunction) for this last degree of Libra is

“Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher’s Head.”

A little unusual, but fortuitous, implying that we’ll be learning a great deal in the year to come.

And the Moon now Conjoins Jupiter instead of Uranus.  Jupiter, the Great Amplifier, was the least-involved planet in the Harvest Moon chart, so this change will amplify our Excitement about what we’re evolving into.  In this chart, Moon-Jupiter Trines the Sun, but the three of them remain mostly uninvolved with the rest of the planets.  Generally, an isolated planet is a strong planet, though a “sleeper.”  So this configuration continues to emphasize Jupiter.  The one “minor” interaction that Jupiter does make is a Sesquisquare to Saturn.  A Sesquisquare is halfway between a Square and an Opposition, and symbolizes something like irritation.

But the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is intimately involved with economic trends.  This is the Waning Sesquisquare, and it tells us that we’re almost finished harvesting what we want to preserve from the Industrial Age, before we dive head first into the Electronic Age.  A lot of folks are talking about replacing Money that is “based on the full faith and credit of the government” (which faith and credit is pretty much extinct) with Money that is based on Gold, but we may be going a lot further than that, maybe moving to full faith and credit in our Self and our Community.  Hank Wesselman’s book Spiritwalker and it’s sequels make a fabulous picture of something similar – and maybe also likely, depending on what we co-create.

From May 2013 (the Jupiter-Saturn Phitile) till late 2020 (the next Conjunction), we fall into the Void in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  Jupiter is expansion, Saturn contraction.  Neither is good or bad, we obviously need both, in their relevant contexts.  Our most constructive approach to the Void of any Cycle is to clear away expectations.  We could provide the Sabian Symbol of the next Conjunction (1 Aquarius), but if we did it would provoke expectations, eh?  Any new Cycle is different – we can’t comprehend what it will be like from within the preceding Cycle, because we can’t know intellectually what the Universal Unconscious will co-create during the Void, or how much our failure to release expectations will contaminate the new Energy.

The bottom line is that we’ll be somewhere between the end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Singularity, and the transition will be very fluid, with many culdesacs and strange-seeming twists and turns Labor is pretty much obsolete, and most of us will probably be sitting on the edges of our Communities trading what we have for what we want.  But don’t let me sow any expectations.  Since only Intuition can tell where we’re going, and that only tentatively and metaphorically, our only recourse is to keep our Attention short-term, and enjoy the journey.  It will be exhilarating, if we keep breathing.  Think globally, act locally will probably continue to be a useful suggestion.

The Jupiter Station

The other hare in the Saturn-Ingress ointment is that Jupiter is Stationary, as it turns Retrograde on Thursday (quarter past 6am PDT).  Particular intriguing, since the Moon Occults Jupiter a half hour after the Saturn Ingress.  An Occultation, recall, creates Awareness, so we may expect (we don’t need to give those up till next May) to see the hope-inspiring shift in the Lamestream Media, from promulgating lies to seeking some semblance of relevance if not truth, continue.  A Stationary planet is a Strong planet, and I normally expect a much greater impact from a Station than from an Ingress.  We saw how profound the impact was when the North Node backed into Scorpio, though, and in this astroenvironment we don’t want to discount Scorpio.

So we’d be inclined to label this weekend a Jupiter-Saturn weekend, more than a Saturn-Ingress weekend.  Jupiter symbolizes extroversion and Saturn introversion, so don’t be surprised if your shoulds and wannas seem to conflict over the next several days (just move to Both/And).  Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within includes a fabulous introduction to how the energies of expansion, contraction, and compression feel in your own body, the positive function of each, and whether you habitually use them congruently.

The Jupiter-Station chart features a momentary Golden Trapezoid, as the Moon moves in between the South Node and Lilith to complete the configuration.  A Golden Trapezoid is made up of two Fingers of God that share an arm.  A Quincunx is two planets five Signs apart, and a Finger of God is three planets with two Quincunxes between them, and a Sextile forming the third angle.   When two Fingers of God share a Quincunx, that creates two Sextiles (two Signs apart) at their bases, with a Square (three Signs apart) filling the fourth angle.  I know, hard to picture, but the bottom line is that it’s a

Big Blessing.

The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity or Wonder (our natural state).

The Fingers of God point at Mercury-Saturn and Pallas Athena.  So we have Grace permeating two skills – knowing what we must do (Mercury-Saturn), and Boundary-setting (Pallas).  So we have two questions that will answer themselves – I wonder what I need to do? and I wonder how to balance protection and vulnerability with that person?  Remember that Manifestation consists of wondering, then changing the subject (not thinking about it), so magic is afoot around healing our relationships.  Since this is in the Jupiter-Stationary chart, it will impact the entire Jupiter-Retrograde period.  The other corners of the Golden Trapezoid are Venus and the Moon, bringing our semi-permanent (Venus) and temporary (Moon) Emotions into the Curiosity equation.  That’ll reduce our expectations and demands.

Jupiter flies backwards through the end of January, retrograding across 16 to 7 degrees of Gemini, or the Leo through Scorpio portions of Gemini.  Gemini represent flexibility, and Leo through Scorpio is the portion of the Zodiac where we realize that we are not the center of the Universe after all, and open ourself up to meaningful relationship with other people.  This process began in mid-July, and it will be the end of April before we put the finishing touches on this transreformation.

The Grand Trine and the Cusps

The Grand Trine from the Harvest Moon chart remains in place in both the Jupiter-Stationary chart and the Saturn-Ingress chart.  Mercury-Saturn was the one corner of the Grand Trine that was not involved in the Grand Crosses, so we can see Insight as the Big Grace that is offered to us here.  Since the Grand Trine graces the cusps of the Water Signs, our Insights will be deeper than shallow intellectualizations, and will lead to Real Change.  A Grand Trine is Big Grace, so we get to watch it happen, rather than trying to make it happen.

All but a few of the planets in all of these charts are on cusps, so the underlying theme of the whole affair is Change.  Venus moved out of Leo and into Virgo earlier in the week, and Mars moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on Saturday – both moving from Fixed Signs to Mutable Signs.  Mutable Signs are open to change; Fixed Signs are not.  And Venus and Mars are about our Emotional constitution, what we’re willing to support (Venus), and what we’re willing to work toward (Mars).  The Changes are accelerating.  Lord knows the US Congress could even start working again!  That would be a true Miracle!


Gaze at the picture for a while.  It’s a piece of pure crystalline Germanium, sitting on a bed of blue Kyanite and black Schorl.  Focusing on the three-dimensionality of the Germanium, you can feel the bones in your head expanding to encompass the broader perspective.  What happens in the rest of your body?  Are you breathing?  Schorl (black Tourmaline, or Sodium Iron Aluminum Borocyclosilicate Hydroxide) grounds us, while Kyanite (Aluminum Nesosilicate) sops up undesirable Energy for recycling.  Elemental Germanium embodies the Primordial Feminine Magnetic Energy that is descending onto the Planet to balance the excess Masculine Dynamism that the Planet has been living with since way too long.

No Matter Where We Go…

September 19, 2012

…here we are.  Uranus is Squaring Pluto as we speak.  Here are a couple of alternate forms:

And a good giggle from Peter Phalam’s Celestial Reunion (pp.85-86)…

“No one would want to ascend before they are ready.  Souls choose third dimensional karmic evolution on Earth partly for its difficulty and the resulting quantum leap in evolutionary rewards – the benefits after ascension.”

Dane Rudhyar used to say that the Square – Mastery through Challenge – was basically the bleeding edge of Human evolution, though he didn’t use those exact words.  Continuing Phalam…

“So you see, no one would want to leave early.  Another reason to complete this phase of realization is that if you chose to believe you were complete before you actually were, and then ascended, you would be taking all of the ‘baggage’ with you which you had not completed.  For example, if you still had issues about women [or men] in relationship, money, sex, your father, fear, or any other unhealed illusional aspect, you would drag that drama with you into your etheric reality and then attempt to teach realized principles from that weighted perspective.  Can you imagine [Jesus] addressing a large group of humans, whining about his relationship with Mary Magdelan?  Or wanting to know why he had to be born in a manger instead of the comfort of a home?”

Albert Lee used to say,

“Somebody exploded an H-bomb today.

But it wasn’t anybody Aye knew.”

There’s a whole lotta Sturm und Drang on the Planet, and it’s almost assuredly going to get “worse” before it gets “better,” or, More Challenging before we get to Mastery.  Empathy heals, but Empathy does not mean Sympathy.  Empathy does not include getting emotionally mired in the drama like Br’er Rabbit did with Br’er Fox’s Tar-Baby.  Empathy is compassion and detachment, with no judgment, bad or good.

If you think of Pluto as the Force of History or the Universal Unconscious, and Uranus as our individual Soul Mission in the current Lifetime, then absolutely, we’re challenged to Master Community without abandoning our Individual Self – and to Master Selfhood without abandoning Community.  The corporate media wants us to make our Community global.  Contrast that to the way the internet makes our Community global.  Global in scope, but tribal in domain.  If the media can pull us into an emotional global tar-baby, we’ll be too overwhelmed to notice the fascist takeover.

Will that matter?  The fascists weren’t anybody Aye knew after all.  Like Ego, Emotion has a critical psychic function.  Emotion won’t hold us back, it’s Attachment that will hold us back, and Emotions are so rich and multi-dimensional that Attachment dearly loves them.  Ultimately we have to discern present-moment Emotion from Karmic tar.  Emotional Intuition is very subtle.  Karmic Emotions are about as subtle as an air-raid siren.  Tapping can help with the discernment, as Karmic Emotions will have their intensity reduced by tapping, while Emotional Intuitions will not.  The fascists, with their Wars and Hoarding, are just part of the Challenge, just another mirror.

Apophyllite was used for divination by the twelve Apophylls.  It reflects Intuition, allowing us to see around corners.  It’s another Mica (love them Micas!), Potassium Sodium Calcium Phyllosilicate Fluoride.  Phyllo from the Greek just like phyllo dough, in thin sheets.  It’s about Balance; too little or too much of either Potassium or Sodium can kill you pretty dead, and without Calcium you wouldn’t be able to stand your ground – you wouldn’t be able to stand at all, like Gary Larsen’s boneless chickens.

I was standing on the platform in Bath, Wiltshire, many years ago, waiting for a train to Salisbury.  Behind me was a woman on a bench eating what we Gringos would call a muffin; she’da probably called it a crumpet or something.  Milling around on the ground in front of her, silent but agitated, was a Pigeon with a club foot, obviously coveting some of her muffin.  The woman appeared unaware of her suitor.  I asked Sulis, Goddess of the Bath Springs, to help the Pigeon.  She replied that this was the Pigeon’s fate, and it could not be changed.  So I asked Krishna if He would help, and he patiently but condescendingly explained that it was the Pigeon’s Karma.  Then I asked Jesus if He would help the Pigeon, and He said nothing.  But when I turned around, the woman was sharing her muffin with the Pigeon, with a blissful look on her (the woman’s) face.

Interesting counterpoint to the 47%, and to the people who claim Jesus’s other name today.  But everyone has their own tribe, their own role, everyone of us is somebody’s Challenger and somebody’s Challenged.  Compassion and detachment, no judgment.  That’s what Heals, that’s Chiron, that’s the essence of our New Paradigm.


July 18, 2012

Terri Patrick brings up some interesting angles that I haven’t mentioned.   For instance, she quotes Clare Martin to define the T-Square, and Clare’s article about Uranus and projection is very worthwhile.  And she reminds me that T-Squares can be differentiated by modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), and it’d probably behoove us to look at the New Moon’s three T-Squares through that perspective.

Terri mentions that Full Moons often represent the culmination of the previous New Moon in the same sign, which would be six months prior, rather than the culmination of the New Moon preceding it.  Interesting.  Following Rudhyar and trying avoid too much indirection, I usually just consider the current New Moon to influence the following month, rather than the following six months, but I have to say that Terri’s perspective would be perfectly valid, and could yield fascinating insights.  I’ll look into that.

For most of us I don’t think that this coming month’s Identity Trance- (Re)Formations will involve Conscious choice.  The nature of Trance is that it is mostly Unconscious, except for experienced meditators, and even they will still act mostly from Unconscious Trances.  Stories about Sai Baba, or Ram Dass’s stories about his guru Neem Karoli Baba, or about any of the other Indian Saints who can reach into other Realities at will and create what appear to be Miracles from the perspective of our Trance, are stories about Consciousness beyond Trance.  We touch that state when we manifest jawdropping synchronicities, but most of us don’t live there except when we allow our Intuition to be in control, and even then…

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are considered to be planets of the Unconscious.  When Uranus is strong, we’re more closely in touch with our normally-Unconscious Soul.  Uranus gains its reputation for disruption because it disrupts whatever is not in alignment with our Mission, what is not in alignment with our Soul’s current assignment for us – keeping in mind that this evolves, and doesn’t mean that what’s being disrupted wasn’t in alignment with a previous assignment from the Soul.  So when Uranus realigns our Trance, it means we’re ready for the next assignment (like it or not).

We can think of Pluto, on the other hand, as the Soul of the Planet.  When Pluto Trances shift, we all shift.  The oil crisis in the 1970s was such a shift.  Before it, the media was imagining we’d all be buzzing around in jetpacks soon.  Afterward, it was bicycles.  Sputnik was another global Trance-changer, as were Pearl Harbor and Mai Lai and Kent State and Nixon’s trip to China and Watergate and “9/11” and the Tech Bubble that popped in 2000, the collapse of Lehman Brothers (aka the Housing Bubble, often mislabeled the “Subprime Crisis”).  And probably the LIBOR scandal.

Recall that Jim Sinclair called Bob Daimond’s forced resignation from Barclay’s as the indication of a shift in the global Trance.  When I can understand them, I trust Jim Sinclair’s opinions about the world more than almost anyone elses.  You can find a short bio at  And If you go to

and scroll down a bit, you’ll find bios for Jim Rickards.  Jim R usually simplifies things more than Jim S, so I (think I) understand him more often, but if you want an adviser on things financial, you couldn’t do better than either Jim.  Here’s Jim R’s take on the LIBOR business and whether it will be globally Trance-shifting…

And here’s a fabulous article on the house of cards that this LIBOR business could bring to it’s knees and worse…

What’s ultimately at stake is the basic Money Trance.  It’s difficult to imagine how we would survive if Money went away.  We imagine that our landlord or mortgage-holder or even our property-tax creditor and fire-insurer would still want their pound of flesh.  And what stories would we have for the greengrocer, let alone the megacorporations?  A lot of folks have already experienced the No-Money version of this, but when Money itself is worthless, that’s a whole nother story.  That’s a Trance.


July 4, 2012

Back in the 60s, if you was a Star, you was BMOC – Big Man on Campus.  Well, yesterday, July 3, was BDOC – Big Day on Calendar.  Jim Sinclair says that when HisStory looks back at the End of Empire (ie, the collapse of the Debt-Based Phony-Money Housacards Derivative Empire we been suffering under since the 70s), the day that the Bank of England threw it’s minion Bob Diamond under the bus will be seen as the turning point.  Jim’s one of the best two-way hisstorians (seeing backward and forward) that I know.

As for the astroturgical perspective, yestaday the Full Moon Occulted Pluto.  The Moon, y’know, is often a trigger that brings larger, more Shakespearean dramas into manifestation.  The Event of the Year was a week ago, when Uranus Squared Pluto.  And an Occultation is a Conjunction on steroids, a virtual Eclipse.  Full Moon means culmination.  Uranus-Pluto means it’s no longer optional for us to get serious about our Soul’s Real Mission on the Planet in this lifetime.  Occultation means coming into Awareness, rising into Consciousness.  ‘Tis a Biggie.

The Occultation would have taken less than an hour to complete, so the coincidence wasn’t exact, and exact is important.  It is like horseshoes, but a ringer is still waaay better than close.

It’s way intriguing that it was a Dimon (Daemon, Daimon, Demon) that, prior to the Square, ran afoul of Wisdom and Justice in the US by gambling with the People’s Money, but not afoul of the Law – simply because the Banksters have been writing the Laws in the US since Reagan.  To the Greeks (which Dimon is), a Daimon was a positive Nature Spirit.  Of course it was the “Christian” Inquisitions that turned Nature Spirits into Devils.  To Jung, a Daemon is an irresistible movement toward Individuation.  And of course it’s Mr. Dimon who is the inheritor of the US government’s scheme to suppress competitors to it’s sham currency.  That’s against a whole lotta Laws, but also so very convenient for those who promulgate the Laws and choose which to prosecute.

It’s also intriguing that another synonym for Demon is Algol, the Demon Star.  The star Algol symbolizes primitive, passionate, hysterical female sexuality – of the sort like Ma Spider eating her mate.  A manifestation of Lilith.  Every historical culture has associated Algol with beheadings and transformations through violence.  As we speak, Juno Opposes Algol – Identity!  Not Again!  Time to own our Shadows, in other words, and take personal responsibility for the Violence on the Planet.  The implication is that we manifest vicarious violence by repressing our deepest levels of eroticism, the levels that would in one sudden gigantic bite devour our carefully-crafted and tenuously-held public personae.  Another version of the Saturn Stationing Opposite Eris from a week ago.

On the other hand, it was a Diamond that was felled in England, not for manipulating the faux currency’s competition, but for manipulating the faux currency’s interest rate, it’s first derivative.  This is the symbol that Jim Sinclair was labeling hisstoric.  Diamond is a whole nother story from Dimon – Diamond symbolizes purity and persistence and integrity.  Never mind that it cracks easily, it’s the hardest substance on the Planet.  Not daemonic Algol, but regal Aldebaran!  Aldebaran is dancing gloriously this month with Venus and Jupiter in the pre-dawn skies.  Medusa coifed and dressed to the nines!  (The video incorrectly labels the Balsamic Moon as a “Crescent” Moon.)

Mr. Dimon’s bank is also under investigation for ripping folks off by manipulating the price of electricity – that’s Uranus.  His name doesn’t appear in those stories.  And we shouldn’t ignore the big Solar Flares going on.

Max Kaiser is a bit hysterical (we wouldn’t want that now, would we!), but Katherine Austin Fitts is the picture of Repo propriety, an unlikely Truthspeaker.  Fascinating.  A Republican John Perkins, though without the Shamanic bent.

Speaking of Curiosity…

June 17, 2012

So, there’s an Angle in astrology that represents Curiosity.  It has a silly name, Quincunx, and it’s when two planets are five signs apart, halfway between a Trine and an Opposition.  Five is the number of Teaching and Learning, and Curiosity is the prerequisite.  So, what planets are Quincunx to one another at the New Moon and the Solstice?

Turns out both events have the same Quincunxes – Vesta-Saturn, and Venus-Pluto.

Vesta-Saturn could be read

I Wonder how our relationship with the Sacred is changing these days!

Like Taurus, Saturn solidifies things – when we think we understand something, we park that understanding in our catalog of metaphors, where we can pull it out and use it when we need it.  It’s efficient to operate from prefab metaphors – we don’t have to spell out S-T-O-P, let’s see now, what does that mean? every time we go driving, we just respond to the red octagon.

On the other hand, Saturn freezes things.  Red octogons have lost their freedom to mean Hey, let’s party! or Wanna make Love?  So, if we’re willing to open up to it, our concepts of the Sacred are likely to be pixelating and reforming themselves.  That’s kinda what we just been talking about – letting our metaphors be useful or not, rather than unfailingly true.

Venus Quincunx Pluto is a Biggie –

I Wonder how the Goddess will Manifest Herself here!

We would normally consider Saturn to be about manifestation – solidifying into form.  But Pluto is about transformation, Trance(re)formation, changing the Trance.  So what’s really going on is not how the Goddess Manifests (She always has!), but how we see Her Manifesting.  If we open to Curiosity, there’s a new Trance available to us, where we see Her in a whole new Light.  If we open to Curiosity.

Eclipse Videos, Venus Walking

June 1, 2012

Coupla nice time-lapse videos of May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse…

With Dragon successfully delivering lunch to the International Space Station and taking out the garbage, one of the astronauts on the ISS took along a solar filter and camera, and will broadcast pictures of Venus Walking live from Space…

I hadn’t remembered that excitement about Space as an element of the 60s, but it certainly was, in the early 60s anyway.  In them days hereabouts lotsa folks wanted to become Engineers so they could outdo Sputnik.  Nowadays it’s just fundamental personal economics – so you can maybe get a job.  And of course the Chinese got it – most of their leaders are Engineers, while most of the leaders in the USofA are Lawyers.  While Chinese leaders know how to build, American leaders know only how to argue.  To American leaders, the only important thing is to win the argument; for Chinese leaders, it’s whether it works or not.  End of Empire.

Monday’s Lunar Eclipse happens at 15 Gemini – “Two Dutch children talking and exchanging knowledge.”  Interesting that they’re Dutch, as it’s the countries in between Germany and France, tired of centuries of German and French soldiers stomping back and forth across their turf, that are most keen about sustaining the Union which is threatening to dissolve in Europe – though the current dissolution is North-South rather than East-West.  They’re Dutch rather than Danish, but the Sabian image reminds me a lot of Peter Hoeg’s Borderliners – just how do we define Reality, anyway?  The EU capital, Brussels, is the cultural capital of Flanders, the Dutch half of Belgium.  Belgium was without a government for several years through 2011 because the Flemish couldn’t agree with the French half of Belgium, Wallonia.  Another North-South split.  It’ll be quite fascinating to see how this Eclipse changes the EU.

Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun the next day occurs in the following degree, 16 Gemini, “A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.”  I’ll be very surprised if her cause is obedience to a redneck Retropublican hubby.

The concurrent Venus-Mars Square is complex.  It’s waning, and the second in a series of three such Squares.  The waning Square is about the opportunity to choose between releasing and re-leasing.  Venus-Mars is of course about Relationship, most especially and critically about the Relationship between our Inner Female and our Inner Male.  The waning Cycle was intiated a year ago at 10 degrees of Taurus, “A Red Cross nurse.”  The next Cycle begins a year hence at 20 Aries – “A young girl feeding birds in Winter.”  These Symbols were channeled a long time ago, long before “man” was divided into “human” and “male,” and so many of the symbols refer ambiguously to “man.”  But here we have three Symbols together that all refer specifically to the female (of course a Red Cross nurse could be male, but realistically, what are the odds?).  The theme of both of these Venus-Mars symbols is nurturance.

So of course we turn to the Black Moon Lilith.  The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an oval, and while circles have one center, ovals have two.  The Earth is at one of the Moon’s orbit’s centers, and the other center is called in astrology “Black Moon Lilith” (this is one of several Liliths in astrology).  Think of it as Earth 2 if you like, or Earth’s “Evil” Twin – we use the word “Evil” in the Medieval sense, “Live” spelled backwards, where Evil was defined as whatever the seemed to threaten the suzerainty of a paranoid Church.  Lilith was Adam’s first wife, who Walked when Adam started making rules about obedience.  That was before the Apple affair.

In the Venus Walking chart, BM Lilith is at the midpoint between Vesta and Ceres at Taurus 20 – “Wisps of winglike clouds streaming across the Sky” – looking like Wraiths to the MCPs I suppose.  Vesta symbolizes the Sacred, and Ceres the Sustainable.  Another strong statement about returning to the Grove.

The Moon Occults Pluto a few hours after Venus Walks.  That’ll bring the Uranus-Pluto Square to the foreground along with Neptune (which recall is Stationary during all these goings-on) and of course with that, Chiron-Neptune.  All of which could paint the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) with a hefty tinge of Liberation (Uranus-Pluto) of the Feminine (Venus Walking et al).  Long overdue.

“Nature holds a memory and resonance of paradise, even though most of humanity has forgotten it.  Humanity does, however, remember at a deep, almost cellular level.  This memory has to be re-awakened through contact with the spiritual world and, more specifically, with our cousins, the Faery races and the ancestors.  Until this occurs, humanity is driven to search for that elusive missing something.  This ancestral memory lives within our blood and drives us to seek, find and share spiritual insight and meaning.  Luckily for us nature remembers and holds its essence within its processes.”

–Orion Foxwood, The Faery Teachings, p.116.

More Eclipse II

May 25, 2012

I see in my own life, and in people all around me, that whatever is unhealed is coming up to be healed.  You can always interpret Life that way, but it seems more pronounced now than usual, even if only because the arrival of 2012 has brought us more into Awareness that Life As We Know It must change, simply because it’s unsustainable – if for no other reason.  Remember that Sustainability Coming into Awareness (Ceres Rising all ’round the globe), Deep Deep Release (Neptune on the Dragon’s Tail, or Moon’s South Node), and Ultimate Cleansing (Chiron Conjunct Pluto) were among the most prominent features of the 1/1/2000 horoscope of the 21st Century – along with the Polarization (Moon-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Cross) that continues to drive an apparently unhealable wedge between the folks who understand that We’re All in This Together or The Baggage is Ours, and the folks who still believe it’s Us-Against-Them or The Baggage is Theirs.

I mean, we could go on for days just about the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction; Pluto as mandatory trance-re-formation, and Chiron as the ladder that takes us from the-reality-that-defined-the-problem to the-paradigm-that-contains-the-solution, or more properly, the-paradigm-where-the-problem-never-existed.  Chiron as the bridge from Despair to Miracle, in other words.  Chiron is the unhealable healer, yet it is Empathy that heals – when we turn around and look in the mirror to Empathize with our own trauma, healing Miracles occur.  Recognize on the Emotional level, without holding back, that the World Out There is nothing but a mirror for our own Deepest Healing.  Your image of yourself as a material Being is a trance programmed into you by the Lizards.  You are an Atom of Consciousness, and the World is your hologram.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius we are asked to finally Release our attachment to the Age of Pisces.  In Western European mythology, the Age of Pisces was initiated by the end of the Old-Testament Us-Against-Them paradigm, and the beginning of the New-Testament The-Baggage-Is-Ours paradigm.  The contest between those two sides of the coin is done now, and the time has come to move to Consciousness of the Coin.  Remember that it’s Uranus that rules Aquarius, and while the traditional interpretation of Aquarius includes a large dose of Community, Uranus reminds us that it’s about the Individual in Community – Uranus is about the Individual Soul, not the collective.  Remember too that a Grand Cross is in Balance.  That says that the Polarization will produce no winners; the Coin is that this is not about one or the other, this is about the Creative Tension between.  Meditate on the Tension, embrace and release Expectations, Change the Subject, Rinse and Repeat.

The Japanese are very aware of the connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The American Empire, which in many ways was born out of WWII, hasn’t shown any Awareness of the connection.  We’re in early days of a new Chiron-Neptune Cycle, and WWII ended at the initiation of the prior Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  That’s one prominent astrological connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The Empire is about to unleash the same unaccountable Frenzy of Violence on Iran that it did recently on Iraq – and in the name of preventing nuclear proliferation — unbelievable hubris, doublethink, and blasphemy!  And we have to own that this Baggage is Ours!  Of course the fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have followed the same path as the fallout from Fukushima – that is, the Eclipse path.  So yes, leilanai, the mirror is there for us to look into, and I think we avert our gaze at our own peril.

With Neptune Stationary at the impending Lunar Eclipse, and Jupiter Squaring Neptune to embellish the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Saturn Station, we need to write about what Neptune’s up to.

Innana Begins Her Descent

May 17, 2012

Sunday evening, following the Rising Sun in East Asia and before Sunset in western North America, we get an “almost-total” Eclipse of the Sun.  It’s called an “Annular Eclipse,” which means that the Moon is near the far end of its oval-shaped orbit, so even though this would be a Total Eclipse if the Moon were otherwise, the Moon isn’t quite big enough to cover the full face of the Sun.  The Eclipse will be maximum through Hong Kong and Japan, across the North Pacific, and in a stripe from far northern California to eastern Texas (Crescent City-Reno-Zion-Albuquerque).

It’s a complex chart, so I’ll write more about it in additional posts, and just try to describe the context and major elements here.  Things get very busy from here on – the Universe is about to start slapping around the Muggles who’ve been poo-pooing 2012.  Some of them will wake up; many won’t, and they’ll be screaming more stridently than ever on Fox News and Talk Radio, so be mindful about what you hear and believe.  Think of it as their Death Rattle.

In case any of you aren’t familiar with Innana, Starhawk’s Truth or Dare is a fabulous source for – and explication of – Her myth.  Forget Carne Ross’s genuflections; it’s Starhawk that has real information for us.  It’s especially appropriate now, because it was Innana herself who confronted the Lizards when they landed in Sumeria, the very Lizards who are about to lose their latest fascist takeover attempt of Humanity.  On the wake-up level, that is.  On the still-asleep level, the Foxnewsers will continue mining Gold for them for a loooonnng time.

Here’s the Big-Picture rundown…

May 15 – Venus turns Retrograde, in preparation for her Walk Across the Face of the Sun.  Hot coals pshaw!  Venus has been Outabounds (ie, Very Strong) since April Fool’s Day, and she doesn’t return Inbounds till June 3, only two days before she crosses the Sun.  It’s not like she’s sliding into her Transit, she’s literally dive-bombing the Sun!  She reached the peak of her trajectory on May 5, and she’s been diving since.  If you go out just after Sunset and listen closely toward the West, you’ll probably be able to hear the whistling.

May 17 – my calendar says it’s Ascension Day.  Not a bad idea.

May 20 – Annular Eclipse of the Sun in the first degree of Gemini – “A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.”  Well, you know by now that I regard any Eclipse as an adventure in revelation, as what was previously part of the background suddenly is made obvious by its absence.  The Eclipse opposes Juno (Identity – a clue about what might become obvious), Squares Chiron-Neptune (Challenges us to move into the New Paradigm), and receives Grace from Pallas (setting good Boundaries is the way we move into the New Paradigm).

We’re no longer under the Mars Grand Cross, but I was gonna say that in this astromileau (Mars Squaring the Moon’s Nodes) there’s no more apt idiom than Gandhi’s admonition to Be the change you wish to see in the World.  Or as Stephen Levine used to put it, There is no greater Work for the Planet than your Work on yourself.  (That’s what the Moon’s Nodes mean – the presence of Juno on the North Node puts about seven exclamation points on it.)

But the Mars Grand Trine remains, and now it’s Trining Pluto and Vesta.  Vesta is what we hold most sacred – what we’re willing to die or kill for.  When you remember that the only Death there is is Ego Death, Juno becomes even more relevant.  The Grand Trine represents Comsummate Grace, Pluto that which cannot be resisted (only transformed aka trance-reformed), and Mars where we direct our Energies.  So the gravest danger here is the Human tendency to see Other People’s need to work on themselves, without realizing that the World is a Mirror.  And yes, there may be Zealots around who haven’t figured out yet that they are Spirit rather than Body, and misinterpret Ego Death.

But even more important, Mars is still Opposite Chiron-Neptune, which we translate as if you don’t invest your Energy in the New Paradigm, it’ll bite you in the Butt.  That is, if you don’t invest your Energy (Mars) in the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune), it’ll bite you (Mars) inna Butt (Opposition = wake up and turn around and see what you’ve been missing!).  The Mars-to-Chiron-Neptune Opposition makes the Mars Grand Trine into a “Kite,” with Chiron-Neptune at the top (draw a circle with three equally spaced points on it, then put a fourth point halfway between two of the three, then draw lines between all of the four points, and you’ll see the Kite).

And remember that this is the same Chiron-Neptune that’s being Squared by the Eclipse and forming a T-Square with Juno!  A T-Square is two Squares to the same planet, in this case Chiron-Neptune.  It’s half of a Grand Cross.  With a Grand Cross, the two T-Squares Balance one another, keeping us from straying too far.  With a T-Square, it’s up to us to maintain our Balance, and since a Square is about Mastery through Challenge, that gets tricky.  Whatever you do, don’t try to get it right!  Try to make it work.  There is no such thing as right when you’re dealing with a T-Square.

That is, remember that this is the same Chiron-Neptune (New Paradigm) that’s being Squared by (being Challenged by) the Eclipse (New Awareness) and forming a T-Square with Juno (Challenging us to grow our Identity waay beyond who we think we are or should be – or can even understand)!

While Mars still opposes Chiron-Neptune, it no longer Squares the Moon’s Nodes.  The clue which a T-Square provides us is called the “Vacancy” – the point, Opposite the peak, which would complete the Grand Cross if there was a planet there.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 7 degrees of Virgo, “A Harem.”  In other words, we survive this Big Challenge (T-Square) to Awaken (Eclipse) to aligning our Identity (Juno) with the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) by listening to our Inner Female, in all her many guises.

I know, that’s alot.  But it aint all.  Neptune is almost Stationary – that is, Very Strong.  It’s also at the top of the Kite.  So Neptune is the key to the whole process!  What’s Neptune about?  When you see the World through Material Eyes, Neptune covers everything with fog; when you see the World through Spiritual Eyes, Neptune creates total Clarity.  Neptune is also Pisces – Emotion, Water.  That brings A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders into context, and brings us to a Bottom Line for the whole adventure – don’t hesitate to embrace all of the Emotions that arise; that’s the way our Inner Female would have it, and that’s what the Nodes are about!

Which brings us to…

June 4 – Partial Eclipse of the Moon and Retrograde Station of Neptune.  Of course an Eclipse of the Moon would reveal (Eclipse) Emotions (Moon) that may hide Karmic material.  We could write a whole essay on that last sentence; if you remind me, I’ll do it.  With Mercury Outabounds, our openness to Awareness (or our Defensiveness against it!) will be amplified.  Venus also Squares Mars, which is big considering how lit up they both are – more about that later.

And of course that means that Neptune is virtually Stationary for the whole period between now and then, carrying all the implications of the paragraph above that starts with “I know, that’s alot” through all of the time between now and early June.

June 5 – Venus Walks Across the Face of the Sun, while the Moon again Occults Pluto.  And Mercury remains Outabounds.

June 12 – Chiron Stationary Retrograde.

June 17 – the Moon Occults Jupiter.

June 24 – (finally – what a build-up!) Uranus Squares Pluto.

June 25 – Saturn Stationary Direct.

July 3 – The Moon Occults Pluto again.

July 13-14 – Uranus and Mercury both turn Retrograde while the Moon Occults Jupiter.

July 20 – The Moon Occults Mercury.

July 30 – The Moon Occults Pluto again.

All of which will be asking for many more posts!