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Venus Walks Across the Face of the Sun

May 18, 2012

Here’s NASA’s first story about what astronomers call the “Venus Transit.”  Many of the videos NASA references are just talking versions of the story on the website, but this time the video they reference is great.

We’ll go into gory (though approximate) detail about what the devil a Transit is inna minute.  First we wanna say a little more about Venus…

The Mysteries…

Why did Eve give Adam an Apple, and not a Banana or a Cherimoya?  Apples don’t even grow in climates where you can hang around nekkid alla time!  And why did the Rosicrucians use a Rose Cross rather than a Lilac Cross or a Tulip Cross (other than their name of course)?  And how is it that the Pentagram became the symbol of good (“Star”) and evil (when “upside down,” or pointing down)?

These are Venus questions, and the answer is extremely esoteric, and has roots waaay deep in the “right” brain.  The distinguishing characteristic of the Rose family is its five-pointed symmetry – Apples are members of the Rose family.  Over the course of five years, Venus traces out a five-pointed star on the Zodiac.  There are a zillion Mythologies around these Mysteries, which can be seen from a zillion different perspectives.  I don’t use the term “Mythology” pejoratively – every attempt to explain the Mysteries is a mythology, including the scienterrific attempts.  Here are a few of the many examples…

I invite you to explore these as deeply as you have time to do, as these are Mysteries that are central to Life itself, and some of the most fundamental building blocks of Consciousness.

And the Mechanics…

To an astronomer a “transit” is the opposite of an Occultation or Eclipse – an Occultation occurs when one planet hides another, like when the Moon crosses in front of Pluto (we’re using the term “planet” in a wider sense, as any Heavenly Body).  Astronomers and astrologers use the term Occultation in the same way.  An astronomical Transit occurs when a “smaller” planet crosses in front of a “larger” one (“smaller” and “larger” being relative, based on their distance from us), like when Venus crosses in front of the Sun.

To an astrologer a “Transit” occurs when a current-moment planet forms one of a set of particular angles (such as Square, Trine, etc) with one of your natal planets, or a particular angle to another current-moment planet (such as the Square of Transiting Uranus to Transiting Pluto, which we just refer to as “Uranus-Pluto”).  Here we use the term “planet” in an even wider sense, to include not just other Heavenly Bodies, but also symbolic points in the sky, such as the place in the Sky where the Sun was Rising when you were born (your Ascendant), or the Moon’s Nodes (the places where the Moon rises above and moves below the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun).

When astrologers refer to Transits, they’re actually talking about longitude only – when the Sun is overhead at the Equator (Bali) and the Moon is overhead on the Tropic of Cancer (Hong Kong), they’re said to be Conjunct, even though they’re waaay off in terms of latitude.  You don’t get an Eclipse or Occultation or astronomical Transit till both Bodies are on the same latitude, as well as the same longitude.  Latitudes are also called parallels, and astrologers also use the term Parallel Conjunction to refer to a Conjunction at the same latitude.

There is actually a difference between a latitude and a declination, and astrologers usually use declinations rather than latitudes.  Latitude measures how far you are from the Equator, while declination measures the angle between you and a Heavenly Body relative to the “Celestial Equator,” which is a projection of the Earth’s Equator onto the “Sphere of the Heavens.”  For most purposes, latitude and declination are more or less interchangeable.

Since most of the planets spend most of their time in approximately the same plane or disc around the Sun, most of the time most of the Heavenly Bodies are well-behaved and stay “Inbounds” (between the “Tropics,” or 23 degrees and 26 minutes north or south of the Equator), as seen from our perspective on Earth.  That’s still almost 55 degrees of range.  The Sun and Moon are about half a degree wide, when seen from our perspective.  That means (when the Moon is Inbounds) that they should be in the same latitude about 1% of the time (approximately 1/55 times 1/2 or 1/110), or about 3-1/2 days a year.  They’re in the same longitude once a month, at New Moon.  So you can kinda see why Eclipses don’t happen very often.

When we’re talking about Occultations and astronomical Transits, we’re usually dealing with far smaller Bodies.  Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest (ie, apparently largest) objects in the Sky after the Sun and Moon, are less than one minute of arc wide as seen from our perspective, so they’d be, when Inbounds, in the same degree of latitude about 0.03% (1/55 times 1/60 or 1/3300) of the time – that’s one day in nine years.  And they’re only on the same longitude once a year, more or less (they can repeat their “once” when they go Retrograde).  The other planets are even smaller.  So Occultations and astronomical Transits get vanishingly rare.

Just in case you’re really interested in any of this cosmic geometry, there are 60 minutes of arc in a degree, and 360 degrees of arc in a circle.  Minutes of arc are different from minutes of time, though once in a while they do correspond, because time is after all measured as a function of longitude.

Lots to keep busy with, eh?  No worries, you’ll pick and choose the morsels that provide exactly the nutrition you need to Ascend, cuz that’s what we programmed ourselves to do.  The blossoms are future Jonagolds.

Innana Begins Her Descent

May 17, 2012

Sunday evening, following the Rising Sun in East Asia and before Sunset in western North America, we get an “almost-total” Eclipse of the Sun.  It’s called an “Annular Eclipse,” which means that the Moon is near the far end of its oval-shaped orbit, so even though this would be a Total Eclipse if the Moon were otherwise, the Moon isn’t quite big enough to cover the full face of the Sun.  The Eclipse will be maximum through Hong Kong and Japan, across the North Pacific, and in a stripe from far northern California to eastern Texas (Crescent City-Reno-Zion-Albuquerque).

It’s a complex chart, so I’ll write more about it in additional posts, and just try to describe the context and major elements here.  Things get very busy from here on – the Universe is about to start slapping around the Muggles who’ve been poo-pooing 2012.  Some of them will wake up; many won’t, and they’ll be screaming more stridently than ever on Fox News and Talk Radio, so be mindful about what you hear and believe.  Think of it as their Death Rattle.

In case any of you aren’t familiar with Innana, Starhawk’s Truth or Dare is a fabulous source for – and explication of – Her myth.  Forget Carne Ross’s genuflections; it’s Starhawk that has real information for us.  It’s especially appropriate now, because it was Innana herself who confronted the Lizards when they landed in Sumeria, the very Lizards who are about to lose their latest fascist takeover attempt of Humanity.  On the wake-up level, that is.  On the still-asleep level, the Foxnewsers will continue mining Gold for them for a loooonnng time.

Here’s the Big-Picture rundown…

May 15 – Venus turns Retrograde, in preparation for her Walk Across the Face of the Sun.  Hot coals pshaw!  Venus has been Outabounds (ie, Very Strong) since April Fool’s Day, and she doesn’t return Inbounds till June 3, only two days before she crosses the Sun.  It’s not like she’s sliding into her Transit, she’s literally dive-bombing the Sun!  She reached the peak of her trajectory on May 5, and she’s been diving since.  If you go out just after Sunset and listen closely toward the West, you’ll probably be able to hear the whistling.

May 17 – my calendar says it’s Ascension Day.  Not a bad idea.

May 20 – Annular Eclipse of the Sun in the first degree of Gemini – “A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.”  Well, you know by now that I regard any Eclipse as an adventure in revelation, as what was previously part of the background suddenly is made obvious by its absence.  The Eclipse opposes Juno (Identity – a clue about what might become obvious), Squares Chiron-Neptune (Challenges us to move into the New Paradigm), and receives Grace from Pallas (setting good Boundaries is the way we move into the New Paradigm).

We’re no longer under the Mars Grand Cross, but I was gonna say that in this astromileau (Mars Squaring the Moon’s Nodes) there’s no more apt idiom than Gandhi’s admonition to Be the change you wish to see in the World.  Or as Stephen Levine used to put it, There is no greater Work for the Planet than your Work on yourself.  (That’s what the Moon’s Nodes mean – the presence of Juno on the North Node puts about seven exclamation points on it.)

But the Mars Grand Trine remains, and now it’s Trining Pluto and Vesta.  Vesta is what we hold most sacred – what we’re willing to die or kill for.  When you remember that the only Death there is is Ego Death, Juno becomes even more relevant.  The Grand Trine represents Comsummate Grace, Pluto that which cannot be resisted (only transformed aka trance-reformed), and Mars where we direct our Energies.  So the gravest danger here is the Human tendency to see Other People’s need to work on themselves, without realizing that the World is a Mirror.  And yes, there may be Zealots around who haven’t figured out yet that they are Spirit rather than Body, and misinterpret Ego Death.

But even more important, Mars is still Opposite Chiron-Neptune, which we translate as if you don’t invest your Energy in the New Paradigm, it’ll bite you in the Butt.  That is, if you don’t invest your Energy (Mars) in the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune), it’ll bite you (Mars) inna Butt (Opposition = wake up and turn around and see what you’ve been missing!).  The Mars-to-Chiron-Neptune Opposition makes the Mars Grand Trine into a “Kite,” with Chiron-Neptune at the top (draw a circle with three equally spaced points on it, then put a fourth point halfway between two of the three, then draw lines between all of the four points, and you’ll see the Kite).

And remember that this is the same Chiron-Neptune that’s being Squared by the Eclipse and forming a T-Square with Juno!  A T-Square is two Squares to the same planet, in this case Chiron-Neptune.  It’s half of a Grand Cross.  With a Grand Cross, the two T-Squares Balance one another, keeping us from straying too far.  With a T-Square, it’s up to us to maintain our Balance, and since a Square is about Mastery through Challenge, that gets tricky.  Whatever you do, don’t try to get it right!  Try to make it work.  There is no such thing as right when you’re dealing with a T-Square.

That is, remember that this is the same Chiron-Neptune (New Paradigm) that’s being Squared by (being Challenged by) the Eclipse (New Awareness) and forming a T-Square with Juno (Challenging us to grow our Identity waay beyond who we think we are or should be – or can even understand)!

While Mars still opposes Chiron-Neptune, it no longer Squares the Moon’s Nodes.  The clue which a T-Square provides us is called the “Vacancy” – the point, Opposite the peak, which would complete the Grand Cross if there was a planet there.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 7 degrees of Virgo, “A Harem.”  In other words, we survive this Big Challenge (T-Square) to Awaken (Eclipse) to aligning our Identity (Juno) with the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) by listening to our Inner Female, in all her many guises.

I know, that’s alot.  But it aint all.  Neptune is almost Stationary – that is, Very Strong.  It’s also at the top of the Kite.  So Neptune is the key to the whole process!  What’s Neptune about?  When you see the World through Material Eyes, Neptune covers everything with fog; when you see the World through Spiritual Eyes, Neptune creates total Clarity.  Neptune is also Pisces – Emotion, Water.  That brings A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders into context, and brings us to a Bottom Line for the whole adventure – don’t hesitate to embrace all of the Emotions that arise; that’s the way our Inner Female would have it, and that’s what the Nodes are about!

Which brings us to…

June 4 – Partial Eclipse of the Moon and Retrograde Station of Neptune.  Of course an Eclipse of the Moon would reveal (Eclipse) Emotions (Moon) that may hide Karmic material.  We could write a whole essay on that last sentence; if you remind me, I’ll do it.  With Mercury Outabounds, our openness to Awareness (or our Defensiveness against it!) will be amplified.  Venus also Squares Mars, which is big considering how lit up they both are – more about that later.

And of course that means that Neptune is virtually Stationary for the whole period between now and then, carrying all the implications of the paragraph above that starts with “I know, that’s alot” through all of the time between now and early June.

June 5 – Venus Walks Across the Face of the Sun, while the Moon again Occults Pluto.  And Mercury remains Outabounds.

June 12 – Chiron Stationary Retrograde.

June 17 – the Moon Occults Jupiter.

June 24 – (finally – what a build-up!) Uranus Squares Pluto.

June 25 – Saturn Stationary Direct.

July 3 – The Moon Occults Pluto again.

July 13-14 – Uranus and Mercury both turn Retrograde while the Moon Occults Jupiter.

July 20 – The Moon Occults Mercury.

July 30 – The Moon Occults Pluto again.

All of which will be asking for many more posts!

Beware! The Beginning Is Near

April 7, 2012

While it was Mars that starred in the Big Grand Cross and Big Grand Trine, the real doyenne of the first half of 2012 is Venus.

She joined the Big Amplifier Jupiter and Big Mystic Black Moon Lilith in a very close Triple Conjunction as one corner of the Grand Trine, along with Mars and Pluto, in mid-March.

Lilith, for those who’ve forgotten, was Adam’s first wife.  She split as soon as Adam began to lay down those Penis First rules that Eve was willing to take for granted.  You can see the impact of the Triple Conjunction in the reactionary Attack on Women that’s underway – which Attack is a Paper Tiger.  The Triple Conjunction occurred at 10 degrees of Taurus, “A Red Cross Nurse: The compassionate linking of all Peoples.”  It only seems like the Penis Flag is being raised again because Eve’s Old-Testament offspring own the media.

Black Moon Lilith symbolizes the mystical aspect of the feminine.  The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an ellipse, an oval.  While circles have one center, ovals have two.  Earth sits at one of those centers, and Black Moon Lilith sits at the other.  You can think of it as Earth 2, waiting just on the other side of Manifestation.  With Lilith in charge, the Penis is the Flagpole, not the Flag.

Venus crosses the Moon’s South Node next Wednesday, becoming as she does a corner of the Grand Cross, rather than the Grand Trine.  Mars turns Direct the next day.  Expect some fireworks over who gets to be the Flag and who the Pole.  This is Venus Squaring Mars – Mastery through Challenge in the relationship between our Inner Male and Inner Female.  If yours ain’t married, you’ll be doing some homework next week – enjoy it as the Learning Experience that it is.

The Mars Grand Cross, by the way, remains in effect well into May.

As we’ve seen, Venus has been dominating the evening sky.  Venus as the Evening Star is Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  She reaches her farthest extent from the Sun in mid-May, just as the Mars Grand Cross begins to fade (and the media’s Penis Flag starts to go limp).  She’s Stationary from May 7 to May 15, and then starts working her way back to the Sun, remaining Retrograde till June 27.

Meanwhile, starting April 2nd, Venus is Out of Bounds.  Out of Bounds means that she is further from the Equator than the Sun ever goes, in this case overhead north of the Tropic of Cancer.  Out of Bounds means strong.

She remains Out of Bounds, and Retrograde, until June 3.  As she returns In Bounds, she meets the Sun, on its journey north to the Summer Solstice.  On June 5, Venus crosses the face of the Sun.  Not just a Conjunction, where they share the same longitude, but a Parallel Conjunction, where they share the same latitude.  If Venus were bigger than the Sun (or the same size), it would be called an Occultation, which is the general term for an Eclipse, where one planet or body “occults,” or hides, the other.  Since Venus is smaller, it’s called a “Transit,” but it’s an astronomical Transit, not an astrological Transit.  Astrological Transits are much more general.

Venus Transits the Sun, in pairs, only once per century – and it skipped the 20th Century entirely.  It’s tempting to equate the darker elements of the previous century (two World Wars, the Bomb) with that lack, and maybe not inappropriate.  The first of the current pair of Transits occurred in 2004.  One meaning of a Venus Transit is the feminine made visible.  Venus Transits the Sun as both Square Mars.  What a fabulous time for the Genders to open their minds to learning about one another, aided and abetted by Mercury going Out of Bounds (enhanced Awareness) from May 30 to June 19.

In mid-June, Venus rises as the Morning Star, Pallas Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom.  Venus rising as the Morning Star is called the Heliacal Rising of Venus, and represents a very significant region of the year.  We’ll talk more about that later.

Then, on June 23, Uranus Squares Pluto, the Big Event of 2012.  To celebrate that event, Jupiter Squares Neptune, and Saturn turns Direct.  We’ll go into the implications of all that later as well.

Here’s an excellent interview and implicit book review on The Beginning Is Near, and the Rise of the Feminine…


The Tree of Knowledge

January 11, 2012

So why was everybody freakin’ out on Sunday?  At our local Food Coop, so many folks were stocking up so much, that they couldn’t keep the shelves restocked.

Of course there was that big ol’ Full Moon.  But Mercury also went Out Of Bounds on Sunday.  That’ll set everybody’s imaginations on fire.  Mercury stays Outabounds till January 20, and crosses Pluto on Friday the 13th while still Outabounds.  As Pogo woulda said, Friday the 13th falls on a Friday this month.  That’s the same Pluto that’s being squared by Uranus, from some perspectives defining 2012.  So it could be said that folks are opening up to being able to see where we’re heading – folks might be freaking out a lot more come Friday, than they were Sunday.

The New Year chart is pretty benign – its main feature is a Mars-Ceres-Mercury T-Square, with Mercury at the apex, and blessed by our old friend Juno.  Mercury didn’t go Outabounds till Sunday, so it’s on the quiet for the year as a whole.  I know you don’t wanna hear about Juno, so I won’t talk about it.  If we was really optimistic, we could say that 2012 will be the year when folks realize (Mercury) that violence (Mars) is not sustainable (Ceres).  More likely, folks will be shown a whole lotta demonstrations that it ain’t, and they’ll get mad and knock somebody’s lights out cuz they won’t wanna hear it.  On Earth 1 anyway.

By election day in the US, we’ll be solidly in the realm of permanent Uranus-Pluto.  On election day both Mercury and Mars will be Outabounds – that’ll be fun to watch, from a distance.  If anybody remembers the Nixon-McGovern election that symbolized the 60s, McGovern lost, but Nixon basically did a McGovern anyway (ie, ended the Vietnam War), before he was run outa town onna rail.  Maybe we can get a repeat, with Paul losing but his opponent abolishing the Federal Reserve anyway.  Or, perish the thought, Paul losing but his opponent having to end the war he started to secure his re-election.  Of course, folks aren’t out on the streets clamoring for an end to the war on Afghanistan and Pakistan – yet.

Speaking of Iran, Iranian oil is now traded to Russia, China, India, and Japan without using US Dollars.  If you give any credence to the notion that Gawdawfl was ejected from Libya because he was starting a pan-African gold-based currency that would circumvent the Dollar, then you can understand why the Banksters and their minions are making up more Weapons of Mass Deception stories about that country in between Iraq and Afghanistan, the one we haven’t invaded yet.  Russian-Chinese trade is already denominated in Rubles and Yuan.  Oil has traditionally been traded in Dollars worldwide.  Just to review, the role of the US Dollar as the standard medium of international exchange is what keeps the Dollar from collapsing under the weight of its own debt.  The more folks abandon the Dollar as their medium of trade, the closer the US is to default.

A friend in Northern Europe writes,

“I felt shocked about the news Obama signing a law about indefinitely detaining possible terrorists without process.  How the bleep is it possible.  I hope this is not a step towards a dictatorial regime in the land of freedom. He should be deeply ashamed!”

When I was in school, back in the middle of the last century, my teachers said that the definition of fascism was that the government and the corporations were happily married.  That’s been going on in earnest in the US for a long time, accelerating in the last 30 years.  Corporate lawyers have been writing laws openly since at least the turn of the millennium.

Back in the 1800s, there was argument before the US Supreme Court that corporations should oughta be eligible for Constitutional and Bill of Rights protection just like ordinary folk.  The Supreme Court never commented on the argument at that time, but the idea got incorporated into precedent anyway.  Shortly before Obomba was sworn in, the Supreme Court finally made it formal – remember Obomba and the Chief Justice trading grimaces at the Inauguration?  There’s no question in Romney’s mind.  A couple of immediate problems with this doctrine are that corporations can now buy elections at will (“just exercising their 1st-amendment rights”), and ordinary folk no longer have any legal recourse to stop corporations from screwing them, because of the disproportionate ability to fund legal proceedings.

If Obomba was serious about protecting people, he’d promote a Constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are NOT people.  Many Constitutional amendments have passed their extensive hurdles in a matter of months.  Of course, the disinformation blitz by the corporation-owned media would prevent that sort of majority from forming – unless Mars-Ceres-Mercury intervenes.

A major difficulty with Shopping As Usual these days is that we may not be heading down a gentle slope, but rather about to tumble off a cliff.  Here’s a fabulous video essay educating us on non-linear trends.  And an insightful story about where the Banksters see us heading this year.  I know the Abrahams just want us to Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  But y’know, if we dance off a cliff Happily, we’re probably gonna have some unhappy moments before we splat, and some even unhappier moments if we bounce a coupla times.  Maybe it’s just cuz I grew up with How many times must a man look up / Before he can see the sky and the like, but I dunno, I just kinda think that getting happy through Denial isn’t the end-all be-all of Ascension.  I mean, if the World is freaky, get tapping.  Different strokes for different folks, of course, we know it’s always Both/And.  Y’know, maybe that’s how we get to Earth 2, by dancing off a cliff, who knows.

Elestial Quartz (aka Cathedral or Skeletal or Jacare Quartz), usually Smokey and sometimes Smokey Citrine, is a single crystal with multiple faces and multiple points.  It connects us to our Angels.


June 24, 2010

Sphalerite (Zinc Sulfide)

Saturday morning’s Partial Lunar Eclipse on Pluto (half past 4am PST) is fully visible from land only in Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea.  From most of Asia it’s visible only at Moonrise, and from most of the Americas it’s visible only at Moonset – though NASA points out that the Moon appears bigger at Moonrise and Moonset.  Europe is shut out of this one, but it’s only partial – the shadow will cover about half the Moon.

Otherwise, the Eclipse chart is the same one we’ve been talking about, with Ego Challenges and Surprising Grace as its main effect.  Local reports had the Critters freaking out at the New Moon – critters usually freak at the Full – and the New Moon was basically the same chart, so once the Full Moon gets here we could be in for a double whammy.  If you’re coping just fine, do be careful not to Lord it over anyone who’s having a hard time with it – the downside of a Grand Trine is arrogance, and arrogance will always come around and bite you in the butt later.

As we’ve said, one of the primary issues for us in this Century will be (is) sustainability (or sustenance), and the Eclipse illuminates that theme Big Time, as the Emissary of Sustainability (the asteroid Ceres) is standing right next to Pluto, directly behind the Eclipsing Moon.  Both Ceres and the Moon are particularly strong (“out of bounds”), and Pluto isn’t far from the line.  They’re all at high South Declination – according to some, that’s an indication that we’ll be given the choice of getting lost in our karma (inertia, old Identities), or discovering our karma, in the sense that with Awareness we have the opportunity to choose a different path.  Don’t hold back – go for it!

Boundaries, Values, and Unexpected Grace

June 16, 2010

The New Moon chart that oversees the next few weeks, as we’ve said, features a big Grand Cross (Dominion developed by responding to Challenges) and a big Grand Trine (Grace) co-focused on Juno (Identity).  In other words we’ll be challenged by Old Stories which, if we’re willing to respond to them, will yield to New Freedoms brought about by the release of old limitations which were tied to our Identity – a revision of our Ican’ts and our Iwon’ts.  It’s not about forcing ourself to move through Icant or Iwont, it’s about making an honest effort to respond to the Challenges, after which we’ll discover new places where Ican and Iwill.  These new places may not even seem related to the Challenges; this is just a rebirth, and we don’t know what new skills we’ll have afterwards.  This is as true from the Planetary perspective as it is from the Personal perspective.

But that ain’t all – that’s the Big Deal in this Cycle, but there’s a whole buncha Little Deals, which if they weren’t overshadowed by the Grand Cross and Grand Trine, would be Big Deals in their own right in any other  horoscope.  And of course what’s Big and what’s Little is situational – RJ says that the Irish folklore traditions were ironic – what they called the “Little People” were huge, while the “Giants” were small of stature.  Of course they both carried powerful magic.

For instance, there’s a Golden Rectangle (Grace and Creativity) – also keying off of Juno!  And two intertwined Fingers of God (Drop your Expectations and Pay Attention!), pointing at Venus (our Values and Deep Feelings) and at Chiron-Neptune (Magic is afoot) that make a Golden Trapezoid (Learning things that we never imagined were possible, particularly in this case about sustainability – this also deserves its own essay).  Plus, the Grand Trine and the Golden Rectangle, sharing a Juno-corner as they do, make five parts of a Grand Sextile (Great Fun).  And finally – and this is what we want to talk about tonight, an Eighth-Harmonic relationship between the outabounds (strong) New Moon itself and the asteroid Pallas (Boundaries).

Remember a little while back, I suggested that we might study the Eighth Harmonic as an easier entry into the Fourth Harmonic, the latter being one of our greatest bothers.  Angie (Tarot Handbook, p.55) gives us the keywords Alignment, Balance, Negotiation, and Truth, as the Eighth Harmonic “pierces the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception.”  Wow, is that ever appropriate to the overall dynamic of Old Stories giving way to New Freedoms!   As within, so without – in other words, we can take any small part of a horoscope (or anything), and it will reveal to us the Whole Story.  So we can use this single Eighth Harmonic as a key for the whole coupla weeks.

The two ends of the Eighth are the New Moon and Pallas.  Both the Moon and Pallas are out of bounds (stronger than usual).  Pallas, recall, is the Goddess of War and Wisdom.  Unlike the God of War Mars, she asks questions first, and shoots only if necessary.  She doesn’t hesitate to shoot if it is necessary, she just doesn’t waste the energy when there are easier and safer ways to proceed.  So we usually translate that as Good Boundaries.  Which is to say, we’ll be rebalancing and realigning and renegotiating our Boundaries with everyone this month, to bring them more into alignment with our Truth (which itself may be different than it was last month – we’ll be discovering these changes through trial and success, and through Curiosity).  Ifya want an example, look to Kyrgyzstan.  Everything is in flux, so don’t even expect to get anything right the first time, except through intuition or luck.

The New Moon occurred at 22 degrees of Gemini – Dancing couples in a Harvest Festival – which Rudhyar expands as “The wholesome enjoyment of organic processes and emotional drives.”  Which Good Boundaries allow us to do without holding back.  In other words, we been working our butts off for the last thirty to forty-five  years, and it’s time to celebrate the Harvest of our labors.  Sure, the Corporate Media is focusing on how great is the damage to the Gulf and the Economy and what a great pity that is, when they could easily be using these twin catastrophes to mobilize support for a sustainable ecological and financial future instead – but they won’t, because they’re slaves to their advertisers.  These bummers are a Healing Crisis – the emergence of suppressed symptoms which prove that the underlying disease is leaving town.  The die is already cast, and it is indeed time to celebrate.