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Another She-Bear

November 27, 2012

Here’s our Eclipse Launch Vehicle…

and the Second Stage…


By the way, the Moon Occults (hides) Jupiter at 4 minutes past 5pm PST tomorrow.  That would be pretty fantastic to see, though my back-of-an-envelope (literally) calculation puts it somewhere near Wake Island in the western Pacific.  Cosmologists theorize something called Inflation, when the Universe supposed expanded by zillions of times in a grillionth of a second.  Imagine if our Dreams were to do that!  I can’t think of a better metaphor for an Occultation of Jupiter than that sort of unfathomable expansion in our self-knowledge and self-confidence.


July 14, 2012

Dont ferget to ogle the eastern sky at Dawn Sunday for the Big Show…

If you’re in the right spot on the Planet, you might even see the Balsamic Moon Occult Jupiter – how spectacular will that be!  I’d rather see that than Venus Walking any day, but I’m on the wrong side of the Planet.

The reports I have say that the Planet shifted bigtime when Uranus Stood Still Thursday night, as in Big Healing.  We bring you the voice of Eris (in her charming guise) to celebrate.

First, more Convergence, with Vandana Shiva…

What clarity, eh?  And Truthtelling.

Then another clear She-Bair to give us the straight skinny on the Banksters…

What NASA refers to as a “Crescent” Moon (that is the name of its shape, just not the name of its phase) is really “Balsamic” – the last phase before the New Moon.  Notice that the two phases point in opposite directions – the curve of the Crescent (dusk) Moon is to the right, like a “D,” while the Balsamic (dawn) Moon curves on the left, like a “C.”  The Balsamic phase is about emptying the self, cleansing, letting go, sweatlodge, purification preparations for the new Vision Quest that every New Moon initiates.

The New Moon itself comes up Wednesday (half past 9pm PDT), and it’s a bit of a doozy.  Mars Opposes Uranus at almost exactly the same time, which of course means it makes a T-Square with Pluto at the point.  The New Moon is the chart you wanna read to know what’s up in the following month.  Since the Harmonic Contusion twenty-five years ago, big Mars events have not lived up to their reputation for violence – which in itself is a remarkable testament!  So we’ll hope this one follows the benign trend – a Mars-Pluto Square represents a pretty serious housecleaning.

There’s also a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes.  T-Squares, you recall, are about “insoluble” situations.  They aren’t “problems,” so they can’t be “solved.”  They are irritating, because nothing ever works out very well, so we do have a deep hunger to resolve them.  We can do that by recognizing that a T-Square is like a graduate seminar.  There are no “right” answers, only creative exploration of the Edges of the Known.  So we expect to be intrigued by outcomes, not pleased.  Rudhyar called them the Edge of human evolution.  A T-Square to the Nodes means a primo opportunity to learn about our Mission – what more could we ask for?

Who is it that’s Squaring the Nodes?  Why, none other than Chiron-Neptune, our harbinger of the New Paradigm!  So we’ll be learning about how we fit in to this unseen imminence – finally!  Of course it’s a T-Square, so it won’t be painless, but bringing a Balsamic attitude to it will help immensely.  That means,

If you’ve seen this Drama before, it doesn’t mean it’s glued to your ass – except by Inertia.  It means it’s a Karmic paper tiger that you can punch holes through without breaking a nail, if you’re willing to get Conscious.  You don’t want to re-lease it, you want to Let It Go.  It’s a cause for celebration, because every time your Karma arises and you refuse to re-attach yourself to it, you Liberate your Future more.

Your Mission includes your Karma.  In the Original Sin view of the World, we all haul Karmic baggage around with us.  When Life is unpleasant, those who would be our Masters tell us it’s because we’re Unclean and we need their Salvation.  Look at it from the Original Blessing point of view instead.

In every “Past” Life we were a Master of something.  We can recover those Skills effortlessly for use in the current Lifetime, but they’re hidden behind our Karmic baggage.  They’re hidden for a reason – we haven’t earned enough Integrity in this Lifetime yet to be able to use that much Power without abusing it.  So they’re covered by an Emotional aversion, to protect us from burning ourself.  Once we’re ready to be Conscious enough to Let Go of this opaque packaging, we can have the Miracle inside.

Now, since by now you’re thoroughly convinced that We’re All One (how can you not believe Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Gary Craig, and Vendana Shiva all at the same time!), you gotta realize that every “Past” Life is yours!  Meaning you can pick up any Skill imaginable if you’re willing to get Conscious of the wrapping paper that covers it.

A chart with two T-Squares signifies some hard work over the next month.  Does it have any Grace in it?  It actually holds enormous Grace!  The corners of these two T-Squares are linked in a Golden Rectangle.  On the scale of 0 to 10 Grace, a Golden Rectangle merits about an 8.  What it means is that the two T-Squares complement one another.

So the Vigor (Mars) with which we approach our newfound Mandatory Transition (Pluto) into Integrity (Uranus) facilitates our realization that our personal Mission (the Moon’s Nodes) was constructed to align perfectly with the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune).  It will take adjustments that won’t be as comfortable as business-as-usual (T-Squares), but as we make those adjustments, we’ll be shocked at how quickly and easily the puzzle pieces fall into place (Golden Rectangle).

Coupla more relevancies in the chart here…

Pallas Adjoins Uranus, implying that Defensiveness is totally appropriate when we’re defending our Integrity.

There’s a gang sitting on that Moon’s South Node, so

This is a huuuge month for this process of getting Conscious that when something triggers negative Emotions cuz we’ve seen it before, we need to recognize that it’s just a hologram, and celebrate the opportunity to free ourselves from those Karmic chains!  By which we’ll be recovering the Skills that we smuggled in under that Emotional crepe when we entered this Lifetime.

Who’s in the gang?  It’s big – Vesta (that which is Sacred to us personally), Ceres (Sustenance and Sustainability) and Jupiter (the Confidence and Optimism necessary for Expansion; an Amplifier)!  There are always alotta ways to read a Stellium (cluster) like this, but we can say that

Following what is Sacred to us (that which we would live or die for) will allow us to tease out the boundaries between ancient Trauma (the wrapping paper) and powerful Skills (the Gift) so we can embrace (tap out? – deeply and completely love and accept ourself) our ancient traumatized self (it’s empathy that heals) and receive the Gift (South Node).  The Gift will lead us to Abundance (Jupiter-Ceres).

There are a coupla Sabian Symbols (interpretations for individual degrees of the Zodiac) that will probably be helpful here.  The New Moon itself is at 27 degrees of Cancer,

“A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes.”

Considering the T-Squares, that’s pretty intense.

A T-Square is three fourths of a Grand Cross.  A Grand Cross is about an 8 on the Creative Tension scale, but it’s in Balance – it’s parts all work together.  So we look to see what would “complete” each T-Square, or make it into a Grand Cross.  That would remove it from the “no solution” category, because the fourth arm of the Cross would resolve the Tension automatically by shifting it into its next steps.  We call the “missing” arm the Vacancy.

The Vacancy in the How-Does-My-Mission-Fit-Into-The-New-Paradigm T-Square (Chiron-Neptune-Nodes + Vesta-Jupiter-Ceres) is 6 degrees of Virgo,

“A merry-go-round.”

Wow.  To me that says that, since we’re All One, My Mission is The New Paradigm, and vice versa!  It just depends on which way I’m facing, inward or outward!  So when it feels a little stuck going in what felt a minute ago like the right direction, all I need to do is turn around!

In the I-Gotta-Be-Me-And-If-You-Dont-Like-It-Well-You-Just-Gotta-Be-You-So-Dont-Blame-Me-For-Your-Likes-And-Dislikes T-Square (Mars-Uranus-Pluto + Pallas), the Vacancy is 9 degrees of Cancer,

“A small naked Girl bends over a pond trying to catch a Fish.”

Lotsa meat there!  First there’s Innocence and Naivete – after huge new Soul downloads like the one we just got at the Uranus Station, we’re all new at this Integrity game.  Then there’s the Emotional wrapping paper (the pond; Water means Emotion) and the Gift (the Fish)!  It means that the Gift will be snagging our Attention, and we’ll just be reaching for it without even realizing what we’re doing, like a child reaching for a bauble.

That Unconscious Motivation is marvelous; nothing better than Innocence, it’s as good as Curiosity.  It’s when we get our hands wet (the Karmic wrapper) that we need to practice our newfound Consciousness that Emotion is neither Material Reality nor Spiritual Reality, but a crazyquilt of paper-thin walls that make up the maze we travel so solemnly and faithfully.

One last question that we can’t ignore.  Where is Eris herself in all this?  She’s Squared by the New Moon itself.  It’s a Waxing Square, so it’s a creative segment of the Cycle, signifying Change, probably rapid Change.  Where was the preceding Conjunction, which would hold the key to understanding the Cycle?  23 degrees of Aries,

“A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

Rudhyar’s commentary includes just one word: fecundity.  The other element would be presence – the light summer dress would confer modesty, but little else to disguise her sensuality.  Nothing disingenuous here, just pure, numinous Creative potential.  Nature Herself, the process of becoming, that which is unfinished.  A She-Bear in drag.

Opal!  Quartz with Water molecules scattered in the Crystal Matrix.  It’s refraction and reflection from the Water that makes the Fire, like those floating Purples!  No coincidence that Opal symbolizes the Emotional maze and the Gift hidden in it.


July 4, 2012

Back in the 60s, if you was a Star, you was BMOC – Big Man on Campus.  Well, yesterday, July 3, was BDOC – Big Day on Calendar.  Jim Sinclair says that when HisStory looks back at the End of Empire (ie, the collapse of the Debt-Based Phony-Money Housacards Derivative Empire we been suffering under since the 70s), the day that the Bank of England threw it’s minion Bob Diamond under the bus will be seen as the turning point.  Jim’s one of the best two-way hisstorians (seeing backward and forward) that I know.

As for the astroturgical perspective, yestaday the Full Moon Occulted Pluto.  The Moon, y’know, is often a trigger that brings larger, more Shakespearean dramas into manifestation.  The Event of the Year was a week ago, when Uranus Squared Pluto.  And an Occultation is a Conjunction on steroids, a virtual Eclipse.  Full Moon means culmination.  Uranus-Pluto means it’s no longer optional for us to get serious about our Soul’s Real Mission on the Planet in this lifetime.  Occultation means coming into Awareness, rising into Consciousness.  ‘Tis a Biggie.

The Occultation would have taken less than an hour to complete, so the coincidence wasn’t exact, and exact is important.  It is like horseshoes, but a ringer is still waaay better than close.

It’s way intriguing that it was a Dimon (Daemon, Daimon, Demon) that, prior to the Square, ran afoul of Wisdom and Justice in the US by gambling with the People’s Money, but not afoul of the Law – simply because the Banksters have been writing the Laws in the US since Reagan.  To the Greeks (which Dimon is), a Daimon was a positive Nature Spirit.  Of course it was the “Christian” Inquisitions that turned Nature Spirits into Devils.  To Jung, a Daemon is an irresistible movement toward Individuation.  And of course it’s Mr. Dimon who is the inheritor of the US government’s scheme to suppress competitors to it’s sham currency.  That’s against a whole lotta Laws, but also so very convenient for those who promulgate the Laws and choose which to prosecute.

It’s also intriguing that another synonym for Demon is Algol, the Demon Star.  The star Algol symbolizes primitive, passionate, hysterical female sexuality – of the sort like Ma Spider eating her mate.  A manifestation of Lilith.  Every historical culture has associated Algol with beheadings and transformations through violence.  As we speak, Juno Opposes Algol – Identity!  Not Again!  Time to own our Shadows, in other words, and take personal responsibility for the Violence on the Planet.  The implication is that we manifest vicarious violence by repressing our deepest levels of eroticism, the levels that would in one sudden gigantic bite devour our carefully-crafted and tenuously-held public personae.  Another version of the Saturn Stationing Opposite Eris from a week ago.

On the other hand, it was a Diamond that was felled in England, not for manipulating the faux currency’s competition, but for manipulating the faux currency’s interest rate, it’s first derivative.  This is the symbol that Jim Sinclair was labeling hisstoric.  Diamond is a whole nother story from Dimon – Diamond symbolizes purity and persistence and integrity.  Never mind that it cracks easily, it’s the hardest substance on the Planet.  Not daemonic Algol, but regal Aldebaran!  Aldebaran is dancing gloriously this month with Venus and Jupiter in the pre-dawn skies.  Medusa coifed and dressed to the nines!  (The video incorrectly labels the Balsamic Moon as a “Crescent” Moon.)

Mr. Dimon’s bank is also under investigation for ripping folks off by manipulating the price of electricity – that’s Uranus.  His name doesn’t appear in those stories.  And we shouldn’t ignore the big Solar Flares going on.

Max Kaiser is a bit hysterical (we wouldn’t want that now, would we!), but Katherine Austin Fitts is the picture of Repo propriety, an unlikely Truthspeaker.  Fascinating.  A Republican John Perkins, though without the Shamanic bent.

Uranus-Pluto in the Sky with Diamonds

June 12, 2012

Other than an Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon this coming weekend, now that both Neptune and Chiron are Retrograde, we’re kinda sliding “downhill” into the Uranus-Pluto Square.  Jupiter is an Amplifier, the Moon is often a trigger for whatever is brewing, and we regard an Occultation as a growth in Awareness.  So we might find a few cards starting to fall near the base of the global financial system this weekend, or we might find Uranus-Pluto (think Mandatory Yin Integrity) amplified, or maybe just big opportunities to get more in touch with our Gratitude.

Unfortunately, the Occultation occurs at noon over the Australian Outback, so it won’t be visible like Venus Walking was – the Moon is New the following Tuesday, so we won’t even see the Moon.  The Occultation does occur right over one of the Planet’s biggest Diamond mines, though, so get out your Diamonds and watch them sparkle, around 1am PDT on Sunday.

Now, if the next three years – while Uranus and Pluto Retrograde into and out of their Square many times – are like the sixties, what would that suggest for the World economy?  Lets ask the history books.  We’ll use the US as an example.

It took 25 years for the Tao Jones Industrial Average to get back to it’s 1929 peak of 381.  Then, from 1954 to 1964, the Tao climbed fairly steadily to 1000.  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction occurred in 1965.  The Tao made several attempts to decisively clear 1000 in the following decade, but it wasn’t until 1983 that it succeeded for more than a few days at a time.  Which is to say, the Tao was basically flat for 18 years after the Uranus-Pluto Initiation.  If you price the Tao in Gold rather than Dollars – which removes the effect of price inflation, it was worse; the Tao fell sharply from 1965 till 1983.

Now, the Tao is more of interest to investors than to “working folks,” but it was a good index for whether or not there was optimism in the economy.  Without optimism, the economy doesn’t grow faster than the increase in population, and folks get poorer.  Around 2007, the PowersThatBe began buying stocks to keep prices from crashing, and handing out millions of dollars to anyone who was already rich enough to think they deserved it, so after 2007 the Tao lost its value as the “price” of a nugget of American Industry.  The Tao in Gold has been falling sharply since 2000 (the PowersThatBe have also been ferociously selling Gold derivatives, which deflates Gold).

One good reason for the lack of optimism in the 60s was an expectation of price inflation.

It’s a general rule of elementary economics that a society can either spend its taxes on social improvements, or spend them on foreign wars, but that when there is an attempt to do both, price inflation goes up.  Price inflation means your money is worth less, because it buys fewer Rutabagas and Courgettes than it did yesterday.  Your government takes your money across the table by taxing you; it steals your money under the table by creating price inflation.  Governments can control price inflation fairly well, simply by printing more or less money.  If the money supply grows as quickly or slowly as the economy grows, no inflation.  When the money supply grows more rapidly than the underlying economy, Bingo, inflation.

Besides wearing FlowersInYerHairIfYouGoToSanFrancisco, or getting HalfAMillionStrongByTheTimeYouGotToWoodstock, or homesteading, one of the defining elements of the 60s was the protests against the Vietnam War.  After JFK was assassinated in Texas, President Johnson was enriching the Olde Boys in his home state by expanding the War in Vietnam – the companies that built most of the military facilities in Vietnam were based in Texas – while at the same time increasing spending on social improvements.  Young folks were liking the idea that their government was willing to help support them, and disliking the idea that they were being conscripted to go kill people and poison the Planet and themselves (with Agent Orange) in order to fatten the wallets of the already wealthy.

This is starting to sound familiar, isn’t it.

Since the 60s, Congress has made sure that every state gets the benefit of War spending – exporting bombs is one of the major skills that the American Empire has retained, so nobody votes against War, because if they do it’ll hit them in the pocketbook.  So what can you do, except vote against social improvements.  Obomba didn’t learn the lesson that President Johnson taught the Olde Boys in Congress, he’s too young, and too entranced by the mythology around Abe Lincoln.  Of the two, he seems to be more willing to give up social improvement than to give up his foreign wars.

We haven’t talked a lot lately about how the Planet’s doing, economically.  Here’s an accurate assessment of the present moment economically and politically…

(This is an ongoing blog; to get back to the June 12, 2012 posting, use this link:; we give the shorter link because the rest of what Jim has to say is equally interesting.)

What then can we do to AvoidGoingThroughAllThisTwice?  Here’s a video essay about a more sustainable process…

We’re part of that process too.  It might behoove us to pay more attention to that one, and less to the money-changers and power-brokers.  That process has a brighter future.

Perkins, Feinstein, Lipton, and Occultation

April 25, 2012

Here’s a very funny video, with the CNBC crew interviewing John Perkins, obviously without knowing beforehand who he is or what his books are about!  Fabulous!

They’ve tried to scuttle it already, so if the link doesn’t work, try going to

and clicking on “The Big Bribes in Mexico.”

Details are arriving on this year’s free Tapping World Summit, and parts of it look very compelling.  For instance, in addition to the usual suspects, both Donna Eden and David Feinstein are speakers, along with (if you buy the DVDs) sessions with Joseph Mercola and Bruce Lipton.  There’s an excellent interview with David Feinstein among the pre-conference materials, where he summarizes the research linking EFT and related techniques to current research in the “hard” sciences – ie, “why” EFT can heal PTSD and other nasty diversions, if yer left brain needs a scienterrific viewpoint.

To get the interview with David, you need to go to

and give the Tapping World Summit your email address.  Nick Ortner will then send you the link, along with several others, and instructions for how to attend the 20 free Tapping World Summit sessions.  Yes, you’ll be on Nick’s email list, and he’ll be sending you EFT news, but he doesn’t deluge you in unwanted emails.

And finally, here’s a great 3-minute video by Bruce Lipton, providing a very concise summary of the important difference between genetics and epigenetics…

May 9 could be a doozy, as the Moon Occults (hides) Pluto, on Europe Day.  Pluto represents a Change of Trance, when the collective Big Picture of how the World is organized changes.  Think September 2001 (Saturn-Pluto), or November 2008 (Pluto entering Capricorn) – compared to the months prior, by the following month everything was different.  The Moon is a trigger; it often pulls the trigger for larger events that are unfolding.  Uranus is within three degrees of its impending Square to Pluto, and three degrees is often a threshold of impact.

And then there’s the Europe Day bit.  The slow-burning economic and financial meltdown in Europe is only one of several potential Big-Trance-Changing processes underway, and may not be the most serious one.  The US’s decision to use control over foreign exchange as a weapon of war against Iran, and China’s subsequent decision to buy Iranian Oil with Gold, is probably a lot more explosive.  Near as I can tell, if my ephemeris is right (other astrologers give different dates) and my back-of-the-envelope calculations are close and my spherical geometry is workable, the Occultation will occur over northern Queensland, north of Brisbane.  Maybe the Chinese will begin buying Australian Coal with surplus Euros – that would shake up the political landscape.

An Occultation is basically an Eclipse – it’s a Conjunction that’s a Big Deal, and it’s not that common.  Apart from the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of one another, there was only one Lunar Occultation in 2011.  An Occultation is also known as a Parallel Conjunction, as “normal” astrological Angles (such as Conjunctions) are measured on Longitude only.  When two planets Conjoin not just on Longitude but also on Latitude (also known as the Parallels), it’s considered a Parallel Conjunction, and its interpretation is given much more power.

The Moon also Occulted Pluto on April 12, as Mars was standing still.  That would have occurred (near as I can tell) somewhere in central South America, around northern Paraguay-eastern Bolivia, west of Rio de Janeiro.  On April 10 Eva Morales revoked a controversial license previously issued to a Brazilian company to bulldoze a highway through the rainforest in eastern Bolivia.  The basis of the (earlier) controversy was whether the road would relieve indigenous poverty there, or lead to the destruction of the rainforest.  That part of Bolivia (Santa Cruz Department) is the scene of ongoing class struggle between the “1%” who bask in wealth from the large reserves of natural gas there, and the “99%” indigenous population.  So the correlations are very intriguing.

As we said, there was only one (non-Solar) Lunar Occultation in all of 2011 – I count 24 during 2012!  I consider that remarkable.  These are the first two.  The Moon Occults Pluto on the same day in June that the Sun Occults Venus (the famous second “Transit” of Venus across the Sun).  The Moon Occults Pluto every month for the rest of 2012, and regularly Occults Mercury and Jupiter as well.  The Occultation of Jupiter will be a sight to behold!  The first one is June 17, and should be visible in much of the Western Hemisphere.  The Moon even Occults Venus in August, and Mars in September.  I don’t believe these Occultations are coincidental.