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February 24, 2010

Which is not to say that political action isn’t appropriate, and for some folks it’s clearly part of their Soul Path.  But if we can get clearer about who we’re being, then what we’re doing is more likely to have the influence we desire.  We’re less likely to end up being somebody else’s Astroturf.  Who we’re being has more influence on the results of our actions than what we’re doing.

To me, in order of importance and time, it’s (1) Stay Safe, (2) as much as possible deal with what’s coming up internally, and then (3) deal with what’s coming up externally.  While Staying Safe might smack of Lawn Order, it keeps one from acting in Fear, which of course the Universe will mirror in kind.  Who needs to get beat up by the Corporate Cops.  Let the Adrenaline Junkies be the bait for the Nasty Violent Left-Wing Protest headlies in the Corporate Media when three people make it past the cordons of riot-geared Staasi guarding the Elite.  Dealing with the Internal first can minimize the times when we act in Anger, which just creates more War.  As for dealing with what’s coming up Externally, I believe we need to be very selective about where we place our energies.

I’ll be otherwise engaged for the next few days, and then in March, unless the Torrent pushes boulders on us, we’ll shoot for posts on Uranus-Pluto and 2012; Uranus in Pisces; Saturn-Chiron-Uranus-Harmonic Convergence; Chiron and Virgo.  I’m not sure we need more about the Saturn-Pluto Cycle, though it will revisit, mildly, this Spring.  Any other blogus interruptus topics?

We haven’t really finished reading the 2010-2019 Decade and 2010 Year charts (Solstice, Eclipse, New Year), and it’d be very useful to review the 2000-2009 Decade to better understand the context of where we are and what we’re unwinding – especially since the chart for the 2000-2009 Decade is also the chart for the Century; the 2010-2019 charts just embellish the Century chart, they don’t replace it.  And while we’ve given the Chiron-Neptune initiation a great deal of attention, we haven’t looked at the rest of the Chiron-Neptune chart.  And as part of any Decade reading I like to consider the major Harmonics going on throughout the Decade; I’ve hardly even looked at that yet.

Plus, anything else anybody wants.  And, we haven’t had a chance yet to follow up on nude’s fascination with the Eclipses.  Gonna be a busy year.  It’s hardly even a firehose, this Chiron-Neptune energy, ’tis an all-out Flood.  Anybody seen Noah?

12/31 Eclipse Grand Cross Ch.2

January 13, 2010

So, what about the New Year New Decade Eclipse Grand Cross?  We never want to sell a Grand Cross short, so we’ll go into this at some length.

We know Awareness is involved, because it’s an eclipse.  We know Emotion is involved, because it’s an eclipse of the Moon.  We know that one of the fundamental faux choices presented to us will be to feel like EITHER we need to do it the way Mom would do it, OR we need to do it the way Dad would do it, because the Eclipse Sun was in Capricorn (Dad, or pragmatically) and the Moon in Cancer (Mom, or empathetically).  Of course not all Dads are pragmatic, and not all Moms are empathetic, so you may need to swap out some of the characters in your own play.

We know that the consequences of not being true to our own values will be dire, because Venus (our values) is outabounds (strong) adjacent to the Sun (an integral part of the essence of the situation).  The dire part of the equation comes from Pluto, which sits adjacent to Venus.  Pluto is that force of history, powerful to ride and painful to resist.  Of course that’s an either/or, suggesting that we’ll get a lot of mileage out of learning how to tack.  An easier reading would be that we’ll be compelled to live our truth.

Then there’s Saturn.  Saturn’s doing this Fourth-Harmonic thing with Pluto, which we discussed at length elsewhere.  For now we might label the Saturn-Pluto portion of the Grand Cross as transforming (Pluto) our relationship to Authority (Saturn).  Or more precisely, preparing for descent into Anarchy.  Who said that?  Have we been listening to the news too much?  We are a sometime Cusack fan, but we don’t need to help advertise his movies.  Certainly for the part of us that likes to feel in control, which by the way is healthy, the Decade could feel like Anarchy at times.

We better look into this before we move on.  When were the prior periods that saw Saturn traversing the last quarter of it’s cycle with Pluto?  The last quarter of any cycle is about letting go, emptying out the Vessel (that’d be us) so there’s plenty of room for the next cycle’s energies.  We won’t be coming into the next Saturn-Pluto cycle until 2020 – conveniently, the end of the Decade.  If you’re old enough to remember, or you know your history, look to 1973-1982 and 1940-1947 and 1907-1914.

Hmmm.  Well, at least 1907-1914 is the period leading up to World War I rather than the War itself, so our historical periods don’t span both World Wars.  1973-1982 gives us Nixon’s second term, Ford, Carter, and two years of Reagan, before Paul Volcker knocked down the Vietnam War’s inflation legacy.  This is what Mark Hulbert writes, today:

“To find any precedent for mutual fund investors’ recent behavior, you have to go back to the 1970s, when — in the wake of the punishing 1973-74 bear market — they were so traumatized that it took them years before being willing to put their faith in stocks again.  In fact, equity mutual funds experienced net outflows in every calendar year following that bear market until 1982, some eight years later.  These eight years after the end of the 1973-74 bear market are an ominous parallel for today’s stock market, since the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1982 was no higher than it was in 1972.  And, in inflation-adjusted terms, it was a lot lower.”

Well, okay, it is time to tack.  If the Planet is descending into Anarchy, how do we make the best of it?  “The News” after all is just more trance formation, we as individuals definitely don’t need to live that way.  Most of us don’t live in Port-au-Prince.  Not to discount their pain, but if their pain is our pain, then we’re looking at an identity issue.  True empathy is not merging, as merging would render us as helpless as those we’d want to help.

We’ll have to write soon about devolution.  In our Western European cultures, devolution don’t get much respect.  In the Hindu worldview, Shiva is one of the three primary operating principles.  Not so in the West, where we might spend a few weeks doing Spring cleaning, but otherwise, the focus is on building, not deconstruction.  In Hinduism, devolution is 33% of the focus, and in astrology 15-33%.  In Western thought, it’s maybe 5%.  In English it’s a struggle to find concepts and metaphors to talk about devolution without judgment.  But hold your Horses, Virgo and Pisces, that’s a long essay.  We’ll save it for later.

For now, let’s focus on how to live well during this possible descent into Anarchy.  It’s not like we haven’t experienced this energy before.

Okay, we know that Pluto was close to the Sun, the Sun opposed the Moon, and Saturn sat halfway between.  A Grand Cross includes four planets – who was the fourth?  It was the asteroid Juno.  Juno is about identity.  So we’ll be frequently revising our sense of who we are in this decade.  That’s good to know.  When we run into apparent difficulty, we can just change who we believe ourself to be.  That’s actually not so hard – we usually just take a while to get it done.  We’ll want to learn to shapeshift more quickly.

There’s another issue to be aware of.  The Vertex sits on Saturn in this chart.  The Vertex is a symbolic point that circumambulates the Zodiac daily, while Saturn takes 28 years to do it, so we’d normally never consider a Vertex configuration in a chart that spans multiple time zones.  But this is a New Year chart, and like the Vertex, the New Year circles the globe in 24 hours.  So the Vertex followed Saturn around the Zodiac and around the globe.

The Vertex is a weak spot in the boundary between us and other dimensions, between us and our past and parallel lives, between us and other people’s past lives, between our identity as individuals and all of the infinity of energies which we exclude from our identity.  We Be All One, y’know.  Yep, if you absorb even a tiny snag of the meaning of this, your identity is already descending into Anarchy.  If parallel lives seem far-fetched, Netflix will rent you a Brian Greene NOVA series on string theory.  Doesn’t matter if it’s controversial – it’s an additional perspective, and the more the better.  Keeps us loose.

The boundaries between the Material World and the Real World were blurred by the “Loss of the Veil,” one of the four major energies in 2000-2009, but it didn’t get much coverage by the mainstream media.  You had to be alert to see it changing.  If you missed it, Donna Eden or Lynn McTaggart or Gary Craig could help you begin to catch up.

So a Grand Cross is about motivation and energy, and this one will keep us busy constantly adjusting our beliefs about who we are, to keep up with our own Values and stay in balance, while the World around us goes into deep reorg.  We also know a sense of humor will serve us well, and whenever we can transform a limitation into a Miracle, maybe by letting go of mechanism, we get alotta extra points.

Helpful Harmonics

If all we got to work with is the Fourth Harmonic, it can get hectic.  So we look for Grace and Skill to smooth the way, in the form of Third and Sixth Harmonic relations to the planets in the Grand Cross.  We haven’t mentioned Third and Sixth Harmonics – we’ll describe them more in another post.  But do we find them in the Eclipse chart?  You bet.  The other three major asteroids make Third and Sixth Harmonic angles to the corners of the Grand Cross, just what we need.

The other three major asteroids symbolize that which we hold Sacred (Vesta), boundaries (Pallas), and sustainability (Ceres).

We can differentiate several deepening levels to our Values.  Juno represents what we merge with, Venus governs what’s important to us, and Vesta symbolizes that which we hold Sacred.  We can identify with things we don’t even like – especially if we’re still working on our self-appreciation.  We won’t feel good when we violate our own Values.  The Sacred is far deeper.  We don’t transgress The Sacred without major damage to the psyche.  Not that many of us weren’t programmed to do it!  But we have to stop now.  Of course The Sacred is different for everyone.

That which we hold Sacred is the stable foundation that we need to stay present with.  Our Values will transform, our identity will shapeshift, our emotions will spin, our Channel will open wide, and our World may descend into Chaos, but by embracing our own personal version of that which we hold Sacred, we hold steady at our core.

Pallas was the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom.  Pallas asked questions first and shot only when necessary.  She symbolizes boundaries that are porous enough to allow in liberal doses of love and community, and reactive enough to effortlessly shield out the Unwanted.  Discernment is a gift of Grace here.

Ceres is the only asteroid between Mars and Jupiter that’s big enough for gravity to make it round, and hence it’s now defined as a Minor Planet instead of an asteroid. Ceres as in cereal, the “Bread of Life,” sustainability.  Ceres was prominent in the chart of the last Decade, and as 2000-2009 progressed, sustainability became the characteristic that distinguished the future-ready from the talk-radio foxsils waving their arms and shouting as they slowly ossified.

“Defensive” is usually a negative epitaph, but here it’s the order of the day.  It’s our willingness to defend The Sacred that sustains us as the World dissolves around us.  Not Christian soldiers cheerleading; never forget that The Sacred is personal.  Defending another’s right to hold Sacred what you don’t, is part of it, as is defending your own right to hold Sacred what the Moralists don’t, such as an individual’s right to their integrity.  Quietly defending.  No need to invite vitriole.

Third Harmonics are not something we have to work at, they’re gifts.  Sixth Harmonics involve more consciousness, but they’re playful.  So we don’t have to work at our discernment, our boundaries, our access to the Sacred, they happen to us.  The combination of an energizing and motivating Grand Cross, along with Gracefull and creative Third and Sixth Harmonics, is hard to beat.  We might be descending into Chaos, but not without tools.

Bottom line?

The greatest danger lies in losing our operational sense of identity, the identity that our psyche uses to relate to the external World.  In an Adam cartoon once, the househusband was asked at a party, “What do you do?” and his response was “About what?”  Identity is a terribly useful way to relate to the external World.  “Being” a Republicrat or a husband or an engineer or a healer or a manager or a cobbler or a wife or a doctor or a sick person or a parent or a Libertarian or a boss or a ne’erdowell or a sibling or an employee or a janitor or a good person or any other noun saves us a load of effort, because we can pick our opinions and actions and reactions out of a box, and not have to ad lib.

“Being” an individual is harder, because we have to make it up as we go, and because it exposes us to misunderstanding and anger from our fellow community members, who expect us to limit our choices to those that are already in the box.  At any rate, this is a misuse of the word “Being,” because it’s really a DoingBeing is something else entirely, something we don’t even touch until we go inside and look around.

And that’s the distinction that’s useful here – the doing-level identities that we wear so casually and usefully may get torn away this decade.  Identity crisis, panic attack, ego death are some synonyms you may have heard of.  Those are the identities we need to learn to be flexible about.  But the being-level identities that we contact in meditation are the stable foundations that will sustain us.  And yes, this Decade may well be more about sustenance than glitz.

If you personally have no familiarity with being-level identities, it may be worth your while to look for them.  With the automatic nature of the Third and Sixth Harmonics, you may also find that being-level identities come looking for you.  If I were to recommend one source as a universal reference for the Decade, it would be Stephen Levine’s book Who Dies?

Focus on #1

January 12, 2010

Number One priority, that is.  And of course Numero Uno the Self – the old saying that ya gotta love yerself first, in order to love anybody else, is ohso true.  If yer thinking, hmmm, isn’t that narcissistic, then it probably ain’t.  We bring up Focus because Saturn’s stationary, which is to say, strong, even dominating, and Saturn’s about limitation when our victim gets hold of it, and Saturn’s about focus and concentration when we take command of it.  Resisting Saturn (aka frustration, impatience, irritation, abandonment) is just a waste of energy.  Just pick something that motivates you, and dive in head first.

Saturn comes to Full Stop at 8am PST on Wednesday, January 13.  Whenever we give a time, you can click on it to see what time it’ll be in your part of the World; if we don’t list your time zone, lettuce know and we’ll add it.  As I write this, in my neighborhood it’s Tuesday afternoon, and we’ve finally cleared away other obligations for a bit, so writing this must be pretty important (to us).

Once we get this short note done, we’ll write about the Eclipse Grand Cross, and in that note you’ll discover that Saturn’s dancing a Fourth Harmonic with Pluto.  By now you can probably begin to guess what that might mean, but we’ll cover it at length there.  For now, what we need to know is that when Saturn’s doing it’s standingstill thing, Mercury is crossing Pluto.  Of course this lights up our Eclipse Grand Cross bigtime, but for the moment let’s just talk about Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn.

Well, first we need to know that Mercury’s also slowing down for a turnaround, on Friday at 9am PST.  That amps up the whole drama another notch.  Saturn’s going introverted (ie, stationary retrograde in astologuese), bytheway, while Mercury’s coming out of it’s thrice-annual three weeks of respite (ie, stationary direct).  That’ll help loosen up whatever’s stuck, but till Friday, Mercury’s still retrograde – we’re still internal.

Plus, in between, just after 11pm PST on Thursday, there’s another Eclipse!  Busy busy busy.  This one is an eclipse of the Sun, but it’s annular (ie, barely), so there’s little in the way of bling.  I’m not even going to talk about this eclipse, because Kelley Hunter does a fantastic job of it already.  You can sign up for her email newsletters at http://www.heliastar.comA radiant Sprite dances upon the mist of a waterfall, says she, pointing out how Venus is involved.  I’m focusing more on the 12/31 Eclipse because it impacts the horoscope that initiates the Decade, and so colors our experience for ten years.

So let’s focus on this Mercury-Saturn-Pluto business.  Pluto’s that business about history, that which is impossible to avoid, but absolutely about transformation.  Thinking of history as trance formation is not only right on, but so terribly relevant to our current Chiron-Neptune revolution!  Remember, Chiron-Neptune is about choosing whether to believe in limitation or to believe in Miracles, which is to say, if you aren’t choosing Miracles, you’re choosing limitation.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to pin the concept of Awareness on both Mercury and eclipse, so we can build our summary of what’s going on here as something like

Becoming aware of our beliefs in limitation, and opening ourselves to insights about how to transform limitation into Miracle.

That’s pretty exciting!  Palms heavenward, praying ecstatically for release and insight, invoking trance.  Gofor it!

12/31 Eclipse Grand Cross Ch.1

January 8, 2010

Chiastolite, a variety of Andalusite, an Aluminum Nesosilicate

A Grand Cross, as the name suggests, is two polarities, two oppositions, that are perpendicular, forming a cross.  The Fourth Harmonic is one fourth of the way around the Zodiacal circle.  Because the two poles of the Grand Cross are perpendicular, each end of each polarity is Fourth Harmonic to each of the ends of the other polarity.  Astrologers call the Fourth Harmonic a square, because it can make a four-sided figure.  A Grand Cross is made up of four Fourth Harmonics.

The Fourth Harmonic is about competence.  Trouble is, it’s relentless.  It’s competence, not confidence.  In other words, it’s about motivation, or energy.  Like one of those teachers we had in grade school, or the high school PE teacher – the better we performed, the more they expected of us.  It’s not about positive and negative reinforcement, it’s about no reinforcement or empathy, just increasing expectations.  At least, that’s the way it looks to us when we expect things to be easier.

It’s a funhouse mirror for our own perfectionism.  The classic Greek drama is about having to choose between two options, neither of which works.  That Oedipal view of Fate seems bleak to most of us, but charts with a big emphasis on the Fourth Harmonic produce those kind of dramas, because the Fourth Harmonic is where Power resides, and the more Power we try to use, the more practice we need with it, if we don’t want to get burnt by it.

Power isn’t a choice.  It’s not use it or lose it, it’s use it or get burned by it.  While we’re on the subject, we should remind that Power is never given, it’s always taken.  It needs a great deal of practice, if we’re going to take and use Power lovingly and gently.  Without practice, Power looks more like confidence than competence.  You can measure confidence by the angle of your jaw.  You measure competence by how many times it gets smacked.

Competence is like wisdom.  We don’t get it by thinking about it, and that’s the root of the dilemma.  The thinking perspective creates what appears to be a binary World, an either/or World.  Out behind the mirror, it’s a both/and World.  So sure, the Oedipal choice is a lose-lose proposition.  We need to choose a third course, or a fourth, or a fifth.  Why limit ourself to two choices?  We just step off of our karmic treadmill, and the World becomes larger.  “Just get off the bus, Gus,” as Paul Simon so aptly puts it.

Not that it’s easy to recognize our own karmic treadmill, take ownership of it, and step off.  But that’s the recipe.  Differentiate our own karmic treadmill from the perp holograms around us, take ownership of it, and step off. The Fourth Harmonic demands that we do this.  Karma forces us to use the same Skill in any circumstance.  Competence would have us use Skills appropriate to the situation.  It’s the Fourth Harmonic that offers us this Liberation.

The Fourth Harmonic seems problematic because it’s bigger and wider than Second-Harmonic phenomena like Thinking.  Most of us also do Emotion as a Second-Harmonic process.  There’s anger and then there’s forgiveness, either/or.  We don’t gain competence by emoting about it any more than we get competence by thinking about it.  Anything we do either/or is too limited for the Fourth Harmonic.

We bring all this up because one of the primary configurations in the 12/31/2009 Eclipse horoscope, which is basically the horoscope for 2010 and the Teens, is a Grand Cross.  The Grand Cross is one of two big Fourth-Harmonic patterns, and it represents energy, action, motivation, balance, constant motion.  The Fourth Harmonic is motivating because it’s never quite right, it always needs a bit of tweaking here, a little adjustment there.

Before we dissect this Grand Cross, let’s propose how to respond to the Fourth Harmonic, since our response is what separates the difficulty which mainstream astrology assigns to it, from the Liberation we know is available from it.  This is a wide-angle recipe.  It needs to be customized many ways to be useful.

First, identify the major perp or perps who have limited your Joy all of your life.  Men? Women?  Bosses?  Clients?  Disease?  Money?  Scarcity?  Mom?  Dad?  Recognition? This will be iterative, it will have many levels, and like a video game or any double-agent story, the perp’s identity will change as you go deeper.  You can use the same process with any momentary hassle.  For many people right now, it might be If only I had a good job, or If only I had more money.

Second, identify the behavior of theirs that limits you.  Do they, or does it, reject you?  Avoid you?  Disrespect you?  Cheat on you?  Talk behind your back?  Confuse you?  Tie you up in knots?  Hide from you?  Make unreasonable demands?  Make you uncomfortable or miserable?  Keep you from what you want?  There may be more than one behavior, but start with just one.  For many now, their good job, or more money, might be hiding from them.

The third step is to own the behavior.  If the World is a mirror, and we choose to co-create the World we want, and a Demon is harassing us, we need to turn and face the Demon.  We have found the enemy, and it is us, as Pogo once said.  How are we hiding from ourself? How are we making unreasonable demands on ourself? How are we disrespecting ourself, or cheating ourself, or torturing ourself?  No guilt, no blame, no shame, no reprisals, this is not an emotional process.  Take the first answer that comes to you when you ask the question.

If you do encounter guilt or blame or shame or grief, go with it.  Locate it in your body and embrace it lovingly.  Treat it like you would a lost child, with empathy and caring and concern.  Tap it out.  It’s a great opportunity.  This process is not about emotional release, it’s about changing your perspective, but any unpleasant emotion is a fabulous opportunity to loosen the emotional bonds we have to our karma.  We been living with it a long time, it’s an old friend.  Why would we abandon it now?  It keeps us safe.

The fourth step is to change the subject, just move on, get on with your life.  You’ve already changed.  Even if you didn’t get a clear answer to the question about how you yourself might be creating some faint ghost of Your Perp’s behavior, some funhouse mirror of what’s hassling you, having asked the question is enough.  Your larger self will do the rest.  This process only takes a few minutes, then you’re done.  You might be repeating it many times a day, but each time, start over.

Wait now.  What did we say a few minutes ago?  Our karma keeps us safe? Safe from what?  Fear of failure is the critical part of the Fourth Harmonic that keeps us locked in limitation.  Wisdom and competence arise from experience.  If we avoid the experiences that might end in failure, we won’t find competence.  It’s all practice.  We’d be clever to measure risk, so our “failures” are smaller.  We don’t build muscle by starting with the 300-pound weight.

But we can’t run Fourth-Harmonic energy in a framework of success and failure.  Fourth Harmonic energy demands the perspective of curiosity.  What will happen if we do this?  If we do that?  How can we experiment to see what will work, without risking the whole game?  Always trying something new, always taking little risks, always moving our range of experience and competence a little further out, always nurturing with ourself, always giving ourself room to explore, but expanding our comfort zone a little at a time.  The Fourth-Harmonic objective is experience, not success.

Saturn-Pluto and January 2010

January 4, 2010

We need one more short digression before the Grand Cross.

Our correspondent nude provacateuse says “Transiting Saturn is due to go retrograde in 9-days and in about 6-8 weeks return to its 00 Libra position in opposition to the Aries Point and square to Pluto in the decan of Saturn. Last fall on November 4, this was the exact position the planets were in when the Fort Hood massacre occurred. A cardinal T-Square! When it goes direct it will return to the same position.”

We talked about the cyclic history of Saturn-Pluto at (see item #2).

But we haven’t talked here yet about retrogradation and multiple occurrences of specific astrological events.  These are bigger topics, but we’ll just sketch an outline here.  In we considered a whole 37-year Saturn-Pluto cycle, from conjunction to conjunction.  What we’re discussing here is much more local in time.  When two planets hit a specific angle or Harmonic to one another, they often dance around and hit it several times within a period of several months.

We’ll go into detail later, but the second occurrence of a particular event is usually less intense than the first, and the third occurrence reduced much further than that.  It depends on our response to the first occurrence (which process we’ll also detail later), but in general we’ve found intensity to decline after the first occurrence.

There’s another issue we also need to bring in, and that’s the way that the Moon often acts as a “trigger” to bring an event into manifestation.  We could also go on about the esoteric role of Emotion as the glue that holds the hologram together, and the Moon’s role in that, but we’ll do that later too – wouldn’t wanna get too far out too soon.

For example, the last major motivating Saturn-Pluto event was in 2001.  The first occurrence was in early August, and the second in early November.  Whoever planned 9/11 cleverly waited until the Moon went outabounds in September to perpetrate that unmistakably Saturn-Plutoey deed, to increase its emotional impact.  How did the second occurrence manifest?  It gave us the Patriot Act.  I remember a bumper sticker at the time – “Oh well, I wasn’t using my civil rights anyway.”

For those who don’t know, Saturn and Pluto can be the heavies of the heavenly Plantheon.  The energies they symbolize aren’t negative per se, but it’s very easy for hupersons to misread their own resistance to them as a negative aspect of the energy.  We’ll get into that soon enough, since there are very practical things we can do to respond cooperatively to the energies of these planets (hint – some degree of surrender is necessary), and both planets are heavily involved in the Eclipse Grand Cross.  In a nutshell, if we refuse to acknowledge Guidance, a bully is never far away to handle our projection.

The third occurrence of the earlier event, in May 2002, did involve the “disintegration” of a 747 between Taiwan and Hong Kong, but the official story is that the cause was decompression from a botched earlier repair, and we don’t see a compelling reason to doubt the story.  This occurrence also gave us a few Axis of Evil headlines, and the conviction of a KKK member for a civil-rights-related bombing that occurred forty years earlier.

So you see, the themes persist, but the intensity dims.

As for the January occurrence of this Saturn-Pluto event, it occurs on January 31, but the Moon crosses on January 13, when Saturn is standing still (ie, at its strongest) and still very square to Pluto.  “Square” means one fourth of the way around the Zodiac, or in the Fourth Harmonic, which we’ll be discussing at length when we talk about the Grand Cross.

The third Saturn-Pluto occurrence is in mid-August of 2010.  Interesting that Mercury (Awareness, among other things) is stationary (at its strongest) during this third occurrence, and also on January 13.  The clear message for us is Pay Attention!!

Eclipse 12/31/2009 Ch.3

January 3, 2010

Another short digression; we’ll get to the Grand Cross soon.

But, offline, a question arises:

“‘Of course, the energy associated with a Solar Eclipse is one of exhilaration, not foreboding, but trust me, when you aren’t prepared for it, it’s remarkably easy to confuse exhilaration with foreboding.  They both take your Breath away.’

“Oh my gosh I cannot stop thinking about these words…  So how do we change?”

I know, excitement was dangerous for my parents too, probably because it included the risk of losing our constant vigilance.

The two most powerful techniques for Real Change that I know of, are the one described at, and the one described at,, and  Campaign Change is something somebody else does; Real Change is something we do.

It’s important to remember that our greatest hassles are just Demon Masks painted onto our Greatest Skills.  So it’s not about removing or solving our hassles, it’s about revisioning them, and of course neutralizing the ancient chain of negative associations that has made us believe they’re Demons.

Lemme say that again: it’s not about removing or solving our hassles, it’s about revisioning them (such as lovingly embracing our Anger as the root of our Power), and of course neutralizing the ancient chain of negative associations that has made us believe they’re Demons (such as making a searching and fearless inventory of the sources of our Defensiveness).  It’s never either/or, it’s always both/and.

Go over that slowly ifya need to, it’s important.  Notice the being loving with Anger is very very different from justifying Judgment.  When you succeed in embracing negative emotions lovingly, you’re no longer in Anger or Fear or Grief, you’re in Love.  Seeking redress from the place of Love (Gosh I get irritated when you do that!  Would you be willing to do it differently?) produces results that are very different from the results produced by seeking redress from the place of Anger (You &!#%$ bastard!).  And very different from the results produced by not seeking redress, which usually end up being some variation of I’m worthless.

Our Demon Masks are in our faces right now because we’re in the last few weeks of a 65-year cycle about the edge between Despair and Miracle (  Which actually makes this a fabulous opportunity!  Normally these Demon Masks hide in the back closet, and it takes more work to dig them out than it does to transform them.  Now they’re right up in our face.

Abundance is having Enough to Share, and that’s as true for Co-Creative Power as it is for money or food or anything else.  Most of the negative associations we’ve collected to make our Skills into Demons are the result of the belief that Power is Scarce, and therefore must be guarded jealously, or hidden, so no one takes it away.  Like Privilege.

It’s not about Ego.  Individuality is an illusion.  We are transformers.  It’s not our Fear that walls us away from our Power.  It’s the Fear.  When we take a teeny tiny little nibble out of the World’s Fear and transform it, we change the World a little at a time.  It’s not about us, and it’s not about getting any kind of recognition or reward for what we’re doing.  It’s just about being the Real Change we wish to see in the World, because the World is a mirror.  It’s just what we do, why we came here, no biggie.  Porters for emotional baggage.  Tip well, eh?

Never do nothing because you can do too little.  It doesn’t happen all at once (well, maybe in 2012, who knows), it happens a teeny tiny little bit at a time.  I was just reading an interview with some scientist person, who was saying that the progress of science always goes from everyone believing “That can’t be, it doesn’t make sense!” through many intermediate stages to “I knew that all along!”  The hundred Monkeys thing – Real Change starts off as a drip, even invisibly (especially if it’s the corporate media that’s reporting it), and then, later than we’d like, accelerates into a Niagara.  In the middle there’s always a drought where we need faith that if we prayed for it, it is on the way, if we’re able to release our preconceptions enough to recognize it.

Make a choice now – which is more important to you, Real Change, Recognition, or Justice?  We may need to make a fearless and searching inventory of the historical reasons why we lack Recognition, eh?  Our need for Recognition is a lot like our need for Support; we aren’t in this alone!  Dealing with “Justice” is a whole nuther book.

One last caveat.  If we continue to do win-win after they have shifted to win-lose, we automatically lose.  Just our paranoid constant vigilance?  Well, constant vigilance is a Skill now, isn’t it.  Wholeness (ie, Healing) is about becoming conscious enough to know which Skill will be most effective in which circumstances.  This whole blurb might sound like a list of cliches, but one of the benefits of astrology is that it can help us choose which cliches are appropriate when.

Namaste to, Susun Weed, Catherine Ponder, Stephen Levine, Mahatma Gandhi, Marshall Rosenburg, Margaret Mead, and Roger Fisher, among others.

Eclipse 12/31/2009, Summary 1

January 3, 2010

Before we dive into the Grand Cross, let’s summarize where we are so far.  See the earlier posts for details.

And before we do go furthur, we should make clear that we aren’t interested here in prediction, but rather in interpretation – that is, how can the astrological currents help us make sense of what’s happening on the Planet.  Prediction assumes we have no control and thus no responsibility, and we prefer the perspective of Co-Creation.

We’ve been talking about the December 31 Eclipse that preceded the 2010 New Year by a few hours, because it carries one important part of the drama for the coming 2010 Year and 2010-2019 Decade.  We mentioned the other parts in the first post, and we’ll get to them later.

We should say though, that by far the most important part of 2010 and 2010-2019 is the part about how we receive in mid-February a pulse of Sacred Energy that can, should we choose to accept the mission, create a lot of Miracles.  We’ve begun to address that (see, but we need to address it at great length soon.

We’re interpreting this particular Eclipse as a shudder, not a huge Biggie, but enough of a challenge that we’d be ahead to review the relationship between Fear and Power, at  In general we consider an Eclipse to be a vehicle of Awareness.

The Zodiacal location of the Eclipse tells us that the Clowns, or Contrary Shamans, will be playing a big role, and that a major subject will be Abundance (which means having enough to share, not having more than others) and Privilege (which means trying to defend having more than others).  I didn’t mention Washington, yet.

And that the Year and Decade will be stabilizing our new relationship with Material Reality.  We’ll need to talk more about this.  Two reminders for myself – the Sustainability element of the last Decade, and a reorg of how we Nurture.

At the moment of greatest Eclipse, the Moon was overhead near the Rann of Kutch, the place where Pakistan, India, and the Indian Ocean come together, a place that seasonally alternates between a saltmarsh and a clay desert.  This hospitable choice is itself a Contrary comment on the sustainability of the events occurring a few miles up the same meridian, in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas.

The Rann is famous for its population of Flamingos (not Pheasants), Wild Asses, and strange dancing “Ghost Lights.”

We also suggested that folks in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia may be more emotionally volatile than folks in North and South America.  We propose that this could be fortuitous, with 60% of the World’s bombs being made by North America’s USofA.

We haven’t discussed the Eclipse chart’s Grand Cross in detail, but we’ve hinted that it’s about Boundaries and Defensiveness.  In that context we mentioned how useful we expect it to be, to practice both making a fearless and searching inventory of our Defensiveness, and lovingly embracing our Anger.  That’s an apparent paradox that probably begs for its own post, if not several.

Finally, we suggested that before you criticize someone, you oughta walk a mile in their shoes, since that way, when you criticize them, you’ll be a mile away and you’ll have their shoes.

Eclipse 12/31/2009 Ch.2

January 1, 2010

This is an advantage of interaction and “Web 2.0,” eh?  Folks can point out errors.  I appreciate it when folks point out errors, cuz errors like “Freudian slips” are always open doorways to new perspectives, and this particular error is no different.

Warning: this one is convoluted.  Ifya get lost, just skim till something else catches yer eye, if it does.  If it don’t, don’t worry about it.

Yes, the Sabian Symbol for a Lunar Eclipse should be the Symbol for the Moon, 11 Cancer, not the Symbol for the Sun, 11 Capricorn.  Not that 11 Capricorn isn’t important, since without the Sun, the Earth wouldn’t be shuttering a shadow onto the Moonbone – the Moon only reflects Sunlight after all.  Kinda like heads and tails – they’re opposites but they’re both the same coin.  More about this when we write about the Grand Cross.

But the 11 Cancer Symbol is indeed the Symbol for the Eclipse, and it’s a lot lighter – A clown making fun of famous folks.  Whoa, isn’t that a cosmic laughtrack on the whole Planetary drama.  Easy to imagine parodies of Obama’s America-as-Angel speech in Norway, and of any number of Colonialist-as-Devil speeches from any number of self-appointed spokespersons for the colonized – though they’re pretty good parodies in their own right.  Like for a start.

So we can call this the Contrarian Decade, the Trickster Decade, the Standup Decade.  The Contrary is a Shaman.  Welcome, Coyote!  We are humbly at your service, our own defensiveness aside.

As we’ll see though when we talk about the Grand Cross, defensiveness is very valuable here!  Defensive is the label someone else gives you when they’re trying to manipulate you and you know it.  What you’re actually feeling is offended, which is a form of anger, which is the root of power.  Not that we don’t need to examine our defensiveness, but not as an alternative to lovingly and gently embracing our anger – it’s always both/and.

Oh dear, we could go on and on about that, and probably should – the clear path to positive power (in the sense of enhanced co-creative ability and willingness) is through exactly this, this loving and gentle embrace of both defensiveness and anger.  Lord knows we all need and crave all the co-creative ability and willingness we can get our hands on!  I’d say “especially now,” but it’s always especially now.

Well, that’s not quite true.  From the Shamanic perspective, there are moments when there are currents of Power, like Lightning or a surge of Wind, that must be utilized or lost.  But this is a Five year, and we usually associate Shamanic Power with Seven.  It’s 2012 that’s the Seven year.  That’s some coincidence, aint it.  Five is the Teacher-Learner, so 2010 is about learning how to co-create more effectively, more than co-creating itself.

Not that we can’t practice as we go, but we need to remember that practice is about failure, not about success.  As long as we keep in mind that it’s not how many times we get knocked down that counts, but how many times we get up, we learn more from failure than we do from success.  Be sure to keep your both/ands running full speed when you contemplate, or experience, this, ok?

And don’t forget to manage risk – that’s where Wall Street went awry, allowing risk to create catastrophic failure.  Catastrophic failure’s much less likely to create learning, because it overwhelms.  Too easy to fall into Blame, which loses the opportunity for Learning.  Blame makes us both victim and perp, slave and master.  Sure, someone else did indeed program us into Blame, but it’s up to us to bring Blame into Awareness so we can bring Real Change to it.

A few days ago we were talking to a young man who came to the US from Eastern Europe.  He was saying that when he first came to the US everyone asked him whether he appreciated the amazing freedom the US enjoyed, in contrast to the situation he’d left.  His response was how amazing it was that Americans are so incredibly unaware of how colonized they are by their own propaganda-and-advertising machine.  Where he grew up, the propaganda was transparent.  Expecting propaganda, he had no difficulty seeing what was invisible to everyone else.

But, pulling aside the cast-iron disk that obscured the perspective flagged by the error we’re actually writing about, something else came into the light.  We was wondering how the Eclipse Moon could be outabounds, but the calendric New Year Moon not be outabounds!  Hmmmm.

It turns out that the Moon went outabounds on December 28, and was just on its way back inbounds when the New Year arrived.  So everyone from Tonga to Reykjavik (ie, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa) gets to start their New Year and New Decade with the Moon outabounds, while everyone from Recife to Samoa (ie, North and South America) starts this new adventure with the Moon inbounds.  That’s huge!

It implies that folks in the Eastern Hemisphere are gonna be more emotionally volatile in the coming Year and Decade than folks in the Western Hemisphere.  Since sixty percent of the bombs on the whole Planet are made by the US – ie, in the Calmer Half – that’s a good sign.  You like to see the triggerfinger connected to someone who’s keeping clam.  There may be some very excitable hotheads in the Eastern Half, but they’re only armed to the ankles, not to the teeth, so this could produce some rudimentary kinda damage control.

Someone on the radio pointed out recently that the World is outraged these days when a relatively small number of people are killed by bombs, as compared to Vietnam or WWII or WWI.  In WWI they managed to trim the population by millions in a single battle.  A  repercussion of the internet, perhaps, or of the Real Change that’s occurring in spite of the media’s best attempts to hide it, eh?

There’s a joke about GWBush getting an introductory tour of Hell by Satan, and finding a lush 18-hole country club full of all his old drinking buddies.  Then he gets a tour of Heaven and finds it pretty boring, so he chooses Hell.  But when he gets there he finds it’s all burnt and bleak and deserted.  When he asks Satan what happened to his country club, Satan says, “Oh, we was just campaigning.”  It’s important to distinguish Real Change from Campaign Change.

And oh my, more angles keep showing up – you’d think this was String Theory or something, with its eleven dimensions.  The East is where the Sun comes up, the coming of the Light, Birth, Enlightenment.  So who could complain about that being outabounds?  The West is where the Sun sets, where we descend into darkness, Rebirthing.  (If you haven’t read Starhawk’s Truth Or Dare, now is the time.)  Being less panicky about that will be a boon too, eh?

But of course that’s relative too, and relative to what?  To London, the center of the Colonial World.  So this whole business of masters and slaves is gonna be getting a good workout this Decade.

But we keep digressing.  We need to say more about the outabounds Moonbone.  First, what is it?

The Sun toggles back and forth between a Northern Summer-Southern Winter in June, and a Southern Summer-Northern Winter in December.  At the Equinoxes, the Sun is directly overhead on the Equator.  At the Northern Summer Solstice, the Sun is directly overhead on the Tropic of Cancer, which is about a fourth of the way to the North Pole (ie, 23 degrees, 27 minutes of latitude – in case you  aren’t familiar with spherical geometry, there’s 90 degrees between the Equator and either Pole).  At the Northern Winter Solstice, the Sun is directly overhead on the Tropic of Capricorn, a fourth of the way to the South Pole.

Easy to say that our habit of considering the North Pole to be “up” and the South Pole to be “down” is a relic of colonialism.  “Up” and “down” have distinct value-judgment connotations, just as “light” and “dark” do.  But, as far as I understand it (Double-Es help me out!) electromagnetic energy actually moves from the South Pole toward the North Pole of a magnet.  And of course the Planet is a magnet.

Presumably the motion toward the North occurs outside the magnet, and the return motion inside the magnet.  That of course brings up another value judgment of ours, that outside is superior to inside, transparency superior to the occult, extroversion better than introversion – if you haven’t read Jerome Keirsay’s Please Understand Me, you need to.  It’s not at all about being Machiavellian, but it is important work for us “Westerners” (ie, inheritors of European culture and history) to re-value inside-down-dark and even cold-fear-power, to bring ourselves into balance.

We’ve already digressed enough, so we won’t open the boy-girl box here to see if it has any snakes in it, but you may be able to see the flags.

Well, maybe we do at least want to look at our value judgments in the notions of toward and away fromtoward as assertive, which is usually associated with masculine, and away from as an opposite to that, but not one that’s so tied to the feminine principle.  It’s more that masculine represents toward as moving toward, as an action, and feminine as being drawn toward, as a motivation.  Lotsa fertile ground there though, eh?  Thought-provoking (we almost said “provocative” – that woulda beena mistake!) comments welcome.

Okay, we have the Sun (relative to the Earth of course) moving back and forth from 23+ degrees North in June to 23+ degrees South in December.  And, to be impartial, from 23+ degrees South in December to 23+ degrees North in June.  When the Sun gets to 23+ degrees on either side, it turns around and goes back the other way – hence the Solstices, or “stand-stills.”  Now, some of the other Heavenly Bods go beyond 23+ degrees, further North and further South.

The Moonbone in particular goes up to 28 degrees and beyond.  So when the Moon, or any of the Heavenly Bods, goes beyond 23+ degrees, they’re said to be outabounds.  It’s like “Hey, look at me, I can do it with one hand!” or any other show-offy kinda energy.  If you think about it, you’ll recall that sometimes the Full Moon is way to the North, and sometimes it’s way further South.  That’s the phenomenon we’re talking about.

Now, the Moon in particular has a peculiar pattern – for ten or eleven years it doesn’t go outabounds at all, then for the next ten or eleven it does go outabounds, for a few days every two weeks, alternating between outabounds North and outabounds South.  It’s actually rare for an eclipse to happen while the Moon is outabounds, because when the Moon is that far North or South, it’s out of the shadow that the Earth casts.  That’s one reason this eclipse is Partial – with the Moonbone outabounds North, only it’s “bottom” (there we go again) edge dips into the shadow.

That’s probably a good thing, since outabounds can mean volatile, and our historical conditioning to eclipses is scary.

I know many of you have heard it before, but we do need to tell the classic outabounds Moon story – you probably don’t remember anyway.  The current 11-year Moon-outabounds period began at 10 am on September 11, 2001.  Remember those images of a coupla tall buildings with black smoke pouring out of one?  We won’t go into the whole business about WTC being the ultimate Symbol for colonialism, you can just read some John M. Perkins.  Suffice it to say that an outabounds Moon can make us excitable.

This ten-year Moon-outabounds period ends in May of 2011 – just in time for us to be able to respond calmly to whatever kinda End-of-the-World-as-We-Know-It we might co-create in 2012.  So this outabounds-Moon cycle is winding down, the Moon is only going out to 26 degrees now, compared to 28+ at it’s max.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the energy which we began to encounter on 9/11/2001 is also winding down – won’t that be a boon!

All of which brings us to a curious point.  Time corresponds to longitude – the clock tells us, give or take, how far we are either side of noon and midnight, and our time zones tell us more or less how far we are from London.   Astrology focuses on time, so astrology deals mostly with longitude.  When (Western) astrology says two bodies are “conjunct” (together), it means they’re on the same longitude.  One could be way South and the other way North, but they’re on the same North-South line.

When we refer to a Heavenly Body being outabounds, we’re referring (indirectly) to latitude, or how far North or South of the Equator the Body is.  What if we projected that onto the surface of the Planet?  For reference, if you can orient yourself to any of these names, the Tropic of Cancer runs through or near Cabo San Lucas, Havana, Aswan, Abu Dhabi, Kohlkata, Hong Kong, and Hawaii, while the Tropic of Capricorn runs near Antofagasta, Rio de Janeiro, the Kalahari, Reunion, Ohuru, and Rapa Nui.

There is a lot more land in the Northern Hemisphere than the Southern, so maybe aquatic species are less boreocentric.  Hard to grasp from where most of us sit, that South Africa and Australia are only as far South as Mexico and Taiwan are North.  Lotsa water down there under, not even counting the South Pacific.

So, when we say the the eclipse happened “at Peshawar,” we only mean to say that it happened at the longitude of Peshawar.  Peshawar, like Kabul, sits at about 33-34 degrees North latitude.  The New Year Eclipse was directly overhead about halfway between Ahmenabad and Hyderabad, near the Indian Ocean, in the middle of the Rann of Kutch, the swamp that sets the boundary between India and Pakistan.  Another Boundaries.  We could make a bad pun about whether two bads make a good, but we won’t.

The Underwear Bomber came from tropical Africa (7-10 degrees North, same as the Somali Pirate protagonists that Dave Barry lionizes) and trained in Yemen (12-16 degrees North).  So if there’s any meaning in the latitude of the Eclipse, maybe it’s that the focus of anticolonial rage may be slipping southward.

Now we don’t mean to imply that the chagrin which the World is experiencing need all be rooted in the manger of colonialism.  After all, Afghanistan and the Tribal Areas of Pakistan were never colonized by Europeans.  Alexander, Tamarlane, Genghis Khan, those are different, older, stories.  Not that they aren’t still relevant – Bosnia was where the Romans settled the Ostrogoths.  It seems like it would be more relevant to cast the global chagrin in terms of Old Testament-New Testament, revenge versus forgiveness, morality versus perspective, justice versus multiculturalism, than master-slave.

One of my favorite aphorisms is “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.  That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.”  But it is the neocolonialists who wrap themselves in faux-Christian or faux-Islamic morality and justice (“justus” as some spell it), whether the historic Privilege they’re trying to defend is about money or gender or both.  Whether it’s Wall Street or Kabul, one person subjugating another is what it’s all about.

Bring in the Clowns, eh?