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Big Solstice Chart

December 19, 2012


My hourglass is running low, but I wanted to say a few things about the Big Solstice End-of-the-World-as-We-Knew-it chart.  It kinda has the feel of a Spiderweb in a hole and isn’t particularly well organized.  I guess we could have expected that.

The central element is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm) at the Apex (primary issue) and Jupiter (Expansion) and Venus (Values) at the other two corners (supporting actor and actress).  Our Values are a relatively constant emanation from our Heart.  We can get stuck on intellectualizing our Heart’s Wisdom, and it’s always a constant struggle between our real Heart’s message and our programming.  Those little dudes on your shoulders with the halos and the horns aren’t part of your Heart or your Values, they’re part of your programming.  So when we’re asked to Expand (Jupiter) our Values (Venus), what that usually means is that we’re being asked to give up some of our false persona – our programming – in favor of our True Self.

The T-Square says that the New Paradigm is asking us to give up some of our false persona, that our New Communities will work better if we come straight from our Hearts.  Remember that during the Jupiter Portals (5am, 11am, 5pm, and 10pm) tomorrow – Ask for (or PIAVA) a loving and gentle and rapid and complete transition from your current persona to one that’s closer to your Truth.  The Jupiter Portals are open at about the same times on Friday, Solstice Day.  These are clock times anywhere in the World, they’re not times that need to be adjusted for longitude.

In addition to the Jupiter and Ceres Yods that we talked about in our Portals post, there’s a third Yod in effect, and we could even cast it as a complicating factor in the Jupiter Portals.  Jupiter is Conjunct Lilith, and both are Quincunx to Saturn and Pluto.  So we need to say that not only do we want to eschew some Heart-hiding programming here to facilitate our New-Paradigm lifestyle, it would also behoove us to open to the Deep Feminine.  And considering the Yod and the Jupiter Portals, it’s not “just” about

…putting our Attention into Expansion (Jupiter), we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us…

It’s more like

…putting our Attention into Expanding (Jupiter) our Deep Feminine (Lilith), we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us…

Factoring in the Venus-Jupiter-New Paradigm T-Square as well, it becomes something more like

a Challenge to Co-Create (the T-Square) New Communities (Chiron-Neptune) founded on Open Hearts (Venus) by putting our Attention into Expanding (Jupiter) our Deep Feminine (Lilith), so we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us…

The thick plottens.  So what the devil is this Deep Feminine we keep talking about?  We could repeat the old line, If ya gots to ask, ya don’t gets to know, and in some sense that would be true, but it certainly wouldn’t be very helpful, except at splitting off the Muggles, and there’s more than enough splitting already, and in general She isn’t about splitting.  And we can certainly provide some preliminary clues about where in your Belly to look for Her.

You already know She’s About

  • Magnetism and Collaboration rather than Dynamism and Competition.
  • There’s certainly an element of We’re-All-in-This-Together as opposed to Us-Against-Them.
  • PIAVA/Change the Subject/Pay Attention rather than Plan/Do/Drink Beer.
  • Intuition rather than Logic.
  • Yin Integrity (doing what we feel like doing moment to moment) rather than Yang Integrity (doing what we said we would do).
  • Being led by your Heart instead of your Mind.
  • Trusting your Emotions more than your Rules.
  • Integrity over Morality.
  • Self-Love over Discipline.
  • Empathy over Expectations.
  • Compassion instead of Detachment.
  • Faeries over Fertilizers.
  • Holistic rather than Analytical.
  • Balance instead of Achievement.
  • Power-with not Power-over.
  • Listening more than Talking.
  • Love not War.
  • Curiosity over Judgement.
  • Sharing instead of Pride of Ownership.
  • Warm not Cold, Soft not Hard.

I could go on – are you getting the idea?

I mean, imagine a mother’s attitude toward her baby.  What if we all treated one another that way?  It would be horrible, worse than a small town where everybody knows everybody else’s business!  But not if people Listened, Respected your Truth and Freedom and Boundaries and Equality, Honored you for who you are, and made a constant honest effort toward Win-Win.  What if people got paid fair wages for “Women’s Work”?  I imagine most of us would be quite content, and quite productive, in a Community like that – what planet do you suppose that happens on?  Home?  What comes up immediately for me, is What about the millions of Win-Lose strangers that will try to break into the Community and rip everybody off?!?  I’ll be tapping on that old movie.

A lovely brown Raw Diamond for us.  We’ll need to quote Dorothy Roeder here, from Crystal Co-Creators

 Diamond’s “energy is difficult to use.  You must know exactly what you want and be specific in your invocations with it because it is so accurate in creating the structure of your thought.  It invokes the potential in your whole being to help bring what you desire into realization.”

“Diamond symbolizes ideal balance of male and female polarities within the life flow.  It wants to eliminate any blocks to achieving that ideal.  It enhances partnerships only if you are willing to work on yourself to release barriers to achieving perfect balance between you and your partner.  If you cling to selfishness and self-centeredness, your search for the ideal will cause it to dissolve the partnership.  To maintain the flow between partners you must be willing to maintain loving communication.  This job has traditionally belonged to the woman, so it is she who is given the Diamond.  With the growing realization that both partners need to be responsible for the health of marriage, Diamonds might not be used as much [for that purpose] any more.”

Enjoy the Trance Re-Formation, and I’ll see you on the Other Side!

12/20 Power Portals

December 19, 2012


This is pretty subtle and complex, but fascinating.  Well, I think so anyway.  It’s a very long story, so I’m going to give you the bottom line right off, and if you want to just trust me, you can stop there and save yourself a lot of time reading.  If you’re curious why I’m saying such silly things, by all means read on.  Even if you don’t “study” the whole essay to understand all the twists and turns, you can learn a lot just by skimming and absorbing what catches your eye.  Here’s the bottom line…

I’m asking you to spend several hours in meditation on Thursday, December 20.  The reason I’m doing this is because there are eight powerful Portals open on Thursday at different times.  These times are unusual in that they are clock times, valid on your clock all ’round the World, whether your clock says 8am in Cairo or it says 8am in Tallahassee.

The Portals fall into two groups.  One of them provides a strong opportunity to amplify your Co-Creation of the New Paradigm, to shift it in a direction that suits you.  Don’t worry about cutting off someone else’s Desires – it’s always Both/And, and there’s plenty of room for everyone to get their wishes granted.  You do want to focus on what it will feel like in your body when you are excited about the World, not on what you will have when the World is your Oyster.

The second group of Portals is about fully embracing our own Mission on the Planet at this Time.  You don’t have to know what that is, because if you think you do, you’re probably looking at last month’s version of it.  Your Mission is a living, breathing thing, and it will be shifting constantly as we Co-Create the New Paradigm.  You know in your Heart what your Mission is – it’s what makes you excited about getting up in the morning.  You don’t need to be any more specific than that, lest your Head get in the way.  When this group of Portals are open you can just imagine waking up excited about what you’ll be doing.

Below are the start times for each of the Portals, and what each one is about.  These are times on your clock, no matter where you are on the Planet.  Start meditating at the indicated time, and focus on the given topic for half an hour if you can.  It doesn’t matter whether you feel the Portal opening, what matters is your Attention to the topic.

If you do feel a shift at any time during the half hour, make a note of the clock time, and adjust all of the other times accordingly.  In other words, if you start focusing on your Ideal Community at 4:45 am, and then notice that the Energy gets really strong at 4:55, try extending that meditation an extra ten minutes, and then starting the others ten minutes later than the indicated times.

If you can’t spare a full half hour for each Portal, give the first one a half hour, and notice when the Energy shifts.  If your first meditation becomes much deeper after seven minutes, at 4:52, and you can only spare ten minutes per Portal, then start each portal seven minutes after the indicated time.  For instance, for the Ideal Partner Portal you’d meditate from 11:07 to 11:17.  These adjustments are relevant because of small time variations across the Planet.

Even if you can only spend one minute on each Portal, it would be well worth it, especially if you can use the first Portal to find your local maximum.  If you’re anywhere close to the half hour of the opening (that is, say, 4:45 to 5:15 pm for the World Hunger Portal), you’re Golden.  Or, if you want to specialize, just pick a few Portals that you’re particular interested in.  Maybe Getting Paid for Fun and Respect are two of your core issues.

  • The Community You Would Love to Live in, at 4:45 am
  • Finding Your Tribe, at 5:45 am
  • Your Ideal Partner, at 11 am
  • Your Soulmate, at 11:45 am
  • Getting Paid More Than You Ever Imagined Possible for Doing What You Most Love to Do, at 3:45 pm
  • The End of Hunger, at 4:45 pm
  • Being Respected by Your Peers, at 9:45 pm
  • Being Really Heard When You Speak, at 11:30 pm

Note that your Soulmate is a mirror-image of you, while you and your Ideal Partner probably have very different and very complementary skills.  Don’t worry if neither match your current Partners (in Love or Business) – they can change, y’know.

You can use any meditation style you like.  One of my most effective styles is to just begin writing what I want.  I might start with “I want Community where I’m only expected to do what I love to do,” and write that several times, each time noticing if my writing is smooth from end to end.  Write it again, till your writing is perfectly smooth, with no jerks or kinks.  But let it change.  For instance, after three of those you might be inspired to write “I want Community where everyone is warm and helpful” several times, then something else.

Another of my favorites is to put my Full Attention into my Heart or my Belly, and just imagine how it will feel there when I’m in Bliss.  Just thinking about the topic is also just fine.

Negative material will force it’s way in, that’s inevitable.  “What if I can’t have that?”  “What will Mom say?”  When it does, just mumble Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade – Cancel the negative thought, Neutralize the negative Energy, and Upgrade the Thinker.  If that doesn’t work, and most especially if you encounter Fear or Anger, then tap it out.  This is very important and very deep work, and it will have leverage throughout your own future and the future of the Planet.  If you encounter Grief, embrace it.  Be an older loving friend to yourself, and just hold and comfort your grieving self, without denying any Realities.

You may also encounter Resistance to positive Energy.  “What if they get jealous?” or “I’d feel so Guilty having that!”  Ask yourself whose voice that is.  If it’s someone else’s voice – your father or your third-grade teacher – thank them for contributing and gently let them go.  If they won’t leave, bark at them.  If it’s your own voice, embrace the part of you that’s saying such nonsense.  They’re feeling left out, and they need your Love more than ever.  There’s something they want too, they just don’t know how to say it positively.  Ask them what it is that they want, gently coach it out of them.

Honeysuckle symbolizes many forms of Love, as well as staying True to our Mission.

Now, here’s the real (long) story.  Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing all this to my Attention.  If you have the time and inclination to read through it, at least skim it, it will much deepen your meditation and add more Oomph to your process.

The Quincunxes and Yods

Let me provide some essential background…

A Yod or Finger of God is two Quincunxes pointing to the same planet.  A Quincunx (two planes five Signs apart) recall is about Curiosity.  So a Yod is a narrow triangle with an Angle of 60 degrees at the Apex, and two Angles of 150 degrees at the Base.  Robert Wilkinson writes about Yods, and considers them to be “squeezing” the Energy of the two planets at the Base of the Yod through the Apex planet.  Like your toothpaste tube.  I’ve only got one natal Yod, and I can see how that view might work.  But the perspective that intense focus on the Apex opens up the Energy of the two Base planets makes more sense to me.

And the more important point is that we’re dealing with CuriosityEternal Curiosity.  Double Curiosity, Curiosity Squared.  And we regard Curiosity as one of the highest states of Consciousness, because it’s akin to Wonder and Awe.  Quincunxes are Awesome, in other words.  So a Yod would be Double Awesome.  No blessing quite like an Open Mind.  Now, sure, it takes nine lives to do a Yod, but maybe a Yod transcends Life-and-Death TranceFormation.  Maybe that’s why a Cat has nine lives.  Curiosity is akin to No Fear, and Love is an opposite to Fear.  A Relationship dies when you lose your Curiosity about the other person, and Judgement replaces it.  So Curiosity is like Love in more ways than one.

So I interpret a Yod as Eternal Curiosity about the elements governed by the three planets, a permanent absence of Fear, which I regard as a very high vibration.

The T-Squares

Meanwhile, we’ve talked a lot about T-Squares, three planets arranged in a fat triangle with a 90 degree Angle at the Apex and two 45 degree Angles on the Base…

A T-Square is two Squares to the same planet, and of course a Square represents Mastery through Challenge.  So a T-Square symbolizes Double Challenge, and Double Mastery.  A pain in the butt in other words, constant frustration.  We only get to Mastery by realizing that we will never Master the relationships between the three planets involved, we’ll only study it on deeper and more subtle levels.  It’s an Eternal Challenge.  Once we’re able to acknowledge our persistent and indefatigable dedication to these Challenges – and see the depth and breadth of our knowledge and wisdom about the dark corners of the issues involved when compared to someone without the same T-Square – then we’ll begin to honor ours Mastery!  And there is no greater Mastery!

The Diamonds

All of a sudden an astrological configuration has ascended into our Consciousness that folks are calling a “Diamond” pattern.  A Diamond is a Yod and a T-Square that share the same Apex.  When you draw it out, you see that the two planets on the Base of the Yod are Trine (Grace) and Sextile (Creative Grace) to the two planets on the Base of the T-Square, forming a bowl of Grace under the two triangles.

I have to say that, from my perspective, it don’t get much more glorious than a combination of Eternal Challenge (when seen from the perspective of Mastery of course) with Eternal Curiosity!  And that’s not even counting the bowl of Grace that provides a nice rounded foundation.  So I would interpret a Diamond pattern as a sign of a potentially extraordinarily competent person or extraordinarily fortuitous moment – albeit a person who may need some coaching to recognize their own skills, or a moment that may appear ambiguous from the outside.  And a person or moment that might have Momma Cat scurrying around rescuing the rascal by the scruff of the neck from trouble.

So we regard these new-fangled Diamond thingies as pretty fabulous.

The Solstice Diamonds

One reason this topic is up, is because someone has noticed a Diamond pattern forming on Big Solstice day.  That would be pretty neat, but there’s some controversy around it, because in order to create it you need the Ascendant.  I use Angles to the Ascendant, because it’s a very important symbolic point in a chart, having to do with how we relate to the World and how the World relates to us.  Ascendant is to Horoscope as Mouth (or Keyboard) is to Voice.  I regard it as highly significant if someone or some moment has a planet on the Ascendant, aka a planet “Rising” – since the Ascendant is the eastern horizon at the time that the chart was drawn for, the planet is quite literally Rising, which means it’s very important in the chart, and that the person has a lot to say.

The problem with using an Ascendant as part of a complex configuration in a temporal chart, is that Sunrise races all the way around the Planet every day.  So if we’re talking about an Angular relationship between two planets, that Angle holds no matter where you are on the Earth.  But if you’re talking about an Angular relationship between a planet and the Ascendant, that only holds for a few minutes in any given place, because the Ascendant circles the Zodiac every 24 hours.  So when we have a Diamond formation that includes the Ascendant, what we have is a very momentary phenomenon.

That’s when you’re in one place.  When we talk about the moment when an Angular relationship between two planets is exact, we have to recast the time of that moment for your own Time Zone, because the exact relationship occurs at an instant of time, and that instant is expressed differently in different global Time Zones.  The Solstice happens once, at twelve minutes after 3am PST, and if you follow that link you can see what the clock will say in your own neck of the Woods at that moment.

But an Angular relationship between a planet and the Ascendant occurs at the same clock time, no matter where you are.  Of course that will vary with how far you are from your Reference Meridian.  Time and the Earth’s rotation are continuous, but there are only a discrete number of Time Zones.  So the clock says the same thing in Boston as it does in Detroit, because they’re in the same Time Zone.  But the Reference Meridian for Eastern Time runs through Philadelphia, in between the two.  So if you’re in Philadelphia, your clock time is “true.”  But the Sun rises earlier in Boston, and later in Detroit.  So your clock time and the “real” time aren’t the same, but they’re usually less than a half-hour apart, so we don’t notice till we cross a Time Zone boundary and have to reset our watches.

The upshot of all that, is that an Angular relationship to the Ascendant will happen at more or less the same clock time anywhere in the World.  Very unusual for astrology, but it happens.

Now, as it turns out, the Big Solstice chart has two Yods in it, one to Jupiter (Expansion) and one to Ceres (Sustainability/Sustenance).  Each Apex planet has one Square to another planet, so as the World turns, a T-Square will be formed to each Apex from the Ascendant, and this event will occur at approximately the same clock time all ’round the World.  Like New Year.  Remember Peter Jennings’s fabulous New Year World tour at 1/1/2000?  Best thing that ever happened to television.

The Pentagrams

One final aside, before we try to integrate the four planets and Ascendant in each Diamond to see what the devil they might mean.

When you draw a Diamond in a chart, like the one at

and ignore the five lines around the outside of the circle, what’s left is a five-pointed Star – a Pentagram.  What does a Pentagram symbolize?  Power, as in Magic is afoot.  The Tarot refers to it as the Hierophant – learning and teaching, and there is Power in both Knowledge and Wisdom.  In traditional “fairy tales,” a Pentagram pointing up symbolizes “White” Magic, and one pointing downward symbolizes “Black” Magic.  But it’s not that simple.  The difference between White Magic and Black Magic is political.  It’s an artifact of the Olde Male competitive view of the World, where there is contest between Good and Evil, and the difference is defined by Authority.

That’s waaay outa line with the Yin Integrity that our current-time- dominating Uranus-Pluto process requires.  And Uranus, when seen from the perspective of the status quo, represents Disruption.  And Disruption of Business as Usual is certainly in order.  I know, there’s more than enough Disruption going on already.  So maybe what we need is to Disrupt the Disruption.  Would that be White or Black Magic?

Regress for a few minutes to the time before the Pope redefined Saturnalia (the Roman equivalent of the modern Oktoberfest or Mardi Gras) as Evil, before the Angel of Light became Lucifer.  Those were political Trance(Re)Formations.  The word politics means Ego.  It means competition to have my Ego (and my Control over Power, Money, and You) dominate your Ego.  In today’s World, it’s not at all clear whether it’s White Magic that’s good or Black Magic.  Like Google, they can Do No Evil.  Of course they spy on your every keystroke (and your front yard and your Wi-Fi connection) and sell the information to obnoxious advertisers and others who do not have your best interests at heart.   White Magic is our Magic, Black Magic is their Magic.  And they eat Babies!

As we open the Planet to greater Gender Balance, and Eris and Lilith claim their Power as representatives of the Dark Goddess (from the perspective of the Olde Male), many of those now-old definitions will be turned on their heads.  Eris produces Discord by bringing Denial into Consciousness.  Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.  Think about whether Wall Street would in your view be a haven of White Magic or Black Magic.  Would your grade school teachers and your other cultural programmers have had the same view?

The point is that we have no way of knowing whether it’s White Magic or Black Magic that will rebirth the Planet.  I mean, She’s in Labor anyway, so what do we have to do with it?  Well, we’re part of Her Consciousness, and like it or not, we’re Co-Creating  the new Trance.  Who knows, it may even be Both/And, White and Black.  Wouldn’t that be unique!

The Other Angels, er, Angles

The Squares to both Apex planets are from behind (in the order of the Signs), so when we add the Square to the Ascendant, that will be ahead of the Apex, and the Pentagram will be “right side up,” pointing skyward, toward the Midheaven (Community).  To find the Diamond that points down toward Mother Earth (Security, known in astrology as the “IC”), we need to use the Descendant instead to complete our T-Square.  The Descendant is the point in the chart where the Sun would set, the western horizon.  The Descendant is every bit as important as the Ascendant, it just concerns our relationships with our Partners, rather than our relationships with the World.

Sorry, one more aside, but a short one…

Now, if we’re going to use the Ascendant, there’s no reason in the World why we wouldn’t also use the Midheaven and the IC – they’re every bit as important as the Ascendant.  Since our Diamond Pentagram is not symmetrical, when we move the clock to draw Squares to either of these points, the tall spur on the Star points left or right, but either way a short spur points up, and another short spur points down.  These clock times will give us either Grey Magic or Rainbow Magic, depending on whether you’re combining crayon colors, splitting the White Light into its components, or penetrating the Shadows for the hologram within them.

So we end up with four clock times as Portals of Power, one White, one Black, and two Rainbow.  Now it’s time to examine the planets involved, so we can guess what sort of Power we might be talking about.

The Jupiter Diamond

One of the Diamonds puts Jupiter (Expansion) at the Apex, Saturn (Focus) and Pluto (Tranceformation) on the Base of the Yod, and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm) at one end of the T-Square Base.  Of course the other end of the T-Square Base is the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, or IC, depending on the time.  Saturn and Pluto are Sextile (Creative Grace) to one another, so with a little kick-start from ourselves (the Creative part), Grace will flow when we Focus on the TranceFormation.  Focusing on the Trance is a little oxymoronic, since the Trance is mostly Unconscious, but what it amounts to is Focusing on what we want Transformed, and how we would like to see it Transformed.  You can Focus on what you don’t want if you like, but if you do, tap on it while you’re doing it, so you don’t manifest the negative.  The Unconscious is not Dual and it doesn’t know what negation is, but your Meridians do know what Balance is.

So basically, by putting our Attention into Expansion (Jupiter), we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us.  Since we’ve got Chiron-Neptune on one corner of the T-Square, we’re Challenged to Expand into the as-yet-undefined (aren’t we Curious!) New Paradigm and imagine how it might surprise and delight us!  What this says to me is that we have a lot of Power to change the World during these Portals.  It will be important to focus on the Mastery (What have we already learned?) more than the Challenge (What haven’t we learned yet?).

Now we have to present a passage from Marko Pogacnik’s Healing the Heart of the Earth: Restoring the Subtle Levels of Life (pp.17-18)…

“Earth healing is only possible by adhering to the following principles:

“1. The principle of cycles in the earth and nature realm should be respected.  In this way, the dark phase of decline and transformation is regarded as equal in value to the light phase of becoming and blossoming.  Under no circumstance should we ever try to ‘heal’ the seemingly ‘diseased state’ of a phase of transformation.  Whoever wants to heal has to discriminate between that which needs to be healed and that which shuns the need for healing – even if this feels upsetting.  Before anything else, healers should evaluate whether, by interfering with a phenomenon that seems to be crying out for earth healing, they are actually violating the integrity of a life cycle.

“2. If active steps towards earth healing are taken, we must not omit to alert the public or the person in charge of the place in question.  Mending a split in consciousness, transforming thought patterns hostile to the earth and acknowledging the divine nature of the earth’s systems are vital preconditions for any earth healing.  If we neglect this basic level then the results of healing, as impressive as they may seem, amount only to a tinkering with symptoms which does not touch the causes of the destruction of earth, nature and landscape.

“3. Clarity about our own motivations.  What moves us to dedicate ourselves to healing a place?  Is, perhaps, the strong upsurge in interest in earth healing also an unconscious expression of fear about the earth’s power to react by means of natural catastrophes to human disregard of her balance?  Or worse, does the urge to heal the earth mask a continuing determination to dominate the earth and her nature realms?  Traditionally this dominance has taken place through the power of human intelligence, therefore today this superior attitude towards the earth could find expression through a misguided ‘intention to heal’ that continues to debase the earth by regarding it as an object.

“These are no means just rhetorical questions…  It is far easier to perceive the alienation and destruction of the rhythms of life outside ourselves, in our environment, than to admit that our own spiritual-soul Self is a stranger or that we are living in a state of inner chaos.”

The four Angles are very personal.  We can see them as our Voice (Ascendant), our Security (IC), our close Relationships (Descendant), and our Community (Midheaven).  I’m going to focus on December 20, Thursday.  These Diamonds persist on other days before and after, to one extent or another, but they are strong on Thursday.  Tune in to the Airwaves when these Portals are about to open, so you can learn what it feels like when they open.  Then you can adjust your times accordingly, and feel for the same Energies on other days.  On Thursday the Jupiter Portal is open for about 45 minutes or so, on or around these times…

  • Midheaven/Community (Rainbow), 5am
  • Descendant/Relationships (Black), 11:20 am
  • IC/Security (Rainbow), 5pm
  • Ascendant/Voice (White), 10pm

In other words, using Marko’s “rules,” spend as much or more time on your own sense of Community, Relationships, Security, and Willingness to Speak Out about your Desires for the future of the Planet, as you spend on Healing the Planet.  Substitute Responsibility for Blame – that means formulating how we will respond to where we are rather than assigning Blame for how we got here.  And don’t keep your light under a bushel about this – Speak Up about how you feel about the state of the Planet and whether Human Institutions are Life-affirming or not.

I don’t recall where I read this, and I don’t recall the issue, maybe it was Global Warming.  Someone was interviewing people about how they felt about it.  The folks in the first house said they were very concerned about it, but they didn’t talk to their neighbors about it because they knew that their neighbors felt differently and they didn’t want to argue with their neighbors.  By the time the interviewer finished the block, three fourths of the households told them the same story!  You may see your neighbor driving a soot-spewing diesel, but not see them conscientiously recycling their milk cartons and washing their diapers.  The Tipping Point won’t happen till we start talking – and as we do, listening.  Not to find debating points, but to find commonality that can be nurtured.

Notice that these times do not divide the day into four even quartiles.  That’s because there are two other factors complicating the issue – the system of Houses that are used, and the Latitude.  There are several different ways to divide the Zodiac into Houses and position the cross of Angles that define them.  This House system (Placidus) consistently works well for me, but you may be using a different one.  In this system, the further you are from the Equator, the more asymmetrical the Houses become.

The Ceres Diamond

The second Diamond has Ceres (Sustainability and Sustenance) at its Apex.  We need to remember that Ceres Rising (in all Time Zones) was one of four prominent configurations in the 1/1/2000 chart, and hence dominates the Century.  Ceres Rising means Sustainability and Sustenance coming into Awareness.  For those of us in the Consumer Class, Sustainability means Sustenance, because we’re asked to give up luxuries.  For the rest of the World’s Peoples, and for the World itself and all of Her Conscious Beings (material or otherwise), Sustainability means facilitating Survival in a way that thrives and is in Balance.

The other planets in the Ceres Diamond are Rahu (the Moon’s North Node or Dragon’s Head: our Mission) and Mars (Energy, Assertion) on the Base of the Yod, and Pallas (Boundaries) on the Base of the T-Square, along with the Angles.  In other words, by learning to respond to impediments (the T-Square) from the place of Wisdom rather than the place of Passion (Pallas), yet giving our full Attention and Energy (Mars) to our Mission (Rahu), we will surprise and delight ourselves (the Yod) by creating Sustainability (Ceres).  Give or take 20 minutes or so on either side, the Ceres Portals will be open on or around…

  • Midheaven/Community (Rainbow), 6am
  • Descendant/Relationships (Black), noon
  • IC/Security (Rainbow), 4pm
  • Ascendant/Voice (White), 11:45pm

These should really be fun.  When we make a real shift in our Presence, we can feel our Future shifting from one road to another and the potholes filling in, and it’s exhilarating.

New Moon

December 10, 2012


Well, that was Uranus all right – always surprising, for better or worse.  I depressed myself with those stories from the “Real” World.  Inspiration was a definite theme – or rather, the lack of it!  That’s one thing we have to remember about astrology – nay, about the Unconscious – we’re always dealing with the Coin, never the heads or the tails.  Since we try to use astrology to read what’s going on there in the Underwhere, it’s easy for us to get upside down – Heyoka.  Then this morning I get this email…

“The energy shift has almost immobilized me.  I had worked for the State doing consumer protection for many years.  After a new Republican governor was elected, the energy seemed to become reptilian.  It was very difficult.  Then something inside of me shut down, and I just quit.  I’ve been trying to restructure my life, and it’s been very scary.  I’ve tried to tell myself that this is the beginning of my ‘brand new life,’ but it doesn’t really help.  What has helped are your posts, which help me understand the energy in which we are surrounded.  I truly appreciate you reaching out to help others strive for a higher ‘octave,’ and evolve.”

I’ve been reading several books in the hope that I might find some institutional way to help rebirth the New World – Gar Alperovitz about worker-owned companies and taking over credit unions, Marko Pogacnik about Earth Healing and re-animating the Planet, PMH Atwater about the New Children and piercing the Veil, Starhawk about Power With and political action.  I was early for a meeting several years ago, sitting in my car doing a meditation from one of RJ Stewart‘s books about re-animating the Earth.  When I opened my eyes there was a flyer on the windscreen for a free showing of the movie The Corporation.  I went to see the movie, and afterward left thinking, Oh shit, I’m going to have to withdraw from polite society and go back to the barricades.

At that instant, from a sewer grate, a 7-foot Green fellow appeared and sent the thought pattern, No, it’s not about that and carried me back to a story RJ had told in his workshop about several women who had protested the first nucular power plants in England, and who were subsequently drummed out of the country for being “unpatriotic.”  They moved to California and started a meditation circle, from which seed the US environmental movement was born.  Like the Green fellow, the email brings me back to current moment reality – it’s not about the institutions, it’s about Community.

The Chiron-Neptune cycle won’t reach it’s Waxing Square until August 2042.  What’s the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?  42.  This is a long process, and like the Uranus-Pluto Cycle that went underground between 1972 and 2012, we can expect the Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl New-Paradigm Energy to sink below the horizon till we get to its Waxing Square.  With Changes.  The 70s and 80s were nothing like the 50s – there was indeed a Change of Trance that persisted after the 1960s.  The 1945 Chiron-Neptune Cycle reached its Waxing Square in 1954, just in time for Big Chrome.  It took 9 years for that Cycle to come of age, compared to 32 years for the current Cycle – Chiron is moving out to the Uranian end of its elliptical orbit, so from our perspective moving more slowly.  In the mid-1940s Chiron was at the Saturnian end of its orbit, moving as quickly as Saturn.  It might behoove to review that history.

Between 1964 and 1974, Chiron Opposed Uranus repeatedly, as Chiron at its farthest distance was matching Uranus’s speed.  Apogee was 1971.  Opposition is about Awareness if you’re awake, as heads and tails stand in sharp contrast.  It’s about Contradiction if you aren’t awake enough to focus on the Coin.  It’s mentality that does duality; the rest of the Universe is Unitary.  If you think of Chiron as the messenger that picks up a download from our Uranian individual Soul, Uranus was making a very large data dump during that time.  Humans “discovered” Chiron in 1977.

The perigee (inmost end of the orbit) was 1996, so from 1986 through 2005 Chiron was matching Saturn’s speed, and repeatedly Opposing Saturn.  Almost twenty years of Saturn Opposite Chiron!  Shows you how thick the Human skull is – it took twice as long to upload the message from Chiron-Messenger to Saturn-Ego, as it did to download it from Uranus-Soul to Chiron-Messenger.  And you thought your modem was slow.  We have been very well prepped for this 2012 transition!

Saturn means Focus, but is often misinterpreted as Limitation, as Saturn tells us to let go of priority #2 but we’re attached to it.  Chiron means Miracles, but is often misinterpreted as Despair, as Chiron tells us to change paradigms, and without PIAVA we don’t know how, because change of paradigm is not a logical or dynamic process, it’s a magnetic or Deep Feminine process.  During this period the 1% Focused on Miracles while telling the story that they were in Despair about how regulations Limited them.  The rest of us easily bought the story, as we were in Despair about our own Limits – their Hoovering up all the Money was limiting us, and we didn’t know we were being Hoovered.

Another way to look at is that those dark blue kids – including many of the Occupiers, that PMH speaks of were born with a direct connection to their individual Souls.  It doesn’t matter that the Chiron-Uranus downloads were 10-30 years prior to their conception – it’s not like their Souls were born recently!  Another description of Chiron’s Despair-into-Miracles property, is that anyone born with Chiron Opposite Saturn who’s awake knows intuitively how to make lemonade.

So with this background, what’s coming up this week, in support of the Uranus-Station New Moon, the last New Moon before the Galactic Shift?  Not only is our Soul Portal wide open with Uranus Stationary, but the New-Paradigm Portal is wide open as well, as Waning Squares from Mercury (Awareness) to Neptune and then to Chiron bracket the New Moon.  The exact schedule looks like this…

  • Mercury Squares Neptune 5am PST on Tuesday
  • Moon Squares Neptune 4pm PST on Tuesday
  • Moon Occults Mercury at 20 past 4pm on Tuesday
  • Moon Squares Chiron at 1am PST on Wednesday (12/12/12)
  • New Moon 1am PST on Thursday
  • Uranus Stationary Direct at 4am PST on Thursday
  • Moon Squares Uranus at 9pm PST on Thursday
  • Moon Occults Pluto at half past 3am PST on Friday
  • Mercury Squares Chiron at 3pm PST on Friday

All of the Squares are Waning – this New Moon is, even more than usual, about letting go of expectations and allowing ourselves to be surprised.

The Square is about Mastery through Challenge, and the Challenge of the Waning Square is to open our Birdcage, to release our self-imposed Limitations and open to Creative Imagination – Dreaming.  Building doesn’t begin until the Conjunction, but Design possibilities are rampant during the phase that follows the Waning Square.  Without the Dreams, nothing gets built.  The Waning Square of the prior Chiron-Neptune Cycle occurred in 1996.  What did we Dream about between 1996 and 2007?

Well, a lot of people Dreamed about Security, as many were suckered into impossible mortgages, and others were seduced by second and third mortgages.  Our house was a bank – we owned our own bank.  That’s a Dream that’s now starting to be built.  What did you Dream about between 1996 and 2007?  Have you started to build that Dream since 2010?  Not you Consciously, but you as seen from the outside, based on your own behavior.  Neptune is not a Conscious planet.  If you can’t see yourself from outside, ask a good honest friend to tell you what you were coveting in that decade.

This Awareness is a ChallengePIAVA it.  We’re Challenged to release what we thought we knew about Survival, because those mostly-Unconscious Beliefs are obsolete and keeping us from engaging fully in our New-Paradigm destiny.  The portals that are open this week are Century-scale, but the portal that opens in less than two weeks is Eons-scale, as our Solar System crosses the Galactic Equator.  That’s not a discrete process, it takes a looong time.  But like aging, there are symbolic discrete celebrations to mark the passage – birthdays.  12/21/12 is pretty clearly such an Eons-scale symbolic discrete Initiation.  So I highly recommend that we do our dress rehearsals this week…

Great Spirit, this week may I please become Aware of any self-sabotaging Beliefs that are held in my Field, and let go of them gently, lovingly, rapidly, and completely.  May I please enjoy Safety, Grace, and Abundance while I am thus naked of these Beliefs that have been protecting me for so long.  May I please receive a download of new Unconscious Beliefs that will carry me Safely, Graciously, Abundantly, and Sustainably through the next three years, and form a firm foundation for the decades to follow.

Three years, till 2015, is how long our Uranus-Pluto Initiation lasts, and we expect Chaos to rule.  Chaos is pregnant with an extraordinary degree of Potential for Creative Change.  We want to be on top of this wave, not under it.

Benitoite, Barium Titanium Cyclosilicate, the State Gem of California.  It will be an excellent companion on this week’s journey.

An Open Window and a Fresh Breeze

December 2, 2012


P.M.H. Atwater researches Near-Death Experiences and trends in Kidhood.  This is from her 2012 book Children of the Fifth World: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness (pp.86-87)…

“Without meaning to, [kids born from 1982 to 2001] behaved as if prognosticators of a future they already knew and had previously agreed on.  Wave after wave of children are coming in like this now.  Many are quite open about it.  They may not consciously know what will happen in their lifetime, yet somehow, in ways no one can fully understand, they do know the future and their place in it.  This alarms parents, not kids. 

“This odd perspective is attuned to what in esoteric traditions is called the natural order.  Within this aegis they want to change the mainstream, or at least build parallels to it based on alternatives and sustainability measures that bypass the mainstream.  They … consider intuitive/psychic promptings of importance.  They listen to a guidance not their own.

“Their version of the natural order is plain enough:

  • You know what is right.  It’s stamped in your heart.
  • Return to an awareness of consequences.  Are you aware?  Do you care?
  • Expect to live your life with others who are different from you.  It’s okay.
  • We all make mistakes – admit, apologize, correct, move on.
  • Guilt serves no purpose.  Blaming and obsessing are a waste of time.
  • Your intention is who you are.  No need to defend this.
  • Life is about focus, who you are inside, your intention.
  • There are no free passes.  We’re all in this together.

There is not a leader alive who is prepared to handle this crop of citizenry…”

I’ll interrupt to remind that Uranus needs neither followers nor leaders.  And that the core Sabian Energy of the Uranus-Pluto Cycle that comes of age in 2012-15 is “A Ouija Board.”  PMH goes on…

“An immense plus many bring with them that skirts the way leadership roles have been conducted in the past is their ability to form holons.  A holon is a situation where opposing sides come together to accomplish a given task or project that is of mutual benefit for the greater good.  Young people understand that opposing forces are not going to change.  Trying to get along usually backfires…  They want solutions that make things better.  Their approach: get all sides together, figure out what needs to be done and how to pay for it, empower the people in the group to make work assignments and figure out details, do the work, finish the job.  By working together to accomplish a task at hand, progress becomes an organic mix of discovery – that opposing forces really are the same at their core.  The greater good wins.  No one changed, yet everyone changed.  A holon was created – The strength of a whole comes from the diversity of many parts working together.

Thanks to Alice Miller for turning us on to PMH.

We’re in the middle of (specifically, from about noon PST on Sunday to about noon on Monday) a fantastic window for gaining insight into the New Paradigm, as the Moon will be Quincunxing (five Signs from, representing Curiosity) Chiron-Neptune.  For the latter part of this period, the Moon will also be Quincunxing Pluto, making a Chiron-Pluto-to-Moon Finger of God.  If ever Magic is afoot, this is it.  We can label a Moon Quincunx as Emotional Curiosity – openness to Change on a deep level, as our usual Emotional Blocks are bypassed.  And of course the Initiation of Chiron (Despair becoming Miracle as Empathy with our Despair Shifts our Assemblage Point) by Neptune (our Unconscious Cultural mileau) is the basis for our New Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl Paradigm.  While we haven’t finished Co-Creating the Form of this New Pear, the Energy is extant, available for all to read.

Pluto represents Rebirth, Transformation, a New Trance, flipping to a new slide in our Holographic Viewmaster.  So there will be permanent aspects to our Assemblage-Point Shift.  Of course we’ll backslide, we have to do that to recover the rest of our old persona and psyche, so we can reintegrate.  When our Assemblage Point shifts, it’s as if we climbed a hill – our perspective on the Landscape is very different from our new vantage point.  We can see Furthur, and we can see new relationships between the elements of our Weltanschauung.  When we come back down from the hill, nothing has changed, but everything has changed.

A number of other configurations abet the Finger of God to make Stronger Magic.  The Fingered Moon Trines (Grace) Uranus (our 2012 Soul Download) and Squares (Challenge and Reward) Saturn (the Ego), making the Shift penetrate deeply into the persona (Saturn).  If you put a Square (3 Signs) and an adjacent Trine (4 Signs) into the Zodiacal circle, what’s left?  A Quincunx!  The Saturn-Uranus Quincunx is fading (it’s been with us since Samhain (Halloween), and will continue till the Uranus-Station New Moon, then re-form in March-April and September-October of next year, if we have one.  A Saturn-Uranus Quincunx, as you can imagine, represents the Ego and the Soul encountering one another with Curiosity!  Bingo!

And there are two other simultaneous Quincunxes – Juno to Ketu (the Moon’s South Node or the Dragon’s Tail), and Mars to Jupiter.  The Juno-Ketu Q, in part, stands for the Heavies we’ve been feeling, as our Karmic Baggage (Ketu) and our Unconscious Identity (Juno) encounter one another with Curiosity.  Juno’s being buffeted from all sides, but the Quin is what involves the bars of our Birdcage.  We’ve survived another Mars-Pluto, at the recent Lunar Eclipse, and now Jupiter will be expanding that In-a-Sunlit-Home-Domesticated-Birds-Sing-Happily Energy, and we can’t help but be Curious about how this Domestication will integrate with all of the Uranian Give-Me-Liberty-or-Reform my Trance! Energy that abounds for the next few years.  Wouldn’t it be handy if we were prognosticators of a future we already know.

I didn’t have a handy portrait of Childrenite, so I put in a picture of its identical twin Eosphorite – they’re both Hydrated Aluminum Phosphate with traces of Iron and Manganese; Childrenite just leans more toward the Iron (Grounding) side and less toward the Manganese (Empathy).  Here’s a photo of it’s spectrum, borrowed from Mindat.  You can see how the Mineral illuminates various frequencies differentially when it diffracts Light…

Childrenite-eosphorite EDS

Lord knows where the “Si” came from, maybe it’s mislabeled.  You can see from this how a Crystal can be Healing.  If on some dimension your own spectrum lacked intensity at these frequencies, the Crystal could Balance your Energy!  The Crystal would be in Blender X in our three-blender manifestation technique.

More Heavies

November 30, 2012


If this was ordinary times, we would be getting a break for the next week and a half, but based on my experience of the last couple of days – not to mention the near-universal Intuition that we’re near the End of whatever Age we’ve been in – that won’t be happening.  Uranus Stands Still and turns Direct Square to the New Moon on Thursday the 13th.

Let’s run through that more slowly – Uranus (our Soul Connection, or Yin Integrity) Stands Still (is very Strong) and turns Direct (spilling out all of the Individuality and Creativity we’ve been holding back since mid-July) Square (Challenging but very Rewarding) to the New Moon (Reboot) on Thursday the 13th (as Pogo would have said, Friday the 13th falls on a Thursday this month).

Without the stutter, December is about letting go of any inhibitions we have about allowing our Light to Shine Brightly.  Folks who go into mid-December Unconsciously will be doing a lot of “Whoa, did I say that?” by the 15th.  Or not noticing that they’ve been through a personality transplant – as Kesey described it, sometimes you can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left.  That’s a generous view, as Uranus usually represents Disruption to a life lived Unconsciously.  Normally, we’d expect a Uranus Station to be felt something like 2-7 days prior to the event, but in this case it will behoove us to plan ahead.

So let’s start with some background that might be handy.

Sleep.  Don’t worry about it.  If you usually monitor the clock to see when and how long you sleep, forget it.  For all kinds of reasons, Uranus does NOT do linear time.  If you need to keep to a schedule, Prayer is probably your best bet – Great Spirit, may I please awake rested and alert at 6:45 am? – that sort of thing.  Sleep deprivation is cumulative, but you may be surprised at how well a Prayer of that sort works on a few hours sleep.

Trance.  You may well find yourself in a Reverse Lucid Dreaming state.  In a Lucid Dream, you let your Ego screw around with your Dreams.  Since Dreams are one of our richest sources of information about the Unconscious, information that’s vital to our Survival, Lucid Dreaming is like urinating on the Dragon.  In a Reverse Lucid Dream, you’re awake, but you also aren’t.  It feels like you’ve never slept, because you’ve been at Full Attention all night, but you’ve been in a Deep Trance, probably without conscious control of your muscles.  Deep Trance can be as restorative as Deep Sleep, or more so.

You may also find yourself walking around in Trance when you’re awake.  Like the feeling you get when you’ve taken antihistamines for a while, like there’s a thick sheet of glass between you and the World you’re walking in.  Everything you see may be funny or pathetic or poignant, and you can connect only to people who are in the same Trance.  You may not know that you’ve crossed the Veil into a parallel lifetime, unless you notice the signs.  It’s like watching a very intense movie, and feeling as though you’re still in the movie after you leave the theater.  You may or may not actually say things that you’d never expect yourself to say out loud, but you’re probably conscious of the difference.

YintegrityYang Integrity is when you do what you said you were going to do.  Yin Integrity is when you do what you feel like doing, moment to moment.  To make Yin Integrity work in a Yang World without making us look flibbertigibbet or flaky, we need to minimize commitments, renegotiate them when appropriate, and make amends when we run afoul of Yang Integrity.  Usually, for sheer practicality, this involves reducing the scale of our relationships.  At least some degree of Yin Integrity is necessary when we operate Intuitively, follow our Guidance, or respond to Synchronicity.  Yang Integrity becomes more and more difficult to maintain as the pace of Change accelerates (aka 2012).

Disruption.  Yes.  What gets Disrupted, is that which is no longer in harmony with the new download from the Soul.  If it sneaks up on you, there’s not much you can do except to be as honest as you can in renegotiating and reorganizing your Life.  If you have any advance notice (such as hating to do something), the sooner you start reorganizing, the easier it will be.  Don’t throw out any Babies with the bathwater or burn any bridges – when you tap on your hatred for something, it may turn out that it’s your hatred that’s on the chopping block, rather than what you hated doing.  The Empty Chair game that Clint used so well to sabotage the Retropublican Convention would be a great process to use on any strong negative emotions.  Every part of our Reality is there for a purpose, but natural inertia can produce tenacious obsolescence.

Fear.  Practice recognizing Fear in your Body, and tap it out.  Tight jaw, tight belly, tight sphincter, tightness across the chest, these are a few clues.  Fear is a poison, even very capable of producing “disease” by itself.  Changes are occurring  on the physical level as well, and those Changes can mimic “disease” just fine.  I won’t comment on “healthcare,” but do let me say this…

Spirit, Energy, Body, Mind, Emotion are not separate Levels of our Existence; they are different Perspectives on our Existence.  Our Existence is unitary. 

There are certainly circumstances where the bars of our Birdcage are so thoroughly cemented in place that we can’t find a passageway between the Perspectives, and so come to believe that, for instance, “disease” in the Body must be dealt with using chemical or surgical means.  But don’t confuse your Karmic limitations with Reality.  Deal with Fear first, before you resort to other approaches.  Rise of the Guardians is a great seminar on Fear, as well as a fabulous movie.

Death.  As we’ve often said, the only Death there is, is Ego Death, the rest is only transition, transformation, Trance(Re)Formation.  A strong Uranus produces nothing if not Ego Death – it’s necessary to muscle the bouncer Ego aside in order to make room for new knowledge of the Soul Self.  The Ego’s function is to keep us Alive and Safe – no fault there.  But like anything in hardcopy Reality, it can become ossified.  If Fear or premonitions of Death arise, it would be a good time to recognize your lack of omnipotence, and give it over to a Higher Power.  Ask for Safety, and trust that Prayers are always answered.

Blame.  Blame is the hardest of all, because it is a complete Worldview.  Blame and Responsibility sit side by side, like the two Earths, with very little to connect them.  From the Blame Worldview, Responsibility means Blame.  There are two metaphors that work, but they seldom crack the shell of Blame.  In workshops Katie Hendricks used to tack a hundred-dollar bill to the wall and ask, Who’s Responsible for this?  After several rounds of she-did-that he-did-this, someone would just get up and remove it.  Responsibility is the Ability to Respond, simply.  It’s not about the past, it’s about the future.  It’s not who-did-it, it’s what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it?  Blame looks backward, Responsibility looks forward.  Blame will tack you to the wall, where you’re unable to Respond to your Soul’s requests – or demands.

Healing.  When you’re making friends with a Wild Critter, you don’t approach it directly.  You do something you hope will please it, and then make yourself available to it.  You sit down nearby, without facing it directly.  You open space for it to approach you.  Then you wait, patiently, until it feels safe enough to come forward.  That will involve fits and starts; it approaches a little, you move and spook it, and you have to start over tomorrow.  So it takes a while.  It’s like Grief, it has its own timetable.  Inviting home the parts of yourself that you rejected (or your significant others rejected and you eventually collaborated) works like that.  We don’t have a lot of time here, but remember that Healing is a Magnetic process.  You PIAVA, Change the Subject, and wait while remaining vigilant for additional information.

Soul LossHank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall give three causes for dis-ease: Disharmony, Fear, and Soul Loss.  Acute or Chronic Trauma can cause a Portion of us to seek a permanent hideout.  Like any part of the Unconscious, our Lost Portion can take over our personality at times, making us much younger and less socialized, or even Wild.  We can redefine some aspects of Soul Loss as Post-Traumatic Stress Discomfort, and there are effective tapping protocols for PTSD.  Any Uranian download is going to trigger some part of our Soul Loss – exacerbate PTSD symptoms – either because the downloaded Soul Energy requests reunification of the Prodigal Portion, or because the download compensates for the Loss.  It may be useful to consider the Soul Loss to have a valid psychic function, and apply Clint’s Empty Chair to it.

Karma.  We don’t know whether the Challenges that face us are personal or global.  For instance, the young man who came into my Dreams this morning, knocking on the door offering to sell me a plant but obviously there to seek alms, then leaving in tears when I was unable to help him.  Was this a symbol for the World’s Scarcity, or a symbol of my own Scarcity, or Both/And?  I can only know by imagining myself to be the youth, and waiting to see how that evolves.

Thanks to Messiah Mom for the introductory image.

What’s the Matter, Anyway

November 19, 2012

Nobody we know actually knows what “Matter” really is.  Well, maybe Nassim.  But then, we’ve never actually met him.  Most of us were taught that “Matter” comes in “Atoms,” but that “Matter” is actually mostly empty “Space” because most of the “Atom” is “empty” most of the time.  And we had “Energy,” which comes in “Waves.”  We’ve all seen a diagram of a “Sine Wave,” no?  Here’s a couple of them, dancing.

But then somebody discovered that “Matter” can also come in “Waves.”  So now most folks just consider “Matter” and “Energy” to be the same thing, and there’s a “Particle” for each sort of “Energy.”

Now we even have a “Particle” for the “Energy” of Mass, the Higgs Particle.  We thought it was cuzza that extra dessert, but no, no, it’s cuzza the Higgs.  The Higgs wasn’t actually called the “God Particle” by anybody except the lamestream press – it was called the “God Damn Particle” because it screwed up everybody’s nice tidy equations.  Never mind that it stands between us and that second dessert.  So if “Matter” is “Energy,” well then, what’s that?  It’s a mystery.  But there’s an interesting feature of this “Energy” stuff, called “Resonance.”

In the picture, the top Wave is moving in one direction, and the middle Wave is moving in the other direction.  The bottom Wave is the sum of the top two.  When the peaks in the top two Waves line up, the bottom Wave peaks.  When the peaks don’t line up, the bottom Wave disappears.  It flatlines.  That’s curious.  No ka-blooies or anything, just quiet annihilation.  Here’s a coupla more interesting pictures of the process…

Except when you’re trading your money for a used car or introducing your girlfriend to that alpha-male guy you knew in college, how often does it happen that two chunks of Matter just disappear without any fanfare?  Higgs or no, there’s some explaining to be done there.

But it’s that amplifying/disappearing property of Energy that we’re interested in here.  You should be taking mass transit, and she obviously wasn’t right for you anyway.  The pictures are in two dimensions (or three, including time, since they’re moving), but we live our lives in an untold number of dimensions.  Just for a start there’s Money, Transportation, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Work, Play, Art, Regression, Politics, Dessert, Shelter, Rain, School, Astrology, Science, Protest, Flowers, Hair, San Francisco, Police, Mail, Heat, Lights, Telephony, Thumb Drives, Lunch, Love, Anger, Fear, Physics, Chemistry, Rocks, not to mention East and Up and Across Town.  We could go on and on!  We live in a Space that has a virtually infinite number of dimensions.

If you’re not a Physicist or an Artist, imaging things in many dimensions probably isn’t your cuppa.  But you can probably imagine that you could imagine many dimensions at once.  You’re already comfortable with Left, Right, Forward, Back, Up, Down, Go, Stop, Mother May I, Musical Chairs, Tomorrow, and Last Week – that’s a lot already.  Just add a few hundred more dimensions, and put it in the blender.

In fact, let’s take three blenders.  Big ones, in stainless steel, like they used to make milkshakes in at the soda fountain.  In one blender, put your Life as it is.  The whole thing, in all its complexity.  It’s Energy.  Imagine a spinning liquid, with eddies and chunks and counterspins and voids and all kinds of colours and texture and Mysteries.  Now in the second blender, put your Life as you want it to be.  Probably look mostly similar to the first blender, but more complex.  New colors, new textures.  Whaddaya want, World Peace?  Enough Money (an oxymoron according to one friend)?  More Love?  Universal Equality?  A Cure for Cancer?  Justice?  Glory?  Redundant Wealth?  Sex Every Day?  A Good Eight Hours Every Night?  Higgsless Desserts?  Charisma?  Everything you want, put it in the second blender, No Limits.  Don’t forget to leave out everything you have now that you don’t want.

What about the third blender?  The third blender is the difference between the first blender and the second blender.  Just like in the picture, we can add two Waves and get a different one.  A + X = B.  The first blender is A, the second blender is B, and the third blender is X.  We have no idea what needs to be in blender X, and we don’t care.  It’s opaque.  It could have marbles and Tigers in it, or Comets and Binkies.  We just want what happens when we put A and X together.  Now we can just pour blender X into blender A.  They’ll merge seamlessly.  Don’t worry about overflow, it’s energy.  Adding Whipped Cream to Chocolate Pudding takes more space than either by itself, but adding Gravity to Electricity doesn’t – you could even add Music.  Voila, you’ve just made blender A look like blender B, and changed your Life!

Now, can we actually do this?  No way.  Is it cuzza the Treaty of Versailles or the Third Law of Hermaphrodynamics or the RICO Act?  No.  It’s cuz we don’t believe we can do it.  Hey, Chiron’s lit up!  When Chiron’s lit up, Miracles are afoot.  Or Despair – you choose.  And Neptune!  When Neptune’s lit up, things aren’t what they appear to be.  The first step toward a new belief is What if?  What if I could create Change with three imaginary blenders and a buncha Waves?  Of course it’s always a Co-Creation – you might not achieve World Peace when those other guys are so pissed.  But wait, those other guys are just our Mirror, aren’t they!  So we can throw them in blender A too!

Now as with anything Magnetic, or Dynamic for that matter, unless you’re already a Pro, you wanna start small.  See if you can put Aunt Mary’s Fruitcake into blender A, and get Lemon Bilberry Mousse out of blender B.  No worries about what’s in X, it’s just the difference between A and B.  Or put bad traffic into blender A, and get a delightful trip over the River and through the Woods from blender B.  Then you can gradually work your way up to Whirled Peace.  I recommend that you Change the Subject, like you do with PIAVA.

But leave yourself a note to check in a day or two later, to see what happened, and take responsibility for it.  Like with PIAVA, we need to watch for the opposite manifesting.  Remember that all prayers are answered, and the first answer we always get is an illustration of why what we’re asking for has been absent from our life.  There’s always a good reason, and the sooner we intuit and embrace it, the sooner we’ll manifest our Dream.

Lemme know how it works for you.  I know, I’ll see it on Google News when you create Abundance for All Sentient Beings Worldwide, but meanwhile, lemme know how your interim trial experiments work.

Head on Straight

November 19, 2012

Just to prove to the rest of the World that there’s at least a few Americans who don’t need a glass stomach (so they can see where they’re going with their head up their ass)…

The other 49%, well, if you guilt trip them enough, they’ll put down their cigars and give a shit for a few minutes, till they get back to their old-boy network and get lost in their preteen machismo again.  There are a huge number of deep Ego wounds among those folks.  Many of them were beaten by their fathers, and they’re deathly afraid of looking weak or saying the wrong thing, or letting their lawn get too long.  Or, in the case of their molls, afraid to lose their connection to “the good life,” ie, Stuff.

Oops, sorry, my cynicism got carried away there.  That’s hardly We’re-All-In-This-Together, is it.  I mean, most of those folks are probably just permanently regressed to the 14th Century (or to much of the Rest of the World today), where even clean cold water was scarce, and food was very hard to come by.  At one point in the 14th Century, average life expectancy was 17 among the royalty.  You can’t blame these folks for regressing, since much of the evidence implies that the Planet may be heading into similar difficulties.  If they’re struggling to avoid merging with the Rest of the World, then we should be giving them credit for their Empathy!  If they’re actively PIAVAing better alternatives, then they need our support.  Unless they’re motivated by Fear.

But I mean, who isn’t.  Being Present – loving and gentle – with our Fear is probably the most important thing we can do these days.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to just set aside ten minutes every day, or more often if you can afford the time – or if you can’t afford not to, and scan our Bodies for Fear.  Tight jaw or sphincter?  Shallow breathing?  Other tight muscles?  Any pain?  Surround those places with soft warm pillows of loving and gentle Energy.  How’s your Grounding?  Negative thoughts or emotions?  Worries?  Find them in your Body and embrace them.  Move your Attention right into the center of the discontent.  Ten minutes every few hours would be better yet.  We’re Co-Creating the Future right now, this moment, every moment.  We can’t afford to be held back by negative memories of the 14th Century, or the 21st.

In the best of circumstances, a very small percentage of Human activity (thought, emotion, metabolism, action, Energy) is Consciously directed.  The rest is run by the Unconscious.  You’d be in dire straights if you had to tell your Heart to beat and your Lungs to expand every time.  If you think your Life is much more Consciously directed, the odds are good that you’re deluding yourself.  So we need to Attend to what’s coming out of the Unconscious.  Unfortunately, the best measure of the Unconscious as it applies to You, is what not-You is doing.  Uncool, eh?  So see if you can imagine surrounding your Worst Villain with a pillow of Love.  Put your loving Attention right into their Heart.  If you can’t think of any Villains of your own, pick somebody from the US House of Representatives, or the Middle East.

Catpiddleism and Demockracy

November 18, 2012

This is a long article, but it’s a relatively bullshit-free analysis of the economic Old Order that our Local, Community-oriented, Small-is-Beautiful, Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl Chiron-Pluto New Paradigm will be replacing…

In the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, we’re in the Void phase of the period wherein we decide what parts of the Industrial Revolution we want to carry with us into the Electronic Age.  I’ve been semi-consciously thinking that Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl kind of applied to these decisions.  But this article for some reason makes it clear to me that the Pottery is Ancient, not Old.  Takes me straight to Ikaria.

Yes, the immediate question that arises is, How do we defend such a Paradise of Sustenance against a starving Humanity when it’s not surrounded by Water?  The answer is that we Change the Frequency.  Just like the Faeries did when Humans became insufferable.  We become invisible.  That’s not quite as far-fetched as it sounds; remember that Chiron’s role is to convert Despair into Miracle by changing the underlying Unconscious limitations, while Neptune represents how we Unconsciously organize Culture.  One thing we don’t want to do is allow the mind to get stuck on How does one Change the Frequency?  It’s a Magnetic process, not a Dynamic one (hint: PIAVA).  Remember all those folks who spoke of the Planet splitting in two?

Actually, the Der Spiegel article isn’t totally bullshit-free.  One door that it doesn’t open, is that the 1% engineered this situation very deliberately.  The article makes it sound like it’s Democracies that are incapable of managing their money.  It’s closer to the truth to say that Capitalists are incapable of attending to the Public Good – by definition.  And that Democracies, in their guise as Politicians, are infinitely corruptible and Capitalists are infinitely corrupting.  And that Capitalists have exploited their competitive advantage over Democracies in their co-opting of Intellect.

The article also doesn’t mention Derivatives.  It was Derivatives that brought the house of cards down in 2007-2009.  What’s a Derivative?  Quite simply, it’s a bet.  Betcha $10M that all 3,000 of these mortgagees won’t all default!

While the quantity of money has grown exponentially since the Crash, the quantity of Derivatives has grown much faster.  The next Crash that Derivatives cause will make 2007-2012 look like Caligula’s feast.  PIAVAing a Change of Frequency would be a good antidote, and perhaps our only option.

The article also doesn’t mention the Currency Wars.  In a Currency War, Governments compete with one another to make their own currency worth less, in order to try to make their country’s output more competitive.  That might increase exports for a few weeks, till the next country chimes in.  It also makes imports more expensive, so the net gain for the People is usually less then zero.  In addition, Currency Wars usually lead to shooting Wars…

Net net, not counting the contribution of Global Balming, we’ve got a lose-lose struggle between Capitalism and Democracy, Sociopathic Avarice allied with Intellect to rip off the People, an avalanche of Derivatives about to bury us, and Governments manipulating Us Versus Them mentality to make everyone worse off while lurching toward War.  So much for the Old Paradigm.  Time to look past that Paradigm for some Ancient Pottery in which to place our Frequency-Shifted Fresh Violets.

On the other hand, here’s a rosier view of the possibility of transition rather than transformation or ascension…

It’s always Both/And.  Bono even illuminates my own Us-Versus-Them thinking in this very essay!

Vanadinite is about Manifestation.  It supercharges Intention, including Unconscious Intention.  It’s Lead Vanadate Chloride; all three of those elements – Lead, Vanadium, Chlorine – facilitate holistic transparency.  Not to discount the Oxygen (Vanadate = Vanadium Oxide)!  It’s an excellent bridge to the Planet’s Intentions, so we waste less energy struggling upstream.

Venus and Mars

November 10, 2012

So, the way we’ve mapped it out so far (bearing in mind that there are any number of other Cycles and Events going on – like the Eclipse next Tuesday that’s aided and abetted by the simultaneous Stations of Chiron and Neptune), we’ve got…

  • The Emergence of the Deep Feminine growing in influence for the next three centuries,
  • A complementary insistence on individual liberties growing for the next 50 years,
  • A complementary growth in the technology of Sustenance and Sustainability throughout the current Century, supported by the We’re All In This Together orientation of Deep Mom, and helping to redefine Community in order to survive…
  • An economic/monetary Paradigm Shift going on under the carpet for the next 30 years till it breaks out into either greater equality or total inequality (depending on how we Co-Create political change in the interim – hopefully toward individual liberty and greater equality), and
  • A big technological shift (which favors one elite or another unless the political climate moderates it) coming as we approach 2010.

Busy, busy, busy, as Kurt would put it.  So we ask, how will all this impact Me?  In the collective sense, because we’d have to look at your individual horoscope to comment on how you specifically will respond or react.  There’s a level of individuality (as opposed to sociality) that’s common to us all, emotionally and motivationally, and that’s what we’ll discuss here.

That would be the Venus-Mars Cycle.  The quickest snapshots you can grab of Venus and Mars are pictures of a teenage girl and a teenage boy.  Response and behavior gets a lot more sophisticated as we age beyond that, but the basic emotional tenor remains pretty adolescent.  Venus represents what we Value.  Mars represents Action.  In terms of manifestation, Venus stands in for the Magnetic, or Being, and Mars for the Dynamic, or Doing.  Venus-Mars is basically about Relationship, particularly our primary Relationship – and our Relationship with ourself.  When we master the Magnetic and the Dynamic equally, we enter Relationship not out of need, but out of enjoyment.  The difference is huge.  The Venus-Mars Cycles are stair-steps in this process of Integration.

The normal Venus-Mars Cycle runs for around two years, give or take.  Two Cycles began during 2002, in May and December.  The December 2004, October 2006, September 2008, August 2010, April 2013, and February 2015 Cycles span a normal two or so years.  But the 2008 and 2010 Cycles are unique.  In the usual Cycle, Venus just passes Mars and keeps on going.  In the 2008 and 2010 Cycles, Venus passed Mars, stopped, crossed Mars again Retrograde, and then stopped again before crossing Mars for the third time.  When this happens, I interpret it to mean that this is something that the Universe really wants us to learn.

The 2008 Cycle began at 16 Libra, “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.”  A boat landing is where emotions (Water) are grounded (Earth).  So we not only spent 2009 rebuilding our Relationship with ourself and our partner, but also our own Grounding.  When several different astrological indications reinforce the same trends, you know the Universe is talking to us.  This Cycle was initiated within a Grand Trine (Big Grace) along with Pallas (Boundaries) and Chiron (Reframing) – both properties critical for rebuilding Relationship.  The Initiation also Squared Jupiter (a challenge to expand) and Quincunxed a Stationary Vesta (curiosity about our deepest Values).  That’s a lot of action – and another message from the Universe to Pay Attention.

Libra 14 Initiated the 2010 Cycle, “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta.”  During 2011 we would have found that our Dynamism was fading when it became stressed.  We would have had to withdraw, or resort to developing our Magnetism to compensate.  When Venus Walked Across the Face of the Sun in June, it formed a Waning Square to Mars.  That would have challenged the Male in all of us to accept the suzerainty of the Female.  We’re still in this Cycle, but since March 2012, we’re in the Void.  One of the implications of this Cycle is that while the economy is in the Void, so are we.  In order to pull off our Sustenance, we need to manifest using our Magnetism; Dynamism could well backfire on us.

We come out of the Void and back to some degree of control over our circumstances in April 2013, when a new Cycle begins at 21 Aries, “A pugilist enters the ring.”  Sounds like Mars is reborn.  But this Initiation is Conjunct Eris!  So it’s more likely to be our Inner She-Bear entering the rings!  That’ll amp up the Emergence of the Primordial Feminine for a couple of years – probably a major push to get Obama to show some spine in dealing with the Retropublicans.

Things lighten up again in 2015, “A comedian reveals human nature,” as the 5-Star Uranus-Pluto Square winds down.  Of course we’ll have almost 50 years more of the ascendance of this Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto Gotta Be Me Cycle before it moves into it’s Void.

Talc is Magnesium Hydroxide Mica.  The grain-size Mica plates slide across one another, making it a good lubricant.  Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly, and Magnesium is the fourth-lightest metal.  Magnesium is essential for Bones (Boundaries), Heart (Compassion and Motivation), Nerves (Serenity), Metabolism (Energy), Muscles (Work), Self-Love, Optimism, and Photosynthesis (all of our Food).  We’d be but wraiths without it.

Curiosity and the Void II

November 5, 2012

If you’re in a researchy mood, Castaneda’s Power of Silence well illuminates the relationship between Logic/Information and Intuition – as basically independent and equally valuable sources of insight.  “Left-brain” Logic and dynamic Masculine Energy are correlated, as are “right-brain” Intuition and magnetic Feminine Energy.  As the Primordial Feminine becomes stronger, the Veil thins, our connection with the Other Side becomes stronger, and many new varieties of Intuition become available to us.

Traditionally, Information confers Power.  It’s more complex than that, but that’s the result.  In the Olde Male World, pre-internet, Information Power was very carefully guarded.  The internet screwed that all up, as Information is now available to everyone.  There are still proprietary sectors, but they get smaller all the time.  The gold standard of scienterrific veracity is peer review.  That keeps Information tightly controlled, as the Olde Guard keeps complete control.  When I was in school in order to break out you needed to start your own journal.  That being an extraordinarily expensive proposition, you needed a major conspiracy to pull it off.  Now all you need is a website and a Google strategy.

Intuition confers Power as well, when it’s consistently accurate.  But it’s unpredictable.  Intuition has no peer review.  It’s perfect for small organizations, like a family or a small business or a town, or an individual.  By the time you get to the County or Shire or Township level, battles and standoffs between different Intuitive views of the World are inevitable.  You see that in the US Federal government today.  One Intuitive view sees that the rabble (them, not us) will overrun civilization if it’s not kept under control.  Another sees that we’re all in this together (them and us).  Government in the US is winner-take-all, so all other perspectives are permanently banished.  The two dominant Intuitions trade 51-49 victories, and rather than making progress, each Intuition spends all of it’s time disassembling what the other Intuition has accomplished.

Europe is similarly frozen, and the EU has used the opportunity to appoint governments that used to be elected.  In the US, the 1% is using the opportunity to buy governments.  But all of that misses the point.  As the Primordial Feminine becomes stronger, Intuitions will override other sources of Power of any kind.  As Walter Wriston pointed out long before Sandy Weill and Jamie Dimon started playing Monopoly on Wall Street, national governments are obsolete.  I don’t keep track of what’s going on in other governments, but there are probably parallel processes, because it’s all part of the global process of Trance(Re)Formation.

As Einstein said, you don’t solve any problem with the same thinking that formulated the problem.  That’s the nature of Chiron – changing perspective.  It doesn’t solve problems, it makes them irrelevant.  The way fracking has made OPEC irrelevant.  If we lived in a World where business and government were responsible to the People and the Planet, rather than to quarterly profit and the next election cycle, then fracking would be studied to find environmentally responsible ways to do it, before it became widespread.  Instead, with what in the US we call the “Wild West” mindset, they frack everything, and ignore the people that end up with flammable water in their toilets.

Who on the Planet is working to solve the problems of quarterly profits and election cycles?  You can flail all you want at the wrong problem, and you get nowhere.  Maybe appointing governments is one way to change the paradigm.  You have to wonder who’s doing the appointing.  Historically, appointed governments have failed more often than elected governments.  A friend of mine, who was kicked out of Pomerania after WWII said before he died that “Hitler wasn’t so bad” – he was comparing Hitler to Weimar Germany, where thanks to excess money printing it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of Bread.  The frustration of getting nowhere is a sure sign that your perspective ins’t working and you need a new one – or several.

While Jupiter and Saturn Cycles prominently impact economic activity, Jupiter and Saturn are actually considered the social planets – they impact the whole of social activity – governments, business, religions, schools, granges, entertainment, politics, charities, everything involving more than two people.  All of those endeavors are in the Void.  So we release our Expectations, move toward Sustenance, spend more time in Meditation, rely on our Intuition (including PIAVAing greater access to our Guides), and put our Attention into the smallest units of Community that still function.  That’s how we survive in the Void.

PIAVA, in case you’ve forgotten or tuned in recently, stands for Pray-Intend-Ask-Visualize-Affirm.  Each is basically similar, but some work better for some of the people some of the time.  The Dynamic Masculine manifestation process runs Plan, Execute, Review.  The Magnetic Feminine manifestation process runs PIAVA, Change the Subject, Pay Attention.  You have to Change the Subject (or as the Buddhists put it, Lose Your Mind) because if you keep thinking about it, your Old Birdcage will constrain your Reality to be the way it’s always been.  And you have to Pay Attention because whenever you PIAVA anything, the first thing that the Universe provides is information about why you haven’t had what you’re asking for all along.

You PIAVA World Peace, and Change the Subject by walking the Dog.  The first thing you encounter is a neighbor angry about the Dogpoop in their yard.  So if you’re Paying Attention, you’ll notice and reconsider how you respond to other people’s anger.  Do you set Boundaries?  Ask for more information?  Offer to clean up?  Withdraw?  Use your NVC skills?  Feel guilty or defensive?  Cower?  Apologize?  Scream at them?  Flirt with them?  Deny responsibility?  Manipulate them?  Acknowledge their perspective and respectfully present your own?  Are your responses effective?  How do you feel afterward?  Do your responses keep you safe?  How does the neighbor respond?  Have you contributed to World Peace?  That would mean that both of you felt safer and more serene after your interactions.

You PIAVA less pain, and Change the Subject by reading a book.  The next thing that happens is your brain wants Chocolate to help it stay awake.  If you’re Paying Attention you might wonder if there’s a connection between Sugar and Inflammation.  You PIAVA a better (or any) job, and Change the Subject by immersing yourself in the moment-to-moment demands of your current job (or job search).  When your reflective Attention re-emerges, is it because you’re daydreaming about what you really love to do?  Daydreaming about being a Star?  Have you deeply enjoyed your immersion?  Has your immersion been stressful?  Was it exhausting, or exhilarating?  Did you use your Body respectfully?  Are you spontaneously excited because you’ve stopped doing it?

You PIAVA more money, and Change the Subject by cooking dinner.  The next thing that happens is a good friend rings up, just in time for you to invite them to dinner.  If you Pay Attention, maybe you discover that you don’t want more money as much as you want more Community.  Maybe you realize that Abundance means having enough to share, and decide to change your PIAVA to How can I help more people find their True Joy?

These examples are all pretty Logical, and there’s power in combining the Dynamic perspective with the Magnetic.  But the real value of the Magnetic perspective is the way it opens you to your Intuition.  The World may not change, but what you perceive of it changes.  The classic example is to PIAVA your lost car keys, Change the Subject by washing the dishes, and find them on the table when you collect the dirty dishes.  They were on the table all along, but you were so tied up in your logical mind trying to remember where you had them last, that you didn’t notice them when you walked by.  There’s a very strong relationship between Intuition and Chironic Paradigm shifts.  If you can find your car keys, can you find the next $5 or $50 or $500 that’s wandering around out there trying to find you?  All Prayers are answered – but are we Paying Attention to notice?

For us personally, we each have our own natural balance between operating Dynamically and operating Magnetically.  And we have our programmed overlays, some from seven generations of ancestors, some from “past” lives, some from personal experience and decisions.  How close to our natural balance do we operate?  How often do we sabotage ourself?  (You might want to PIAVA insights into the boundaries between self-sabotage and blame.)  On the personal level, Mars represents the Dynamic, and Venus the Magnetic.  Where is the Venus-Mars Cycle?

Why, what a coincidence!  The Venus-Mars Cycle is also in the Void!

So it’s no surprise that what we’ve been trying to do hasn’t been working very well for us.  How do we handle a Void?  To quote a familiar source, “we release our Expectations, move toward Sustenance, spend more time in Meditation, rely on our Intuition (including PIAVAing greater access to our Guides), and put our Attention into the smallest units of [effort] that still function.”  Venus-Mars entered the Void on March 2, 2012.  Because of the confluence of the Venus and Mars retrograde periods, the last two Venus-Mars Cycles have been unusually long – obviously the Universe has a vested interest in our really getting these lessons.  Lets go over the Venus-Mars Cycles in our next missive.

Natrochalcite – Sodium Copper Sulfate.  A strange Crystal, no?  Structure, clarity, energyForm beyond understanding.  I’d love to quote Michael Gienger’s treasurehouse of information, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing at length, but there’s just too much.  Here’s a few succulent samples…

Sodium … helps us to grasp situations, conclusions and inner pictures and to preserve them.” [p.122-123]

Copper … helps develop creative imagination and dissolve confusion.  It creates neutrality and a balancing of mood and also promotes free expression of feelings.” [p.115]

Sulfur wakens our shadow sides and helps us confront them and overcome them.  Then we find the shaft of light that makes it possible for us to accept things we rejected before and to integrate them.” [p.124]

Green minerals enhance … the ability to react and awaken interest and enthusiasm.  They stimulate the inner world of pictures, clarify our dream experiences and encourage the imagination.” [p.141].

Sulfates make things constant or lasting. … They have a dampening effect on developmental processes; this means they may afford us a period of rest, but using them for a long time requires caution!” [p.98]

Rest is what the Void requests of us; the Void is already dampening developmental processes!  The Void stirs the broth and creates entirely new forms, raw prototypes, undeveloped.  Most of them are heuristics – for the purpose of teaching, not for the purpose of useful work.  The next Venus-Mars Cycle begins in early April of 2013, on the other side of the Mayan Boundary between Worlds.