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New Years Day

December 31, 2012

Don’t forget to look for our Big Diamond Star starting about 10pm PST on January 1 –

And here’s our “must have” Uranus-Eris calendar for 2013…

Mary’s either very intuitive, or has a good astrologer.

A Christmas Angel

December 23, 2012


Well, we know this is important, because I just hit the “wrong” key and erased everything I’ve written.  Fortunately, I’ve learned that it’s always easier the second time around.  But this time I’ll start with the bottom line, rather than building up to it.

At 12:00 am PST on January 2 (that is, the midnight between January 1 and January 2, in the Pacific Time Zone), the Moon Opposes Chiron-Neptune and Squares Jupiter.  Since the Jupiter Yod is still intact, this creates a “real” Diamond Star, without having to use the Ascendant and other ephemeral Angles to complete the pattern.  This will not be an event that occurs at the same clock time everywhere, it will vary around the globe – 8am in London on January 2, 7pm in Melbourne, etc.  And this time the Portal will not be open for 10 minutes, but for several hours!  The Moon is a Manifestor, so this will be Big!  Put the date and time on your calendar or your iphone.  This Portal should open as early as two hours prior to the indicated time, and stay open for as long as two hours afterward.

What’s it mean?  The Jupiter Yod is with Saturn and Pluto, so we expand (Jupiter) by Focusing (Saturn) on Trance Formation (Pluto).  We could do that with PIAVA, for instance, or Tapping, or Meditation.  Or if you’re in a group (or even not), ritual singing or dancing or chanting.  Pluto Trances are often worldwide trances – global versions of Culture.  The reason people can communicate with one another, when they can, is because they share the same Trance.  The Jupiter T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) forms with Chiron-Neptune (New Paradigm) and the Moon (Manifesting).  So we have a very powerful Opportunity to Co-Create the kind of Community we want to live in, both locally and globally.

And we have a smaller version of the same Opportunity on Christmas, at twenty minutes after 4pm PST, when the Moon Conjoins Jupiter.  Here’s the NASA version of it.  There won’t be a planet or hotspot to complete the T-Square at this time, but since this event is bracketed by the January 1-2 event and the Portals we’ve just been through, the field will be intact, so there will be some Diamond Star effect.  And in at least two World locations – the left coast of North America and eastern Australia, the IC and Descendant do complete the T-Squares.  In western coastal North America the Diamond Star is completed at the same 4:20 pm time on December 25 as the Moon-Jupiter Conjunction, and in eastern Oz this occurs at 10:15 am on December 26.  I couldn’t find a place in Europe or Africa where the Ascendant squared the Jupiter-Moon Conjunction, but you may be able to.  The Square to the Midheaven occurs in the mid-Pacific.

If you’re not in far western North America or eastern Australia, you can fill in the Christmas Vacancy yourself, by focusing on its degree, Virgo 6, “A merry-go-round.”  You could put that image into your ritual dance.  You could be Present with anything that the merry-go-round image invokes.  The cycle of Life, the Wheel of Fortune or the Wheel of Karma, a Chakra.  Kids playing.  Imagine the realizations you’ve had over the last several months being thrown out into the World, the way centrifugal force tosses off anything that’s not hanging on to the merry-go-round.  Imagine anything that may have reached its Tipping Point – submachine-gun control, World Peace, Justice, Equality, Tolerance, Abundance – to fly out and shift the World Trance.

The Portals of the last several days have made me a believer in the Diamond Star configuration.  I’ve found it particularly useful for penetrating Fear.  Every discomfort and dis-ease in your body is blanketed by Fear, as if encased in bubble-wrap.  You can’t begin real Healing until you’ve penetrated the Fear, since it reflects your attempts to love your discomfort back into Balance.  When I’ve directed this Portal Energy into discomfort, it seems to melt the Fear envelope, leaving the Vulnerability exposed to be re-integrated.  It hasn’t Healed the discomfort, but the Fear is gone, and that’s the Tipping Point that full Healing follows.  The Portals have also been very good for downloading useful information.

Let’s review the Diamond Star.  It begins with a Yod – a skinny triangle formed by two Quincunxes to the same Apex planet.  Then add a T-Square, a wide triangle formed by two Squares to the same Apex.  The T-Square symbolizes Mastery through Challenge, but a T-Square is very frustrating, because it’s impossible to “get it right.”  You have to recognize that Life is not about getting it right, but about exploration.  Since a T-Square is interminably motivating, we explore more than anyone else, and develop Mastery.  But we don’t develop appreciation for our own Mastery till we move beyond the frustration.  The Yod replaces the frustration with Curiosity, so we have an interminable motivation to explore, and interminable Curiosity to feed it.  No resistance to exploration, no Energy wasted on frustration, and Mastery of Masteries.

Angelite, also known as Anhydrite, is a Calcium Sulfate, like the Gypsum in your wallboard, but with a different crystal structure.  Angelite connects the physical with the spiritual, the personal to the global, the actual to the ideal, and facilitates Co-Creation.

All Too True

December 21, 2012


If you experience these Portals as waves of heavy Emotions, let them run right through you into Mother Earth.  She won’t make Lemonade from them, she’ll make Gold, or Tourmaline, or Turquoise.  Below are the times for today and tomorrow.  Again, these are clock times anywhere in the World, not adjusted for longitude.  They should be fairly exact for most of the Pacific Time Zone; in your neighborhood they should be within a half hour…

  • Jupiter-Lilith-Midheaven 4:50-5 am Friday, 4:45-4:55 am Saturday
  • Ceres-Midheaven 5:55 am Friday, 5:50 am Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-Descendant 11:25-11:30 am Friday, 11:20-11:25 am Saturday
  • Ceres-Descendant noon Friday, 11:55 am Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-IC 4:50-5 pm Friday, 4:45-4:55 pm Saturday
  • Ceres-IC 5:55 pm Friday, 5:45 pm Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-Ascendant 10:10-10:25 pm Friday, 10:05-10:20 pm Saturday
  • Ceres-Ascendant 11:40 pm Friday, 11:35 pm Saturday

They’re like Sabian Symbols – one of yesterday’s Jupiter Portals came through as Pigs and Elephants dancing on a table, with outlines of Lions and Cows circling around it, and again finishing off with that same Turquoise color, this time as mottles.

And again, Dorothy gives it to us straight…

“Turquoise is still the powerful protection against negative vibrations or influences that it has always been.  It helps you use all your knowledge and inner resources to understand and, if necessary, work with what is not understood.  It helps allay fears about being attacked by what is dark and of being cut off from the light.  It replaces fear with peace.”

“It can being back deep knowledge and memories of powers used.  It might trigger, for some, forgotten abilities that can be relearned and used again at new levels.  It stabilizes and calms the emotions and helps the mind to organize present knowledge while it opens to new ideas.  It can help resolve old karma having to do with misuse of knowledge because it once symbolized knowledge.”

Dorothy Roeder, Crystal Co-Creators, p.204.

12/20 Power Portals

December 19, 2012


This is pretty subtle and complex, but fascinating.  Well, I think so anyway.  It’s a very long story, so I’m going to give you the bottom line right off, and if you want to just trust me, you can stop there and save yourself a lot of time reading.  If you’re curious why I’m saying such silly things, by all means read on.  Even if you don’t “study” the whole essay to understand all the twists and turns, you can learn a lot just by skimming and absorbing what catches your eye.  Here’s the bottom line…

I’m asking you to spend several hours in meditation on Thursday, December 20.  The reason I’m doing this is because there are eight powerful Portals open on Thursday at different times.  These times are unusual in that they are clock times, valid on your clock all ’round the World, whether your clock says 8am in Cairo or it says 8am in Tallahassee.

The Portals fall into two groups.  One of them provides a strong opportunity to amplify your Co-Creation of the New Paradigm, to shift it in a direction that suits you.  Don’t worry about cutting off someone else’s Desires – it’s always Both/And, and there’s plenty of room for everyone to get their wishes granted.  You do want to focus on what it will feel like in your body when you are excited about the World, not on what you will have when the World is your Oyster.

The second group of Portals is about fully embracing our own Mission on the Planet at this Time.  You don’t have to know what that is, because if you think you do, you’re probably looking at last month’s version of it.  Your Mission is a living, breathing thing, and it will be shifting constantly as we Co-Create the New Paradigm.  You know in your Heart what your Mission is – it’s what makes you excited about getting up in the morning.  You don’t need to be any more specific than that, lest your Head get in the way.  When this group of Portals are open you can just imagine waking up excited about what you’ll be doing.

Below are the start times for each of the Portals, and what each one is about.  These are times on your clock, no matter where you are on the Planet.  Start meditating at the indicated time, and focus on the given topic for half an hour if you can.  It doesn’t matter whether you feel the Portal opening, what matters is your Attention to the topic.

If you do feel a shift at any time during the half hour, make a note of the clock time, and adjust all of the other times accordingly.  In other words, if you start focusing on your Ideal Community at 4:45 am, and then notice that the Energy gets really strong at 4:55, try extending that meditation an extra ten minutes, and then starting the others ten minutes later than the indicated times.

If you can’t spare a full half hour for each Portal, give the first one a half hour, and notice when the Energy shifts.  If your first meditation becomes much deeper after seven minutes, at 4:52, and you can only spare ten minutes per Portal, then start each portal seven minutes after the indicated time.  For instance, for the Ideal Partner Portal you’d meditate from 11:07 to 11:17.  These adjustments are relevant because of small time variations across the Planet.

Even if you can only spend one minute on each Portal, it would be well worth it, especially if you can use the first Portal to find your local maximum.  If you’re anywhere close to the half hour of the opening (that is, say, 4:45 to 5:15 pm for the World Hunger Portal), you’re Golden.  Or, if you want to specialize, just pick a few Portals that you’re particular interested in.  Maybe Getting Paid for Fun and Respect are two of your core issues.

  • The Community You Would Love to Live in, at 4:45 am
  • Finding Your Tribe, at 5:45 am
  • Your Ideal Partner, at 11 am
  • Your Soulmate, at 11:45 am
  • Getting Paid More Than You Ever Imagined Possible for Doing What You Most Love to Do, at 3:45 pm
  • The End of Hunger, at 4:45 pm
  • Being Respected by Your Peers, at 9:45 pm
  • Being Really Heard When You Speak, at 11:30 pm

Note that your Soulmate is a mirror-image of you, while you and your Ideal Partner probably have very different and very complementary skills.  Don’t worry if neither match your current Partners (in Love or Business) – they can change, y’know.

You can use any meditation style you like.  One of my most effective styles is to just begin writing what I want.  I might start with “I want Community where I’m only expected to do what I love to do,” and write that several times, each time noticing if my writing is smooth from end to end.  Write it again, till your writing is perfectly smooth, with no jerks or kinks.  But let it change.  For instance, after three of those you might be inspired to write “I want Community where everyone is warm and helpful” several times, then something else.

Another of my favorites is to put my Full Attention into my Heart or my Belly, and just imagine how it will feel there when I’m in Bliss.  Just thinking about the topic is also just fine.

Negative material will force it’s way in, that’s inevitable.  “What if I can’t have that?”  “What will Mom say?”  When it does, just mumble Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade – Cancel the negative thought, Neutralize the negative Energy, and Upgrade the Thinker.  If that doesn’t work, and most especially if you encounter Fear or Anger, then tap it out.  This is very important and very deep work, and it will have leverage throughout your own future and the future of the Planet.  If you encounter Grief, embrace it.  Be an older loving friend to yourself, and just hold and comfort your grieving self, without denying any Realities.

You may also encounter Resistance to positive Energy.  “What if they get jealous?” or “I’d feel so Guilty having that!”  Ask yourself whose voice that is.  If it’s someone else’s voice – your father or your third-grade teacher – thank them for contributing and gently let them go.  If they won’t leave, bark at them.  If it’s your own voice, embrace the part of you that’s saying such nonsense.  They’re feeling left out, and they need your Love more than ever.  There’s something they want too, they just don’t know how to say it positively.  Ask them what it is that they want, gently coach it out of them.

Honeysuckle symbolizes many forms of Love, as well as staying True to our Mission.

Now, here’s the real (long) story.  Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing all this to my Attention.  If you have the time and inclination to read through it, at least skim it, it will much deepen your meditation and add more Oomph to your process.

The Quincunxes and Yods

Let me provide some essential background…

A Yod or Finger of God is two Quincunxes pointing to the same planet.  A Quincunx (two planes five Signs apart) recall is about Curiosity.  So a Yod is a narrow triangle with an Angle of 60 degrees at the Apex, and two Angles of 150 degrees at the Base.  Robert Wilkinson writes about Yods, and considers them to be “squeezing” the Energy of the two planets at the Base of the Yod through the Apex planet.  Like your toothpaste tube.  I’ve only got one natal Yod, and I can see how that view might work.  But the perspective that intense focus on the Apex opens up the Energy of the two Base planets makes more sense to me.

And the more important point is that we’re dealing with CuriosityEternal Curiosity.  Double Curiosity, Curiosity Squared.  And we regard Curiosity as one of the highest states of Consciousness, because it’s akin to Wonder and Awe.  Quincunxes are Awesome, in other words.  So a Yod would be Double Awesome.  No blessing quite like an Open Mind.  Now, sure, it takes nine lives to do a Yod, but maybe a Yod transcends Life-and-Death TranceFormation.  Maybe that’s why a Cat has nine lives.  Curiosity is akin to No Fear, and Love is an opposite to Fear.  A Relationship dies when you lose your Curiosity about the other person, and Judgement replaces it.  So Curiosity is like Love in more ways than one.

So I interpret a Yod as Eternal Curiosity about the elements governed by the three planets, a permanent absence of Fear, which I regard as a very high vibration.

The T-Squares

Meanwhile, we’ve talked a lot about T-Squares, three planets arranged in a fat triangle with a 90 degree Angle at the Apex and two 45 degree Angles on the Base…

A T-Square is two Squares to the same planet, and of course a Square represents Mastery through Challenge.  So a T-Square symbolizes Double Challenge, and Double Mastery.  A pain in the butt in other words, constant frustration.  We only get to Mastery by realizing that we will never Master the relationships between the three planets involved, we’ll only study it on deeper and more subtle levels.  It’s an Eternal Challenge.  Once we’re able to acknowledge our persistent and indefatigable dedication to these Challenges – and see the depth and breadth of our knowledge and wisdom about the dark corners of the issues involved when compared to someone without the same T-Square – then we’ll begin to honor ours Mastery!  And there is no greater Mastery!

The Diamonds

All of a sudden an astrological configuration has ascended into our Consciousness that folks are calling a “Diamond” pattern.  A Diamond is a Yod and a T-Square that share the same Apex.  When you draw it out, you see that the two planets on the Base of the Yod are Trine (Grace) and Sextile (Creative Grace) to the two planets on the Base of the T-Square, forming a bowl of Grace under the two triangles.

I have to say that, from my perspective, it don’t get much more glorious than a combination of Eternal Challenge (when seen from the perspective of Mastery of course) with Eternal Curiosity!  And that’s not even counting the bowl of Grace that provides a nice rounded foundation.  So I would interpret a Diamond pattern as a sign of a potentially extraordinarily competent person or extraordinarily fortuitous moment – albeit a person who may need some coaching to recognize their own skills, or a moment that may appear ambiguous from the outside.  And a person or moment that might have Momma Cat scurrying around rescuing the rascal by the scruff of the neck from trouble.

So we regard these new-fangled Diamond thingies as pretty fabulous.

The Solstice Diamonds

One reason this topic is up, is because someone has noticed a Diamond pattern forming on Big Solstice day.  That would be pretty neat, but there’s some controversy around it, because in order to create it you need the Ascendant.  I use Angles to the Ascendant, because it’s a very important symbolic point in a chart, having to do with how we relate to the World and how the World relates to us.  Ascendant is to Horoscope as Mouth (or Keyboard) is to Voice.  I regard it as highly significant if someone or some moment has a planet on the Ascendant, aka a planet “Rising” – since the Ascendant is the eastern horizon at the time that the chart was drawn for, the planet is quite literally Rising, which means it’s very important in the chart, and that the person has a lot to say.

The problem with using an Ascendant as part of a complex configuration in a temporal chart, is that Sunrise races all the way around the Planet every day.  So if we’re talking about an Angular relationship between two planets, that Angle holds no matter where you are on the Earth.  But if you’re talking about an Angular relationship between a planet and the Ascendant, that only holds for a few minutes in any given place, because the Ascendant circles the Zodiac every 24 hours.  So when we have a Diamond formation that includes the Ascendant, what we have is a very momentary phenomenon.

That’s when you’re in one place.  When we talk about the moment when an Angular relationship between two planets is exact, we have to recast the time of that moment for your own Time Zone, because the exact relationship occurs at an instant of time, and that instant is expressed differently in different global Time Zones.  The Solstice happens once, at twelve minutes after 3am PST, and if you follow that link you can see what the clock will say in your own neck of the Woods at that moment.

But an Angular relationship between a planet and the Ascendant occurs at the same clock time, no matter where you are.  Of course that will vary with how far you are from your Reference Meridian.  Time and the Earth’s rotation are continuous, but there are only a discrete number of Time Zones.  So the clock says the same thing in Boston as it does in Detroit, because they’re in the same Time Zone.  But the Reference Meridian for Eastern Time runs through Philadelphia, in between the two.  So if you’re in Philadelphia, your clock time is “true.”  But the Sun rises earlier in Boston, and later in Detroit.  So your clock time and the “real” time aren’t the same, but they’re usually less than a half-hour apart, so we don’t notice till we cross a Time Zone boundary and have to reset our watches.

The upshot of all that, is that an Angular relationship to the Ascendant will happen at more or less the same clock time anywhere in the World.  Very unusual for astrology, but it happens.

Now, as it turns out, the Big Solstice chart has two Yods in it, one to Jupiter (Expansion) and one to Ceres (Sustainability/Sustenance).  Each Apex planet has one Square to another planet, so as the World turns, a T-Square will be formed to each Apex from the Ascendant, and this event will occur at approximately the same clock time all ’round the World.  Like New Year.  Remember Peter Jennings’s fabulous New Year World tour at 1/1/2000?  Best thing that ever happened to television.

The Pentagrams

One final aside, before we try to integrate the four planets and Ascendant in each Diamond to see what the devil they might mean.

When you draw a Diamond in a chart, like the one at

and ignore the five lines around the outside of the circle, what’s left is a five-pointed Star – a Pentagram.  What does a Pentagram symbolize?  Power, as in Magic is afoot.  The Tarot refers to it as the Hierophant – learning and teaching, and there is Power in both Knowledge and Wisdom.  In traditional “fairy tales,” a Pentagram pointing up symbolizes “White” Magic, and one pointing downward symbolizes “Black” Magic.  But it’s not that simple.  The difference between White Magic and Black Magic is political.  It’s an artifact of the Olde Male competitive view of the World, where there is contest between Good and Evil, and the difference is defined by Authority.

That’s waaay outa line with the Yin Integrity that our current-time- dominating Uranus-Pluto process requires.  And Uranus, when seen from the perspective of the status quo, represents Disruption.  And Disruption of Business as Usual is certainly in order.  I know, there’s more than enough Disruption going on already.  So maybe what we need is to Disrupt the Disruption.  Would that be White or Black Magic?

Regress for a few minutes to the time before the Pope redefined Saturnalia (the Roman equivalent of the modern Oktoberfest or Mardi Gras) as Evil, before the Angel of Light became Lucifer.  Those were political Trance(Re)Formations.  The word politics means Ego.  It means competition to have my Ego (and my Control over Power, Money, and You) dominate your Ego.  In today’s World, it’s not at all clear whether it’s White Magic that’s good or Black Magic.  Like Google, they can Do No Evil.  Of course they spy on your every keystroke (and your front yard and your Wi-Fi connection) and sell the information to obnoxious advertisers and others who do not have your best interests at heart.   White Magic is our Magic, Black Magic is their Magic.  And they eat Babies!

As we open the Planet to greater Gender Balance, and Eris and Lilith claim their Power as representatives of the Dark Goddess (from the perspective of the Olde Male), many of those now-old definitions will be turned on their heads.  Eris produces Discord by bringing Denial into Consciousness.  Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.  Think about whether Wall Street would in your view be a haven of White Magic or Black Magic.  Would your grade school teachers and your other cultural programmers have had the same view?

The point is that we have no way of knowing whether it’s White Magic or Black Magic that will rebirth the Planet.  I mean, She’s in Labor anyway, so what do we have to do with it?  Well, we’re part of Her Consciousness, and like it or not, we’re Co-Creating  the new Trance.  Who knows, it may even be Both/And, White and Black.  Wouldn’t that be unique!

The Other Angels, er, Angles

The Squares to both Apex planets are from behind (in the order of the Signs), so when we add the Square to the Ascendant, that will be ahead of the Apex, and the Pentagram will be “right side up,” pointing skyward, toward the Midheaven (Community).  To find the Diamond that points down toward Mother Earth (Security, known in astrology as the “IC”), we need to use the Descendant instead to complete our T-Square.  The Descendant is the point in the chart where the Sun would set, the western horizon.  The Descendant is every bit as important as the Ascendant, it just concerns our relationships with our Partners, rather than our relationships with the World.

Sorry, one more aside, but a short one…

Now, if we’re going to use the Ascendant, there’s no reason in the World why we wouldn’t also use the Midheaven and the IC – they’re every bit as important as the Ascendant.  Since our Diamond Pentagram is not symmetrical, when we move the clock to draw Squares to either of these points, the tall spur on the Star points left or right, but either way a short spur points up, and another short spur points down.  These clock times will give us either Grey Magic or Rainbow Magic, depending on whether you’re combining crayon colors, splitting the White Light into its components, or penetrating the Shadows for the hologram within them.

So we end up with four clock times as Portals of Power, one White, one Black, and two Rainbow.  Now it’s time to examine the planets involved, so we can guess what sort of Power we might be talking about.

The Jupiter Diamond

One of the Diamonds puts Jupiter (Expansion) at the Apex, Saturn (Focus) and Pluto (Tranceformation) on the Base of the Yod, and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm) at one end of the T-Square Base.  Of course the other end of the T-Square Base is the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, or IC, depending on the time.  Saturn and Pluto are Sextile (Creative Grace) to one another, so with a little kick-start from ourselves (the Creative part), Grace will flow when we Focus on the TranceFormation.  Focusing on the Trance is a little oxymoronic, since the Trance is mostly Unconscious, but what it amounts to is Focusing on what we want Transformed, and how we would like to see it Transformed.  You can Focus on what you don’t want if you like, but if you do, tap on it while you’re doing it, so you don’t manifest the negative.  The Unconscious is not Dual and it doesn’t know what negation is, but your Meridians do know what Balance is.

So basically, by putting our Attention into Expansion (Jupiter), we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us.  Since we’ve got Chiron-Neptune on one corner of the T-Square, we’re Challenged to Expand into the as-yet-undefined (aren’t we Curious!) New Paradigm and imagine how it might surprise and delight us!  What this says to me is that we have a lot of Power to change the World during these Portals.  It will be important to focus on the Mastery (What have we already learned?) more than the Challenge (What haven’t we learned yet?).

Now we have to present a passage from Marko Pogacnik’s Healing the Heart of the Earth: Restoring the Subtle Levels of Life (pp.17-18)…

“Earth healing is only possible by adhering to the following principles:

“1. The principle of cycles in the earth and nature realm should be respected.  In this way, the dark phase of decline and transformation is regarded as equal in value to the light phase of becoming and blossoming.  Under no circumstance should we ever try to ‘heal’ the seemingly ‘diseased state’ of a phase of transformation.  Whoever wants to heal has to discriminate between that which needs to be healed and that which shuns the need for healing – even if this feels upsetting.  Before anything else, healers should evaluate whether, by interfering with a phenomenon that seems to be crying out for earth healing, they are actually violating the integrity of a life cycle.

“2. If active steps towards earth healing are taken, we must not omit to alert the public or the person in charge of the place in question.  Mending a split in consciousness, transforming thought patterns hostile to the earth and acknowledging the divine nature of the earth’s systems are vital preconditions for any earth healing.  If we neglect this basic level then the results of healing, as impressive as they may seem, amount only to a tinkering with symptoms which does not touch the causes of the destruction of earth, nature and landscape.

“3. Clarity about our own motivations.  What moves us to dedicate ourselves to healing a place?  Is, perhaps, the strong upsurge in interest in earth healing also an unconscious expression of fear about the earth’s power to react by means of natural catastrophes to human disregard of her balance?  Or worse, does the urge to heal the earth mask a continuing determination to dominate the earth and her nature realms?  Traditionally this dominance has taken place through the power of human intelligence, therefore today this superior attitude towards the earth could find expression through a misguided ‘intention to heal’ that continues to debase the earth by regarding it as an object.

“These are no means just rhetorical questions…  It is far easier to perceive the alienation and destruction of the rhythms of life outside ourselves, in our environment, than to admit that our own spiritual-soul Self is a stranger or that we are living in a state of inner chaos.”

The four Angles are very personal.  We can see them as our Voice (Ascendant), our Security (IC), our close Relationships (Descendant), and our Community (Midheaven).  I’m going to focus on December 20, Thursday.  These Diamonds persist on other days before and after, to one extent or another, but they are strong on Thursday.  Tune in to the Airwaves when these Portals are about to open, so you can learn what it feels like when they open.  Then you can adjust your times accordingly, and feel for the same Energies on other days.  On Thursday the Jupiter Portal is open for about 45 minutes or so, on or around these times…

  • Midheaven/Community (Rainbow), 5am
  • Descendant/Relationships (Black), 11:20 am
  • IC/Security (Rainbow), 5pm
  • Ascendant/Voice (White), 10pm

In other words, using Marko’s “rules,” spend as much or more time on your own sense of Community, Relationships, Security, and Willingness to Speak Out about your Desires for the future of the Planet, as you spend on Healing the Planet.  Substitute Responsibility for Blame – that means formulating how we will respond to where we are rather than assigning Blame for how we got here.  And don’t keep your light under a bushel about this – Speak Up about how you feel about the state of the Planet and whether Human Institutions are Life-affirming or not.

I don’t recall where I read this, and I don’t recall the issue, maybe it was Global Warming.  Someone was interviewing people about how they felt about it.  The folks in the first house said they were very concerned about it, but they didn’t talk to their neighbors about it because they knew that their neighbors felt differently and they didn’t want to argue with their neighbors.  By the time the interviewer finished the block, three fourths of the households told them the same story!  You may see your neighbor driving a soot-spewing diesel, but not see them conscientiously recycling their milk cartons and washing their diapers.  The Tipping Point won’t happen till we start talking – and as we do, listening.  Not to find debating points, but to find commonality that can be nurtured.

Notice that these times do not divide the day into four even quartiles.  That’s because there are two other factors complicating the issue – the system of Houses that are used, and the Latitude.  There are several different ways to divide the Zodiac into Houses and position the cross of Angles that define them.  This House system (Placidus) consistently works well for me, but you may be using a different one.  In this system, the further you are from the Equator, the more asymmetrical the Houses become.

The Ceres Diamond

The second Diamond has Ceres (Sustainability and Sustenance) at its Apex.  We need to remember that Ceres Rising (in all Time Zones) was one of four prominent configurations in the 1/1/2000 chart, and hence dominates the Century.  Ceres Rising means Sustainability and Sustenance coming into Awareness.  For those of us in the Consumer Class, Sustainability means Sustenance, because we’re asked to give up luxuries.  For the rest of the World’s Peoples, and for the World itself and all of Her Conscious Beings (material or otherwise), Sustainability means facilitating Survival in a way that thrives and is in Balance.

The other planets in the Ceres Diamond are Rahu (the Moon’s North Node or Dragon’s Head: our Mission) and Mars (Energy, Assertion) on the Base of the Yod, and Pallas (Boundaries) on the Base of the T-Square, along with the Angles.  In other words, by learning to respond to impediments (the T-Square) from the place of Wisdom rather than the place of Passion (Pallas), yet giving our full Attention and Energy (Mars) to our Mission (Rahu), we will surprise and delight ourselves (the Yod) by creating Sustainability (Ceres).  Give or take 20 minutes or so on either side, the Ceres Portals will be open on or around…

  • Midheaven/Community (Rainbow), 6am
  • Descendant/Relationships (Black), noon
  • IC/Security (Rainbow), 4pm
  • Ascendant/Voice (White), 11:45pm

These should really be fun.  When we make a real shift in our Presence, we can feel our Future shifting from one road to another and the potholes filling in, and it’s exhilarating.

Another She-Bear

November 27, 2012

Here’s our Eclipse Launch Vehicle…

and the Second Stage…


By the way, the Moon Occults (hides) Jupiter at 4 minutes past 5pm PST tomorrow.  That would be pretty fantastic to see, though my back-of-an-envelope (literally) calculation puts it somewhere near Wake Island in the western Pacific.  Cosmologists theorize something called Inflation, when the Universe supposed expanded by zillions of times in a grillionth of a second.  Imagine if our Dreams were to do that!  I can’t think of a better metaphor for an Occultation of Jupiter than that sort of unfathomable expansion in our self-knowledge and self-confidence.

Another Big Weekend

October 3, 2012

As Frank or Ernest once said,

“Every time I just get my budget in order, along comes another big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!”

Well, here we are again.  While the more important issue is our Spiritual budget, our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up pretty big these days too.  Western astrology hails from Medieval Europe, where money was not a big part of most people’s lives.  You did your best to support your community, and your community did its best to support you.  You didn’t worry so much about how much you were getting paid, you worried about how to help your support system survive the next winter.  It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution and the Enclosure of the Commons that people and community in Europe were ripped out of their context as an intimate part of Nature and given flush toilets and Money instead.  In the rest of the World it was mostly Colonialism that industrialized Nature.

The same pattern is repeating today.  In the 16th and 17th centuries sea travel allowed the European elite to exploit the rest of the World.  They liked that so much that in the 18th and 19th century they used steam power to exploit the other 99% of Europeans.  There was significant popular opposition to the Industrial Revolution and to the Enclosure of the Commons, but you’ll never learn about either unless you dig for it, because as in any war, it’s the winners that write the history books and extol the wondrous virtues of machines and private property and the “rule of law.”  Is “Luddite” a term of praise, or “sabot-age” a virtue?  Today it’s the Banksters that are bringing about the end of Money through their own self-sabotaging greed.

It’s no accident that our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up.  Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) means “just fix it,” but the essence of Capricorn is survival and exchange.  Medieval astrology is based on the Northern-Hemisphere calendar, and Capricorn represents the onslaught of winter.  Capricorn sorts the Ants from the Grasshoppers.  The astrological “House” (the Houses are like the Signs, but they initiate at Sunrise rather than at the Spring Equinox) that corresponds to Capricorn is the Tenth.  The Tenth House is usually interpreted as pertaining to career, but the deeper meaning is Community.  You remember 2008, eh?  Pluto doesn’t do symptom relief, it roots out the cause so it can be healed.

Speaking of Houses, let’s continue that thread for a minute.  Pluto is associated with (in astrologuese, it “rules”) the Eighth House, which in turn correlates with the “products of relationship” – the gains and losses that relationships bring us.  And Pluto is associated with (or “rules”) Scorpio, which implies getting to the bottom of things, relentlessly and fearlessly.  Scorpio gets its reputation for subterfuge because anybody with a strong Scorpio influence learns early not to share too much, cuz when they did talk about their reality it scared the shit out everybody.  Better to just shut up.  Denial is a protection to maintain a fragile Ego, and Ego is important for survival.  Scorpio and Denial are antithetical.

So we ask, what was it we were Denying that triggered the collapse of the World economy as Pluto entered Capricorn?  What is it that we need to “just fix”?  What is it that we don’t want to look at because it threatens our Ego?  Since to answer those questions for the Collective we need to examine our own Perception, we look for mirrors; maybe, what part of our own life involves “self-sabotaging greed”?  Abundance means having enough to share.  What in our life are we scared to share because of fear of Scarcity?  I mean all this as rhetorical, not as confrontation.  If you’re reacting emotionally, tap it out.  If you want to use this as a trigger for meditation, feel free, but my intention is to weave a fabric of ideas as a background for what we really want to talk about here.

Saturn Enters Scorpio

First, Juanita reminds us that Saturn is about to enter Scorpio, on Friday October 5 (half past 1pm PDT).  Saturn rules Capricorn, and Pluto rules Scorpio, so we will have what’s called a “Mutual Reception” between them as each planet occupies the Sign that the other rules.  For a while now we’ve also had a Mutual Reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius.  Mutual Reception is a big deal in astrology, and we will now have all four of the outermost traditional planets in Mutual Reception.  That’s extremely fortuitous for us as a species, and will provide a real boost to our Spiritual and Community evolution.

Juanita quotes Mark Borax’s reading of Saturn in Scorpio, “Burning Karma” which I recommend highly.  In chemistry, there is healing in levity, and Boron is one of the lightest elements.  Mark starts out,

“This raises the question: Just what, exactly, is karma, and how does it burn?”

and provides some great perspective on Karma and Revelations.  It might be useful to point out that it’s Uranus that represents personal Karma, Neptune that symbolizes ancestral Karma, and Pluto that informs us about collective Karma.  Our Mutual Reception suggests that, as we evolve, personal Karma and collective Karma will be mutually supportive, while ancestral Karma and personal Ego (Saturn) will be collaborating constructively.  What might all that look like?  Well, a collaboration between personal and collective Karma is not a big surprise; we’ve been shifting our consciousness to include Co-Creation for a while now.  “The Ancestors” is a code word for the Energies embodied by the Faerie World.  So the efforts we’ve been making to reanimate the World certainly count as mutual support between ancestral Karma and Ego.

That last paragraph deserves a long exposition; lemme know if you want one and we’ll provide it.  Right now I want to take us in another direction.  We interpret Saturn as Focus and Concentration.  Saturn’s reputation as a malefic and as limitation arise because Saturn asks us to Focus on the most important thing, on Priority #1, and let go of our fallbacks, even though Priority #1 scares us because of the risk of failure.  If we fail on Priority #5 we can make that up, but if we fail on Priority #1, well, we might as well be dead.  Which is Ego, Saturn, because the only death that anyone ever endures is Ego Death, the rest is just trance(re)formation.

So what’s the most important thing?  Of course for each of us the details will depend on our Mission, but Scorpio says that the most important thing for the next coupla years will be getting to the bottom of it.  Getting to the real Root Cause.  Root Cause of what?  Well, the answer that Uranus and Pluto would suggest is that we get to the bottom of the impediments to our Spiritual and Community (economic, monetary) evolution.  Fearlessly.  So this is a good thing, in fact a fabulous wind to have at our backs as we move into Rebirth (which as always is also a Death).  Looking forward we see Rebirth, looking backward we see Death.  Which is to say, Excitement equals Fear plus Breathing.

The Saturn Ingress Chart

The chart for Saturn’s Ingress into Scorpio is of course a lot like the “horrendous” chart of last week’s Full Moon, but with a few significant changes.  The second Grand Cross is broken, leaving us with a T-Square between Pluto, Uranus, and Ceres, pointing at Uranus.  That’s a Challenge to integrate our Soul Download (Uranus) with our social-historical context (Pluto) in a sustainable way (Ceres).  Do we demonstrate against the Banksters, or teach people how to recycle?  The Cerean route to Sustainability usually leads through Sustenance, as it often asks us to give up attachment to what is comfortable but unsustainable.  As with any T-Square, the first requirement is to give up any notion that there is a “problem” to be “solved.”  That approach is guaranteed to fail.  A T-Square is a graduate seminar; there are no “answers,” only exploration and curiosity and creativity.

Mercury has moved up to closely Conjoin Saturn, in fact itself crossing into Scorpio just ten hours before Saturn does, and Conjoining Saturn an hour before that.  So this Saturn Ingress is not just about getting to the bottom of things, it’s about understanding them as well, and talking about them.  The Mercury-Saturn cycle lasts only a year, so normally we wouldn’t make a big deal of it, but given its timing, it’s very relevant.  The Sabian Symbol (a reading for the degree of the Conjunction) for this last degree of Libra is

“Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher’s Head.”

A little unusual, but fortuitous, implying that we’ll be learning a great deal in the year to come.

And the Moon now Conjoins Jupiter instead of Uranus.  Jupiter, the Great Amplifier, was the least-involved planet in the Harvest Moon chart, so this change will amplify our Excitement about what we’re evolving into.  In this chart, Moon-Jupiter Trines the Sun, but the three of them remain mostly uninvolved with the rest of the planets.  Generally, an isolated planet is a strong planet, though a “sleeper.”  So this configuration continues to emphasize Jupiter.  The one “minor” interaction that Jupiter does make is a Sesquisquare to Saturn.  A Sesquisquare is halfway between a Square and an Opposition, and symbolizes something like irritation.

But the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is intimately involved with economic trends.  This is the Waning Sesquisquare, and it tells us that we’re almost finished harvesting what we want to preserve from the Industrial Age, before we dive head first into the Electronic Age.  A lot of folks are talking about replacing Money that is “based on the full faith and credit of the government” (which faith and credit is pretty much extinct) with Money that is based on Gold, but we may be going a lot further than that, maybe moving to full faith and credit in our Self and our Community.  Hank Wesselman’s book Spiritwalker and it’s sequels make a fabulous picture of something similar – and maybe also likely, depending on what we co-create.

From May 2013 (the Jupiter-Saturn Phitile) till late 2020 (the next Conjunction), we fall into the Void in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  Jupiter is expansion, Saturn contraction.  Neither is good or bad, we obviously need both, in their relevant contexts.  Our most constructive approach to the Void of any Cycle is to clear away expectations.  We could provide the Sabian Symbol of the next Conjunction (1 Aquarius), but if we did it would provoke expectations, eh?  Any new Cycle is different – we can’t comprehend what it will be like from within the preceding Cycle, because we can’t know intellectually what the Universal Unconscious will co-create during the Void, or how much our failure to release expectations will contaminate the new Energy.

The bottom line is that we’ll be somewhere between the end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Singularity, and the transition will be very fluid, with many culdesacs and strange-seeming twists and turns Labor is pretty much obsolete, and most of us will probably be sitting on the edges of our Communities trading what we have for what we want.  But don’t let me sow any expectations.  Since only Intuition can tell where we’re going, and that only tentatively and metaphorically, our only recourse is to keep our Attention short-term, and enjoy the journey.  It will be exhilarating, if we keep breathing.  Think globally, act locally will probably continue to be a useful suggestion.

The Jupiter Station

The other hare in the Saturn-Ingress ointment is that Jupiter is Stationary, as it turns Retrograde on Thursday (quarter past 6am PDT).  Particular intriguing, since the Moon Occults Jupiter a half hour after the Saturn Ingress.  An Occultation, recall, creates Awareness, so we may expect (we don’t need to give those up till next May) to see the hope-inspiring shift in the Lamestream Media, from promulgating lies to seeking some semblance of relevance if not truth, continue.  A Stationary planet is a Strong planet, and I normally expect a much greater impact from a Station than from an Ingress.  We saw how profound the impact was when the North Node backed into Scorpio, though, and in this astroenvironment we don’t want to discount Scorpio.

So we’d be inclined to label this weekend a Jupiter-Saturn weekend, more than a Saturn-Ingress weekend.  Jupiter symbolizes extroversion and Saturn introversion, so don’t be surprised if your shoulds and wannas seem to conflict over the next several days (just move to Both/And).  Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within includes a fabulous introduction to how the energies of expansion, contraction, and compression feel in your own body, the positive function of each, and whether you habitually use them congruently.

The Jupiter-Station chart features a momentary Golden Trapezoid, as the Moon moves in between the South Node and Lilith to complete the configuration.  A Golden Trapezoid is made up of two Fingers of God that share an arm.  A Quincunx is two planets five Signs apart, and a Finger of God is three planets with two Quincunxes between them, and a Sextile forming the third angle.   When two Fingers of God share a Quincunx, that creates two Sextiles (two Signs apart) at their bases, with a Square (three Signs apart) filling the fourth angle.  I know, hard to picture, but the bottom line is that it’s a

Big Blessing.

The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity or Wonder (our natural state).

The Fingers of God point at Mercury-Saturn and Pallas Athena.  So we have Grace permeating two skills – knowing what we must do (Mercury-Saturn), and Boundary-setting (Pallas).  So we have two questions that will answer themselves – I wonder what I need to do? and I wonder how to balance protection and vulnerability with that person?  Remember that Manifestation consists of wondering, then changing the subject (not thinking about it), so magic is afoot around healing our relationships.  Since this is in the Jupiter-Stationary chart, it will impact the entire Jupiter-Retrograde period.  The other corners of the Golden Trapezoid are Venus and the Moon, bringing our semi-permanent (Venus) and temporary (Moon) Emotions into the Curiosity equation.  That’ll reduce our expectations and demands.

Jupiter flies backwards through the end of January, retrograding across 16 to 7 degrees of Gemini, or the Leo through Scorpio portions of Gemini.  Gemini represent flexibility, and Leo through Scorpio is the portion of the Zodiac where we realize that we are not the center of the Universe after all, and open ourself up to meaningful relationship with other people.  This process began in mid-July, and it will be the end of April before we put the finishing touches on this transreformation.

The Grand Trine and the Cusps

The Grand Trine from the Harvest Moon chart remains in place in both the Jupiter-Stationary chart and the Saturn-Ingress chart.  Mercury-Saturn was the one corner of the Grand Trine that was not involved in the Grand Crosses, so we can see Insight as the Big Grace that is offered to us here.  Since the Grand Trine graces the cusps of the Water Signs, our Insights will be deeper than shallow intellectualizations, and will lead to Real Change.  A Grand Trine is Big Grace, so we get to watch it happen, rather than trying to make it happen.

All but a few of the planets in all of these charts are on cusps, so the underlying theme of the whole affair is Change.  Venus moved out of Leo and into Virgo earlier in the week, and Mars moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on Saturday – both moving from Fixed Signs to Mutable Signs.  Mutable Signs are open to change; Fixed Signs are not.  And Venus and Mars are about our Emotional constitution, what we’re willing to support (Venus), and what we’re willing to work toward (Mars).  The Changes are accelerating.  Lord knows the US Congress could even start working again!  That would be a true Miracle!


Gaze at the picture for a while.  It’s a piece of pure crystalline Germanium, sitting on a bed of blue Kyanite and black Schorl.  Focusing on the three-dimensionality of the Germanium, you can feel the bones in your head expanding to encompass the broader perspective.  What happens in the rest of your body?  Are you breathing?  Schorl (black Tourmaline, or Sodium Iron Aluminum Borocyclosilicate Hydroxide) grounds us, while Kyanite (Aluminum Nesosilicate) sops up undesirable Energy for recycling.  Elemental Germanium embodies the Primordial Feminine Magnetic Energy that is descending onto the Planet to balance the excess Masculine Dynamism that the Planet has been living with since way too long.

Uranus-Pluto in the Sky with Diamonds

June 12, 2012

Other than an Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon this coming weekend, now that both Neptune and Chiron are Retrograde, we’re kinda sliding “downhill” into the Uranus-Pluto Square.  Jupiter is an Amplifier, the Moon is often a trigger for whatever is brewing, and we regard an Occultation as a growth in Awareness.  So we might find a few cards starting to fall near the base of the global financial system this weekend, or we might find Uranus-Pluto (think Mandatory Yin Integrity) amplified, or maybe just big opportunities to get more in touch with our Gratitude.

Unfortunately, the Occultation occurs at noon over the Australian Outback, so it won’t be visible like Venus Walking was – the Moon is New the following Tuesday, so we won’t even see the Moon.  The Occultation does occur right over one of the Planet’s biggest Diamond mines, though, so get out your Diamonds and watch them sparkle, around 1am PDT on Sunday.

Now, if the next three years – while Uranus and Pluto Retrograde into and out of their Square many times – are like the sixties, what would that suggest for the World economy?  Lets ask the history books.  We’ll use the US as an example.

It took 25 years for the Tao Jones Industrial Average to get back to it’s 1929 peak of 381.  Then, from 1954 to 1964, the Tao climbed fairly steadily to 1000.  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction occurred in 1965.  The Tao made several attempts to decisively clear 1000 in the following decade, but it wasn’t until 1983 that it succeeded for more than a few days at a time.  Which is to say, the Tao was basically flat for 18 years after the Uranus-Pluto Initiation.  If you price the Tao in Gold rather than Dollars – which removes the effect of price inflation, it was worse; the Tao fell sharply from 1965 till 1983.

Now, the Tao is more of interest to investors than to “working folks,” but it was a good index for whether or not there was optimism in the economy.  Without optimism, the economy doesn’t grow faster than the increase in population, and folks get poorer.  Around 2007, the PowersThatBe began buying stocks to keep prices from crashing, and handing out millions of dollars to anyone who was already rich enough to think they deserved it, so after 2007 the Tao lost its value as the “price” of a nugget of American Industry.  The Tao in Gold has been falling sharply since 2000 (the PowersThatBe have also been ferociously selling Gold derivatives, which deflates Gold).

One good reason for the lack of optimism in the 60s was an expectation of price inflation.

It’s a general rule of elementary economics that a society can either spend its taxes on social improvements, or spend them on foreign wars, but that when there is an attempt to do both, price inflation goes up.  Price inflation means your money is worth less, because it buys fewer Rutabagas and Courgettes than it did yesterday.  Your government takes your money across the table by taxing you; it steals your money under the table by creating price inflation.  Governments can control price inflation fairly well, simply by printing more or less money.  If the money supply grows as quickly or slowly as the economy grows, no inflation.  When the money supply grows more rapidly than the underlying economy, Bingo, inflation.

Besides wearing FlowersInYerHairIfYouGoToSanFrancisco, or getting HalfAMillionStrongByTheTimeYouGotToWoodstock, or homesteading, one of the defining elements of the 60s was the protests against the Vietnam War.  After JFK was assassinated in Texas, President Johnson was enriching the Olde Boys in his home state by expanding the War in Vietnam – the companies that built most of the military facilities in Vietnam were based in Texas – while at the same time increasing spending on social improvements.  Young folks were liking the idea that their government was willing to help support them, and disliking the idea that they were being conscripted to go kill people and poison the Planet and themselves (with Agent Orange) in order to fatten the wallets of the already wealthy.

This is starting to sound familiar, isn’t it.

Since the 60s, Congress has made sure that every state gets the benefit of War spending – exporting bombs is one of the major skills that the American Empire has retained, so nobody votes against War, because if they do it’ll hit them in the pocketbook.  So what can you do, except vote against social improvements.  Obomba didn’t learn the lesson that President Johnson taught the Olde Boys in Congress, he’s too young, and too entranced by the mythology around Abe Lincoln.  Of the two, he seems to be more willing to give up social improvement than to give up his foreign wars.

We haven’t talked a lot lately about how the Planet’s doing, economically.  Here’s an accurate assessment of the present moment economically and politically…

(This is an ongoing blog; to get back to the June 12, 2012 posting, use this link:; we give the shorter link because the rest of what Jim has to say is equally interesting.)

What then can we do to AvoidGoingThroughAllThisTwice?  Here’s a video essay about a more sustainable process…

We’re part of that process too.  It might behoove us to pay more attention to that one, and less to the money-changers and power-brokers.  That process has a brighter future.

Neptune II

May 29, 2012

We’ve established, to our own satisfaction at least, that Neptune is currently prominent, by virtue of it’s June 4 Station, and consequently its barely perceptible movement.  Imagine what you would feel if the Sun stopped midway through its daily journey across the Sky; any other planet’s influence is similarly amplified when it slows to a crawl.  And that June’s two Big Events – Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun, and Uranus Squaring Pluto – are connected by Neptune.  She is still virtually Stationary when Venus Walks (and the Moon is Partially Eclipsed) next week, and she is Squared by Jupiter when Uranus Squares Pluto (and Saturn turns Direct) later in June.  In other words, Neptune is waving her arms and shouting “Look at Me!

Now, when we look to see what sort of impact a Square such as Jupiter’s Square to Neptune might have, we look in two places.  First, is it a waxing Square or a waning Square, and second, where and when was the preceding Conjunction.  The Conjunction initiates a new Cycle between the two planets, and defines the character of the entire Cycle.  At the waxing Square, or 1/4th point of the Cycle, the Cycle is gaining influence, and in fact, just coming into its own.  The new Energy of the new Cycle is prominent at the Conjunction, but there is still great resistance from the Energy of the previous Cycle.  Once the excitement of the Conjunction fades, the old Energy does everything it can to undermine the new Energy – until the waxing Square, when the new Energy takes hold fully and “becomes permanent,” for the rest of the Cycle anyway.  At the waning Square, the Cycle’s 3/4ths point, the new Energy has done its thing (peaking at the Opposition and the Phitile), and is beginning to fade.

Jupiter acts mostly as an amplifier, and in this kind of circumstance, where we’re dealing with outer planets dancing with one another, we could easily consider Jupiter a likely trigger for the initiation of long-developing trends into action, the way the Moon provides the same function for shorter trends and events.

The Uranus-Pluto Square is waxing, and so is the Jupiter-Neptune Square.  So we look to their respective Conjunctions to tease out the nature of their Cycles, which are both just now “becoming permanent.”  To see which obstreperous old fuddy-duddies, ne’er-do-wells, and obstructionists are about to be banished from the Temple, in other words.  Note that they are likely to be the loudest voices you can hear, as they shout out their last pathetic pleas for Attention.  Of course by now you well know that the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction occurred in the 60s.  But here we’ll talk about the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle.

Which was initiated on May 27, 2009, three years ago almost to the day, at 27 degrees of Aquarius.  You’ll recognize the Sabian Symbol – An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh Violets – the same as the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of February 2010.  At the time of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction, both Chiron and Neptune were Stationary, and only one fourth of a degree apart, doing their pre-Conjunction dance that Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner were celebrating so joyfully, as they signed all your tax money over to their buddies at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.  The current collapse of economic and political order in Europe is a direct result of that, as will be a later collapse in the US.  Jupiter Conjoined Chiron a few days prior to Conjoining Neptune, in the same degree.  Notice please Mr. Obomba and yer Repo rivals, that it’s fresh Violets, not fresh Violence.  Easy mistake for youall to make, not easy for the rest of us.  Jupiter reaches its waxing Square to Chiron on July 24 of this year.

In other words, Neptune makes this whole month turn out to be about the New Chiron-Neptune Paradigm.  To review, Chiron is about changing our perspective in such a way as to turn despair into miracles – as Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem using the same way of thinking that was used to define the problem.  The previous Chiron-Neptune Cycle began on the day when Emperor Hirohito surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri (which created an enormous change in the US and Japanese economies, from building bombs to building cars and electronic entertainment devices).  If you saw that change coming, and sold or converted your gunpowder factory, Chiron-Neptune was a huge opportunity; if you didn’t, it was a big bummer.  The Cycle before that, 1879, began when the bonds used to build the railroads from the US Midwest out to the Pacific collapsed – very similar to the housing collapse in 2007-2008.  Had you sold your rail mill and started a gunpowder plant in 1879, you’d have had a thriving century to follow.

So it’s clear that the economic collapse in Europe and the US is only a bummer to the extent that we hate change, and a big opportunity to the extent that we can intuit what the next Cycle is gonna be about.  For instance, converting from Gasoline to Natural Gas is a no-brainer.  Some “green” technologies, like windmills, will eventually prove viable.  Batteries can provide nowhere near the “power density” (horsepower per pound) that petroleum products and fuel cells provide, and no huge battery breakthroughs are in sight (other than making lead-acid batteries robust enough to survive for more than a week in a vehicle that kills the engine every time you take your foot off the accelerator).  Coming up with an alternative to both Gangs and Fascism for maintaining social order will be a win for somebody – we hope.  Pottery may not be the best business, since the Pottery is Ancient.  Flowers, maybe.  Or reanimating the Planet, as the Spiritual element of the Flowers is the world of the Faeries.

The Sabian Symbol for the 1945 Cycle was Libra 6, “A person watches their ideals taking a concrete form before their inner vision.”  Not sure how that relates to the Age of Automobiles and Electronic Toys, but obviously somebody had a vision.  Probably Mr. Toyoda or Mr. Samsung or Mr. Rockefeller, or all of the above and Mr. Pirelli as well.  The 1879 Cycle began at Taurus 11, “A woman watering flowers in her garden.”  If we recall the words to Where Have All the Flowers Gone, that certainly makes sense for the first half of the 20th century.

All of which makes the falling dominoes in southern Europe seem more and more like the first drop in the bucket of the End of the World as We Know it, duly scheduled for June.  The Uranus-Pluto (“I gotta be Me!“) stretches on until 2015, as the two planets Retrograde back and forth across one another’s Squaring paths.  If we make it into 2013, it’ll probably take till 2015 before the last domino, which could well be the US Dollar, falls.  By then southern Europe should be leading the Planet into the New Paradigm (as they often have in the past – the Ancient Pottery Bowl).  Europe has a long history of taking care of the Planet, by necessity – they can probably figure out how to frack responsibly, though as they re-colonialize a newly third-world North America, they may consider its landscape to be as expendable as it is exploitable.

Violets, Pansies, same diff.  Another common name for the species is Heartsease.  Nice, eh?

Mélange à Trois

March 11, 2012

Okay, so we got a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine, with Venus Aphrodite in Jupiter’s lap.  Let’s start with Pluto.  Think of a big River, and you get to choose between paddling upstream or paddling downstream.  When Pluto is lit up, the downstream route is not only easy, but you get a great assist from the flow of the stream.  But the upstream route is fraught with rapids, and even paddling like hell, you’ll never get anywhere, except maybe swept backward or sideways into the rocks.  If something isn’t working when Pluto is highlighted, give it up, for the time being anyway.

Now, let’s throw in Jupiter.  Jupiter is the Big Amplifier.  Whatever’s happening, Jupiter just blows it up big, and in general, things turn out pretty well.  It’s possible to get Jupiter to amplify a bummer, but unlikely.  Jupiter’s usually pretty good-natured, and stands well ‘longside the Wheel of Fortune.  So a Jupiter-Pluto Trine can be pretty sunny, if yer not fighting the tape.  The Big Danger is, as always, Identity.  If you think everything’s going along swimmingly because yer Hot Poo, yer gonna end up smelling pretty bad once you step out of the canoe, or the Energy shifts and you don’t shift with it.

Just watch Rick Sanitorium in a coupla weeks.  And maybe Mitt Rommel too, as they drive on deep into Egypt.  Or the American economy, or European banks – not to mention Amerikan banks.  As Clinton might say, “It’s the River, Stupid!”  It’s not you.  But that doesn’t mean you cant use the Energy to get a heckofa lot of good works done!  Especially with Mars on the other pole of the trifecta.  Put simply, Mars is Energy.  Just pure testosterone, which juices girls just like it does boys.  It’s not too bright, easily cajoled into doing dumb things that can be self-destructive, but it also very often comes through as the Star quarterback or homerun hitter.  Mars is kindofa teenager, it needs direction, but it’s well-intentioned, muscular, and enthused.  If you want help moving, or the lawn mowed, Mars is yer man.

It’s a Grand Trine, so accept the Grace, and milk it for all it’s worth.  Don’t take it to the bank, cuz the banks aren’t yer friend these days, but do take it home and tuck it under the mattress.  The downside isn’t Greed, it’s Arrogance.  Thinking it’s cuz yer cool, rather than cuz the Energy happens to be running your way.  What, how can the Energy run everybody’s way?  Easy, it’s Both/And.  If you actually sat down with them and learned where they were coming from and where they were going, you’d realize you aren’t even in the same Universe.  They aren’t your competition, they’re just a truck going by on the highway.

As long as you focus on your own goals and don’t waste your time examining someone else’s hand, everybody can have Aces.  Don’t get caught up in competition or resistance, just let the Energy flow in your direction.  Mars is retrograde, which is actually a boon, as it’s less likely to burn out, or burn you out.  Retrograde Energy is metered, it’s less likely to run off in every direction at once, more likely to consider possible consequences before punching the throttle.  If you don’t succumb to the temptation to own your successes and become a Red Giant, then you can keep your gains after the Energy shifts, and everyone’s a winner.  The Red Giants become White Dwarfs after the Energy shifts, so just giggle behind your hand at their games and ignore them.

Then we throw Venus into the blender.  Venus generally has a spotless reputation, she doesn’t turn rivals into Stone, or chain nobody to no Tree.  She’s a sweetheart.  She lives in your Heart, and Values what you Value.  Now remember, everybody’s Truth lies in their own Heart, but everybody’s Heart is different.  Venus doesn’t abide Power trips or Control trips or even persuasion or manipulation.  She’s from Arcturus, where it is assumed without question that Other is as Sacred as Self.

The Venus-Mars Cycle is about our Relationships, particularly our Relationship with ourself, otherwise known as our Relationshit.  This is the Waning Trine, where we receive the Grace we’ve earned from the current Cycle before it descends into the Void to be recycled.  The current Venus-Mars Cycle began in May 2011 at 10 degrees of Taurus, exactly the degree where Venus crosses Jupiter next week, sharing the same “Red Cross Nurse” anthem.  That is quite remarkable.  It means that the current flow in our Relationships will  continue and greatly expand, as Father Jupiter takes over the husband role from Brother Mars – speaking in terms of Power, not Incest.

It also means that if you haven’t been owning difficulties in your Relationships, those too will expand, till you take Responsibility for them.  You don’t care whether your partners take Responsibility for their Relationshit, cuz that’s their Karma, and waaay outa your hands.  It’s yer own Karma yer gonna hafta live with tillya don’t, so use the Power of the current configuration to move through and beyond yer own Stuff.  Move to yer Arcturean self – basically, I’m Okay, Yer Okay.  With yer nursey whites on, you can be very kind to yourself while you convalesce.

As with your political aims (the word Politics is from the word Power, which is a synonym for Ego – so yer “political aims” are what you want to manifest), don’t assume that because yer Relationships are smooth at the moment, that the Beast has departed.  It’s not you, it’s the Energy.  Accept it, embrace it, run with it, but recognize that it may not be a gift that keeps on giving.  A word to the wise – win-win is only possible when both parties play the game.  If party A goes into win-lose and party B stays in win-win, party A wins.  Be mindful that yer Relationshit may still have a component of codependence, even 25 years after the concept went out of fashion.  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie likes to say.

Venus and Jupiter are the two great Benifics.  Their coming together is a Goldilocks day, a day in bright Sunshine, with temperature and humidity just right and the Lilacs blooming, and the company exciting.  Coming together as a Red Cross Nurse symbolizes a compassionate Healing that will carry us through the initial Uranus-Pluto squares, through August 2014.  We can think of it as the Light of Ascension that underlies the Paradigm Shift that our Victims feels so tortuously when we forget to own the Karma, tap it out and tame it, and send it Home.

So nothing to rue here – Enjoy!

Eudialyte doesn’t just symbolize Joy, it also dispels that which is past its time and hesitates to move on.  It Cleanses and Heals.  There could be no better Stone for this occasion, and for the next several years.  Like the Tourmalines and Beryls, it is a Cyclosilicate, arranging its Silicate ions in six-sided rings.  But its basic cationic (positive charge) minerals are Sodium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zirconium, while it’s anionic (negative charge) minerals are Silicate and Chloride.  Minerals don’t have molecules, they have ions linked up in matched pairs to create a Crystal structure.  Iron can substitute for the Manganese, and Rare Earths like Cerium and Yttrium for either the Calcium or the Manganese, making it as varied as it is rare.

Mars Caught Smoking in the Loo

March 8, 2012

Well, not only is Mars closer to Earth than it will be at any other time this year (which just means we’re on the same side of the Sun), but he’s in the news smoking up a storm.  And the Star of the major drama of the next week and a half.

I tell people that the most powerful chart anybody can have, is one that features both a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine, that share a common corner.  Well that’s what dominates the next coupla weeks, and Mars is at the common corner.  Let’s digress a minute…

A Square occurs when two planets are one fourth of the way around the circle from one another, or three signs apart.  It symbolizes Mastery through Challenge – it presents itself as a puzzle or problem, but it has no solution.  It’s a heuristic – it serves only to teach.  So for instance, a person with a Square between Venus and Mars usually encounters life-long difficulties with Relationship – simply because their current life does not include enjoying Relationship, it includes only learning about Relationship.  How do we learn?  Not by doing things “right,” but by doing things “wrong.”  We Master a subject by exploring it’s edges, by uncovering its hidden taboos, and by eschewing conventional wisdom.

A Grand Cross is four Squares lined up in series, to circle the entire Zodiac.  The Grand Cross is actually easier than a single Square, because it’s “complete” and in balance.  It has symmetry.  However, it has the additional Challenge that each of the four planets and each of the four Squares must constantly be rebalanced relative to the other three.  So it requires constant vigilance.  A victim of a Grand Cross is constantly tossed from one pole to the other by constantly varying winds.  A master of a Grand Cross has gained wisdom on a wide variety of topics and mastery of a wide variety of skills.

Four is the number of the Emperor, symbolizing Dominion, control over one’s domain.  One moves from being a victim of a Square or a Grand Cross to a master when one becomes Conscious of it’s nature, realizes what the current lifetime is about, and stops coveting the perfection that they so clearly see but can never achieve.  When one sees Reality as a constantly moving variation on the perfect blueprint, rather than flaws in the form manifested from the blueprint.

Simply put, the blueprint is an Archetype, and we are slaves to Archetypes till we become Conscious of them and separate our Identity from them.  Ever notice how an impending cold increases your desire for Sugar?  The cold virus has hold of your Will.  You are feeling the virus’s craving for Sugar, and misinterpreting it as your own craving.  If you knew it was a cold virus doing the craving, you’d never feed it!  But if you think the craving is your own, then it’s an act of self-loathing to deprive yourself!  See why we’re always harping about Identity?  Because it’s the most powerful lever you have for dealing with Karma.

A Trine occurs when two planets are one third of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another, four signs apart.  A Trine represents Grace.  It also often comes through as arrogance, as the carrier of a Trine may have a hard time seeing that other people do not share their good luck.  Haven’t seen his chart, but Romney’s constantly getting himself in trouble for revealing his Triney nature.  A team functions when each member performs their assigned roles. In order to relate to others in a team, a Trine must become Conscious, so the carrier knows that they have a unique skill, and can align it with the unique skills of others.

In American football, a wide receiver must move fast to get downfield and catch a pass, while an offensive lineman must move not at all in order to prevent the defense from rushing the quarterback.  If the wide receiver belittled the lineman about their lack of speed, and the lineman belittled the receiver about their inability to stop speeding freight trains (except perhaps in good-humored jest), there would be no teamwork.  If Grace is heads on a coin, Gratitude is tails – Grace and Gratitude are opposite sides of the same event.  Without Consciousness about our Trines, we do not have Gratitude for the good luck they convey to us, and without Gratitude, Grace will stop flowing.

A Grand Trine is three Trines lined up in series to circle the entire Zodiac.  It’s complete, in balance, and symmetrical.  And it demands exquisite Consciousness and constant Gratitude, or the arrogance will divert you from your Mission even more than remaining an unconscious victim to your Squares.  As Alan Watts said, your Good Karma is harder to let go of than your Bad Karma.  At least as an unconscious victim to your Squares, you’re still learning, even if you aren’t paying attention to what you’re learning.  Once you become Conscious, you’ll reframe all of your victim experiences.  When you become Conscious of the arrogance in your Trines, you gain only regret.

Three is the number of the Empress, symbolizing Love with Wisdom, or Compassion, the complement to Dominion.  If you can’t in a few thoughts describe the difference between sympathy, empathy, and compassion, consider it to be an assignment to study these differences.  They’re critically important to Presence, and Presence is where Consciousness and Identity converge, out there in that field that Rumi talked about.

So you can find a lot of Great People with Grand Crosses in their horoscopes, and a lot with Grand Trines.  Of course Great People are just victims of antique cultural models left over from the Age of Aries.  In the Age of Aries, some 4000-2000 years ago, there were true mythic Heroes, David and Hercules and Loki and Thoth and Inanna and Isis and Aphrodite and Freya.  Think about how few Great People are Conscious of the difference between their own Identity and the Archetype they represent.

The people you truly admire are more likely to be an obscure aunt, or a quietly generous storekeeper, or a friend from grade school whom you never appreciated at the time.  At least I hope so.  If the folks you admire most are Great People from the propaganda mills, I invite you to reconsider your Identity.  It could change your life in ways you’d never imagine.

Bear with me a minute more, as there’s one more concept we need…

Orb” is the astrological term for “slop.”  When two planets form an Angle with one another like a Square or Trine, they typically form that exact Angle for only a short time.  When they do, the Angle is said to be exact or complete.  But the influence of the Angle stretches beyond the moment of completion, often far beyond.  That “slop” in time is called “Orb.”

In a birch chart, you typically look for influences within six to ten degrees (out of 360 degrees in the full circle) of Orb.  In a chart of the Current Time, you typically use one degree of Orb, or if it’s a Big Deal, maybe three degrees.  We deal mostly with charts of Current Time, and we usually use one degree of Orb.

Okay, now we can get down to the meat of the issue…

Now, the combination of a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine in the same chart is exceedingly rare.  There are certain advantages to having both in the same chart, as the good luck of the Grand Trine can compensate for the constant frustration of all the Squares, and the challenges of the Grand Cross can deflate the arrogance of the Grand Trine.  Together, their interplay can act as a fertile medium for Consciousness.  Or, you could see any number of Master Knaves from the history books, whose arrogance is matched only by their disregard for others (a product of projecting the challenges of their Squares).

So basically, it’s the ultimate in horoscopes.  Of course, every horoscope is The Ultimate to its owner, and every horoscope matches the power and subtlety of every other horoscope, but in different ways.  That’s the unique glory of astrology, that everyone is unique and equal, and everyone has their own unique blend of Power and Mystery.  But if you want to talk about the kinds of dramas that are acted out on the World Stage and in the history and herstory books and the covers of the Hot Sheets in the supermarket checkout line, look to Grand Trines and Grand Crosses.  Notta lotta subtlety there, mostly power.

When a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross align so that they share the same planet on one of their corners, that planet becomes The Star of the Whole Show.  There is probably no greater spotlight that you could shine on a planet.

For the next week anda half, that’s exactly what’s going on in the World’s horoscope, a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross, sharing a retrograde and close-to-Earth Mars as their common corner.  I’ll just give the chronology today, and follow up with interpretation as the week&ahalf wears on.

Jupiter and Pluto are within one degree of their Trine from March 7 till March 17, with the Trine exact on March 12.  This is the foundation for the whole party.

Mars lines up to Trine both of them and complete the Grand Trine, within one degree of Orb, from March 12 to March 16 for the Trine to Jupiter, and from March 12 to March 17 for the Trine to Pluto.  Both Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Pluto are exact on March 14, so Magic will be afoot Bigtime March 12-14.  Mars is retrograde, so he’ll be backing in to the alignment.

So if I get busy and neglect to write about a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine in the next several days, remind me!

As if this wasn’t enough, Jupiter Initiates Venus on March 13, bang in the middle of the exactitude of the Grand Trine.  The anthem for this new Venus-Jupiter cycle is “A Red Cross nurse” – talk about an abundance of Grace and Healing!  If you been lucky enough to have clear weather, you’ve been watching Venus and Jupiter converge in the evening sky.

So we also have to write about the Venus-Jupiter Cycle, and a Venus-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine with Jupiter amplifying Venus no end.  Venus as the Evening Star is Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Then, to top it off, Black Moon Lilith joins the Venus-Jupiter Initiation on March 12.  We don’t work much with Black Moon Lilith, we leave that pretty much up to Creedence Clearwater – no, just kidding.  Lilith is a “Bad Moon” only to the worst kinda chauvinist.  Kelley Hunter does work with Black Moon Lilith, so I usually defer to her.

That’s the Big Show, and it would be totally Grand even without the Grand Cross.

This all happens in 10 degrees of the Earth Signs, where Venus and Jupiter are shifting from the Taurus Decanate of Taurus to the Virgo Decanate of Taurus, which means it’s lightening up, not grasping so hard as Taurus usually does.  And Pluto is moving from the Capricorn Decanate of Capricorn to the Taurus Decanate of Capricorn, meaning that Pluto is digging in, getting even more ferociously tenacious than Pluto usually is.

So far Pluto’s only been sorta dabbling in Capricorn, but now it’s gonna get serious, and take no prisoners.  Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes Just Fix It, and at least as far as the World Economy is concerned, our “leaders” have been doing anything but.  The time has come to move it.  Since constructive problem-solving doesn’t seem to be in their playbooks, it may have to arrive through crisis – or since there’s so much Grace about, through the Fuhrers suddenly finding new chapters in their playbooks.

Earth Signs symbolize stuff, materiality, hardcopy Reality, the kind that the Muggles think is Real.  So the World Economy could very well be front and center.

As for the chronology of the Grand Cross…

Mars is within one degree of a Square to both of the Moon’s Nodes from March 12 to March 17, and exactly Square on March 14.  The Moon’s Nodes delineate our Mission in the lifetime, so they’re kinda important.

Mars opposes the asteroid Pallas on March 12, and is within one degree of Orb from March 11 to March 14.  Pallas of course is Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War, also symbolized by Venus as the Morning Star.  So we have the other, firmer pole of Venus here, the Boundary-setting pole that complements the Love with Wisdom pole.

Also involved in the Grand Cross are Juno, which symbolizes Identity (Big Surprise, eh?), and Chiron, which symbolizes Healing through Resonance, through changing the Frequency.

So if I get busy and don’t write about a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross, with overtones of Juno and Chiron, within several days, remind me.

Now, as we’ve said before, the Moon is often the trigger for the meat of the manifestation of an astrological event or configuration.  So all those Orbs and times of exactitude could easily be superseded by the Moon, which Squares Mars on March 13.  Well, that’s right in the thick of it, aint it.  As Pogo would say, Friday the 13th falls on a Tuesday this month.  That’s about half-past 4pm PDT on March 13.  That’s a good candidate for the peak of the whole affair, and an excellent time for a ritual of Accepting Power.  If you want to influence events, it would behoove to start yer PIAVAs now, though injecting your own PIAVAs right into the maelstrom of the 13th would also be interesting.

But I think allowing the Power of that Hour to infuse into yourself, so you’re afterward Present to help Change the World, or to mop up compassionately after the Change, or to Ascend if that’s yer objective, would be where the greater power would lie.  Think of that Hour like Dr. Frankenstein throwing the switch.  It would be like Taking Personal Responsibility for the Planet.  You are She and She is you anyway, soya mayas well.  Ifya need a refresher on the difference between Responsibility and Blame, lemme know.  Nobody’s Conscious or Present when they’re in Blame.

Now, if we’re gonna Take Personal Responsibility for the Planet, we need Presence above all, and nothing inhibits Presence like being hypnotized by some dumb Archetype!  So let’s look at when the Moon crosses Juno/Identity (around 11am PDT on March 13) and its own North Node/our Mission, aka the Dragon’s Head (about 2pm PDT), since those are the Hours when our own switch is most likely to be thrown from unconscious to Conscious.  So, y’know, you might wanna spend the whole day in Meditation.

Oh, one more thing.  On March 12, Mercury goes retrograde.  Mercury’s our Observer, our ability to detach our Identity, and retrograde doesn’t mean off.  Retrograde means focused inward rather than focused outward.  All the more impetus for a big breakthrough in Consciousness.  It goes retro at the midpoint between Uranus and Vesta – the hotspot between Integrity and the Sacred.  The cards are definitely stacked in our favor here.  Eat it up!