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Quite New Revised Again

November 9, 2012

My intuitive advisors vote overwhelmingly for Door #1.  If so, that’s fantastic!  I mean, it’s what I been reading in the “stars” all along, but do I believe everything I read?  Here’s two more convincing votes for a Tipping Point for Door #1…

A caution may be in order, though.  I do believe that the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) and the Emergence of the Primordial Feminine are closely related, but not identical.

The primary astrological impetus for the Emergence is Eris, the newly discovered “dwarf planet.”  We can talk more about Eris later, but her mainstream symbolism as Discord is very parallel to the mainstream symbolism for Chiron (the Unhealable), Uranus (Disruption), Neptune (Confusion) and Pluto (Death).  These are all planets that inhabit the Unconscious, and as such, from the Ego’s perspective, they appear negative.  Once we befriend the Unconscious, motives change.  Chiron appears as Reframing, Uranus as (Yin or Soul) Integrity, Neptune as Clarity, and Pluto as Trance-formation.  Which would leave Eris as what?  Heyoka is one aspect of it.  Truthspeaking is another.  And there is the obvious connection to the Primordial Feminine and inclusiveness.  The Goddess Eris sowed Discord when she was excluded.

But the primary astrological indication that we’ve been connecting to the New Paradigm is the Initiation of a new Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  That Cycle began officially in February 2010, but for several of the preceding Mays, the two planets held their Retrograde Stations within a few days of each other – so we experienced the Energy of the Conjunction for several years before it was complete.  That timing coincides so closely with the economic meltdown that we really need to look primarily to the economics.  Several prior Chiron-Neptune Cycles also coincided with big changes in the economic Paradigm – and very much in the political arena as well.

Eris was “discovered” in 2005.  It was Stationary Direct when discovered, and it was Stationary Direct on 1/1/2000.  The Energy represented by Eris is coming newly into Consciousness.  It Retrogrades from July to January every year, but other than that, it’s impact on our Planet should only increase over time, in our Awareness.  Eris has been there all along.  She is near Aphelion (furthest distance from the Sun), three times as distant as Pluto, and about to turn and come back toward us.  At Perihelion (closest distance) she is a little closer to us than Pluto’s average distance, so her Energy will be waxing steadily for the next 280 years.

And we haven’t even yet considered two other new dwarf planets, the Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth Haumea and the Rapanui God of Fertility Makemake.  Haumea is the Mother of Pele.  Haumea Opposes (Awareness) Eris as we speak.  Another new dwarf planet, Quaoar, named after a Native American Creator God, Trines Eris, which in turn is Squared by another dwarf, Varuna.  Varuna was the Hindu God of the “Celestial Ocean,” the night sky, among other things.  All of these Energies have emerged from the Unconscious since the turn of the Century.

In contrast, Chiron-Neptune is a Cycle, newly Initiated.  Typically the Energy represented by a new Cycle is strong at the Initiation to those who are sensitive to it.  The Energy then, after a span, goes back underground, while it expands into the Unconscious and gradually overwhelms the Conscious Ego, until it becomes permanent at the Square.  So within a few years, this Energy will diminish in our day-to-day Awareness, and won’t really take over till 2042.  If we had to guess, what is it that’s likely to go underground till then?  Economic equality is a prime candidate, based on the subprime mortgage scams and the 99% movement.  Monetary reform is another, based on the massive money printing and currency wars that are going on.  And there’s an obvious connection with Sustenance and reorganization of the nature of Community.

So while, yes, the New Paradigm certainly involves the Emergence of the Deep Feminine, we’ve been using the term “New Paradigm” in this blahg to refer mostly to Chiron-Neptune.  If the Emergence of the Primordial Feminine was part of the New Paradigm in this sense, we’d have to expect it to become less visible in a few years.

But look at the 1960s, the heyday of Feminism and Civil Rights.  And it’s the Uranus-Pluto (Trance-Re-formation of our sense of Individuality) Square that we’re in the heat of during 2012.

As a snapshot, the Square symbolizes Mastery through Challenge.  As a phase in a Cycle, this Waxing Square represents the Emergence of the Energy from the underwhere, while a Waning Square symbolizes a Crisis of Letting Go into the growing Void.

So given the obvious connection to the 1960s, there’s no question that Eris and Her Army of She-Bears implements part of the Uranus-Pluto Square.  This Energy increases until about 2060 before it seeks reorg in the Void.

All this may sound like splitting hairs, but the distinctions are important for distinguishing which trends are moving in which direction in which timeframes.  So we see the Emergence of the Profound Feminine as a process growing into Consciousness without limit (other than Natural Balance) for a looong time, while we see the Cultural Respect element of it as a process growing for the next 50 years.  Meanwhile, the economic equality and monetary reform elements may go underground.  The fundamentally Feminine We’re All in This Together Archetype will demand new forms of Community as economic inequality and finite Planetary resources continue to make Sustenance and Sustainability dominant themes.

By the time we get close to 2020, the new Jupiter-Saturn Cycle will take hold, and there will be a major leap in technology.  Whether the new technologies serve the 1% and serve to keep the “rabble” “in their place,” or serve the People, depends on what political forms we Co-Create over the next six years.  The Uranus-Pluto Square repeats into 2015, so we can expect this Energy to continue into permanence in steps for several more years.  Kinda puts Obama’s Thank-You speech

You, you’re just getting started!

– into perspective.

Curiosity and the Void

October 31, 2012

It’s not like the Jupiter-Saturn Void is empty, any more than the “Vacuum of Space” and the “Zero-Point Field” are empty.  In fact, it’s more like an Infinite Improbability Field.  Here’s a great example…

In the Void, we simply don’t know what to expect.  Intuition will work, but not in any “logical” fashion, so many of us will dismiss a lot of Intuitions out of hand because they “don’t make sense.”

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle

October 29, 2012

The dance between Jupiter (expanding) and Saturn (contracting) has a lot to do with our economic activities.  If you think contraction is a bad word (or that expanding is dangerous), I can only refer you to Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within; her exercises with contracting (and condensing) will be heart-opening for you.  We referred to the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle in Stress and Community, and from there linked to a more complete discussion.  Here I just want to summarize it briefly, so we can see it in the context of the Ceres Events, the election, the demise of money, and the rest of the decade.

The Elements in Medieval Astrology, recall, are Fire (Energy – Aries/Leo/Sadge), Earth (Matter – Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn), Air (Mentality – Gemini/Libra/Aqua), and Water (Emotion – Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces).  The Jupiter-Saturn Initiations (Conjunctions) move forward in the Zodiac over time, Air to Water to Fire to Earth to Air and round again.  Jupiter-Saturn Cycles lasts about 20 years, and occur in the same Element seven times in a row, then stutter (once in the next Element, then a last hurrah in the earlier Element), before occurring seven times in the next Element.  More or less like so, give or take a year or two on the boundaries…

1300 to 1420 – all Air
1440 – first Water
1460 – last Air
1480 to 1600 – all Water
1620 – first Fire
1640 – last Water
1660 to 1780 – all Fire
1800 – first Earth
1820 – last Fire
1840 to 1960 – all Earth
1980 – first Air
2000 – last Earth
2020 to 2140 – all Air

It’d be great fun to examine history in this regard, but for now let’s just summarize quickly.  Notice that the Earth-Element span corresponds, more or less, to the “Industrial Revolution,” when people were industrialized.  Notice also that the IBM PC was introduced in 1980, while the “Dot-Com Boom” ended in 2000; the peak of the Dot-Com stock market bubble met the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction almost to the day.  So the period 2000 to 2020 is the span where the boons and bains of the Industrial Revolution are sorted, and Society decides which ones are keepers.

Or maybe, the Elites decide which ones are keepers.  Having the shoeple industrialized has been a great boon for the Lizards, much more profitable than when the shoeple were just their infantry.  But now that functions are shifting from mechanical to digital and from software to hardware, economies of scale become parabolic (the first function-tailored chip costs millions, the next million cost pennies – consider digital cameras for instance), and the Elites don’t need nearly as many minions for either their infantry or their labor pool.  Many of them have forgotten that they still need minions as customers for their shiny baubles, as their greed has overtaken their common sense.  Once wealth becomes sufficiently redundant, you lose track of the connections.  Fortunately, that’s a self-defeating process, as their subsequent generations have only entitlement and no sense of process.

I always thought that since the machines were taking over for people, if one wanted to survive long-term, it would be good to own some of the machines.  But the machines are cannibalizing themselves too quickly, as it takes a year or less for a machine to be obsolesced by it’s next iteration, and it’s a full-time job and then some to keep up.  The stock market, which used to seem like a good proxy for owning some of the machines, has been eaten by digital greed.  You could own land, till the Elites, masquerading as government, tax you off of it.  You could be a landlord, till the people lose all of their income.  The bottom line is that most of us common folk will end up as gleaners, unless we co-create something quite different from what the current trends have in store for us.

The current and last Earth-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycle just past it’s Phitile.  The Phitile is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, Phi, and it represents the place where a Cycle has culminated and begins to break down.  So the next eight years of the current Cycle are about descending into the Void.  Starhawk’s Truth or Dare, and Steven Levine’s Who Dies? are the two best sources I can recommend for understanding what that means.  In Western Culture there is no simple metaphor for this process.  If you’re Hindu, you just turn to Shiva, and you’re done with it.  If you’re a Tibetan Buddhist, you just go sit onna corpse till you learn to enjoy the aroma.  Not in the “West.”  We dress our corpses to look like Avon Ladies.

Now you know why we wrote about Ceres before we write about Jupiter-Saturn.  One reasonable co-creation would be to reduce ourselves to sustenance sooner rather than later.  That would put us in the position of having nothing to protect, which is where we need to be if we want to be clear about not enabling the Elites, since our Fear is their Food, and they’ve been systematically stoking our Fear since 2001; more on the Saturn-Pluto Cycle later.

The 1/1/2000 chart was most of all the chart for 2000-2009, the decade.  The chart for the century, yes, but more so for the decade.  Sustainability (Ceres) came into visibility (Rising) in that chart, and the opportunity was there to turn the direction of history through political action.  But it didn’t happen.  Too many sheople, mostly Americans, worshipping money and power, and too many people enabling them.  No Blame, I know you can’t do without that second SUV because you need to get the kids to soccer and piano because without that they won’t succeed at gaining power and money.  They’ll end up gleaners.

So spurning Sustainability we see the Sustenance side of Ceres instead, and the issue becomes Survival.  Not that a Jupiter-Saturn Void is always dire; the 1932-40 Void scraped bottom, but the Chiron-Neptune and Chiron-Pluto Cycles were also in the Void then, so there was no ingenuity (Chiron) on the social (Neptune) or historical (Pluto) level to lift folks out of the mud.  Now both of those Cycles are brand new, and the World is our Oyster (remember Flag becoming Eagle becoming Herald, and Fresh Violets in ancient pottery?).  The Chiron-Uranus Cycle entered the Void late in the last century, and won’t emerge until the 2040s, so individuals (Uranus) are not spontaneously motivated to drop their old Trances for something entirely different (Chiron).  We have to do that consciously.  To do that, we need to drop our Karma.  Give that a try – it’s not as hard as it used to be.

So where do we go from here?  In the Void, our best course is to go within.  Replace Striving with Gratitude.  Imagine the World you want to live in, and hold the vision.  We’re entering the Age of Aquarius, an Air Age – that’ll amplify the coming two centuries of Air-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycles.  Air is about thinking.  It does not know CompassionSympathy and understanding, harmony and trust abounding are nice sentiments, but Idealism and Idolatry are actually more Aquarian.  The central pillar of the Olde Male Paradigm is Us Against Them; boys start training for that as soon as they’re handy enough to grasp an action figure.  A central pillar of the Primordial Feminine is We’re All In This Together.  That’s the Energy that emanates from those two Mandalas on a woman’s chest, and it fascinates men the same way a Moth is drawn to Flame.

Thulite is a variety of Zoisite.  Zoisite has several forms, and you probably know it better as Tanzanite or Anyolite (Ruby Zo).  Eponymous Zoisite Crystals are usually a lovely shade of third-Chakra brown – there’s a stripe of it just left of center in the photo.  Tanzanite Crystals change from fifth-Chakra blue to seventh-Chakra purple from one side of the Crystal to the other.  The “Massive” (microcrystalline) Zoisite in Anyolite is usually a nice deep Heart-Chakra green, contrasting nicely with the bright Root-Chakra red of the Ruby.  And Massive Thulite is one of a very few Stones that combines the two Heart-Chakra colors, pink and green.  It would be a fabulous time to embrace Thulite.

Jupiter and Saturn

July 29, 2012

I can tell when my Consciousness has grown – which is the same thing as an Identity shift or a change in frequency – when I get lost in my own neighborhood, or have to work to recall familiar things.  This morning I had to review each item in the fridge; it took me a while to remember what was what, to differentiate the Beet Soup from the Raspberry Vinaigrette and the Guacamole from the Peanut Sauce.  You might blame a minor ischemic event or an excess of Cider or a Walk-In (any one of which might have similar characteristics), but I can tell from Anne’s Weekly Weather, the sequence we documented yesterday, and last night’s Dreams, that this is a change of Trance.  Always cause for celebration!

You don’t change Trance dynamically (by doing), it’s magnetic (by being), it has to be approached indirectly.  The Great Earth Changes give us the certainty that the Male and Female are rebalancing, because without a big dose of the magnetic Feminine, we simply won’t make the transition.  We’ll be pixellated, like in Star Trek, but we’ll re-form in some other dimension, as somebody’s Walk-In.  Then we’ll really hafta go through the fridge.  If there’s any sense in which we do re-form at all.  The YouCan’tChange hypnosis is part and parcel of the Patriarchy Trance.

Hairy Dent’s review of the demographic cycles reminds us about the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  We haven’t seen any major Jupiter-Saturn Angles for a little while, so we forget to check its progress.  Jupiter-Saturn makes 20-year Cycles.  The Initiations fall into the same Element for a century of two, then shift into the next Element.  The Industrial Revolution was characterized by Jupiter-Saturn Initiations in the Earth Element.  When the Supercycle shifts, the Cycles stutter – after the chain of Earth-Element Initiations, there is one Air-Element Initiation and then one last Earth-Element Cycle, before the long chain of Air-Element Cycles begins.

The first Air-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycle was in 1980, just as the “microcomputer,” as we used to call them, was introduced.  Then the final Earth-Element Initiation occurred in May 2000, the same month that the “tech boom” imploded.  So we’re just past halfway through the final Earth-Element Cycle.  The Earth Element is about materiality, while the Air Element is about intellectuality.  So here in the Swan Song of Earth as we knew it, we’re basically deciding what it is about materialism that we want to take with us into a century or two where mentality trumps materiality and your lawn no longer determines your status in the ‘hood.  Won’t that be a change of Trance.  Kinda lends a new tint to the new Chiron-Neptune paradigm.

What’s the essence of the  current Cycle, as measured by the Sabian Symbol of the year-2000 Initiation?

“A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”

Doesn’t that make sense.  We’re shopping for the jewels that Matter.

Well, the halfway point of a Cycle is an Opposition, which fell into March of 2011.  We’re kinda weird, in the sense that we don’t like most folks do consider the Opposition to be the Culmination of a Cycle, but rather the PhitilePhi, or 222 anda half degrees, is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry.  The Sign-anda-half between the Opposition and the Phitile is partytime, when we enjoy the fruits of the Cycle.  But once we’re past the Phitile, the main program is about clearing away any attachments we have to the old Cycle (let alone the Supercycle – namely, the Industrial Revolution, aka materialism), so we have a clean slate when we get to the next one.

Somebody once asked me why Vedic astrology is deterministic, as if we’re fated to live it out.  My answer was, yes, if you’re unconscious, you’re definitely going to succumb to that Karmic (inertial) fate.  We only gain free will, to the extent that we do, by becoming Conscious of the patterns that have previously been part of the wallpaper for us.  You can count the Muggles that are trying to force us back to the Old Testament on the Human Rights front, where you have an elite Chosen Race that has earned its totalitarian Patriarchy by its virtuous resistance to homosexuality and birth control.  These poor folks are still stuck back in the previous Uranus-Pluto Cycle, the one that began in early 1901 –

“Seagulls fly around a ship in expectation of food.”

Scavengers, expecting to live high on the backs of the rest of us, while condemning us for wanting food stamps.

When we look up the Phitile for the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, what do we get?  July 2012.  Isn’t that interesting.  So our review of the advantages of materialism with all of its mod cons has finished, and we’re heading into the Void.  Maybe I was reviewing the contents of the fridge cuz the fridge won’t be with us for long.  The 2020 Cycle that Initiates our looong chain of Air Cycles – where does that Initiation take place?  In the first degree of Aquarius,

“An old adobe Mission in California.”

What does this tell us?  It’s reminiscent of the nascent Chiron-Neptune anthem,

“Fresh violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”

When the Conquistadors came to California, it was the “Serengeti of North America,” a cornucopia of wildlife, and guess who was at the top – Mr. Griz.  So in the next decade, the Bears win out.  Where does that leave us now?

Just because we know the outcome, doesn’t mean we can cheat the Void.  We still have to drop into expectationlessness, the only way to squeeze a positive result out of the unfettered Potentiality that defines the Void.  Jupiter-Saturn has taken on the trappings of an economic Cycle because of Money.  Before the Industrial Revolution, when we had Community instead of Money, the Tenth House of Career was not about what you did to earn Money, it was about how you served your Community and how it served you.

Jupiter and Saturn really define the parameters of the social organization that prevails.  The economics are supposed to be only a small part of that.  The economics came to dominate because Money replaced Community.  Looking back, we can see both the social and the economic elements…

1981 – Having passed thru narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm water
1961 – A Nature Spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a Waterfall
1941 – A Red Cross Nurse
1921 – A group of aristocratic ladies meeting ceremonially
1901 – In a hospital a children’s ward is filled with toys

Those feel a little too True, don’t they.  Most of the time in this blahg, we’re wallowing around in the Unconscious, where everything is pretty misty and vague, and where Opposites are Equals.  But Jupiter and Saturn hang out in plain sight, and live and breathe duality.  1981, by the way, was when Volcker saved the US economy from the twenty years of “stagflation” – inflation without economic growth – that LBJ supposedly created by trying to run the Vietnam War and the Great Society at the same time.  Interesting relative to Hairy’s theses.

We learn in elementary economics courses that you can’t have “Guns and Butter” – war and social welfare – at the same time, because it produces inflation.  Clearly LBJ lived that thesis, and Obomba would like to.  But looking at the record, it’s not at all clear that LBJ really spent us into stagflation; we may need to pay more attention to Hairy than to elementary economics.  How many politicians do you know who are talking about “Butter” – that is, social welfare?  The choices we’re being given are either “Guns” or “Guns and Butter,” but nobody’s talking about cutting back on the Guns.  Maybe the media ownership and this trend are involved…

Eisenhower’s famous “military-industrial-congressional complex” has indeed taken over, and they have no interest in the welfare of the people.

This is from Charles Klotsche‘s book Color Medicine

“[Color medicine] is not governed by laws of the physical plane alone – at least as third-dimensional man relates to them.  It is not definable in lineal, rational terminology, nor does it contain the restrictions or finite boundaries set up by the preconceived, often distorted assortment of human beliefs.  When one assumes a multidimensional attitude toward [healing] that is open for events beyond the laws of the physical plane, then much of the sophisticated technology developed by those who are attached mainly to the physical world and its inherent trappings becomes obsolete.”

Take out [Color medicine] and put in [This New Paradigm], and take out [healing] and put in [the future], and I think it’s fairly clear – we may have no need for a fridge.

Phlogopite is one of my favorite Micas, and I love Micas!  Micas are Phyllosilicates, made up of sheets of Silicate units like Phyllo dough.  Phlogopite is Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Hydroxide Fluoride.  All common ingredients, but making an uncommon cake.


February 5, 2012

Busy coupla days.  Neptune entered Pisces on Friday last.  And on Tuesday, the Full Moon (which of course is Moon Opposing Sun) Quintiles the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition, with Saturn Standing Still and turning Retrograde.

What does that all mean?  Well, first, if any apparent dilemma arises, where you’re not sure whether to set a better boundary (Saturn) or loosen up and let it go (Jupiter), don’t.  Or whether to knuckle down and get to work (Saturn) or relax and let the Universe handle it (Jupiter) – again, don’t.  That is, do neither.  It’s not about decision or action, it’s about Awareness.  Oppositions are about Awareness.  So it’s a heuristic, a learning opportunity, where your job is to look and listen and feel, because there’s a door open that isn’t open all that often, and if you slam it shut (by deciding to be serious or relaxed or firm or flexible), it’ll be many years before you can pick up on this Lesson so easily again.

So what’s the Lesson?  It’s not an intellectual Lesson, it’s an experiential Lesson.  It’s about living out beyond dichotomies.  It’s a lot more exciting out there, as Rumi would attest.  If you’ve never looked at Julie Henderson’s book, you probably know what I mean.  The Jupiter-Saturn Opposition’s been going on for a while, so it’s not a new Teaching, but the Quintile (which is about Teaching and Learning) and the lineup with the Full Moon (the quintessential symbol of Illumination) gives it alotta oomph.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is about “A Jewelry shop filled with valuable Gems” (23 Taurus, May 2000) so it’s not something you wanna ignore.

Saturn, meanwhile, is having one last Retro fling in Libra, before it moves on into Scorpio, which it does in early October.  Saturn Retrogrades across much of the Gemini Decanate (or third) of Libra, namely the Cancer, Leo, and Virgo Dwads (or twelfths) of Libra.  Sounds astrobabblical, I know, but here’s what it means.  The first third of Libra is about “Whoa, I didn’t realize that this wasn’t all about me!” – mostly shock.  The second third (the Aquarius Decanate) is about “Guess I better pretend to be social and try to make a meaningful contact with these Others.”  And the last third of Libra is about “Well, that didn’t work out, so I better let all that go, and see what I can learn!”

By the time we get to the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth twelfths of Libra, we’re into “Wait a minute, I care about these People” (Cancer) and “But I care more about ME” (Leo) and “Fuck it, I don’t understand any of it!” (Virgo).  Which sets the stage for Scorpio.  Scorpio’s fundamental urge is to Get to the bottom of things!  No cost is too great.  Scorpio needs to understand, there is no alternative.  So you’ll be millennia ahead when you get out there come October, if you’re willing this week to set aside your Ego and your Programming, forgo Decision and Action, and just Watch.  Curiosity.  I wonder what’s gonna happen to all that?  I wonder what they’re gonna do! (when I don’t react).

With Curiosity in full Flower, the next several months will be incredibly entertaining!

Pepe Escobar seems to be pretty good at seeing through all of the Diplomatic Hubris that the US projects.  Here’s his take on the Iran business…

And here’s some very useful background…

Hard to beat Topaz for creating Clarity.  That’s what Neptune in Pisces is all about, Clarity.  As long as you aren’t Ego-involved in Shopping As Usual.  I mean, as entertainment, by all mean go for it.  Stuff is fun.  (Be careful not to get yer Ego wrapped up in the Potlatch either, though!)  Topaz is the simplest of Aluminum Silicates, with a touch of Fluorine for Color.  Simplicity and Clarity, what more could we ask for when our Ego confuses us with pressing questions about Boundaries and Forgiveness and Work and Play!

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle

March 27, 2011

The knife edge of Cerussite – Lead Carbonate – leads the way to your Seventh Chakra.  Carbonate, with Hydrogen, is the basic building block of most Life Forms on this Planet.  Lead can fill in for Carbon, but it’s five octaves higher.  That’s higher than this Planet can sustain.  This particular Crystal is tinted by Iron, grounding, First-Chakra stuff.  But it’s orange, already pulling you up into the Second Chakra, starting the journey toward Seven.  You don’t make the journey with Either/Or, you make it on the knife edge of Both/And.

I notice a buncha folks checked in on Sunday, so youall must be feeling the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition that’s complete at 3pm PDT on Monday.  Of course, you could also be starting April early – April’s very busy, starting with Mercury’s turning retrograde this coming Wednesday, but we’ll talk more about that soon.

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle correlates with everything social, including economics.  The twelve signs are divided into four Qualities – Fire (Spirit), Earth (Matter), Air (Mind), and Water (Emotion).  Jupiter makes a loop and catches up to Saturn every 20 years or so, when seen from our perspective.  These 20-year Cycles fall into larger Cycles, like so.  Seven Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions occur in the same Quality, then one Conjunction in the next Quality, then one back in the original quality, then seven in the next.

For example, there were Earth-sign Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions is 1842, 1861, 1882, 1902, 1922, 1941, and 1961 – seven of them.  Then there was one Air-sign Conjunction in 1981, a final Earth-sign Conjunction in 2000, and starting in 2020, we’ll have seven consecutive Air-sign Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions.  Earth is about things, Air is about thoughts.  Think First-Chakra for Earth, and Third-Chakra for Air.

That’s probably confusing, but the upshot is that history (when seen through this lens) is divided into 140-year periods, each preceded and followed by a 40-year transition period.  The first half of the 40-year transition period previews the coming century-and-a-half, and the second half of the transition period reviews the previous century-and-a-half.  With Jupiter Opposing Saturn, we’re now entering the last half of the last review of the Age of Colonialism, or the Age of Consumerism.  For the Colonized, of course, it was the Age of Slavery.  The last half of anything is when things start to decay – think Autumn.  So our 140-year Earth-sign Jupiter-Saturn era spanned 1842 to 1981, starting about the time Queen Victoria took over management of the British Empire, and the Age of Industry hit full stride.

That was supposedly a great thing – GDP expanded ten times while population expanded only six times.  Many point out however that most of what you value isn’t included in GDP.  And many others point out that the Industrial Revolution, when seen from the perspective of the average person, was as much about the industrialization of people as it was about making things more efficiently.  It certainly wasn’t about Heart, or Caring.  The feral WSJ Farrell column, if you get a chance to read it, is a suitable obituary.

The preview of the coming Age of Singularity was 1981 to 2000, starting with the introduction of the IBM PC, and ending (to the month) with the Dot-Com Crash.  The review of the Colonial Age began at the turn of the Millennium.  9/11 was an appropriate introductory metaphor, as the formerly-Colonized tossed their sabots into the machinery of Commerce.  The basic idea is that we’ve spent the ten years since 2000 mulling over which elements of the Industrial Age we want to take with us into that Airy Aquarian future.  The new Republican Guvners in the US have a very clear idea about what they want to take with them – industrialization of the people.

It was clear long ago that things would soon no longer be made by people, but by machines, and if you didn’t own any machines, you’d be SOL, as the owners of machines have seldom shared their largesse willingly.  So you see the process happening before your eyes in the Middle East.  All those surplus people starting to notice that they’ve been shut out of the kitchen.  It’s not that the Middle East is much different than Wisconsin or Ohio or where you are, it’s just that there are more folks in the Middle East with nothing left to lose.  So they’re less hesitant to risk it All, cuz the All they have ain’t worth much.

Kurzweil is probably a fitting metaphor for the coming age – his basic position is that we’ll encounter a singularity, where the sum of machine intelligence exceeds the sum of human intelligence.  He acts like he assumes that the humans, or a few of them anyway, will still be in charge.  Recently, I think it was in 2007, the sum of machine intelligence exceeded the computing capability of one human brain (I think they were counting neuron-equivalents, which actually doesn’t mean much), so we have a ways to go.  On the other hand, the expansion of computing power is even more exponential than the expansion of human population.  I don’t think compassion will be the strong suit in an Air Era.

So what about the next ten years, as we wind down Colonialism and Industry and Consumerism?  Well, I think we’re seeing it pretty clearly already.  Oil becomes unaffordable.  Governments become even more obfuscatory and confiscatory (except for the Masters of course).  Business becomes more aggressive, following the Countrywide Model, as they have to Sell Sell Sell into a marketplace that no longer has either the desire or the wherewithall to Buy Buy Buy.  In the Countrywide Model, you tell someone they’re going to be paying X dollars for the fabulous service you’re offering them, and you have them sign the contract.  Only later do they discover that they’re actually going to be paying 2X or more – they just didn’t read the lebendy-seven pages of fine print.

Yesterday we finished the First Day of the Universal Underworld in the Mayan Calendar, according to Calleman‘s calculations at least.  The First Night lasts until April 12.  I’m not sure what that all means, except that the First Day is about planting seeds, and the Second Day is about germinating.  So the First Night would be about moist warm darkness cracking open the hard shell that we’ve used to protect our Essence, so our New Soul Download can begin to emerge.  Between now and April 12, Mars enters Aries (April 1 – we become more impulsive), Mars crosses Uranus (we become really impulsive, and we better trust it!) at the New Moon (rebirth – April 3), Neptune moves into Pisces (material fog and spiritual clarity, starting April 4, for 14 years), Pluto turns retrograde (revising our concepts of Necessity – April 9) while being squared by Mars (look out for violence, as Action meets Necessity – April 11).

By April 12, there’s a good chance that, as Lorraine put it, “The way we view life on this Planet will [be] drastically change[d].”

So whadda we do about it?  Well, we have to get to work manifesting what we want out of this great journey into Potential, that will be evolving into New Creation.  Be careful to stay focused on what you want for you, not what you want for anybody else – since there’s an excellent chance that what they want for themselves looks little like what you want for them, or what you think they want.  Like yours, their Essence is Unborn, it too is still Potential.  Messing around with Control trips over somebody else’s Rebirth is a Karmic grenade.  Choose your weapon – PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking.  They’re all the same really, just different Forms.

Don’t PIAVA what you want.  PIAVA what you’ll feel like when you get everything you want.  What you want is a fuzzy snapshot of what your Essence will want when it comes forth.  You don’t want the snapshot, you don’t even want the video – you want the n-dimensional Reality.  You start to get there through your Emotions – Emotion is the psychocosmic glue that binds Energy into Form.  If you’re used to working directly with Energy, go for it, PIAVA the Energy you want to manifest into the rest of your experience on the Planet.  But Energy is too ephemeral for most of us, so we move to Emotion – maybe Joy, or Grace, or Surprise, or Awe, or Curiosity, or Excitement, or Peace, or Safety, or better yet Both/And all of the above, adjusted to your own preferences.  Hold the Energy of combining all of that, as often as you can.

Big Fat Full Moon

March 18, 2011

Moonstone (Orthoclase Feldspar, Potassium Aluminium Tektosilicate) mirrors Emotion back to you – call it the tapping stone.  The hardest Emotions to release are those that aren’t “our own,” but that we adopted from someone else – if you don’t have permission to set a good boundary, and someone dumps on you, the tradition is to “kick the Dog.”  So if yer the Dog, and somebody kicks you for no apparent reason, whaddaya gonna do, bite ’em?  Well, if it’s the hand the feeds ya, yer probably gonna chase the Cat.  That’s what’s meant by Emotions that aren’t “our own.”  Most of us grew up in households with some degree of Dog-kicking, or worse.  Since tapping wasn’t “discovered” yet, and neither were the more concerted methods for healing from acute or chronic abuse, few of us knew how to prevent the scourge from traveling down the seven-generation road.

Saturday’s Big Fat Full Moon occurs when the Moon in its elliptical orbit is closest to Earth, so it’ll look a lot bigger than usual.  Full Moons, of course, rise at sunset and set at sunrise, and there’s an optical trick that makes Moons look even bigger when they’re on the horizon.  We’re lucky this Full Moon didn’t fall on Thursday.

When you’re having difficulty setting a good boundary with someone in the present moment, either because it’s politically inexpedient or because they’re too fat-headed to “get it,” sometimes it works to set a psychic boundary.  It’s actually a good practice, since it’s our kicked-Dog wounds that stop us from having good psychic boundaries in the first place, and by practicing we can develop better Energy habits.  You set up a psychic boundary by imagining a wardrobe mirror between you and the person who’s invading your space, facing them.  It just mirrors their Energy back to them, and keeps it out of your own field, so yer able to just be yerself more.  Sometimes you need to make the mirror bigger, since particularly unconscious folks will just “come around to the back door.”

While we’re done with the Solstice Eclipse Grand Cross, and all the Identity work it entailed, we aren’t done with our Identity work, as this Full Moon sets up another, temporary, Grand Cross, and more Identity homework, and especially Boundary work.  The global New Paradigm is starting to congeal, and this helps, but a good deal of the work falls on our own shoulders.

It’s actually hard work, holding the mirror, it takes concentration and focus.  When it works, you can feel a flush of peace inside yourself after a minute or two of holding the mirror.  Once you feel that, you know you’re on the right track.  Then you inevitably relax, and of course they invade again as soon as they can – they’re hungry, and they’re feeding on your Energy.  So sometimes you have to keep at it, hold the mirror up again in yer mind’s eye, make it bigger if necessary, hold it a bit longer.  Once you relax, you’re relaxing back into your accustomed Victim space, and many of our Victim spaces are sooo comfortable, because that was the only space that was safe for us as kids.  So it’s actually excellent Energetic practice to wake yourself into being conscious of the wound in your Aura, and getting in the habit of keeping it full of your own Energy, so there’s no vacuum to suck in the other bloke’s Bully Energy.

If instead of a flush of internal peace, you encounter Guilt, then you absolutely know you’re on the right track, but it’s a different track.  Keep holding the mirror as best you can, while you locate the Guilt in your body, and send Love into it.  Love is soft and warm, fear is hard and cold.  You can warm the area with your hand, you can speak to it softly.  You not only have a hole in yer Aura, but you believe you’re sposta! Take time out, make yourself as safe as you can (if nothing else, five minutes in the bathroom), focus on the present moment, and work at being loving and gentle with your Guilt.  Tap it out, but also love it to death.  It served you well, keeping you safe when it was the best tool you had.  You don’t need it any more, but you want to acknowledge it with great gratitude as you send it on to its next assignment.  Then back to your mirroring.  You may need to do this many times.

If you’re seriously, or persistently, angry at or scared of someone, and mirroring doesn’t give you that few seconds of peace inside, no matter how diligently you mirror them, they they’re probably standing in for someone in your personal history.  Who’s the first person that comes into your mind?  Death is not real, any more than Matter is real.  It’s Energy that’s real.  Yes, Energy and Matter are interchangeable (with some effort), so Matter is certainly real in that sense, but all Matter is temporary, only held in place by trance.  Energy is ever-changeable, like it’s primary metaphor Weather, but it’s more persistent than Matter.  So sure, the person who unconsciously tormented you as a child may be long since “dead,” but that doesn’t mean the constellation of Energy that comprised “them” is gone.

You can conjure them up in yer mind’s eye with no effort whatsoever.  So mirror them, mirror that constellation of Energy that used to be “them,” and see if you find a few seconds of peace.  If it feels rude to mirror the dead, that’s because it is, but tough shit, this is important and life-changing work.  You can go back to Love and Forgiveness, more completely, once your Aura is repaired.  If no moment of peace, then take the second person, living or “dead,” that comes to mind, and mirror them.  The folks who told us they’d kill us – or kill someone even more important to us – if we ever told anybody, those folks can be deeply hidden from us, back in the dark recesses, with multiple layers of disguise.  If you’re thinking, that’s not me, think again.  Chronic abuse can be as deadly as acute abuse – if you were told that you’d “never amount to anything” enough times, it can create a psychic wound as large as any major acute event.

Of course you’re tapping all the while, right?  Emotion clouds your intuition, and any reduction in Emotion allows you to see more clearly.  Now, have you remembered Stephen Levine’s perspective, that it’s not our Emotion, it’s the Emotion?  Emotion is a field, and strong Emotions, particularly Emotions that don’t have a permitted avenue for release, can create a field strong enough to move physical objects.  So if you can reduce the intensity of any “negative” Emotion by tapping, you’re healing the Planet.  Never do nothing because you can’t do enough, as Margaret Mead put it.  Negative Emotions have their legit role, but that’s straightforward – if you’re angry with someone, you set a boundary, if you’re scared you protect yourself, if you’re sad you embrace yourself, if you’re in despair you give yourself empathy.  It’s when the straightforward process doesn’t work that we need to resort to magic.

So, we’re about to enter a coupla days with the Moon in perogee and Full, opposite Uranus and square to it’s own Nodes but with trines to Pallas-Vesta and Ceres-Chiron-Neptune, while Mars opposes Juno, and Mercury-Jupiter opposes Saturn.  A mouthful, eh?  What’s it mean?

Well, we’ve been talking about that since the Moonstone.  The Mars-Juno thing is dangerous.  We could be vigorously defending Identities that don’t really belong to us any longer.  It makes a weak trine to Vesta, the Sacred, so the key question is, Am I willing to die for this? If the answer is just No, I’m just pissed off!, then tap it out, mirror your antagonist(s), work on your Boundaries, and do something fun.  If the answer is Yes!! then tap it out, mirror your antagonist(s), work on your Boundaries, and visualize your own Death.  Of course it’s “only” an Ego Death, so it only feels like you’re dying, but that’s what a regression to a Past Death is all about, so go for it.  In most cases, when you martyr yourself, you’re the only one that suffers, so be mindful of the subtle difference between Give me Liberty or Give me Death and I’ll show you, you Bastard!

The Ceres-Chiron-Neptune involvement brings the global New Paradigm into alignment with our New Soul Download, so yes, many folks are preparing to become Martyrs.  Nobody is a Martyr before their physical Death, they’re only fighting for something they passionately believe in.  Or because they don’t have anything to lose.  Nobody martyrs themself, they only give themselves an Oscar for acting out the Ultimate Victim.  When you fight to the Death for something you passionately believe in, you’re most likely to become only fertilizer.  And these days, nobody fights to the Death anyway, they only stand in front of a bullet.

Clarity is important here.  We’ve been letting go of, or re-leasing, Past Deaths for several months now, but there are always more.  When you’re done with yours, you can help others with theirs.  The central issues are (1) setting good Boundaries to make space for our New Soul Download, our New Self that we hardly know yet, that’s still barely ghosting into Form – Uranus is only half a degree into Aries, only 1/720th of the way on it’s journey.  In the metaphor of a 72-year lifetime, that would make our New Soul Download the equivalent of a 5-week-old babe.  Notta lotta self-awareness at 5 weeks – I don’t think we even know that we have arms and legs yet.  It’s not about defending anything except empty space!  Everything else is still Potential.  So there’s a good chance you and the World are both better off with Ego Death than with Martyrdom.

And (2) aligning our Karma with the global New Paradigm.  The global New Paradigm is just over a year old, out of a 65-year span.  It’s crawling around, impatient, easily distracted, beginning to verbalize, just beginning to explore the limits of Emotion, and indefatigable.  It’s easy to mistake a one-year-old for a “blank slate” that we need to manipulate into our own image, but a dangerous mistake to make, because the ultimate pushback will be severe.  Imagine how effective you’d have been preaching against consumerism in 1947.  If we look at attitudes and dates, and consider that the 60s are starting to get permanent, the youth of Egypt and the Unions of Wisconsin look more like a New Paradigm than the stern, uncompromising reactionaries that are funded by the Koch Brothers and the US Defense Department and stolen oil.

The Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn thing means we’re exploring new ground, intellectually and personally, while we’re bringing better definition into our social lives.  With our own personal growth, it’s about Ooh, isn’t this interesting!! With our social interactions it’s more like, Hmm, does this grow corn?

The Full Moon itself is around 11am PDT on Saturday, but the Mars-Juno doesn’t complete until closer to 4pm.  Stay mindful.



Styx and Stones

March 4, 2011

Ruby, or Corundum (Aluminium Oxide)On the ferryboat I ride frequently, they always announce over the loudspeaker,

“Upon reaching our final destination, all passengers must disembark the vessel.”

I always chuckle – it sounds like a metaphor for the Planet in these End Times.

This is more or less hearsay, but very worthy.  It’s alleged to be part of a letter to the Saturday Evening Post in the early 1940s, from Edward Peter Garrett, in response to a request that he sum up the “Lessons of History.”

“1. Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad with Power.

“2. The Bee fertilizes the flower it robs.

“3. The Mills of the Gods’ grind slowly; Yet they grind exceedingly fine.

“4. When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

And this is a good one, reminiscent of Country Joe & the Fish in its rhythmic relevance to what’s going on in the USofA…

And I hear that this is a pretty good Ramparts equivalent…

One thing nobody is considering, in this political race to the bottom.  If you live by yerself on twenty acres, with a stream bubbling out of the wilderness, you can get away with krapping in the woods for quite a while, as long as you did yer business away from the stream.  Then you’d get tired of freezing yer ass, and of stepping in it, and you’d build yerself an outhouse over a pit.  You’d probably only hafta move it every few years.  Giardia might be a problem, but you could well get by for many years before that befell you.  Without a lotta meet & greet, you wouldn’t have much flu.  You’d hafta work pretty hard to feed yerself on twenty acres, but you could do it.

So whaddaya need.  A coupla days every few years moving the potty.  A trip out to stock up on Flagyl and score some seeds.  And quite a bit of organized work feeding yerself.  You’d need a grubstake to hold you till you got your systems running.  You’d probably want a dry and warm place to sleep too; that might take several weeks a year to build and maintain, depending on yer winters.  So you’d be busy, but you could meet most of yer needs by taking matters into yer own hands – as millions of people (let alone other critters!) have done over the millennia.  You wouldn’t need a lot of regulation or infrastructure or ongoing services.

Now, imagine those same twenty acres covered with ten-story apartment buildings.  You could be talking five or ten thousand people.  And since what used to be wilderness is now apartments too, yer bubbling spring has long since disappeared into a culvert.  Now whaddaya need to survive.  Well, twenty acres ain’t gonna feed five thousand people, and the land is paved over anyway, so you need a grocery store.  That means you need money, which means you’ll have to “work.”  So you need public transportation, or a car and someplace to park it.  Somebody’s gotta arrange to have fresh water piped in, and sewage piped out and treated somewhere, if you can’t get away with just dumping it in the next county.  With that many folks, there will probably be times when you’d like to know some kinda police were available for emergencies, and firefolk, and maybe emergency medical folk.  If yer gonna “work” yer probably gonna need some kinda education, maybe a community college within commuting distance.

Do you get my drift?  The per capita cost of survival goes up very steeply as population density increases, and it’s not linear, it’s “exponential” – that means that the extra cost of adding the 3,217th person is a lot more than the extra cost of adding the 886th person, and the extra cost of adding the 5,419th person is a lot higher than the extra cost of adding the 3,217th person.  In other words, all these Ayn-Rand-Scott-Walker fantasies about getting government off yer back, and cutting taxes back to 1820 levels, are just that, delusional.  What worked with 30 people per square mile, doesn’t work with 3,000 people per square mile.  And we haven’t even talked about “externalities” – such as getting you to pay for your asthmatic neighbors inhaler because it was the soot from your diesel engine that caused her asthma.

Join me in wishing a Blessing of Self-Awareness on our self-styled “leaders.”  Can you imagine how you’d feel if you just gave a 90-second speech on TV, and suddenly realized, “Oh Shit, I sound just like a 6-year-old!”  Of course, they might think that’s good, especially since they were probably the playground bully when they were 6.  I guess we need to wish a Blessing of Self-Awareness on the Sheople watching TV too, so maybe they can shift from feeling like “Give ’em Hell, Harry!” to “Oh Shit, I feel like a 6-year-old being bullied!”  Wouldn’t that be funny, if the tyrants started triggering people’s abuse rather than their smugness.  It would be an easy shift to make.

There’s been a rogue realtor cruising our neighborhood for the last several weeks.  Seems like I can’t go outside without seeing his suv cruising slowly by.  Once he knocked on the door and delivered his pitch, very indirect and unctuous, and not quite putting his foot in the door when I tried to close it, but several other actions that were the equivalent.  I was polite and just told him we didn’t need his services.  The next week we came home to find his brochure in the doorknob again.  Then a few days ago we had a Sunbreak, and I went out to work on my new Beanpoles – and here he is, cruising by slowly again.

He stops and yells out the window, something about the Garden.  I spontaneously yelled back, “We don’t need a realtor.  You came around once and that was fine.  Now this is the third time and it’s too many.  Leave us alone.”  I’ve been working with that in my backthoughts ever since – after the initial smug, “Boy did I tell him!” wore off, there’s “the poor guy’s just trying to survive,”  “who do you think you are to hurt people’s feelings” (echoing back across a lifetime of being “smart”), asking for Forgiveness, asking for Protection, “now he’ll probably get passive aggressive,” “he’s probably spying on me,” lots of tapping, mirroring, regressing, shapeshifting.

The Grand Cross is behind us.  At this New Moon (precisely as I write this), there are only two planets on the personal side of the Zodiac, all the rest are on the social side.  Only Jupiter in Aries and Juno in Virgo on the personal side.  Our Unconscious Identity friend Juno, now opposing Mercury (Awareness) – that is, our Unconscious Identities Coming into Consciousness, in Virgo, the sign of Ego Deconstruction.  Virgo bridges from Leo (a healthy Celebration of Me) to Libra (Relationship Harmony Above All), the Egoic equivalent of Sarah Palin’s Bridge to Nowhere.

And Jupiter the Amplifier, blazing a new path in Aries, and starting into an Opposition to Saturn, complete at the end of March.  This is the third, or gotter-down! stage, for the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition.  When astrological events repeat three times, the first event is the canopener stage which brings old issues to the forefront (often painfully), the retrograde second event is the exposition stage where we learn to see the issues with less ego-attachment, and the third event is the gotter-down! stage where we develop confidence in handling the issues.  Opposition is the Second Harmonic, ruled by the High Priestess, representing the journey from Conflict and Duality into Balance and Oneness.  Saturn’s been curiously absent from the dramas of the Grand Cross, so it will be refreshing to see a bit of focus and concentration and discipline added to our recent Mad Hatter traumas.

Seen strictly as an Opposition, Jupiter-Saturn is about having to make conscious choices, in specific situations, about whether to expand or contract, whether to extrovert or introvert.  Look inside; if you have any Judgment about expansion or contraction or extroversion or introversion, now would be a great time to tap them out, before they bite you in the butt – we need to move into Balance and Diversity, not Good Versus Evil.  For example, I’m obviously in Judgment about my realtor “friend” who’s waaay over-expanded in my eyes.  Both/And – I need to convert my Judgments to Preferences.

Opposition is an Enlightenment of sorts, of an earlier Conjunction.  Today is the New Moon, when seeds are set and roots begin to sprout underground.  The Full Moon, lighting up the Dark as if it were daylight, even obscuring the Stars, is the result.  So we’re approaching the gotter-down! stage in an Enlightenment of a Jupiter-Saturn cycle.  This should be great!  So what is the cycle about?  We read that by reading the previous Conjunction.  Jupiter crossed Saturn in May of 2000, at 23 degrees of Taurus, “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.” Putting it all together, we are finding Precious Things by growing into the places where we have been strongly focusing our Attention over the last decade. March will indeed be entering like a Lion and exiting like a Lamb.

The Opposition begins a period of fruition, but like all Harvests, it initiates a period of decay, deconstruction, rest, and reinvigorated Potential.  In the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (the fruits of Concentration), we’re entering Autumn.  Harvest runs through the phitile (223 degrees), or June of 2012.  After that, it’s time to let go of any attachment we have to these valuable gems, so they can become grist for the mill of our next Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

May of 2000 was the Dot-Com Crash.  If this timing is exact, then the next global economic crisis will start to kick in in mid-2012.  Mid-2012 is also when Uranus gets to its Fourth Harmonic with Pluto, or the 60s become permanent.  Remind me, this is plenty for today, but I need to retell the story about cycles of Jupiter-Saturn cycles, Earth signs, Air signs, the Industrial Age, and the Electronic Age.  It’s an important story that needs retelling.

I’m reading two highly-recommended, life-changing books during my rides on the Fairyboats:

Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements by Nan Moss and David Corbin,


Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness by Pam Montgomery.

Both are full of very valuable Gems.

The T-Square and PTSD

June 28, 2010

AstrophylliteNot that the T-Square and PTSD have any necessary or sufficient connection – this article just happens to be about both topics.

I was privileged yesterday to be able to sit in on a Memorial for someone I didn’t know, a young man who had been a paratrooper in Afghanistan, and died in May from a freak accident that occurred during a PTSD flashback of his war experience.  It was a profound ceremony, with a lot of emphasis on the young man’s lifelong character as an archetypal Warrior for Integrity – that is, a self-committed defender of Justice and Truth, not just somebody who fights for the sake of fighting.  Meanwhile, my internal skeptic was understanding that it was an eulogy, so a grain of salt was appropriate.

But when I got home I looked at his chart, and it’s all there – he was indeed a remarkable person, as they described.  The primacy of Integrity in his life is shown by his stationary (strong) Uranus (Soul Chord) – over the years I’ve known enough people with strong Soul Chords, that I know quite well what that’s like.  It’s not someone you waste time arguing with – they know exactly what they’re doing, and it’s not an intellectual endeavor for them.

And his Warrior Spirit is crystal clear – Vesta (that which is Sacred) conjunct (indistinguishable from) Pluto (that which must be done) opposite Mars (Action) in a T-Square (see below) with Jupiter (the Great Amplifier) at the apex, all in the first decan (first ten degrees) of the Fixed Signs (creative certainty, creative efforts to create security).  In English that comes out as an irrepressible need to defend at all costs what is Sacred.  Not just personally, because with Pluto involved there’s always an element of History, as if his Actions aren’t even “his own,” but dictated by an Energy larger than we can easily conceive.

But it’s a T-Square.  We’ve been talking a lot about the Grand Cross, because we’ve been living with a lot of them lately.  A Grand Cross is four planets evenly spaced around the Zodiacal circumference.  A T-Square is half of that – two planets at opposite points on the Wheel, with a third planet halfway between them.  When you draw lines to connect the planets, you get a “right triangle” – a triangle with one “square” or ninety-degree corner.  When you put the third planet at the bottom and draw lines to connect the planets to the center of the circle, you get a “T” with a long top – that’s where the name comes from.

In both configurations, Grand Cross and T-Square, all the planets are related in the Fourth Harmonic – the energy of Dominion through Challenge.  We’ve talked about that quite a bit, but to summarize, Dominion is to the Whole Body as Wisdom is to the Mind.  Dominion is Mastery.  It’s not Mastery honed by learning all the rules, it’s Mastery discovered by thoroughly exploring what works and what doesn’t, circumstantially.

With a T-Square it’s critical to understand that Life is an Experience, not a Test.  It’s not about Right and Wrong or Good and Bad, or even Better or Worse.  It’s about Will this work?.  You recall the Quincunx, which is about Hmm, I wonder if this’ll work.  The T-Square is more like (when lived as a Victim, which it the normal course for a T-Square) Damn it, will this work? or often even Why doesn’t anything ever work?. Or (when lived as a Master) What will happen if I do this in these circumstances?.  The Spiritual Function of a T-Square is to teach us not to be attached to Outcomes.  A T-Square with an attachment to Outcomes is a recipe for Frustration.

The programming that a child with a T-Square receives is formative.  If a T-Square child receives a strong dose of Right and Wrong, the result will probably be lifelong unhappiness, because a T-Square never gets it “Right.”  This young man chose parents who understood this.  A T-Square just constantly provides more information about how internal and external circumstances might influence Outcomes.  Not as a tool for ultimately achieving the desired Outcome, but as a tool for releasing the Need for the desired Outcome.  It’s like differential equations – there are no Right Answers, only Approximations.  Or quantum mechanics – there are no Discrete Outcomes, only Frozen Potentials.  T-Squares are about the process, not the Outcome.

I know, releasing the Need for The One Thing We Live For can feel like Death, or like we might as well be.  But that’s precisely the point – a necessary Ego Death that liberates us to manifest Other Outcomes that may be far more fulfilling than the Unitary Concept we were focusing on.  It’s partly a matter of dimensionality – an Attachment is ultimately one-dimensional, while Reality is gloriously multivariate.  Dimensions are multiplicative – satisfaction in three dimensions (say, emotional/physical/spiritual) is nine times as fulfilling as satisfaction in one dimension.  Remember, Juno (Identity, Ego Death) is the crux of the Solstice and Eclipse charts that dominate our Sixth Night.

Now, we could see a Grand Cross as two T-Squares back to back, or, if we spin the wheel ninety degrees, as four interlocking T-Squares!  And yes, there’s an element of that kind of ultimate frustration in a Grand Cross.  But the Grand Cross is in balance – there are too many angles and points for a single Outcome to dominate, so under a Grand Cross we’re quite satisfied to be moving in the right direction.  With a T-Square, it’s too easy to become single-minded in pursuit of the ever-elusive Outcome, dooming us to perpetual Frustration.

Which is why we speak of the Vacancy for a T-Square.  The Vacancy is the point on the Wheel opposite the third or right-angle planet of the T-Square.  If there was a planet at the Vacancy, the configuration would be a Grand Cross rather than a T-Square.  That would make things a lot more complicated, but a lot less frustrating, because the temptation to lock onto one ephemeral Outcome would be lacking.  In the case of this young man, the apex of his Mars-Pluto-Vesta T-Square was Jupiter in early Aquarius – so his temptation would be to lock onto an Outcome of Expanding (Jupiter) Social Harmony  (Aquarius).  Given the apparent state of “Human Nature,” that’s a Biggie.

The “Sabian” reading for the degree of the Vacancy for this T-Square is “Constellations of Stars shine brilliantly in the night sky.”  And from the testimonials at his Memorial, this young man, consciously or otherwise, was acutely aware of his Vacancy, and lived it very well.  Every person there talked about how bright a Light he had been in their lives.

The key here is “consciously or otherwise.”  Consciousness allows Choice.  Karma is Inertia, and it is Choice that allows us to liberate ourselves from Karma.  Consciousness is a moving target.  No one can judge how Conscious another person is, or judge how appropriate it is for that other person to be Conscious or Unconscious in any given circumstance.  The Ego’s job is to keep us Alive, and Denial is one of the Ego’s most powerful tools.  Our greatest skills, by far, are those which we perform Unconsciously.  And very little of our internal processes are actually communicated, so there’s no way to know when another person is Conscious, and when they’re just not communicating.

In this young man’s case, with Uranus stationary, and Vesta-Pluto in Scorpio, I’m guessing he was a lot more Conscious than most people knew.  Scorpio is Fearlessness, the knowledge that the way out is through, and the willingness to follow a glowing thread into any quagmire.  Scorpio learns very early that talking about it scares the biscuits out of most everybody else, so Scorpio learns very early that it’s not safe to talk about it.  Scorpio just makes a safe, and if necessary secret, space to just do it.  Scorpio’s reputation for Secrecy isn’t about Secrecy at all, it’s about other people’s Fear.

Consciousness matters because the eulogizers made a big deal out of the young man’s entanglement with the Archetype of the Warrior.  In the Jungian view, an Archetype is a kind of Karmic capture, an extrapersonal energy that takes a person over, and prevents them from living their own life and seeking their own fulfillment, because they’re overfocused on acting out the Archetype’s rituals.  Of course it’s all relative, and we could postulate an infinite range of Archetypes, to fit any situation.  It’s easy to put a positive judgment on Consciousness, and use an Archetype as a criticism, but that would totally miss the point.

Archetype is a constructive concept only when someone expresses a desire to break free of a Karmic loop.  It’s a concept that allows us to depersonalize a portion of our Ego, to create a healthy Separation between Self and Archetype, in order to learn to distinguish between those elements of the personality that are rooted in the Archetype, and those which are rooted in the Soul Chord.  I didn’t know this young man, so it’s a guess, but I’m guessing that his Soul Chord was strong enough and present enough that he was quite aware of the difference between his Essence and his Warrior.

This long story is of course related to what’s going on in the sky today – Juno, Identity.  One of the most powerful types of charts a person can have, is one that combines a Grand Cross or a T-Square with a Grand Trine.  The Grand Trine, as we’ve said, is three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, and this Third Harmonic carries the energy of the Empress, or Love with Wisdom.  This young man also had a Grand Trine in his birth chart, with our friend Jupiter as one corner – the same Jupiter that’s the apex of his Mars-Pluto-Vesta T-Square.  The other two corners of his Grand Trine were Juno (Identity) and Chiron (Healing and Miracles).

A Juno-Jupiter Grand Trine is a ready source for the kind of apparently-unconscious, and un-self-conscious, self-confidence this young man presented to the World and inspired in others, according to the testimonials at the Memorial.  Chiron on the other corner gives this a profound Healing quality, with a flavor of the superhuman – he would have accomplished many things which most people wouldn’t even think were possible.  This young man was a Natural Healer – probably unconsciously, since it usually takes longer to become Conscious of a Grand Trine than it does to become Conscious of a T-Square, and this was a relatively short lifetime, by modern standards, for him.  By Warrior standards, it wasn’t a short lifetime at all.  When I was sixteen, we used to talk about making “Alexander’s Choice” – living life to the fullest and flaming out by 30.  And we weren’t even Warriors, we were just Teenagers.

Chiron was also the apex of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!), with Pluto-Vesta (uninterruptible attention to the Sacred) and Neptune (Spiritual Clarity) at the other corners.  A Pluto-Neptune Finger of God doesn’t give a person much latitude for personal Choice – it represents a life directed by sources far larger than the Self, and would suggest that the whole Warrior persona was more about teaching others than about fulfilling personal needs.  The whole question of Consciousness becomes kind of irrelevant, because this young man was Guided constantly by Angels.  And the Finger of God, representing as it does Curiosity, would have had him constantly, internally (probably “secretly”), questioning and wondering and learning exactly which pieces fit where to make sense out of it all, circumstantially.

Then there’s Neptune.  Neptune is at the apex of a second T-Square, this one with Juno (Identity) and The Sun (Essence) at the other corners, in the early degrees of the Cardinal Signs.  The early degrees of the Cardinal Signs are about laying eggs – creating foundations for buildings that won’t be built for many years hence.  While stationary Uranus indicates a person who knows exactly what they’re doing, the early degrees of Cardinal Signs indicate someone who’s acting at the behest of a New Energy that isn’t Conscious yet, a Wave that’s just beginning to move onto the Planet.  In other words, someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, even though why they’re doing it won’t become clear for many years.

Juno (unconscious Identity) was at the beginning of Libra (service to Harmony with Other), while The Sun (Essence) was at the beginning of Aries (service to a New Energy), with Neptune (service to the culture’s concept of God) in Capricorn (pragmatism) between them.  While Neptune represents Spiritual Clarity, it also represents Material Confusion.  It’s the ancient Lemurian dilemma – how to enjoy the glories of physical manifestation without getting our feet stuck in the tar.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is “A Cat arguing with a Mouse.”  There were probably some very sophisticated theological seminars going on in this young man’s head, which, with Scorpio Pluto, he may never have talked about out loud.  The two T-Squares are intimately intertwined, and connected by the Finger of God.  The tight interconnection would have contributed to his self-confidence.

The planets in this young man’s birth chart clustered into two configurations – the T-Squares in the early degrees, and the stationary Uranus in the middle degrees, the latter joined by a Moon-Mercury-Venus-Pallas Stellium in Aries, and the Axis of the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus.  The Stellium would have given him the Wisdom that the testimonials attributed to him, but would also have made the kind of reductive thinking that modern schools propagate relatively unnatural for him.  He operated by instinct, not ideals or ideas, and his instincts would have been perfect.  His mind was fast, very tuned to emotional realities, and quick to identify edges.  The Lunar Axis would pull him toward the Castle, even though he was comfortable in the Swamps.  The Lunar Nodes were not closely connected to the Pluto-Vesta-Mars-Jupiter T-Square, which tells us that his Warrior persona was not Karmic.

The two clusters were joined by the Eighth Harmonic – balance, alignment, negotiation, truth.  The Eighth is our introductory course for the more difficult Fourth Harmonic.  He was drawn into his military career when the two clusters crossed – when Pluto in the sky moved across the position of his natal Uranus, and Uranus in the sky moved across his natal Jupiter.  He would have felt a major sense of integration at that time in his life, and might have used that to lock onto an idea that his Ultimate Goal of Social Harmony might be achieved through using his Warrior skills in service to the State.

The Memorial included an Honor Guard Ceremony, where two soldiers unfold a triangle-folded Flag, bounce it once like a trampoline to release the devotee’s soul, then carefully refold it into a tight Third-Harmonic (Love with Wisdom again) triangle.  There was real magic in this ritual – the Energy shift was palpable when they bounced the open flag.  The Chaplain who presented this part of the Memorial was an impressively alive and present person, but his assertion that the Flag was parallel to the Shroud of Turin was a stretch.

The asteroid Vesta, which is indistinguishable from this young man’s Pluto, was the Roman version of the Greek Goddess Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth.  The Greeks started and ended every ritual with a toast to Hestia, She who provided warmth and sustenance.  The Romans knew a good thing when they saw it, and made their Vesta the Goddess of the State, perpetrating the notion that it’s the State that provides warmth and sustenance, not Nature and Spirit.  Confounding the role of the State with the role of Nature and Spirit has been a curse that Western Civilization has endured ever since.

New Moon Saturday

June 10, 2010

Saturday’s New Moon (quarter after 4am PST) will give us loads to talk about and work on – another Grand Cross (Big Fourth Harmonic Pattern about Dominion) and Grand Trine (Big Third Harmonic Pattern about Grace) pointing at Juno (Identity).  The New Moon chart applies to the next four weeks, particularly the next two weeks.

Methinks from now on we’ll try to include two readings – one from the Victim perspective, and one from the Responsibility perspective.  Actually, we usually do that, but we don’t label them thataway.  The Juno Grand Cross/Grand Trine business from the Victim perspective would represent a nightmare or maybe several (big challenges to the Dominion of the Ego/Juno, from the Grand Cross) that turn out to be pussycats (great Grace from the Grand Trine).  In other words, an opportunity to recognize that our Fears are just paper tigers.  So we can expect to be Terrified, as the underpinnings of our Identity are ripped away (a bar is torn out of our Birdcage in other words).  If we don’t remember to tap on the Fear, we’ll just regress into all our old Victim trips and lose it.  If we do remember to take Responsibility (ie, we’re able to respond rather than react) and we tap out the Fear, we’ll be delighted to discover that the Ogres were just the Ghosts of Ogres Past.

An aside about Juno would be appropriate.  Juno is about merging – it represents the sort of Identity where we don’t know we’re identified with someone or something or some notion or emotion.   We might be so unconsciously angry that we have no idea that other viewpoints are even possible.  We might be so paranoid of being controlled by Other that we join the Tea Party thinking it’ll help keep us “free” from those horrible socialist regulations that might ameliorate oil spills or bank ripoffs.  We might be so dependent on another that we don’t know we can survive without them.  We might actually believe the propaganda that Education and the Corporate Media slather on us.  So when we experience Juno as a Victim, it’s usually Terrifying.  Everybody of course has a different habitual reaction to Terror.  Some of us will freeze, some strike out, some run away, some circle the wagons.

Experiencing Juno through Responsibility would involve celebrating the opportunity to add a window to our Birdcage where before there was a blank wall, the opportunity to get conscious about a blind spot we’ve been living with, probably all our life, that’s been limiting our ability to manifest our Wannas.  That’s especially important now that Jupiter-Uranus has opened a new chapter on the Aries Point and a new Verse of our Soul Chord is descending, so our Wannas will be getting more important.  Maybe even Life-and-Death important.  Not to mention Everything speeding up cuzza the Mayan Calendar.  Reality is one thing, and our Conception of Reality is quite another.  Moving our Conception closer to the Real is what it’s all about.  The closer our Conception is to the Real, the more Dominion we have over our Life.  So any Juno adventure is a fabulous opportunity to get closer to Life’s real goals – Neutrality and Presence.  We just gotta be mindful to roll with the punches, rather than getting overwhelmed by the Lostness that happens when an Ego prop is pulled out.

Remember, Confusion comes first, and Confusion is good.  Well, okay, maybe Confusion comes after the Terror – but it could be the other way around, too.  Hey, just think, we could respond with Curiosity!

Meanwhile, here’s a fabulous perspective on the Dollar and the Euro.  It explains a lot of what’s been going on.