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Another Big Weekend

October 3, 2012

As Frank or Ernest once said,

“Every time I just get my budget in order, along comes another big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!”

Well, here we are again.  While the more important issue is our Spiritual budget, our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up pretty big these days too.  Western astrology hails from Medieval Europe, where money was not a big part of most people’s lives.  You did your best to support your community, and your community did its best to support you.  You didn’t worry so much about how much you were getting paid, you worried about how to help your support system survive the next winter.  It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution and the Enclosure of the Commons that people and community in Europe were ripped out of their context as an intimate part of Nature and given flush toilets and Money instead.  In the rest of the World it was mostly Colonialism that industrialized Nature.

The same pattern is repeating today.  In the 16th and 17th centuries sea travel allowed the European elite to exploit the rest of the World.  They liked that so much that in the 18th and 19th century they used steam power to exploit the other 99% of Europeans.  There was significant popular opposition to the Industrial Revolution and to the Enclosure of the Commons, but you’ll never learn about either unless you dig for it, because as in any war, it’s the winners that write the history books and extol the wondrous virtues of machines and private property and the “rule of law.”  Is “Luddite” a term of praise, or “sabot-age” a virtue?  Today it’s the Banksters that are bringing about the end of Money through their own self-sabotaging greed.

It’s no accident that our medium-of-exchange budget is lit up.  Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) means “just fix it,” but the essence of Capricorn is survival and exchange.  Medieval astrology is based on the Northern-Hemisphere calendar, and Capricorn represents the onslaught of winter.  Capricorn sorts the Ants from the Grasshoppers.  The astrological “House” (the Houses are like the Signs, but they initiate at Sunrise rather than at the Spring Equinox) that corresponds to Capricorn is the Tenth.  The Tenth House is usually interpreted as pertaining to career, but the deeper meaning is Community.  You remember 2008, eh?  Pluto doesn’t do symptom relief, it roots out the cause so it can be healed.

Speaking of Houses, let’s continue that thread for a minute.  Pluto is associated with (in astrologuese, it “rules”) the Eighth House, which in turn correlates with the “products of relationship” – the gains and losses that relationships bring us.  And Pluto is associated with (or “rules”) Scorpio, which implies getting to the bottom of things, relentlessly and fearlessly.  Scorpio gets its reputation for subterfuge because anybody with a strong Scorpio influence learns early not to share too much, cuz when they did talk about their reality it scared the shit out everybody.  Better to just shut up.  Denial is a protection to maintain a fragile Ego, and Ego is important for survival.  Scorpio and Denial are antithetical.

So we ask, what was it we were Denying that triggered the collapse of the World economy as Pluto entered Capricorn?  What is it that we need to “just fix”?  What is it that we don’t want to look at because it threatens our Ego?  Since to answer those questions for the Collective we need to examine our own Perception, we look for mirrors; maybe, what part of our own life involves “self-sabotaging greed”?  Abundance means having enough to share.  What in our life are we scared to share because of fear of Scarcity?  I mean all this as rhetorical, not as confrontation.  If you’re reacting emotionally, tap it out.  If you want to use this as a trigger for meditation, feel free, but my intention is to weave a fabric of ideas as a background for what we really want to talk about here.

Saturn Enters Scorpio

First, Juanita reminds us that Saturn is about to enter Scorpio, on Friday October 5 (half past 1pm PDT).  Saturn rules Capricorn, and Pluto rules Scorpio, so we will have what’s called a “Mutual Reception” between them as each planet occupies the Sign that the other rules.  For a while now we’ve also had a Mutual Reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius.  Mutual Reception is a big deal in astrology, and we will now have all four of the outermost traditional planets in Mutual Reception.  That’s extremely fortuitous for us as a species, and will provide a real boost to our Spiritual and Community evolution.

Juanita quotes Mark Borax’s reading of Saturn in Scorpio, “Burning Karma” which I recommend highly.  In chemistry, there is healing in levity, and Boron is one of the lightest elements.  Mark starts out,

“This raises the question: Just what, exactly, is karma, and how does it burn?”

and provides some great perspective on Karma and Revelations.  It might be useful to point out that it’s Uranus that represents personal Karma, Neptune that symbolizes ancestral Karma, and Pluto that informs us about collective Karma.  Our Mutual Reception suggests that, as we evolve, personal Karma and collective Karma will be mutually supportive, while ancestral Karma and personal Ego (Saturn) will be collaborating constructively.  What might all that look like?  Well, a collaboration between personal and collective Karma is not a big surprise; we’ve been shifting our consciousness to include Co-Creation for a while now.  “The Ancestors” is a code word for the Energies embodied by the Faerie World.  So the efforts we’ve been making to reanimate the World certainly count as mutual support between ancestral Karma and Ego.

That last paragraph deserves a long exposition; lemme know if you want one and we’ll provide it.  Right now I want to take us in another direction.  We interpret Saturn as Focus and Concentration.  Saturn’s reputation as a malefic and as limitation arise because Saturn asks us to Focus on the most important thing, on Priority #1, and let go of our fallbacks, even though Priority #1 scares us because of the risk of failure.  If we fail on Priority #5 we can make that up, but if we fail on Priority #1, well, we might as well be dead.  Which is Ego, Saturn, because the only death that anyone ever endures is Ego Death, the rest is just trance(re)formation.

So what’s the most important thing?  Of course for each of us the details will depend on our Mission, but Scorpio says that the most important thing for the next coupla years will be getting to the bottom of it.  Getting to the real Root Cause.  Root Cause of what?  Well, the answer that Uranus and Pluto would suggest is that we get to the bottom of the impediments to our Spiritual and Community (economic, monetary) evolution.  Fearlessly.  So this is a good thing, in fact a fabulous wind to have at our backs as we move into Rebirth (which as always is also a Death).  Looking forward we see Rebirth, looking backward we see Death.  Which is to say, Excitement equals Fear plus Breathing.

The Saturn Ingress Chart

The chart for Saturn’s Ingress into Scorpio is of course a lot like the “horrendous” chart of last week’s Full Moon, but with a few significant changes.  The second Grand Cross is broken, leaving us with a T-Square between Pluto, Uranus, and Ceres, pointing at Uranus.  That’s a Challenge to integrate our Soul Download (Uranus) with our social-historical context (Pluto) in a sustainable way (Ceres).  Do we demonstrate against the Banksters, or teach people how to recycle?  The Cerean route to Sustainability usually leads through Sustenance, as it often asks us to give up attachment to what is comfortable but unsustainable.  As with any T-Square, the first requirement is to give up any notion that there is a “problem” to be “solved.”  That approach is guaranteed to fail.  A T-Square is a graduate seminar; there are no “answers,” only exploration and curiosity and creativity.

Mercury has moved up to closely Conjoin Saturn, in fact itself crossing into Scorpio just ten hours before Saturn does, and Conjoining Saturn an hour before that.  So this Saturn Ingress is not just about getting to the bottom of things, it’s about understanding them as well, and talking about them.  The Mercury-Saturn cycle lasts only a year, so normally we wouldn’t make a big deal of it, but given its timing, it’s very relevant.  The Sabian Symbol (a reading for the degree of the Conjunction) for this last degree of Libra is

“Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher’s Head.”

A little unusual, but fortuitous, implying that we’ll be learning a great deal in the year to come.

And the Moon now Conjoins Jupiter instead of Uranus.  Jupiter, the Great Amplifier, was the least-involved planet in the Harvest Moon chart, so this change will amplify our Excitement about what we’re evolving into.  In this chart, Moon-Jupiter Trines the Sun, but the three of them remain mostly uninvolved with the rest of the planets.  Generally, an isolated planet is a strong planet, though a “sleeper.”  So this configuration continues to emphasize Jupiter.  The one “minor” interaction that Jupiter does make is a Sesquisquare to Saturn.  A Sesquisquare is halfway between a Square and an Opposition, and symbolizes something like irritation.

But the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is intimately involved with economic trends.  This is the Waning Sesquisquare, and it tells us that we’re almost finished harvesting what we want to preserve from the Industrial Age, before we dive head first into the Electronic Age.  A lot of folks are talking about replacing Money that is “based on the full faith and credit of the government” (which faith and credit is pretty much extinct) with Money that is based on Gold, but we may be going a lot further than that, maybe moving to full faith and credit in our Self and our Community.  Hank Wesselman’s book Spiritwalker and it’s sequels make a fabulous picture of something similar – and maybe also likely, depending on what we co-create.

From May 2013 (the Jupiter-Saturn Phitile) till late 2020 (the next Conjunction), we fall into the Void in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  Jupiter is expansion, Saturn contraction.  Neither is good or bad, we obviously need both, in their relevant contexts.  Our most constructive approach to the Void of any Cycle is to clear away expectations.  We could provide the Sabian Symbol of the next Conjunction (1 Aquarius), but if we did it would provoke expectations, eh?  Any new Cycle is different – we can’t comprehend what it will be like from within the preceding Cycle, because we can’t know intellectually what the Universal Unconscious will co-create during the Void, or how much our failure to release expectations will contaminate the new Energy.

The bottom line is that we’ll be somewhere between the end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Singularity, and the transition will be very fluid, with many culdesacs and strange-seeming twists and turns Labor is pretty much obsolete, and most of us will probably be sitting on the edges of our Communities trading what we have for what we want.  But don’t let me sow any expectations.  Since only Intuition can tell where we’re going, and that only tentatively and metaphorically, our only recourse is to keep our Attention short-term, and enjoy the journey.  It will be exhilarating, if we keep breathing.  Think globally, act locally will probably continue to be a useful suggestion.

The Jupiter Station

The other hare in the Saturn-Ingress ointment is that Jupiter is Stationary, as it turns Retrograde on Thursday (quarter past 6am PDT).  Particular intriguing, since the Moon Occults Jupiter a half hour after the Saturn Ingress.  An Occultation, recall, creates Awareness, so we may expect (we don’t need to give those up till next May) to see the hope-inspiring shift in the Lamestream Media, from promulgating lies to seeking some semblance of relevance if not truth, continue.  A Stationary planet is a Strong planet, and I normally expect a much greater impact from a Station than from an Ingress.  We saw how profound the impact was when the North Node backed into Scorpio, though, and in this astroenvironment we don’t want to discount Scorpio.

So we’d be inclined to label this weekend a Jupiter-Saturn weekend, more than a Saturn-Ingress weekend.  Jupiter symbolizes extroversion and Saturn introversion, so don’t be surprised if your shoulds and wannas seem to conflict over the next several days (just move to Both/And).  Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within includes a fabulous introduction to how the energies of expansion, contraction, and compression feel in your own body, the positive function of each, and whether you habitually use them congruently.

The Jupiter-Station chart features a momentary Golden Trapezoid, as the Moon moves in between the South Node and Lilith to complete the configuration.  A Golden Trapezoid is made up of two Fingers of God that share an arm.  A Quincunx is two planets five Signs apart, and a Finger of God is three planets with two Quincunxes between them, and a Sextile forming the third angle.   When two Fingers of God share a Quincunx, that creates two Sextiles (two Signs apart) at their bases, with a Square (three Signs apart) filling the fourth angle.  I know, hard to picture, but the bottom line is that it’s a

Big Blessing.

The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity or Wonder (our natural state).

The Fingers of God point at Mercury-Saturn and Pallas Athena.  So we have Grace permeating two skills – knowing what we must do (Mercury-Saturn), and Boundary-setting (Pallas).  So we have two questions that will answer themselves – I wonder what I need to do? and I wonder how to balance protection and vulnerability with that person?  Remember that Manifestation consists of wondering, then changing the subject (not thinking about it), so magic is afoot around healing our relationships.  Since this is in the Jupiter-Stationary chart, it will impact the entire Jupiter-Retrograde period.  The other corners of the Golden Trapezoid are Venus and the Moon, bringing our semi-permanent (Venus) and temporary (Moon) Emotions into the Curiosity equation.  That’ll reduce our expectations and demands.

Jupiter flies backwards through the end of January, retrograding across 16 to 7 degrees of Gemini, or the Leo through Scorpio portions of Gemini.  Gemini represent flexibility, and Leo through Scorpio is the portion of the Zodiac where we realize that we are not the center of the Universe after all, and open ourself up to meaningful relationship with other people.  This process began in mid-July, and it will be the end of April before we put the finishing touches on this transreformation.

The Grand Trine and the Cusps

The Grand Trine from the Harvest Moon chart remains in place in both the Jupiter-Stationary chart and the Saturn-Ingress chart.  Mercury-Saturn was the one corner of the Grand Trine that was not involved in the Grand Crosses, so we can see Insight as the Big Grace that is offered to us here.  Since the Grand Trine graces the cusps of the Water Signs, our Insights will be deeper than shallow intellectualizations, and will lead to Real Change.  A Grand Trine is Big Grace, so we get to watch it happen, rather than trying to make it happen.

All but a few of the planets in all of these charts are on cusps, so the underlying theme of the whole affair is Change.  Venus moved out of Leo and into Virgo earlier in the week, and Mars moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on Saturday – both moving from Fixed Signs to Mutable Signs.  Mutable Signs are open to change; Fixed Signs are not.  And Venus and Mars are about our Emotional constitution, what we’re willing to support (Venus), and what we’re willing to work toward (Mars).  The Changes are accelerating.  Lord knows the US Congress could even start working again!  That would be a true Miracle!


Gaze at the picture for a while.  It’s a piece of pure crystalline Germanium, sitting on a bed of blue Kyanite and black Schorl.  Focusing on the three-dimensionality of the Germanium, you can feel the bones in your head expanding to encompass the broader perspective.  What happens in the rest of your body?  Are you breathing?  Schorl (black Tourmaline, or Sodium Iron Aluminum Borocyclosilicate Hydroxide) grounds us, while Kyanite (Aluminum Nesosilicate) sops up undesirable Energy for recycling.  Elemental Germanium embodies the Primordial Feminine Magnetic Energy that is descending onto the Planet to balance the excess Masculine Dynamism that the Planet has been living with since way too long.