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Tipping Point

October 13, 2012

Since the Harvest Moon, the Energy has shifted.  There is less Balance overall, and more flux.  Issues are sorting themselves by importance.  We’re on a lot of Edges.  On the Edge of saving or destroying the Planet as we know it.  On the Edge of a New Paradigm that isn’t fully co-created yet.  On the Edge of committing ourselves fully to our Mission.  On the Edge of amping up the yin to balance the excess yang.  How do we come to these conclusions?


I’m sure most of youall know the Hundred Monkeys parable, and many of you probably know about the TM experiments where 1% of the population meditating lowered crime rates.  The notion of Energy Fields and their Trance(Re)Formation is central to astrology.  Many scienterrific types object because it involves apparent causation outside the power of the Human Ego.  Jung argued that it’s not causation at all but another principle entirely.  And of course we’d just point out that Linear Time is an illusion (All There Is Is Now), and without Linear Time, causation is moot, as it depends on Effect following Cause in Linear Time.  So much for Karma.  The Great God Causan Defect we often call Him, as it’s very difficult to imagine how the World might operate without His Uniquitousness running the show.

Of course it’s Both/And, as it always is.  Here’s another version of the Hundred Monkeys parable, named by sociologists the Tipping Point

It’s in the first video of the series, which, coincidentally (hah!), concerns GMO food.  If you wanna help reach the GMO Tipping Point,

has lotsa ideas for those of us who live under fascism to be able to control some Causan Defect in our own lives.  Fascism just means that Business controls Government, as opposed to Democracy, where the People control Government.

And speaking of Tipping Points, here’s the ultimate…

That’d be another good one for us 99%-ers to do a 1% meditation on.  Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist, to do a 1% meditation and lower the greed rate!

Adding the Sacred to the New Paradigm

Those lovely ladies in the photo are the blossoms of the Hestia variety of Scarlet Runner Bush Beans.  Hestia was the Greek Goddess that the Romans later renamed Vesta.  HisStory tells us that Zeus was King of the Gods, back before Goldman Sachs took Him to the cleaners.  But if we read HerStory, we find that the Greeks honored Hestia before they honored Zeus, and they honored Hestia after they honored Zeus.  Hestia was the Goddess of the Hearth – food, warmth, shelter, bottom-line stuff, easily taken for granted.  Zeus was mostly about inter-God politics and screwing all the Goddesses.  Too familiar, eh?  The Romans liked Hestia so much that they made Vesta Goddess of the State.

And as we speak, Vesta is joining Ceres in the Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron-Neptune…

That is, Vesta (the Sacred) is joining Ceres (Sustainability) in the Grand Trine (Grace) with Saturn (Focus) and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm); lest we forget, Chiron-Neptune gets to be the New Paradigm because of Chiron (healing despair by reframing our perspective, thus creating what would have been Miracles in the old paradigm) and Neptune (everything larger than ourself, or Our Relationship with God, aka the Unconscious that produces and directs the show that our Ego stars in).

Or in English, this would be a fabulous time for us to collaborate to Gracefully tip the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where we can Sustain our relationship with what we consider to be Sacred.  Back to a space where we can once again be proud to be Human and Huwoman, but with less Denial than in the days before we found out that it was all propaganda.  Of course the Grand Trine says it’s happening, not that we’re doing it.  So we could rephrase to a time when we can witness Grace tipping the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where the Sacred is Sustained.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Remember though, we’re each and all co-creators.  So yes, it’s essential that it’s also a fabulous time for us to collaborate to Gracefully tip the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where we can Sustain our relationship with what we consider to be Sacred.

I Gotta Be Me, Damn It!

Meanwhile, the Sun has abandoned the Harvest Moon’s Grand Cross, leaving us with a Ceres-Uranus-Pluto T-Square.

…leaving us with a Ceres (Sustainability)-Uranus (yin Integrity)-Pluto (mandatory Change of Trance) T-Square (Mastery through Challenge).  Which is to say, we’re in the dressing room trying on a hundred new ways (Pluto) to be true to ourself (Uranus) and mean it (Ceres), none of which quite feels like it fits (T-Square).  A T-Square recall is a graduate seminar – there are no right answers, only creative experiments and thorough explorations.  Reminder: yang Integrity means you do what you said you was gonna do, and yin Integrity means you do what you feel like doing, moment to moment.  And to live yin Integrity in a yang World, we gotta minimize our commitments, and be willing to renegotiate responsibly when we break the ones we do make.  Till the yin Tipping Point gets here.

Or in Anglais, we’re tasting this newfound Freedom and Integrity, and wondering how the hell – or if – we’re gonna be able to make it permanent.  Or, worst case, we’re wondering where the hell is our newfound Freedom and Integrity?  Not to worry, this (Uranus-Pluto) goes on for three more years.

So what happens as Vesta joins Ceres in the T-Square?  Shit, now we not only gotta be true to ourself, but true to God as well!  Yah, you betcha, Integrity is a Responsibility, as well as a Joy.  But wait, as our understanding of the Sustainable is TranceFormed, so is our understanding of the Sacred.  For then I saw through a glass darkly.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if being true to ourself was being true to God!  Maybe alls we needs is a little more Self-Love!  Well, sorry, it’s a T-Square – but hey, if you can get there and keep it feeling good, there is Mastery at the end of a T-Square.

And what about Pallas – she Conjoined Uranus at the Harvest Moon.  She’s since gone Retro and backed away a bit, though she’ll be back mid-November.  What’s Pallas-Uranus look like?  That’s easy to answer.  Boundaries (Pallas) that allow us to be ourself, to live our yin Integrity!  Like Sheila here,

So now we have the Challenge to claim the space where we give ourself permission to eschew self-abandonment forever.  What Trances will we have to Reform to make that happen without Guilt?  We might need to re-read Original Blessing.

Following me?  The Challenge (T-Square) to claim the space (Pallas) where we give ourself permission to eschew self-abandonment (Uranus) forever (Ceres), while Changing whatever Trances (Pluto) need to be changed to avoid self-betrayal (Vesta) or religious Guilt, as in “Original Sin.”

Now wait a minute – are we saying that we can Change the Trance, rather than having the Change forced upon us?  Pluto is the Big River – what if we need to paddle upstream?  Well, that’s the Challenge, isn’t it.  If we’re the Star, and the Unconscious is Director and Producer, we better be collaborating with their plans if we want to keep our job, and jobs are scarce these days.  That’s precisely the “trick” of Uranus-Pluto – knowing ourself well enough that we Love who we see in the mirror, without putting us on a pedestal.  If we’ve learned to collaborate well enough with the Unconscious that she doesn’t trip us very often, then sure, we be she and she be we, and we have no need not to take charge.  Cautiously.  But confidently.

Uranus Initiated Pallas just as it Squared Pluto at the end of June.  The new Pallas-Uranus Cycle was born the day after Uranus first Squared Pluto in late June, at 9 of Aries, “A Crystal gazer,” or, in Rudhyar’s view, “an inner realization of organic Wholeness.”  That puts the entire Pallas-Uranus Cycle in a Waning Square to Pluto.  The Waning Square means the Challenge to surrender Control, to allow ourself to drop into the Void.  That means an Egoic approach to setting those Boundaries around the self is probably going to backfire, because in the Void we don’t know the rules.  Rules change in the Reaches, as Ursula so aptly put it.

The New Paradigm and the Rebirth of the Goddess

So there’s the Challenge, eh?  How do we set Boundaries if not Egoically?  Isn’t Ego a synonym for Power?  The answer lies in The Other T-Square.

That second Harvest-Moon Grand Cross has also degenerated into a T-Square.  In a Grand Cross the Challenges balance one another, while in a T-Square they don’t.  What’s left of the second Grand Cross?  A second T-Square focused on Chiron-Neptune – the global New Paradigm.  Neptune tells us that the Changes are global, but the nature of the Changes is local and regional.  Woe be to the culture that tries to impose its rules on another culture here.

The other two corners?  Mars-Juno-Rahu and Lilith-Keto.  Intense.  At the Harvest Moon we had Venus at the antipode to help keep the peace.  Now we’re on our own.

Mars-Juno-Rahu?  Mars is action, doing.  Juno is Unconscious Identity.  Rahu is the Moon’s North Node, aka our Mission.  Nobody’s gonna stop me from my Mission.  A veritable Navy Seal.

Lilith-Keto?  Keto is the Moon’s South Node, aka our Karma.  Though it’s now dead, Karma is the self-limiting patterns that keep us from moving forward.  But those same self-limiting patterns got there on purpose.  In a “past life” we got too full of ourself, overstepped our skill level, and got knocked down.  Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.  So we vowed not to do that again.  Unfortunately, the Ego isn’t clever enough to vow never to get too full of itself.  Instead, the Ego would vow never to use that skill again.  Peeling away a layer of Karma always reveals a hidden Mastery.  What sort of Mastery this time?

The Primordial Feminine.  Lilith was Adam’s first wife, the one HisStory forgets to mention.  When Adam laid down for her his Old-Testament vision of how servile a wife would be, Lilith thought it was hilarious, and hit the road.  For Lilith, inequality like that didn’t compute.  So this is about recovering our Primordial Feminine.  The She-Bear.  Or fearing to recover our Primordial Feminine, if we haven’t noticed yet that Karma is dead.

So we have a Navy Seal (Mars-Juno-Rahu) and a She-Bear (Lilith-Keto) Challenging one another to define the New Paradigm (Chiron-Uranus).  Serious stuff.  But this is not war, it’s a T-Square, a workshop in how to get these two to collaborate.  That’s the Challenge.  Where’s John Grey when we need him?  How do we talk our irreparably Causan-Defect-infused, penisbrained, do-addicted, Ego-stuffed Masculine into taking  Guidance from the Primordial Feminine?  Or even finding the Primordial Feminine?

That’s the real Tipping Point we been looking for, eh?  No gender bias here, you gals are running on testosterone too, you just – most of you – have more options.

Manifesting Yin

So then, how do we set Boundaries if not Egoically?  Well, we PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm – and then Change the Subject.  With a twist.  We need to be vague.  We’re in the Void, we don’t know the rules.  So we don’t Ask for a specific outcome, we Ask for a better feeling state.  The Primordial Feminine is totally comfortable in the Void – just ask Innana.  She knows it’s not about knowing where you’re going, but about meeting the journey with curiosity and wonder.  So what would we PIAVA?

Safety might work.  That’s always the Ego’s number one priority, and the Void is not the Ego’s favorite haunt.  Great Spirit, may I please enjoy a Safe Space to pursue my Integrity?  Then stop thinking about it, or you’ll constrain yourself to more of what you’ve been living with all along.  Or May we all be Free to co-create a Reality where our own Beliefs are Safe.  Or one of my favorites, Great Spirit, may I please have Peace and Joy, and may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, completely, and rapidly.

Whenever we PIAVA anything, it’s very important to make a note of it, so that after we Change the Subject, we can come back and review what happened next.  If we PIAVA Peace and then our neighbor yells at us, well, that tells us what we need to let go of in order to step toward Peace – probably our Anger.  The first thing you’ll always receive when you PIAVA anything, is information about the limiting beliefs that have prevented you from having it all along.  Hence, may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, rapidly, and completely.

It’s never a bad idea, and when we’re in the Void always a good idea, to take a cue from Gene Gendlin and add,

or something like that.

Great Spirit, may I please have Peace and Joy, or something like that, and may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, completely, and rapidly.  That invites collaboration with the Unconscious, by making space for moving into the vicinity of what we would like, without spelling out the exact specifications.  Whenever you’re tempted to PIAVA something, don’t.  Instead PIAVA the feeling state you’d have if you had it.  Save you alotta pain and suffering, cuz we always get what we ask for, and it almost always includes all manner of unforeseen side effects.

And the crux of yin Integrity is permission to Change Your Mind.  We learn, we grow, what we wanted last week changes.  With PIAVA and other techniques like tapping, we can move very fast.  We run afoul of our yang-Integrity commitments very quickly.  No one else gives you permission to Change Your Mind; you do.  Power is always taken, never given.  Practice your renegotiation techniques, and take it.  One negotiation tenet to remember – if you’re playing win-win, and your counterpart starts playing win-lose, you lose.  Keep an eye out for that, and be ready to move on if it occurs.

Harvest Moon

September 27, 2012

Well, that horrific Full Moon is almost here, and here in Endless Summer it’s quite beautiful.  From here it looks like the illusion of economic recovery is fading again, while it’ll take several months for the few crumbs from Bernanke’s third Gift to the Banks to trickle down, and Jupiter (our great Beneficent) turns Retrograde next week.  Hunkerdown time.  Good time to review the Full Moon chart, eh?

Two big Grand Crosses, separated by Sextiles, and a Grand Trine to one corner of each of the Grand Crosses.

A Grand Cross (an X or square box in the chart when you draw lines between the planets) is of course four T-Squares back-to-back and belly-to-belly, and a T-Square is a lose-lose configuration for anybody trying to preserve the status quo or trying to feel successful.  Of course, for someone constantly on the lookout for What am I learning here, a T-Square (an Opposition with a third planet halfway between, forming a short-stemmed T) is pure heaven.  Nobody with a T-Square gets stuck inside o’Mobile with these Memphis Blues again because nothing ever repeats.  Nothing ever gets solved, because it aint a problem.  It’s just one long graduate seminar, with endless variations.  It’s just exploration.  It’s enormously frustrating, till you stop looking for solutions.

But that’s a T-Square by itself.  When you put four of them back-to-back and belly-to-belly, they balance one another.  It’s like taking four graduate seminars that feed one another.  It’s very exciting, because you get to that convergence stage, where what you’re learning no longer opens whole new doors, but begins to tie together whole rooms full of things you learned before, that had walls between them.  A Grand Cross knocks down the walls, it integrates.  It aint restful, it’s manic.  It’s exciting.

Now a Sextile (two signs apart, or one sixth of the way round the zodiacal circle) symbolizes creative ease.  It’s Grace, but not Big Grace like a Trine.  It’s fun, like a jigsaw puzzle that’s just right, not hard enough to discourage you, and not easy enough to bore you.  The Goldilocks angle.  Two Grand Crosses separated by Sextiles?!?  Whoa, that’s horrendous – that is, remarkable!  So we have integration times two, and the whole enchilada will turn out to be not hard enough to discourage us, and not easy enough to bore us!  How can we lose?  Well, okay, the status quo will lose, bigtime.

Then add a Grand Trine?  I tell people that the most powerful chart to have is one that combines a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle) – the Grand Cross providing the motivation, and the Grand Trine providing the Grace.  A Grand Cross by itself can be exhausting, a Grand Trine by itself supine.  They complement one another perfectly, because the Grand Cross is challenging enough to disturb the arrogance that a Grand Trine can bring (if one confuses Grace with Ego), and the Grand Trine provides resolutions to the constant challenges that the Grand Cross supplies.

And we have two of them, with a Sextile between them!  And wait’ll we see what they’re about!

Grand Cross Number One is comprised of Chiron-Neptune (our New Paradigm) Opposite Venus (our Values), all Squaring the Moon’s Nodes (our Progress).

The Opposition represents illumination – so we get to see how the New Paradigm jives with our Values.  That’s why Rmoney’s having such a hard time peddling the lies that the 1% have been telling to try to make people continue to think that striving for their Values is virtuous.

The Moon’s Nodes represent where we been and where we’re going.  The North Node is our Mission in the lifetime, and the South Node used to be our Karma.  Since Karma‘s dead, the South Node now has to stand for our instinctive skills, the things we learned in “previous” lifetimes but forgot in this one.  (Which is to say, without Karma what we really have is bleedthrough from our parallel lives.)

The Squares (three signs or one fourth of the way round the horoscope) between on the one hand the illumination of our Values and our Future as a culture, and on the other the directions of our individual lives, are mutually adjusting challenges – Values vs. Mission, Values vs. Skills, New Paradigm vs. Mission, New Paradigm vs. Skills.  We’ll be making all of those adjustments, in turn, and repetitively, and they’ll be complementing one another.  For instance, when we adjust our perception of our Mission to reflect what we currently perceive to be our Values, that will require and facilitate change to our vision of our role in the New Paradigm to reflect what we’ve just learned about our Skillset.  Make sense?

Now, we have Mars (Action) and Juno (Identity) on the North Node, and Lilith (the Primordial Feminine) on the South Node.  That in itself warrants a long essay!  This says we identify with our Mission – no resistance, and we’re willing to support it assertively.  This active identification Opposes (illuminates) the Primordial Feminine – it triggers the memory of our primordial feminine skills.  The square to Venus says we’ll be adjusting our Values and our relationships accordingly.  The Venus-Mars Square is Waning – we’re letting go of old obsolete approaches to relationship.

Grand Cross Number Two is made up of the Full Moon (Illumination), which is closely conjunct Uranus (Soul Download), and Square to Ceres (Sustainability – and Sustenance).  Of course if the Full Moon sits on Uranus these days, it’s gonna be Squaring Pluto (Inevitable Trance-Reformation).

It’s a stretch to make a Full Moon Grand Cross Number Two, but the Nodal Grand Cross does trump it because the Nodal Cross is about our Mission, while the Full Moon Cross is about our fortnight.  Of course there are broader implications, but the Full Moon is mostly about current events.  However, Illumination is not just a flash of insight, it’s a change of Consciousness.  So every Full Moon is in fact Consciousness-raising.

By now we know well that the Uranus-Pluto Square is about a return to the Values of the 1960s, a cultural recognition of the value of the Individual, and a mandatory transformation of the flow of history, toward Freedom.  The Full Moon will be casting light on the nature of these Changes.  I think it already has, considering the news (resistance to austerity in Spain, transparency of Republican lies in the US, JK Rowling’s Dickensian new novel, continued difficulty for the Old Financial Order, for instance).

Then in the fourth corner we have Ceres, the Goddess of Grain.  One of the ancient Skills we are recovering, some by choice and some not, is our Sustenance abilities.  Yes, it’s certainly a different ballgame when we don’t have Quail under every bush, and when there are more people per acre than there are Miner’s Lettuce.  But remember Buddhist Heaven and Hell – in Hell we’re at a table covered with a sumptuous feast, but our elbows are locked so we have no way of getting the feast to our mouths!  And in Heaven we feed one another.  Simple change of Paradigm – Miracle.

And Ceres Conjoins Vesta (the Sacred) – so there’s more going on than just privation; consider the difference between hunger and fasting.  A higher purpose changes the trance.  Not that there’s a sale on hair shirts.  Abundance is having enough to share.  Avarice is the need to have more and hoard it.  Which would you consider sacred?  And which is more likely to be sustainable?

Pallas also Conjoins Moon-Uranus.  Pallas-Uranus is about defending our Uniqueness, about letting go of conformity, about thinking and acting on our own account, about allowing new ways of organizing our World, adding a wing to our Birdcage.

The Grand Trine connects the Chiron-Neptune New-Paradigm corner of Grand Cross Number One with the Ceres Sustainability corner of Grand Cross Number Two.

Which tells us that the New Paradigm, at least as it’s evolving today (remember it’s a co-creation that we all have continuing responsibility toward), is about moving to a sustainable way of living.  This is a Grand Trine, or Big Grace – our willingness to consider sustenance over greed will evolve the Paradigm toward Community and away from Exploitation, and our focus on the future that we want to live in will create sustainability.

The third corner of the Grand Trine is Saturn.

Saturn does not fortell limitation, it represents Concentration and Focus.  It appears to be associated with limitation because in order to follow its command, we have to give up our fallbacks and focus on priority number one.  The status quo here is a fallback that Saturn asks us to let go of.  Grace flows from putting our Attention on sustaining what we want to see the New Paradigm evolve into.

Is that everybody?

Not quite.  Mercury Conjoins Saturn: our Attention to holding the Vision of a Future Worth Living should be intellectualized (that is, specified), and communicated far and wide.  The Conversation starts now – what Future DO we want to live in?  It’s not about having to settle for what trickles down, or settle for government that abandons us.  It’s about our Freedom to co-create our own Future – together.  A Future that respects our Individuality and honors our Skills, the one that our Mission was designed to create.  This is what the Harvest Moon illuminates.

Rather than What have I lost? it’s What does this loss make room for?  What is it that I’ve longed for since forever?  What are my limiting beliefs that have made me believe that’s not possible?  Time to illuminate those, honor the protection we’ve gained by using them hidden until it’s safe to release them, and let them go.  What am I afraid of giving up?  Why can’t I have Both/And?

And Mercury Trines Jupiter, which in turn Conjoins Vesta.  The Grand Trine is very close, within two degrees.  Neither Mercury nor Jupiter are nearly as close, so we aren’t considering them to be an integral part of the Grand Trine, but it would certainly be defensible to do so.  Either way, Jupiter amplifies the Grace, amplifies the connection to the Sacred, amplifies the sustainability, and amplifies the need for and effectiveness of communicating the specifics of our Visions to one another.

Bottom Line?  When we look back ten years from now, we won’t see this Harvest Full Moon as the End of a Blessing, we will see it as the Beginning of a greater Blessing.  Take your Attention off of a Past that has passed and is indeed past, and put it on the Future you are co-creating.  It has already begun.  Don’t let it leave without you.  Focus on the resources that you do have, not the ones you don’t have.  The ones you don’t have won’t serve your Future – that’s why you no longer have them.  The sooner we recognize this and live it, the easier is our Trance Reformation.  Find Gratitude, seek it constantly.  This is The Time, and quite literally, You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

The frame of mind you want is Curiosity; how will we co-create this new World?  We can’t know ahead of time, because it’s a CO-creation – you, me, them, and a very large collection of Energies we can barely imagine.  We have our Vision, but it will be vastly improved by comparison and compounding with the Visions of our fellow travelers.  We don’t know how that will evolve, and we will serve it best by holding Curiosity about how it will move and change and what it might look like as it grows.

There are three Quincunxes (five signs apart, signifying Curiosity) in this Full Moon chart.

Mars to Vesta: I wonder how I will be serving the Sacred and I wonder how the Sacred will motivate me.  We can be assured that we will, and that it will.

Sun to Chiron: I wonder how my Healing powers will evolve and I wonder how I will be Healed.  Both are certain.

And Pallas to Saturn: I wonder where I’ll be asked to make an unwavering stand and I wonder what priority my vulnerability will demand.  There is no Community without Boundaries.

That’s Saturn, with one of it’s big ol’ Earth-size Moons sitting in the edge-on Ring Field, and with the shadow of the Rings projected onto the planet.  As seen by one of those big-government space-travel gadgets that we sent out there cuz we was curious.


September 3, 2012

Well, I totally deserve this comment!

“do you mean it will be horrendous when looking through earthly ego filter and fantabulous when seeing with spiritual eyes?!!! or some such both/and kind of meaning?  I am going to admit that i was actually jarred by You making such a black statement … so will it really be ‘horrendous’???!!!  scheeze…..”

It’s a month away, and now I gotta at least summarize the chart, and it’s my own fault.  I’ll do it quickly for now, and add detail when I have more time…

We’ll be challenged to permanently let go of those aspects of our lives that don’t serve our Mission.  During the last half of September we get a big download of the tools we’ll be needing during the next stages of our Mission, and we need the space.

The Full Moon sits bang on Uranus, making of course a Square to Pluto, and Ceres Opposes Pluto, making a Full Moon-Uranus-Pluto-Ceres Grand Cross.  The contribution of Ceres is to demand sustainability, ie, permanence.

On September 18, Uranus makes its second Square (of many) to Pluto, while Pluto is Stationary.

We’ll also be challenged to proactively replace old emotional and relationship patterns and complexes with new ones that serve the Planetary New Paradigm, and allow us to live long and prosper in it.  Which is to say, if we’re open to it, we get creative about co-creating the post-monetary World.

Another Grand Cross, this time the Moon’s Nodes squaring the Opposition of Venus to Chiron-Neptune.  Mars and Vesta sit on the North Node, with Venus making a Waning Square to Mars.  We’ll look up the Cyclic details later, to get more detail about the emotional and relationship patterns we need to jettison.

There is abundant Grace to facilitate all this.

First, corners of the two Grand Crosses Trine one another, that is, each resolves whatever complications the other appears to introduce.

Second, Saturn slides neatly into the third corner of a Grand Trine along with Ceres in one Grand Cross and Neptune in the other.  Venus finishes off the “Kite” (a Grand Trine with a fourth planet midway between two of the Grand-Trine planets and Opposite the third – the fourth planet becomes the “head” of the Kite).

And of course there are more details, but that’s the Heart of it.  Now, is that “horrendous”?!?  Well, certainly “momentous” would have been a less incendiary choice of words.  And Wiktionary tells me that I misuse the word “horrendous.”  I use it casually to mean something like “extreme” or “very rare” or “unbelievable” or “phenomenal” or “noteworthy.”  Wikipedia ties it down to just “extremely  bad, awful, terrible, horrific,” which I didn’t mean to imply at all.  My bad.

Here’s another great Aurora, this one from Finland by Ole Salomonsen.

You Saw Me Standing Alone

August 20, 2012

Well, it’s been two days since the New Moon, and I can definitively answer the question about whether it would be more appropriate to interpret the Full Moon from the chart of the preceding New Moon (ie, two weeks earlier, that is, now), or from the chart of the preceding New Moon in the sign of the Full Moon (ie, six-anda-half months ago).  It’ll be a Pisces Full Moon, so the preceding Pisces New Moon was February 21.  And the current New Moon chart is very blatantly in effect.

Lets compare the charts.  First the current New Moon.

There is a “deadly” serious challenge here for us to align our Mission with the New Paradigm…

“Deadly” because Juno (unconscious Identity) is still sitting on the Dragon’s Head (Mission), squared (Challenge) by the New Moon itself AND by Neptune (along with Chiron symbolizing the New Paradigm) – in other words, the New Moon makes a Grand Cross by Squaring the Moon’s Nodes and Opposing Neptune.

In this chart it’s obvious that the New Paradimes is not just a shuffling of the financial house of cards, but a shift to bring the Goddess more into balance with the Old Male, in spite of the propaganda to the contrary that fills the media.

Uranus (Yin Integrity, aka direct contact with the individual Soul), Conjoined to Pallas (Boundaries), makes a T-Square (Big Challenge offering Mastery) with the Venus (Goddess) – Pluto (inevitable Trance-Formation) Opposition (Awareness).

We’re here at this time to assist in the Transition of the Planet, and the time is now to drop our disguises and tune into our Mission, which will automatically – but not effortlessly – align with the New Paradigm.  For which we will need to drop our fear about letting go of our attachment to the Mod Cons of the Old Nickel.  There are choices to be made, and we need to lean toward Integrity more than toward Comfort.  It may feel like some of those choices will kill us, but we know we have to do it anyway.

Don’t hesitate to be “defensive” – we will be called to not just exercise our Integrity, but to defend it.

This isn’t a Journey we need to take alone – there is ample Grace to help, first because these two Challenges assist one another, and because to some extent we may even understand what’s happening.

Uranus Trines the Dragon’s Head, meaning our Integrity and our Mission align perfectly – and meaning that the Grand Cross and the T-Square are on the same page, supporting the Mastery that each of the Challenges will be pulling out of us.  Mercury (potential understanding) makes the Uranus-Dragon Trine into a Grand Trine (High Grace).

The Neptune (our relationship with the Goddess) corner of the Grand Trine (High Grace) is also Trine (Ease) to the Venus (the Essential Feminine) corner of the T-Square.  That is, as within, so without; defending our Heart (Venus) aligns with adapting to the New Ways to Form Communities (Neptune).

And our natural outrage will make it quite easy to defend our Integrity.

The Mars-Saturn Conjunction (Focused Energy) in Libra (Community and Charisma) Trines (Grace) Neptune (New Paradigm) and Sextiles (Creative Ease) the New Moon (the Essence of what’s going down) – that is, we’ll know what to do intuitively.

Meanwhile, Jupiter (the amplifier) Conjoins Vesta (that which we Hold Sacred) sextile (Creative Ease) to Pallas-Uranus (our Integrity) – it’s more likely to feel like blasphemy that we  react to than injustice.

Which doesn’t mean we won’t have to tap out our Guilt when our outrage offends our “Play Nice Now” programming.  That’s how we can tell when we’re defending our Integrity from when we’re just being an Asshole – if the intensity of our Guilt diminishes when we tap on it, we’re defending our Integrity.  If not, make amends, then PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, Affirm) understanding.

So this would be the Energy that’s initiating over the last few days, and expanding over the next coupla weeks.

I’m already deep into it – a neighbor kid comes by and “pesters” me while I’m trying to work, and it becomes very clear why my father didn’t want me around when he was working.  So how do I react to the kid – well, of course, the way my father reacted to me – curt responses, and pretending like I/he wasn’t there!  Do I feel Guilt about that?  You bet!  Does the Guilt diminish when I tap?  Yes.  Do I still feel compassion for the poor kid?  Absolutely.

But is rescuing him/me my Mission?  God, I dunno.  I mean, what a legend in my own mind I’d be if I could!  Is that programming, or Integrity?  Got two weeks to work that out, eh?  What is clear is that I need to work on my own relationship with my own father.  That feels a little terrifying.  I tap on this Fear, and what happens?  The same Energy remains in my back, but it no longer feels much like Fear.  Maybe it’s filling in a hole in my Aura.  It promises to be an interesting coupla weeks.

My New Moon Dream went like this…

I’m with a group of friends waiting inna long line to get into some event, but I gotta go do something else, while they hold the place in line.  Everybody’s well coiffed and clean, and casually but very neatly dressed, high school or college age.  The line grows, till it’s twice ’round the block.  When I finish my task and rejoin the line, my friends have already gone into the event.  As I look for them, people act like they think I’m trying to crowd in.

I have no idea what the event was, just that everyone was in their Sunday best for it.  I know I’m not threatening the other line-standers, so I don’t feel embarrassed or bothered by their defending their space.  I’d like to be with my friends, but I don’t feel like the event itself is important.  When I imagine myself inside the event, the only feeling is a mild smugness – it’s about being cool, following the crowd, being acceptable and accepted, belonging.  Yow, is that what’s dying, giving up my normal disguise and just being me?  Does bias control confirm that?  Yes, when I try that on, I’m disoriented.  If I’m learning something real, it’s disorienting.  Exactly what the kid now and me then longed for, a sense of belonging.

We’ll compare all this to the New Moon from six months ago next time.  Sounds like I’ve made up my mind already, eh?  You might be surprised.

Moonstone is a Potassium Feldspar, one with an Opal-like “fire” or glint, when the angle is right, often a Blue glint.  Feldspar is one of the most underappreciated of minerals.  Like Quartz, it’s a tectosilicate, meaning that the Aluminated Silicate units are arranged in a three-dimensional matrix, giving it maximum, even holographic, information-carrying ability.  Like Labradorite (a Calcium Sodium Feldspar), Mom can speak to you through it on many levels, and it’s a good time to listen.


July 14, 2012

Dont ferget to ogle the eastern sky at Dawn Sunday for the Big Show…

If you’re in the right spot on the Planet, you might even see the Balsamic Moon Occult Jupiter – how spectacular will that be!  I’d rather see that than Venus Walking any day, but I’m on the wrong side of the Planet.

The reports I have say that the Planet shifted bigtime when Uranus Stood Still Thursday night, as in Big Healing.  We bring you the voice of Eris (in her charming guise) to celebrate.

First, more Convergence, with Vandana Shiva…

What clarity, eh?  And Truthtelling.

Then another clear She-Bair to give us the straight skinny on the Banksters…

What NASA refers to as a “Crescent” Moon (that is the name of its shape, just not the name of its phase) is really “Balsamic” – the last phase before the New Moon.  Notice that the two phases point in opposite directions – the curve of the Crescent (dusk) Moon is to the right, like a “D,” while the Balsamic (dawn) Moon curves on the left, like a “C.”  The Balsamic phase is about emptying the self, cleansing, letting go, sweatlodge, purification preparations for the new Vision Quest that every New Moon initiates.

The New Moon itself comes up Wednesday (half past 9pm PDT), and it’s a bit of a doozy.  Mars Opposes Uranus at almost exactly the same time, which of course means it makes a T-Square with Pluto at the point.  The New Moon is the chart you wanna read to know what’s up in the following month.  Since the Harmonic Contusion twenty-five years ago, big Mars events have not lived up to their reputation for violence – which in itself is a remarkable testament!  So we’ll hope this one follows the benign trend – a Mars-Pluto Square represents a pretty serious housecleaning.

There’s also a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes.  T-Squares, you recall, are about “insoluble” situations.  They aren’t “problems,” so they can’t be “solved.”  They are irritating, because nothing ever works out very well, so we do have a deep hunger to resolve them.  We can do that by recognizing that a T-Square is like a graduate seminar.  There are no “right” answers, only creative exploration of the Edges of the Known.  So we expect to be intrigued by outcomes, not pleased.  Rudhyar called them the Edge of human evolution.  A T-Square to the Nodes means a primo opportunity to learn about our Mission – what more could we ask for?

Who is it that’s Squaring the Nodes?  Why, none other than Chiron-Neptune, our harbinger of the New Paradigm!  So we’ll be learning about how we fit in to this unseen imminence – finally!  Of course it’s a T-Square, so it won’t be painless, but bringing a Balsamic attitude to it will help immensely.  That means,

If you’ve seen this Drama before, it doesn’t mean it’s glued to your ass – except by Inertia.  It means it’s a Karmic paper tiger that you can punch holes through without breaking a nail, if you’re willing to get Conscious.  You don’t want to re-lease it, you want to Let It Go.  It’s a cause for celebration, because every time your Karma arises and you refuse to re-attach yourself to it, you Liberate your Future more.

Your Mission includes your Karma.  In the Original Sin view of the World, we all haul Karmic baggage around with us.  When Life is unpleasant, those who would be our Masters tell us it’s because we’re Unclean and we need their Salvation.  Look at it from the Original Blessing point of view instead.

In every “Past” Life we were a Master of something.  We can recover those Skills effortlessly for use in the current Lifetime, but they’re hidden behind our Karmic baggage.  They’re hidden for a reason – we haven’t earned enough Integrity in this Lifetime yet to be able to use that much Power without abusing it.  So they’re covered by an Emotional aversion, to protect us from burning ourself.  Once we’re ready to be Conscious enough to Let Go of this opaque packaging, we can have the Miracle inside.

Now, since by now you’re thoroughly convinced that We’re All One (how can you not believe Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Gary Craig, and Vendana Shiva all at the same time!), you gotta realize that every “Past” Life is yours!  Meaning you can pick up any Skill imaginable if you’re willing to get Conscious of the wrapping paper that covers it.

A chart with two T-Squares signifies some hard work over the next month.  Does it have any Grace in it?  It actually holds enormous Grace!  The corners of these two T-Squares are linked in a Golden Rectangle.  On the scale of 0 to 10 Grace, a Golden Rectangle merits about an 8.  What it means is that the two T-Squares complement one another.

So the Vigor (Mars) with which we approach our newfound Mandatory Transition (Pluto) into Integrity (Uranus) facilitates our realization that our personal Mission (the Moon’s Nodes) was constructed to align perfectly with the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune).  It will take adjustments that won’t be as comfortable as business-as-usual (T-Squares), but as we make those adjustments, we’ll be shocked at how quickly and easily the puzzle pieces fall into place (Golden Rectangle).

Coupla more relevancies in the chart here…

Pallas Adjoins Uranus, implying that Defensiveness is totally appropriate when we’re defending our Integrity.

There’s a gang sitting on that Moon’s South Node, so

This is a huuuge month for this process of getting Conscious that when something triggers negative Emotions cuz we’ve seen it before, we need to recognize that it’s just a hologram, and celebrate the opportunity to free ourselves from those Karmic chains!  By which we’ll be recovering the Skills that we smuggled in under that Emotional crepe when we entered this Lifetime.

Who’s in the gang?  It’s big – Vesta (that which is Sacred to us personally), Ceres (Sustenance and Sustainability) and Jupiter (the Confidence and Optimism necessary for Expansion; an Amplifier)!  There are always alotta ways to read a Stellium (cluster) like this, but we can say that

Following what is Sacred to us (that which we would live or die for) will allow us to tease out the boundaries between ancient Trauma (the wrapping paper) and powerful Skills (the Gift) so we can embrace (tap out? – deeply and completely love and accept ourself) our ancient traumatized self (it’s empathy that heals) and receive the Gift (South Node).  The Gift will lead us to Abundance (Jupiter-Ceres).

There are a coupla Sabian Symbols (interpretations for individual degrees of the Zodiac) that will probably be helpful here.  The New Moon itself is at 27 degrees of Cancer,

“A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes.”

Considering the T-Squares, that’s pretty intense.

A T-Square is three fourths of a Grand Cross.  A Grand Cross is about an 8 on the Creative Tension scale, but it’s in Balance – it’s parts all work together.  So we look to see what would “complete” each T-Square, or make it into a Grand Cross.  That would remove it from the “no solution” category, because the fourth arm of the Cross would resolve the Tension automatically by shifting it into its next steps.  We call the “missing” arm the Vacancy.

The Vacancy in the How-Does-My-Mission-Fit-Into-The-New-Paradigm T-Square (Chiron-Neptune-Nodes + Vesta-Jupiter-Ceres) is 6 degrees of Virgo,

“A merry-go-round.”

Wow.  To me that says that, since we’re All One, My Mission is The New Paradigm, and vice versa!  It just depends on which way I’m facing, inward or outward!  So when it feels a little stuck going in what felt a minute ago like the right direction, all I need to do is turn around!

In the I-Gotta-Be-Me-And-If-You-Dont-Like-It-Well-You-Just-Gotta-Be-You-So-Dont-Blame-Me-For-Your-Likes-And-Dislikes T-Square (Mars-Uranus-Pluto + Pallas), the Vacancy is 9 degrees of Cancer,

“A small naked Girl bends over a pond trying to catch a Fish.”

Lotsa meat there!  First there’s Innocence and Naivete – after huge new Soul downloads like the one we just got at the Uranus Station, we’re all new at this Integrity game.  Then there’s the Emotional wrapping paper (the pond; Water means Emotion) and the Gift (the Fish)!  It means that the Gift will be snagging our Attention, and we’ll just be reaching for it without even realizing what we’re doing, like a child reaching for a bauble.

That Unconscious Motivation is marvelous; nothing better than Innocence, it’s as good as Curiosity.  It’s when we get our hands wet (the Karmic wrapper) that we need to practice our newfound Consciousness that Emotion is neither Material Reality nor Spiritual Reality, but a crazyquilt of paper-thin walls that make up the maze we travel so solemnly and faithfully.

One last question that we can’t ignore.  Where is Eris herself in all this?  She’s Squared by the New Moon itself.  It’s a Waxing Square, so it’s a creative segment of the Cycle, signifying Change, probably rapid Change.  Where was the preceding Conjunction, which would hold the key to understanding the Cycle?  23 degrees of Aries,

“A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

Rudhyar’s commentary includes just one word: fecundity.  The other element would be presence – the light summer dress would confer modesty, but little else to disguise her sensuality.  Nothing disingenuous here, just pure, numinous Creative potential.  Nature Herself, the process of becoming, that which is unfinished.  A She-Bear in drag.

Opal!  Quartz with Water molecules scattered in the Crystal Matrix.  It’s refraction and reflection from the Water that makes the Fire, like those floating Purples!  No coincidence that Opal symbolizes the Emotional maze and the Gift hidden in it.

More Eclipse II

May 25, 2012

I see in my own life, and in people all around me, that whatever is unhealed is coming up to be healed.  You can always interpret Life that way, but it seems more pronounced now than usual, even if only because the arrival of 2012 has brought us more into Awareness that Life As We Know It must change, simply because it’s unsustainable – if for no other reason.  Remember that Sustainability Coming into Awareness (Ceres Rising all ’round the globe), Deep Deep Release (Neptune on the Dragon’s Tail, or Moon’s South Node), and Ultimate Cleansing (Chiron Conjunct Pluto) were among the most prominent features of the 1/1/2000 horoscope of the 21st Century – along with the Polarization (Moon-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Cross) that continues to drive an apparently unhealable wedge between the folks who understand that We’re All in This Together or The Baggage is Ours, and the folks who still believe it’s Us-Against-Them or The Baggage is Theirs.

I mean, we could go on for days just about the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction; Pluto as mandatory trance-re-formation, and Chiron as the ladder that takes us from the-reality-that-defined-the-problem to the-paradigm-that-contains-the-solution, or more properly, the-paradigm-where-the-problem-never-existed.  Chiron as the bridge from Despair to Miracle, in other words.  Chiron is the unhealable healer, yet it is Empathy that heals – when we turn around and look in the mirror to Empathize with our own trauma, healing Miracles occur.  Recognize on the Emotional level, without holding back, that the World Out There is nothing but a mirror for our own Deepest Healing.  Your image of yourself as a material Being is a trance programmed into you by the Lizards.  You are an Atom of Consciousness, and the World is your hologram.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius we are asked to finally Release our attachment to the Age of Pisces.  In Western European mythology, the Age of Pisces was initiated by the end of the Old-Testament Us-Against-Them paradigm, and the beginning of the New-Testament The-Baggage-Is-Ours paradigm.  The contest between those two sides of the coin is done now, and the time has come to move to Consciousness of the Coin.  Remember that it’s Uranus that rules Aquarius, and while the traditional interpretation of Aquarius includes a large dose of Community, Uranus reminds us that it’s about the Individual in Community – Uranus is about the Individual Soul, not the collective.  Remember too that a Grand Cross is in Balance.  That says that the Polarization will produce no winners; the Coin is that this is not about one or the other, this is about the Creative Tension between.  Meditate on the Tension, embrace and release Expectations, Change the Subject, Rinse and Repeat.

The Japanese are very aware of the connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The American Empire, which in many ways was born out of WWII, hasn’t shown any Awareness of the connection.  We’re in early days of a new Chiron-Neptune Cycle, and WWII ended at the initiation of the prior Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  That’s one prominent astrological connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The Empire is about to unleash the same unaccountable Frenzy of Violence on Iran that it did recently on Iraq – and in the name of preventing nuclear proliferation — unbelievable hubris, doublethink, and blasphemy!  And we have to own that this Baggage is Ours!  Of course the fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have followed the same path as the fallout from Fukushima – that is, the Eclipse path.  So yes, leilanai, the mirror is there for us to look into, and I think we avert our gaze at our own peril.

With Neptune Stationary at the impending Lunar Eclipse, and Jupiter Squaring Neptune to embellish the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Saturn Station, we need to write about what Neptune’s up to.

Mars Again

May 6, 2012


Can’t believe how far back I have to go to find the Grand Cross/Grand Trine story – seems like it was just yesterday.  But here it is again!  At last night’s Full Moon, Mars was again/still chairing both a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine!

The Grand Cross (Mastery through Mutually Balancing Challenges) once again comprises Mars (Action) Squaring the Moon’s Nodes (Mission), with Juno (Identity) once again/still on the North Node (Future, sorta), and Mars Opposing Neptune and Chiron (our New Paradigm since 2008), which of course also means that Chiron-Neptune are also Squaring the Moon’s Nodes.

The import is that we need to align our Identity with Where We’re Going and let go of Where We Been or we’ll be finding ourselves seriously left behind – and it will hurt!

I’ll go through that again, a little slower – The import is that we need to align our Identity with Where We’re Going (Juno-North Node) and let go of Where We Been or we’ll be finding ourselves seriously left behind (Chiron-Neptune) – and it will hurt (Mars)!

In the Grand Trine (Grace), Mars is joined by Pluto (Where We’re All Going) and Vesta-Ceres (Sustaining the Sacred, or Sustained by the Sacred).

The Grand Cross keeps us from getting boring, while the Grand Trine keeps us from Surrendering All Hope, because we can actually see progress, even though it seems miniscule when compared to the magnitude of the Challenges.  All we gotta do is hold a vision of something like where we’re going.  If you’re too precise about your vision, or hold it too tightly, you’re probably going into the wrong end of the pool, because even if your intuition is perfect, you aren’t going to be flexible enough to flow with the Changes.  More likely, you’re stuck in the mind, which is waaaay too small to grasp what’s going on.  You’ll know when yer heading in the right direction cuz it’ll feel right.  It may actually be kinda Challenging, but it’ll feel right.

The other clue that the Mothership left for us, is an additional Trine from a second corner of the Grand Cross, a Trine from Juno-North Node to Uranus.  Uranus stands for I Gotta Be Me.  That is, it’s also important to be very assiduous about abandoning any self-rejection you haven’t yet released.  And that you should find ample Grace to assist this process.

And of course Uranus is now within 3 degrees of Squaring Pluto.  This is, Uranus (Yin Integrity, or Self-Trust) Squaring (Mastery through Challenge) Pluto (The Global Trance, aka the movement of history/herstory).  Got any unfinished business from the 60s?

It’s this coming Wednesday when the Moon Occults Pluto, which should represent a history-changing moment, when The Global Trance suddenly Changes, probably unexpectedly, and quite irreversibly.  That happens about half past 10am PDT.  Watch for it.

Beware! The Beginning Is Near

April 7, 2012

While it was Mars that starred in the Big Grand Cross and Big Grand Trine, the real doyenne of the first half of 2012 is Venus.

She joined the Big Amplifier Jupiter and Big Mystic Black Moon Lilith in a very close Triple Conjunction as one corner of the Grand Trine, along with Mars and Pluto, in mid-March.

Lilith, for those who’ve forgotten, was Adam’s first wife.  She split as soon as Adam began to lay down those Penis First rules that Eve was willing to take for granted.  You can see the impact of the Triple Conjunction in the reactionary Attack on Women that’s underway – which Attack is a Paper Tiger.  The Triple Conjunction occurred at 10 degrees of Taurus, “A Red Cross Nurse: The compassionate linking of all Peoples.”  It only seems like the Penis Flag is being raised again because Eve’s Old-Testament offspring own the media.

Black Moon Lilith symbolizes the mystical aspect of the feminine.  The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an ellipse, an oval.  While circles have one center, ovals have two.  Earth sits at one of those centers, and Black Moon Lilith sits at the other.  You can think of it as Earth 2, waiting just on the other side of Manifestation.  With Lilith in charge, the Penis is the Flagpole, not the Flag.

Venus crosses the Moon’s South Node next Wednesday, becoming as she does a corner of the Grand Cross, rather than the Grand Trine.  Mars turns Direct the next day.  Expect some fireworks over who gets to be the Flag and who the Pole.  This is Venus Squaring Mars – Mastery through Challenge in the relationship between our Inner Male and Inner Female.  If yours ain’t married, you’ll be doing some homework next week – enjoy it as the Learning Experience that it is.

The Mars Grand Cross, by the way, remains in effect well into May.

As we’ve seen, Venus has been dominating the evening sky.  Venus as the Evening Star is Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  She reaches her farthest extent from the Sun in mid-May, just as the Mars Grand Cross begins to fade (and the media’s Penis Flag starts to go limp).  She’s Stationary from May 7 to May 15, and then starts working her way back to the Sun, remaining Retrograde till June 27.

Meanwhile, starting April 2nd, Venus is Out of Bounds.  Out of Bounds means that she is further from the Equator than the Sun ever goes, in this case overhead north of the Tropic of Cancer.  Out of Bounds means strong.

She remains Out of Bounds, and Retrograde, until June 3.  As she returns In Bounds, she meets the Sun, on its journey north to the Summer Solstice.  On June 5, Venus crosses the face of the Sun.  Not just a Conjunction, where they share the same longitude, but a Parallel Conjunction, where they share the same latitude.  If Venus were bigger than the Sun (or the same size), it would be called an Occultation, which is the general term for an Eclipse, where one planet or body “occults,” or hides, the other.  Since Venus is smaller, it’s called a “Transit,” but it’s an astronomical Transit, not an astrological Transit.  Astrological Transits are much more general.

Venus Transits the Sun, in pairs, only once per century – and it skipped the 20th Century entirely.  It’s tempting to equate the darker elements of the previous century (two World Wars, the Bomb) with that lack, and maybe not inappropriate.  The first of the current pair of Transits occurred in 2004.  One meaning of a Venus Transit is the feminine made visible.  Venus Transits the Sun as both Square Mars.  What a fabulous time for the Genders to open their minds to learning about one another, aided and abetted by Mercury going Out of Bounds (enhanced Awareness) from May 30 to June 19.

In mid-June, Venus rises as the Morning Star, Pallas Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom.  Venus rising as the Morning Star is called the Heliacal Rising of Venus, and represents a very significant region of the year.  We’ll talk more about that later.

Then, on June 23, Uranus Squares Pluto, the Big Event of 2012.  To celebrate that event, Jupiter Squares Neptune, and Saturn turns Direct.  We’ll go into the implications of all that later as well.

Here’s an excellent interview and implicit book review on The Beginning Is Near, and the Rise of the Feminine…


Major Alien Landing

March 21, 2012

I don’t think Scott Sistek took all these photos, but he at least collated them.  Just for reference, the mountaintop is about three miles up.

Now of course the muggle explanation is that these are just Lenticular Clouds, formed by moist air hitting the mountain.  Uncommon, but not terribly rare.  But Bryan deFlores says that these clouds are used by travelers from afar to “shift down” from the fifth dimension so they can enter through the mountain to visit the cities inside the Earth.  Good Both/And exercise, eh?  Bryan’s pretty far out, and he can be a bit of a trickster, but he’s not dismissible.

Consider this.  Drunvalo says he led a meditation where he led 100 or so folks to one of these cities, and at the end of the meditation all but a few told similar stories about the city.  Of course these Entities aren’t “manifested” in the same way that we are.  It’s a different dimensionality.  In Drunvalo’s video, the interviewer Lilou even has one landing on her head.  Don’t forget the Hopi “myth” about living inside the Earth during times when the surface wasn’t habitable.  And “myths” from a zillion other cultures.

Non-instantaneous travel is an artifact of our trance into Linear Time.  How can you vividly remember events from your childhood, or your dreams?  Because some blu-ray machine in yer head played them back?  Hardly.  Because you stepped out of Linear Time.  Remember the Galaxy in Orion’s belt in Men in Black?  Same process.  Delores Cannon – who’s spent a lifetime interviewing folks from many dimensions – gives us some good perspective.

Interesting that these Lenticulars visited just as the Big Mars Event was ripening.

On the Other Hand

March 14, 2012

Of course, if you don’t know yer Evil Twin enough to recognize yer own Karma, a Mars Grand Cross can be a pain in any of several body parts.  Accidents, f’rinstance.  If you put yer foot in yer mouth and then shoot yerself in the foot, in that order, that could be very painful, though depending on yer aim, the pain could be brief.  Since it’s very difficult to find the Edge between our own Karma, somebody else’s projections, and random acts of kindness, it’s always a good idea to assume it’s us, since we’re All You anyway.

Eugene Gendlin, the Focusing guy, has a great metaphor for dancing on this Edge in his book, Let Yer Body Interpret Yer Dreams.  After all, any “real-life” situation is just a Dream anyway.  In any situation, just be the other person or object.  Project your Self into the Other, to see what it is that they’re thinking and feeling and experiencing.  You don’t then assume that to be true, it’s like Changing the Subject when you PIAVA or taking a shower when you’re working hard on a puzzle – Insights will pop into your Field.  It’s those Ahas that you’re after.

The video at is also instructive.

Consciousness is tricky; Loki and Coyote and the other Trickster Gods aren’t just about Mercury and mind.  There’s an edge between growing Consciousness and being Codependent.  You can’t just take other people’s word for it, you have to be able to weigh possibilities in your own Heart, to gain what has Meaning for you, not for anybody else.  Sure, it can be helpful to ferret out a consensus among yer friends, but since yer friends were chosen by yer Current Identity, they probably don’t include people who would like yer Evil Twin.  It might help to send yer questionnaire to yer enemies too, but questionnaires are famous for discovering what the writer of the questionnaire had in mind to prove.

I’ve met many people who simply refuse to take Responsibility (Ability to Respond, which is very different from Blame) for their own Karma.  And by Karma, we mean Inertia, not RetributionSheldrake builds a whole worldview around the notion that “evolution” is really just Inertia; actions and thoughts and feelings forming patterns which become habits which emboss themselves into an Entity’s Field via repetition.  Compare the power of ritual, for instance.  “Refusing to take Responsibility” is nothing to be ashamed of; we have no objective reason to assume that every Entity on the planet is here to gain Consciousness.  And it’s pedestrian of us to assume that taking Responsibility is necessary for gaining Consciousness.

But we can say confidently that both taking Responsibility and gaining Consciousness are powerful tools for eliminating self-sabotage.  That’s our basic motivation for both.  Let’s make up a parable fitting for a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross.  S’pose you are Frodo, off on yer life-and-death Mission (Dragon), and some Ringwraith (Mars) suddenly charges at you with lance drawn (Square).  Well, if yer a typical Hobbit, yer used to wandering about the Shire without worrying about being assaulted – it just never happens in the Shire.  That’s yer “Karmic” Inertia – a “naive” lack of Fear.   So Frodo’s choice is to get Conscious about the possibility that the World may not always be his Oyster, or to get dead.

But hang on – it’s a Wraith – it’s a figment.  So Frodo might just take a step to the side, Aikido-like, and let the Wraith hang hisself up on a Tree, if Frodo was Conscious that it’s not the Material World that’s “real,” but the Spiritual or Synergic* World.  Or he might let the imaginary lance go through him, imagine himself to be wounded, but then have a “miraculous” healing, and hence become Conscious of Energy Healing.  Or he might just die of fright.  But let’s suppose Aragon (Pallas) happens by, and manages to startle the Wraith’s steed, sending the Wraith and lance careening into the river.  In the next scene, Frodo is thanking Aragon for saving him, but not with true Gratitude from the Heart, because Frodo, leaning on his Shire Karma, believes that it was his bulletproof nature (the Grand Trine) that actually saved him, Aragon was just a pawn in his Game.

So there’s as many opportunities to be victimized by the Grand Cross – or the Grand Trine – as there are opportunities to gain Consciousness.  But why would you wanna do the former when you can do the latter?

* Note: Randy Masters pointed out years ago that Synergic is a more appropriate term than Energic for the Other Side, the non-Material World.  He pointed out that the word Energy has the same root as Entropy, which is a Galilean term that applies to the natural winding-down of all mechanical systems, implying an decline in order and an increase in disorder over time.  Sheldrake and others point out that Living Entities are self-healing and learn – they’re Synergistic – and are not necessarily subject to Entropy, maybe quite the opposite.  Sure, there’s Aging, but when you consider that we do take it (knowledge) with us (else how did Mozart write those symphonies?), and shift to the Synergic as Real rather than seeing the Material as Real, so what.