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Heiress I

December 31, 2012


The amazing thing about Eris’s “Discovery” chart is the way everybody showed up for it!  Everybody beyond Neptune, I mean.  Before any of these guests arrive, there are two Cardinal Grand Crosses in the chart, one at 16-20 degrees and the other at 25-29 degrees, with a Yod bridging them at 23-25 degrees.  That fills up the last (social) half of the Signs, which in itself is intriguing.

Eris herself, Stationary Direct at Discovery time, sat on one corner of the 16-20 Cross.  And look whoall showed up for the party…

  • Haumea Opposes Eris in the 16-20 Cross
  • Salacia Trines a corner of this Cross
  • Quaoar is at the Apex of the Yod Bridge
  • Ixion Trines Eris from the Yod Bridge Apex
  • Sedna is in the Yod Bridge Base
  • Varuna sits on a corner of the 25-29 Cross and on the Yod Base
    and at the top of the Chart
  • 2002 TC302 occupies a corner of the 25-29 Cross
  • MakeMake forms a Pythagorean Triangle with two corners of this Cross
  • Snow White does the same
  • Orcas does too, while also making a Grand Trine with the Yod Apex

A Pythagorean Triangle is formed by three planets related by a Quincunx, a Square, and a Trine.  I would regard this as very fortuitous, as the Challenge of the Square would be balanced by the Grace of the Trine, and the Quincunx would automatically provide the motivation to Master the Challenge.

Many of these Pluto-fellow-travelers are Creator Gods from various of Earth’s mythic traditions, all gathering to welcome Eris to the fold and receive her gift of Golden Apples.  I’d be surprised if anybody slept that night!  Which was January 4-5, 2005, by the way.  The official Discovery time is listed as 1am PST on January 5, near Los Angeles.  I doubt that they all came to the party to keep Eris under control.  Rather I think their attendance is a sign of great Respect.

I don’t know a lot about the new dwarves and other “Trans-Neptunian Objects” or “TNOs” around and beyond Pluto, other than recognizing some of the names of these new-Millenium characters.  Several are already defined as Dwarf Planets like Pluto and Ceres, meaning they have enough gravity to spin themselves into a roundish shape.  Here are their vital stats, sorted by their approximate girth.  An “AU” is an “Astronomical Unit,” which is the length of a one-way trip from the Sun to the Earth.  By “closing” we mean moving toward the Sun and inner planets.  There are more, but these are more than enough to start with!

  • Eris, 561-year orbit, 38-98 AU (closing since 1977), 2300 km wide
  • Pluto, 246 yrs, 30-49 AU (receding since 1989), 2300 km
  • MakeMake 310 yrs, 39-53 AU (closing till 2033), 1450 km
  • Haumea 283 yrs, 35-52 AU (closing since 1992), 1400 km
  • Snow White 551 yrs, 34-101 AU (receding till 2081), 1200 km
  • 2002 TC302 414 yrs, 39-72 AU (closing till 2058), 1150 km
  • Quaoar 286 yrs, 42-45 AU (closing till 2070), 1100 km
  • Sedna 11,400 yrs, 76-937 AU (closing till 2076), 1000 km
  • Salacia 274 yrs, 38-47 AU, 900 km
  • Varuna 281 yrs, 40-45 AU (receding till 2071), 900km
  • Orcus 245 yrs, 30-48 AU (receding till 2019), 800 km
  • Ixion 250 yrs, 30-49 AU (closing till 2070), 700 km

At her closest approach (in the years 1699 and 2257), Eris is well within the orbit of Pluto.  Eris (or Pluto for that matter) would fill up most of Australia, cover Western Europe from Lisbon to Prague and Scotland to Sicily, and fit twice into the continental US, one blanketing New York-to-Houston and Minneapolis-to-Miami, and the other covering Los Angeles-to-Minneapolis and El Paso-to-Seattle.

  • Haumea is the Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, originally nicknamed Santa.
  • Salacia is the Goddess of Salt Water, and Neptune’s wife.
  • Ixion was grandfather of the Centaurs, and a bad boy of the Greek Pantheon.
  • Quaoar is the Creator God of the Mission Indians of southern California.
  • Sedna is an Inuit Goddess of the Sea living at the bottom of  the Arctic Ocean.
  • Varuna is the Hindu God of the Sea and the Sky.
  • 2002 TC302 doesn’t have a name yet.
  • MakeMake is the Rapanui (Easter Island) God that created Humanity and controls fertility; it was first nicknamed Easterbunny.
  • Orcus was an Etruscan God of the Underworld and son of Eris.  It’s also called Anti-Pluto because it’s orbit mirrors Pluto’s.
  • Snow White is the nickname for 2007 OR10, which has no official name yet.

In case anyone wants to play with any of these Animals, there are links to Ephemerides at

Eris and I are inseparable, as she has a prominent place in my birth chart.  I don’t know these other fellows yet – I don’t even know where they are in my chart, I’ll have to look them up.  As important as Pluto is, I expect these dudes and their mates to turn psychological and spiritual astrology upside down over the next couple of decades.  Let’s take Pluto as an example.  Its perihelion (closest approach) occurred in 1989 in Scorpio.  While Pluto was in Scorpio the Recovery Movement bloomed, creating and spreading great technologies for approaching addiction and exposing Denial.  The TNOs that are closest to perihelion will be the most prominent.

That means MakeMake, who is Stationary as we speak, and Retrogrades until July.  He enters Libra later in 2013, on the way to his perihelion at about 20 degrees of Libra in 2033.  Libra is about Collaboration and Harmony.  Like Thoth (Master of the Balance), MakeMake was visualized as a Bird-headed God.  He was about manifesting Humans, regenerating Plant life, and Birds.  Birds symbolize Spirit in Form.  Easter Island has been a poster child for environmental destruction, but MakeMake was actually helping Easter Islanders to adapt – it was European disease that killed Rapanui, not starvation.  For the next 30 years MakeMake will be teaching us about Sustainability.  That’s him peering out of the Basalt at the beginning.

In the next several installments on Her Majesty the Heiress we’ll interpret the traditional planets and Angles in the Eris Discovery Chart.

Eris on Stage

December 26, 2012


Next week we get the opportunity to meet Eris face to face, as she will be Stationary Direct on January 8.  Depending on your vulnerability to her charms, you could feel that as much as a week in advance.  Stationary means Strong, and Direct means that all of the reconsideration that’s been happening since she turned Retrograde will come tumbling out onto the World.  She turned Retro in mid-July, shortly after Uranus (Individuality, Creativity, our Soul Connection, Disruption of our false persona) did the same, and only a few weeks after the first Uranus-Pluto Square.  What’s the connection?  Well, the Uranus-Pluto Square dominates 2012-2015, and amounts to the 1960s becoming permanent – Civil Rights, Make Love Not War, Feminism, Let Your Freak Flag Fly, Flowers in Your Hair, for example, could once again become prominent issues.  Without the Agent Orange this time, ok?  Drones are bad enough.

We only had a few weeks of fun after the July Square till Uranus went Inward (ie, Retro), till December 13, when it went Direct again.  So we would expect to see a good deal of Uranus-Pluto energy being flushed out into the open after December 13, and for better or worse I believe we have already seen that.  Now, why is Eris involved in this dance?  Well, she is certainly a good stand-in for the Feminism component of the Uranus-Pluto Energy, and in case you haven’t noticed, Western Culture is overdue for a rebalancing of Gender Energies toward Feminine values and proclivities.  We listed a bunch of those recently, and in The Wizard of Us (p.2), She-Bear Jean Houston adds another very important one…

“Women have always been and continue to accomplish heroic feats with the difference that their emphasis has tended to be on process rather than on product – making things cohere, relate, develop, and grow.  While the heroine may be less strident, she is nevertheless courageous and brings a new focus to the inner experience being of equal value to the outer action.”

Before Eris was named Eris, she was called Xena (the Warrior) and Lila (a partial homonym for Lilith, symbol of the Deep Feminine).  Eris the Greek Goddess was known for “Discord,” just as Uranus is known for “Disruption.”  But just as Uranus disrupts what is no longer aligned with your Soul’s Life Plan, much of Eris’s Discord is about bringing Denial into Consciousness.  When she threw Golden Apples into the party and triggered “Discord” among the Lovely and Gracious Goddesses there, the resulting jealousy and greed was not of Eris’s making, it was just brought into visibility by her action.  This is what a Heyoka Shaman does.  But more important, Eris is heading our way.  Her elliptical orbit spans 560 years, and for the next 245 years she will be moving closer to the Sun, closer to Earth, and increasing in influence.  She’ll be closer than Pluto by the middle of the 23rd Century.

In other words, while December 13 unleashed a Pluto-inspired Uranus, January 8 will unleash a strengthening Eris.  The January 8 chart doesn’t forebode a great deal of trouble directly, but then, the feminine is often indirect, eh?  Eris Squares the Sun (we’re Challenged to be honest about who we really are), but Sextiles Ceres (the fewer pretenses we put forth, the less effort we’ll need to spend remembering which persona we use for which circumstances – which will allow us to use our Consciousness for Intention rather than manipulation).  But Pallas is approaching Uranus as, a Square away, Juno approaches Pluto.  In other words, the Challenge will revolve around being compelled to defend (Pallas-Pluto) what we personally identify with (Juno-Uranus).

So this is a real Challenge to get Conscious about who we believe ourselves to be.  Juno represents our Unconscious Identity, and as she approaches Pluto she becomes dangerous, because she will believe herself to be right, and probably believe it’s her mission to correct everyone else.  Red Alert!  Whatever we find ourselves defending in the first two weeks of January is probably a doorway to greater Consciousness – not because it needs defending, but because it’s probably a false icon.  On the other hand, this is how Change happens – Pluto represents the Global Unconscious, and as Juno is Initiated by Pluto (which occurs on January 14 at Capricorn 10), each of us (Juno) will be Unconsciously infected with Pluto’s New Trance.

At the Eris Station on the 8th, Juno is deep into the Void phase of its Cycle with Pluto, so we are very likely to be inspired to hurl Golden Apples.  Go for it, but don’t get attached to your Apples!  They trigger greater Consciousness, both for yourself and for their targets!  If you Ego-attach to the Apples (the “helpful” criticism or advice you’re compelled to provide, for their own good of course) that you release on the 8th, you’re going to get tied in knots as the Juno-Pluto Cycle develops over the next six months, because your Apples will be increasingly out of synch with the Global Trance.  Make Amends.  Just say out loud, “Omigosh, I’m sorry!  That was probably a Projection!”  That’ll take you off the hooks (they’re plural).  Better to be a little embarrassed now than to be a whole lot egg-faced later on.  The new Juno-Pluto Cycle that begins on January 14 is about “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.”

There is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) in the January 8 chart, to Chiron-Neptune from Moon and Jupiter, advising us to look to our Emotions for important clues about how we’ll expand into the New Paradigm.  If they’re Challenging Emotions, all the better.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 7 Virgo, “A woman feeding Chickens and protecting them from the Hawks.”  Interesting parallel to the Albatross and the Sailor.  Birds often symbolize Spirit, but Chickens have lost their ability to fly, so in a sense the T-Square seems to be about protecting limited Birds from Spirit or Change, thereby maintaining our Birdcage.  Remember though, that a T-Square is about exploring, not about getting it right.  I’m inclined to read this combination as walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, or exploring the edges between Giving and Receiving.

Eris, still two and a half times as distant as Pluto, is moving very slowly.  The January 8 Station occurs at 22 Aries, and she began her Retrogradation at 23 Aries – so the last six months have been a very tightly focused seminar!  Aries 22 is

“The gate to the garden of all fulfilled Desires”

and Aries 23 was

“A pregnant Woman in light summer dress.”

This edge between Giving and Receiving seems to be a peninsula of fecundity!  In fact, at her current distance, Eris  moves forward only a little over one degree per year, and retraces most of that while Retrograde, so her net forward motion is about a quarter of one degree per year.  So crossing these two degrees is a long project, begun in 2005 and not complete until 2018!

This spans both the Derivative Crash and the Uranus-Pluto Square.  This tells me that if we move to a feminine version of Collaborative Community, there are many riches to be harvested from the New Paradigm.  Fewer mod cons perhaps, but more riches.  If we look forward and include Aries 24,

“Blown inward by the Wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.”

that takes us into 2022.

While we’re on the subject of the New Paradigm, the January Wired Magazine has a few salient comments.  This from an interview with Tim O’Reilly (p.67)…

“Your new credo these days is ‘Create more value than you capture.’  What does that mean?”

“Everybody wants to foster entrepreneurship, but we have to think about the preconditions for entrepreneurship.  You grow great crops in great soil.  And the soil is the commons.  Increasingly, we have monopolistic companies that try to take as much as they can for themselves [like Microsoft and Apple, as he later asserts].  And we have a patent and copyright regime that makes sure that nothing goes back into the commons unless by an extraordinary act of generosity.  This is not fertile soil for innovation.”

And from an article called “Imagine that 7 Out of 10 Working Americans Got Fired Tomorrow.  What Would They All Do?” (p.72)…

“It’s hard to believe you’d have an economy at all if you gave pink slips to more than half the labor force.  But that – in slow motion – is what the industrial revolution did in the workforce of the early 19th century.  Two hundred years ago, 70 percent of all American workers lived on the farm.  Today automation has eliminated all but 1 percent of their jobs, replacing them (and their work animals) with machines.  But the displaced workers did not sit idle.  Instead, automation created hundreds of millions of jobs in entirely new fields.  Those who once farmed were now manning the legions of factories that churned out farm equipment, cars, and other industrial products.  Since then, wave upon wave of new occupations have arrived…  It’s hard to believe, but before the end of this century, 70 percent of today’s occupations will likewise be replaced by automation.”

All that of course is a double-edged sword – replacing hard physical labor with Aeron chairs and flush toilets, but also replacing immersion in Life and Earth with windowless cubicles and fluorescent lights.  The point is flexibility.  Time has accelerated, and rather than expecting to do the same profession for a lifetime, we need to think about how we can apply the skills we already have to jobs that haven’t been invented yet.  To see if we can innovate our way back to Life and Earth without giving up the flush toilets.

Sulfur is a Healer on many levels.  Imagine one of those pure Sulfur Crystals in the center of each aching joint, or in each area of inflammation (pain) in your body, and on any area of irritated skin.  Put one in the center of each Emotional discomfort you encounter, as Sulfur can illuminate Shadows and any remaining pockets of Karma, and open them for Healing.  Drop one into any pool of Confusion, it’ll help ease the transition into new perspectives.

Lilith Eclipse

November 26, 2012

I’ve been saying “Tuesday’s Eclipse,” but it actually occurs on Wednesday, at quarter to 7am PST.

Here’s a great summary of what’s going on in this Eclipse and beyond it, from Marko Pogacnik‘s The Daughter of Gaia: Rebirth of the Divine Feminine, pp.133-138…

“One of the principle results of my efforts to grasp the essence of the feminine principle was that I began to look on the landscape in a totally new way.  Beforehand, a place had appeared to me as a sophisticated composition of power points and streams on one hand, and biological environments plus geographical features on the other.  Now I see the visible and invisible poles of the landscape as connected and impregnated by a soul principle that bears the mark of the Divine Feminine…

“Understanding the reality of a landscape temple as a soul organism in the landscape, invisible and untouchable, proved a tough nut for me to crack.  My male-centered ‘sensitivity’ was not fine enough to perceive something that shows no physical or radiesthetic form but can be ‘perceived’ only through the medium of various sole qualities.  As a result of this deficiency on my part, I had first to go through the teaching cycle that the Goddess bestowed on me, mainly in the form of sleepless nights…

“Further, in contacting the feminine sexual zones, I was made aware that I automatically identify the sensitivity of such intimate touching with the act of sexual intercourse…  I did not consciously accept the power of the feminine as an autonomous spiritual power that manifests itself independently of the touch of a man.  In this case his role is secondary.  The primeval quality rests with the sensitive human body with its doors and organs – of which the sexual zones are a most important facet – through which the spiritual qualities of the soul can express themselves…”

I don’t remember where, but I read recently that according to one way of interpreting genetic studies, males in their current genetic form may have arisen relatively recently, and females may be many times older.   Human reproduction may have been vastly different not so long ago.  Marko continues…

“Later, I understood why I had had to deal with the blockages and traumas related to the bodily dimension of my being first of all.  Until then I had been in the habit of conducting my communication with the divine realms on the spiritual level, mostly using the path of meditation.  The Goddess, to the contrary, speaks a language of manifestation, the language of life embodied.  Her messages do not originate in any distant source ‘outside’ our being.  They ascend from the deepest levels of the elemental soul within one’s body towards its surface, to the point where they can be perceived and understood by one’s consciousness.

“This brings us to the second key experience…  What we think of as plain physical forms, in which often we find no deeper enjoyment, are in effect elements of the living and breathing body of the Goddess, which permeates the landscape as its soul body.  A landscape breathes in two phases, of which the geographical aspect is only one.  As human beings, we have unfortunately lost the ability to see the ensouled level of the landscape and we believe that its geological face is the only reality of the places we inhabit…

“I would be awoken in the middle of the night to feel a special vibration extending around me and also within me.  After a while, the vibrating quality would start to coalesce within me till I myself became an embodiment of the quality, not just on the emotional but also nearly on the bodily level.  In this way I was able to come face to face with and recognize the different facets of the Goddess, which ancient people knew and communicated with, but which to the modern mind are mere concepts derived from the study of archaeological finds.

“The most exquisite was my experience of the creative aspect of the Life-Giving Goddess…  First, I could feel a gigantic vortex of magma spiraling just below her sexual organs.  At its margins, the fiery life-power of the vortex was constantly crystallizing till a thin and precious layer of fertile soil began to form within her hips.  This enabled all kinds of vegetation to grow…  In the next instant I realized that her belly was composed of all the different species of animals…  The higher level was achieved by the whales and dolphins who even jumped over the barrier formed by the elevation of her breasts to touch the area of the head.

“After the arrival  there of the evolutionary impulse, I discovered that my head – remember that I was one with the Goddess – had been raised in a ceremonial way so that I could oversee the whole variability of the life processes occupying the body of the Life-Giving Goddess, which at that instant was also my own.  I silently understood that the raising of the head should symbolize the role of the human being, which is one of consciously embracing and loving the whole of life, with the ability to care for the safe development of each tiniest part of it.”

I’ve left out the …juicier portions… to give you incentive to read the rest of the book.

A geologist would call that Succinite, but we’d call it Baltic Amber.  Even fossilized, it’s still just hydrocarbons – lifestuff.  It’s metaphysical function is very close to what Marko’s been talking about.  The red form is very grounding.

Live Pink or Dye!

November 12, 2012

JoAnna sends this, and it’s too good not to add…

As Maureen says, Live Pink or Dye!

Quite New Revised Again

November 9, 2012

My intuitive advisors vote overwhelmingly for Door #1.  If so, that’s fantastic!  I mean, it’s what I been reading in the “stars” all along, but do I believe everything I read?  Here’s two more convincing votes for a Tipping Point for Door #1…

A caution may be in order, though.  I do believe that the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) and the Emergence of the Primordial Feminine are closely related, but not identical.

The primary astrological impetus for the Emergence is Eris, the newly discovered “dwarf planet.”  We can talk more about Eris later, but her mainstream symbolism as Discord is very parallel to the mainstream symbolism for Chiron (the Unhealable), Uranus (Disruption), Neptune (Confusion) and Pluto (Death).  These are all planets that inhabit the Unconscious, and as such, from the Ego’s perspective, they appear negative.  Once we befriend the Unconscious, motives change.  Chiron appears as Reframing, Uranus as (Yin or Soul) Integrity, Neptune as Clarity, and Pluto as Trance-formation.  Which would leave Eris as what?  Heyoka is one aspect of it.  Truthspeaking is another.  And there is the obvious connection to the Primordial Feminine and inclusiveness.  The Goddess Eris sowed Discord when she was excluded.

But the primary astrological indication that we’ve been connecting to the New Paradigm is the Initiation of a new Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  That Cycle began officially in February 2010, but for several of the preceding Mays, the two planets held their Retrograde Stations within a few days of each other – so we experienced the Energy of the Conjunction for several years before it was complete.  That timing coincides so closely with the economic meltdown that we really need to look primarily to the economics.  Several prior Chiron-Neptune Cycles also coincided with big changes in the economic Paradigm – and very much in the political arena as well.

Eris was “discovered” in 2005.  It was Stationary Direct when discovered, and it was Stationary Direct on 1/1/2000.  The Energy represented by Eris is coming newly into Consciousness.  It Retrogrades from July to January every year, but other than that, it’s impact on our Planet should only increase over time, in our Awareness.  Eris has been there all along.  She is near Aphelion (furthest distance from the Sun), three times as distant as Pluto, and about to turn and come back toward us.  At Perihelion (closest distance) she is a little closer to us than Pluto’s average distance, so her Energy will be waxing steadily for the next 280 years.

And we haven’t even yet considered two other new dwarf planets, the Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth Haumea and the Rapanui God of Fertility Makemake.  Haumea is the Mother of Pele.  Haumea Opposes (Awareness) Eris as we speak.  Another new dwarf planet, Quaoar, named after a Native American Creator God, Trines Eris, which in turn is Squared by another dwarf, Varuna.  Varuna was the Hindu God of the “Celestial Ocean,” the night sky, among other things.  All of these Energies have emerged from the Unconscious since the turn of the Century.

In contrast, Chiron-Neptune is a Cycle, newly Initiated.  Typically the Energy represented by a new Cycle is strong at the Initiation to those who are sensitive to it.  The Energy then, after a span, goes back underground, while it expands into the Unconscious and gradually overwhelms the Conscious Ego, until it becomes permanent at the Square.  So within a few years, this Energy will diminish in our day-to-day Awareness, and won’t really take over till 2042.  If we had to guess, what is it that’s likely to go underground till then?  Economic equality is a prime candidate, based on the subprime mortgage scams and the 99% movement.  Monetary reform is another, based on the massive money printing and currency wars that are going on.  And there’s an obvious connection with Sustenance and reorganization of the nature of Community.

So while, yes, the New Paradigm certainly involves the Emergence of the Deep Feminine, we’ve been using the term “New Paradigm” in this blahg to refer mostly to Chiron-Neptune.  If the Emergence of the Primordial Feminine was part of the New Paradigm in this sense, we’d have to expect it to become less visible in a few years.

But look at the 1960s, the heyday of Feminism and Civil Rights.  And it’s the Uranus-Pluto (Trance-Re-formation of our sense of Individuality) Square that we’re in the heat of during 2012.

As a snapshot, the Square symbolizes Mastery through Challenge.  As a phase in a Cycle, this Waxing Square represents the Emergence of the Energy from the underwhere, while a Waning Square symbolizes a Crisis of Letting Go into the growing Void.

So given the obvious connection to the 1960s, there’s no question that Eris and Her Army of She-Bears implements part of the Uranus-Pluto Square.  This Energy increases until about 2060 before it seeks reorg in the Void.

All this may sound like splitting hairs, but the distinctions are important for distinguishing which trends are moving in which direction in which timeframes.  So we see the Emergence of the Profound Feminine as a process growing into Consciousness without limit (other than Natural Balance) for a looong time, while we see the Cultural Respect element of it as a process growing for the next 50 years.  Meanwhile, the economic equality and monetary reform elements may go underground.  The fundamentally Feminine We’re All in This Together Archetype will demand new forms of Community as economic inequality and finite Planetary resources continue to make Sustenance and Sustainability dominant themes.

By the time we get close to 2020, the new Jupiter-Saturn Cycle will take hold, and there will be a major leap in technology.  Whether the new technologies serve the 1% and serve to keep the “rabble” “in their place,” or serve the People, depends on what political forms we Co-Create over the next six years.  The Uranus-Pluto Square repeats into 2015, so we can expect this Energy to continue into permanence in steps for several more years.  Kinda puts Obama’s Thank-You speech

You, you’re just getting started!

– into perspective.

Paradigm Quite New (Revised)

November 8, 2012

That was surprisingly quick and easy.  Mercury Stations have been probably the second-most-reliable astrological indicator, after Full Moons.  We can certainly say that a Mercury Station indicates Strong (Station) Awareness (Mercury), but that would apply mostly to folks who aren’t sleepwalking.  So how do we interpret this?

That folks are waking up and actually becoming adept at bullshit detection?

That Mercury Stations, like Mars-Plutos, are having an impact quite different from their traditional implications?

That hidden difficulties will surface later, perhaps at the Eclipse next week?

That the whole sham is a conspiracy?

That I’m just waaay too cynical?

Till proven otherwise, I’ll take Door #2.  Well, okay, a little of Door #5 too.  Ferryboat traffic here was waaay screwed up today, so Mercury Retro still carries some of its traditional weight.  One could make a case that the election really was not as meaningful as we imagine.  That would follow from the perspective that governments are becoming irrelevant.  Then again if money was supposed to buy the election, that proposition certainly got Coyoted bigtime.  Making the assumption that O’Bama is closer to the Primordial Feminine than Rmoney (which isn’t far-fetched), maybe this is just more of Her ascendance (or descent, depending on how you look at it).

It is relevant that Neptune is also Stationary – Clarity when viewing the World through spiritual eyes and Confusion when looking through material eyes – turning Direct on Saturday.  Neptune is Water, that would help explain the Ferryboat-traffic connection.  And Chiron is also Stationary – Changing Perspective – turning Direct next Wednesday.  Chiron-Neptune symbolizes the New Paradigm, so both of them turning Direct would spill out all of the reconsidering of their Co-Creations that everyone has been doing during their Retros.  That would be since June – Neptune turned Retro during the Venus Transit, and Chiron a week or so later.  So there is a strong connection to the Return of the Goddess.  We’ll also see that tomorrow when we review the Venus-Mars Cycles.

Flair; Inversion; Mayday

October 24, 2012

1. This is a John Stetson picture of the Sunspot that’s ionizing our atmosphere this week.  Have a look at…

for a video of Monday night’s big UV Solar Flair.  There’s more coming.  NASA says,

This is the 4th significant flare from AR1598 since it emerged over the southeastern limb [of the Sun] only three days ago.  This means more flares are probably in the offing, and they will become increasingly Earth-directed as the sunspot turns toward our planet in the days ahead.  Stay tuned for updates.”

See for the story, and day-to-day to “stay tuned.”


2. The following is dense and overly erudite.  If you want to venture into it, have your dictionary handy.  But it’s an excellent example of the “Gender” inversion that we noticed in Interesting Times.

We can translate into English – as well as expand on how it relates to “Interesting Times” – if anybody’s interested…


3. Elizabeth points out that the October 28 Opposition (Awareness) between Mars (Action) and Jupiter (Expansion) is a culmination of the Cycle that was Initiated with the Triple Conjunction (Busy) of Mars, Jupiter, and Eris (She-Bear, possible angry) on May 1, 2011.  In the context of Interesting Times, that’s just two days after Mars goes Outabounds (Strong), which suggest we should take a closer look before we get on the radio.

The Cycle was Initiated at 23 of Aries, “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”  Rudhyar just says “Fecundity” and “Masculine aggressiveness and the woman’s desire for fulfillment are integrated and realized in the expected child,” hinting that we shouldn’t be putting our Attention on the Gender Wars, but on what they will Create.  If we’re curious about the impact of the Opposition, we can look to see what went down in the streets when the Square occurred.  That was October 3, 2011.  The Big News then?  Zucchini Park, Occupy Wall Street, and the 99%.

It is said that the Romans extended their Empire so far and long because they were deft at integrating their own culture with that of the Lands they Occupied.  When we look back at the 1970s, as the sequel to the 1960s (which are now becoming permanent, eh?), and with great respect to George McGovern, may he rest in peace, we can see the same process – that the US traditionally has been pretty good at integrating the culture of the Lands they Occupy.  Certainly not overseas, fergosh sakes, but in North America anyway.  It was Nixon that saw what he had to do, and ended LBJ’s Vietnam War, when he could have gloated over his lopsided victory by amping up the 1%’s agenda.  Could we be implying that the Fascists and the Liberals may now start actually listening to one another?

Let’s look at what else was going on “in the stars” when Mars-Jupiter-Eris initiated.  A few days prior, Saturn Initiated Venus, at 19 Libra, “A gang of robbers in hiding.”  Rudhyar’s take (written in the 1970s) on that Symbol?  “Protest against disharmonic social privilege“!  Amazing.

The other interesting question that presents itself is, what about the Mars-Eris and Jupiter-Eris Cycles that also Initiated on Mayday last year?  Mars Squared Eris on September 7, 2011, while Occupy was forming.  Mars Opposed Eris on August 11, 2012, the day Rmoney named Dumbo as his running mate (hoo!).  Jupiter-Eris is a 12-year Cycle, and this is the first new Cycle since Eris’s “discovery.”  The Jupiter-Eris Semi-Square is the only significant angle formed so far, in mid-July 2012, in the heat of the LIBOR manipulation news.

I hope no one’s insulted when I refer to Eris as the Primordial Feminine, when the Greek Eris was the Goddess of Discord.  The team of astronomers who discovered Eris called her Xena (closer to a She-Bear) because she looked to be Planet X, and the original name suggested by the guy who found her (Mike Brown) was Lila – not so far from Lilith.  But look at Uranus – Uranus is known for disruption.  But what gets disrupted are the Ego’s patterns that no longer serve the Soul.  Same with Eris – she’ll be producing great discord to the Old White Male culture.  Us 99%ers will need to take care not to get between her and her cubs, and we’ll all have adjustments to make, but you always need to ask, from who’s perspective?

If we see an Old-Testament World, we expect a Punishing God and punishing planets.  But there are other choices that can be made, and those choices are pretty important to the New Paradigm that we’re all co-creating with each breath.

Bears Everywhere

July 20, 2012

I fergot to mention in the previous post that Shakti Gawain used to have her students sing their most heartfelt Song over and over again till they could sing it without crying, as a way to open themselves up to the deepest Mission in their Heart.  SriMati’s music opens my Heart that way.

Can’t turn around without another Eris-Bear roaring…

You’d think we were under an Eris-Stationary New Moon, or a Uranus-Pluto Square!  Bill’s even adding a cartoons page, including one about the Higgs Boson,

Uranus-Pluto, by the way, extends through 2015, as the two of them Retrograde back and forth.  Bill is incredulous about the notion that civilization itself will crumble, but in Hank Wesselman’s Spiritwalker series, Hank channels a chronicle of a society five thousand years hence, where metal-based technologies have been lost and all of the iron machinery has rusted away.

In Elements and Qualities I neglected to mention the duality.  Air and Fire are considered Positive Signs, and Water and Earth Negative Signs.  We can practice quasi-empathy here, and drop our judgments about the words Positive and Negative – remember it’s the Negative Ions that heal, not the Positive.  More important, and more contemporary, we can recognize that it was under the Patriarchy that masculine was considered Positive and feminine Negative.  If you’re old enough to remember film, the Negative was the Positive’s Shadow, in the Jungian sense.  Of course, the Shadow always wins out, as we’re beginning to witness on the Global scale.

Masculine means dynamic, and Feminine means magnetic.  That is, the Male principle does the doing, while the Female principle does magic that is invisible.  Which is to say, the Masculine is manifest, and the Feminine is Energic.  Which tells us that it’s time to expand our Worldview, right?  If we could see Auras, as many can, there would be nothing invisible about Energy.  My First Teacher used to tell a story about, as an infant, our seeing a visitor with a bright-red Aura, and, learning our colors, we pointed and said “Red” – and were promptly and persistently corrected because the visitor wore a blue dress.

So we learned the Patriarchal, Matter-oriented view as we were becoming verbal, leaving our Matriarchal, Energy-oriented perspectives at a preverbal stage.  Well, preverbal processes are more difficult to access than later processes, because so much of our memory is based on the verbal.  So one of the first, and easiest, steps we can take is to revise our wordsmithing to make room for the nascent Feminine Energy-oriented Worldview that we’ll be needing to bring the Planet back into Balance as we reanimate the Earth.

We probably don’t need to go out to that field that Rumi speaks of, and reconsider “good” and “bad” yet, but we can definitely declare the intention of considering Negative to be good!  I mean, consider that Earth and Water are the first two Chakras!  How we gonna stay grounded if Negative is negative?  That’s the whole idea – for the Patriarchy – to keep us up in the third (Air) Chakra, where we’re easily provoked out of cooperation and into competition and profit-making wars, and easily convinced to betray ourselves because they’ve programmed us to believe that logic is superior.

So I don’t focus on the Positive-Negative duality in the Signs.  More useful is the Individual-Social duality, dividing the Zodiac into the Aries-to-Virgo Individual first half and the Libra-to-Pisces Collective second half.  In general, new notions begin to crystallize into personal form in Aries through Leo, disintegrate in Virgo, and are reborn as social phenomena in Libra through Aquarius, before dissolving in Pisces – Cardinal Fire through Fixed Fire for the evolution of the personal, and Cardinal Air through Fixed Air for the evolution of the Collective.  Leaving the Mutable “Negative” Signs as the recyclers.  In Hindu culture, Shiva has a prominent role.  In Western culture it’s just the Junkman, not a particularly beloved assignment.

Which invites us to consider the “Negative” evolutions, since we’ll be seeing more of that – the Cancer-to-Scorpio Water half of the Zodiac, and the Capricorn-to-Taurus Earth half, with Sagittarius and Gemini as the Janitors.  The essences of these halves are Security and Community.  Cancer-to-Scorpio “builds” children, and Capricorn-to-Taurus builds infrastructure and institutions.  We could see the former as evolution, and the latter as devolution, in Anthroposophic terms.

Turns Out Eris is Stationary Too

July 16, 2012

Elizabeth further advises me that Eris is in fact Stationary, which certainly affirms my experience of the last day or two.  So I scrounged up a daily ephemeris, and sure ‘nuf Eris turns Retrograde somewhere between July 18 and July 20, so without greater detail we have to assume the Stationary date is July 18, the very day of the New Moon.  Elizabeth refers us to Anne Ortele’s website, which has some interesting interpretations and points out several additional astrofireworks.  Following Linda Hill, though, she minimizes the New Moon’s Sabian Symbol,

“A Violent Storm in a Canyon Filled With Expensive Homes,”

while I was hoping that we’d see some great fallout from the LIBOR scandal and get to watch some Banksters do the perpwalk.  Anne doesn’t bring up the Symbol for the Eris Station itself,

“A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

though she does mention HOT SEX – which may have preceded the Symbol.  So we don’t just have a Saturn-Eris New Moon, we have an unashamedly pregnant Eris-Stationary New Moon.  By my way of thinking, a Station of Eris makes the involvement of Saturn pale by comparison.

A violent storm assaulting complacency is a very Eris kinda thing.  Sounds like a very pregnant situation.

Another She-Bear and a Third T-Square

July 15, 2012

Here’s a fabulous example of New-Paradigm Economics…

And another She-Bear telling it like it is…

Elizabeth points out that there are three T-Squares in the New Moon chart – in addition to being Squared by the New Moon, Eris is also Opposed by Saturn.  Since this T-Square doesn’t line up with the others to make a Golden Rectangle (effectively neutralizing the Creative Tension with Grace), this one becomes the focus of the chart.  Not to discount the other two T-Squares or the Golden Traingle – those are the gifts being given to us to help process the Main Event, and they are not at all trivial gifts.

So we have a Saturn-Eris New Moon, how are we likely to encounter that?  First, lets get some background.  Is there any Grace?  Yes, the New Moon is Trine to Juno.  That tells us that we can dodge any dilemmas by shifting our Identity.  But Juno’s in Scorpio, and being a Fixed Sign, Scorpio isn’t usually associated with dodging.  Wait though, Scorpio correlates highly with Pluto, and what does Pluto do?  TransForm!  Or, as we often say, Trance(Re)Form!  Since all Identity is just a Trance anyway, how convenient!

So we rephrase: we can dodge any dilemmas this month (the New Moon is the chart for the following month) by TransForming our Identity, or rather,

Allowing our Identity to be TransFormed.

Scorpio is relentless.  It does not leave avenues unexplored.  And it will stretch like a rubber band to accommodate what’s happening.  But once it has stretched to its limit, there is no turning back.  So any Identity TransFormations that occur over the coming month will be permanent.  And of course, since Pluto is being Squared by Uranus, the most likely TranceReFormations will be downloads from the Soul.  Sounds like Monkey Month to me!

Let’s dig a little deeper.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 24 degrees of Capricorn:

“A store filled with precious Oriental rugs.”

Doesn’t say whether they’re selling many (seems like those rug stores are always full to overflowing, doesn’t it?), so we can’t see a miraculous recovery in the world of economics, unless you’re restoring movie theaters.  But these rugs are precious – no machine-made cotton-warped Indus-valley imitations here.  A real hand-made Oriental rug really is precious like a jewel.  Silk and high-mountain Wool so pure that it shines.  Dies from the native plants, still sparkling with Faerie Energy from the local flora.

Rugs that were made to keep you warm in a high-mountain winter, and keep the sand out of your crevices in the desert.  Rugs made by somebody’s grandmother, probably yours, using the tribal and family patterns handed down from her grandmother, given to her by the Djinn of that Oasis on the other side of the mountains.  Rugs that were a Communion between the Place and the People and the Faerie Kingdom, and still breathe it.

So what do we make of that?  In general, a T-Square provides the entertainment, and the Vacancy is something we have to fill in, to complete the Balance.  So the T-Square provides a challenge for us to newly (New Moon) and compassionately (in Cancer) bring into consciousness (Opposition) a new relationship between the Patriarchy (Saturn) and the Original Female Energy (Eris).  We provide respect for ancient Tradition and for the Matriachy – Oriental rugs were made by the women.

So, as Saturn Opposes Eris, it brings into full flower the Energy born at their Conjunction.  When and where was that?  Early March of 1998, at 19 degrees of Aries…

“The ‘Magic Carpet’ of Oriental Imagery.”

Whoa, what kinda “coincidence” is that?  Not just the Tradition and the Matriachy, but the Djinn itself!  Since the Sabian Symbol for the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction was…

“A Ouija board”

and of course the New Paradigm is an evolution of Chiron-Neptune Cycles, Neptune representing Spirit itself (in its communal form) and Chiron representing Miracles (resolving despair by shifting perspective, or by reForming the Trance).  So what can we say, Magic is Afoot.

Of course we gotta look to see if we’re just being optimistic here and making Roseanne crazy.  I don’t see it that way – we have every reason to be optimistic about helping to co-create the New Pair of Digms by bringing our Life down to the personal level and allowing Big Impersonal Predatory Business and its captive Big Impersonal Government to burn themselves out by just not having any prey left.

Dravite is Brown Tourmaline.  Brown is deep Orange, a color that resides between the Root and Second Chakras, representing Grounding without abandoning Passion.  Roseanne provides a great example.  Tourmaline is a Boro-Cyclo-Silicate.  Cyclosilicates arrange their Silicate clusters in rings, in balance.  Most of the gemstones are Cyclosilicates, because they’re hard enough to be worn without breaking, and because they sparkle.  Boron is a bigtime Healer.  Only four elements are lighter than Boron, and Levity is the best antidote to Gravity.  So the Borocyclosilicates like the Tourmalines have a strong reputation as Shamanic Healers.