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Lilith Eclipse

November 26, 2012

I’ve been saying “Tuesday’s Eclipse,” but it actually occurs on Wednesday, at quarter to 7am PST.

Here’s a great summary of what’s going on in this Eclipse and beyond it, from Marko Pogacnik‘s The Daughter of Gaia: Rebirth of the Divine Feminine, pp.133-138…

“One of the principle results of my efforts to grasp the essence of the feminine principle was that I began to look on the landscape in a totally new way.  Beforehand, a place had appeared to me as a sophisticated composition of power points and streams on one hand, and biological environments plus geographical features on the other.  Now I see the visible and invisible poles of the landscape as connected and impregnated by a soul principle that bears the mark of the Divine Feminine…

“Understanding the reality of a landscape temple as a soul organism in the landscape, invisible and untouchable, proved a tough nut for me to crack.  My male-centered ‘sensitivity’ was not fine enough to perceive something that shows no physical or radiesthetic form but can be ‘perceived’ only through the medium of various sole qualities.  As a result of this deficiency on my part, I had first to go through the teaching cycle that the Goddess bestowed on me, mainly in the form of sleepless nights…

“Further, in contacting the feminine sexual zones, I was made aware that I automatically identify the sensitivity of such intimate touching with the act of sexual intercourse…  I did not consciously accept the power of the feminine as an autonomous spiritual power that manifests itself independently of the touch of a man.  In this case his role is secondary.  The primeval quality rests with the sensitive human body with its doors and organs – of which the sexual zones are a most important facet – through which the spiritual qualities of the soul can express themselves…”

I don’t remember where, but I read recently that according to one way of interpreting genetic studies, males in their current genetic form may have arisen relatively recently, and females may be many times older.   Human reproduction may have been vastly different not so long ago.  Marko continues…

“Later, I understood why I had had to deal with the blockages and traumas related to the bodily dimension of my being first of all.  Until then I had been in the habit of conducting my communication with the divine realms on the spiritual level, mostly using the path of meditation.  The Goddess, to the contrary, speaks a language of manifestation, the language of life embodied.  Her messages do not originate in any distant source ‘outside’ our being.  They ascend from the deepest levels of the elemental soul within one’s body towards its surface, to the point where they can be perceived and understood by one’s consciousness.

“This brings us to the second key experience…  What we think of as plain physical forms, in which often we find no deeper enjoyment, are in effect elements of the living and breathing body of the Goddess, which permeates the landscape as its soul body.  A landscape breathes in two phases, of which the geographical aspect is only one.  As human beings, we have unfortunately lost the ability to see the ensouled level of the landscape and we believe that its geological face is the only reality of the places we inhabit…

“I would be awoken in the middle of the night to feel a special vibration extending around me and also within me.  After a while, the vibrating quality would start to coalesce within me till I myself became an embodiment of the quality, not just on the emotional but also nearly on the bodily level.  In this way I was able to come face to face with and recognize the different facets of the Goddess, which ancient people knew and communicated with, but which to the modern mind are mere concepts derived from the study of archaeological finds.

“The most exquisite was my experience of the creative aspect of the Life-Giving Goddess…  First, I could feel a gigantic vortex of magma spiraling just below her sexual organs.  At its margins, the fiery life-power of the vortex was constantly crystallizing till a thin and precious layer of fertile soil began to form within her hips.  This enabled all kinds of vegetation to grow…  In the next instant I realized that her belly was composed of all the different species of animals…  The higher level was achieved by the whales and dolphins who even jumped over the barrier formed by the elevation of her breasts to touch the area of the head.

“After the arrival  there of the evolutionary impulse, I discovered that my head – remember that I was one with the Goddess – had been raised in a ceremonial way so that I could oversee the whole variability of the life processes occupying the body of the Life-Giving Goddess, which at that instant was also my own.  I silently understood that the raising of the head should symbolize the role of the human being, which is one of consciously embracing and loving the whole of life, with the ability to care for the safe development of each tiniest part of it.”

I’ve left out the …juicier portions… to give you incentive to read the rest of the book.

A geologist would call that Succinite, but we’d call it Baltic Amber.  Even fossilized, it’s still just hydrocarbons – lifestuff.  It’s metaphysical function is very close to what Marko’s been talking about.  The red form is very grounding.

Love Bomb

November 26, 2012

Here’a a great idea for the Eclipse – the Love Bomb…

Bombs away!

Eclipse Poster Child

November 25, 2012

Juli says,

“I’m interested to see that I fill the gaps you talk about – north node at 4 libra and pluto/venus at 5 and 8 virgo.  Transiting Saturn is conjunct my neptune/mercury and both conjunctions are arms in a yod with the moon at the base, now conjunct by transiting Uranus.  Transiting Pluto is in wide conjunction to my natal Saturn.  It’s a very intense and challenging time for me in all areas of my life.  I don’t know the goddess asteroids so it’s interesting to  note where they are.  I’ve worked out that natal Ceres is at 8 Sag, exactly trine my moon.”

So Juli is a Poster Child for this Eclipse!  Juli, if you had one thing to say to the World right now, what would it be?  First thing that springs to mind, no editing!  Actually, if you have several things to say, that’d be great – but don’t leave out the first thing that came to mind (chances are you told yourself it was silly or wrong – most of us usually do that to our best Intuitions)!

The Rest of the Eclipse

November 25, 2012

Door #1 – Curiosity

Okay, so far we have a very complex Finger of God pointing straight at the Eclipsed Moon, implying that our reactions will be quite Curious.  Something to do with Action and Values and the Goddess.  Did we mention that the Mars-Action player is Out of Bounds (Strong)?  Or that the Eclipsed Moon Conjunct Lilith (more Emergence of the Deep Feminine) is also Conjunct Jupiter (ie, Amplified)?  This is Big, even as it’s too complex to easily pigeonhole.

What else?  Three Challenges and three Graces.

Door #2 – Big Grace

We still live under a Big Grand Trine (Big Grace), though it’s about to finish up.  It’s about Focusing on what’s most important to us and building a sustainable future around it.  In fact, it’s time to Act on it.  The Deep Feminine is highly involved in this.

The Grand Trine is between Venus-Saturn (Focusing on what’s most important), Ceres (Sustainability or Sustenance), and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm that will evolve after money fails).  Ceres is Out of Bounds (Stronger).  In addition, Mars-Pluto (Action) opposes Ceres, forming a Kite.  Notice that Venus-Saturn and Mars-Pluto are arms of the Finger of God with the Moon and Lilith.  Door #1 and Door #2 lead into the same room.

Door #3 – Another Challenge to Individuate

We’re asked again (in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a big theme these days) to express our Individuality, in ways that are probably a little challenging, but also highly rewarding.  Basically, you can’t afford to avoid telling anyone what it is you really want, because in one way or another we always get what we ask for, and this is for keeps.  Don’t hold back!

Uranus (our Soul Connection or True Self) forms a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with Mars-Pluto (Transformative Action or Trance-Breaking Action) and an Out-of-Bounds Ceres (the for keeps part).  Door #3 also leads into the same room as Doors #1 and #2.  Since Mars-Pluto and Ceres form the spine of the Kite, this puts a huge emphasis on the Vacancy opposite Uranus, as that Vacancy would complete a Grand Cross perfectly aligned with the Grand Trine, were it filled.  The Vacancy is Libra 5, “A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a ‘New World’ could be built.”  Isn’t that heavy – we “just happen to be” Co-Creating a New World as we speak.  It would behoove to PIAVA our Guides to lead us to the Revelation!

Door #4 – A Challenge to Let Go of What No Longer Works

If you asked me for a hint about what to look for that no longer works, I’d say look for the places where you depend on Logic.  When the Paradigm changes, Assumptions change, and Logic is simply a house of cards built upon Assumptions, usually unstated.  That’s why we can be so easily manipulated by Logicians – they make so much sense that we don’t notice that their Assumptions are murderous.  It’s called Rhetoric, as distinguished from Communication.  Fox News glories in it.  When Assumptions shift, it becomes meaningless.  That redness in the neck moves to the face when they catch themselves in their own contradictions.  Not that “Liberals” don’t have rhetoric as well, they’re just lousy at it.  Now, as we move into a space governed by Intuition instead, we discover that we all have different Assumptions, because we all have different Values!  Logic is what they spoke in Babel.

The Eclipse (New Awareness), which consists of the Moon Opposing the Sun, is Squared (Mastery through Challenge) by Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm) – with the Moon about to be Initiated by Lilith (the Deep Feminine, including Intuition).  Again, Door #4 leads into the same room!  Since Chiron-Neptune is a corner of the Grand Trine, this T-Square would form another Grand Cross in perfect alignment with the Grand Trine, if there were a planet Opposite Chiron-Neptune.  That makes the Vacancy very important; it’s at 6 Virgo, “A Merry-Go-Round.”  The implication is that we already know what we need to do; we’ve been here before!  We just need to recycle that experience.

Door #5 – A Challenge and Two Graces Together: Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism isn’t just for Moslems and Old-Testament “Christians.”  A fundamentalist is anyone who believes that their metaphors are literally true, whether the metaphor is Evolution or Genesis or Jihad or 47% Moochers.  Our Beliefs are discovered, not decided or adopted through brainwashing.  And we know them to be Approximations – useful metaphors.  Odds, if you like.  Chances are, that gas station a half-mile down the road is still there; it was there yesterday.  But if you think you know for sure it’s there, you’re either Misguided or Intuiting.  It could have burned down last night, or been abducted by Aliens.

Our Challenge is about setting Boundaries to protect ourself from people who take their metaphor so seriously that they believe we need to share them or else – like the Tea Party fundamentalists in the US Congress.  The first Grace is that our sense of our own Mission will make it pretty easy to know when and how to set such a Boundary.  The second Grace is that we know intuitively when to recoil from proseletyzing.  In fact, we’ll probably be pretty sarcastic about it!  We might actually help someone become aware of their fundamentalism, if we do it just right.

Juno (Identity) Opposes (Awareness) Vesta (what we know to be Sacred) at the Eclipse.  With luck, through this we could come to know that We Are Not Our Beliefs.  Just because someone else has different Beliefs, that needn’t threaten our Ego – in fact, it could be interesting!  Pallas (Boundaries) makes a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with this Opposition.  That’s the Challenge, setting Boundaries against proselytizers of any stripe.  Pallas is also Trine (Grace) to the Moon’s North Node (our Mission).  The second Grace is a Trine from Eris (the Deep Feminine) to Juno (Identity).  Pallas also Trines that Stationary Mercury, which in turn Quincunxes Vesta – we could encounter some very big surprises about our Beliefs here!

All Together Now, 1, 2, 3 …

All in all, because everything is so tightly interrelated with almost everything else (Door #5 is the only one that’s independent), this will probably be a much more momentous (not horrendous) Full Moon than the last two.  Door #5 may bring some resolution to the Polarization that’s crippled every attempt to be constructive since the turn of the Century.  As for the other four interlaced Doors – Curiosity, Grace, Individuation, the New Paradigm – there are a lot of hanging chads there, but no Gitmos.  Anything could happen, but I’ll wager most of it will be constructive.

Ah, Nephrite Jade, what a Healer!  Big Sur Jade, polished smooth by the waves.  Nephrite is a fairly simple Mineral – Calcium Inosilicate with Magnesium (green) and Iron (blue-black) laced in.  Grounding Iron, calming Magnesium, and omnipotent Calcium.  We’d still be Bacteria without Calcium.  When Mars lights up we’d only be able to wiggle our flagella.  In an Inosilicate, the Silicate groups form pairs.  Silicates get much more complex than this.  But what makes Jade so solid for carving is the way the Silicate pairs are knitted together, like the Angles in the Eclipse chart.

Rent or a Full Moon

November 23, 2012

As Frank or Ernest (anyone know which is which?) used to say, “I just get my budget in order, and along comes a big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!

In this case though, it’s more like “We just get a few minutes of relative peace, and along comes another Full Moon!”  Or, “…along comes another Eclipse!

That’s this coming Wednesday (quarter to 7am PST).  It’s only a Penumbral Eclipse, which means that the Moon just darkens a little – you could be watching and not notice.  If you were on the Moon, you’d see the Earth Partially Eclipsing the Sun, so the Earth only cuts off part of the Sun’s light.  I’m not sure how the Eclipse experts would call that, but Penumbrals always seemed to me to be less momentous than Totals.  Still, an Eclipse is an Eclipse.  To me an Eclipse is about Illumination, as that which is normally visible and taken for granted is brought into Consciousness by virtue of it’s sudden absence.  This one Illuminates a lot, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

First I need to remind that the last two Full Moons have been momentous, even perhaps horrendous, if one were to be a bit careless about one’s adjective selection.  We now have Mercury Retrograde and both Chiron and Neptune Direct, and a rather decisive Mercury-Stationary election behind us, apparently decisive in favor of increasing magnetism and collaboration rather than dynamism and competition.  Of course like any good Villain, the Forces of Evil have not been vanquished, just temporarily banished.  Not to mention a Total Eclipse of the Sun on the degree of “Hunters shooting wild Ducks” in the Cancer Dwad of Scorpio.

But before we get to this Penumbral, we go through several other doorways.  The Moon crosses Uranus just about now (2am PST Friday), triggering the Uranus-Pluto-Ceres T-Square that we’ll talk about later.  Then on Monday Mercury goes Direct in the Gemini Dwad of Scorpio, and on Tuesday Mars crosses Pluto.  That of course puts Mars on Pluto both in the as-we-speak T-Square that the Moon’s lighting up, and in the Lunar Eclipse.

We’ll talk about what all this means, and about all of the Consciousness that the Full Moon is likely to illuminate, tomorrow.

You Who Philosophize Disgrace

November 16, 2012

Bill Moyers used to be an aide to Lyndon Johnson.  After Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, he turned to Moyers and said something like, “Well, we’ve just turned the American South Republican for the next two generations.”  Bill’s still at it.  Here’s his debriefing about the Citizens United decision (where the US Supreme Court gave billionaires and corporations the legal right to buy elections anonymously) and the recent election…

Here’s the Colbert episode that Trevor refers to…—-secret-second-501c4—trevor-potter

In the same evening, Moyers interviewed Naomi Klein,

on Demockracy and Climate Change.  Ah, Eternal Vigilance.  That was Tom Jefferson’s suggestion.

Debriefing the Eclipse

November 14, 2012

Laurie asks,

Is everyone feeling the shifts that I have been going through?

And the answer is, in one way or another, whether they’re aware of it or not,

You betcha. 

She takes us back to the Harmonic Concordance, the Grand Sextile that lit up the sky in 2003, but to me we’re still working off 1987’s Harmonic Convergence.  In 1987-1994, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all danced together in very complex and very profound patterns.

This newsletter, in one form or another, has been going continuously since January 1988.  Our original purpose was to help folks avoid personalizing Energies that were global.   By now we’re all resonating to the global Energies.  Where we Resist, is where we need to Let Go.  It’s not just about being kicked around by Karma any more; it’s about getting Neutral and Present enough to ride the Big Wave, to help Co-Create the World we’d like to see Becoming.  Taking full responsibility for what’s left of Karma – being Present for our own Shadow – is a big part of that.  Our own Shadows are but mirrors for the global Shadow, and we need to finish Loving it all into the Light.

A new Uranus-Neptune Cycle was Initiated in 1993 at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir sings during a religious service” – Rudhyar’s take is “The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through participation in a group performance consecrated to transcendental realization of Unity.”  Which is precisely what we’re still doing.  This Cycle doesn’t “become permanent” (the Waxing Square) until 2039, and just as the Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto Cycle hid out between it’s Initiation in the 1960s and it’s Waxing Square this last Summer, the Transcendental Realization of Unity Energy continues to grow, hidden or not.

Juanita points us toward some fascinating perspectives on the Eclipse at…


Tuesday’s Chiron-Station Eclipse

November 12, 2012

Well, with the US Presidential Drama dismissed so summarily, and apparently demonstrating that we’re past the Tipping Point on at least some issues, where does that leave Tuesday‘s Total Eclipse of the Sun?  Bottom line, for you bullet-point thinkers out there…

On many counts, big breakthroughs in Paradigm Shift are indicated.  Expect Miracles.

I regard Eclipses to be about Conscious Awareness, as they reveal by its absence something that’s been there all along, but we haven’t been noticing.  Take inventory before the Eclipse, to see where we are on the issues that are important to you.  Jobs?  Equality?  Human Rights?  Discomfort in your Body?  Tolerance?  Global Warming?  Emergence of the Deep Feminine?  Sustenance?  Anxiety?  Sustainability?  Politicians and Media whoring to the redundantly wealthy?  Self-confidence?  Fanaticism of all kinds?  Arbitrary violence?  Government violence?  GMOs?  Pick out a few of the issues that are most important to you, and/or add your own.

Then, twelve hours after the Eclipse – later if you’re sleeping then, check your list.  Anything change?  The Outer World is a mirror for our Inner World, and vice versa – As Without, So Within.  Maybe a headline caught your eye, or you noticed a change in how you feel about an issue, or heard several people talking about it, or were surprised by what seemed like a change in the way your friends viewed it.

The standout feature of this Eclipse is that it’s occurring with Chiron Stationary Direct.  Chiron has been moving imperceptibly slowly for a week or two now, and on Wednesday at 25 minutes before 1pm PST, Chiron stands perfectly still (it’s strongest moment) and then slowly begins accelerating forward again.  Chiron represents paradigm-changing shifts in perspective – Miracles, in a word.  Twelve hours or so after Chiron’s Station, check your list again.  What’s changed now?

Chiron is of course the Change half of the New-Paradigm Chiron-Neptune Cycle that was Initiated a few years ago as the US financial system collapsed and the Slavemasters that run it had to be given massive infusions of taxpayer money.  Neptune is the Culture half.  We expect to see most of the New-Paradigm Changes occurring on the Cultural level, but of course we’re all intimately programmed into our Culture, so we’ll see a lot of changes in ourself as well, not least of which will be a requirement to adapt to Changes in the Culture we live in.  Just compare your issue list against where they were in 2005.

Neptune was Stationary and turned Direct last Saturday, so the Cultural Changes that have seemed to be in abeyance since June, can now leap forward.  Our bucket may seem to be at its Tipping Point, but it may soon be in full flood!

Chiron and Neptune are Biseptile to the Eclipse.  The Septile is an angle that’s one seventh of the way around the Zodiac, and the Biseptile is double that.  In simple terms, Septiles are about Magical Powers, or seemingly so.  Think of a Snake holding so still that it’s invisible, that instantaneously snaps out of hiding and snatches an unsuspecting Mouse.  If you weren’t looking directly at the Mouse, or blinked, you’d think it just demanifested.  The Septile series of Angels is not about violence, but it is about something previously unnoticed popping out of the Holodeck fully formed, in an instant.  The people who have “spontaneous remission” to terminal cancers do so through Septile Energy.  The Septile is like an Eclipse, but while an Eclipse is about Awareness, the Septile is about Action.

That’s the Big Energy around the Eclipse.  What else can we say about it and its influence?

The Eclipse is the focus of a Finger of God from Eris and Vesta.  Remember the Quincunx, Curiosity?  A Finger of God is two of those radiating from the same Zodiacal point, in this case the Eclipse.  It makes the Eclipse jump out at us and fill our Attention.  Eris and Vesta?  That’s heavy.  You know Eris, our She-Bear.  And Vesta stands for what we’re willing to live and die for, our deepest and most sacred values.  Not as Big an influence as the Chiron Station, but very significant.  And potentially Miracle-inducing as well.  Better take inventory of how much respect you give to people of the Female persuasion, because God’s on their side here.

We still have our persistent Grand Trine between Ceres and Saturn and Chiron-Neptune, which can be phrased as Great Grace flowing to those who focus their attention on sustenance, and on sustainability, as the Culture Changes.  Along with Pluto, the Ceres corner makes a T-Square to Uranus, challenging us to sustain the manifestation of our True Self into the current lifetime.  The Chiron-Neptune corner makes a T-Square with the Moon’s Nodes, and Mercury, now Retrograde, sits on the North Node; the insights may be murky, but nevertheless open up to them, as we are receiving an important download about our own role in the New Paradigm and how it relates to our mission in this lifetime.  A third Quincunx between Saturn (Ego) and Uranus (Soul) reinforces the download.

There’s a third T-Square focusing on Pallas, with Mars and Vesta in tow.  That will mean lots of lines being drawn in the Sand, as limits of Tolerance are reached.  But Vesta also Trines Venus and Sextiles Eris: Compassion and Cooperation will appear out of nowhere to defuse these confrontations.  Look what I literally just stumbled across:

So why doya suppose our Guides are lit up like that?  Maybe because Neptune is still Stationary, square to Mercury.  Even though Neptune’s started moving forward again, it will be more than a week before it moves even a minute of arc, and two months till it moves a degree.

Finally, and I’d be ignoring this if it didn’t echo well-established themes here, Jupiter is Opposing Juno: growing Awareness that our Unconscious Identity needs to expand.

I know, we feel like raw meat these days, as we’re being asked to let go of so many aspects of ourselves that, if we’re on track, we hardly know ourself any more.  But the raw meat in the opening portrait is a steak-sized slab of Manganotantalite – Manganese Tantalum Oxide, MnTa2O6.  MnTaO, the Tao of Manganese,

allows you to speak so others understand what you’re saying.

That’s pretty big.  Contemplating the picture may even allow you listen to what the Other Parts of You – other than your Identity – have to say to you!  If nothing else, they might help you have Compassion for your long-suffering Identity.  I mean, who among us knows how to separate from our Identity?  If you’re going to be loving and gentle with yourself (which is mandatory), you’re going to have to do that.  It’s actually easier than you’d imagine.  Just talk to yourself, honestly and without Judgment, addressing yourself as You.  Maybe

You’re pretty worn out here, aren’t you Honey – why don’t you have a rest!

or something like that.

Eclipse Videos, Venus Walking

June 1, 2012

Coupla nice time-lapse videos of May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse…

With Dragon successfully delivering lunch to the International Space Station and taking out the garbage, one of the astronauts on the ISS took along a solar filter and camera, and will broadcast pictures of Venus Walking live from Space…

I hadn’t remembered that excitement about Space as an element of the 60s, but it certainly was, in the early 60s anyway.  In them days hereabouts lotsa folks wanted to become Engineers so they could outdo Sputnik.  Nowadays it’s just fundamental personal economics – so you can maybe get a job.  And of course the Chinese got it – most of their leaders are Engineers, while most of the leaders in the USofA are Lawyers.  While Chinese leaders know how to build, American leaders know only how to argue.  To American leaders, the only important thing is to win the argument; for Chinese leaders, it’s whether it works or not.  End of Empire.

Monday’s Lunar Eclipse happens at 15 Gemini – “Two Dutch children talking and exchanging knowledge.”  Interesting that they’re Dutch, as it’s the countries in between Germany and France, tired of centuries of German and French soldiers stomping back and forth across their turf, that are most keen about sustaining the Union which is threatening to dissolve in Europe – though the current dissolution is North-South rather than East-West.  They’re Dutch rather than Danish, but the Sabian image reminds me a lot of Peter Hoeg’s Borderliners – just how do we define Reality, anyway?  The EU capital, Brussels, is the cultural capital of Flanders, the Dutch half of Belgium.  Belgium was without a government for several years through 2011 because the Flemish couldn’t agree with the French half of Belgium, Wallonia.  Another North-South split.  It’ll be quite fascinating to see how this Eclipse changes the EU.

Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun the next day occurs in the following degree, 16 Gemini, “A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.”  I’ll be very surprised if her cause is obedience to a redneck Retropublican hubby.

The concurrent Venus-Mars Square is complex.  It’s waning, and the second in a series of three such Squares.  The waning Square is about the opportunity to choose between releasing and re-leasing.  Venus-Mars is of course about Relationship, most especially and critically about the Relationship between our Inner Female and our Inner Male.  The waning Cycle was intiated a year ago at 10 degrees of Taurus, “A Red Cross nurse.”  The next Cycle begins a year hence at 20 Aries – “A young girl feeding birds in Winter.”  These Symbols were channeled a long time ago, long before “man” was divided into “human” and “male,” and so many of the symbols refer ambiguously to “man.”  But here we have three Symbols together that all refer specifically to the female (of course a Red Cross nurse could be male, but realistically, what are the odds?).  The theme of both of these Venus-Mars symbols is nurturance.

So of course we turn to the Black Moon Lilith.  The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an oval, and while circles have one center, ovals have two.  The Earth is at one of the Moon’s orbit’s centers, and the other center is called in astrology “Black Moon Lilith” (this is one of several Liliths in astrology).  Think of it as Earth 2 if you like, or Earth’s “Evil” Twin – we use the word “Evil” in the Medieval sense, “Live” spelled backwards, where Evil was defined as whatever the seemed to threaten the suzerainty of a paranoid Church.  Lilith was Adam’s first wife, who Walked when Adam started making rules about obedience.  That was before the Apple affair.

In the Venus Walking chart, BM Lilith is at the midpoint between Vesta and Ceres at Taurus 20 – “Wisps of winglike clouds streaming across the Sky” – looking like Wraiths to the MCPs I suppose.  Vesta symbolizes the Sacred, and Ceres the Sustainable.  Another strong statement about returning to the Grove.

The Moon Occults Pluto a few hours after Venus Walks.  That’ll bring the Uranus-Pluto Square to the foreground along with Neptune (which recall is Stationary during all these goings-on) and of course with that, Chiron-Neptune.  All of which could paint the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) with a hefty tinge of Liberation (Uranus-Pluto) of the Feminine (Venus Walking et al).  Long overdue.

“Nature holds a memory and resonance of paradise, even though most of humanity has forgotten it.  Humanity does, however, remember at a deep, almost cellular level.  This memory has to be re-awakened through contact with the spiritual world and, more specifically, with our cousins, the Faery races and the ancestors.  Until this occurs, humanity is driven to search for that elusive missing something.  This ancestral memory lives within our blood and drives us to seek, find and share spiritual insight and meaning.  Luckily for us nature remembers and holds its essence within its processes.”

–Orion Foxwood, The Faery Teachings, p.116.

Next Week

May 29, 2012

Here are a coupla websites on the Partial Lunar Eclipse at quarter past 4am PDT on June 4…

The Neptune Station is a few minutes after 2pm PDT on the 4th.

And here’s a coupla websites on Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun…

Remember, no matter how many skimasks you can find and wear, you can still manage to blind yourself by looking at the Sun, whether it’s being Walked Across by Venus or not.  The Walk occurs around 6pm PDT on June 5, and the Moon Occults Pluto at 8pm.  You can look at the Lunar Eclipse allya want.

And here’s a cute one, if you can pardon the ridiculous web address…