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Tipping Point

October 13, 2012

Since the Harvest Moon, the Energy has shifted.  There is less Balance overall, and more flux.  Issues are sorting themselves by importance.  We’re on a lot of Edges.  On the Edge of saving or destroying the Planet as we know it.  On the Edge of a New Paradigm that isn’t fully co-created yet.  On the Edge of committing ourselves fully to our Mission.  On the Edge of amping up the yin to balance the excess yang.  How do we come to these conclusions?


I’m sure most of youall know the Hundred Monkeys parable, and many of you probably know about the TM experiments where 1% of the population meditating lowered crime rates.  The notion of Energy Fields and their Trance(Re)Formation is central to astrology.  Many scienterrific types object because it involves apparent causation outside the power of the Human Ego.  Jung argued that it’s not causation at all but another principle entirely.  And of course we’d just point out that Linear Time is an illusion (All There Is Is Now), and without Linear Time, causation is moot, as it depends on Effect following Cause in Linear Time.  So much for Karma.  The Great God Causan Defect we often call Him, as it’s very difficult to imagine how the World might operate without His Uniquitousness running the show.

Of course it’s Both/And, as it always is.  Here’s another version of the Hundred Monkeys parable, named by sociologists the Tipping Point

It’s in the first video of the series, which, coincidentally (hah!), concerns GMO food.  If you wanna help reach the GMO Tipping Point,

has lotsa ideas for those of us who live under fascism to be able to control some Causan Defect in our own lives.  Fascism just means that Business controls Government, as opposed to Democracy, where the People control Government.

And speaking of Tipping Points, here’s the ultimate…

That’d be another good one for us 99%-ers to do a 1% meditation on.  Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist, to do a 1% meditation and lower the greed rate!

Adding the Sacred to the New Paradigm

Those lovely ladies in the photo are the blossoms of the Hestia variety of Scarlet Runner Bush Beans.  Hestia was the Greek Goddess that the Romans later renamed Vesta.  HisStory tells us that Zeus was King of the Gods, back before Goldman Sachs took Him to the cleaners.  But if we read HerStory, we find that the Greeks honored Hestia before they honored Zeus, and they honored Hestia after they honored Zeus.  Hestia was the Goddess of the Hearth – food, warmth, shelter, bottom-line stuff, easily taken for granted.  Zeus was mostly about inter-God politics and screwing all the Goddesses.  Too familiar, eh?  The Romans liked Hestia so much that they made Vesta Goddess of the State.

And as we speak, Vesta is joining Ceres in the Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron-Neptune…

That is, Vesta (the Sacred) is joining Ceres (Sustainability) in the Grand Trine (Grace) with Saturn (Focus) and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm); lest we forget, Chiron-Neptune gets to be the New Paradigm because of Chiron (healing despair by reframing our perspective, thus creating what would have been Miracles in the old paradigm) and Neptune (everything larger than ourself, or Our Relationship with God, aka the Unconscious that produces and directs the show that our Ego stars in).

Or in English, this would be a fabulous time for us to collaborate to Gracefully tip the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where we can Sustain our relationship with what we consider to be Sacred.  Back to a space where we can once again be proud to be Human and Huwoman, but with less Denial than in the days before we found out that it was all propaganda.  Of course the Grand Trine says it’s happening, not that we’re doing it.  So we could rephrase to a time when we can witness Grace tipping the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where the Sacred is Sustained.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Remember though, we’re each and all co-creators.  So yes, it’s essential that it’s also a fabulous time for us to collaborate to Gracefully tip the Focus of the New Paradigm into a space where we can Sustain our relationship with what we consider to be Sacred.

I Gotta Be Me, Damn It!

Meanwhile, the Sun has abandoned the Harvest Moon’s Grand Cross, leaving us with a Ceres-Uranus-Pluto T-Square.

…leaving us with a Ceres (Sustainability)-Uranus (yin Integrity)-Pluto (mandatory Change of Trance) T-Square (Mastery through Challenge).  Which is to say, we’re in the dressing room trying on a hundred new ways (Pluto) to be true to ourself (Uranus) and mean it (Ceres), none of which quite feels like it fits (T-Square).  A T-Square recall is a graduate seminar – there are no right answers, only creative experiments and thorough explorations.  Reminder: yang Integrity means you do what you said you was gonna do, and yin Integrity means you do what you feel like doing, moment to moment.  And to live yin Integrity in a yang World, we gotta minimize our commitments, and be willing to renegotiate responsibly when we break the ones we do make.  Till the yin Tipping Point gets here.

Or in Anglais, we’re tasting this newfound Freedom and Integrity, and wondering how the hell – or if – we’re gonna be able to make it permanent.  Or, worst case, we’re wondering where the hell is our newfound Freedom and Integrity?  Not to worry, this (Uranus-Pluto) goes on for three more years.

So what happens as Vesta joins Ceres in the T-Square?  Shit, now we not only gotta be true to ourself, but true to God as well!  Yah, you betcha, Integrity is a Responsibility, as well as a Joy.  But wait, as our understanding of the Sustainable is TranceFormed, so is our understanding of the Sacred.  For then I saw through a glass darkly.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if being true to ourself was being true to God!  Maybe alls we needs is a little more Self-Love!  Well, sorry, it’s a T-Square – but hey, if you can get there and keep it feeling good, there is Mastery at the end of a T-Square.

And what about Pallas – she Conjoined Uranus at the Harvest Moon.  She’s since gone Retro and backed away a bit, though she’ll be back mid-November.  What’s Pallas-Uranus look like?  That’s easy to answer.  Boundaries (Pallas) that allow us to be ourself, to live our yin Integrity!  Like Sheila here,

So now we have the Challenge to claim the space where we give ourself permission to eschew self-abandonment forever.  What Trances will we have to Reform to make that happen without Guilt?  We might need to re-read Original Blessing.

Following me?  The Challenge (T-Square) to claim the space (Pallas) where we give ourself permission to eschew self-abandonment (Uranus) forever (Ceres), while Changing whatever Trances (Pluto) need to be changed to avoid self-betrayal (Vesta) or religious Guilt, as in “Original Sin.”

Now wait a minute – are we saying that we can Change the Trance, rather than having the Change forced upon us?  Pluto is the Big River – what if we need to paddle upstream?  Well, that’s the Challenge, isn’t it.  If we’re the Star, and the Unconscious is Director and Producer, we better be collaborating with their plans if we want to keep our job, and jobs are scarce these days.  That’s precisely the “trick” of Uranus-Pluto – knowing ourself well enough that we Love who we see in the mirror, without putting us on a pedestal.  If we’ve learned to collaborate well enough with the Unconscious that she doesn’t trip us very often, then sure, we be she and she be we, and we have no need not to take charge.  Cautiously.  But confidently.

Uranus Initiated Pallas just as it Squared Pluto at the end of June.  The new Pallas-Uranus Cycle was born the day after Uranus first Squared Pluto in late June, at 9 of Aries, “A Crystal gazer,” or, in Rudhyar’s view, “an inner realization of organic Wholeness.”  That puts the entire Pallas-Uranus Cycle in a Waning Square to Pluto.  The Waning Square means the Challenge to surrender Control, to allow ourself to drop into the Void.  That means an Egoic approach to setting those Boundaries around the self is probably going to backfire, because in the Void we don’t know the rules.  Rules change in the Reaches, as Ursula so aptly put it.

The New Paradigm and the Rebirth of the Goddess

So there’s the Challenge, eh?  How do we set Boundaries if not Egoically?  Isn’t Ego a synonym for Power?  The answer lies in The Other T-Square.

That second Harvest-Moon Grand Cross has also degenerated into a T-Square.  In a Grand Cross the Challenges balance one another, while in a T-Square they don’t.  What’s left of the second Grand Cross?  A second T-Square focused on Chiron-Neptune – the global New Paradigm.  Neptune tells us that the Changes are global, but the nature of the Changes is local and regional.  Woe be to the culture that tries to impose its rules on another culture here.

The other two corners?  Mars-Juno-Rahu and Lilith-Keto.  Intense.  At the Harvest Moon we had Venus at the antipode to help keep the peace.  Now we’re on our own.

Mars-Juno-Rahu?  Mars is action, doing.  Juno is Unconscious Identity.  Rahu is the Moon’s North Node, aka our Mission.  Nobody’s gonna stop me from my Mission.  A veritable Navy Seal.

Lilith-Keto?  Keto is the Moon’s South Node, aka our Karma.  Though it’s now dead, Karma is the self-limiting patterns that keep us from moving forward.  But those same self-limiting patterns got there on purpose.  In a “past life” we got too full of ourself, overstepped our skill level, and got knocked down.  Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.  So we vowed not to do that again.  Unfortunately, the Ego isn’t clever enough to vow never to get too full of itself.  Instead, the Ego would vow never to use that skill again.  Peeling away a layer of Karma always reveals a hidden Mastery.  What sort of Mastery this time?

The Primordial Feminine.  Lilith was Adam’s first wife, the one HisStory forgets to mention.  When Adam laid down for her his Old-Testament vision of how servile a wife would be, Lilith thought it was hilarious, and hit the road.  For Lilith, inequality like that didn’t compute.  So this is about recovering our Primordial Feminine.  The She-Bear.  Or fearing to recover our Primordial Feminine, if we haven’t noticed yet that Karma is dead.

So we have a Navy Seal (Mars-Juno-Rahu) and a She-Bear (Lilith-Keto) Challenging one another to define the New Paradigm (Chiron-Uranus).  Serious stuff.  But this is not war, it’s a T-Square, a workshop in how to get these two to collaborate.  That’s the Challenge.  Where’s John Grey when we need him?  How do we talk our irreparably Causan-Defect-infused, penisbrained, do-addicted, Ego-stuffed Masculine into taking  Guidance from the Primordial Feminine?  Or even finding the Primordial Feminine?

That’s the real Tipping Point we been looking for, eh?  No gender bias here, you gals are running on testosterone too, you just – most of you – have more options.

Manifesting Yin

So then, how do we set Boundaries if not Egoically?  Well, we PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm – and then Change the Subject.  With a twist.  We need to be vague.  We’re in the Void, we don’t know the rules.  So we don’t Ask for a specific outcome, we Ask for a better feeling state.  The Primordial Feminine is totally comfortable in the Void – just ask Innana.  She knows it’s not about knowing where you’re going, but about meeting the journey with curiosity and wonder.  So what would we PIAVA?

Safety might work.  That’s always the Ego’s number one priority, and the Void is not the Ego’s favorite haunt.  Great Spirit, may I please enjoy a Safe Space to pursue my Integrity?  Then stop thinking about it, or you’ll constrain yourself to more of what you’ve been living with all along.  Or May we all be Free to co-create a Reality where our own Beliefs are Safe.  Or one of my favorites, Great Spirit, may I please have Peace and Joy, and may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, completely, and rapidly.

Whenever we PIAVA anything, it’s very important to make a note of it, so that after we Change the Subject, we can come back and review what happened next.  If we PIAVA Peace and then our neighbor yells at us, well, that tells us what we need to let go of in order to step toward Peace – probably our Anger.  The first thing you’ll always receive when you PIAVA anything, is information about the limiting beliefs that have prevented you from having it all along.  Hence, may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, rapidly, and completely.

It’s never a bad idea, and when we’re in the Void always a good idea, to take a cue from Gene Gendlin and add,

or something like that.

Great Spirit, may I please have Peace and Joy, or something like that, and may I let go of all impediments lovingly, gently, completely, and rapidly.  That invites collaboration with the Unconscious, by making space for moving into the vicinity of what we would like, without spelling out the exact specifications.  Whenever you’re tempted to PIAVA something, don’t.  Instead PIAVA the feeling state you’d have if you had it.  Save you alotta pain and suffering, cuz we always get what we ask for, and it almost always includes all manner of unforeseen side effects.

And the crux of yin Integrity is permission to Change Your Mind.  We learn, we grow, what we wanted last week changes.  With PIAVA and other techniques like tapping, we can move very fast.  We run afoul of our yang-Integrity commitments very quickly.  No one else gives you permission to Change Your Mind; you do.  Power is always taken, never given.  Practice your renegotiation techniques, and take it.  One negotiation tenet to remember – if you’re playing win-win, and your counterpart starts playing win-lose, you lose.  Keep an eye out for that, and be ready to move on if it occurs.


July 14, 2012

Dont ferget to ogle the eastern sky at Dawn Sunday for the Big Show…

If you’re in the right spot on the Planet, you might even see the Balsamic Moon Occult Jupiter – how spectacular will that be!  I’d rather see that than Venus Walking any day, but I’m on the wrong side of the Planet.

The reports I have say that the Planet shifted bigtime when Uranus Stood Still Thursday night, as in Big Healing.  We bring you the voice of Eris (in her charming guise) to celebrate.

First, more Convergence, with Vandana Shiva…

What clarity, eh?  And Truthtelling.

Then another clear She-Bair to give us the straight skinny on the Banksters…

What NASA refers to as a “Crescent” Moon (that is the name of its shape, just not the name of its phase) is really “Balsamic” – the last phase before the New Moon.  Notice that the two phases point in opposite directions – the curve of the Crescent (dusk) Moon is to the right, like a “D,” while the Balsamic (dawn) Moon curves on the left, like a “C.”  The Balsamic phase is about emptying the self, cleansing, letting go, sweatlodge, purification preparations for the new Vision Quest that every New Moon initiates.

The New Moon itself comes up Wednesday (half past 9pm PDT), and it’s a bit of a doozy.  Mars Opposes Uranus at almost exactly the same time, which of course means it makes a T-Square with Pluto at the point.  The New Moon is the chart you wanna read to know what’s up in the following month.  Since the Harmonic Contusion twenty-five years ago, big Mars events have not lived up to their reputation for violence – which in itself is a remarkable testament!  So we’ll hope this one follows the benign trend – a Mars-Pluto Square represents a pretty serious housecleaning.

There’s also a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes.  T-Squares, you recall, are about “insoluble” situations.  They aren’t “problems,” so they can’t be “solved.”  They are irritating, because nothing ever works out very well, so we do have a deep hunger to resolve them.  We can do that by recognizing that a T-Square is like a graduate seminar.  There are no “right” answers, only creative exploration of the Edges of the Known.  So we expect to be intrigued by outcomes, not pleased.  Rudhyar called them the Edge of human evolution.  A T-Square to the Nodes means a primo opportunity to learn about our Mission – what more could we ask for?

Who is it that’s Squaring the Nodes?  Why, none other than Chiron-Neptune, our harbinger of the New Paradigm!  So we’ll be learning about how we fit in to this unseen imminence – finally!  Of course it’s a T-Square, so it won’t be painless, but bringing a Balsamic attitude to it will help immensely.  That means,

If you’ve seen this Drama before, it doesn’t mean it’s glued to your ass – except by Inertia.  It means it’s a Karmic paper tiger that you can punch holes through without breaking a nail, if you’re willing to get Conscious.  You don’t want to re-lease it, you want to Let It Go.  It’s a cause for celebration, because every time your Karma arises and you refuse to re-attach yourself to it, you Liberate your Future more.

Your Mission includes your Karma.  In the Original Sin view of the World, we all haul Karmic baggage around with us.  When Life is unpleasant, those who would be our Masters tell us it’s because we’re Unclean and we need their Salvation.  Look at it from the Original Blessing point of view instead.

In every “Past” Life we were a Master of something.  We can recover those Skills effortlessly for use in the current Lifetime, but they’re hidden behind our Karmic baggage.  They’re hidden for a reason – we haven’t earned enough Integrity in this Lifetime yet to be able to use that much Power without abusing it.  So they’re covered by an Emotional aversion, to protect us from burning ourself.  Once we’re ready to be Conscious enough to Let Go of this opaque packaging, we can have the Miracle inside.

Now, since by now you’re thoroughly convinced that We’re All One (how can you not believe Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Gary Craig, and Vendana Shiva all at the same time!), you gotta realize that every “Past” Life is yours!  Meaning you can pick up any Skill imaginable if you’re willing to get Conscious of the wrapping paper that covers it.

A chart with two T-Squares signifies some hard work over the next month.  Does it have any Grace in it?  It actually holds enormous Grace!  The corners of these two T-Squares are linked in a Golden Rectangle.  On the scale of 0 to 10 Grace, a Golden Rectangle merits about an 8.  What it means is that the two T-Squares complement one another.

So the Vigor (Mars) with which we approach our newfound Mandatory Transition (Pluto) into Integrity (Uranus) facilitates our realization that our personal Mission (the Moon’s Nodes) was constructed to align perfectly with the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune).  It will take adjustments that won’t be as comfortable as business-as-usual (T-Squares), but as we make those adjustments, we’ll be shocked at how quickly and easily the puzzle pieces fall into place (Golden Rectangle).

Coupla more relevancies in the chart here…

Pallas Adjoins Uranus, implying that Defensiveness is totally appropriate when we’re defending our Integrity.

There’s a gang sitting on that Moon’s South Node, so

This is a huuuge month for this process of getting Conscious that when something triggers negative Emotions cuz we’ve seen it before, we need to recognize that it’s just a hologram, and celebrate the opportunity to free ourselves from those Karmic chains!  By which we’ll be recovering the Skills that we smuggled in under that Emotional crepe when we entered this Lifetime.

Who’s in the gang?  It’s big – Vesta (that which is Sacred to us personally), Ceres (Sustenance and Sustainability) and Jupiter (the Confidence and Optimism necessary for Expansion; an Amplifier)!  There are always alotta ways to read a Stellium (cluster) like this, but we can say that

Following what is Sacred to us (that which we would live or die for) will allow us to tease out the boundaries between ancient Trauma (the wrapping paper) and powerful Skills (the Gift) so we can embrace (tap out? – deeply and completely love and accept ourself) our ancient traumatized self (it’s empathy that heals) and receive the Gift (South Node).  The Gift will lead us to Abundance (Jupiter-Ceres).

There are a coupla Sabian Symbols (interpretations for individual degrees of the Zodiac) that will probably be helpful here.  The New Moon itself is at 27 degrees of Cancer,

“A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes.”

Considering the T-Squares, that’s pretty intense.

A T-Square is three fourths of a Grand Cross.  A Grand Cross is about an 8 on the Creative Tension scale, but it’s in Balance – it’s parts all work together.  So we look to see what would “complete” each T-Square, or make it into a Grand Cross.  That would remove it from the “no solution” category, because the fourth arm of the Cross would resolve the Tension automatically by shifting it into its next steps.  We call the “missing” arm the Vacancy.

The Vacancy in the How-Does-My-Mission-Fit-Into-The-New-Paradigm T-Square (Chiron-Neptune-Nodes + Vesta-Jupiter-Ceres) is 6 degrees of Virgo,

“A merry-go-round.”

Wow.  To me that says that, since we’re All One, My Mission is The New Paradigm, and vice versa!  It just depends on which way I’m facing, inward or outward!  So when it feels a little stuck going in what felt a minute ago like the right direction, all I need to do is turn around!

In the I-Gotta-Be-Me-And-If-You-Dont-Like-It-Well-You-Just-Gotta-Be-You-So-Dont-Blame-Me-For-Your-Likes-And-Dislikes T-Square (Mars-Uranus-Pluto + Pallas), the Vacancy is 9 degrees of Cancer,

“A small naked Girl bends over a pond trying to catch a Fish.”

Lotsa meat there!  First there’s Innocence and Naivete – after huge new Soul downloads like the one we just got at the Uranus Station, we’re all new at this Integrity game.  Then there’s the Emotional wrapping paper (the pond; Water means Emotion) and the Gift (the Fish)!  It means that the Gift will be snagging our Attention, and we’ll just be reaching for it without even realizing what we’re doing, like a child reaching for a bauble.

That Unconscious Motivation is marvelous; nothing better than Innocence, it’s as good as Curiosity.  It’s when we get our hands wet (the Karmic wrapper) that we need to practice our newfound Consciousness that Emotion is neither Material Reality nor Spiritual Reality, but a crazyquilt of paper-thin walls that make up the maze we travel so solemnly and faithfully.

One last question that we can’t ignore.  Where is Eris herself in all this?  She’s Squared by the New Moon itself.  It’s a Waxing Square, so it’s a creative segment of the Cycle, signifying Change, probably rapid Change.  Where was the preceding Conjunction, which would hold the key to understanding the Cycle?  23 degrees of Aries,

“A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

Rudhyar’s commentary includes just one word: fecundity.  The other element would be presence – the light summer dress would confer modesty, but little else to disguise her sensuality.  Nothing disingenuous here, just pure, numinous Creative potential.  Nature Herself, the process of becoming, that which is unfinished.  A She-Bear in drag.

Opal!  Quartz with Water molecules scattered in the Crystal Matrix.  It’s refraction and reflection from the Water that makes the Fire, like those floating Purples!  No coincidence that Opal symbolizes the Emotional maze and the Gift hidden in it.

The Best Eclipse Picture

May 24, 2012

Photo by Greg Lizanich.  There’s another good one at

if you scroll down a coupla screenfuls (skip the first story for now).  Both of these pictures point out a piece of critically important information – we aren’t talking about The Stars, we’re talking about Us.  “The Stars” are just a language for reading about Us, and a method of interpreting Us.  And another important piece that’s even more critical – The Stars ‘R’ Us.  It’s that old Identity thing – as Above so Below, as Without so Within, etc.  The Stars Am I might be an inconvenient Identity for Shopping, but it’s a great Identity for, say, PIAVAing* your future.

The lead spaceweather story is about Dragon, which is quite curious, since a Solar Eclipse is often considered to be Dragon Eating the Sun.  There’s a good picture of this Dragon chasing the International Space Station (presumably not to eat it) at

Dragon in this context is Elon Musk’s (think PayPal, Tesla) private-enterprise SpaceX space-shuttle replacement.  Dragon in the astrological sense is the Moon’s Nodes, or the places where the Moon rises above (North) or falls below (South) the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  If the Moon isn’t near that Dragon, there wouldn’t be no Eclipse.  And of course Dragon in the Us sense is what Jung postulated as our Unconscious drive to Wholeness.

Now Taurus Freud interpreted our basic Unconscious drive differently than Leo Freud, or even Aries Reich or Aquarius Adler.  It’s still not obvious to me whether folks without a strong Leo component (or strong Dragon component) in their chart are driven to Wholeness, but it is obvious to me that many of us are.  And everyone certainly seems to be a drive toward Identity transcendence or transformation, however they’d name their desired destination.

* PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, Affirm; these are some of the ways we attempt to consciously manifest what we want, followed by Changing the Subject or putting your Conscious Attention elsewhere.  Of course what we’re always implicitly PIAVAing is to become conscious of the contents of the Unconscious, so we can Cancel, Neutralize, and Upgrade those portions that are manifesting what we don’t want.  But PIAVAing what we want, and of course always adding “lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely, ” is how we go about that.

On the Other Hand

March 14, 2012

Of course, if you don’t know yer Evil Twin enough to recognize yer own Karma, a Mars Grand Cross can be a pain in any of several body parts.  Accidents, f’rinstance.  If you put yer foot in yer mouth and then shoot yerself in the foot, in that order, that could be very painful, though depending on yer aim, the pain could be brief.  Since it’s very difficult to find the Edge between our own Karma, somebody else’s projections, and random acts of kindness, it’s always a good idea to assume it’s us, since we’re All You anyway.

Eugene Gendlin, the Focusing guy, has a great metaphor for dancing on this Edge in his book, Let Yer Body Interpret Yer Dreams.  After all, any “real-life” situation is just a Dream anyway.  In any situation, just be the other person or object.  Project your Self into the Other, to see what it is that they’re thinking and feeling and experiencing.  You don’t then assume that to be true, it’s like Changing the Subject when you PIAVA or taking a shower when you’re working hard on a puzzle – Insights will pop into your Field.  It’s those Ahas that you’re after.

The video at is also instructive.

Consciousness is tricky; Loki and Coyote and the other Trickster Gods aren’t just about Mercury and mind.  There’s an edge between growing Consciousness and being Codependent.  You can’t just take other people’s word for it, you have to be able to weigh possibilities in your own Heart, to gain what has Meaning for you, not for anybody else.  Sure, it can be helpful to ferret out a consensus among yer friends, but since yer friends were chosen by yer Current Identity, they probably don’t include people who would like yer Evil Twin.  It might help to send yer questionnaire to yer enemies too, but questionnaires are famous for discovering what the writer of the questionnaire had in mind to prove.

I’ve met many people who simply refuse to take Responsibility (Ability to Respond, which is very different from Blame) for their own Karma.  And by Karma, we mean Inertia, not RetributionSheldrake builds a whole worldview around the notion that “evolution” is really just Inertia; actions and thoughts and feelings forming patterns which become habits which emboss themselves into an Entity’s Field via repetition.  Compare the power of ritual, for instance.  “Refusing to take Responsibility” is nothing to be ashamed of; we have no objective reason to assume that every Entity on the planet is here to gain Consciousness.  And it’s pedestrian of us to assume that taking Responsibility is necessary for gaining Consciousness.

But we can say confidently that both taking Responsibility and gaining Consciousness are powerful tools for eliminating self-sabotage.  That’s our basic motivation for both.  Let’s make up a parable fitting for a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross.  S’pose you are Frodo, off on yer life-and-death Mission (Dragon), and some Ringwraith (Mars) suddenly charges at you with lance drawn (Square).  Well, if yer a typical Hobbit, yer used to wandering about the Shire without worrying about being assaulted – it just never happens in the Shire.  That’s yer “Karmic” Inertia – a “naive” lack of Fear.   So Frodo’s choice is to get Conscious about the possibility that the World may not always be his Oyster, or to get dead.

But hang on – it’s a Wraith – it’s a figment.  So Frodo might just take a step to the side, Aikido-like, and let the Wraith hang hisself up on a Tree, if Frodo was Conscious that it’s not the Material World that’s “real,” but the Spiritual or Synergic* World.  Or he might let the imaginary lance go through him, imagine himself to be wounded, but then have a “miraculous” healing, and hence become Conscious of Energy Healing.  Or he might just die of fright.  But let’s suppose Aragon (Pallas) happens by, and manages to startle the Wraith’s steed, sending the Wraith and lance careening into the river.  In the next scene, Frodo is thanking Aragon for saving him, but not with true Gratitude from the Heart, because Frodo, leaning on his Shire Karma, believes that it was his bulletproof nature (the Grand Trine) that actually saved him, Aragon was just a pawn in his Game.

So there’s as many opportunities to be victimized by the Grand Cross – or the Grand Trine – as there are opportunities to gain Consciousness.  But why would you wanna do the former when you can do the latter?

* Note: Randy Masters pointed out years ago that Synergic is a more appropriate term than Energic for the Other Side, the non-Material World.  He pointed out that the word Energy has the same root as Entropy, which is a Galilean term that applies to the natural winding-down of all mechanical systems, implying an decline in order and an increase in disorder over time.  Sheldrake and others point out that Living Entities are self-healing and learn – they’re Synergistic – and are not necessarily subject to Entropy, maybe quite the opposite.  Sure, there’s Aging, but when you consider that we do take it (knowledge) with us (else how did Mozart write those symphonies?), and shift to the Synergic as Real rather than seeing the Material as Real, so what.

Alternate Shots

March 13, 2012

For those of us who aren’t golfers, that’s another name for a Foursome, and it describes pretty well a Grand Cross, where each of the four poles demands attention, but each in turn.  Because it’s in balance, nobody gets too far outa line, even if it’s a four-way tug-o-war.  And there’s nothing like seeing every situation from four different orthogonal angles to understand it thoroughly!  Orthogonal means right angles, and in abstract mathematics orthogonality implies independence.  That’s kindofan artifact of Euclidian geometry, which is enormously limiting, but useful nonetheless.  I’m taking some liberties here with mathematics, but they’re astrologically appropriate.

Independence means that new information is contributed.  If you look at things from the Repub perspective, and then from the 1% perspective, you aren’t going to learn a lot new from the latter.  But it you add the 99% perspective to the Repub perspective, you start to see more of the World, and you have to start recognizing contradictions and exercising your Both/Ands, which always means personal growth.  That’s independence.  Even adding the biblethumping perspective to the Repub perspective will be eye-opening, especially when you appreciate how explosively comedic that combination will become when they quit with the rhetoric and start actually listening to one another.

So what about this Mars Grand Cross?  I mean, firstly, why do we call it a Mars Grand Cross – it has four corners.  Why not call it a Pallas Grand Cross, or a Dragon Grand Cross?  Well, foremost, Mars is also a corner of the Grand Trine, which makes Mars the high focus of the whole horoscope.  We could cite other reasons, but their just ancillary.  For instance, Mars is retrograde, and Mars spends less than three months in retro, with more than two years between such adventures.  That’s less than one ninth of the time.  Compare Mercury, which is retrograde one day out of every six, or any of the outer planets, which spend almost half their time deep in reconsideration.  This has a lot to do with Mars’s reputation as impulsive and careless of effect – like the average teenager, Mars doesn’t spend a lot of time in self-reflection.

It’s definitely true that a Dragon Grand Cross is no ordinary Grand Cross.  The Nodes always oppose one another, so there’s half the battle.  But the Nodes indicate our Karmic Source and Destination, so when two planets align in a Cross with the Nodal axis, we pay attention.  Which is exactly what a Dragon Grand Cross, or any planet on a Node or Squaring a Node is about – paying Attention.  Because a major angle to a Grand Cross wakes us up, inevitably increasing our Consciousness.  We learn a little or a lot about how to accept where we been with Neutrality, and how to accept where we’re going without reservation.

We often regret what we do on impulse, because if we thought about it first, we might not have done it.  So a Mars-Dragon Grand Cross gives us alotta opportunities to review our lifetime of regrets, so we can tap them out and get Neutral about them.  And our impulsiveness is usually closer to our True Self or Whole Self than our judging self is.  So if we can liberate our impulsiveness without getting slammed for breaking too many rules, we can edge a lot closer to that all-important partnership with our Unconscious.  It’s kinda the process of civilizing our impulsiveness, so we can “be as crazy as ya want and they’ll luvya for it,” as they say about a Sun-Uranus line in yer astrogeography.

So Mars-Dragon is a true gift of Consciousness, especially if Mars is in a rare introspective mood, and Mercury is in Deep Observer mode too – Mercury turned retrograde last night.

And Pallas?  Well, there’s nothing more educational than a Mars-Pallas opposition, because Mars and Pallas are natural opposites.  Mars is impulse, Pallas is boundaries.  Mars lashes out, Pallas calmly judges what’s appropriate.  Mars is Action, Pallas is Wisdom.  I mean, what if our impulses served our aims perfectly!  We wouldn’t have a care in the World!  Well, if we were immune to other people’s criticisms and control issues we wouldn’t.  Think how effective you could be if you were wired to the tracks that led to your highest goals and you didn’t have any brakes.  If you can Both/And Mars and Pallas, yer sailin’!

What about Pallas-Dragon?  Well, Pallas doesn’t judge.  It defends, when necessary, but without judgment.  So it’s great for sifting through past deeds and their emotional tracks, judging their utility, deciding which to keep and which to discard, and moving on.  And equally good at seeing a mission and discerning which attitudes and actions would be most effective for fulfilling it.  So there aint much to lose with a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross, except our emotional baggage.

Juno and Chiron play the background melodies.  We’ve been talking about Juno all along without naming her – Identity and Consciousness are Juno’s toolkit.  She usually goes nameless because Identity is usually Unconscious, though we’re changin that, right?  Chiron, meanwhile, is about transcending our limitations, taking what was so dire that we though it was just reality and didn’t know we were in despair about it, we just thought it impossible, and turning it into Miracles by shifting the foundations of our Reality.  Nothing to lose there except our Naivete and our Fear.

Throw in the bounty of Grace from the Grand Trine, and Zowie!  You guys are probably all ascending tomorrow!  Remember what the Buddha said – once you achieve Samadhi, of course you’re going to come back to help the rest of us, cuz it’s the compassionate thing to do!  Right?  Right?  Hey, where’d everybody go?  We can use some help here!  Great practice for Both/Anding a Planetary Split, eh?  I mean, if you ascend to Earth 2, and also stay on Earth 1, it’s not the same you in both places, is it.  Not from the perspective of Identity.  Of course, from the perspective of Consciousness, it’s both you.  I mean, we are All You, right?  Or All Me?  Or All One?  Or Alone?  Where would we be without Separation?

We just gotta Both/And Samadhi and Separation.

An Old Woman manifesting a Young Warrior with her Vision, aka a “book” of Muscovite Crystals.  I’d never seen the Warrior till just now.  Muscovite is a Mica, if forms in sheets, and when the sheets are stacked up, it’s called a “book.”  Muscovite symbolizes exactly what we been talking about.  It’s a Potassium Aluminum Phyllosilicate – like Phyllo dough is Mica – with Water locked into the Crystal structure.

Loss of the Veil

October 21, 2011

An excerpt, or a series of excerpts, with some paraphrasing here & there…

“The majority of people don’t realize that everyone goes out of their body every night.  The body becomes tired and has to sleep, but the real you, your spirit never gets tired.  It would get awfully bored waiting around for the body to wake up so it could continue with its life.  So while you think you are asleep, the real part of you is going anywhere it wants to go, having all types of adventures.  Flying all over the world, returning to the spirit side for more instructions, and exploring other planets.  Many are doing important work at night when they think they are asleep.  you don’t have to worry about becoming lost because you are always connected by the ‘silver cord,’ which does not sever until the death of the physical body.  When it is time to return to the body in the morning and wake up, the cord is ‘reeled in’ so you can return to your life, oblivious of the adventures the real part of you has experienced…

“Your concepts are limited.  All one now moment.  You can be many places, doing many things all at the same time.  Are you here, or are you there?  You are everywhere.  You’re not in your linear space…  There are many manifestations.  There are more than you can imagine.  As far as your human mind can go and go and go and go, and then more, and more.  All of the ways that God can experience himself is all that is.  But as humans, you’re not conscious of all of this?  Sometimes.  Once in a while, you connect.  You’re going to find that you’re going to become more and more aware of other ‘yous.’  You’re going to start integrating in more of who you really are.  The other yous.

“The way the human mind works, this would be very confusing.  To know of other parts of yourselves?  That’s why you get confused.  Operating on multidimensional levels, aware of other yous that you may not be consciously aware of.  But you are aware.  You can’t remember anything because you are doing all these things on different levels.  You are in many different places connecting with different levels of your existence all at the same time.  You know when you cannot remember from one moment to the next?  That which you just recorded to memory no longer exists.  From one moment to the next, that memory is gone.  Operating on other dimensions and levels.  Many of you are experiencing this.  Going into a room to get something, and then not remembering what you went in there for.  Then after a few moments of confusion the memory will return quickly, with an ‘Oh, yes!’  At that time you have already gone to another dimension and returned, just that quickly…

“What is multi-dimensional?  Multi-dimensional is a being who is aware of all of its lifetimes at the same time: past, present, future.  One being can be many beings all at the same time.  That’s what all of you are.  You’re just not aware of your multi-dimensionality.  You’re only aware of you.  But it would be too much for you to take, if you became aware of everything.  At this time.  You could in the future.  People are coming out of the dream.  Out of the illusion.  Out of the influence, more into the cosmic family.  Out of the illusion of separation.  Out of the illusion of living in a bubble of biology on your planet only, and nothing else.  Those influences aren’t as strong.  Your DNA is opening…

“You’re so used to thinking of past lives influencing the present life.  In a linear construct that’s true, but you’re no longer operating in the linear construct like you were.  You’re moving into another dimension, which would mean that the influence of the linear construct wouldn’t be as strong.  At this point, this juncture, karma is a choice.  Step in, step out.  There are those that are still choosing to step into karma.”

–Delores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, pp.222-233.

The 1/1/2000 chart, the chart for the 21st century, with Neptune on the Dragon’s Tail, predicted this Loss of the Veil.  That’d certainly play havoc with your Calendar, wouldn’t it?

Morganite is the pink form of Beryl – Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate, with a touch of Manganese thrown in to provide the pinkitude.  Beryllium, of course, symbolizes Dragon – Beryllium being the lightest of metals but for Lithium, and provides the alchemical formula for escaping karma – Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.  Not to mention Aluminium, the fifth-lightest metal after Sodium and Magnesium.  This particular color of Morganite, with a slight oranginess, is the one you want for moving between planets.  Manganese clears impediments to being solidly in the Present Moment (such as Karma), opens the Heart, and detoxifies the Bod.  Aluminum brings clarity to Identity.  The Cyclosilicates hold their Silicate ions in rings, making for very hard crystals.  Most of the Gemstones are Cyclosilicates – the major exceptions are Diamond and Ruby/Sapphire.  The Beryls and Tourmalines stack their rings into pillars, which convey electricity and are very good for moving and directing Energy.