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Tuesday’s Chiron-Station Eclipse

November 12, 2012

Well, with the US Presidential Drama dismissed so summarily, and apparently demonstrating that we’re past the Tipping Point on at least some issues, where does that leave Tuesday‘s Total Eclipse of the Sun?  Bottom line, for you bullet-point thinkers out there…

On many counts, big breakthroughs in Paradigm Shift are indicated.  Expect Miracles.

I regard Eclipses to be about Conscious Awareness, as they reveal by its absence something that’s been there all along, but we haven’t been noticing.  Take inventory before the Eclipse, to see where we are on the issues that are important to you.  Jobs?  Equality?  Human Rights?  Discomfort in your Body?  Tolerance?  Global Warming?  Emergence of the Deep Feminine?  Sustenance?  Anxiety?  Sustainability?  Politicians and Media whoring to the redundantly wealthy?  Self-confidence?  Fanaticism of all kinds?  Arbitrary violence?  Government violence?  GMOs?  Pick out a few of the issues that are most important to you, and/or add your own.

Then, twelve hours after the Eclipse – later if you’re sleeping then, check your list.  Anything change?  The Outer World is a mirror for our Inner World, and vice versa – As Without, So Within.  Maybe a headline caught your eye, or you noticed a change in how you feel about an issue, or heard several people talking about it, or were surprised by what seemed like a change in the way your friends viewed it.

The standout feature of this Eclipse is that it’s occurring with Chiron Stationary Direct.  Chiron has been moving imperceptibly slowly for a week or two now, and on Wednesday at 25 minutes before 1pm PST, Chiron stands perfectly still (it’s strongest moment) and then slowly begins accelerating forward again.  Chiron represents paradigm-changing shifts in perspective – Miracles, in a word.  Twelve hours or so after Chiron’s Station, check your list again.  What’s changed now?

Chiron is of course the Change half of the New-Paradigm Chiron-Neptune Cycle that was Initiated a few years ago as the US financial system collapsed and the Slavemasters that run it had to be given massive infusions of taxpayer money.  Neptune is the Culture half.  We expect to see most of the New-Paradigm Changes occurring on the Cultural level, but of course we’re all intimately programmed into our Culture, so we’ll see a lot of changes in ourself as well, not least of which will be a requirement to adapt to Changes in the Culture we live in.  Just compare your issue list against where they were in 2005.

Neptune was Stationary and turned Direct last Saturday, so the Cultural Changes that have seemed to be in abeyance since June, can now leap forward.  Our bucket may seem to be at its Tipping Point, but it may soon be in full flood!

Chiron and Neptune are Biseptile to the Eclipse.  The Septile is an angle that’s one seventh of the way around the Zodiac, and the Biseptile is double that.  In simple terms, Septiles are about Magical Powers, or seemingly so.  Think of a Snake holding so still that it’s invisible, that instantaneously snaps out of hiding and snatches an unsuspecting Mouse.  If you weren’t looking directly at the Mouse, or blinked, you’d think it just demanifested.  The Septile series of Angels is not about violence, but it is about something previously unnoticed popping out of the Holodeck fully formed, in an instant.  The people who have “spontaneous remission” to terminal cancers do so through Septile Energy.  The Septile is like an Eclipse, but while an Eclipse is about Awareness, the Septile is about Action.

That’s the Big Energy around the Eclipse.  What else can we say about it and its influence?

The Eclipse is the focus of a Finger of God from Eris and Vesta.  Remember the Quincunx, Curiosity?  A Finger of God is two of those radiating from the same Zodiacal point, in this case the Eclipse.  It makes the Eclipse jump out at us and fill our Attention.  Eris and Vesta?  That’s heavy.  You know Eris, our She-Bear.  And Vesta stands for what we’re willing to live and die for, our deepest and most sacred values.  Not as Big an influence as the Chiron Station, but very significant.  And potentially Miracle-inducing as well.  Better take inventory of how much respect you give to people of the Female persuasion, because God’s on their side here.

We still have our persistent Grand Trine between Ceres and Saturn and Chiron-Neptune, which can be phrased as Great Grace flowing to those who focus their attention on sustenance, and on sustainability, as the Culture Changes.  Along with Pluto, the Ceres corner makes a T-Square to Uranus, challenging us to sustain the manifestation of our True Self into the current lifetime.  The Chiron-Neptune corner makes a T-Square with the Moon’s Nodes, and Mercury, now Retrograde, sits on the North Node; the insights may be murky, but nevertheless open up to them, as we are receiving an important download about our own role in the New Paradigm and how it relates to our mission in this lifetime.  A third Quincunx between Saturn (Ego) and Uranus (Soul) reinforces the download.

There’s a third T-Square focusing on Pallas, with Mars and Vesta in tow.  That will mean lots of lines being drawn in the Sand, as limits of Tolerance are reached.  But Vesta also Trines Venus and Sextiles Eris: Compassion and Cooperation will appear out of nowhere to defuse these confrontations.  Look what I literally just stumbled across:

So why doya suppose our Guides are lit up like that?  Maybe because Neptune is still Stationary, square to Mercury.  Even though Neptune’s started moving forward again, it will be more than a week before it moves even a minute of arc, and two months till it moves a degree.

Finally, and I’d be ignoring this if it didn’t echo well-established themes here, Jupiter is Opposing Juno: growing Awareness that our Unconscious Identity needs to expand.

I know, we feel like raw meat these days, as we’re being asked to let go of so many aspects of ourselves that, if we’re on track, we hardly know ourself any more.  But the raw meat in the opening portrait is a steak-sized slab of Manganotantalite – Manganese Tantalum Oxide, MnTa2O6.  MnTaO, the Tao of Manganese,

allows you to speak so others understand what you’re saying.

That’s pretty big.  Contemplating the picture may even allow you listen to what the Other Parts of You – other than your Identity – have to say to you!  If nothing else, they might help you have Compassion for your long-suffering Identity.  I mean, who among us knows how to separate from our Identity?  If you’re going to be loving and gentle with yourself (which is mandatory), you’re going to have to do that.  It’s actually easier than you’d imagine.  Just talk to yourself, honestly and without Judgment, addressing yourself as You.  Maybe

You’re pretty worn out here, aren’t you Honey – why don’t you have a rest!

or something like that.

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle

October 29, 2012

The dance between Jupiter (expanding) and Saturn (contracting) has a lot to do with our economic activities.  If you think contraction is a bad word (or that expanding is dangerous), I can only refer you to Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within; her exercises with contracting (and condensing) will be heart-opening for you.  We referred to the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle in Stress and Community, and from there linked to a more complete discussion.  Here I just want to summarize it briefly, so we can see it in the context of the Ceres Events, the election, the demise of money, and the rest of the decade.

The Elements in Medieval Astrology, recall, are Fire (Energy – Aries/Leo/Sadge), Earth (Matter – Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn), Air (Mentality – Gemini/Libra/Aqua), and Water (Emotion – Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces).  The Jupiter-Saturn Initiations (Conjunctions) move forward in the Zodiac over time, Air to Water to Fire to Earth to Air and round again.  Jupiter-Saturn Cycles lasts about 20 years, and occur in the same Element seven times in a row, then stutter (once in the next Element, then a last hurrah in the earlier Element), before occurring seven times in the next Element.  More or less like so, give or take a year or two on the boundaries…

1300 to 1420 – all Air
1440 – first Water
1460 – last Air
1480 to 1600 – all Water
1620 – first Fire
1640 – last Water
1660 to 1780 – all Fire
1800 – first Earth
1820 – last Fire
1840 to 1960 – all Earth
1980 – first Air
2000 – last Earth
2020 to 2140 – all Air

It’d be great fun to examine history in this regard, but for now let’s just summarize quickly.  Notice that the Earth-Element span corresponds, more or less, to the “Industrial Revolution,” when people were industrialized.  Notice also that the IBM PC was introduced in 1980, while the “Dot-Com Boom” ended in 2000; the peak of the Dot-Com stock market bubble met the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction almost to the day.  So the period 2000 to 2020 is the span where the boons and bains of the Industrial Revolution are sorted, and Society decides which ones are keepers.

Or maybe, the Elites decide which ones are keepers.  Having the shoeple industrialized has been a great boon for the Lizards, much more profitable than when the shoeple were just their infantry.  But now that functions are shifting from mechanical to digital and from software to hardware, economies of scale become parabolic (the first function-tailored chip costs millions, the next million cost pennies – consider digital cameras for instance), and the Elites don’t need nearly as many minions for either their infantry or their labor pool.  Many of them have forgotten that they still need minions as customers for their shiny baubles, as their greed has overtaken their common sense.  Once wealth becomes sufficiently redundant, you lose track of the connections.  Fortunately, that’s a self-defeating process, as their subsequent generations have only entitlement and no sense of process.

I always thought that since the machines were taking over for people, if one wanted to survive long-term, it would be good to own some of the machines.  But the machines are cannibalizing themselves too quickly, as it takes a year or less for a machine to be obsolesced by it’s next iteration, and it’s a full-time job and then some to keep up.  The stock market, which used to seem like a good proxy for owning some of the machines, has been eaten by digital greed.  You could own land, till the Elites, masquerading as government, tax you off of it.  You could be a landlord, till the people lose all of their income.  The bottom line is that most of us common folk will end up as gleaners, unless we co-create something quite different from what the current trends have in store for us.

The current and last Earth-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycle just past it’s Phitile.  The Phitile is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, Phi, and it represents the place where a Cycle has culminated and begins to break down.  So the next eight years of the current Cycle are about descending into the Void.  Starhawk’s Truth or Dare, and Steven Levine’s Who Dies? are the two best sources I can recommend for understanding what that means.  In Western Culture there is no simple metaphor for this process.  If you’re Hindu, you just turn to Shiva, and you’re done with it.  If you’re a Tibetan Buddhist, you just go sit onna corpse till you learn to enjoy the aroma.  Not in the “West.”  We dress our corpses to look like Avon Ladies.

Now you know why we wrote about Ceres before we write about Jupiter-Saturn.  One reasonable co-creation would be to reduce ourselves to sustenance sooner rather than later.  That would put us in the position of having nothing to protect, which is where we need to be if we want to be clear about not enabling the Elites, since our Fear is their Food, and they’ve been systematically stoking our Fear since 2001; more on the Saturn-Pluto Cycle later.

The 1/1/2000 chart was most of all the chart for 2000-2009, the decade.  The chart for the century, yes, but more so for the decade.  Sustainability (Ceres) came into visibility (Rising) in that chart, and the opportunity was there to turn the direction of history through political action.  But it didn’t happen.  Too many sheople, mostly Americans, worshipping money and power, and too many people enabling them.  No Blame, I know you can’t do without that second SUV because you need to get the kids to soccer and piano because without that they won’t succeed at gaining power and money.  They’ll end up gleaners.

So spurning Sustainability we see the Sustenance side of Ceres instead, and the issue becomes Survival.  Not that a Jupiter-Saturn Void is always dire; the 1932-40 Void scraped bottom, but the Chiron-Neptune and Chiron-Pluto Cycles were also in the Void then, so there was no ingenuity (Chiron) on the social (Neptune) or historical (Pluto) level to lift folks out of the mud.  Now both of those Cycles are brand new, and the World is our Oyster (remember Flag becoming Eagle becoming Herald, and Fresh Violets in ancient pottery?).  The Chiron-Uranus Cycle entered the Void late in the last century, and won’t emerge until the 2040s, so individuals (Uranus) are not spontaneously motivated to drop their old Trances for something entirely different (Chiron).  We have to do that consciously.  To do that, we need to drop our Karma.  Give that a try – it’s not as hard as it used to be.

So where do we go from here?  In the Void, our best course is to go within.  Replace Striving with Gratitude.  Imagine the World you want to live in, and hold the vision.  We’re entering the Age of Aquarius, an Air Age – that’ll amplify the coming two centuries of Air-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycles.  Air is about thinking.  It does not know CompassionSympathy and understanding, harmony and trust abounding are nice sentiments, but Idealism and Idolatry are actually more Aquarian.  The central pillar of the Olde Male Paradigm is Us Against Them; boys start training for that as soon as they’re handy enough to grasp an action figure.  A central pillar of the Primordial Feminine is We’re All In This Together.  That’s the Energy that emanates from those two Mandalas on a woman’s chest, and it fascinates men the same way a Moth is drawn to Flame.

Thulite is a variety of Zoisite.  Zoisite has several forms, and you probably know it better as Tanzanite or Anyolite (Ruby Zo).  Eponymous Zoisite Crystals are usually a lovely shade of third-Chakra brown – there’s a stripe of it just left of center in the photo.  Tanzanite Crystals change from fifth-Chakra blue to seventh-Chakra purple from one side of the Crystal to the other.  The “Massive” (microcrystalline) Zoisite in Anyolite is usually a nice deep Heart-Chakra green, contrasting nicely with the bright Root-Chakra red of the Ruby.  And Massive Thulite is one of a very few Stones that combines the two Heart-Chakra colors, pink and green.  It would be a fabulous time to embrace Thulite.

No Matter Where We Go…

September 19, 2012

…here we are.  Uranus is Squaring Pluto as we speak.  Here are a couple of alternate forms:

And a good giggle from Peter Phalam’s Celestial Reunion (pp.85-86)…

“No one would want to ascend before they are ready.  Souls choose third dimensional karmic evolution on Earth partly for its difficulty and the resulting quantum leap in evolutionary rewards – the benefits after ascension.”

Dane Rudhyar used to say that the Square – Mastery through Challenge – was basically the bleeding edge of Human evolution, though he didn’t use those exact words.  Continuing Phalam…

“So you see, no one would want to leave early.  Another reason to complete this phase of realization is that if you chose to believe you were complete before you actually were, and then ascended, you would be taking all of the ‘baggage’ with you which you had not completed.  For example, if you still had issues about women [or men] in relationship, money, sex, your father, fear, or any other unhealed illusional aspect, you would drag that drama with you into your etheric reality and then attempt to teach realized principles from that weighted perspective.  Can you imagine [Jesus] addressing a large group of humans, whining about his relationship with Mary Magdelan?  Or wanting to know why he had to be born in a manger instead of the comfort of a home?”

Albert Lee used to say,

“Somebody exploded an H-bomb today.

But it wasn’t anybody Aye knew.”

There’s a whole lotta Sturm und Drang on the Planet, and it’s almost assuredly going to get “worse” before it gets “better,” or, More Challenging before we get to Mastery.  Empathy heals, but Empathy does not mean Sympathy.  Empathy does not include getting emotionally mired in the drama like Br’er Rabbit did with Br’er Fox’s Tar-Baby.  Empathy is compassion and detachment, with no judgment, bad or good.

If you think of Pluto as the Force of History or the Universal Unconscious, and Uranus as our individual Soul Mission in the current Lifetime, then absolutely, we’re challenged to Master Community without abandoning our Individual Self – and to Master Selfhood without abandoning Community.  The corporate media wants us to make our Community global.  Contrast that to the way the internet makes our Community global.  Global in scope, but tribal in domain.  If the media can pull us into an emotional global tar-baby, we’ll be too overwhelmed to notice the fascist takeover.

Will that matter?  The fascists weren’t anybody Aye knew after all.  Like Ego, Emotion has a critical psychic function.  Emotion won’t hold us back, it’s Attachment that will hold us back, and Emotions are so rich and multi-dimensional that Attachment dearly loves them.  Ultimately we have to discern present-moment Emotion from Karmic tar.  Emotional Intuition is very subtle.  Karmic Emotions are about as subtle as an air-raid siren.  Tapping can help with the discernment, as Karmic Emotions will have their intensity reduced by tapping, while Emotional Intuitions will not.  The fascists, with their Wars and Hoarding, are just part of the Challenge, just another mirror.

Apophyllite was used for divination by the twelve Apophylls.  It reflects Intuition, allowing us to see around corners.  It’s another Mica (love them Micas!), Potassium Sodium Calcium Phyllosilicate Fluoride.  Phyllo from the Greek just like phyllo dough, in thin sheets.  It’s about Balance; too little or too much of either Potassium or Sodium can kill you pretty dead, and without Calcium you wouldn’t be able to stand your ground – you wouldn’t be able to stand at all, like Gary Larsen’s boneless chickens.

I was standing on the platform in Bath, Wiltshire, many years ago, waiting for a train to Salisbury.  Behind me was a woman on a bench eating what we Gringos would call a muffin; she’da probably called it a crumpet or something.  Milling around on the ground in front of her, silent but agitated, was a Pigeon with a club foot, obviously coveting some of her muffin.  The woman appeared unaware of her suitor.  I asked Sulis, Goddess of the Bath Springs, to help the Pigeon.  She replied that this was the Pigeon’s fate, and it could not be changed.  So I asked Krishna if He would help, and he patiently but condescendingly explained that it was the Pigeon’s Karma.  Then I asked Jesus if He would help the Pigeon, and He said nothing.  But when I turned around, the woman was sharing her muffin with the Pigeon, with a blissful look on her (the woman’s) face.

Interesting counterpoint to the 47%, and to the people who claim Jesus’s other name today.  But everyone has their own tribe, their own role, everyone of us is somebody’s Challenger and somebody’s Challenged.  Compassion and detachment, no judgment.  That’s what Heals, that’s Chiron, that’s the essence of our New Paradigm.

Venus Resting, Chiron Surging

June 10, 2012

How was your Venus Walking?

Last week I read Brian Froud’s How to See Faeries – it’s short, and fun.  The day after Venus Walking I was driving home from the Big City and Whoa!  Alla sudden the Trees were alive!  And there were a lot of them!  I had to focus to stay on the road, they wanted a lot of Attention.  Big Change for me, even if the Goddess skipped Wisconsin – or maybe not, if it’s really about being forced to go back to Community and stop focusing on Politics.  The word Politics is the same word as Power, which for all intents and purposes, is just Ego run amok.  Community is Other.  Of course it’s all about Identity.  Are we AllOne, or are we Alone?

Venus should be reborn as the Morning Star – Athena, Innana, Quetzalcoatl – soon; if yer up before dawn and the Eastern sky is clear, have a look.

Great new short Bruce Lipton video out…

What’s up next?  If we ignore Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini, it’s Chiron standing still and turning Retrograde.  Jupiter in Taurus for the last year would have amplified (Jupiter) stasis (Taurus) – think Europe (or for that matter the US), where one desperate attempt after another has been made to keep nonfunctioning financial-economic-government systems from collapsing utterly.  Gemini’s about change, and lots of it.  It’s about trying out all kindsa new ways of doing things, just to see what’ll work – or just to see what happens whenya do.  We’ll see that amplified for the next year.

Neptune was Stationary turning Retro last Monday; now it’s Chiron turning Retro this coming Tuesday.  They been fellow-traveling the last several years, as they’ve conspired to set up a whole new way for us to view the World and everything in and on it.  Retrograde, remember, means thinking it over.  Everybody and everything would rather mull things a while than act precipitously.  Stationary means Strong.  When a planet is Stationary, its Energy dominates everything else.  So, what happens when Chiron dominates?

Chiron is about converting Despair into Miracle by reorganizing the foundation on which we build the structures of our thinking and feeling.  Remodeling our birdcage.  Here’s a trivial example: when I was cooking up some Bacon today, I spontaneously contacted the Soul of Pig, expressed my Gratitude, and sought her Blessing – which she generously granted.  It never occurred to me to explicitly do that before.  I can feel the difference in my body; eating it brings Joy.  I think I’ve always felt a little guilty about cooking and eating Bacon before.  Opens my mind to many other possibilities.  Not that I was in Despair over Bacon, but I do notice that I’ve been seeking stronger flavors lately.  Being in Harmony with what I eat is already changing that.

Chiron is probably a “captured comet” – a big iceball that got snared into a planet-like orbit instead of a comet-like orbit, by the grabity of the Big Planets.  It’s orbit is irregular.  It soars waaay out and touches the orbit of Uranus, then zooms waaay back in, to finish inside the orbit of Saturn before it scoots back to Uranus.  It’s a messenger.  It’s even considered a “higher octave” of our wing-ankled friend Mercury.  It touches our Individual Soul (Uranus), and brings an enlightening message back to our workaday Ego (Saturn) – then takes a message back from our Working Self to our Ideal Self.  It’s not a one-way flow of Energy.

At the moment, after spending many years inside Saturn’s orbit (while repeatedly Opposing Saturn – awakening contradistinctions between the habitual and possible), Chiron is now soaring outward toward Uranus.  As a captured comet with an irregular orbit, one of these orbits Chiron could well just keep going.  That would make Earth Life unbearably boring, so you may want to join me in contacting the Soul of Chiron, expressing our Gratitude, and asking for her Blessing.  Sure, change can be hard, but you can PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm) that it be loving and gentle and rapid and complete.  You can even PIAVA that you’ll lose none of the benefits you would have gained had you done it the hard way.

So what could our Ego have to tell our Soul, that our Soul didn’t already know?  Well, it could tell the Soul what Life is actually like on Earth, here among the Hubeings.  You can imagine Chiron telling Uranus, Didja hear the one about the… and the two of them laughing their heads off.  Not that Uranus could possibly believe that it’s possible for anybody to forget the existence of the Soul, and actually believe that Matter is real!

Anyway, look for small Miracles the next several days.  Little light bulbs lighting up, “solving” long-simmering “problems” you’ve been working on.  And stay open for Big Miracles.  And don’t be quick to judge what seems Retrograde, like government in Wisconsin.  The Corporate Media want to keep you in Trance so you believe that everything is (a) Business As Usual so no worries and (b) Scary As Hell so be very scared, but it aint neither.  It’s just Change.  Tune into the Soul of Ten Years Hence, find your Gratitude, and ask for a Blessing.  Something is happening, Mr. Jones.

More Eclipse II

May 25, 2012

I see in my own life, and in people all around me, that whatever is unhealed is coming up to be healed.  You can always interpret Life that way, but it seems more pronounced now than usual, even if only because the arrival of 2012 has brought us more into Awareness that Life As We Know It must change, simply because it’s unsustainable – if for no other reason.  Remember that Sustainability Coming into Awareness (Ceres Rising all ’round the globe), Deep Deep Release (Neptune on the Dragon’s Tail, or Moon’s South Node), and Ultimate Cleansing (Chiron Conjunct Pluto) were among the most prominent features of the 1/1/2000 horoscope of the 21st Century – along with the Polarization (Moon-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Cross) that continues to drive an apparently unhealable wedge between the folks who understand that We’re All in This Together or The Baggage is Ours, and the folks who still believe it’s Us-Against-Them or The Baggage is Theirs.

I mean, we could go on for days just about the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction; Pluto as mandatory trance-re-formation, and Chiron as the ladder that takes us from the-reality-that-defined-the-problem to the-paradigm-that-contains-the-solution, or more properly, the-paradigm-where-the-problem-never-existed.  Chiron as the bridge from Despair to Miracle, in other words.  Chiron is the unhealable healer, yet it is Empathy that heals – when we turn around and look in the mirror to Empathize with our own trauma, healing Miracles occur.  Recognize on the Emotional level, without holding back, that the World Out There is nothing but a mirror for our own Deepest Healing.  Your image of yourself as a material Being is a trance programmed into you by the Lizards.  You are an Atom of Consciousness, and the World is your hologram.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius we are asked to finally Release our attachment to the Age of Pisces.  In Western European mythology, the Age of Pisces was initiated by the end of the Old-Testament Us-Against-Them paradigm, and the beginning of the New-Testament The-Baggage-Is-Ours paradigm.  The contest between those two sides of the coin is done now, and the time has come to move to Consciousness of the Coin.  Remember that it’s Uranus that rules Aquarius, and while the traditional interpretation of Aquarius includes a large dose of Community, Uranus reminds us that it’s about the Individual in Community – Uranus is about the Individual Soul, not the collective.  Remember too that a Grand Cross is in Balance.  That says that the Polarization will produce no winners; the Coin is that this is not about one or the other, this is about the Creative Tension between.  Meditate on the Tension, embrace and release Expectations, Change the Subject, Rinse and Repeat.

The Japanese are very aware of the connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The American Empire, which in many ways was born out of WWII, hasn’t shown any Awareness of the connection.  We’re in early days of a new Chiron-Neptune Cycle, and WWII ended at the initiation of the prior Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  That’s one prominent astrological connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The Empire is about to unleash the same unaccountable Frenzy of Violence on Iran that it did recently on Iraq – and in the name of preventing nuclear proliferation — unbelievable hubris, doublethink, and blasphemy!  And we have to own that this Baggage is Ours!  Of course the fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have followed the same path as the fallout from Fukushima – that is, the Eclipse path.  So yes, leilanai, the mirror is there for us to look into, and I think we avert our gaze at our own peril.

With Neptune Stationary at the impending Lunar Eclipse, and Jupiter Squaring Neptune to embellish the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Saturn Station, we need to write about what Neptune’s up to.

Alternate Shots

March 13, 2012

For those of us who aren’t golfers, that’s another name for a Foursome, and it describes pretty well a Grand Cross, where each of the four poles demands attention, but each in turn.  Because it’s in balance, nobody gets too far outa line, even if it’s a four-way tug-o-war.  And there’s nothing like seeing every situation from four different orthogonal angles to understand it thoroughly!  Orthogonal means right angles, and in abstract mathematics orthogonality implies independence.  That’s kindofan artifact of Euclidian geometry, which is enormously limiting, but useful nonetheless.  I’m taking some liberties here with mathematics, but they’re astrologically appropriate.

Independence means that new information is contributed.  If you look at things from the Repub perspective, and then from the 1% perspective, you aren’t going to learn a lot new from the latter.  But it you add the 99% perspective to the Repub perspective, you start to see more of the World, and you have to start recognizing contradictions and exercising your Both/Ands, which always means personal growth.  That’s independence.  Even adding the biblethumping perspective to the Repub perspective will be eye-opening, especially when you appreciate how explosively comedic that combination will become when they quit with the rhetoric and start actually listening to one another.

So what about this Mars Grand Cross?  I mean, firstly, why do we call it a Mars Grand Cross – it has four corners.  Why not call it a Pallas Grand Cross, or a Dragon Grand Cross?  Well, foremost, Mars is also a corner of the Grand Trine, which makes Mars the high focus of the whole horoscope.  We could cite other reasons, but their just ancillary.  For instance, Mars is retrograde, and Mars spends less than three months in retro, with more than two years between such adventures.  That’s less than one ninth of the time.  Compare Mercury, which is retrograde one day out of every six, or any of the outer planets, which spend almost half their time deep in reconsideration.  This has a lot to do with Mars’s reputation as impulsive and careless of effect – like the average teenager, Mars doesn’t spend a lot of time in self-reflection.

It’s definitely true that a Dragon Grand Cross is no ordinary Grand Cross.  The Nodes always oppose one another, so there’s half the battle.  But the Nodes indicate our Karmic Source and Destination, so when two planets align in a Cross with the Nodal axis, we pay attention.  Which is exactly what a Dragon Grand Cross, or any planet on a Node or Squaring a Node is about – paying Attention.  Because a major angle to a Grand Cross wakes us up, inevitably increasing our Consciousness.  We learn a little or a lot about how to accept where we been with Neutrality, and how to accept where we’re going without reservation.

We often regret what we do on impulse, because if we thought about it first, we might not have done it.  So a Mars-Dragon Grand Cross gives us alotta opportunities to review our lifetime of regrets, so we can tap them out and get Neutral about them.  And our impulsiveness is usually closer to our True Self or Whole Self than our judging self is.  So if we can liberate our impulsiveness without getting slammed for breaking too many rules, we can edge a lot closer to that all-important partnership with our Unconscious.  It’s kinda the process of civilizing our impulsiveness, so we can “be as crazy as ya want and they’ll luvya for it,” as they say about a Sun-Uranus line in yer astrogeography.

So Mars-Dragon is a true gift of Consciousness, especially if Mars is in a rare introspective mood, and Mercury is in Deep Observer mode too – Mercury turned retrograde last night.

And Pallas?  Well, there’s nothing more educational than a Mars-Pallas opposition, because Mars and Pallas are natural opposites.  Mars is impulse, Pallas is boundaries.  Mars lashes out, Pallas calmly judges what’s appropriate.  Mars is Action, Pallas is Wisdom.  I mean, what if our impulses served our aims perfectly!  We wouldn’t have a care in the World!  Well, if we were immune to other people’s criticisms and control issues we wouldn’t.  Think how effective you could be if you were wired to the tracks that led to your highest goals and you didn’t have any brakes.  If you can Both/And Mars and Pallas, yer sailin’!

What about Pallas-Dragon?  Well, Pallas doesn’t judge.  It defends, when necessary, but without judgment.  So it’s great for sifting through past deeds and their emotional tracks, judging their utility, deciding which to keep and which to discard, and moving on.  And equally good at seeing a mission and discerning which attitudes and actions would be most effective for fulfilling it.  So there aint much to lose with a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross, except our emotional baggage.

Juno and Chiron play the background melodies.  We’ve been talking about Juno all along without naming her – Identity and Consciousness are Juno’s toolkit.  She usually goes nameless because Identity is usually Unconscious, though we’re changin that, right?  Chiron, meanwhile, is about transcending our limitations, taking what was so dire that we though it was just reality and didn’t know we were in despair about it, we just thought it impossible, and turning it into Miracles by shifting the foundations of our Reality.  Nothing to lose there except our Naivete and our Fear.

Throw in the bounty of Grace from the Grand Trine, and Zowie!  You guys are probably all ascending tomorrow!  Remember what the Buddha said – once you achieve Samadhi, of course you’re going to come back to help the rest of us, cuz it’s the compassionate thing to do!  Right?  Right?  Hey, where’d everybody go?  We can use some help here!  Great practice for Both/Anding a Planetary Split, eh?  I mean, if you ascend to Earth 2, and also stay on Earth 1, it’s not the same you in both places, is it.  Not from the perspective of Identity.  Of course, from the perspective of Consciousness, it’s both you.  I mean, we are All You, right?  Or All Me?  Or All One?  Or Alone?  Where would we be without Separation?

We just gotta Both/And Samadhi and Separation.

An Old Woman manifesting a Young Warrior with her Vision, aka a “book” of Muscovite Crystals.  I’d never seen the Warrior till just now.  Muscovite is a Mica, if forms in sheets, and when the sheets are stacked up, it’s called a “book.”  Muscovite symbolizes exactly what we been talking about.  It’s a Potassium Aluminum Phyllosilicate – like Phyllo dough is Mica – with Water locked into the Crystal structure.


February 3, 2011

Lepidochrosite (Iron Oxide) in QuartzPerspectives – the more the better, right?  Both/And, eh?  Drunvalo and Daniel have given us a coupla perspectives from 10,000 feet.  Here’s a couple from ground level.

We’re still in the Grand Cross, watching our Identities Being Transformed.  And Venus and Vesta are now helping us move into our Hearts, which is where we need to be in order to have Space for the Changes that are underway.

Now, next Tuesday (February 8), Chiron enters Pisces.  Chiron is the Unhealable Healer, wounded by a poison arrow from another Centaur, and as such, is prone to Despair.  Empathy Heals, however, and the key to escaping Despair is to be totally Present with our own Hopelessness, responding to our own Hopelessness as we would to a lost child that we encountered in the forest, or the mall.

Chiron’s been in Aquarius since 2005, and Aquarius tends toward the Third Chakra – what do we think about this, and what might we do about it?  The do about it is mostly theoretical.  As Aquarius grows it moves from Ideology to Community.  Pisces lives in the Second Chakra – what do we feel about this?  As Pisces grows it moves from Attachment to Detachment – growing from the Second Chakra to the Fourth Chakra, from the Belly to the Heart.  The Heart feels Compassion for the Other, but unlike the Belly, the Heart does not get trapped inside the Unhealability of the Other.

As Chiron moves through Pisces, there’s a good chance we’ll be blessed with opportunities to have Compassion for our Past Deaths.   Pisces is the last sign, the sign for finishing business, particularly emotional business.  “Democracy” is a joke compared to the Liberation available when we let go of our Attachment to replays of our Past Deaths.  Lots of opportunities to tap.

The last time Chiron was in Pisces was 1960-1969.  Kennedy was elected in 1960.  He was intending to wind down the Vietnam War when he was assassinated, in Texas.  Brown and Root, the big Texas construction firm, was making a bundle building war infrastructure in Vietnam.  Kennedy’s replacement, who happened to be from Texas, accelerated the war, justifying it with what were later identified as lies.  Brown and Root is now part of Halliburton, which George II’s VP used to run, and which was one of the negligent parties in the recent Gulf Oil Spill, and of course made a bundle as a contractor in the occupation of Iraq.  George II’s VP wasn’t from Texas.  By 1969, Nixon was beginning to wind down the war.  The Moon was Out of Bounds from 1964 to 1974, helping to make people more excitable.  The Kent State Massacre was in May 1970, with Chiron moving into Aries.

The time before that, Chiron was in Pisces from 1910 to 1918, and the Moon was Out of Bounds from 1908 to 1919.  The Archduke that Gerald Clemente mentioned was assassinated in mid-1914, and World War I occupied 1914 through late 1918.

Hmmm, two wars out of two Chiron-Pisces transits.  Better see what we get if we go back further.

Chiron in Pisces 1861-1869, with Moon Outabounds from 1852-1862.  American Civil War 1861-1865.

Chiron in Pisces 1812-1821, Moon Outabounds 1815-1825.  The USofA even has a war named after that one, the War of 1812, a war with England over territory.  The US even invaded Canada.  Napoleon meanwhile had his disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812, and met his Waterloo in 1815.

Chiron in Pisces 1764-1772, Moon Outabounds 1759-69.  Well, this missed the American Revolutionary War, but pretty well corresponds to something called the War of the Regulation, when farmers in North Carolina tussled with their British overseers, a prelude to that War.  Thomas Malthus himself was born in 1766, with Chiron in Pisces.

The Moon has been Out of Bounds since 9/11/2001, but stops going Out of Bounds in a few months.  So this time we only have a few months of overlap between Chiron in Pisces and Moon Outabounds.  Chiron moves on into Aries in 2018-2019.  The 2012-15 Fourth-Harmonic angle between Uranus and Pluto (the “60s Become Permanent” angle) is still a ways off, but Chiron was prominent in the chart of the birth of this Uranus-Pluto cycle, so Chiron is important to the Transition we’re entering.

So, Both/And.  We need to keep our own vibration high enough to support and follow the 90 Monkeys who have already made the shift, but we also need to be compassionate with the Reality of the suffering of others.  Humans have been making the Other Beings on this Planet suffer for a long time, and while there may be a time lag, this Planet is a mirror.  So the lizardly Global Elite who are hoarding everything they can are just us, seen through the funhouse mirror.

We can combine Gratitude for what Safety and Comfort we do have, with Prayers for those who have less Safety and Comfort than we do.  We can identify the One Most Important Thing in our lives, and Pray for that, whether we have any of it or not.  Most important, in this time, we can be willing to allow our sense of Who We Are to be transformed, so that we will be able to competently execute whatever new role the Universe asks of us during the Change.  And of course, we can PIAVA a loving and gentle Transition.