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Where Are We Going?

December 28, 2012


I got these questions today,

“I still don’t know about ascension – if it’s with physical body or only consciousness or maybe both…  Where are we going?”

and I think a lot of people may have similar questions.  I can only give my opinions, based on my own Birdcage, but also on a lot of nosing around, but the questions merit a serious answer.

There is a technology (at least one) for Ascension, and it’s not one I’ve studied extensively.  I may regret that, but from my current intuitive perspective, my sense is that technology is not the answer for me.  I’m sure there are others, but the two folks I recommend as being the most tuned in to these arenas are Drunvalo Melchizedek and Bryan de Flores…

They can get far out and my mind can enjoy a lot of skepticism about their perspectives, but my chin nods a lot nevertheless, and I’ve seen them penetrate enough Mysteries to know that they’re very Real.

We are configurations of Energy, we are each Separate, and we are All One.  There is no question about that in my mind.  Our Human form is an elaborate costume, and to believe that our current Form and current Ego are the Cat’s Meow is beyond humor.  We have many parallel Lives in many different forms in many different Universes.  And Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

Where are we going?  I believe that those who stay here in Human form will be evolving (Co-Creating) a new social-economic organization, probably based more on collaboration and Yin manifestation, on something akin to barter, and on “localism.”  I put that in quotes because it has two senses – we will build geographically local Communities that we support and that support us for food, shelter, and everyday interaction.  And we will have philosophically-spiritually local but geographically global Communities based on our “Tribe” – folks with prominent parallel lives in the same Galaxy, perhaps.

There will be challenges to accept Diversity in our geographic Communities, and there will be challenges of communication in our Tribal Communities.  Governments at various levels will continue to interfere with both of these reformations, with varying degrees of success, and as we always have (Render unto Caesar...), we will find workarounds that provide varying degrees of success.  I’m not a Libertarian, because I believe in compassion and that we’re All One.  In general, I support government, as a provider of useful services, like roads.  I think a local PUD can provide electricity more efficiently than a capitalist entity, for instance, but I’ve seen both fail spectacularly.

I’m a solid supporter of Starhawk’s work on social organization,

and if you plan to stay here, I highly recommend that you study her material, such as her Empowerment Manual and Truth or Dare.

If you have Karma left, and/or if you encounter Shadows, I highly recommend that you approach them seriously.  Karma means that you are sometimes unable to maintain the posture of Compassion and Detachment.  Shadows are people or circumstances that trigger intense Emotions for you.  By and large, Karma is to Shadow as Introjection (I feel their pain and it hurts) is to Projection (I hate them).  If you aren’t using EFT (Tapping), you’re missing out on a very powerful and easy to use tool for both types of dis-ease…

We need to address all impediments to self-love, which is not Narcissism.  Gay and Katie Hendricks can help with that…

If you can possibly avoid the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance cabal, you’ll be far better off, and one of your greatest tools for that is Energy Medicine, of which Donna Eden is the Master…

I see several raisons d’etre for Humans to be on Earth.   Many are here for the Shopping, and other forms of entertainment, like vicarious futbol.  Some are here to enjoy Power Games, and enjoy them they do.  Some are here to experience being encapsulated in a physical body and playing futbol.  Others are here to practice surfing the powerful waves of Emotion that bathe the Planet.  And some of us, from my Tribe at least, are here to help ground the Violence that results from the other raisons, and to help reanimate the spiritual Life of the Planet from the genocide that fundamentalist sciences and religions have perpetrated.

Danburite, Calcium Borosorosilicate, is a Shaman’s tool.  Boron, atomic number 5, takes itself lightly.

Eris on Stage

December 26, 2012


Next week we get the opportunity to meet Eris face to face, as she will be Stationary Direct on January 8.  Depending on your vulnerability to her charms, you could feel that as much as a week in advance.  Stationary means Strong, and Direct means that all of the reconsideration that’s been happening since she turned Retrograde will come tumbling out onto the World.  She turned Retro in mid-July, shortly after Uranus (Individuality, Creativity, our Soul Connection, Disruption of our false persona) did the same, and only a few weeks after the first Uranus-Pluto Square.  What’s the connection?  Well, the Uranus-Pluto Square dominates 2012-2015, and amounts to the 1960s becoming permanent – Civil Rights, Make Love Not War, Feminism, Let Your Freak Flag Fly, Flowers in Your Hair, for example, could once again become prominent issues.  Without the Agent Orange this time, ok?  Drones are bad enough.

We only had a few weeks of fun after the July Square till Uranus went Inward (ie, Retro), till December 13, when it went Direct again.  So we would expect to see a good deal of Uranus-Pluto energy being flushed out into the open after December 13, and for better or worse I believe we have already seen that.  Now, why is Eris involved in this dance?  Well, she is certainly a good stand-in for the Feminism component of the Uranus-Pluto Energy, and in case you haven’t noticed, Western Culture is overdue for a rebalancing of Gender Energies toward Feminine values and proclivities.  We listed a bunch of those recently, and in The Wizard of Us (p.2), She-Bear Jean Houston adds another very important one…

“Women have always been and continue to accomplish heroic feats with the difference that their emphasis has tended to be on process rather than on product – making things cohere, relate, develop, and grow.  While the heroine may be less strident, she is nevertheless courageous and brings a new focus to the inner experience being of equal value to the outer action.”

Before Eris was named Eris, she was called Xena (the Warrior) and Lila (a partial homonym for Lilith, symbol of the Deep Feminine).  Eris the Greek Goddess was known for “Discord,” just as Uranus is known for “Disruption.”  But just as Uranus disrupts what is no longer aligned with your Soul’s Life Plan, much of Eris’s Discord is about bringing Denial into Consciousness.  When she threw Golden Apples into the party and triggered “Discord” among the Lovely and Gracious Goddesses there, the resulting jealousy and greed was not of Eris’s making, it was just brought into visibility by her action.  This is what a Heyoka Shaman does.  But more important, Eris is heading our way.  Her elliptical orbit spans 560 years, and for the next 245 years she will be moving closer to the Sun, closer to Earth, and increasing in influence.  She’ll be closer than Pluto by the middle of the 23rd Century.

In other words, while December 13 unleashed a Pluto-inspired Uranus, January 8 will unleash a strengthening Eris.  The January 8 chart doesn’t forebode a great deal of trouble directly, but then, the feminine is often indirect, eh?  Eris Squares the Sun (we’re Challenged to be honest about who we really are), but Sextiles Ceres (the fewer pretenses we put forth, the less effort we’ll need to spend remembering which persona we use for which circumstances – which will allow us to use our Consciousness for Intention rather than manipulation).  But Pallas is approaching Uranus as, a Square away, Juno approaches Pluto.  In other words, the Challenge will revolve around being compelled to defend (Pallas-Pluto) what we personally identify with (Juno-Uranus).

So this is a real Challenge to get Conscious about who we believe ourselves to be.  Juno represents our Unconscious Identity, and as she approaches Pluto she becomes dangerous, because she will believe herself to be right, and probably believe it’s her mission to correct everyone else.  Red Alert!  Whatever we find ourselves defending in the first two weeks of January is probably a doorway to greater Consciousness – not because it needs defending, but because it’s probably a false icon.  On the other hand, this is how Change happens – Pluto represents the Global Unconscious, and as Juno is Initiated by Pluto (which occurs on January 14 at Capricorn 10), each of us (Juno) will be Unconsciously infected with Pluto’s New Trance.

At the Eris Station on the 8th, Juno is deep into the Void phase of its Cycle with Pluto, so we are very likely to be inspired to hurl Golden Apples.  Go for it, but don’t get attached to your Apples!  They trigger greater Consciousness, both for yourself and for their targets!  If you Ego-attach to the Apples (the “helpful” criticism or advice you’re compelled to provide, for their own good of course) that you release on the 8th, you’re going to get tied in knots as the Juno-Pluto Cycle develops over the next six months, because your Apples will be increasingly out of synch with the Global Trance.  Make Amends.  Just say out loud, “Omigosh, I’m sorry!  That was probably a Projection!”  That’ll take you off the hooks (they’re plural).  Better to be a little embarrassed now than to be a whole lot egg-faced later on.  The new Juno-Pluto Cycle that begins on January 14 is about “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.”

There is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) in the January 8 chart, to Chiron-Neptune from Moon and Jupiter, advising us to look to our Emotions for important clues about how we’ll expand into the New Paradigm.  If they’re Challenging Emotions, all the better.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 7 Virgo, “A woman feeding Chickens and protecting them from the Hawks.”  Interesting parallel to the Albatross and the Sailor.  Birds often symbolize Spirit, but Chickens have lost their ability to fly, so in a sense the T-Square seems to be about protecting limited Birds from Spirit or Change, thereby maintaining our Birdcage.  Remember though, that a T-Square is about exploring, not about getting it right.  I’m inclined to read this combination as walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, or exploring the edges between Giving and Receiving.

Eris, still two and a half times as distant as Pluto, is moving very slowly.  The January 8 Station occurs at 22 Aries, and she began her Retrogradation at 23 Aries – so the last six months have been a very tightly focused seminar!  Aries 22 is

“The gate to the garden of all fulfilled Desires”

and Aries 23 was

“A pregnant Woman in light summer dress.”

This edge between Giving and Receiving seems to be a peninsula of fecundity!  In fact, at her current distance, Eris  moves forward only a little over one degree per year, and retraces most of that while Retrograde, so her net forward motion is about a quarter of one degree per year.  So crossing these two degrees is a long project, begun in 2005 and not complete until 2018!

This spans both the Derivative Crash and the Uranus-Pluto Square.  This tells me that if we move to a feminine version of Collaborative Community, there are many riches to be harvested from the New Paradigm.  Fewer mod cons perhaps, but more riches.  If we look forward and include Aries 24,

“Blown inward by the Wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.”

that takes us into 2022.

While we’re on the subject of the New Paradigm, the January Wired Magazine has a few salient comments.  This from an interview with Tim O’Reilly (p.67)…

“Your new credo these days is ‘Create more value than you capture.’  What does that mean?”

“Everybody wants to foster entrepreneurship, but we have to think about the preconditions for entrepreneurship.  You grow great crops in great soil.  And the soil is the commons.  Increasingly, we have monopolistic companies that try to take as much as they can for themselves [like Microsoft and Apple, as he later asserts].  And we have a patent and copyright regime that makes sure that nothing goes back into the commons unless by an extraordinary act of generosity.  This is not fertile soil for innovation.”

And from an article called “Imagine that 7 Out of 10 Working Americans Got Fired Tomorrow.  What Would They All Do?” (p.72)…

“It’s hard to believe you’d have an economy at all if you gave pink slips to more than half the labor force.  But that – in slow motion – is what the industrial revolution did in the workforce of the early 19th century.  Two hundred years ago, 70 percent of all American workers lived on the farm.  Today automation has eliminated all but 1 percent of their jobs, replacing them (and their work animals) with machines.  But the displaced workers did not sit idle.  Instead, automation created hundreds of millions of jobs in entirely new fields.  Those who once farmed were now manning the legions of factories that churned out farm equipment, cars, and other industrial products.  Since then, wave upon wave of new occupations have arrived…  It’s hard to believe, but before the end of this century, 70 percent of today’s occupations will likewise be replaced by automation.”

All that of course is a double-edged sword – replacing hard physical labor with Aeron chairs and flush toilets, but also replacing immersion in Life and Earth with windowless cubicles and fluorescent lights.  The point is flexibility.  Time has accelerated, and rather than expecting to do the same profession for a lifetime, we need to think about how we can apply the skills we already have to jobs that haven’t been invented yet.  To see if we can innovate our way back to Life and Earth without giving up the flush toilets.

Sulfur is a Healer on many levels.  Imagine one of those pure Sulfur Crystals in the center of each aching joint, or in each area of inflammation (pain) in your body, and on any area of irritated skin.  Put one in the center of each Emotional discomfort you encounter, as Sulfur can illuminate Shadows and any remaining pockets of Karma, and open them for Healing.  Drop one into any pool of Confusion, it’ll help ease the transition into new perspectives.

Have I Mentioned…

December 14, 2012

Have I mentioned this She-Bear?

She was Michigan’s first female Governor.  Here she gets Michael Moore’s perspective, another Michigander…

And in case you missed her Democratic Convention speech, it’s obvious political cheerleading, but still pretty intense…

But the impact of Uranus is mostly Unconscious.  So yes, while we can and should celebrate the ability and willingness to express ourselves creatively, and the ability and willingness of others to express themselves creatively, will we need to compensate for a potential flood of Creativity?  The 1950s, where I grew up, was all about Conformity and Control.  So my Spirit jumps for Joy when I hear someone speaking their Truth, though it becomes hard to hear when their Truth seems to abrogate my own Truth.

In The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, Starhawk draws a “Talisman of Healthy Community” – a circle symbolizing Community, with a vertical line through it that balances Responsibility and Power, and a horizontal line that balances Communication and Trust…

In a thriving group, people invest trust in one another.  But to do so, there must also be systems of accountability in place.  To create trust, to communicate in ways that transcend our normal win/lose dichotomy, we must shift our focus from advocacy to inquiry, from asserting our point of view to listening and opening to others.  We become a learning organization, enabling each of us to grow and develop.” [pp.23-24]

Lynn McTaggart, in her blog

joins the theme…

Currently most relationships are forged from the erroneous idea that we have to be the same to get along and that differences between us are to be avoided at all costs.  In fact, conflict is considered so antithetical to the human experience that when others disagree with us, we conclude that they must be stupid or ill informed.  To justify this position, we find it necessary to debate them, demonize them and announce their ignorance to the world. In our minds, conflict can be resolved only with I win, you lose.

In my view, the key to a more holistic relationship with anyone is to conceive of the relationship as a ‘thing in itself ‘ and to focus on the ‘space in between’ – the glue that holds it together – especially when you do not agree with each other.

Once you view yourself as part of a bigger whole, you begin to act differently toward others.  By making this one simple change of perspective and offering yourself as a vehicle of service to the connection, you will easily find the Bond that is always present and embrace difference within that larger experience of connection.

“When you relate to others in this way, you do the opposite of what you’ve learned in critical thinking or debating classes.  You focus on what is positive, truthful, and wise about what others are saying, not the flaws in their arguments, and look for areas of common ground.

This morning’s news is all about people expressing their Truth – somebody murdering dozens of schoolchildren, a federal contractor justifying its practice of paying folks poverty wages to stand guard on the tarmac at a New York airport without winter coats or sick leave.  Sounds like a very Libertarian view of Self-Expression.

More Heavies

November 30, 2012


If this was ordinary times, we would be getting a break for the next week and a half, but based on my experience of the last couple of days – not to mention the near-universal Intuition that we’re near the End of whatever Age we’ve been in – that won’t be happening.  Uranus Stands Still and turns Direct Square to the New Moon on Thursday the 13th.

Let’s run through that more slowly – Uranus (our Soul Connection, or Yin Integrity) Stands Still (is very Strong) and turns Direct (spilling out all of the Individuality and Creativity we’ve been holding back since mid-July) Square (Challenging but very Rewarding) to the New Moon (Reboot) on Thursday the 13th (as Pogo would have said, Friday the 13th falls on a Thursday this month).

Without the stutter, December is about letting go of any inhibitions we have about allowing our Light to Shine Brightly.  Folks who go into mid-December Unconsciously will be doing a lot of “Whoa, did I say that?” by the 15th.  Or not noticing that they’ve been through a personality transplant – as Kesey described it, sometimes you can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left.  That’s a generous view, as Uranus usually represents Disruption to a life lived Unconsciously.  Normally, we’d expect a Uranus Station to be felt something like 2-7 days prior to the event, but in this case it will behoove us to plan ahead.

So let’s start with some background that might be handy.

Sleep.  Don’t worry about it.  If you usually monitor the clock to see when and how long you sleep, forget it.  For all kinds of reasons, Uranus does NOT do linear time.  If you need to keep to a schedule, Prayer is probably your best bet – Great Spirit, may I please awake rested and alert at 6:45 am? – that sort of thing.  Sleep deprivation is cumulative, but you may be surprised at how well a Prayer of that sort works on a few hours sleep.

Trance.  You may well find yourself in a Reverse Lucid Dreaming state.  In a Lucid Dream, you let your Ego screw around with your Dreams.  Since Dreams are one of our richest sources of information about the Unconscious, information that’s vital to our Survival, Lucid Dreaming is like urinating on the Dragon.  In a Reverse Lucid Dream, you’re awake, but you also aren’t.  It feels like you’ve never slept, because you’ve been at Full Attention all night, but you’ve been in a Deep Trance, probably without conscious control of your muscles.  Deep Trance can be as restorative as Deep Sleep, or more so.

You may also find yourself walking around in Trance when you’re awake.  Like the feeling you get when you’ve taken antihistamines for a while, like there’s a thick sheet of glass between you and the World you’re walking in.  Everything you see may be funny or pathetic or poignant, and you can connect only to people who are in the same Trance.  You may not know that you’ve crossed the Veil into a parallel lifetime, unless you notice the signs.  It’s like watching a very intense movie, and feeling as though you’re still in the movie after you leave the theater.  You may or may not actually say things that you’d never expect yourself to say out loud, but you’re probably conscious of the difference.

YintegrityYang Integrity is when you do what you said you were going to do.  Yin Integrity is when you do what you feel like doing, moment to moment.  To make Yin Integrity work in a Yang World without making us look flibbertigibbet or flaky, we need to minimize commitments, renegotiate them when appropriate, and make amends when we run afoul of Yang Integrity.  Usually, for sheer practicality, this involves reducing the scale of our relationships.  At least some degree of Yin Integrity is necessary when we operate Intuitively, follow our Guidance, or respond to Synchronicity.  Yang Integrity becomes more and more difficult to maintain as the pace of Change accelerates (aka 2012).

Disruption.  Yes.  What gets Disrupted, is that which is no longer in harmony with the new download from the Soul.  If it sneaks up on you, there’s not much you can do except to be as honest as you can in renegotiating and reorganizing your Life.  If you have any advance notice (such as hating to do something), the sooner you start reorganizing, the easier it will be.  Don’t throw out any Babies with the bathwater or burn any bridges – when you tap on your hatred for something, it may turn out that it’s your hatred that’s on the chopping block, rather than what you hated doing.  The Empty Chair game that Clint used so well to sabotage the Retropublican Convention would be a great process to use on any strong negative emotions.  Every part of our Reality is there for a purpose, but natural inertia can produce tenacious obsolescence.

Fear.  Practice recognizing Fear in your Body, and tap it out.  Tight jaw, tight belly, tight sphincter, tightness across the chest, these are a few clues.  Fear is a poison, even very capable of producing “disease” by itself.  Changes are occurring  on the physical level as well, and those Changes can mimic “disease” just fine.  I won’t comment on “healthcare,” but do let me say this…

Spirit, Energy, Body, Mind, Emotion are not separate Levels of our Existence; they are different Perspectives on our Existence.  Our Existence is unitary. 

There are certainly circumstances where the bars of our Birdcage are so thoroughly cemented in place that we can’t find a passageway between the Perspectives, and so come to believe that, for instance, “disease” in the Body must be dealt with using chemical or surgical means.  But don’t confuse your Karmic limitations with Reality.  Deal with Fear first, before you resort to other approaches.  Rise of the Guardians is a great seminar on Fear, as well as a fabulous movie.

Death.  As we’ve often said, the only Death there is, is Ego Death, the rest is only transition, transformation, Trance(Re)Formation.  A strong Uranus produces nothing if not Ego Death – it’s necessary to muscle the bouncer Ego aside in order to make room for new knowledge of the Soul Self.  The Ego’s function is to keep us Alive and Safe – no fault there.  But like anything in hardcopy Reality, it can become ossified.  If Fear or premonitions of Death arise, it would be a good time to recognize your lack of omnipotence, and give it over to a Higher Power.  Ask for Safety, and trust that Prayers are always answered.

Blame.  Blame is the hardest of all, because it is a complete Worldview.  Blame and Responsibility sit side by side, like the two Earths, with very little to connect them.  From the Blame Worldview, Responsibility means Blame.  There are two metaphors that work, but they seldom crack the shell of Blame.  In workshops Katie Hendricks used to tack a hundred-dollar bill to the wall and ask, Who’s Responsible for this?  After several rounds of she-did-that he-did-this, someone would just get up and remove it.  Responsibility is the Ability to Respond, simply.  It’s not about the past, it’s about the future.  It’s not who-did-it, it’s what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it?  Blame looks backward, Responsibility looks forward.  Blame will tack you to the wall, where you’re unable to Respond to your Soul’s requests – or demands.

Healing.  When you’re making friends with a Wild Critter, you don’t approach it directly.  You do something you hope will please it, and then make yourself available to it.  You sit down nearby, without facing it directly.  You open space for it to approach you.  Then you wait, patiently, until it feels safe enough to come forward.  That will involve fits and starts; it approaches a little, you move and spook it, and you have to start over tomorrow.  So it takes a while.  It’s like Grief, it has its own timetable.  Inviting home the parts of yourself that you rejected (or your significant others rejected and you eventually collaborated) works like that.  We don’t have a lot of time here, but remember that Healing is a Magnetic process.  You PIAVA, Change the Subject, and wait while remaining vigilant for additional information.

Soul LossHank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall give three causes for dis-ease: Disharmony, Fear, and Soul Loss.  Acute or Chronic Trauma can cause a Portion of us to seek a permanent hideout.  Like any part of the Unconscious, our Lost Portion can take over our personality at times, making us much younger and less socialized, or even Wild.  We can redefine some aspects of Soul Loss as Post-Traumatic Stress Discomfort, and there are effective tapping protocols for PTSD.  Any Uranian download is going to trigger some part of our Soul Loss – exacerbate PTSD symptoms – either because the downloaded Soul Energy requests reunification of the Prodigal Portion, or because the download compensates for the Loss.  It may be useful to consider the Soul Loss to have a valid psychic function, and apply Clint’s Empty Chair to it.

Karma.  We don’t know whether the Challenges that face us are personal or global.  For instance, the young man who came into my Dreams this morning, knocking on the door offering to sell me a plant but obviously there to seek alms, then leaving in tears when I was unable to help him.  Was this a symbol for the World’s Scarcity, or a symbol of my own Scarcity, or Both/And?  I can only know by imagining myself to be the youth, and waiting to see how that evolves.

Thanks to Messiah Mom for the introductory image.

The Rest of the Eclipse

November 25, 2012

Door #1 – Curiosity

Okay, so far we have a very complex Finger of God pointing straight at the Eclipsed Moon, implying that our reactions will be quite Curious.  Something to do with Action and Values and the Goddess.  Did we mention that the Mars-Action player is Out of Bounds (Strong)?  Or that the Eclipsed Moon Conjunct Lilith (more Emergence of the Deep Feminine) is also Conjunct Jupiter (ie, Amplified)?  This is Big, even as it’s too complex to easily pigeonhole.

What else?  Three Challenges and three Graces.

Door #2 – Big Grace

We still live under a Big Grand Trine (Big Grace), though it’s about to finish up.  It’s about Focusing on what’s most important to us and building a sustainable future around it.  In fact, it’s time to Act on it.  The Deep Feminine is highly involved in this.

The Grand Trine is between Venus-Saturn (Focusing on what’s most important), Ceres (Sustainability or Sustenance), and Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm that will evolve after money fails).  Ceres is Out of Bounds (Stronger).  In addition, Mars-Pluto (Action) opposes Ceres, forming a Kite.  Notice that Venus-Saturn and Mars-Pluto are arms of the Finger of God with the Moon and Lilith.  Door #1 and Door #2 lead into the same room.

Door #3 – Another Challenge to Individuate

We’re asked again (in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a big theme these days) to express our Individuality, in ways that are probably a little challenging, but also highly rewarding.  Basically, you can’t afford to avoid telling anyone what it is you really want, because in one way or another we always get what we ask for, and this is for keeps.  Don’t hold back!

Uranus (our Soul Connection or True Self) forms a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with Mars-Pluto (Transformative Action or Trance-Breaking Action) and an Out-of-Bounds Ceres (the for keeps part).  Door #3 also leads into the same room as Doors #1 and #2.  Since Mars-Pluto and Ceres form the spine of the Kite, this puts a huge emphasis on the Vacancy opposite Uranus, as that Vacancy would complete a Grand Cross perfectly aligned with the Grand Trine, were it filled.  The Vacancy is Libra 5, “A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a ‘New World’ could be built.”  Isn’t that heavy – we “just happen to be” Co-Creating a New World as we speak.  It would behoove to PIAVA our Guides to lead us to the Revelation!

Door #4 – A Challenge to Let Go of What No Longer Works

If you asked me for a hint about what to look for that no longer works, I’d say look for the places where you depend on Logic.  When the Paradigm changes, Assumptions change, and Logic is simply a house of cards built upon Assumptions, usually unstated.  That’s why we can be so easily manipulated by Logicians – they make so much sense that we don’t notice that their Assumptions are murderous.  It’s called Rhetoric, as distinguished from Communication.  Fox News glories in it.  When Assumptions shift, it becomes meaningless.  That redness in the neck moves to the face when they catch themselves in their own contradictions.  Not that “Liberals” don’t have rhetoric as well, they’re just lousy at it.  Now, as we move into a space governed by Intuition instead, we discover that we all have different Assumptions, because we all have different Values!  Logic is what they spoke in Babel.

The Eclipse (New Awareness), which consists of the Moon Opposing the Sun, is Squared (Mastery through Challenge) by Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm) – with the Moon about to be Initiated by Lilith (the Deep Feminine, including Intuition).  Again, Door #4 leads into the same room!  Since Chiron-Neptune is a corner of the Grand Trine, this T-Square would form another Grand Cross in perfect alignment with the Grand Trine, if there were a planet Opposite Chiron-Neptune.  That makes the Vacancy very important; it’s at 6 Virgo, “A Merry-Go-Round.”  The implication is that we already know what we need to do; we’ve been here before!  We just need to recycle that experience.

Door #5 – A Challenge and Two Graces Together: Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism isn’t just for Moslems and Old-Testament “Christians.”  A fundamentalist is anyone who believes that their metaphors are literally true, whether the metaphor is Evolution or Genesis or Jihad or 47% Moochers.  Our Beliefs are discovered, not decided or adopted through brainwashing.  And we know them to be Approximations – useful metaphors.  Odds, if you like.  Chances are, that gas station a half-mile down the road is still there; it was there yesterday.  But if you think you know for sure it’s there, you’re either Misguided or Intuiting.  It could have burned down last night, or been abducted by Aliens.

Our Challenge is about setting Boundaries to protect ourself from people who take their metaphor so seriously that they believe we need to share them or else – like the Tea Party fundamentalists in the US Congress.  The first Grace is that our sense of our own Mission will make it pretty easy to know when and how to set such a Boundary.  The second Grace is that we know intuitively when to recoil from proseletyzing.  In fact, we’ll probably be pretty sarcastic about it!  We might actually help someone become aware of their fundamentalism, if we do it just right.

Juno (Identity) Opposes (Awareness) Vesta (what we know to be Sacred) at the Eclipse.  With luck, through this we could come to know that We Are Not Our Beliefs.  Just because someone else has different Beliefs, that needn’t threaten our Ego – in fact, it could be interesting!  Pallas (Boundaries) makes a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with this Opposition.  That’s the Challenge, setting Boundaries against proselytizers of any stripe.  Pallas is also Trine (Grace) to the Moon’s North Node (our Mission).  The second Grace is a Trine from Eris (the Deep Feminine) to Juno (Identity).  Pallas also Trines that Stationary Mercury, which in turn Quincunxes Vesta – we could encounter some very big surprises about our Beliefs here!

All Together Now, 1, 2, 3 …

All in all, because everything is so tightly interrelated with almost everything else (Door #5 is the only one that’s independent), this will probably be a much more momentous (not horrendous) Full Moon than the last two.  Door #5 may bring some resolution to the Polarization that’s crippled every attempt to be constructive since the turn of the Century.  As for the other four interlaced Doors – Curiosity, Grace, Individuation, the New Paradigm – there are a lot of hanging chads there, but no Gitmos.  Anything could happen, but I’ll wager most of it will be constructive.

Ah, Nephrite Jade, what a Healer!  Big Sur Jade, polished smooth by the waves.  Nephrite is a fairly simple Mineral – Calcium Inosilicate with Magnesium (green) and Iron (blue-black) laced in.  Grounding Iron, calming Magnesium, and omnipotent Calcium.  We’d still be Bacteria without Calcium.  When Mars lights up we’d only be able to wiggle our flagella.  In an Inosilicate, the Silicate groups form pairs.  Silicates get much more complex than this.  But what makes Jade so solid for carving is the way the Silicate pairs are knitted together, like the Angles in the Eclipse chart.

Head on Straight

November 19, 2012

Just to prove to the rest of the World that there’s at least a few Americans who don’t need a glass stomach (so they can see where they’re going with their head up their ass)…

The other 49%, well, if you guilt trip them enough, they’ll put down their cigars and give a shit for a few minutes, till they get back to their old-boy network and get lost in their preteen machismo again.  There are a huge number of deep Ego wounds among those folks.  Many of them were beaten by their fathers, and they’re deathly afraid of looking weak or saying the wrong thing, or letting their lawn get too long.  Or, in the case of their molls, afraid to lose their connection to “the good life,” ie, Stuff.

Oops, sorry, my cynicism got carried away there.  That’s hardly We’re-All-In-This-Together, is it.  I mean, most of those folks are probably just permanently regressed to the 14th Century (or to much of the Rest of the World today), where even clean cold water was scarce, and food was very hard to come by.  At one point in the 14th Century, average life expectancy was 17 among the royalty.  You can’t blame these folks for regressing, since much of the evidence implies that the Planet may be heading into similar difficulties.  If they’re struggling to avoid merging with the Rest of the World, then we should be giving them credit for their Empathy!  If they’re actively PIAVAing better alternatives, then they need our support.  Unless they’re motivated by Fear.

But I mean, who isn’t.  Being Present – loving and gentle – with our Fear is probably the most important thing we can do these days.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to just set aside ten minutes every day, or more often if you can afford the time – or if you can’t afford not to, and scan our Bodies for Fear.  Tight jaw or sphincter?  Shallow breathing?  Other tight muscles?  Any pain?  Surround those places with soft warm pillows of loving and gentle Energy.  How’s your Grounding?  Negative thoughts or emotions?  Worries?  Find them in your Body and embrace them.  Move your Attention right into the center of the discontent.  Ten minutes every few hours would be better yet.  We’re Co-Creating the Future right now, this moment, every moment.  We can’t afford to be held back by negative memories of the 14th Century, or the 21st.

In the best of circumstances, a very small percentage of Human activity (thought, emotion, metabolism, action, Energy) is Consciously directed.  The rest is run by the Unconscious.  You’d be in dire straights if you had to tell your Heart to beat and your Lungs to expand every time.  If you think your Life is much more Consciously directed, the odds are good that you’re deluding yourself.  So we need to Attend to what’s coming out of the Unconscious.  Unfortunately, the best measure of the Unconscious as it applies to You, is what not-You is doing.  Uncool, eh?  So see if you can imagine surrounding your Worst Villain with a pillow of Love.  Put your loving Attention right into their Heart.  If you can’t think of any Villains of your own, pick somebody from the US House of Representatives, or the Middle East.


November 17, 2012

It’s “quiet,” temporarily, in terms of the sorta Angle-based astrology I usually use (well, the Moon does Occult Pluto again today, at a quarter past 3pm PST), but that doesn’t mean it’s quiet on the airwaves.   We’re moving deeper into the Big Shift as we move toward the Solstice.  It may be easier to embrace the Energies and resist less, if you are able to set the mind aside and deal with them directly in the Body.  The Energies are plenty heavy.  But it’s the Resistance that’s more uncomfortable, and most of the Resistance comes from the mind, just because the mind has expectations.  As Ursula LeGuin says, Rules change in the Reaches, and we’re definitely in the Reaches.

Whenever you notice yourself thinking about “what’s wrong,” locate the discomfort in your Body, and surround it with a pillow of Love – soft, gentle, warm, embracing, forgiving.  Surrender to it, let it be exactly as it is, without expecting it to be otherwise.  Once you’ve got it surrounded, move your loving Attention right into the center of it.  For some Energies, Reactions, Body Parts, you may have to keep doing this for a while – and it may even take a while to get it started.  If you can’t do it while multi-tasking, you may need to just give it priority.  It may be the most important thing to do, for yourself and for the Planet.  The more you do it, the faster it becomes a habit.  Eventually it becomes effortless and automatic – self-love becomes your Karma.

Alan Watts reminded us many years ago that our “good” Karma is harder to release than our “bad” Karma, but we can deal with that when we get there, eh?  For now, just embrace all discomfort with Love and Light.  If there’s more than one place, start with the worst, moment to moment, then move to the next one when the first one feels like a welcome part of You again.

Live Pink or Dye!

November 12, 2012

JoAnna sends this, and it’s too good not to add…

As Maureen says, Live Pink or Dye!

ReTrancing Sustaining

October 30, 2012

Here’s a Chironic twist on Sustenance and Sustainability, from Marko Pogacnik’s Gaia’s Quantum Leap: A Guide to Living through the Coming Earth Changes (p.47)…

“The usual opinion is that the possibility of living and working on earth is a given, because we were born on the planet Earth.  No thought is given to the fact that the reality of the form of a specific spatial dimension must be constantly maintained so it can operate as a vessel in which life can find the possibilities for multifold evolution.

“To be more precise, by ‘vessel’ is meant the spatial structure through which the life processes can be brought to completion.  We are looking at a specific cosmic pattern through which the living space is appropriately structured in every successive moment.  If there were no such cosmic pattern, a general vibrational chaos would rule on earth and in the universe itself.

“One could compare the presently viable spatial structure to a street, and the traffic running through it with the life processes of the individuals and culture.  The traditional spatial structure is a mentally created linear (one dimensional) structure that can best be compared to a one-way street.  The relatively simple spatial structure is appropriate to the strictly limited capacity of our intellect to find the right path through the multidimensionality of life.  Because of our current dependence on rational decision-making, we move nearly exclusively on the materially conditioned level of being.”

You have to be seeing through the Veil (Neptune-Dragon) to grasp what he’s reviewing, but he’s talking about an ultimate level of Sustenance and Sustainability (Ceres).  You know from elementary chemistry that “atoms” are mostly “empty” space (setting aside for the moment the knowledge that “atoms” are just metaphors for some unknown quantum that behaves more like a lightbeam half the time), and you’re told that the reason your chair doesn’t fall through the floor into all that empty space is cuzza all the electromagnetic and gravitational Energy that’s holding each atom together and allowing them to persistently cluster into chairs and floors.

Well, if it’s all “just” Energy, what keeps it from morphing into waterfalls and dust bunnies on a whim?  That’s the structure he’s referring to.  You could consider it to be sustained by, basically, mass hypnosis.  Look at it from the point of view of your five senses.  Through those you’re limited to witnessing an infinitesimally small portion of the known Universe.  Some of us can for better or worse feel the electricity coursing through the walls and the radio waves coursing through the air, and various specie of Solar Flairs, but not so many of us, especially when you count only those who are conscious of feeling those Energies.  To the rest of us, we know electricity and radio only by the light and heat and sound they produce.  It’s pretty disastrous for us when our Identity pixellates; what’s gonna happen when material reality pixellates?


October 26, 2012

Before we dive into the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles, we should say a few words about Ceres, Sustenance, and Sustainability.  Ceres, as in cereal, was to the Ancients the Goddess of Grain – you know, staff of life and all that, at least after the Annunaki arrived.  So Ceres is about Sustenance and its correlate Sustainability.  Ceres is, y’all recall, a corner of the ongoing Grand Trine that we’re under, along with Saturn and Chiron-Neptune.  We could easily translate the Grand Trine as

There is Great Grace available in the New Paradigm to those who Focus on what’s most important for Survival.

That is, there is Great Grace (Grand Trine) available in the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) to those who Focus on what’s most important (Saturn) for Survival (Ceres).

There were four Big Events in the chart for January 1, 2000, which is the birth chart for the 21st Century.  The four were…


Massive Change

Loss of the Veil        


In more detail,

Polarization: Grand Cross between Uranus, Pallas, Saturn and the Moon, which is to say, drawing the boundaries (Pallas) necessary to support self-expression (Uranus) by focusing on what’s important (Saturn) to each of us emotionally (Moon) – where what’s important emotionally may be comically inconsistent from day to day (Moon); hence slogans like Keep your government hands off my Medicare!  Where in the Zodiac did this Grand Cross fall?  Midpoints of the Fixed Signs, also known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Massive Change: Chiron-Pluto.  This Initiation was exact less than two days prior to the initiation of the New Century, a remarkable coincidence considering we’re talking about a 60-year Cycle.  Sabian Symbol? “A Flag turns into an Eagle, which becomes a Rooster heralding Dawn” (12 Sagittarius).  Like the 2010 Chiron-Neptune Initiation, the prior Cycle began during World War II.  The Chiron-Pluto Cycle began just before the US entered the war; the Chiron-Neptune Initiated just as the Japanese surrendered.

Loss of the Veil: Neptune on the Dragon’s Tail – Karma delivered to those who see the World through Material eyes, Karma revealed to those using Spiritual eyes; “the Veil” is the illusion that the current lifetime is all there is.  Aquarius 4, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his Healing powers.”

Sustainability: Ceres Rising.  Because New Years is a travelling event, as Midnight moves around the Planet, Ceres was Rising all around the World.  Libra 5, “A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a ‘New World’ could be built.”

Ajoite is a Copper Aluminium Mica, here embedded within Elestial Quartz.  Think of it as a Treasure hiding in plain sight, but subtle.