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Major Alien Landing

March 21, 2012

I don’t think Scott Sistek took all these photos, but he at least collated them.  Just for reference, the mountaintop is about three miles up.

Now of course the muggle explanation is that these are just Lenticular Clouds, formed by moist air hitting the mountain.  Uncommon, but not terribly rare.  But Bryan deFlores says that these clouds are used by travelers from afar to “shift down” from the fifth dimension so they can enter through the mountain to visit the cities inside the Earth.  Good Both/And exercise, eh?  Bryan’s pretty far out, and he can be a bit of a trickster, but he’s not dismissible.

Consider this.  Drunvalo says he led a meditation where he led 100 or so folks to one of these cities, and at the end of the meditation all but a few told similar stories about the city.  Of course these Entities aren’t “manifested” in the same way that we are.  It’s a different dimensionality.  In Drunvalo’s video, the interviewer Lilou even has one landing on her head.  Don’t forget the Hopi “myth” about living inside the Earth during times when the surface wasn’t habitable.  And “myths” from a zillion other cultures.

Non-instantaneous travel is an artifact of our trance into Linear Time.  How can you vividly remember events from your childhood, or your dreams?  Because some blu-ray machine in yer head played them back?  Hardly.  Because you stepped out of Linear Time.  Remember the Galaxy in Orion’s belt in Men in Black?  Same process.  Delores Cannon – who’s spent a lifetime interviewing folks from many dimensions – gives us some good perspective.

Interesting that these Lenticulars visited just as the Big Mars Event was ripening.