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New Years Day

December 31, 2012

Don’t forget to look for our Big Diamond Star starting about 10pm PST on January 1 –

And here’s our “must have” Uranus-Eris calendar for 2013…

Mary’s either very intuitive, or has a good astrologer.

Heiress I

December 31, 2012


The amazing thing about Eris’s “Discovery” chart is the way everybody showed up for it!  Everybody beyond Neptune, I mean.  Before any of these guests arrive, there are two Cardinal Grand Crosses in the chart, one at 16-20 degrees and the other at 25-29 degrees, with a Yod bridging them at 23-25 degrees.  That fills up the last (social) half of the Signs, which in itself is intriguing.

Eris herself, Stationary Direct at Discovery time, sat on one corner of the 16-20 Cross.  And look whoall showed up for the party…

  • Haumea Opposes Eris in the 16-20 Cross
  • Salacia Trines a corner of this Cross
  • Quaoar is at the Apex of the Yod Bridge
  • Ixion Trines Eris from the Yod Bridge Apex
  • Sedna is in the Yod Bridge Base
  • Varuna sits on a corner of the 25-29 Cross and on the Yod Base
    and at the top of the Chart
  • 2002 TC302 occupies a corner of the 25-29 Cross
  • MakeMake forms a Pythagorean Triangle with two corners of this Cross
  • Snow White does the same
  • Orcas does too, while also making a Grand Trine with the Yod Apex

A Pythagorean Triangle is formed by three planets related by a Quincunx, a Square, and a Trine.  I would regard this as very fortuitous, as the Challenge of the Square would be balanced by the Grace of the Trine, and the Quincunx would automatically provide the motivation to Master the Challenge.

Many of these Pluto-fellow-travelers are Creator Gods from various of Earth’s mythic traditions, all gathering to welcome Eris to the fold and receive her gift of Golden Apples.  I’d be surprised if anybody slept that night!  Which was January 4-5, 2005, by the way.  The official Discovery time is listed as 1am PST on January 5, near Los Angeles.  I doubt that they all came to the party to keep Eris under control.  Rather I think their attendance is a sign of great Respect.

I don’t know a lot about the new dwarves and other “Trans-Neptunian Objects” or “TNOs” around and beyond Pluto, other than recognizing some of the names of these new-Millenium characters.  Several are already defined as Dwarf Planets like Pluto and Ceres, meaning they have enough gravity to spin themselves into a roundish shape.  Here are their vital stats, sorted by their approximate girth.  An “AU” is an “Astronomical Unit,” which is the length of a one-way trip from the Sun to the Earth.  By “closing” we mean moving toward the Sun and inner planets.  There are more, but these are more than enough to start with!

  • Eris, 561-year orbit, 38-98 AU (closing since 1977), 2300 km wide
  • Pluto, 246 yrs, 30-49 AU (receding since 1989), 2300 km
  • MakeMake 310 yrs, 39-53 AU (closing till 2033), 1450 km
  • Haumea 283 yrs, 35-52 AU (closing since 1992), 1400 km
  • Snow White 551 yrs, 34-101 AU (receding till 2081), 1200 km
  • 2002 TC302 414 yrs, 39-72 AU (closing till 2058), 1150 km
  • Quaoar 286 yrs, 42-45 AU (closing till 2070), 1100 km
  • Sedna 11,400 yrs, 76-937 AU (closing till 2076), 1000 km
  • Salacia 274 yrs, 38-47 AU, 900 km
  • Varuna 281 yrs, 40-45 AU (receding till 2071), 900km
  • Orcus 245 yrs, 30-48 AU (receding till 2019), 800 km
  • Ixion 250 yrs, 30-49 AU (closing till 2070), 700 km

At her closest approach (in the years 1699 and 2257), Eris is well within the orbit of Pluto.  Eris (or Pluto for that matter) would fill up most of Australia, cover Western Europe from Lisbon to Prague and Scotland to Sicily, and fit twice into the continental US, one blanketing New York-to-Houston and Minneapolis-to-Miami, and the other covering Los Angeles-to-Minneapolis and El Paso-to-Seattle.

  • Haumea is the Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, originally nicknamed Santa.
  • Salacia is the Goddess of Salt Water, and Neptune’s wife.
  • Ixion was grandfather of the Centaurs, and a bad boy of the Greek Pantheon.
  • Quaoar is the Creator God of the Mission Indians of southern California.
  • Sedna is an Inuit Goddess of the Sea living at the bottom of  the Arctic Ocean.
  • Varuna is the Hindu God of the Sea and the Sky.
  • 2002 TC302 doesn’t have a name yet.
  • MakeMake is the Rapanui (Easter Island) God that created Humanity and controls fertility; it was first nicknamed Easterbunny.
  • Orcus was an Etruscan God of the Underworld and son of Eris.  It’s also called Anti-Pluto because it’s orbit mirrors Pluto’s.
  • Snow White is the nickname for 2007 OR10, which has no official name yet.

In case anyone wants to play with any of these Animals, there are links to Ephemerides at

Eris and I are inseparable, as she has a prominent place in my birth chart.  I don’t know these other fellows yet – I don’t even know where they are in my chart, I’ll have to look them up.  As important as Pluto is, I expect these dudes and their mates to turn psychological and spiritual astrology upside down over the next couple of decades.  Let’s take Pluto as an example.  Its perihelion (closest approach) occurred in 1989 in Scorpio.  While Pluto was in Scorpio the Recovery Movement bloomed, creating and spreading great technologies for approaching addiction and exposing Denial.  The TNOs that are closest to perihelion will be the most prominent.

That means MakeMake, who is Stationary as we speak, and Retrogrades until July.  He enters Libra later in 2013, on the way to his perihelion at about 20 degrees of Libra in 2033.  Libra is about Collaboration and Harmony.  Like Thoth (Master of the Balance), MakeMake was visualized as a Bird-headed God.  He was about manifesting Humans, regenerating Plant life, and Birds.  Birds symbolize Spirit in Form.  Easter Island has been a poster child for environmental destruction, but MakeMake was actually helping Easter Islanders to adapt – it was European disease that killed Rapanui, not starvation.  For the next 30 years MakeMake will be teaching us about Sustainability.  That’s him peering out of the Basalt at the beginning.

In the next several installments on Her Majesty the Heiress we’ll interpret the traditional planets and Angles in the Eris Discovery Chart.