How to Read Astrobuss

Left-justified bold italic text like this is meant for general reading, and though there will be some jargon in it, the intention is to not require any astrological knowledge in this section.

Indented non-bold non-italic text like this is meant for folks with some astrological knowledge.  For instance, if you have any foreknowledge of what a term like “Saturn” means, then when I talk about “Saturn” it’ll convey a lot more meaning to you than the narrow interpretation I provide in the bold-italic sections.

Doubly-indented italic text like this is meant for folks who have an active interest in learning more about astrology.  In this section we teach the meaning of astrological terms.  For instance, I may define “Brilliant.” 

At any time you can use the “Categories” in the right-hand column to look up articles which contain definitions or stories about specific astrological terms.

Whatever is unclear, or if I’ve left something out, just leave a comment with a question (whether it’s about meaning,

astrological information,


definitions and uses of astrological terms

), and I’ll answer as I get time.  If you want me to just answer the question rather than publish your comment (so it’s anonymous), just say so in the comment – all comments are screened before being published.

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