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Self-Doubt 4

October 23, 2018

Lots of folks writing lots about the glorious 24 October Full Moon (10am PDT), which is great, because it’s a Biggie.  So I’ll just focus on what I think is The Most Important Thing about it, the Self-Resolving Challenge to the Vitality of our Mission (In astrologuese that’s the Diamond Star to Varuna-North Node), outlined in the heavy lines here…

You can see how busy it is everywhere else, with all the lighter lines.  Of course, since it’s Self-Resolving, we don’t even need to mention it, do we.  But as we explained earlier about Blessings (Trines) having a Downside of Arrogance.  Doesn’t the media Love to glorify this, as if the “Sin” of Pride is the crowning glory of Huperity.  But our Goal here is Consciousness, so our Awareness around Self-Resolving Challenges is Important, and dissecting the Entity will be useful.

Dwarf planet Varuna represents the Life Force, and the North Node symbolizes why we took on our current Lifetime.  And this is the Cusp of Leo, which represents the Ascendance of the Individual into their Potential, their Individuation, in Jungian terms.  That means Ascending out of the soup of Codependencies and other Karmic Limitations that our “civilized” Cultures provide for us so we have something to push against.  In other words, the alarm clock is bouncing itself off the nightstand and it’s time for us to Wake Up.We also don’t want to forget that the Life Force and our Mission are intertwined – our Mission is what enlivens us.  This is actually an opportune time for Instantaneous Healing.  Focus your Attention on Why You’re Here (even if you “think” you know Why, PIAVA it, because the real reason is multidimensional and thus inaccessible to thinking), and the maladies that have been Limiting you may shrink in Importance, if not disappear altogether.

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Keep My Focus On My True Mission.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.  Show Me.”  For example.

So what is the basis of this Challenge-not-Challenge?  The Full Moon itself, highly and mightily decorated by none other than Venus (Values) and Uranus (Soul).  Our Essence (Sun) is Clarifying our Values, while our Soul permeates our Authenticity (Moon).  If you think either of those can occur without Ego Death, you may want to park your Arrogance for a bit.  Don’t forget to feed the meter. 

On the other hand, if you’ve digested last week’s work with Nemesis, you’ll recognize the signs ( and Embrace them, right?  Since the whole thing is Self-Resolving, no need to make a Big Drama out of it.  It’s about Consciousness, not Suffering.

And, we’re only writing this as a sidebar – the Real Issue this week is about Self-Love and Embracing Self-Doubt as a doorway to greater Self-Love, so any Sturm und Drang that arises, is just more “Grist for the Mill,” as Ram Dass would have called it.

The heavy blue lines on the chart show the “bowl of Grace” that makes the red T-Square Self-Resolving.  These connect Intrusive Memories (OR10) and The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-To-Respond-To-Our-Survival-Instincts (Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar).  The Danger implied is that we’ll mistake our Memories of Bummers as Instincts about our Survival.  That sounds very Heavy, yet it’s coming to us as GraceThe suggestion is that Focusing Our Attention On Our Mission in the Lifetime, preferably via PIAVA, will be our most Powerful Survival Strategy.

That’s actually always True, since a la Tolkien, all of the Drama along the way is just there to tune our Self-Confidence.  The Real Goal is to get to chat with Smaug.  And of course Smaug is “just” a Dragon, which universally symbolizes our Personal and Cultural Karma (in astrologuese, that’s the South Node – which of course Anchors the whole Diamond Square)

Notice that the lighter lines trace out a blue triangle (Grand Trine) connecting our Vitality (Varuna-North Node) to Endings (Atropos) and Suffering/Liberation (Chiron).  The blue triangle represents even more Dumb-Luck Blessings for the Vitality of our Mission, and for the Ending of Suffering.  We know how to do that – it’s as simple as a “Poor-Sweetheart,” augmented when necessary with Tapping and PIAVAing.

And it turns out that the blue triangle really makes a Kite, pointing at, of course, the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail.  While the South Node typically represents our Karma, it also represents a catalog of Skills that we developed in “Past” Lives, but which are Hidden beneath our Held Emotions – the Emotions we’d rather die than Feel.  Which is to say, more Ego Deaths are required for us to Retrieve these Skills, these Swords embedded in Boulders. 

And it turns out that these Hidden Skills are exactly the Skills we need to Achieve our Mission in the Lifetime – exactly why Frodo Baggins had to endure the Dramas he did to find Smaug, in order to face down his Held Emotions.

This Fire (Spirit) Grand Trine also forms a second Kite, this time pointing to Opening to Greater Consciousness (Juno-Lachesis).

Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) backs into Taurus nine hours prior to the Full Moon.  While Juno in Gemini will make the Boundaries of the Unconscious more permeable, Juno in Taurus gives us the Opportunity to break open the places where we’re Stuck.  We can consider Juno in Taurus (June-September 2018 and October 2018-February 2019) to be a contributor to the Challenges to our Ego that we’ve been encountering.  Consciousness and Ego are not the same, but the Ego stands guard at the Gate to the Unconscious.

Lachesis, meanwhile, governs the Duration of a Timeline – which can be a Lifetime, a theme or phase within a Lifetime, or any other Span of a Zeitgeist.  Lachesis is one of the three Fates.  Fate “happens to us” when we’re Operating Unconsciously.  Being Conscious of a Timeline gives us Choice.  So Lachesis-Juno gives us the Option of Ending a Timeline when we Choose to.

Consider the Timeline of Suffering, for instance.  We’ve already discussed the Gift of Ending Suffering (Atropos Trine Chiron); Lachesis-Juno will grant us Consciousness about Ending Suffering.  This is Important because, being Conscious, it is repeatable purposely, whenever we Remember to do it.  That’s very different from the End of Suffering “happening to us.”

If we have a Grand Trine with two Kites, we actually have an Almost-Grand-Sextile, which means that the Vacancy is an important leverage point for us, as Energy applied there will potentiate the larger Configuration.  That’s 2 Libra, “The transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit.”  Whoo, that’s what we’ve been talking about.  Rudhyar’s interpretation is “A repolarization of inner energies leading to a creative centralization of consciousness.”  Moving our Assemblage Point in other words.

So, the Vacancy is the Energy that we have to supply in order to trigger the larger Grace.  It doesn’t sound like transmutations and repolarizations of this sort are things we can pull off with a Plan-Execute strategy, but we can certainly PIAVA them! 

Working with Parallel Lives might be Easier than with Past Lives, as Parallel Lives are going on Right Now.  We can use that Meditation where we rise to the ceiling, then above the building, then above the neighborhood, etc, to “above” the Planet, and modify it to include rising above the Boundary between our current Dimension and the Dimension where our most useful Parallel Life is Living.  After Expanding to such a larger Perspective, try something like…

“I Intend to Transcend the Boundaries of Time to Harvest the Information I Need to Gently, Lovingly, and Powerfully Re-Integrate My Sense of Self so it Includes the Skills I Need to Achieve My Mission.”

Heavy Duty.  As our CAO used to say, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Hope You’re Rested VIII

September 10, 2018

Now here’s a big clue about our Forbidden Genius…

“You are the best examples in the entire galaxy of beings who do not exercise their complete power.  You have more access to Source Energy, and that which you truly are, because of how emotional you are as a species.  And yet, you have been fooled into believing that being emotional makes one weak.

“You have been taught, over and over again, to hide your emotions.  As children, even when you were in a state of absolute joy, if there were other people around that could be disturbed by your joyous behavior, you were told to settle down.  You were told not to be a crybaby.  You were told that there was something wrong with your angry outburst, and it was labeled a tantrum.  You were told not to be a scaredy cat, and you were taught that love was only really appropriate between males and females.

“And so, all of your emotions, whether negative or positive, have been squashed by some member of your family, or a teacher, or perhaps even a clergy member.  And therefore, you have had less access to makes you truly powerful.  It is your ability to feel, not your ability to take action, that makes you powerful creator beings.  You are more powerful than you know, and many of you are starting to access that power, as you have been given permission as adults to feel your feelings.

“Now, when you allow yourselves to feel all of the feelings that come up within you, you are much more in the flow of the high frequency energies that are all around you.  And if you can access those higher frequency energies, you can know true power. 

“The next step for all of you will be not fearing that power.  Power has been given a bad name by those who have abused it, but the power that you access by allowing all emotions to flow through you and by accessing the truth of who you are as Source Energy Beings, that power, could not and would not harm a fly.”

Hope You’re Rested V

September 8, 2018

Stage 3 of our early September The Most Important Thing Is Rebirthing our Forbidden Genius Drama is the Forbidden-Genius part, the Ixion stage (Stationary 12:30 pm PDT 8 September in 26 Sagittarius).  The chart is pretty specific.  This stage is about Accepting the Paradoxes (Yin Gate) that arise when we Bring Our Xenophobia (Fear/Power=Sedna, Respect for All Things=Hopi) into Consciousness (Juno)…

The Yin Gate is the blue box in the middle that contains two green Xs and one red one.  Yin Gates are about Paradox, growing beyond the Duality of the Intellect, into a more Spherical Perspective on our Understanding of the Reality we seem to be Embedded in. 

The primary Paradox of a Yin Gate is the central, red, axis, here between asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) and the meeting between Sedna (Transforming Fear into Power) and asteroid Juno (the Edges of Consciousness).

We have so many Fears that are below our Threshold of Consciousness – every Judgment we make for instance.  And every Doubt.  We’re still Living with the previous two charts as well, the Saturn and Klotho Stations.  That includes the Mergers of Ego Death with Self-Love (Nemesis-Sappho Conjunction), and Rebirth with Self-Confidence (Klotho-Chariklo Conjunction) in the Klotho-Rebirth chart (  An appropriate name for this Energy would be Question Everything!

So how does this serve our Forbidden Genius?  In the chart above, Ixion Merges with our Unconscious Beliefs (Conjunct Vesta) and with our Need to be Fully Responsive (and Pholus).  Since Ixion is by definition Banished, of course Everything We Have Believed Is Up for Grabs

The only other Configuration besides the Yin Gate is a Veritas (Truth) T-Square (Challenge) – on the Opposition between Ixion et al and Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos).  The Challenge becomes How Much Boat-Rocking Are You Really Willing To Tolerate In Order To Unlock Your Unlimited Potential!  Somewhere in this Bottomless Pit of Urgent Questions and Monstrous Doubts lies a Truth.

While there may be some Objectivity to “Facts,” there is nothing Objective about Truth.  Truth Resides in the Heart, and every Heart is Unique.  The more Turmoil you’re able to Tolerate, the closer you’re likely to get to your own Heart’s Truth, because that Turmoil is the (Ego) Death Throes of your old Birdcage of False Beliefs.  Jeez, are they all False?  Yes, we need to Live from our Instincts and Intuitions, not from our Judgments and Beliefs.  That’s what the Yin Gate is telling us, and that’s what Ascension is all about.

What about the “most important part” of a T-Square, the Vacancy (the Degree which would Complete the Grand Cross)?  That’s 27 Pisces, “The Harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky.”  In the Northern Hemisphere the Harvest Moon this year occurs at 2 Aries on 24 September – its previous and Germinal New Moon is tomorrow, 9 September (4pm PDT) and as we’ll see very soon it’s tightly bound to this The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-Rebirth-of-Our-Forbidden-Genius Adventure.  Aries 2 is “A comedian reveals human nature.”

These are the Energies we need to add to the Mix Consciously.  So our hints are two – Prepare for Sustenance (autumnal sky suggesting winter), and Add Levity (the Comedian).  Look into the Doubt, Extract the Fear, and Kegel it into Power.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the next Harvest Moon occurs 20 March 2019 in 1 Libra, “In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.”  Wow.  That’s exactly what we said a few paragraphs ago – We need to Live from our Instincts and Intuitions, not from our Judgments and Beliefs – because our Judgments and Beliefs Freeze the World into a snapshot of itself.  They literally Kill the World. 

And that’s Exactly what our Overintellectualization has been doing to the Planet, Killing Her. 




Manipulating the “Real” World

August 16, 2018

A friend has lost their Cat Mowser, and I’ve been coaching them on using Theta Healing ( and Tapping ( together.  Yesterday they wrote…

“So are you Adept at the Technique enough to bring Mowser home safely?  ‘Cause what I’m doing ain’t worked yet.”

The technique of toggling between Tapping and Theta-ing is Powerful for manipulating our own Expectations, which have a Powerful influence on our Realities.  Turning Lead into Gold is a different issue. 

  • Today, when I Theta that Mowser be Safe, the Picture I get is that She’s quite content.
  • When I Theta that Mowser Come Home, I actually get a picture of Her casually walking through the door as if nothing has happened.

How do we interpret that?

  • When I Theta that Mowser be Safe in 3D, I get Confusion.
  • So (after Celebrating Confusion for a moment) I Tap on Confusion about Mowser.
  • Then I Theta again on Mowser’s Safety in 3D, and the picture I get is that She’s happy.

If I interpret that literally, maybe a neighbor is making Her offers She can’t Refuse.  Or of course that She’s Successfully moved to another Lifetime.  But I don’t want to give my friend false hope.

My Motives (Passion in the situation in other words) are different from my friend’s, and that could easily be influencing my Prayers.  My Conscious Motives are to Teach my friend what I Know, to Ease their Path, to do what I can to help a Magical Being (Cat) continue to Have a Good Time, and in general to reduce Suffering to the extent that it doesn’t Inhibit the Growth we all need so desperately.

I don’t use Theta to Control “Reality” per se, but more to Orient myself Relative to It.  For instance, I must have bad Car-ma, cuz when contemplating a car trip I often spontaneously visualize the worst.  So I Theta a Safe Trip and a Safe Return, and if I get a picture of myself sitting back at home, I can just drop my Anxiety.  If I don’t, then I Tap on my Anxiety, then Theta again.  If I can’t get a Clear picture of returning Safely home, then I imagine Changing my route or timing and check that out.  So I use it more as a check on the ongoing struggle between my Intuition and my Karma than to Change “what I can’t Control” (that is, what ain’t me).

So what I recommend is that my friend examine their own Motives, and their degree of Passion in each.  I would imagine that their list includes at least Mowser’s Well-Being, Avoiding Grief, and Wanting Mowser to be Free of Suffering.  Maybe a high priority is just getting Mowser back in my friend’s arms, because that gives them such Comfort. 

I Believe that we Manifest most Effectively when we’re Passionate AND Neutral.  Sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s Duality, and Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, not Dual.  When we’re Passionate and Not Neutral, we Project our Wants into situations that Look Like our Wants but aren’t, then get Disappointed when the Illusion breaks.  When we’re Neutral and Not Passionate, we don’t really care.  When we’re Passionate and Neutral, we Persevere at Striving for What We Want, and we’re constantly Attentive to Opportunities to improve the “Techniques” we use to Manifest.

Like it or not, we end up being Passionate and Neutral about our Deepest Desires, and about Resolving our T-Squares.  In both cases our Passion isn’t Optional, we’re Driven, and we eventually get to Neutrality after trying all other Options.

So I’ll Ask my friend to Review their Neutrality on each of their Motives, and Tap Out any non-Neutrality that they find.  They may also want to Theta Clarity on whether Mowser will be coming home in Her current (or most recent, in our Timeline) Lifetime.  If so, they can Theta Clarity about where to Look.  If not, they can get on with their Grief and move on to their next-best Reality.

A different friend lost their Beloved Cat, only to find themself later being Adopted by a Cat that was an obvious Reincarnation of the Original.

Wants, Mission, Compromise 9

June 24, 2018

Today’s Channeling from Daniel Scranton…

“We have a wide array of experiences in our collective past, and these experiences have informed us as to what we would think would benefit the human collective.  When we were physical beings, we traveled throughout thegalaxy, and at times outside of the galaxy, in search of new philosophies, new ways of looking at existence.  We have not stopped looking just because we no longer inhabit physical bodies, but when we were physical, we had experiences similar to what you are experiencing.

“But of course, ours were different because we have been on a different path.  Now, each of you draws from your own experiences in developing your philosophies, your approaches to life there on planet Earth, and most humans tend to cling to those philosophies.  We are talking about something here that is bigger than a belief.  We are talking about a world view or a galactic view, something that you put a tremendous amount of time, thought, and energy into.

“And it would stand to reason that if you had more experiences, or different experiences, you would develop a different worldview.  But what if you could only create experiences for yourself that fit in that worldview?  What if you were only allowing yourselves to experience that which you or someone else had experienced previously?  How could you remedy that?

“Well, the first thing to recognize is that we are all one, and the next thing that you want to take note of is that if we experience something, then so do you.  And that is true because we are all one.  Therefore, we encourage you to stretch yourselves out beyond your normal scope of what you consider to be ‘real.’  Don’t just think in terms of what you or someone else has been able to experience there on planet Earth.

“Expand out to include all beings in the galaxy, all beings in all dimensions, or even all beings in existence, and recognize that you can widen that scope.  You can allow in more experiences than you can imagine, and it is as easy as letting go of the basis for that worldview.  Anything you can imagine and so much more. That is what is available to you in this now moment.”

Karma Full Moon

May 27, 2018

We’ll hopefully have time to map this out more carefully, but I wanted to be sure we at least covered the basics…

  • The Full Moon Conjoins asteroid Karma – all of our Archetypes and Self-Sabotaging Patterns will be Lit Up for the next several weeks.
  • The Full Moon Sun Conjoins asteroid Moira – giving us the Opportunity to Choose Otherwise than our traditional Reactions to the stimuli that trigger those Archetypes.  Most of us were raised to Believe that our Karma was not our Choice.  At one time that may have been the case, but From This Moment On, Continuing to Let Your Karma Run Your Life IS Your Choice.  Deny it all you want; all you’re doing is Choosing Suffering.  Good Habit to Break, eh?
  • From This Moment On, Continuing to Let Your Karma Run Your Life IS Your Choice.  Deny it all you want; all you’re doing is Choosing Suffering.  Good Habit to Break, eh?  If you aren’t sure what this means, just Intend Otherwise.
  • The Full Moon Squares dwarf planet Nessus (which is Strengthening as it slows for a 9 June Station) – Can’t find the quote so I’ll paraphrase; Michael Pollan says in How to Change Your Mind that one of the “flight instructions” for a typical LSD or Psilocybin therapy session is “If you encounter something scary, plant your feet, look it in the Eye if it has one, and ask, ‘What have you got to teach me?’ ”  I’ve been using that on things like Physical Pain, and it immediately changes the Water.  Try it when your Abuse Memories arise, whether you recognize them as Abuse Memories or just think someone is being Unfair.
  • The Full Moon also Squares dwarf planet Orcus (which thus Opposes Nessus) – Orcus is about Making and Breaking Oaths.  All Oaths Freeze us out of the Present Moment to some degree in some circumstances.  Here we’re obviously talking about Oaths, that we made as a result of Abuse (Nessus), that became Karmic, thus Masquerading as Fate (Moira).  Be Mindful that you can Choose Otherwise.
  • Asteroid Lachesis, which is about Choosing to Cut a Self-Sabotaging Timeline Short by Choosing Otherwise, Squares the Nodes.  In other words, we can Make Choices here that Short-Circuit our Karma and instead promote our Mission.
  • The Full Moon is at 9 Degrees, and OR10 is Stationary (Exact at 7pm PDT 30 May; the Full Moon is at 7am PDT 29 May) at 5 Degrees.  Not close enough for our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity applying to Current Events, but plenty close for applying to Projects Begun Under the Influence.  By this measure OR10 joins Nessus in Squaring the Full Moon-Moira-Karma and Opposing Orcus, meaning that your Abuse Memories are likely to be In Your Face.  No matter how you’re in the Habit of Reacting or Responding to that, This Time Choose Otherwise.
  • Making this Extension of Sensitivity also puts asteroid Lachesis (Square the Nodes) Conjunct asteroid Nemesis – Ego Death.  So Choosing Otherwise might be Painful.  When you encounter Choices that seem Scary or Painful (other than Asking them What They Have to Teach You), Ask your Guides (or the Great Spirit or …) whether this is “Real” or just a Challenge to your Ego.
  • This Extension also bring the Station of Eurydike (noon PDT 27 May at 2 Libra) into the equation.  Eurydike Conjoins Atropos (Endings) and Makemake (Manifestation), Opposes Chiron, and Squares Mercury Opposite Vesta-Quaoar, meaning that we can, if we Choose to Accept it, Choose to modify our Beliefs so that they create less Pain and better support our Survival.  Remember to Poor-Sweetheart yourself if Pain arises.
  • Eurydike-Atropos-Makemake also make a Grand Trine (Great Blessings) with Sun-Moira and Mars.  With Chiron, North Node (Conjunct Aletheia/Truth), and Moon-Karma, this makes a Grand Sextile (Even Greater Blessings, but we have to take Action to kick-start the process).
  • Mars, meanwhile, Conjoins newly discovered asteroid BZ509.

We’ll write about BZ509 tomorrow.


Identity and Perspective

May 11, 2018

Here’s a great short video essay on Identity, Yintegrity, Yindependence, and Perspective…

My considerable distractions are starting to wind down, so we should be able to return to our “regularly scheduled programming” shortly.

Gauntlet VIII – Chiron

April 16, 2018

Anybody who’s “been here” a while knows that Chiron can be a Bear. 

It’s about Getting Conscious of our Wounds.  Like Saturn helping to Educate us about which Traumas are Really Going On in the Moment and which are Flushbacks, if we’re Conscious of our Wounds we can Differentiate them from new Arrows.  For Present-Moment Traumas we want to improve our Boundaries to stop or dodge the Arrows and Prevent further Harm, and for Flushbacks we want to be very Loving with ourself in order to Heal the Wounds. These are very Different Responses.

That’s a hidden benefit of using our Mirrors to fend off apparent negative Energy coming at us.  Using a Mirror is very Powerful for any situation where you’re having Difficulty being Present with yourself (or Others) and staying Grounded… 

  • When you’re talking to someone and feel insulted for instance.  Is that your Wound, or are you being Attacked?  Or both?  It takes a bit of Practice to Imagine a big Mirror, facing them, while you’re talking to someone, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too hard.  If the Mirror Changes your Feeling State almost immediately, you were being Attacked. If it doesn’t Change your Feeling State, then it may be “just” your Wound. 

Using Mirrors might seem like a silly game, but your Wound is a Hole in your Aura.  It was installed by your Programmers so they could Control you.  Being Persistent about using Mirrors like this will eventually become a Habit; you’ll start to do the Energetic Equivalent of using a Mirror, but without the Mirror, and without thinking about it.  And that’s just another way of saying that  you’ve Healed the Hole in your Aura and taken a big step toward Self-Sovereignty.

  • Another excellent Mirror situation is when you’re mind is stuck in a Helicopter Trip.  You keep going ’round and ’round, either about some Duality you can’t Decide about, or when you’re Imagining arguing with someone or justifying yourself to them.  Take the first person you think of (it may not be the same person you’re arguing with), and Imagine Mirroring them.  If the Cycling stops, you’re Golden.  If it doesn’t, try the second person that comes to mind.

For instance, one of my Programmers wanted very much for me to be a certain way.  It wasn’t a way I wanted to be.  I Mirrored them fairly often for months, maybe years.  They would “come around to the back door” when I set up the Mirror, and to find Peace I would have to use a miniature domed stadium lined with Mirrors on the outside.  Eventually it became a Habit. 

Often this is your only path toward improving your Relationship with someone who isn’t very Conscious – talking with them about it just isn’t in the realm of possibility.  My Programmer was certainly not Conscious that they were drilling a Hole in my Aura, and in the off chance that they were, would they admit it?  Unlikely.

  • Emotions are supposed to visit for a little while, then move on.  We think of Emotions as “ours,” but they aren’t really, they’re like weather, they blow in and then they blow away.  Sometimes they Resonate and we can use them; other times they feel like they came uninvited out of “left field.”  When an Emotion blows through and sticks to you like Velcro, it may be an imitation of one of your Held Emotions.

One of the principles of Emotional Healing is that it’s Impossible to Let Go of Other Peoples’ Feelings.  So if an unwelcome Emotion moves in and unpacks, use your Mirror on the first person who comes to mind, to see if you’re carrying someone else’s Emotions.  If you get almost-immediate Relief, just bring back the Mirror whenever you start to go back into that closet.  Some people are very accomplished at getting Other people to carry their Held Emotions for them.

In fact, it’s highly likely that you and I do the same.  We’re Scared Shitless of Power, so we Project our Anger (Envy really) on folks who throw Power around like it was a Frisbee.  Death of any sort is such a big Threat to our Ego that we wrap ourself in Grief whenever anyone Transitions to a New Lifetime instead of helping them Celebrate and get Grounded into their new Surroundings.  If their next Life is anything like this one, they’ll be pretty Helpless for a while, and can use all the Support we can Give them.

The Mirror will help you Distinguish your own Held Emotions from Other people’s Held Emotions.  If an unfriendly Emotion moves in to stay, and you Mirror everyone who you suspect might be Projecting it your way, all to no effect, then it’s probably one of your own Held Emotions.  Feels like a Bummer, but in fact it’s a tremendous Opportunity – our Held Emotions are Unconscious, aka Invisible to us.  When one becomes opaque, we can take steps to Heal it.

How?  Own it.  Locate it in your Body, and Love it to Death.  Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  Imagine Softening and Warming around the place where it sits in your Body.  Put your hand over where you find it in your Body, to Warm it.  If it moves, follow it.  Actually, once it moves, you’ve “won.”  Follow it anyway, just to be sure.  You might well get Images of what caused the Emotion to get stuck in the first place, but you don’t need them, and in fact if they appear they may put you in your Anal-ytical mind and distract you from Softening and Warming.

Guess what.  This is what Illness is about.  If you’re very good at Denying your Held Emotions on every other Level, they’ll come to visit on the Physical Level.  Besides, they aren’t Levels, they’re Perspectives.  It’s All One Thing, we just think it’s Different because we’re seeing it from a Different Angle.  So you may not begin with a Held Emotion, you may begin with a Toothache or any Pain or Physical Discomfort, or even Diagnosis if you’re in the Habit of Delegating care and feeding of your Physical Vehicle to the Medical Cartel.

Deal with Physical Pain and Discomfort the same way – Locate it in your Body, and Love it to Death.  Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  Imagine Softening and Warming around the place where it sits in your Body.  Put your hand over where you find it in your Body, to Warm it.  If it moves, follow it.  Actually, once it moves, you’ve “won.”  Follow it anyway, just to be sure. 

And anybody who’s “been here” a while knows that we always recommend “Poor-Sweethearting” ourself whenever Chiron is Lit Up, and at any other time when you aren’t totally Pleased with your internal or external Circumstances.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling [Insulted] [Invaded] [Confused] [Sick] [Pain], aren’t you.”

We bring all this up because after seven years in Pisces, Chiron is moving into Aries (1am PDT 17 April).  Emotions don’t go away when Pisces goes away, though they get less Prominent.  And there are plenty of other planets still in Pisces; for instance Confusion/Neptune will be there till 2026, and Abuse/Nessus till 2034.  So you’ll have plenty of Opportunities yet to Practice your Mirroring and Poor-Sweethearting Skills.

As for Chiron, rather than the Emotional Crises we’ve been Enduring since 2011, we’ll be Experiencing Spiritual Crises till Chiron moves into Taurus in 2027, then we’ll be Enjoying Material Crises for a while.  So our Practice with Emotions will serve us well while we’re doing “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling like God has Abandoned you, aren’t you” or “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling like the Planet is Failing, don’t you.”

If course, long before then we’ll have enfolded all these Healing techniques into automatic Habits, and firing them off so fast we won’t even be Aware that we’re doing it.  Right?

Ostara Bunny

April 1, 2018

Here’s a great white chocolate Easter Bunny…



Busy Week and Weekend

March 30, 2018

Based on how many folks are checking the Astrobuss home page, it appears that everyone is either doing fine, super busy putting out fires, or enjoying their long weekend looking for lost Eggs.  Just in case anyone’s still looking to put their Experience of the past week into Perspective, let’s review the Timeline.  The greater your Sensitivity, the earlier you’ll start to Experience these astroevents…

  • Around 20 March to 27 March (till 2pm PST 27 March or thereabouts), Forbidden Genius is Strong (Station of dwarf planet Ixion on the Galactic Center at 28 Sagittarius); see the recent Genius Forbidden posts.
  • Around 22 March to 29 March (till 9pm PST 29 March or thereabouts), Our Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong is Lit Up (Station of dwarf planet Pholus at 2 Capricorn); see the recent Capricorn posts, and below.
  • Around 25 March to 1 April (till 3pm PST 1 April or thereabouts), Our Survival Instincts are Strong (Station of dwarf planet Quaoar at 3 Capricorn); see the recent Capricorn posts, and below.
  • About 29 March through 15 April and beyond (peak 4:30 am PST 31 March), Paradox (Yin Gate) Full Moon in 11 Libra; see previous post.

Strong Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong – Station of Dwarf Planet Pholus (a week or so prior to 9pm PST 29 March)…

The first thing we need to know about Responsibility is that it’s very Different from Blame.  Blame looks backward to Assign Fault, while Responsibility looks forward to Improve Outcomes; it means the Ability to Respond Constructively, rather than React Defensively.  The Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong is the Emotion that informs us that there is something which is not yet within our Conscious Span of Awareness, that we need to Respond to.

The Mythic Pholus got burned (got Dead, actually) because he was Unconscious of the full extent of his Responsibility to Protect Sacred Wine from his house guest Heracles, who assumed that Pholus’s cave was an open bar.  Heracles was on a Mission to decimate what was then the Olde Order, the Matriarchy and its Magic Protocols, and, apparently Unconsciously, he triggered the decimation of the Centaur population by helping himself to the Wine.  Pholus, Hylonome, and others were killed, and Chiron wounded in this debacle.

The Bottom Line is that we have Responsibilities (places where we need to Respond in order to improve Future Outcomes) of which we may not yet be fully Conscious.  That Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong tells us to Pay Attention to our Intuition, and PIAVA an effective interpretation for what we’re Feeling.  We can even try “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling Confused, aren’t you.”

For instance, I woke up in Anxiety on 29 March, and my usual sandwich of Theta and Tapping did not Resolve it.  I asked someone else what their Intuition was telling them, which did not validate how I was interpreting my Anxiety.  Finally, in the shower (running Water always facilitates Intuition), I realized that my Body was telling me to take it easy, as I had Worked my Muscles to failure the previous day, and if I Worked as hard that day I would Injure myself.

The Pholus Station chart features a Difficult Problem with an Easy Solution (a Diamond Star – a T-Square and a Finger of God pointing to the same planet).  The Difficult Problem here is how to Be More Responsive to Our Survival Instincts (Pholus and Quaoar Stationary at the same time, both on the Cusp of Capricorn).  The Difficulty is compounded by that Paradox, discussed below, between What-We-Want and What-We-Can-Manifest (Makemake Opposite Chiron).

The Graces coming to our Rescue (the “Bowl of Grace” or Trine-Sextiles under the T-Square in a Diamond Square) are Boundaries (Pallas) and Memories of the Life Force (Mnemosyne-Varuna).  We might have Memories of the Age of Aries, for instance, when the Creation of Physical Miracles by Heroes were routine.

There are also flies in the ointment, however, first in the form of Friction between our historical Oaths which have become Beliefs, and our Willingness to draw Appropriate Boundaries (Orcus Square Pallas).  Codependence may inhibit our Self-Sovereignty, for instance.  And second, Conflict between what we regard as our Soul’s Values (which may not be current to our Soul’s Evolution) and our Memories of the Life Force (Venus-Uranus Square Mnemosyne-Varuna).  “I’ll do Anything for Love, but I won’t do that!”

Strong Survival Instincts – Station of Dwarf Planet Quaoar (a week or so prior to 3pm PST 1 April)…

This is a very complex chart, but one of its major features is a Paradox School (Yin Gate) featuring the interplay between our Unhealed Held Emotions (Chiron) and our Ability to Manifest (Makemake; the central axis of the Yin Gate is the Opposition between these two).  Neither Healing Held Emotions nor Manifesting are straightforward objects that can be Analyzed Rationally.  We can make Progress on both fronts by PIAVAing, but not with Logic. 

Here our Power lies in recognizing that we Live in two very persistent and apparently incompatible Realities – on one hand We-Want-What-We-Want, and on the other hand It-Is-What-It-Is.  One way to deal with this Paradox is to extend your Arms out to your Sides with your Palms up.  Take a few minutes to assemble a good picture of What-You-Want in one Hand.  Then take a few minutes to assemble an honest picture of It-Is-What-It-Is in your other Hand.  Practice feeling both of them at once, and feeling how they’re Separate from each other and perhaps prohibit one another.

Now close your Eyes and very slowly bring your Hands closer together.  The instant you feel Resistance, stop and sit with the Resistance.  Feel how that feels.  No Analysis, no Conclusions, just Feel it.  If you get Insights, fine, but don’t get lost in them.  Just Hear or See them, then Let Them Go.  Then continue slowly bringing your Hands together.

When your Hands feel about halfway together, Recognize that in order for these two Realities to coexist, we must Allow Paradox.  If you’re able to do that, Resistance may Dissolve.  If Resistance doesn’t Melt Away, Reconsider what Paradox means to you.  You may need to study definitions of Paradox.  When your Hands come together, Notice which Hand ends up on top.

The four corners of the Golden Rectangle that holds the Yin Gate Paradox are Soul (Uranus) Dancing with (Opposite) Rebirth of the Goddess (Moon-Haumea), and Truth (Veritas) Arguing with (Opposite) your Committed Beliefs (Orcus).  Are you Willing to Allow your Soul to be Born into your Ego?  What will you have to Give Up to Allow that?  Can you Accept that some of your Committed Beliefs – some of the Oaths that you have Sworn – are Anti-Truth?  Are you Willing to endure the consequences of Recanting those Oaths?  (Hint: PIAVA that you Let Them Go Lovingly and Gently.)