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Saturn Station

August 21, 2017

Saturn represents The Most Important Thing.  When Saturn is Lit Up, as it is now because it’s Stationary this week, Guilt often arises about what we are or aren’t doing.  We may actually be Attending to The Most Important Thing, but our Yangtegrity (our Desire to Do What We Said We Would Do When We Said We Would Do It) is making us Feel Guilty because The Most Important Thing is not on the Schedule.  Or, we may Feel Guilty or Anxious or “Off” because we aren’t Attending to the Most Important Thing, and deep down we know we should be.

Fear often accompanies this Dance, because if we are Attending to The Most Important Thing, we’re Afraid that our internal Yangtegrity or our external Puppet-Masters will Punish us.  It’s the Heart, not the mind, that tells us what The Most Important Thing is, moment to moment, and if we aren’t Listening to the Heart, we’re likely to be Feeling either Fear or Grief about how we aren’t Paying Attention to What We Took This Lifetime For.

While Fear might usually help us know whether or not we’re Attending to The Most Important Thing, it won’t help us find out what it is, because Fear is the Absence of Love, and we need Love to find The Most Important Thing.  This week is more Complicated, because dwarf planet Sedna, which symbolizes Fear, is also Stationary and Lit Up.  So this week, it may behoove us to just PIAVA it.  “Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Attending to The Most Important Thing, Moment to Moment, this week.”  Or something like that.

Failing at Priority Number One is a Serious blow to our Self-Esteem, so much so that we often don’t Risk it, so we won’t be Vulnerable to such a Profound Failure.  This Hesitation could be tied up with our Forbidden Genius this week, since Saturn still Conjoins dwarf planet Ixion, which represents our Abandoned Genius. 

Many of us have also been told many times not to “put all our Eggs in one basket,” so we like to keep Options and Fallbacks and Alternatives in the stable.  We may be Afraid to Let Go of these in order to Focus on The Most Important Thing, even if we know what it is.  Priorities two through ninety-nine keep the Ego Feeling Safe.

When Saturn is Lit Up, Do Focus on The Most Important Thing.  All of those Options and Fallbacks and Alternatives will take care of themselves for a while, and when Saturn Cools Off next week, you can go back to them.  They’ll act like you were never gone. 

If you don’t know what The Most Important Thing is, PIAVA to know it.  There’s One Most Important Thing that spans your entire Lifetime, but it’s always Transmuting itself as the Universe Changes, and as you Successfully Attend to some segment of it.  So it’s another Paradox – a Constant that’s always Changing.  You need your Intuition and your Instincts to keep track of it.  If you try to cage it with Certainty or with too many words, it’ll slip out of your hands like a Fish.

Since Saturn’s hanging out with Ixion, you could even PIAVA “God/Goddess, Please Lovingly and Gently Introduce me to my Forbidden Genius.”  Since She’s Forbidden, be sure to include “Lovingly and Gently.”

Saturn and Fear

April 7, 2017

While Saturn (The Most Important Thing) is past it’s Exact Station, it’s Still Stationary.  It remains within one Degree of its Exact Station till 11 May.  One Degree is a fairly conservative measure of Sensitivity.  The impact of an event like a Saturn Station will fade because other astroevents become more prominent before it fades because it loses Sensitivity.  And we have many astroevents in the queue.

However, even though an astroevent like a Saturn Station can fade into background noise, that doesn’t mean it goes away.  We’ve often said, though I don’t think we have lately, that the impact of an astroevent builds in Power till the moment it’s Exact, then falls off rapidly.  So once we passed 10pm PDT on 5 April, The Most Important Thing began to seem less important.

However, that rapid falloff after an astroevent is Conditional.  It depends on what we’re thinking and doing.  If we are Conscious and Paying Attention to the event, an astroevent will indeed disappear after its Climax.  

But if we Focused (Focus is another way to interpret Saturn) on our Fears instead, we could have made Decisions or initiated Actions that cemented those Fears in place.  That will extend the impact of the astroevent, potentially for Lifetimes.  This is how Karma is created.

We associate Saturn with Fear because Saturn demands that we Focus on The Most Important Thing.  Well, if we “fail” at The Most Important Thing, that can be Felt as a big hit to the Ego.  So we try to keep up our secondary priorities, as fallbacks, should #1 not do so well.  When Saturn is Lit Up, all secondary priorities will take care of themselves, and can be safely ignored.  They’ll be waiting for us after Saturn cools off.  But we may not Trust that.

Suppose our Most Important Thing is Healing, but we’re scared that we’ll run out of Money.  So while Saturn is Stationary we accept a job that will – as many jobs do – retard our Healing instead.  Not only have we missed the Opportunities for Healing that Saturn’s Focus would have Gifted to us, but we’ve backtracked and increased the Healing we’ll need in the Future.

I believe that’s why Michael Roads emphasized Fear in a recent “365 Steps” email…

“For most people, various fears are part of our everyday life.  Some fears we can live with, some we can laugh at, some we can bypass, but our more powerful fears crack the whip that ruthlessly controls our lives.  Living with courage means acknowledging our fears, even accepting them, but not allowing the fears to limit, restrict, or contain our life.  It is a Truth that every fear is false.  If you face your fear, totally confronting it, you will find it is without any power.  Fear is an impostor.  Do not let fear indefinitely impose its false illusions over you.  Choose Love!”

Daniel Scranton also Channeled related material…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“When you have an experience in your life that takes you to the edge of your ability to process, that is when you know you are making a giant leap forward in your evolution. It is often through the most painful experiences, the most challenging circumstances, and the most heart wrenching moments that you take your biggest steps forward.

“Now, as you consider these moments in your lives, you often feel like you are drowning in them, like you have mis-created, or like you are a victim of some sort. But if you were to take yourselves out of the details of the experience you are having and shift your perspective on it, seeing it as an opportunity to make a giant leap forward, you would transform the experience, and you would transform the circumstances immediately.

“You don’t have to change anything about what you are experiencing in order for you to move through it with ease and grace. You just need to see it for what it is. It is an opportunity, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to become more of who you are. And it is always your creation, which means you have given yourself the perfect opportunity, the perfect catalyst to springboard you to the next level of your evolution.”

And by the way, I’ve had many people tell me that they aren’t interested in “Ascension,” either because they “Love this Planet” or because they “Want to Stay and Help,” Boddhisattvas that they are.

Suzanne Lie has an interesting comment in her latest Channeling…

“We begin our communication by asking you to remember that ascension is ‘leaving time.’  So if we try to put a ‘time marker’ on moving beyond time, we are limiting our consciousness to third/fourth dimensional thinking.” 

When she says “leaving time” she doesn’t mean “time to leave” the Planet.  She means that one of the hallmarks of Ascension is that we are no longer hypnotized by Linear Time, but we are Able and Willing to fully Live in the Infinite Now.  When we do that we can be anywhere and everywhere; it’s not about Leaving the Planet.

I understand your Confusion; until I read Michael Roads’s recent books I had no idea what anyone meant when the talked about “Ascension” – to my knowledge it was all rhetoric.  And I read a lot.  

I’ve often talked though about replacing Competition and Avarice with Collaboration and Abundance (the latter meaning “Having Enough to Share”).  Genia Haddon’s picture or the Yang Feminine that she expects will follow the demise of the Patriarchy echos this, and adds details (eg, her book Body Metaphors).  Michael Roads writes about just that as “Ascension,” and adds a lot more details (eg, Through the Eyes of Love Book Three).

As JFK would have put it, “Ich bin ein Arcturian.”  I’ll leave it up to you to Channel the appropriate pastry.

Sautern II

April 5, 2017

Your Personal or “Personal” The-Most-Important-Thing (TMIT) can be defined by What You’ve Been Drawn to, or by What You’ve Been Resisting Most Strongly.  If you haven’t been Embracing your Forbidden Genius, or if you’ve been Avoiding Pain rather than Embracing it as a Teaching, you may still be Resisting your Most Important Thing.  

If the last few days have felt Positive, you’re probably in touch with your TMIT.  If it’s Felt Challenging, you may be in Resistance to your TMIT.  During Saturn’s Retrogradation, across 28-22 Sagittarius, it Dances with Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and with Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius).

Saturn was Initiated by Ixion in mid-February.  It revisits in early June, and again at the end of October.  We call the mid-February event a “Can-Opener” because the first event in a series usually introduces us to something which is arising into Consciousness and Disrupts our established Identity.  We’ll Learn a lot more about that Energy in June, and by October we’ll probably be quite Comfortable with it.

Saturn Squared (Mastery through Challenge) Chiron first in late December.  Any Unfinished Business you retain from that Experience will be rehashed in late April.  By early November you’ll be a pro with it.  

Late October and early November will be a particularly In-teresting Time, as Bugs would put it.  Saturn, Chiron, and Ixion will be having a Menage a Trois; it’s a good thing it’s the third event of three rather than a Can-Opener.

They’re joined by Haumea, Chaos, Uranus, and Eris to reconstitute our longstanding Golden Rectangle, and Mercury will Oppose Sedna to recreate another chapter of our Fear Yin Gate.

Saturn also represents the Father and Power-Over.  It’s interesting that the last two nights, as I’ve overheard the evening Soaps from the TV in the next room, Primacy of the Father has been a recurring theme – even among the TV Mothers, both as Masters of Power-Over.  The Females, meanwhile, have been particularly hysterical.  I’m sure it’s “just a coincidence.”

Plus, the likelihood of WWIII much increased today, giving the Fathers a fabulous opportunity to add reasons for extending the Patriarchy among the Sheople.

Sautern I

April 5, 2017

By now it should be abundantly Clear what The Most Important Thing in your Life is at this Time, as at 10pm PDT, in a couple of hours, Saturn reverses course to recross the Libra snd Virgo Duads of Sagittarius.

A Duad is two and a half degrees, or one twelfth of a Sign.

Of course Saturn begins this Reconsideration from smack dab on the Galactic Center, so most of what you’re Focused Upon is probably not Personal, but Galactic.  Think about that; sure, you Experience it as though it is Personal, but if it has a lot in common with what other people are Experiencing, is it Really Personal?

It makes a difference.  If you were the only unemployed person in town, for instance, you might start looking for a job or start a business.  But if two thirds of the folks in your town were unemployed, you’d probably Realize that what you need to do is to help increase Community, Self-Sufficiency, and Resilience.  Even if you’re unemployed “by choice,” is it because you’re the only one in town with the Guts and Pespective to Opt Out of an economic regime that serves only a very few, at the expense of the very many?

Conveniently, the Virgo and Libra Duads of Sagittarius are about Breaking Down the Ego so it can Meet Other.  Well, not many things are more “Other” than The Impersonal.  We usually think of Other as “Other People,” but you can also think of it as “Other than the Individual Ego.”  Community is a big part of Other.  You can see Community as your friends (FB or Real), your town, your country, your Species, your Galaxy, or Consciousness in General, including the Critters, the Plants, the Rocks, and the Stars.

Sagittarius as a whole is about Letting Go, and of course Saturn is about The Most Important Thing.  So we can say, without exaggeration or understatement, that The Most Important Thing These Days Is to Let Go of Our Old Notions about What’s Me and What’s Not.  That’s a very big assignment, with an almost infinite number of subcategories to choose from.  Think back over the last couple of days – which subcategory has been foremost in your Experience?

The Most Important Thing

April 1, 2017

We’re now in the realm of Saturn, which symbolizes The Most Important Thing.  In the last two weeks we’ve gone through Stations (Power Surges) of dwarf planet Ixion (Hidden Genius), asteroid Sappho (Self-Love), Centaur Pholus (Responsibility), dwarf planet Quaoar (Survival Instincts), and asteroid Eurydike (Trust).

A “Centaur” is a dwarf planet or asteroid with an irregular orbit between Saturn and Neptune.

Consequently, we are Graced with a new and unpracticed Level of Skill around Trusting ourself to Take Greater Responsibility for What We Are Creating.  A Spiritual Truth is a proposition that is found in one form or another in the Esoteric Arms (as opposed to the Political Arms) of all or most of the Planet’s historical religions and philosophies.  We stretch our Consciousness by taking a Spiritual Truth and Asking ourself…

“Well, if that’s True, then what does that say about the accuracy, relevance, and scope of my day-to-day thinking?”

For instance, one of the more basic Spiritual Truths is “We Are All One.”  So, how often does my thinking reflect that Truth?  

We could also ask, How often does my Behavior reflect that Truth, since Behavior often follows much deeper roots than thinking.  However, just as an exercise, let’s start with thinking, because once we find errant thinking, it can help us become Conscious of errant Behaviors.

We have to be very careful to distinguish the Spiritual from the Moral.  Morality is about Either/Or Judgments; Spirituality is about Both/And Tolerance.  So when we’re talking about “errant” Behaviors, it’s not about Blame or Judgment, but about Taking Responsibility to improve Future Outcomes.

On a “higher” level, we need to realize that Reality abounds in Paradox.  That’s another thing that the Universe has been giving us a lot of Intensives about lately with all of our Yin Gates – Paradox.  On the Moral or Logical level, for instance, if Killing is Bad, and Animals Kill, then Animals must be Bad.  Which is rather ridiculous.  We can Realize that this is just a Judgment, or we can call it a Paradox.

Let’s look at the Spiritual Truth, “We Create Our Own Reality.”  How often does our thinking Operate on this Level?  When our Survival Instincts urge us in a particular direction, are we thinking about Avoiding something We Don’t Want, or are we thinking about Creating Something that We Do Want?  Are we thinking, “I Wish that…” or “If only thisorthat didn’t Limit me…” or “Wouldn’t it be great if…” or “I Wonder how I’ll get from here to…” or “What Would It Feel Like In My Body if…”?

Dan Scranton has some relevant coaching for us at…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“Greetings.  We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“There is only your creation and what you decide to do with it.  You have at your disposal a tremendous amount of creative energy, and you utilize but a fraction of it.  This lack of accessing the creative energy that is available to you stems from your willingness to play a smaller version of this game.

“When you refuse to go beyond your capacity to think and believe what is possible, you limit yourselves and you limit your access to the creative energy that is always flowing to you and through you.  When you fully embrace the creative lifeforce energy that you truly are, you will have much more available to you to work with.  And then you can create on a much bigger scale.

“We see all of you wanting to create a better world, not just for yourselves, but for all beings on planet Earth.  And we know that you are capable of accessing the creative lifeforce energy to exist in that world, but your thoughts and your beliefs often get in the way.  Therefore, we suggest that you create outside of thought and outside of belief.

“We suggest that you work with energy that you can feel, energy that you can tap into, and energy that you can use to create your reality.  When you create, when you are in that process, let go of preconceived notions about what is possible, and exist purely in the realm of infinite possibilities.  Demonstrate to yourselves how powerful you are by accessing the energy at the core of your being-ness, and let it show you just how powerful you are.

“When you attempt to create with the known, with what the mind can perceive, you limit yourselves.  When you access creative lifeforce energy by focusing on who you really are, you can create anything, you can experience anything, and you can become anything.  Accessing this energy is as easy as reminding yourselves of who you really are and feeling for it within yourselves, within the palms of your hands, and within the core of your being-ness.

“Once you do, you can relax and know that the energy you are accessing is absolutely going to go where you want it to.  You can relax into the knowing that in that moment you are creating precisely what you want, even if it goes beyond what your minds are capable of perceiving.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Is there anything about this that’s unclear?  I doubt that there are any of us who don’t want to see the World Change.  If that’s the case, then maybe The Most Important Thing this week is that we practice our new Skills around Trusting ourself to Take Greater Responsibility for What We Are Creating.  Saturn’s Power Surge continues to amp up until 10pm PDT on 5 April.

Next Up: Responsibility

March 26, 2017

As we said earlier, both of the last two weeks of March are Heavy.  We’ve already introduced the 3/27 New Moon, at…

Our next big Adventure is about Responsibility, as dwarf planet and Centaur Pholus Stands Still at 1am PDT 28 March, five hours after the New Moon.  A planet is at its Strongest when it Stands Still, and the New Moon will stretch Pholus-Stationary Energy over several weeks afterward.

I doubt that we can explain the difference between Blame and Responsibility too often.  In a Nutshell, Blame looks backward to Assign Cause, while Responsibility looks forward to Change Outcomes.  Yes, there may be some backward-looking to seek potential levers to facilitate Future Change, but it will be incidental.  

Blame is a Universe unto itself, a Closed System.  Like Cause and Effect, when you’re inside the Bubble, you can’t see out of it.  People who can’t see beyond the opaque Wall of Blame often misinterpret the need for Responsibility as “New Age Guilt,” especially as it applies to dis-ease.  Taking Responsibility for our own Health has nothing to do with who or what causes dis-ease.  It has to do with what we do about it in the Future.

In the Greek Iconography, Pholus met his demise as a result of failing to Attend to what was in retrospect The Most Important Thing, and for taking only partial Responsibility for it.  So when we look into the Unconscious for parallels to Pholus what do we find?  While it may be Conscious Disregard, it’s more often Lack of Awareness itself.

If my Bones ache from eating Gluten two days earlier, it may not be easy to make the Connection.  If my sinuses flush from eating Sugar, will I believe I’m coming down with a cold and, through my thoughts and Emotional response, actually Create a cold?  It’s not like there are ever any shortages of cold germs – it’s my Vulnerability that can make the difference, including my Emotional Vulnerability.

With an Infinity of factors to Take Responsibility for, how do we Discover or Decide which ones to Pay Attention to, and which ones are The Most Important – especially since becoming Conscious of an Infinity of factors sounds impossible?  We hone our Intuition; it’s the only tool we have that can cover the waterfront.  

Long ago when I studied Time Management, the bottom line was that it was necessary to always have a handle on, and Attend to, The Most Important Thing.  What they didn’t Teach, but what was obvious to me, was that in order to know what The Most Important Thing is, we need to keep our Intuition sharp.  And in order to sense any relevant Intuition, we’d need to be Relaxed.  So it turns out that The Most Important Thing is to be Relaxed.

For which PIAVA is well suited – if we Trust it.  “The Gods” don’t appreciate it if we PIAVA the same thing over and over again without first Changing the Subject, Paying Attention, and adjusting our PIAVA accordingly.  So Trusting that our PIAVAs are in the right queue is important.  Luckily, asteroid Eurydike, which symbolizes Trust, Stands Still at 2am PDT on 1 April (no foolin’), so we get good practice here.

So with Pholus Standing Still our best bet may be to PIAVA something on the order of…

“Great Spirit, please Grant me Clarity around The Most Important Thing I need to Take Responsibility for, and Help me know how to do it best.”

“I Wonder how I might Always Pay Attention to my Intuition and Take Full Responsibility for Acting accordingly.”

On 31 March (2am PDT), dwarf planet Quaoar Stands Still.  Pholus and Quaoar have been traveling together for a long time, and their Stations have been near-simultaneous, and near to the Galactic Center.  Quaoar is about our Survival Guidance.  When the World is Stable, Survival Guidance comes from the Ancestors.  When the World is Changing Rapidly, as it is now, we also need our Intuition.

We’re also aided here by Saturn, which in turn Stands Still on 5 April (10pm PDT).  That’s more than a week away, with two other Stations in between, so normally we’d keep our focus on the near term.  But Saturn is actually Stationary as we speak, within two arcminutes of its ultimate Station.  I have no doubt that this is why we’ve been called to talk a lot about The Most Important Thing, which is Saturn’s Mantra.

We don’t like to Abandon our Secondary Priorities, because they’re our Fallbacks should our First Priority encounter difficulty.  But when Saturn is Lit Up, the message is that our Backup Priorities will Take Care of Themselves for a while, so we don’t need to worry about putting them on the back shelf – they’ll be waiting for us when we get around to picking them up again.

So this week the program tells us that The Most Important Thing is to Trust that all Prayers are answered while we PIAVA to have our Intuition working flawlessly to keep us Informed about what we need to Take Full Responsibility For in order to ensure our Survival, and how to accomplish exactly that.

Now, bear in mind (it’s part of PIAVA actually) that when we are ready to Receive, the Universe gives us exactly what we Need.  When we aren’t ready to Receive, the Universe gives us Information about Why We Aren’t Ready.  So yes, we Trust our PIAVAs, but when they don’t seem to “deliver,” we Take Full Responsibility for Paying Attention to see what they did deliver, because whatever that was, it contains the Information we need to adjust our PIAVA so we Ask for what we are ready to Receive.

Theta Healing is particularly good at this, because it can provide instant feedback, so we don’t need to wait a day or so after Changing the Subject, before we Pay Attention.  A Theta Healing might be…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Receive Clarity around The Most Important Thing I need to Take Responsibility For, and how to do exactly that.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You!  [Breathe]  Show me!”

When you Command “Show Me!” you should See the Clarity being “Delivered” – or, you may Feel it or Know it or Hear it, or Automatic-Write it – whatever Channel your Intuition works best in.  Or, you’ll See or Feel what else you need to add to your PIAVA.  For instance, you might Feel a sense of Inadequacy, and need to modify your PIAVA to something like…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I am Worthy of Receiving Clarity around The Most Important Thing I need to Take Responsibility For and how to do exactly that, and that I Receive it.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You!  [Breathe]  Show me!”

January Week 3 End – Big Doin’s

January 19, 2017

Whew, made it through the Ixion-Juno Initiation last night, but not without Tapping and Thetaing and Poor-Sweethearting for most of the night.  Our next Big Event is a Station of dwarf planet Haumea, 4am PST 22 January.  Haumea is Pele’s daughter, symbolizing Rebirth – by Fire!  It’s been within one Degree of Sensitivity to this Station since early November, so it’s a big part of what we’ve been Experiencing, as we’ve been trying to get as many of our Unconscious Masters (Archetypes, Karma, and Unfinished Business, O My) wrestled to the Ground so we can get Reborn as Cleanly as possible.

Now that “everything else” Big has gone under the bridge, the Rebirth part takes Center Stage.  Well, almost.  The Reality Show is still about

Bringing our Unconscious Fears Up Into Our Awareness in Order to Reclaim our Self-Sovereignty

for another week or so.  So this Rebirth is kind of a Mid-term in some ways.

By 1 February we’re firmly engaged in Rebuilding a New Timeline or Ego-Lifetime that’s based on Self-Love.

So a Laser Focus on Noticing any Self-Judgment for the next 7-10 days will pay big dividends.

Self-Judgment includes any Values you have that are Moral, or based on Either/Ors.  As Alan Watts informed us,

It’s Harder to Let Go of Good Karma than it is to Let Go of Bad Karma.

And we need to jettison both if we’re going to be able to approximate Self-Love.

Our Self-Love needs to be Unconditional.

It’s more than fine to have Standards of Behavior, and above all to treat the other Sentient Beings around us with Respect.  But our Self-Love needs to be Unconditional.

If we betray our own Standards of Behavior, or fail to treat the other Sentient Beings around us with Respect, we Make Amends and move on.  If we’re in the Habit of indulging Guilt or Remorse or the like (or having a big Reaction when others fail to treat us with Respect, which is just a Mirror for our own Lack of Self-Love), then we need to Change that Habit to Tapping it Out asap so we can get on with the Critically Important Work we’re doing Rebirthing the Planet one Psyche at a time (our own).  What was that Meditation threshold that squelched Crime?  One Percent of the Neighbors Meditating?

There’s a Catch here.  Two days after Haumea’s Station, asteroid Hopi Stations.  Hopi is about Respect for all Things.  Those Sentient Beings we have to Respect?  They don’t just include folks who look like you (regardless of Color).  They include Critters and Plants and Rocks and Dirt and Planets and Stars and anything that your mind is able to Separate from the Background Noise and assign a word to.  Oh, and the Background Noise is Sentient too, especially the Background Noise.  That’s the Unconscious, Master over most of our Behavior, thought, Emotion, and even our Physiology.

So we can say that again now, with the context more clear: It’s more than fine to have Standards of Behavior, and above all to treat the other Sentient Beings around us with Respect.

But our Self-Love needs to be Unconditional.  How will we every Learn to Love our Pathological Genius otherwise?

Saturn, The Most Important Thing, is only three weeks and less than two Degrees away from being Initiated by Ixion, our Forbidden Genius.  

Meanwhile, the Great Amplifier Jupiter is only two weeks and a third of a Degree shy of its Station, and less than two Degrees from Haumea.  In other words this isn’t any ordinary Molt of our Identity exoskeleton (Haumea is Stationary twice a year after all), but a Big Rebirth.  And you might notice that Sedna, our Emissary of Fear as a Gift Reminder to Embrace ourself, is Stationary along with Jupiter.

So we have a Choice here.  We can be Reborn into Big Fear, or we can be Reborn into Big Love.  We Choose the latter by hunting down our Unconscious Fear with a Searching and Fearless Inventory, then Loving our Fear into Submission.

It’s a safe bet that most or all of our Judgments have their roots embedded deep in Fear.  So if you aren’t Scared this week and next, start Examining your Judgments.  What Unconscious Fears stand behind those?  That includes our “positive” Moral Judgments – “I’m Good because I…” – what Fears stand behind those?  What would happen if you chose Yintegrity  or Self-Trust instead of “Good”?

This is what we took Birth for, and why the Planet is so overpopulated with Beings wanting in on the Action.

In case you’ve lost the bigger plot, Jupiter-Haumea is one corner of the Forbidden-Genius-Recovery Golden Rectangle that encloses our Sedna-Lilith Recovering-Self-Sovereignty-by-Embracing-our-Fear Yin Gate, which is about to morph into a Building-a-New-Lifetime-Based-on-Self-Love Yin Gate.  And of course the huge Yintegrity work we’ve been doing since Time As We Know It Ended in 2012, is another corner of the Golden Rectangle.

19 January 1am PST Ixion Initiates Juno Sadge 26
      2am PST Mars WAxing Square Saturn Pisces-Sagittarius 24

22 January 4am PST Haumea Stationary Retrograde Libra 25

24 January noon PST Hopi Stationary Retrograde Libra 13
      11pm PST Chiron Initiates Venus Pisces 22-3

25 January 2am PST Veritas Stationary Direct Gemini 10

26 January: Moon on Pluto T-Squaring Jupiter and Uranus, 1am-11am PST (Moon on Pluto 1am PST, Moon Square Uranus 7am PST, Moon Square Jupiter 11am PST)

27 January: Sappho Conjunct Klotho Scorpio 22 Opposite Sedna-Aletheia in the Yin Gate, with Sedna Stationary
      Quaoar Enters Capricorn
      New Moon 4pm Aquarius 9

30 January: Venus Enters Shadow Period Pisces 27

1 February: Neptune Initiates Pallas Pisces 11

6 February: Jupiter Stationary Retrograde Conjunct Haumea Libra 24
      Sedna Stationary Direct Taurus 26

15 February: Ixion Initiates Saturn Sagittarius 26


August 8, 2016

As we’ve often said, we like to collect Perspectives.  The more the merrier.  A Fundamentalist, whether in religion, science, ego, politics, or idiocy, is someone who Believes that their own Metaphors are literally True.  We’re Fundamentalist in our Belief that the Universe is bigger than intellect, so we Believe that everything we “know” is metaphor.  We often see folks, especially in science, who seem to Believe that the Universe is a subset of their intellect.  

Others seem to Believe that the Universe is a subset of their Emotions.  Certainly the Universe is about Consciousness, but I’m not sure that the Universe is a subset of Consciousness, it could be the other way around, or they could easily have some other sort of Relationship.  The Bottom Line is that it behooves us to examine our Beliefs.

One Belief I’m pretty sure about, is that there is no inherent value in the Negative.  It’s the Lemonade Principle – if you’re stuck in the Negative, Change your Perspective.  A minor corollary of Chiron, with its Despair and Miracles.  Especially if you’re talking about people or events.  There is only one reason to interpret people or events negatively, and that is to manipulate someone or yourself.

Pity parents, religions, and other Political instititions.  For their own psychological and often material well-being, they need to Control their kids and followers to at least some extent.  Depending on the kid and the Emotional maturity of the parents or group, often Manipulation is their only hope.  It’s usually the easiest tool to use, and heing handed down from generation to generation, it seems reliable.

So if we’re looking for a personality zit to make someone feel Guilty or Sad or Contrite, Saturn is often the easiest “fault” to grab.  We all know the Control Freaks who know what’s inherently good and bad, and don’t hesitate to instruct you on how to conform to their notion of good.      Do we see them as Negative, or simply overzealous at practicing a very useful Skill?  Probably depends on how strong our own Uranus is.

Here’s a fun example…

Julie Henderson has a fabulous book on Expansion (Jupiter) and Contraction (Saturn) and the value of each, called The Lover Within: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice, though it’s incredibly useful for Practicing far more than that.  She also introduces Compression, as distinct from Contraction.  Highly recommended.

The Most Important Thing I’ve ever learned about Saturn is that is symbolizes The Most Important Thing.  When Saturn is Strong, as it is this week…

Saturn is Stationary this week, turning Direct at 10 Sagittarius on 13 August.  The Sabian Symbol for 10 Sadge may help you remember what it was that you ran out of Patience for last 25 December: “The theatrical representation of a golden-haired Goddess of Opportunity.”  Something Contrived, maybe, or something Wasteful, some Future source of Lemonade?

Saturn asks us to Focus on The Most Important Thing, and let all of the Other Things slide for a while.  That’s scary because the Other Things help us Feel Safe.  It’s very Risky to put all of our eggs into The Most Important Thing – if it fails we may really need to Change our Perspective, to rescue ourself from a serious Ego Death!

So, what Metaphors do we “know” about this astroevent and by extension this week?

  • (1) It’s about Letting Go of something we’ve been holding on to.  Maybe something Contrived, Wasteful, or a Future source of Lemonade.
  • (2) We’re used to thinking of Saturn as having crisp Edges and Defined Boundaries.  But this Saturn Station is a little different.  Have you noticed more things moving out of the corner of your eye, and there’s “nothing” there when you look in that direction?  How about the Spiders.  What’s being Defined here is that the Veil is thinning yet more.  Spider Grandmother weaves the Web of Reality, and She’s busy making adjustments.  More about this later.

   Just sayin’.

  • (3) Some of our Values are Truth in our Heart.  Those won’t Change.  But others (faux Values really) are the result of Vows that we swore in this Lifetime or another, or that we adopted from our Ancestors.  These latter Values are Changing, which will require some Adjustment in our Lives.
  • (4) This is really about bringing our Masklessness more into public view, which will shock us at times, as it happens seemingly below our Volition.
  • (5) When this happens it will be surprisingly satisfying.
  • (6) The Bottom Line is that we’re being Reborn (again).  If you find yourself in situations where you feel like an infant, go out of your way to be very Loving with yourself.
  • (7) We’ll be making a number of Adjustments, which we’ll detail in the next installment.
  • (8) Trump’s self-immolation is likely to continue, as it becomes easier to support the Goddess.  We’ll also find it easier to PIAVA than to PDSA.
  • (9) Accordingly, it’ll be a lot easier to Wonder how we’ll Adapt to the New Reality, than it will to try to Understand and Consciously Adjust.

When in Doubt, just Ask Ganesh to Remove all Obstacles between you and What you Want.  However, express What you Want in ways that allow Change with the least Resistance.  For instance, rather than Asking for the contents of your intellectualized Anxiety (such as Survival and Comfort), Ask for Peace and Confidence.

The astrology…

(1) Saturn is in Sagittarius.  As Mutable Fire, the essence of Sagittarius is Letting Go and Letting God.

(2) Saturn Squares Neptune, which is again about to Initiate the South Node, as it did in January 2000.

(3) Saturn is the focus of a T-Square with Neptune and Venus-Orcus.  Orcus Initiates Venus on 10 August, which is about Learning or Remembering new Skills as a rookie. 

(4) The Square between Saturn and Venus-Orcus is the base of a Mjolnir focused on Uranus-Eris.

(5) The asteroid Veritas, Latin for Truth, completes the T-Square by Opposing Saturn.

(6) Haumea Opposes Uranus-Eris, bisecting the T-Square and the Mjolnir and creating a Top out of the whole complex, spinning around the Haumea-Uranus/Eris axis.

(7) The bisecting adds four Octiles (Rebalancings): Saturn Waxing Octile Haumea, Venus-Orcus Octile Haumea, Neptune Octile Uranus-Eris, and Veritas Waxing Octile Uranus-Eris.  We could spend a long time on this.

(8) The Neptune-Opposite-Venus/Orcus axis bisects a Neptune-Lilith-Vesta Grand Trine, creating a Venus-Orcus Kite.

(9) Vesta Quincunxes Saturn, creating a Major Tricolor with Neptune.

Portals 13.8 and 22.8.16

August 2, 2016

Three August is probably our last excellent day for taking Action to start a big new Project, though the odds remain strongly in our favor till around 22 August, particularly if our Actions include being willing to take calculated risks to “show off” our Unique Genius. 

Venus is moving out of the Grand Sextile, but it’s replaced by the Moon on 3 August.  After that, we have five of the six points of a Grand Sextile until around 11 August, with the Vacancy in Leo.  From then till about 15 August, while asteroid Beatles remains in the band, the Sun fills the Vacancy.  

From the 15th till about the 22nd, while the Sun holds the Leo position and Beatles strolls away down Abbey Road, we’re back to five points, with the Vacancy in Aquarius.  Both Vacancies are about showing off our Unique Skills, complementing Ixion’s place in the Grand Sextile.

Meanwhile, the Grand Cross, which supplies the Motive Force to Activate the Grand Sextile (remember what Stephen Buhner said about Love and Will? – we’re going to count that as a new addition to our PIAVA playbook), is long-Lived, lasting from late July into early September.

Around the same 22 August, Jupiter moves out of 3-Degree Sensitivity, so the Grand Cross will then Motivate Projects begun over the two weeks after that, but won’t Excite the Present Moment as much.  After 22 August, when the Grand Sextile goes away, the Golden Rectangle formed by Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos Trine to Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris remains within 3-Degree Orb for most of the rest of the year.

Golden Rectangles are Inspired by their Oppositions, so…

The Planet is very fecund for the rest of the year, for Enjoying the Rebirth of our True Self and the Unlimited Fruits of our formerly Orphaned Genius.  Don’t hold back!

Meanwhile, most of the next two weeks is about Focus, as Saturn, which signifies The Most Important Thing, is very Strong.  Saturn has a reputation for Limitation, but that’s a bad rap.  Our secondary Priorities are Important to us, because they’re our fallbacks should we fail at The Most Important Thing.  If our fallbacks fall flat, we still have other options.  

If our First Priority falls on its face, it’s a blow to our Ego and our Identity.  So we’re loathe to give up our fallbacks.  But that’s exactly what Saturn Asks us to do.  In no uncertain terms, Saturn says…

It’s Time to Focus on The Most Important Thing.  Let Go of your secondary Priorities for now; they’ll still be there when you get back.  And obviously, The Most Important Thing right now is to Make Space for your Orphaned Genius.

It’s a very strong Prescription.

Saturn  turns Direct 13 August at 3am PDT, in 10 Sagittarius.  It’s been Retrograde since late March, and has backed over 17-10 Degrees of Sagittarius.  If you have natal planets in that zone, the message is to Stop Ignoring Them!  This is the Aries, Taurus, and Gemini Duads of Sagittarius, and…

This is about Letting Go of all Baggage from the Past, and accepting a new Spark that will Ignite your Future.

We first hit this space on 25 December last year.  Something wore out its welcome for you then.  You ran out of Patience for Struggling with someone or something.  It’s not Important what you Let Go of then; what’s Important is the Spark that Inspired you to seek Freedom instead of Struggle. Remember that moment of Relief when you first knew that you would be able to Surrender this Burden.

If you can’t remember it, imagine it.  You’ve been Struggling with something for Centuries, and something just snapped, and you just Cut the Chord and Floated Free.  It was like this…

There’s actually a third element in Stephen Buhner’s Love-and-Will process (see ); it’s the Moment of First Contact.  Buhner’s talking about plants, but we’re generalizing the process to work as a PIAVA on anything.  I’ve been playing with it, and it works.

So last 25 December, or just now in your Imagination, you Felt a Spark of Inspiration.  It was Lovely – you Loved it.  You’ve probably been dwelling more on what you Left Behind then, maybe with some Guilt.  Shift your Attention to the Spark of Freedom instead.

You want to make that a permanent part of You.  Open your Heart and Will it to be so.  It may Feel or “Look” like little double doors Opening in the center of your chest, as if a Cuckoo was going to come out and sing.  Will this Spark into all Projects you will Initiate in August.

In the video, which character did you naturally Empathize with?  Watch it again, switching roles.  If you can.  Try it full screen.

Yintegrity Rising

June 23, 2016

A reader writes…

I don’t think they are happy with me.  I am not following their tradition and I’m not sure what the impact of that will be, but I don’t care!  I’m not doing what I should, I’m doing what I want.  And that is SO different for me.

“I’ve always been the analyze/plan/execute person.  I do my duty.  I fulfill my promises.  If I commit, I follow through.  Period.  No doubt.  No question.  I guess what you would call “Yangtegrity.”  And it has served me well.  Very well.  For my whole life.

“Over the past…18 months, two years, there’s been a growing resistance to all of it!  I don’t even want to show up half the time!  (I’ve always taught my kids-Showing up is 80% of success.)  My intellect is so confused, my ego is having panic attacks.  Is this moving into Yintegrity?  

“There’s a third part of me that is very calmly standing by, reassuring that we’ll work out a new way of functioning, everything will be fine, the earth will not stop spinning on its axis.  So is that the pressure and fear I’m feeling?  The shift into Yintegrity?”

You bet!!  

And like any Big Change, there’s a hollow space, a gap, where our Olde Ego is in Lackawanna (“I know I’m done for; why should I care?”), and our New Ego hasn’t got its training wheels on straight yet.  So we’re wobbly.  Confusion is good; it’s a reliable sign that we’re Growing.  Anxiety is common, as our Olde Patriarchy-Attuned Egos needed to know what was going on so they could figure out who to Please how, when.

Time for PIAVAs.  “Great Spirit, please help me Trust my True Future so I can Surrender my False Past more comfortably” or the like.  “I wonder where the Hell I’m going, anyway.”  With Saturn Waning Square to Neptune and moving into the Void Space between them, The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is Confusion (Neptune).  Neptune symbolizes Confusion when viewing the World through Material Eyes, and Clarity when we shift to Spiritual Eyes.  “Ganeshi, please Remove all Obstacles to Opening my Third Eye.”

 Another timely story…

Love the title – ProfessionAutism.  I read it as Professionalism twice before I noticed the Aut.  In another post she says Pluto is on her Moon – I don’t know of any greater Emotional Challenge.  A perfect time to “hang loose,” but not even that is easy under Pluto-Moon.  “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that Ease and Grace fill my Life.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess. … Show me.”

That’s a simplified form of Theta Healing.  Once you say “Show me,” look to see whether your Vision or other Intuitive Sense shows you bathed in Ease and Grace.  If not, look to see what else you need to Command.  Maybe Trust, or Enough to Eat, or just Breathing.

When the World, or your Community, or just your Household or Camp, operates through Yintegrity, the whole World is different.  People do things when they want to, and when someone resents something not being done, it’s up to them to recognize that it’s their job to do.  Or their job to inspire (not require or bully) someone else to do it, maybe as a group project where participation is of course optional – you would join or not because, in the moment, it’s more fun than doing otherwise.  

The Most Important Thing gets done, even if it’s not what you thought was The Most Important Thing.  Between the Waning Saturn Square to Neptune and the next Initiation, Cultures break down.  The next Neptune-Saturn Initiation isn’t until 2026, six years into the Digital Age.  It’s at the Aries Point – Manifestation into (Feminine) Form.  Aries Creates by Instinct, not by having a picture beforehand of the “finished” product.  Creating and “finishing” are two different Universes, with only accidental intersections.

Here’s a picture of it anyway – it’s not a “finished” picture, but a picture of the Yintegrity process unfolding…

I would suggest though, that “The ways in which Other Living Things can speak may also be almost infinite – the truth or a lie, clearly or in riddles, with language or with art.”  We maybe just haven’t heard them yet, till we get our Third Eye – or Ear – Open.  And that Everything is Living.

And, Saturn runs a Gauntlet of Initiations before it gets back to Neptune – Ixion, Pholus, Quaoar, the Galactic Center, Chariklo, Hylonome, Pluto. OR10, and Nessus!  Saturn will be a very different Animal by then, and we will be too.  Sounds like this Gauntlet would be worth a post of its own, eh?

And we didn’t even notice that Saturn was Initiated by the Great Attractor this last February, with an Exposition in May!  The Great Attractor is Headquarters to the Galactic Center – Cosmic HQ.  No wonder it’s been a heavy year so far, as if we haven’t had enough excuses!  We’re being asked to align ourselves with an Energy more Powerful than even Galactic Energy.