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Light Reading and Listening for September

September 9, 2015

Okay, we’ve (most of us) lived through the Stellium-Stations Galactic Ring-Pass-Not, let’s see what the rest of September has for us to shadow-box…

Many folks worry about the barely-Partial Eclipse this coming weekend; I don’t.  Fear is a strong Energy, easily manifested into Form, and Total Eclipses are definitely one of the most Awe-Inspiring experiences to behold.  When your Emperor tells you to pay double this year on your taxes or a Dragon will eat the Sun, and you didn’t know better and ignored him, then a Total Eclipse can be truly Terrifying.  We know better now, eh?

What’s lit up now is a Focus on what’s Sustainable and what isn’t.  Part of Sustainability involves giving up what we don’t need for Sustenance; Let It Go.  We may get some information on the Sustainability of governments.

Expect to Receive important information about your Mission mid-month.

  • The Partial Solar Eclipse, visible from the Atlantic coast of South Africa and Namibia, occurs 12-13 September at 21 Virgo, “A girls’ basketball team
  • Dwarf planet Ceres is now Stationary, turning Direct 14 September
  • Dwarf planet Makemake Initiates the North Node 16 September (Makemake Initiated Lilith 1 September and the North Node Initiated Lilith 8 September)
  • Mercury turns Retrograde 17 September, till 9 October
  • Dwarf planet Chaos turns Retrograde and Pluto turns Direct 23-24 September; they’ll be Stationary from around the 17th on

The Energy will be pretty Heavy between 17 September and 24 September.  Here’s some essential preparatory work – Dr. Kim presents three free videos on How to Finally End Anxiety and Live the Life You Desire.  Anxiety could well be the root cause of whatever you suffer from, but if it isn’t, there’s a good chance it makes your suffering worse…

Here’s some excellent input on Multiversity and Judgment from Return to Source Energy; what if we were able to Witness Judgment and replace it with Curiosity!  Wouldn’t that spice up Life…

And a profound poem about Empathy for a childhood friend, from Heart Shaped Eyes…

Now, reread it with your own historical child being the childhood friend.

Portal 21-25.5

May 20, 2015

galk5564bpAren’t these lovely little Gems?  In many crystals, one metal or anion can substitute for the usual suspect.  In this Crystal with three metals, Galkhaite, the first metal can be either Cesium or Thallium, the second either Mercury or Copper or Zinc, the third either Arsenic or Antimony, and the anion is Sulfur (a metallic ion is positively charged, so to make a neutral Crystal you need a negatively charged partner, the anion).  So you don’t know whether a given specimen of it is innocent, or dangerous because of Radiation and/or Mercury and/or Arsenic!  Kind of like the Karma you thought you had successfully Denied, till Medusa saw through your subterfuge.  Good chance our defenses against our Yintegrity could get outed here!

We promised in Plenipotent New Moon to follow up on…

More soon, as the Star Capulus (Perseus’s sword) is also very close to the New Moon, and probably contributes to Algol’s reputation.  Algol and Capulus together represent one Coin of raw, unrestrained – even psychopathic by many standards – Sexual Energies, Algol the Magnetic and Capulus the Dynamic.  They also pair Sex and Ego Death as another Coin, and we could go on for a looong time on that subject.  Kelley introduces the notion that Perseus was an agent of the Patriarchy doing Inquisition duties, and we have more to say on that too.

And we will.  For instance, did you know that “ED” is the abbreviation for Ego Death?  But first, here are some pretty incredible tools for dealing with a New Moon that’s a gravitational lens for the Eye of Medusa…

Actually, the Star Algol, symbol of the I of M, is quite a bit Out of Bounds, so the New Moon doesn’t physically gravitationally lens it, only astrologicallyAstrology works mostly with Longitudes; if Declinations matched up too, we’d have an Eclipse or an Occultation.

To remind, this sort of type is intended for everyone to read, while the indented non-bold non-italic type is meant for anyone knowing some astrology or interested in picking it up by osmosis.  The doubly indented non-bold but italic type mostly defines astrological terms and esoterica, so can be completely ignored by anyone who doesn’t intend to learn astrology.

Two planets or stars on the same Longitude are Conjunct; two on the same Declination are “Parallel.”  Declination is used instead of Latitude; Latitude measures the angular distance from the Earth’s Equator, while Declination measures the angular distance from the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun (the “Ecliptic”).  Since the Earth is tilted (which is why many of us have Seasons), Latitude and Declination aren’t the same, though we can think of Declination as Celestial Latitude. 

The Celestial equivalent of Longitude is called “Right Ascension,” and starts at the Aries Point, or the Sun’s Longitude at the Northern Equinox.  This makes Right Ascension (RA) and astrological Longitude basically equal in Tropical astrology, once you divide RA into Signs.  Physical Longitude of course starts in London.  In both Sidereal astrology and physical geography, the Aries Point moves, so Right Ascension and Longitude are only equal every 26,ooo years or so. 

When both Longitude and Declination align, we have a “Parallel Conjunction,” which may be known as an Eclipse or an Occultation, depending on who’s Occulting and who’s Eclipsed.  Both words mean the same thing, that one body crosses in front of the other.  When the Occulting body is smaller than the Occulted body, though, since that’s not usually considered an Eclipse, it’s called a physical “Transit,” like the “Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun” in 2012.  An “Annular Eclipse” occurs when the Occulting Moon, being at the far end of it’s elliptical orbit, appears to us as smaller than the almost-Occulted Sun, so the Eclipse is incomplete.  To “Occult” something just means to hide it.

An astrological Transit is something different.  A Transit occurs when a planet, in the sky now, makes a major Angle or Harmonic to a planet in your natal chart.  A Harmonic is a fraction of the Zodiac.  The First Harmonic is a Conjunction (1/1).  The Second Harmonic is an Opposition (1/2, or half way ’round the Loop), the Third a Trine (1/3), the Fourth a Square (1/4), etc.  Multiples of Harmonics, like the Quincunx (5/12) can also be considered as Transits, though they’re often called “minor” Angles, as are the Harmonics above the Fourth.

And before we forget, we want to introduce our next Portal…

Venus Opposes Pluto on 21 May and Squares Uranus on 25 May.  With Pluto Retrograde and Uranus moving forward, the Uranus-Pluto Square is now outside of our usual three-degree Orb or Sensitivity.  Nevertheless I’ll wager we’ll still experience the Uranus T-Square rather loudly, as something like…

Putting finishing-school touches on our Yintegrity.  If you’ve forgotten, Yintegrity means doing exactly what you Feel like Doing, when you Feel like Doing it – as opposed to Yangtegrity, which means Doing what you said you were going to Do.  Of course, if you Live in a World that hasn’t made the transition yet, in order to Live in Yintegrity you may have to reduce your Commitments, Renegotiate the remaining when your Intentions shift, and make Amends later when your shifts are too sudden for Renegotiation and your audience is of Value to you. 

OR, you can accelerate the Planet’s Ascension, by just Living your Yintegrity and letting the chips fall where they may, since the Chips will be things you didn’t really Love anyway.  Imagining doing this will probably engender Fear, which is great, since you want to be Loving with that Fear first, while imagining, before you jump in.  If you Feel Your Fear and Do It Anyway, your Fear may Manifest on you.  Of course, if you Feel Your Fear and Love it to Death, or use Dr. D’Eramo’s ABC process…

  • A. Be Aware of your Fear
  • B. Breathe while spreading your shoulders and arching your spine
  • C. Choose a far better alternative

Then go for it.  Be Aware that this is a variation of Empathizing with your Fear, so if you’re Open to them, Miracles may be available for you to Choose.  The C in ABC is a fabulous time to turbocharge your PIAVAs.  For B we could even add Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs and shout YOO HOO! so the Miracles can rush in.  Imagine how the World would Change if we all shouted YOO HOO! in the middle of a frightful Manifestation.

What a “coincidence”!  This Portal turns out to be a perfect foil for a Medusa New Moon!  Like with all those Grand Trines Pi gave us in 2013 to ease our transition, Pi is good to us!  She’s uncompromising on the Responsibility bit, but She recognizes that we need time to figure it out, and reps to practice it.  Our Gratitude is in order. 

~~~  YOO HOO!  ~~~

Even Busier Week: Portal 3.31-4.8

March 31, 2015

mntao7133bpWe may want to have a Manganotantalite Crystal handy, or at least a picture of one we can Channel Energy from, as Manganotantalite – Manganese Tantalum Oxide – is very good at gilding our tongue. 

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ 

We’re visited by four Centaurs and a Total Lunar Eclipse.

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ 

The Centaur Nessus

Elizabeth points out that Vesta, the head of our Flying Squirrel, is at 2 Pisces, “A squirrel hiding from hunters: The need for self-protection.”  She quotes Anne Ortelee, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

And a couple of other things have popped up.  First, Vesta is Conjunct the Centaur Nessus!  My list of dwarf planets and Centaurs isn’t wide enough to include everybody, so I only occasionally look at the Centaurs Nessus and Asbolus.  Well, this puts Nessus at the focus of our Flying Squirrel.  Nessus is about Privilege and the calling out of Privilege, particularly Unconscious male Privilege.

So this week is a big week for a shift in Gender Balance, so Reanimation of the Earth is really right in line.  Keep your eye on the News to see if more MCPs don’t shoot themselves in the foot like the Indiana government has with its attempt to legalize discrimination against everyone who offends your Limiting Beliefs.  Which is actually an excellent practice for this week…

  • Who offends you? 
  • What Experience lies beneath that offense? 
  • Any sense in which it Mirrors some part of yourself that you reject? 

Don’t forget the Funhouse Mirrors. 

For instance, I was grumbling to myself this afternoon about this very thing.  When I suggested to myself that it might behoove to replace these negative thoughts with positives, my mind’s response was “Good, I’ll think about how good it would feel to get even!”  Nice fellow, very spiritual.  It was trespass that irritated me, but when I ask myself how I trespass (the direct Mirror), nothing pops up.  In the Funhouse Mirror, though, what shows up is Deservingness.  Am I willing to stand up and unequivocally Claim my Space?  When I contemplate that, I find only visions of escalating violence rather than any sense of Peace and Safety.  I don’t even have an image of the possibility of Claiming my Space.  So I get to look beneath that Mirror for the little man behind the curtain.  When I find him, look out, I’m going to…!

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ 

The Centaur Asbolus

And then there’s Asbolus.  In early Gemini, Asbolus completes a Grand Sextile, not in the short-term Moon-Vesta Flying Squirrel, but in the second, long-term Mercury-Makemake Flying Squirrel.  So our Grand Sextile endures for a solid week.  The corners are Asbolus, Juno, Makemake, Saturn, Ceres, and Mercury.  Ceres has been Out of Bounds since Christmas.

A Grand Sextile (six planets evenly spaced around the Zodiac), recall, is a “virtuous circle,” where everything feeds and supports everything else.  While we can think of a Grand Trine (three planets evenly spaced) as “dumb-luck” Grace, a Grand Sextile is more about Reward for Action and Creativity.  When we “try something,” chances are it’ll work better than we imagined.  Of course the six-pointed Star includes three nested Grand Trines, so there’s no shortage of spontaneous Creativity.

So Asbolus (Clairvoyance) supports Juno (Consciousness) which supports Makemake (Manifestation) which supports Saturn (Focus) which supports Ceres (Sustainability) which supports Mercury (Alertness) which supports Asbolus, etc, in a rising crescendo.  Not only that, but we can take these in any order we want – so So Sustainability supports Consciousness which supports Focus, just to suggest one possible partial combination.

In other words, this week Intuition and Analysis and Growth and Attention and Permanence and Creativity are all mutually supportive.

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ 

The Centaur Hylonome

The first Flying Squirrel, the short-term one created by the fast-moving Moon, doesn’t form it’s own Grand Sextile because there are two Vacancies, one in late Gemini or early Cancer and the other in late Libra or early Scorpio.  There are probably Asteroids there, but unless the ‘roids are particularly relevant to the themes already identified, I don’t usually worry about them.  Of course we’d find the prolific bisexual Apollo Out of Bounds in early Cancer.  Acceptance of LGBTI is an important part of Gender Balance.

When our Beliefs or Dogmas or Archetypes change, our Boundaries change with them.  Which brings us to the Stellium, a significant Configuration in its own right, for several reasons.  The Stellium that forms the first Flying Squirrel’s right hand includes Pallas (Boundaries), Quaoar (Lawgiver) which was Stationary March 28, Chariklo (Beauty and Charm) which is Out of Bounds and also Stationary, and Hylonome (Grief and Liberation) which is this week’s main event, as it is Stationary at 9am PDT April 4 (, at 2 Capricorn.

When a planet is either Stationary or Out of Bounds, its influence is Stronger than usual.  A planet is Out of Bounds when it’s further north than the Tropic of Cancer, or further south than the Tropic of Capricorn.  A planet is Stationary when it’s within one degree (or within a week or so) of turning around – going Retrograde or going Direct.  I won’t go into the details of Retrogradation here, since you can look up either “Stations” or “Retrograde” or “Repeating Events” (or even “Can-Opener”) in the Categories section at right.  But there’s one consideration I do want to discuss here.

In general, when a planet is Approaching a major event, such as a Station or an important Angle, the influence is Strong, and grows Stronger until the event is Exact.  After that, the influence fades fairly quickly if one is Conscious about the event, more slowly if one is not Conscious around it, and not at all if one is Defended against it.  Stationary refers to the speed of a planet’s travel.  So even though Quaoar’s Station was Exact last week, it’s still Stationary, but it’s impact is probably waning, as it’s not Approaching its event but Separating from it.  On the other hand, Hylonome is Stationary and Approaching its Exact Station, so it is very Strong. 

The Mythical Centaur Hylonome committed Suicide with the spear that killed her Lover, rather than live without him.  So we interpret the Cosmic Centaur Hylonome to symbolize Grief over major Changes in our Life, such as detachment from an Archetype, or from any other Energy with which we had been Merged.  We sometimes refer to it as Grief unto Ego Death, or Grief over Liberation.  When we Let Go of an Archetype, we are literally Liberated, but all Losses must be Grieved, so Grief is involved even at Liberation.  The Loss of an Archetype is indeed an Ego Death.

With Pallas Conjunct, Boundaries are obviously involved, and there is a strong implication that we will be strengthening a Boundary against an Archetypal Trance, or loosening a Boundary that overprotected us.  The other two Energies, Quaoar and Chariklo – both of which are Strong by virtue of being either Stationary or Out of Bounds – imply charisma, as Charm and Beauty merge with The Lawgiver.

So we might expect to encounter a situation where we reluctantly but necessarily “draw the line” to prevent our Energies from being drained by gilded-tongued alien Energies that want to control our Lives and Decisions.  Or it may be us with the gilded tongue, talking our way out of long-standing entanglements that no longer serve us.

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ

The Lunar Total Eclipse

Four hours before Hylonome’s Station, at 5am PDT on April 4 (, there’s a Total Eclipse of the Moon, at 15 Libra, “Circular Paths.”  Of course 15 Libra Opposes Uranus and Squares Pluto, making this Eclipse another major debriefing of our Yintegrity adventures.  The Energy continues into April 8, as the Sun and then Mercury work their way across Uranus.  Meanwhile Jupiter, which forms a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Axis of the Eclipse, is Stationary at 10am PDT April 8.

Eclipses reveal to us Energies which were previously merged with the background but which are now made obvious by their absence.

Between now and April 8, we will discover a huge new element of our True Self that we hadn’t noticed before, creating a major shift in our Lives.  We’ll need to Grieve the Loss of the obsolete Identities that will fall away as a result.  All Losses must be Grieved, no matter how much we think we’d Celebrate at their demise.  The more we Embrace our Grief, the less painful it is.

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ

The Centaur Chariklo

Almost forgot that Chariklo, part of the Stellium, is Stationary on April 7!  We’ll look at that in a separate post.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

March 19, 2015


Love Bonnie Tyler’s Janis-quality rendition of that song!  Not at all impressed by the video though – if you’re really Feeling that way you won’t be doing it with perfect hair and makeup – you’d be doing it the way Janis would have done it, after three days on whiskey.  The sound quality is great though, so ignore the visuals…

Someone (upon whom the Eqclipsinox is having a big impact astrologically) writes, “I suppose part of my feeling scared and insecure is around…” and as I started to answer I realized this is too important to not publish more widely.

“I suppose part of my feeling scared and insecure is around…” is an intellectualization – looking for a Cause for our Emotions, trying to Justify them or Explain them to ourself.  Maybe trying to tie them to some “Real”-World phenomenon so we can figure out how to Do something to fix them.  That’s may be a useful practice in some circumstances, but it’s not at all a useful practice until after you become a Master of Emotion, and you don’t become a Master of Emotion by intellectualizing them or Doing something to fix them.

“Scared and insecure” is a Feeling that occurs in the Body, that has nothing to do with what’s going on outside of us.  The word “Feeling,” as a synonym for Emotion, is ambiguous on purpose – are we talking about a Sensation in the Body, or an Emotion?  It’s Both/And.  The first step in dealing with any Emotion is to locate it in the Body (or the Aura), not in the mind.  “Thanks for contributing – I’ll get back to you on that” is the appropriate response to the mind’s well-intended efforts to distract you from the Emotion.

Emotions Grip us, and throw us out of our healthy Grounded and Centered stance.  I experience Anger as a grinding, a gritting, a tightness in the jaw.  I experience Fear as an almost nonphysical tingling all over my skin, or just above it.  Grief is a compression in the chest for me.  Anxiety is a tightness between the eyes and a persistent nagging banter.  How do you Experience these Emotions in your own Body?  That inventory is one of the first steps toward Mastery.  We need to learn to identify how we usually Experience each one of these Emotions – and their thousand variations – in our Body.  We need to Learn how to tell when we’re being Gripped by an Emotion.  Some clues…

  • How old am I?  If I feel like I’m 14 but my chronological age is 47, I’m in the Grip.  When I’m in the Grip at 14, I forget everything I Learned between 14 and 47.  So I don’t have possession of my full faculties.
  • When I’m in the Grip, do I habitually Withdraw, or Talk It Out?  Do I need to talk to my best friend, or do I need to not talk to anybody?  When a friend asks How am I, am I “fine”?
  • Am I Grounded, or am I Feeling nervous, overwhelmed, or scattered?  Do I Feel more Centered when I drop an “imaginary” (Energy) cable from the base of my spine to the Center of the Earth?
  • Ask myself what I’m Feeling.  If “I am Scared,” I’m in the Grip.  If my natural response is “I Feel Scared,” I’m probably not in the Grip.  Super-simple grammatical test, but pretty reliable.
  • Am I rehearsing Strategies?  Strategies to Protect, or to Get Even, or to Make Amends?  It’s the rehearsing that gives the Grip away.  Without the Grip, we’d just Do it, we wouldn’t need to rehearse.  To re-hearse means to carry the corpse away again.

When we’re in the Grip we’re Identifying with the Emotion.  It’s not us experiencing an Emotion, it’s an Emotion experiencing us.  We aren’t home, we’ve gone traveling, usually time-traveling.  We need to come home so we can Experience it as a Witness.  Personally, I’m pretty good at Witnessing Fear, and when I’m in its Grip, Tapping…

does a good job of re-Centering me, though I may need to Tap through several sequences before I get my skin to stop crawling.  I’m not nearly as good at Witnessing Anxiety or Anger – I can grind or helicopter on those for several days before I get a clue.  Our Mastery with each Emotion is different.

Once we’ve Detached our Identity from the Emotion, and re-Centered it on our adult Skillset, we can get on with solving whatever problem triggered our Exit, usually fairly easily.  Very often, once we get Grounded and re-Centered, we realize that the problem wasn’t actually Present-Moment, and there’s nothing at all that we need to Do about the intellectualized content we were attributing to the Emotion.  It would behoove to do a postmortem to see what we can Learn about our natural tendencies to leave Home in the presence of which Emotions, and what route we usually take when we leave Home, so we can recognize them sooner next time we start to Abandon ourself.

When we get back Home, when we start Feeling instead of Being, we can start to deal with the Emotion as an Emotion.  It’s in your Body, or if not within your skin, in your Aura.  Locate it.  Where is it in your Body?  If it’s multiple locations, choose one.  Focus your Attention into that place.  Embrace it, Soften it, Warm it.  Put your hand on it, or your arms around it.  Say Loving things to it, like you would to a child.  Don’t negate it.  It’s not “Don’t cry now” or “Shape Up!”, it’s “Oh, that hurts, doesn’t it.”  Stay with it till it melts or moves.  If it moves, follow it.  Some Emotions can take hours to work with, while we’re Learning to Master that Emotion.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

As we often say, Safety First.  When there’s a question about whether to Protect ourself or Expand ourself, choose to Protect first, then, once you’re Safe, then you can Expand.  If you try to Expand when you’re not Safe, there’s a high likelihood you’ll just be retraumatized, making it harder to Expand next time.  Mastering Emotion is an important part of Self-Protection and Self-Love.  We can’t Protect and Love ourself when we aren’t Home.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

Got all that?  If so, we can get down to the Meat of the Issue.  Emotions are not personal, they’re impersonal.  They’re like Wind or Barometric Pressure.  They travel around and they’re Contagious.  If you’ve ever seen a mob get Angry or Scared – or Blissed Out, you’ve seen the process at work.  A good rock concert, for instance, or even a classical concert, or a Revival meeting.  Music isn’t the only language of Emotion, but it’s certainly a powerful one.  So sure, it Feels like your Fear or Anger, it actually happens in your Body, but it’s not your Fear, it’s The Fear.  You’re just an antenna.  The Lizards use it to manipulate us.  Your nightly news is a fountain of it, as are our Slavemasters.

Our job as Lightworkers is to neutralize The Fear.  Until we gain Mastery around Emotion, we aren’t really Lightworkers, we’re just puffing ourself up and mouthing the words.  Neutralize Fear by taking it into your Body (if it’s not already there – which it almost always already will be), unGripping it, and smothering it with Love.  Embrace it, Empathize with it, relate it to your own personal Experience with it but Witness it without getting lost in it, Soften around it, Warm it, Follow it till it melts into a whimpering puddle.  Then you can lean back and have a cigarette.  And when you get good with Fear, you can tackle Anger.

If (or when) the scienterrific types could measure Emotions like they do barometric pressure, and if they were on “our” side, we’d have Emotional weather maps and forecasts, telling us when to take our Fear umbrellas or our Anger shades, when we need to throw more sandbags on the Fear-dikes, or plow the Rage-roads.  Before that happens, the scienterrific types will have to stop Identifying with Matter, detach themselves from its Grip, and Witness it.  That’s very dangerous, because from the esoteric Perspective Emotion is the glue that keeps Matter from disintegrating back into Energy and Potential.  The addiction to Matter is deeper than the addiction to mind.

Too far out for you?  It’s just one Perspective, one of many.  It’s Both/And.  The more Perspectives we have in our quiver, the more flexibility we have for dealing with whatever Life and the Lizards, and our Shadow, throw at us.

Glancing Blow

April 25, 2014

opalfire2691bpFire Opal.  Opal is a Mirror for inappropriate (out of Time) Emotions.

The April 28 Solar Eclipse is a barely Eclipse.  It’ll be Partial in eastern Oz, but other than that it’s a near miss.  It occurs at quarter past 11pm PDT.  It’s busy.

It involves consequences for those who try to Deny Gender Equality or disrespect the Feminine.  That includes overplanning rather than trusting your Intuition.  If you catch yourself doing any of that, you can rescue yourself by Wondering, “How would the Goddess deal with this?”  Then don’t hesitate to apologize and restate yourself. 

It wouldn’t hurt to be alert for this and focus on shifting your Behavior and Thought Patterns accordingly.  Shift your thought Patterns by noticing the offending habit and saying, out loud if it wouldn’t be too weird, “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade!” – Cancel the Thought, Neutralize the Energy it created, and Upgrade the Thinker.

The only major Angles made by the Eclipse itself are a Square to Lilith and a Sextile to Neptune, which leaves Lilith and Neptune Quincunx to one another.

Eris is Opposed by the Vesta-Ceres Conjunction, with Haumea between them.  Haumea is Pele’s mother.  Not such a good plan to diss Pele or Haumea.

Saturn is Quincunx to Eris.

Use it as an opportunity to practice your newfound Yintegrity – or to make any remedial adjustments necessary to compensate for situations where you still fear to shed your Masks.  When you catch yourself regressing to your false persona, stop yourself, Communicate that you’re in the process of Change, and then Speak Your Truth.  Recall that Yintegrity means doing what is True to your Self, moment to moment.

The Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross is still in effect.  The Grand Cross is Bridged my Mercury (Trine to Pluto, Sextile to Jupiter, Quincunx to Mars).

We’re still being Graced by off-planet Energies.  You may encounter circumstances where your Values are violated.  It that occurs, first Ask (PIAVA) “Do I need to protect myself here?”  If so, then do so.  Either way, afterward Ask “How can I grow my Edges to accept this without getting Defensive?”  This is important.

Pallas and the Chariklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center complex Trine one another, with the Nodes at the Midpoints of the Trine – in other words, making a Kite with the North Node at the top.  Chariklo-Quaoar-GC are Squared by Venus, which is in turn Quincunx to Pallas.

Eclipse Too

April 14, 2014

Here’s a picture of what we spoke about earlier

DSCN4904I’m told that, assuming we don’t have a lot of volcanic eruptions or World-class forest fires today, the upper atmosphere is fairly clear, so the Eclipsed Moon should be “bright orange” rather than the “blood red” that’s been advertised.  Of course we’re scheduled to get cloudy before then here.  If you have that problem there’s a “live broadcast” scheduled at

If it’s anything like the live “Coca Cola” webcast of the Transit of Venus a few years back, it will be unwatchable.  But we can hope for the best.

Meanwhile, my friend Elizabeth has inspired me to look up some of the Stars that are involved in the Eclipse, and it’s a very fruitful pursuit…

The Star Spica will be behind the Eclipsed Moon, and Spica is the sheaf of Wheat that the Virgin Goddess holds in her hand in the constellation Virgo – so Spica is often seen as a Gift of Abundance.  When the constellation was named, “Virgin” meant an independent woman who loved whomever she pleased – a symbol of fertility rather than reticence.  To have Ceres, the Goddess of Grain, standing in front of Spica as well is remarkable.  An excellent omen.

On the other hand, Sedna is approaching the Star Capulus.  Capulus is often seen as masculine Kundalini, a balance to the “terrible” feminine passion of Algol.  So we could see further rape of the Sea and her denizens.  Or we could see focused plan-execute Attention given to the plight of the Seas.  Or both, perhaps the one motivating the other.  After Capulus, Sedna visits Algol, though she won’t get there till 2017.  The next several years promise to be very intense.

The Star Procyon Squares the Chariklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center complex.  Procyon is associated with short-lived events, since it’s a herald for the brighter star Sirius.  Will the Galactic Gifts that Chariklo bears be short-lived? 

The Star Arcturus also stands behind the Eclipsed Moon.  Bernadette Brady says, more or less…

A strong Arcturus in a chart will indicate a pathfinder, a person who needs to create a better way of life or a new way of doing something.  There will also be a strong sense of leading others onto this new path.

(I’ve adapted it a bit to fit the situation; the original quote is on p.79 of Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.)  Maybe the Arcturians will lead our potential intervention from off-planet.  That would very much fit with Uranus Squaring Pluto.  And don’t think for a minute that there aren’t plenty of Arcturians here already.

All in all, given that the rise of Kundalini can be an unpleasant experience while it’s happening (ie, short-lived, perhaps – Procyon does Trine Sedna) but an extraordinarily rewarding experience after the fact, I think these indications bode well for the Planet.  With Eris and Juno behind the Sun we’re very much due to discover Unconscious Contents muscling their way into Consciousness, and that’s usually temporarily upsetting.  But it’s very clear that this is precisely what Humanity needs for motivation to reorient itself from petty Competition for table scraps to wholesale Cooperation on the many issues we face that have Life-and-Death, Extinction-or-Bust consequences for many species, including our own.


April 13, 2014

ika4550bpGlendonite is a “pseudomorph” of Ikaite.  A pseudomorph is the result of one mineral replacing another so that the form is that of the original, but the composition is that of the intruder.  Ikaite is a Calcium Carbonate Hydroxide that forms in very cold water when lots of Carbonate is present – think of it as a cross between an ice cube and a clamshell.  It’s unstable – bring crystals of Ikaite to the surface, and the literally melt.  Glendonite is a more stable form of CaCO.OH, that remains stable at ambient temperatures.  The form is Ikaite, the compositon is Glendonite.  We may be about to see the Oceans as more fragile than we ever imagined possible.  

The April 15 Eclipse of the Moon that will be visible in the Western Hemisphere, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the Philippines, will be Total from a few minutes after 12am PDT until half past 1am PDT.  The Eclipse will be partial from 11pm PDT April 14 till Totality, and again for the hour after Totality.  In other words the full show runs from 11pm PDT April 14 till half past 2am PDT April 15.

What means it?  What she said…

As is often the case, Kelley’s right on.  What would I add?  Well, quite a bit, actually.

First, the Sun is Conjunct both Eris and Juno.

The Edges of our Consciousness will shift, as material that we’ve been Denying will – through contrast – be brought into the Light.  In other words, your Shadow will be prominent.  Your task is to be loving and gentle with it, and to avoid intellectualizing it.  That means you won’t be Identifying with any particular adjectives or their opposites.  It means you’ll be doing Both/And, not Either/Or.  It means you won’t be blaming other people for your Feelings, and you won’t be using you-statements, or even they-statements.  I-statements are the order of the day, and it’s always worth noting that “I Feel like you…” is a you-statement, not an I-statement.

Second, in addition to Ceres Conjunct the Moon, Vesta is also there…

In general Vesta symbolizes what we regard as Sacred, but here what is being revealed – again through contrast – is what Ceres regards as Sacred.  Which is serious (no pun intended) business, as Ceres represents Sustenance.  We’ll likely be visiting some bottom-line issues around Human and Planetary Survival – much more on this in a few minutes.

Third, Pallas Trines the Sun and Sextiles the Moon – in other words, provides the “easy way out” of any difficulties that the Full Moon and Eclipse would evoke…

As a friend of mine likes to say, “When do we get out the pitchforks?”  In other words, we have to start saying “NO!” in ways which cannot be ignored.

Fourth, Pallas Squares Sedna, which in turn is Quincunx to Moon-Ceres-Vesta.  We haven’t explored Sedna yet, but she’s an Inuit (Eskimo) Sea Goddess, and Goddess of the Hunt…

The Seas are probably already beyond the point where recovery of their fecundity is possible.  It may be too late to say NO to further destruction of the people who live in the Seas.  Lets hope Fukushima doesn’t get involved here.  When we aren’t sure what we can do to help keep the Seas from further degradation, we need to turn to Curiosity.  I Wonder how we can help Sustain the Seas!  It’s a PIAVA-type Wondering, not rhetorical, and it must be followed by Changing the Subject and Paying Attention.   

Fifth, Chariklo, Quaoar, and the Galactic Center all Trine the Sun and Pallas, yielding not just a Grand Trine, but a Kite with Moon-Ceres-Vesta at the top.  Have we never explained a Kite?  It’s a Grand Trine with a fourth planet halfway across one of the Trines, which is the same as a Grand Trine with the fourth planet Opposite one of the corners.  The fourth planet leads the Configuration, and the dynamic expressed by the Opposition is Graced by the dumb-luck Energy of the Grand Trine.  So we have Moon-Ceres-Vesta leading a dance of Grace with Sun-Eris-Juno, Pallas, and Chariklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center…

The Galactic Energy shines favorably upon us here – we could even see an intervention from off planet.  There’s a hint that we may be reminded what the “rules” are about Maintaining the Balance. 

Sixth, that means that there is Sedna Yod with Moon-Ceres-Vesta as one foot and Charklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center as the other.  That says in bold caps Pay Attention to Sedna

So the bottom line here is that we need to be PIAVAing that the Seas be Healed and their Bounty restored, not just for our sake, but for the sake of All Our Relations – including those we didn’t know we had, for the sake of the Balance, and even the Galactic Balance.  There may be some disastrous news about the Seas which forces us to Pay Attention and strive to restore order.

And finally, we’ve been ignoring so far here the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross that rules April.  We’ll bring that in in our next installment.

Weirdo Solar Eclipse

November 2, 2013

The November 3 Eclipse, which occurs a few minutes before 5am PST (yes, PST, by a few hours), is unusual.  It’s called a “Hybrid” Eclipse because from a few places it’s Annular, from a few other places Total, and from most places where it can be seen, Partial.  It’s Total on land only from a narrow band of Equatorial Africa, and Partial in most of Africa and northern South America.  It begins Annular (where the Moon doesn’t appear quite big enough to cover the Sun completely) in the western North Atlantic, but ends Total, in Somalia.

It’s busy.  As you know by now,

I consider Eclipses to be about Expanding Awareness, as a previously “unseen” Elephant in the room becomes obvious by its sudden absence.

Imagine the impact that might have on our already-being-asked-to-expand Consciousness (Juno Squaring the Nodes) and our Compulsion to be more Authentic (Uranus Squaring Pluto).  Such as the galloping fascism that’s taking over the World…

Of course if emerging from Denial or Secrecy or Propaganda is part of anything, we’d want to know how it related to Eris, and we’ll get to that.  But there are bigger Fish to fry first.

The biggest fish is the Conjunction with Saturn – in Scorpio.

Saturn demands that we focus on The Most Important Thing, while Scorpio is relentless in its need to Get to the Bottom of Things.  Bottom line: don’t think about the Elephant.

Yeah, right.

The Eclipse is, along with Mars, a subsidiary corner of a Uranus Finger of God – that’s probably the second-biggest Fish.  This says

Get Busy (Mars) and Pay Attention! (Finger of Yod) to the Glaring Holes (Eclipse) in your Authenticity (Uranus).

The third-biggest Fish is that the Eclipse, along with Pluto, helps form a Bridge (Trine-Sextile) across the Mars-Chiron Opposition.  Translation:

The Elephant (Eclipse) is a big clue (Trine Chiron) in the puzzle (Opposition) you MUST solve (Mars Trine Pluto) about how to reframe (Chiron) Anger and Guilt (Mars) into Self-Love (which is a necessary prerequisite for Authenticity).

The fourth prize goes to a Square from the Eclipse to Juno, which as you know is also Squaring the Nodes.  We can surmise that

If we have a chat with the missing Elephant (Eclipse), she will give us a good deal of information about our Hidden Skills and our Deep Desires (Juno-Nodes). 

How do you talk to the Elephant if she’s missing?

You suspend your disbelief.

Simple, eh?  What if you can’t hear what she’s saying?

What if you did know?  What answers to that question has your Thinking Mind rejected out of hand before it would even let you consider them?  It’s not likely to be logical, said the Jabberwock.

Since Juno is Sextile to Uranus and Uranus Quincunx to the Eclipse, the Square to Juno creates a Challenge-Curiosity-Grace (Square-Quincunx-Sextile) Jewel; in other words,

If we have any difficulty (Square) manifesting Greater Authenticity (Uranus-Pluto), we can Wonder (Quincunx) what was so profane about the Elephant (Eclipse) that it needed to be secret (Juno), and maybe make a few guesses (Sextile).  

Not to figure it out, of course, because it’s all much bigger than the Thinking Mind can grasp.  But the exercise will put gear in motion that move you in the right direction.

There’s a Quintile to Pallas…

The Eclipse will be Teaching us (Quintile) how to Transcend our personal Limits (Pallas) by setting Boundaries (Pallas) against Social Pressures that value Conformity over Authenticity and Harmony over Intimacy (Scorpio).

The Eclipse is also Septile to Comet ISON;

If you want to snatch Freedom and Self-Love (ISON) from the jaws of Social Pressure (to repress the Pachyderm), then Timing Is Everything (Septile).

And finally, what about Eris?  Quinnovile to the Eclipse!

Whoa.  We haven’t talked about the Ninth Harmonic yet, and it’s obviously a good time to start.  The Ninth Harmonic is about Introversion, Meditation, and Healing through Sleep and Quietude.  The Quinnovile is five ninths of the way ’round the loop, so the Fifth Harmonic is involved as well – Learning when Introversion is appropriate or necessary.  So we could say that

The Eclipse will be Teaching us about when it’s appropriate or necessary to speak up and get involved, and when it’s appropriate or necessary to stand back and observe.

So let’s go back and see when the current Saturn-Eris Cycle began.  We could look at the Sun-Eris and Moon-Eris Cycles as well, but remember that the Eclipse Conjoins Saturn, and the Saturn-Eris Cycle will have by far the greater impact.  That Initiation was in June 1997 at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter.”  We’ve seen that Symbol before, recently.  Rudhyar calls it “Overcoming crises through compassion.”

Rudhyar and others after him mirror the Zodiacal Cycle into Interplanetary Cycles, so that the first half of a Cycle is about developing a personal quality, and the second half of the Cycle about bringing that quality out into the World as we reintegrate our Expanded Self into Community.  From this perspective, the Quinnovile is the first meaningful Angle on the social side, and as such it’s the mold from which Future social relationships spring – a decision point between overwhelm, egoism, and the beginnings of social integration.

So after a sixteen-year lesson plan in choosing Compassion over Judgment, we’re ready to test our newfound skill in a social arena, and discover whether we will be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and retreat into Judgment, gloat about how we’re more Compassionate than They are, or find out how our traditional Community responds to greater Compassion – or whether we need to seek a Community that mirrors Compassion back to us to a greater degree than we ourselves have mastered it.

That may be the Spiritual Function of all of the Polarization we’re working with this Century – it’s very difficult to even acknowledge, let alone Love, an aspect of the Self that isn’t mirrored in some fashion.  So perhaps as the Internet lets us seek mirrors in a broader arena, it will actually promote Self-Love, which eventually can evolve into Authenticity in the face of Difference, without Anger and Judgment and the need to Control.

Specifically, with Saturn and Eris, we’d be learning about the relationship between Denial and Authenticity.  Denial is a valuable skill that enables greater depth of focus on The Most Important Thing.  Yet Eris, hopefully at the appropriate moment, blows our cover.  Have we done enough work yet with The Most Important Thing to be able to open up to a larger arena?  In our relationships with Other, do we respect their Denial, but know when they’re ready to move beyond it?  Do we understand that it’s not possible to see anyone’s Denial but our own?

Eris Eclipse

October 18, 2013


If you read nothing else about the October 18 “Penumbral” Lunar Eclipse, read this…

It’s a bit indirect, but it’s right on.  An “umbra” is a full shadow, and a “penumbra” is a partial shadow.  So the Moon won’t darken completely.  In the other direction, toward the out side, is…

which translates into something like…

You’ll see most of the Moon turn reddish around half-past 4pm PDT if it’s not cloudy and you’re in Europe, western Siberia, west of Iran, Africa, coastal Brazil, Quebec, or the MerryTimes.  You might be able to detect some darkening in the rest of Asia and the Americas, but not in Alaska or Australia.

Abundance Means Having Enough to Share

The Eclipse itself occurs at 26 of Aries, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”  You can say that again.  Rudhyar calls it “Obsession by potentiality,” whatever that means.

You know me, I don’t think Eclipses are as important now as they were when you could tell the Grand Whizbah that today is when he should tell the peasants that a Dragon will eat the Moon if they don’t freely offer up the best of their harvest and their offspring.

But the glorious thing about Eclipses is that they hide or Occult an element of the obvious.  That’s good because Consciousness grows by differentiating a new thing or concept out of the general undifferentiated background.  So when the Elephant in the room is suddenly missing, whoa, everybody’s all Where did the Elephant go?!? instead of the usual What Elephant?  I don’t see any Elephants.

Too Many Golden Apples

Especially when the Eclipse is Conjunct our Mistress of the Revelation of Denial, Eris herself.  The Eclipse is three and a third degrees from Eris, so it’s a little outside the range we usually use to measure our sensitivity, but I think there’s little doubt that you’ll notice, if you haven’t already.  For comparison, the Full Moon is about half a degree wide, so if you measure six Moon’s-widths behind (west of) the Moon and squint really hard, you’ll see Eris.  In your Mind’s Eye.

So there’s a good chance we’ll all find some things out on October 18, that shift the way we view the World.  And I guess if we’re possessed of more gifts than we can hold, it must be Potlatch time.  In a Potlatch – a tradition on the left coast of North America – your respect in your community grows not by how much you have but by how much you give away.  Basically the opposite of what’s happening in most of the “civilized” World, and most particularly the opposite of what the US Congress and its fascist puppetmasters have been practicing.

Angles to the Eclipse

The Eclipse is Quincunx to Ceres, which invites Curiosity about How can we make this Abundance Sustainable?

And it makes Quintile-Decile Angles to Pluto and Vesta.  If you want details…

(The Moon Biquintiles Vesta, which in turn Deciles the Sun.  And the Sun Quintiles Pluto, which in turn Trideciles the Moon.)

But the important thing is that we’re dealing with Pluto and Vesta, and the Fifth and Tenth Harmonics.  That is, Inevitability/Transformation, the Sacred, Learning, and Abundance.  That does sound obsessive with potentialities, doesn’t it.  Perhaps an excellent time to permanently shift our attitude toward how much we’re willing to Receive.  That’d be nice.  Just remember to dwell on the good stuff, k?

The Mercury-Jupiter Angle

Vesta is embellished by Sextiles (Creative Grace) to both Mercury (Communication) and Jupiter (Expansion), which means that Mercury and Jupiter Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) one another.  So, are we talking more about what’s Sacred to us?  Maybe allowing the Sacred to talk directly to us!  Vesta is the focus of this little Triangle after all.  Maybe all of the sudden we’ll notice that the Fairies are on vacation – then we’ll have to admit that they were there all along, wouldn’t we.  Or maybe someone will pull the curtain aside to reveal the Golden Cash Cows being worshiped by all those fascists who call themselves more “Christian” than thou.

Mercury also makes a Square to Pallas, implying that there’s some Boundary-setting to be accomplished here.  Mercury turns Retrograde at half-past 3am PDT October 21, and at the Eclipse it’s only a third of a degree from it’s Station.  Which is to say, this is actually a Mercury-Stationary Eclipse.  A Mercury-Stationary Eris Eclipse.  They used to say “Loose lips sink ships” in another era.  How would we phrase that today, if someone threw a Golden Thumbdrive into the party?

We’ll talk soon about the October 21-November 10 Mercury Retreat across 3-19 Scorpio and the paths of Juno, Dragon, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The Ongoing Karmic Drama

Like many of us, the Eclipse chart has two distinct sets of Angles, with little relationship between the two.  That gives the Eclipse a bit of a multiple personality – two pretty independent entities joined at the hip.  That can lead to some mutual “self”-sabotage.  That’d be an oxymoron if it weren’t for the link at the hip.  In this case though, collaboration seems more likely, mostly because of the nature of the two chart segments, but also because here the two parts are joined at two points – Jupiter and Pluto.

The Mr. Hyde portion of the Eclipse chart is one we’re quite familiar with from recent posts if not from “real” Life – the Juno-Nodes T-Square Bridged by Chiron and Pluto, with help from Uranus.  That’s the Karmic Gorgons we’ve been wrestling with off and on since May.  The Ceres Mjolnir across the Juno-South Node Square is recently deceased, but it’s been replaced by a Pythagorean Triangle with Comet ISON…

(That is, ISON is Quincunx to Juno and Trine to the South Node, making a constructive Challenge-Curiosity-Grace loop on the Square from the South Node to Juno, the Quincunx from Juno to ISON, and the Trine from ISON to the South Node.)

and a Venus Quintile Yod across a Jupiter-South Node Quintile.

A Quintile Yod is a “Learning Opportunity” in all the least welcome senses of the phrase.  It’s fabulous – after the fact – because we usually learn something important and useful.  But during the adventure, we’d mostly just as soon not.  However, this is Venus and Jupiter – how can we lose with these two greatest of Benefics?  Well, okay, there’s the third corner, the South Node.

We just have to reprogram ourselves to recognize that every time those Regressions to Childhood (and beyond!) occur, it’s another Opportunity to heal them.  Regressions are windowless, we don’t normally realize that we’re Regressed, we just know that we’re terrified, or enraged, or distraught.  Maybe we could post a note on the toilet lid that says…

Feeling Great?  No?  Then you’re Regressed!

Because all we need is a reminder to take a step back out toward the Present Moment, where we can Witness the Feelings from outside of their sealed canister and begin to recover our adult competence.

Remember the article that we started with, where neurons that fire together wire together?  The opposite is true too – neurons that aren’t wired together don’t fire together.  That’s why Regressions are windowless canisters, because when those Lost-Child neurons fire, the rest of the brain goes dead.  So we need to purposely start adding the links between our Lost Child and the rest of our brain, starting with an independent Witness that can differentiate the Lost Child inside of us from the otherwise undifferentiated Emotional background, and extend a loving and gentle helping hand.


My favorite Stones are the Micas, and my favorite Mica is Zinnwaldite!  From the Zinnwald, literally the “Tin Forest” on the border between Saxony in East Germany and Usti in Bohemia (nowadays aka the Czech Republic).  It’s a complex Potassium-Lithium-Iron-Aluminum Mica Fluoride, like the Eclipse chart not a one-dimensional undertaking.  Never have I experienced greater Peace from a Stone than from Zinnwaldite.

The Next Ring-Pass-Not

May 21, 2013


The next Portal is an invisible Lunar Eclipse, at half-past 9pm PDT on Friday May 24.  Well, it may not be completely invisible if you’re a Cat, but the Earth’s shadow makes only the faintest of glancing blows on the edge of the Moon’s disk.  It occurs at 5 of Sagittarius, “An old Owl sits alone on the branch of a large Tree.”  Rudhyar’s take is a giggle: “A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of Unconscious factors and their operation” – as if we were doing our Juno-Nodes T-Square homework!  And of course it’s the Blooming of the Lunar Cycle that began at the Annular Eclipse two weeks ago.

More important, though, is that the Full Moon (Eclipse) makes a close T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with Neptune (our Relationship with the GodHead and the GoddessHeart).  The most important part of any T-Square is the Vacancy that would make it into a Grand Cross, because this is the part that we have to Consciously provide in order to complete the Circle and bring it into Balance.  The Vacancy is 5 degrees of Virgo, “A person becoming aware of Nature Spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies,” which Rudhyar extends as “The opening of new levels of consciousness.”  The 5-Virgo reading is independent of the fact that it’s a Neptune T-Square – which amounts to an affirmation.  In other words, keep your (third) eye open for Awareness of any New Patterns!

Related Eclipses recur in an 18-year “Saros” Cycle.  The first and last Eclipses in a Cycle are glancing blows like this one.  Eighteen years later a related Eclipse will be slightly more visible, and so on and so on, until one or more of the Eclipses is finally Total, or at least Annular.  For instance, the Cycle that the recent Annular Solar Eclipse occupies saw it’s first, glancing-blow Eclipse in 1472, twenty years before the Taino People of the Bahamas, much to their later chagrin, discovered European Colonists.  That Cycle doesn’t finish until the year 2716.

The newsworthy thing about Portal 5.24 is that it Initiates a new Saros Cycle!  Initiation of a new Eclipse Cycle hasn’t occurred in 30 years, and it’ll be 47 years hence before it occurs again – most of us will witness only a few of these Initiations in a lifetime, at least until the Singularity.  This new Cycle will see related Eclipses every 18 years until the year 3275 – a millennium and a quarter of another!  The first Total Lunar Eclipse in the Cycle won’t happen until 2572.

All of which is to say, this Eclipse…

  • Is virtually Invisible (as is, for most of us most of the time, Spirit),
  • Is the blossoming of a Lunar Cycle about The awareness of spiritual forces at work (see The Next Eclipse),
  • Occurs in a degree representing a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of Unconscious factors and their operation,
  • Makes a T-Square with Neptune, aka our Relationship with Spirit,
  • Triggers a Vacancy with a degree symbolizing the opening of new levels of consciousness,
  • Initiates a brand new 1,262-year Eclipse Cycle!

Uh, sounds like kind of a Big Deal, eh?

And there’s more.  Remember those two other T-Squares?  Juno with the Nodes, and Uranus with Pluto and Vesta?  At the Full Moon/Invisible Eclipse, there are two Quintile Yods (Learning Opportunities) formed.  One we know about already, the ongoing North-Node QYod with Uranus and Jupiter (expanding and aligning our Soul Connection, our Mission, and our Lifestyle).  The second one is transitory – a Vesta QYod with Juno and the Moon (triggering a realignment of our Unconscious Identity to concur with our Heart’s view of what’s Sacred).

This second Quintile Yod makes a good map for the span of Portal 5.24 – the QYod will be in effect for about nine hours beginning about 7pm PDT on Friday May 24.

In other words, the two Quintile Yods link the focus of each of the T-Squares to a corner of the other – Juno to Vesta, and Uranus to North Node.  So each T-Square is a heuristic for the other – our rededication to the Sacred facilitates the transformation of our Unconscious Identity, as our rededication to our Yintegrity takes us to our Mission!  While it might seem like these connections are obvious, they’re otherwise-independent Energies.  The fact that the astrological alignment reinforces their natural affinities amplifies their Power and Significance.

Personally, I regard Eclipses as “simply” enhanced Oppositions – Angles of Awareness that illuminate by absence Patterns that otherwise blend with the background, hence expanding our Consciousness.  Consciousness grows by exactly that process – differentiation, not be discovery.  Critically important to the evolution of the Species in other words.  But most of the Fear and Loathing that surrounds Eclipses is political – when someone tries to impress you with Eclipse tales, they’re mostly trying to manipulate you.  It works because until Humans knew that Columbus would get found by the Taino before he fell off the Edge, Eclipses were simply terrifying – imagine a Total Solar Eclipse occurring if you had no idea what it was all about!

The ability to predict Eclipses came long before the general understanding of how Planetary and Lunar Shadows moved around.  During the intervening span astrologers collaborated with despotic manipulation of the resulting Terror.  This particular Eclipse seems like a Big Deal because it assembles a long list of meaningful correlates, not because it’s an Eclipse.  Tapping Out or lovingly Sitting With any general Fear that Eclipses generate for you would be an excellent way to help the whole Spiritual Consciousness process that’s going on.

If you’d like to explore Eclipses further, and would be good places to start.

Charoite would be an appropriate Crystal to contemplate during any bootstrapping of Consciousness and Spiritual Awareness.