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Dragon Time

September 7, 2013

We’ll be talking about this a lot more over the next few weeks, but our Big Deal during September (apart from the parades of Grand Sextiles and Grand Trines and  Grand Crosses, of course) is the Initiation by Saturn of the North Node – basically we’re being asked to Focus on our Mission.  There are two versions of the North Node in common use – the True Node, and the Mean Node.  I’ve never studied in any detail the implications of each, but in general the Mean Node would indicate in a general way what’s going on, while the True Node should be more accurate for timing purposes.

Rob Tillet gives us an excellent summary of the many technical vagaries of the Nodes, at

The True Node crosses Saturn at half past 9pm PDT on September 16, and the Mean Node crosses Saturn at 6am PDT on September 20.  Tomorrow, September 8, the True Node moves within one degree of Orb of Saturn, meaning that we’re already deep into this Energy.  There are two differences between Fate and Free Will.

  • First, we need to recognize that both Fate and Free Will are concepts within the mentality of the Observer, and have little direct bearing on the Observed.
  • And second, our Fate or Karma befalls us when we operate Unconsciously.  We exercise Free Will only by operating Consciously.

The difference between being a Victim of our Astrology, and taking advantage of – and responsibility for – our Astrology, is Consciousness.

Saturn’s meetup with the True Node occurs at 9 Scorpio, “A dentist at work.”  Ah, the inevitability of Pain, or the belief therein.

This happens to fall right on Obomba’s Neptune – he’ll be Confused as long as he focuses on the Material World, believing that Pain must be endured if symptoms are to be assuaged.  Or assuanged, as the case may be.  Unfortunately, his ability to focus on Spirit, which would bring him Clarity, may be buried under his Taurus Moon-Vesta Grand Trine (with Mars and Saturn) – he’s probably an emotional Fundamentalist at heart, believing that his own notion of what’s Sacred must apply to the World at large.  He’ll continue to refuse good counsel until he recognizes that his own Certainty is a gift to him, and the rest of the World doesn’t share it.  With his Neptune near his Sixth Cusp, he should turn to Michelle for direction when he’s Confused.  With her own Vesta near her South Node, she would understand the downside of Fundamentalism.  Let’s hope.

Saturn’s Conjunction with the Mean Node happens at 10 Scorpio, “A fellowship supper reunites old comrades.”  That sounds more optimistic, and given that Grand Sextiles and Grand Trines continue to dominate for a while, should be more indicative of general trends.  That is, the Pain may be temporary.  Again, let’s hope, or even PIAVA.  The Saturn-Node Initiation chart is a Grand Sextile chart, so Grace is highly available – it only needs a gentle kick-start from us.

More background (and foreground)…

Meanwhile, we have to keep in mind that Pluto is Stationary; as we write it’s only three arcminutes from its September 20 Direct Station at 9 of Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a harp.”  Rudhyar’s interpretation is “The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”  Pluto Energy should be much stronger than Saturn-Node Energy, though the Saturn-Node Energy would fill the front page, while the Pluto Energy would be the overpowering undercurrent.  And that’s Sextile to the Saturn-Node event, so again, just a little shove from Consciousness may be all it takes to shift the entire Planet into Collaboration for Peace.

Another (Brief) Grand Sextile

August 8, 2013

ruby0007bpAlong with Quartz, Ruby is the classic Sixth-Harmonic, hexagonal, Crystal form.  Ruby symbolizes Heart, Courage, Clarity of Purpose, Confidence.  The Sixth Harmonic is about Partnership.  Collaboration.  Ruby is where we start.  It’s Yang.

Another Hexagram

August 8 brings us another six-sided Grand Sextile, as the Moon moves around to replace Venus in the earlier Grand Sextile.

A Grand Sextile means tonnes of Creative Grace, compounding exponentially.  All you need to do is turn the doorknob, and release any old ideas you have that won’t let Grace in.

Consider it a Portal to your Upper Limits, a Portal to the Joy that you Fear.  This Grand Sextile only lasts about five hours, beginning around 4pm PDT, earlier and/or longer if you have greater sensitivity.  The five hours covers about three degrees of Orb.  The players are The Nodes, the Moon, Pallas-Jupiter, Chiron, and Pluto – a pretty powerful Gang of Seven.  If I had to put that in a sentence, I’d say…

Open the door to Big Miracles.  They’re there, just behind the walls of that tissue-paper shack we’ve built out of our habitual Worldview.  Look for any invitation to see the World differently, any tendency to judge and reject, or any sense that you’re being threatened.  Responding differently to those stimuli will bring big Surprises.

Meanwhile, our longstanding T-Squares and Grand Trines have morphed again.  Just to be sure you remember, a T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge, and a Grand Trine symbolizes Big Grace.

Mastery to a T

Vesta (that which we hold Sacred) has moved out of corner #4 of the Grand Cross (Motivation), leaving us just the Juno-Nodes T-Square (revision of our Unconscious Identity to align more with our Mission).  A Grand Cross is more balanced than a T-Square, as the hassles in the former keep one another busy.  A T-Square just feels like hassles, as nothing it touches ever goes as intended, or feels complete.  Put simply, that’s because T-Squares aren’t about Intention or Completion, they’re about Experience.  Experience that adds up to Wisdom.  Mastery.  Through Challenge.  If you still Expect results around a T-Square, get over it.  The problem is your attitude – be grateful for the Experience, and the surprises and delights you find in it when you drop your Expectations.

In other words,

Give up trying to Control anything and focus on Acceptance.  There is a Plan underway that’s bigger than we understand, and we just need to get out of the way and let it evolve.  Sure, there’s discomfort involved – Change is always discomfortable.  It’s called Resistance, and it’s painful.  Know that what is happening has your best interests at Heart, you just don’t know it yet because you’ve been sabotaging yourself for so long that you take it for granted.  When we’re done with this, we’ll self-sabotage a lot less – maybe not at all!

We still also have a Uranus-Pluto T-Square (I gotta be me even if it hurts…you), now with Pallas (Boundaries), Jupiter (Expansion), and Lilith (Collaboration) all conspiring on the other corner.  Do you notice any friction between insisting on Collaboration (Expanded Boundaries around it) and being compelled (Pluto) to express our Truth, even when it disrupts everything (Uranus)?  Sounds like a recipe for conflict, doesn’t it.

That’s the difference between a Hierarchy and a Team.  On a Team, everybody does what they do best, and everyone adjusts to make sure they help everybody else to shine.  We’re used to Sports when we think of a Team, where it’s about Winning.  But on this kind of Team we aren’t Against anything, we’re For something.  Like maybe Community.  Sure, we set Boundaries where we need to in order to create a Safe Space for our objective, but the Boundaries are Expansive and Inclusive.

In a Hierarchy there is only one leader and lots of followers.  On a Team everyone is a leader because everyone understands what the Group Mission is and their own role in the Action – or lack of Action, when the time isn’t ripe yet.  There are no Winners and Losers, no Success and Failure, just steady progress toward the objective, with lots of dead ends and detours and backtracking.  What outsiders would interpret as conflicts and failures, are just Experience toward Wisdom.

No, there isn’t a conflict between the two T-Squares, between not understanding what’s going on (Juno-Nodes) and knowing what to do for the Team (Uranus-Pluto-Pallas/Jupiter/Lilith).  If you see a conflict it’s because

  • you’re trying to think it rather than feel it,
  • you have Expectations, and/or
  • you’re still in Win-Lose.

If you can squirm your way out of those prison cells, that’ll be a lottery-win of the Century!  That’s exactly what T-Squares and Grand Sextiles are all about!

The two T-Squares are exceptionally well placed relative to one another.  Their Foci are Sextile (Creative Grace) to one another, and their four other corners form a Mystic Rectangle (Big Magic).  They complement one another perfectly.

All we need to do is abandon our Fear of Failure, our Fear of offending anyone, our need for Approval, and our hesitation to do what we know is Right but were told by others was Wrong.  It’s about trusting our Instincts more than our programming.

Easy as Pi, eh?  Well, yes, we might indeed want to PIAVA all that.  We aren’t going to get it done by planning and executing.  This is a trial run of a Yin-dominated World.  Don’t worry that it’ll be out of Balance the other way – plenty of space for Yang, serving Yin.  Accepting and Collaborating.

Big Triangles

Then there’s the Grand Trines, still two of them, separated by a stutter.  Saturn still teams up with Neptune, while Pallas-Jupiter now makes the third corner, and the North Node still joins with Chiron, this time in a Collaboration with Lilith.

A Grand Trine is about Big Grace, so big that we think it’s something we created, rather than a Gift from the Goddess.  We need to keep shifting our Attention to Gratitude, lest our own head get so big it falls off.

The Pallas-Jupiter-Lilith Stellium (multiple Conjunction) sews everything together – it’s a corner of both Grand Trines, a corner of one of the T-Squares, a corner of the Mystic Rectangle formed by the two T-Squares together, and a corner of the August 8 Grand Sextile.  No accidents here, it rules the chart and the times, as Stelliums often do.

The Saturn-Neptune-Pallas/Jupiter Grand Trine can be seen as…

Great Grace flows from focusing on Expanding our Boundaries to keep our Attention on the Spiritual rather than the Material.  If we keep the Spiritual in its proper place, the Material takes care of itself.

And the North Node-Chiron-Lilith Grand Trine as

Great Miracles occur when we trust our Instincts to guide us toward what we don’t even yet realize that we want, but we’ve been preparing for our entire lives!

But that’s just what’s going on.  For what we’re building up to…

Our Sacred Directive

Saturn (Focus) and the North Node (Mission) are moving toward one another, now six degrees apart.  They meet in late September, and they won’t meet again until 2025.  This Initiation is at 10 Scorpio, “A fellowship supper reunites old comrades,” or, in Rudhyar’s view, “The overtones of human relationships based on a community of work or experiences.”  See, what’d I tell you.  We’re preparing to move from

Take theirs before they take yours!


Whoa, you mean we’re all in this together?  

It’s a whole different way of living, and it means a lot of Change, both internal and external, for all of us.

Wonder what Sacred Directive we’ve been living under for the last dozen years?  Saturn-North Node is a clear organizer of our collective Spiritual Path, because it demands that we each Focus on our Individual Mission.  We are each one piece in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, and for all of our pieces to fit together we need to trust our Instincts and trust that everyone else is trusting theirs.  We chose parents that programmed us away from our Instincts, so that by working our way back to them, we’d bring them into Consciousness.  Eve and her Apple moved Humanity from Instinct to Intellect, but the colossal failure of Intellect to create Community –

or rather, our invaluable Experience of learning that attempting Community via Intellect is a dead end

– is coming to its rightful finish.

Our Sacred Directive for the last twelve years has been 19 Gemini, “A large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom,” or, via Rudhyar, “Contacting the all-human Planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality.”  Rethink your impressions of the World since 9/11, and reframe your understanding in the context of that Directive.  We’ve been shouting at our Colonial Masters that their War on Terror is only creating more Alienation, and their resolve has only deepened.

It’s like Obama is so obsessed with playing with his rubber-ducky drones that he doesn’t notice that the bathtub is running over and flooding the lower floors.  The Banksters are so obsessed with their Golden Eggs that they don’t notice how they’re killing the Goose.  The Multinationals are so obsessed with profits that they are blindly destroying their markets.  The Lizards are so obsessed with Control that they can’t see how they are creating Resistance.  The Scientists are so obsessed with Power that they have no clue that their GMOs and Nucular Reactors are destroying the Land that feeds us.  Religionists are so obsessed with moralistic ideas that they don’t see how they betray their own values.

Obama and the Banksters and the Multinationals and the Lizards and the Scientists and Religionists have been martyring themselves for us, making their perceived ignorance of the all-human Planetary Mind so blatant that we have no choice but to get very clear about what it is and what it isn’t. 

That game is coming to an end.

So the next twelve years will find the Conscious among us focused on Relationships in Communities of Work and Experience, while the Lizards will probably continue to show everyone else how not to create Communities, so we can all get Conscious of why we need to, and start learning how.

Be careful not to equate Consciousness with Material Wealth.  The people who have been living in Poverty are the people who know Sustenance and Community.  They will show the rest of us the way out.

And be careful not to judge those who don’t seem Conscious.  We often confuse Consciousness with our Programming, and consider ourselves to be superior because we can be so well-behaved, following our Programming.  But Obedience is hardly Consciousness; in most cases it’s lack of Consciousness.  The more we’re obedient to our Programming, the more our Shadow is in charge.  We can’t judge another’s Consciousness, only pursue our own.

Rose Quartz is a good symbol for the Yin side of the Sixth Harmonic, where we’re heading…