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Solstice to New Year

December 24, 2014

psc_stripNacreous Norwegian clouds, caused by holes in the Ozone Layer.  Photo by Ivar Marthinusen, with thanks to

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The Tricolors (which instruct us to Respond to any Difficulty with Curiosity) that we spoke about in our last post, Curiosity ( ), are still with us.  There are a few adjustments, which we’ll talk more about soon.
The Main Event for the next several months is the combination of
  • Pluto Squaring the Nodes (“Listen Up!  The instructions we’re giving you aren’t optional!” says the Unconscious),
  • Uranus Squaring Pluto (if you aren’t at the top of your game, it’s because you still aren’t fully accepting some essential part of yourself), and
  • Uranus Initiating the South Node (Don’t you dare miss a *single* opportunity to be Loving with any bummer, large or small, that you’ve seen before)
And on December 31, the dwarf planet Makemake (which is about Manifestation) is Stationary (strong), so expect to be experiencing that as we move through the holydays.  That basically means, Be careful what you Ask for, and be mindful of your thoughts because after all each thought is really a Prayer, and all Prayers are answered in one way or another.  Our thoughts are just so scrambled that when they are answered, our Manifestations are so scrambled that we don’t notice the connection. 
When you catch a negative thought, hit it quickly with the mantra “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” to Cancel the negative Manifestation, Neutralize the Energy you’ve Created, and Upgrade the thinker (you) to reduce the future scrambling. 
Meanwhile, here’s a nice story about Manifesting Healing…

Portal 10.20-22 I – Lilith

October 20, 2014

IMG_1196An interesting Configuration; kind of a squashed Toadstool; a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge – in red) on a forklift, as if the green scissors could just lift the T-Square right out of here, leaving just the Grand Trine (dumb-luck Blessings, in blue).

* * * * *

A new Grand Trine

Our Mars/Centaurs-to-Lilith-to-Eris Grand Trine (Galactic-scale  opportunities to let go of Karma – or – I know it doesn’t feel good, but Congratulations!) has finally expired, using our traditional three degrees of Sensitivity.  This is the Grand Trine that began in the last few days of August, and was heralded by early September’s multiple simultaneous Stations near the Galactic Center – the Stations that would be likely to occur about once in twelve million times the scientific consensus on the age of our Universe.

But meanwhile, the asteroid Pandora has moved into Eris’s position, so our October 20-22 Grand Trine involves Pandora, Lilith, and Mars-Quaoar-Hylonome.  As the first human woman, Pandora in myth was sort of a parallel to Eve and Lilith.  But while Lilith wounded Adam’s Ego by not having the time of day for it, and Eve brought dischord onto the Planet by indulging Duality (which actually sounds more like something Adam would have done), Pandora was an explicit curse on huManity, created as punishment for Promethius’s theft of Fire from the Gods.

Now, if we translate this from the standard misogynous taint of Western Civilization, what do we get?  She was beguilingly beautiful, but that’s just the Magnetic aspect of the Feminine.  Like Eve, out of Curiosity, she unleashed a slew of Dualities on huManity.   The interpretation that makes the most sense to me is that Pandora represents Nature.  She releases – brings into Consciousness – a number of Dualisms, but one remains Unconscious, Expectation (usually translated as Hope).  Expectation is what allows us to learn, but it’s also what prevents us from seeing clearly, as we see not what is but what we Expect to see.

So we have Nature and Expectation teaming up with Yindependence and Action-Law-Grief to create a Big dumb-luck Blessing.  I’d interpret that to mean that we will stumble into all manner of surprising Delights by Acting irrationally.  How the devil do I get that?  As a friend used to say about Anger, “Don’t get even, get odd!”

The Law (Quaoar) tells us to Act (Mars) rationally or It will bring us Grief.  But Grief (Hylonome) demands that we follow our Heart, regardless of the consequences.  Jung pointed out that the Heart is where our Values reside, so following our Heart is actually acting rationally – pursuing our Values – but an outside observer would be unlikely to understand, hence our Actions would appear to be irrational.  In other words, the outside observer would be projecting Expectations (Pandora) upon us. 

What would Yindependence (Lilith) do?  No question – she’d follow the Heart.  Who is our most critical outside observer?  Our own mind.  So while the mind is telling us to follow the Law, the Heart tells us to follow our Joy.  The mind thinks that’s irrational.

* * * * *

And a New T-Square

Lilith, who turns out to be the Guide in the Grand Trine, is also the point of the T-Square – in other words,

We’re Challenged to Master our irrationality (following our Heart, or Yindependence) – that’s not much of a surprise, is it.

The base of the T-Square (which describes the impediments to Mastery) is an Opposition from Ceres to Sedna.  We can see Sedna here as our Loyalty or lack thereof – to family, to the Feminine, to our Values, to the Heart.

We’re Challenged to make our willingness to follow our Heart a permanent (Ceres) priority in our Life.

* * * * *

The Scissors and Tricolors

The shallow green “X” that connects the base of the T-Square with one side of the Grand Trine defines two Major Tricolors – Square-Quincunx-Trine (red-green-blue) Configurations.

The essence of a Major Tricolor is that, in this circumstance, genuine Curiosity (which is the absence of Expectations) about the relationship between the two principles at each end of the (green) Quincunx will open the door to the (blue) Trine, which will then resolve the apparent conflict defined by the (red) Square.

The two Tricolors are Lilith-Square-Sedna-Quincunx-Mars et al-Trine-Lilith, and Lilith-Square-Ceres-Quincunx-Pandora-Trine-Lilith.

The two apparent conflicts are the inconvenience (Sedna) of following what has Heart and Meaning to us (Lilith), and our resistance to giving first priority to our Heart permanently (Ceres) – most likely because it’s so inconvenient.  Folks are always asking us to Explain ourself, and it seems like we’re so often making it more difficult for ourself, rather than just “going along with the crowd.”

Bottom line, Portal 10.20-22 is all about Lilith – our Yindependence.

The two Quincunxes are Pandora-Ceres and Sedna-to-Mars/Quaoar/Hylonome.

Buddhism is devoted to the Pandora-Ceres Quincunx – How do we achieve Beginner’s Mind, overcoming our addiction to our Expectations to allow us to Sustainably see Reality for what it actually is.

Sedna-MQH is the classical “prisoner’s dilemma” – we are better off in sum when we work together, but each of us may be better off at the expense of Other if we maximize our own outcome instead of attending to the result most beneficial to the group.  That is, if we act as though our counterparty is playing Win-Win and they’re actually playing Win-Lose, we Lose.

We liberate Grace in this Portal by avoiding all Judgment about the motives of Others, and striving for Beginner’s Mind. 

No matter how much evidence you accumulate about what motivates the Significant Others in your Life, you have no way of knowing what’s Real and what’s Expectations.  In fact, you’ll be better off if you assume it’s all Expectation.  Even if you enlist witnesses to try to get independent views, you still can’t tell.  So each time you’re tempted to think you understand Other, Let It Go, whether you’re starting to believe they’re on your side or out to get you.  You want to preserve persistent Curiosity.

Strive for Beginner’s Mind by detaching your Identity from your thoughts.  That’s virtually an oxymoron, so what we have to do is set an internal alarm to go off every few seconds, and every time it goes off, we ask ourselves if we’re thinking.  If so, we say to ourself, “Oh, there’s thinking again.”  If we practice this long enough, we can develop the habit of hearing our thoughts as if they were someone else’s thoughts.  That allows us to follow them or not, liberating us to follow our Heart more often.

Ultimately, these two practices are complementary, and they’re both excellent approaches to Life in general, as well as being proven paths to Ascension.

* * * * *


There’s a sleeper here – the Saturn-Eris Quincunx.  We didn’t draw in the green line.  This tells us to Pay Attention to what’s Hidden, but avoid drawing conclusions, and stay in Curiosity.  Focus on the enduring Mysteries.  If we do that iteratively, it will greatly complement our Beginner’s Mind and Non-Judgment practices.

More Tricolors

June 4, 2014

We’ll be a little more technical in our bold-italic sections here than we usually are, but bear with us, because this material is bottom line, even if it’s more astrological.  If you run into Confusion because of the geometry or the fractions, just skip that part that’s Confusing, and move on to the next paragraph.  Confusion is the first stage of Growth, but you don’t need to resolve Confusion intellectually.  You don’t need geometry or fractions to understand this, it’s really about Human Nature and Opportunity.

* * * * *

More very welcome questions about the Tricolors…

“It is difficult for me to grasp a subtle distinction between the Major and Minor Tricolors, hence I am submitting three questions to you:

1) Could you please explain how the 4th harmonic, symbolizing dominion and healthy control, is interrelated with the 3rd, 5th and 12th harmonics contained in the Major Tricolor?

“2) As for the Minor Tricolor, I do not understand, according to your definition ‘…teaches us to share Dominion with our partners’, how it works with the principle of Pattern Breaking (12th harmonic), that the Major and Minor Tricolors involve.

“3) Is it relevant to say that the 5th harmonic is related to ‘Learning’?

“Again, thank you so much for your help on these matters.”

Questions are always welcome – thank you!  And namaste!

* * * * *

The correlation between the Major Arcana in Tarot, and the major Angles in astrology, is very strong.  I’m sure there are as many different schools of Tarot as there are different schools of astrology, but I’ve learned from Angeles Arrien’s excellent The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols.

* * * * *

The Fourth Harmonic

The most Challenging Angle in astrology is the Square – two planets 90 degrees, or three Signs, apart.  The Challenge arises because you have two planets trying to cooperate while they’re in different “Elements” – Fire, Earth, Air, Water. 

Cuspal Squares follow a different Pattern, but that’s a topic for another day.

We’re working in these years, by way of example, with the Uranus-Pluto Square, from Uranus in Aries (Fire) to Pluto in Capricorn (Earth).  So Uranus, which is scarily Spontaneous already, is very excited about flinging itself into all manner of Exoteric Arian Adventures, while Pluto very much wants Capricornian Practicality and Moderation.  That’s a Challenge, eh?  Put any two different Elements – like Fire and Water – in the same sandwich, and you get similar results. 

You get all the way around the Zodiac by putting four Squares end to end.  So the Square is the astrological representative of the Fourth Harmonic.  In the Major Arcana, that’s the Emperor, symbolizing Dominion, or Healthy Control.  We’ve noticed over the years that a Square symbolizes not just Challenge, but Mastery.  Our Squares reveal our greatest Skills, because they show the places where we never feel like we’ve “got it right” – it’s never satisfying enough that we get complacent and feel complete.  So we keep trying different approaches, on ever more subtle levels, and collecting the resulting Experience and Wisdom. 

So, immer strebend (as Goethe put it), we become, as we get older and more experienced, the true Expert on those issues, though we’ll have to work on ourself quite a bit to recognize this, since it doesn’t feel that way.  We’ll always feel like a failure, because our Fourth-Harmonic standards are unreachable.  As the Emperor we’re always dealing with tradeoffs, nothing is ever “black and white” or “cut and dried.”  If it is, we’re deluded.  We’re lucky when the odds in a situation are “60-40” and not six of one and a half dozen of the other.

So we refer to the Square and the Fourth Harmonic as Mastery through Challenge.  The more you recognize that you’re in the game to gather Experience and Wisdom rather than to “get it right,” the better you’ll feel about your Squares.  You might even Consciously make a Choice you know is “wrong,” just to gather experience around that Choice (which would actually just be bringing your true motivation up into Consciousness!).  Squares are primarily Motivating.  Always something else to do to try to make things a little better, or patch up past missteps.

The Square – the noisy, messy, never-fully-resolved issue that demands Attention – is the core of the Tricolor

* * * * *

The Quincunx

The Magical portion of a Tricolor is the Quincunx.  A Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity.  Curiosity, Wonder, Awe – those are most Sacred places to reside.  There is no Judgment while we’re in Curiosity, so it’s Unconditional, like Love.  A Quincunx is formed by two planets five Signs apart, or five twelfths of the way ’round the Circle from one another.  So it combines the Fifth Harmonic with the Twelfth Harmonic.

Yes, as your third question avers, the totem for the Fifth Harmonic is the Hierophant, master of Teaching and Learning.   So we have the potential for an Open mind.  The Hanged Person stands for the Twelfth Harmonic.  The Hanged Person is hanging by their heels, not their neck (or fingernails), so the Twelfth Harmonic is about seeing the World through a perspective that’s different from the one we usually use.  That allows the Hanged Person to be the Pattern-Breaker, because they can see newly how they can Change things to better meet their Values and Goals.  Like Chiron, and Einstein’s advice that we can’t solve a problem by using the same thinking that created the problem.

So you can see how the Quincunx and Curiosity get linked intellectually – Learning how to Break Patterns, recognizing that Curiosity is the first requirement for that.  Curiosity means relaxing – nay, disarming our usual Resistance to Change.  It’s like sneaking up behind the Ego’s usual attachment to the relative security of the status quo and Opening the back door to a fresh breeze.  Experientially, the link between the Quincunx and Curiosity is patently obvious, as we all know what we’re perpetually Curious about, long before we know where our Quincunxes are.

What a combination!  The Square’s indefatigable thirst for unachievable perfection, and Curiosity’s Openness to the New!  It’s no wonder that when we combine 1/4 and 5/12 we’re left with 1/3 – the Square is three Signs (3/12 or 1/4), the Quincunx five Signs (5/12), and there are twelve (12/12 or One) all together, so we have four Signs (4/12 or 1/3) left over.  To close the Circle, we need a Trine.

* * * * *

The Third Harmonic and the Major Tricolor

Four Signs is one third of the Zodiac, or a Trine.  The positive side of a Trine is automatic Grace.  The negative side of the Trine is Arrogance, as until we learn that everyone has different Skills, we’re tempted to think we must be pretty clever to be able to do this (whatever it is) so well without even breaking a sweat, while everyone else must be pretty dumb because they have such a hard time with it.  So we call a Trine “dumb-luck” Grace.  Trines make everything easy.  The only thing we have to do (and unfortunately it’s optional), is remember the flip side of Grace, which is Gratitude.

The Third Harmonic in the Major Arcana is the Empress, symbolizing Love with Wisdom.  She doesn’t encounter the hard 50-50 Choices that the Emperor has to make, so she’s free to dispense Compassion.  Yet there are consequences, so she must use her Compassion with Wisdom.  The Third Harmonic is harmonious because it links Signs of the same Element.

Again, cuspal Trines would operate differently.

So a naked Trine, without any complementary Tension (Square, Conjunction, or even Opposition), can give us a great deal of grief, if we mistake the Grace for Competence.  Just think of the “stuck-up” people you knew in high school, and you’ve got an excellent picture of an unacknowledged Trine.  Some of them ran into real difficulty once they got out into the World and were asked to be less one-dimensional, and had to start dealing with their Squares.  Or, out in the larger World, had to compete or cooperate with people who had genuine Competence.  To excel we need native talent and hard work, and while Trines are an excellent foundation for it, they ill prepare us for that Both/And necessity.

But tie the far ends of a Square and Quincunx together with a Trine, and you combine the Square’s indefatigable thirst for unachievable perfection, Curiosity’s Openness to the New, and Effortless Grace.  A Grand Cross (four Squares end-to-end) can make us super-Competent because we’re always forced to multitask to put out the constant series of brushfires surrounding us.  A Grand Trine (three Trines end to end) can provide so much Grace we seem invincible.  The combination of a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine is one of most powerful Configurations of planets, because it combines this-World Competence with lots of help from beyond the Veil.

But what an opportunity a Tricolor creates!  While the Grand Cross and Grand Trine are scattered all over a chart, the Tricolor is sharply focused on one Square, one contrast between Elements.  Like the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto contrast between Truth and Security (Fire and Earth), or the current Mars-Pluto contrast between Mind and Matter (Air and Earth), or the Venus-Lilith contrast (in the current Fez) between Consistency and Desire (Earth and Fire).

* * * * *

The Sixth Harmonic and the Minor Tricolor

The most powerful Configurations are those which fill the Zodiac – that is, their Angles add to 360 degrees.  The Grand Cross is 4×90, the Grand Trine 3×120, the Major Tricolor 90+150+120.  In a Minor Tricolor, a Sextile substitutes for the Trine, so we don’t get to a Full Circle.  However, we do have Challenge combined end-to-end with Curiosity and Grace.  But we have Sixth-Harmonic Grace rather than Third-Harmonic Grace.  That’s Grace through Work and Partnership rather than Grace through “Dumb Luck.”  That’s probably actually better for our Spiritual development, though since it will involve more Effort, probably not as automatic or monumental for accomplishments.

The Sixth Harmonic is The Lovers Archetype.  That brings with it all the Joys and Labors of getting along with another Entity.  Even if that Entity is your Soulmate, there probably won’t be more than a heady glance and a smile until one or the other of you is willing to expend a little effort to open the door.  Hence the understanding that a Sextile usually requires some initial Effort to get the Grace rolling.  And if the other person really is your Soulmate, you’ve got a lot of Work to do, because no one gets along with their Soulmate without doing their Self-Love Work.   Triggering your Self-Love Work is what Soulmates do for a living.

The Sixth Harmonic connects Signs that are not in the same Element, but in the same “gender.”  We don’t use the terms masculine and feminine to distinguish Signs, because those terms are too polluted with cultural bias.  Angeles Arrien uses the terms “Dynamic” and “Magnetic” instead, and we often just call them “Yang” and “Yin.”  The Elements Fire and Air are Dynamic or Active, and the Elements Earth and Air are Magnetic, or Receptive.  So a Sextile connects two Yin Signs or two Yang Signs.  There is mutual understanding, but it requires a handshake or a hug to acknowledge it.

So the Minor Tricolor can actually result in greater Self-development, while the Major Tricolor is more likely to work its magic in the outer World.  With the Minor Tricolor you’ll need to go back and rework that nettlesome Square over and over again, to smooth the Partnership path.  You’ll need to take Responsibility for your own muddle.  Thank goodness we’re Graced with the Curiosity, or the Challenge would be too great.  We should actually look for Minor Tricolors between the charts of Lovers and others in Relationship; it may be where the real value of this Configuration lies.

In the current Fez, it’s the Partnership between our Willingness to actively Support ourSelf in the outer World (Mars) and our Inner Female’s need for Suzerainty (Lilith) – or you could say, our Willingness to actively Support our Inner Female’s Suzerainty – that resolves both the Mars-Pluto (“Go for it!”) and the Venus-Lilith (“What would Momma say?!?”) Challenges.

* * * * *

Now, did I actually answer the questions?

1) Could you please explain how the 4th harmonic, symbolizing dominion and healthy control, is interrelated with the 3rd, 5th and 12th harmonics contained in the Major Tricolor?

The geometry is given to us by the chart – the Square (4th Harmonic), Quincunx (5th and 12th), and Trine (3rd), are presented to us by the Angles between the planets at the moment under consideration.  So it’s up to us as astrologers to combine the ideas of Dominion, Learning and Teaching, Pattern-Breaking, Challenge, Unacknowledged Mastery, Curiosity, Grace, and Potential Arrogance, into some view of the person or situation that provides Insight.  Of course we’ll need to also fold in the Signs and Elements involved, and temper it all by what the rest of the chart says.  Horribly complicated, yes, but that’s the nature of astrology.

That’s why I focus on reading first the Square then the Quincunx as the path to unlocking the Grace.  So for the current Pluto-Mars-Venus Major Tricolor, we can condense that into “We can resolve dilemmas about how vigorously to Act, by consulting our Values.” 

That is, We can resolve (Pluto and Trine) dilemmas (Square) about how vigorously (Mars) to Act, by consulting (Quincunx) our Values (Venus).

Wrapping in the Elements, we might say “When conflict arises between what we Think we need to Do and what is Practical, ask yourself what will create Stability.”

That is, When conflict (Square) arises between what we Think (Air) we need (Pluto) to Do (Mars) and what is Practical (Capricorn), ask yourself (Quincunx) what will create Stability (Venus in Taurus).  We could extend that to, When conflict (Square) arises between what we Think (Air) we need (Pluto) to Do (Mars) to get along (in Libra) and what is Practical (Capricorn), ask yourself (Quincunx) what will create Stability (Venus in Taurus).

Is this helpful?  Astrology is more like an “essay question” than a “multiple-choice” question.

In The Tricolor and the Fez we suggested a couple of alternate ways of looking at the Energy – our comments about the “swelled head” and “dead cats” and being “in the flow.”  But since so few people are at peace with their Squares, I’m betting that the Square-to-Quincunx-to-Trine reading will be the most useful for most people most of the time.

“2) As for the Minor Tricolor, I do not understand, according to your definition ‘…teaches us to share Dominion with our partners’, how it works with the principle of Pattern Breaking (12th harmonic), that the Major and Minor Tricolors involve.

True Partnership entails a degree of Equality that we don’t usually exercise in most of our day-to-day transactions with other Entities.  So I’m guessing that in most Minor-Tricolor situations, once we shift from Problem to Curiosity, the Initiatory Action that the Sextile will require, is that we shift out of Command mode and into Negotiate mode.  We can more or less Command a sales clerk to give us a loaf for a coin, but commanding a Partner to do something is more problematic.  “How do you feel about…” or “Would you be willing to…” or “Can we talk about…” will probably be a lot more effective than “A loaf of sourdough,” even if we were British and added a “please” at the end.

That’s why I emphasized “sharing Dominion” – hypothesizing that most of the time for most of us, sharing Dominion will be a Pattern-Breaker.  We would go from a Challenge to our sense of Healthy Control, into Curiosity about how to resolve it, into an Action that would trigger Grace, one that would most likely involve interaction with a Partner (Sixth Harmonic). 

Does that clarify the Minor Tricolor at all for you?

“3) Is it relevant to say that the 5th harmonic is related to ‘Learning’?

Absolutely.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning, and it’s flip side, Teaching.  We don’t really Learn something until we have to Teach it.  That’s when we discover what we’ve been assuming, that may not actually be True or relevant. 

My discussions of the Fourth Harmonic make it sound like I’m talking about Learning there too, but it’s different.  The Fourth Harmonic is about feeling that we’re on the Edge of being out of Control (as any Emperor always is).  I just suggest that we shift our focus from what we haven’t perfected, to what we’re Learning, as a way to defuse our frustration and recognize our accumulated Skills – our experiential Wisdom. 
It’s like the difference between the Third and Ninth Houses – the Fifth Harmonic and Third House are about Knowledge, while the Fourth Harmonic and the Ninth House are about Wisdom.  I’m always intrigued by the way Ursula Le Guin divided Knowledge among the faculty at the School on Roke in A Wizard of Earthsea.
How’d we do?  Are we making any sense?

The Tricolor and Fez

June 1, 2014

We depart a bit from traditional astrology here, but in my experience this is important.  We’ve been referring to a particular Configuration of Angles between planets as a “Pythagorean Triangle” or “Pythagorean Tricolor,” or sometimes just “Tricolor,” and a reader has asked for more information about these terms.  If we start with a picture, you can see why I call it a Tricolor…

TricolorTo skip right to the bottom line, it means that we can resolve the Challenge that the red line symbolizes, by indulging the Curiosity that the green line represents, because that will trigger the Grace inherent in the blue line.

First of all, we’ve struggled to find a good name for this Configuration, because normal astrofolks don’t routinely assign colors to Angles, so the whole idea of a “Tricolor” would be weird to them.

What we refer to as Angles, or Angular Relationships between planets, normal astrologers call “Aspects.” We don’t like to use the term Aspects because the word has too many other meanings.

An astrological Configuration is just a significant combination of related Anglular Relationships or Angles.  For instance, three Trines end-to-end make a Grand Trine, meaning “dumb-luck” Grace – as well as Arrogance until we realize that what’s going on is “dumb luck” and not competence!  The Trine (two planets four Signs apart – the “three” part of the Trine is because it spans a third of the Zodiac) is the Angle, and the Grand Trine is the Configuration.

The red line in the Tricolor is a Square, or two planets three Signs apart.  It’s called a Square because if you filled a circle with four of them you’d get a square shape.

We in our weirdness find the name Tricolor totally appropriate, as we’ve always (at least for the last 45 years) been in the habit of drawing the Angular Relationships that represent Mastery through Challenge in  red  – they’re hot, as in suspenseful – and drawing the Angular Relationships that represent Grace in  blue  – they’re cool, as in relaxing.  We’re also in the habit of using  green  to draw the Quincunx (two planets five Signs apart).  Turns out that’s appropriate too, as green is a Heart color, and the Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity, which as we’ve said many times is akin to Love, as both eschew Judgment.

A five-Sign Angle is five twelfths of the way ’round the Zodiac.  Five is the number of Learning, and twelve is the number of Pattern-Breaking.  So five twelfths of the way around the astroloop is about Learning how to Break Patterns – particularly Karmic Patterns.  There’s no way we’ll succeed at that without Curiosity, since the foundation of our Patterns is Judgment.  The Quincunx turns out to be a gift, as it inspires Curiosity.

Curiosity isn’t something we have to do under the influence of a Quincunx, it just happens.  Of course, Pattern-Breaking is first cousin to Ego Death, which is why Curiosity has a reputation for killing Cats.  But think nine Lives.  Nine is the number of the Muse, or Introspection.  It’s one thing to identify a Pattern, quite another to Change it.  For that you’ll probably need PIAVA, but noticing the Pattern you want to Change is the first step.

We don’t need the name “Pythagorean,” as virtually all of the Configurations in astrology are “Pythagorean” – it just means that the length of the sides are whole numbers, in this case whole numbers of Signs.  So from now on we’ll just call this Configuration a Tricolor.

Okay, so what does this alleged Tricolor mean?  It means

That we can resolve the Challenge that the red line symbolizes, by indulging the Curiosity that the green line represents, to trigger the Grace inherent in the blue line. 

There’s another meaning as well – if we misinterpret our dumb-luck Grace as competence and our head swells, it will trigger new Challenges that we’ll only be able to resolve by shifting to genuine Curiosity.

The “dead Cat” runs the Energy “backwards” – our Curiosity opens doors that are forbidden, creating the Challenge.  We come out to the Grace (in this case earned) by facing up to the Challenge.

If we’re “in the Flow,” we often move directly from the Challenge to the Grace, enjoying the Synchronicity of the Universe.  If we notice this, we respond with Curiosity about the Wonders of Spirit.

* * * * *

The Fez

When there’s a double Tricolor, we’ve been calling that a “Fez,” because it’s the shape of the traditional Turkish hat (though they originated in Morocco), but without the tassle.

FezThe Fez adds a fourth planet and a Sextile (the short blue line).  Start by coming up the red line on the left, then follow the green line down to the right, then come back to the left across the bottom blue line – that’s the Tricolor we drew above.  Then track up the red line on the right, follow the green line down and to the left, and back along the blue line at the bottom – that’s the second Tricolor.

The Sextile adds two more Tricolors!  Come down the red line on the left, up to the right on the green line, then back to the left on the short blue line.  And move down the red line on the right, up and to the left on the green line, then back on the Sextile at the top.

We could call the Trine Tricolors “Major Tricolors” and the Sextile Tricolors “Minor Tricolors.”

The difference between the Trine and the Sextile is that the Trine provides Grace automatically, while the Sextile provides Grace only after we take the first step to get it started.  So with a Major Tricolor the Grace follows the Curiosity without additional effort, while in a Minor Tricolor we need to follow the Curiosity with an initiatory Action.

Many astrofolk regard a Sextile as “better for us” than a Trine, because a Trine can make us lazy, while a Sextile requires our involvement to kick-start it.  Yet the Trine is the “Major” Angle, because it’s a has lower or more primary dimensionality – the Third Harmonic – than the Sixth-Harmonic Sextile.  The Trine represents the Third Harmonic because it takes three of them to “fill” or circumambulate the Zodiac.  It takes six Sextiles to fill the circle.

The Third Harmonic is the Empress, who symbolizes Love with Wisdom.  The Major Tricolor combines the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Twelfth Harmonics.  Of course the Twelfth Harmonic reduces to the Third, by the traditional method of adding the two digits of 12; to actually succeed at Breaking Patterns we must address them with Love and Wisdom.  The Fourth Harmonic is the Emperor, standing for Dominion, or Healthy Control.  The Sixth Harmonic is about Partnership, and combines the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Twelfth (or Third) Harmonics.  So…

The Major Tricolor Teaches us to have Loving, Wise, and Healthy Control over our Lives.  The Minor Tricolor Teaches us to share Dominion with our Partners.

* * * * *

The charts above are drawn for June 6.  We’ll interpret them in the next post.

Portal 12.10 or Uranus Station II

December 6, 2013

Our Yin Gate hangs on for most of the next week, but our Quintile Yod dissolves in a few days, and our Toadstool/Pagoda has already passed.  Which leaves us alone with our Pluto T-Square to Uranus and Vesta,

Which reminds us that aligning ourselves with our Soul’s Intention (Uranus) is not optional (Pluto) here.  Pluto means Transformation, Re-Formation of the Planetary Trance, and while we can steer the Transformation, we can’t reverse it.  The Square from Pluto to Uranus Challenges us to Master living on a Plane where the Planetary Trance is about each Person Living Their Own Truth according to their own Heart (Vesta).

as the main course for Portal 12.10, when the Moon joins Uranus.  The Moon usually acts as a trigger, so while Uranus doesn’t actually Stand Still until 10am PST on December 17, we could get a strong dose of Stationary Uranus, or

It will be very difficult to bite your tongue instead of Speaking your Truth.  If you do succeed, Boiron Borax 30c homeopathic will greatly accelerate healing for the wounds in your tongue.  Seriously, it will.

during Portal 12.10, which is open for six hours on either side of 9pm PST on December 10.  Portal 12.18, when the Moon Squares Uranus and Opposes Pluto making a Uranus T-Square (that is, a Uranus T-Square with Pluto rather than a Pluto T-Square with Pluto; subtle but important), is likely to be stronger, but it doesn’t occur till after the Uranus Station itself.  Portal 12.10 will gain strength by occurring before the Station, but for a couple of obscure reasons I expect Portal 12.18 will be stronger still.  Not that anyone here is in competition – other than your Ego and your Soul.  Or rather, your Ego.  I don’t think the Soul’s big on competition.

I don’t use Ego negatively; really we’re talking about Habits and Patterns that have served us well in the past – that’s what Uranus tends to disrupt.  Being raised in a Culture that denies astrology, we assume that the future will be like the past, so we feel justified in sticking with those historical Habits and Patterns and investing Ego into them.  Ego is just what keeps us Safe, and “Please pass the Butter” has always seemed a lot safer to say than “You ruined my life!”  Of course some of those Patterns are embedded in Karma, and breaking them will seem like a Life-or-Death risk, and it literally will be, since Ego Death is the only real Death there is.

It’s interesting that in the 12.10 Portal the third party is Vesta, as one of the referents of Vesta is what we’re willing to live and die for.  By December 18, Vesta has moved on.  So one thing to watch for during the 12.10 Portal is

Change in what we consider to be Sacred, what we think is worth living and dying for, what motivates us ultimately, what organizes our Life on the most basic level.  In a word, Epiphany.  Stay open for that; it’s very important.

particularly because of the other major Configuration in the 12.10 chart, the second Triangle…

DSCN4670We’ve been calling that other Triangle a Pythagorean Triangle, but that term is pretty general; maybe a Pythagorean Tricolor would be more descriptive.  A Pythagorean Tricolor connects a Square (red – Challenge) to a Quincunx (green – Curiosity) to a Trine (blue – Grace) and back to the Square.  So we can read that as

When we’re confronted with a situation where we’re Challenged to express more of our Truth than we’re used to and it’s not optional (Pluto Square Uranus), if we respond by Wondering how we can do that and Stay Safe too (Uranus Quincunx Pallas), we can effortlessly discover new ways to Be (Pallas Trine Pluto).

The key is the Quincunx – the Wondering.  If the Pluto-Uranus Square just dumps us into our usual anxiety about revealing our Truth, we might miss the Gift in the Pallas-Pluto Trine.  Pallas represents Edges and Boundaries – we set Boundaries with people by avoiding the Vulnerability of Speaking our Truth.  Our sense of Safety has Edges, beyond which we feel uncomfortably vulnerable.  What if we PIAVAed stretching our Edges just enough to find a way to Speak more of our Truth Safely.  Our Habituation sees a conflict between our need for Safety and our need for Yintegrity, but that’s only the perspective of our Habituation, it’s not Reality.

We just need to PIAVA Both/And, Safety And Yintegrity.

Now, we don’t need to wait until Portal 12.10 opens to do this – this Pythagorean Tricolor was part of Portal 12.04’s Yin Gate and actually started at the end of November and hangs around until December 15.  Not that we couldn’t do it anytime anyway, it’ll just be a lot easier during this Window.  Here are a couple of great examples of the Pythagorean Tricolor unfolding out in the open on the Cultural level…

Boulder Colorado, by a two-thirds majority, has voted to stop buying electric Power from an out-of-state megacorporation, and form their own public utility –

Someone in Austin Texas is building affordable housing for the homeless –

1-cottageThat’s part of the Shareable Foundation, where they have a bundle of great projects in the oven –

After all, Speaking our Truth is a lot more than Sharing our Feelings.  Or maybe part of it is how we Feel about seeing our Planet destroyed by greed.

I Wonder what it would be like if governments made decisions based on helping everybody live better rather than enriching a few individuals and megacorporations.

Big Portal 10.26/10.27

October 26, 2013


Moonstone and Labradorite are kissing cousins.  Who they appear to be depends on what angle you look at them from.

Our old buddy the Moon creates a Big Portal October 26, when it forms a Grand Cross with the Juno T-Square, and a Diamond Star with the remnants of our exploded Grand Sextile.  The Diamond Star will be with us from around 9pm PDT October 26 till about 5am PDT October 27.  The Grand Cross will provide a bit of temporary balance for the ongoing Juno-Nodes T-Square (Karmic Limitations and Deep Desires erupting into Consciousness) and the Diamond Star will add Grace of the highest order – Chiron and Pluto (Miracles of Transformation).  Here’s the Diamond Star…

DSCN4637Notice the green lines; they’re the Yod that creates the Diamond Star from the T-Square or Grand Cross (the red lines).  The Moon signifies Manifestation, the Challenge (Grand Cross) is growth of Consciousness, the Grace comes from the most potent Trance ReFormer and Reality Reframer that we know of, and the green lines represent Curiosity.  Which is important.  We need to ask…

I wonder how I’m going to be Transmogrified during this adventure!?!?

and while Pi asks us to Take Responsibility for what’s going down – it could easily be your Worst Fears manifesting, as that’s what Karmic Limitations are all about – you won’t get marked down if you also add…

Please make this Transition a Loving and Gentle one!

In fact, you’ll get a gold star for Self-Love if you do.

But that’s only the beginning for this Big Portal.  We’ve left the Diamond Star drawn in lightly, but added several elements…

DSCN4640The Grand Trine (blue Triangle) and Mystic Rectangle (blue box) are the remnants of our earlier Grand Sextile.  They aren’t nearly as temporary as the Moon’s Angles in the first picture, in fact they’re with us through November 1’s Uranus-Pluto Square.  They even make another Portal or two for us between now and then.  Meaning?  In a word, Gifts.

The Pluto-Mars-South Node Grand Trine says that even though our self-sabotage (South Node) will be very active (Mars) and unquenchable (Pluto), it will also be very easy on us (the Trines).  Just keep your eyes open.  Our Karma behaves like a multiple personality – when we begin to self-sabotage, our Sensible Self leaves town.

  • If you’re aware of your self-sabotage but you haven’t gotten it together yet to stop it from taking center stage, then this is the moment to meet and confront this detractor of yours.  You might be thinking – Gee, I seem to be “getting away” with what I know isn’t good for me! – but it’s only a buildup to a big letdown.
  • If you still think it’s somebody else that sabotages you, you’re probably about to meet them in the mirror.

The Mystic Rectangle is two Oppositions (Awareness of Contradistinction, hopefully leading to Awareness of Unity) whose ends are Trine and Sextile to one another.  Our old friends the Nodes, who’ve been so active lately, and Mars Opposite Chiron.  Mars-Chiron represents the contrast between doing it the hard way and manifesting a Miracle.  The worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair – when it never even crosses our mind that a Miracle is possible.  So we get into Sisyphean situations, where we know there are no good outcomes, yet we work our butts off trying anyway (overMars), just to show the coach that we have stick-to-it-ive-ness.

The keys to activating a Mystic Rectangle are the Sextiles – Mars-North Node and Chiron-South Node.  Sextiles require a smidgeon of initiative on our part before the Grace kicks in.  So we must take a step (Mars) toward what we really Want (North Node), and we must be willing to allow our lives to be turned upside down when we start to reframe our Limitations (Chiron), experience the Ego Death (nothing feels worse), and let go of the Fears and Rage that define who we have believed ourselves to be (South Node).

Then look at the green lines – all of these landmines are in the Portal!  A Uranus Yod and a Mars Yod.  Curiosity, right?

  • I wonder what I will do (Mars) to merge my Soul Self (Uranus) with my Unconscious Identity (Juno)!?!?
  • I wonder who I will be (Uranus) when I begin to Act (Mars) in accord with my Mission in this Lifetime (North Node)!?!?

Note that the Yods also form a bunch of those nice Challenge-Curiosity-Grace Triangles.  These are the places where we can consciously apply Curiosity to a perceived Problem and if we then stand back and change the subject, we’ll see Grace take over.  These are Jewels – using them Consciously, we can melt problems like butter.  Let’s work through a few of them…

  • Pluto Square Uranus Quincunx Mars Trine Pluto – If I’m having difficulty because everything is changing so rapidly, I can wonder what I might do about it?

Remember you don’t answer the question; you wait for your Guides to reveal the answer to you, through what you do unconsciously, that you had no conscious idea actually related to the original problem.  You discover the answer after the fact, through self-observation.

  • Uranus Square Pluto Quincunx Moon Trine Uranus – If I’m having difficulty because the World seems to be in Resistance to who I know I have to be, I can wonder how it will all work out?
  • South Node Square Moon Quincunx Pluto Trine South Node – If my self-sabotage is interfering with what I’m trying to manifest, I can wonder what will be manifested?
  • North Node Square Moon Quincunx Chiron Trine North Node – If my Deepest Desires are not Manifesting by themselves, I can wonder what sort of Miracle will reframe my Desires so they’re achievable?
  • Moon Square North Node Quincunx Uranus Trine Moon – If what I’m trying to manifest seems to conflict with my Mission, I can wonder exactly who is in charge?
  • South Node Square Juno Quincunx Mars Trine South Node – If my self-sabotage is holding me back, I can wonder what to do about it?

Remember that it’s the state of Wonder that you’re trying to achieve and maintain.  You don’t want Certainty.  In the case of a Square-Quincunx-Sextile, we may have to take an action after wondering…

  • North Node Square Juno Quincunx Mars Sextile North Node – If I’m trying to manifest my Deepest Desires but it just doesn’t feel like me, I can wonder what I’ll have to do to align those two?  I may just have to wonder what would happen if I tried something different.
  • Juno Square North Node Quincunx Uranus Sextile Juno – If it doesn’t feel right to act out my Deepest Desires, I can wonder who would I have to be to do that?  Maybe I can try play-acting a couple of roles.
  • North Node Square Moon Quincunx Pluto Sextile North Node – If I don’t feel like I’m prepared to manifest what I need to manifest, I can wonder what sort of trance I would have to be in to do that.  I could try a few on just for laughs.
  • South Node Square Moon Quincunx Chiron Sextile South Node – If I’m frustrated that my Limits won’t let me manifest what I feel like I need to create, I can wonder how I might reverse-engineer the issue, namely imagine that I can manifest it, and then see how different that feels in my body.
  • Pluto Square Uranus Quincunx North Node Sextile Pluto – If it feels like my Higher Self is of synch with the World, I can wonder how I can be the change I wish to see in the World, and maybe PIAVA a new trance that will let me see how that feels.

See if you can find any that I missed.  You’re looking for any planet that has both a Square (short red line) and a Quincunx (green line) connected to it.  Then follow the Square to the second planet, and find a blue line (Trine or Sextile) back to the first planet.

Phew!  Lots going on!  You’re probably exhausted – or long since quit paying attention, unless you love puzzles!  Well, we ain’t done.  We’re still on the same 10.26/10.27 Portal, and there’s more…DSCN4639Two interlocking Mjolnirs!  Neither is dependent on the Moon, so neither is short-lived, though Venus will move away in a few days.  Mjolnirs are about Lightning-like Insight.  In some cases Insight that destroys a house of cards you’ve been building.  Suppose you’ve put a business or relationship partner on a pedestal, for instance, and you suddenly see that they aren’t who you’ve been thinking they were.  If you’ve been building a business or a Life or a family around them, this is Big Thunder.

The South Node (our Karmic Limits and Hidden Skills) Mjolnir has as its base a Square between Vesta (our notion of the Sacred) and Venus (our Values).  This literally comes down to

I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that

Think about your Values – what you’re Passionate about, and what makes you Angry or Aghast.  What’s Sacred to you is a little different.  Your Values trigger strong Emotions, but you wouldn’t be willing to die for them.  With a Square between the two, their differences are illuminating, and probably a little jarring.  You probably feel a little out of synch, or even a little out of Integrity.  The whole thing is complicated because Vesta’s in an Earth Sign, not a Fire Sign where it’s comfortable, and Venus is in a Fire Sign, not a Water Sign where it would feel at home.  Truth is, there’s probably no way you can resolve your sense of being out of synch.

But both are Trioctile to the South Node – so if you’re listening, this disharmony will tell you a whole lot about your Limiting Beliefs.  Chances are you’re familiar with this out-of-synch feeling.  You’ve been there before.  Close your eyes and look down at your feet (keeping your eyes closed).  What are you wearing?  Roman sandals and a toga?  Rags?  Furs?  Fine linen?  You may not be wearing anything.  Were you male or female in that Lifetime?  Are there other people around, or are you alone?  I know, it may not feel quite real – go ahead and pretend that it is.  What were you really good at in that Lifetime?  Anything?  Were you proud, or humble about it?  How did you die in that Lifetime?  This is Opportunity.

And the Vesta Mjolnir has as its base the Square between Juno and the South Node.  The South Node is in stubborn Taurus – it isn’t about to give up its secrets easily.  Juno is in Aquarius.  You’re wanting Community.  Are you worthy of Community?  Do you have to give more than you get in order to feel like you belong?  Do you have to get more than you give in order to want to belong?  Community includes what you do for a living – do you do what you love?  Or work to survive?  Are you fairly paid?

Do you blaspheme against your own sense of the Sacred?  Why?  As a Defense against feeling rigid or fearing Abandonment?  Are you overzealous about judging others who don’t measure up to your standards?  You wouldn’t want to be in Community with them now, would you.  Do you measure up to your own standards?  Like Woody, would you want to belong to a club that would have you for a member?  What compromises do you make in order to survive?  What would you rather die than do?

All those questions could easily prompt you for another session of closing your eyes and looking at your feet.  In the current Lifetime, you learned your Limiting Beliefs from someone.  They tried to control you with either Suffocation or Abandonment or both.  Even if it didn’t work, it did.  You’ve internalized those controls.  Who was it that demanded this of you when you were young and vulnerable?  If we’re conscious of that, we may have gone through Life accepting our Limits but blaming them.

But they go far deeper than that.  That person – or persons – who tried to control you, you’ve known them before.  What were the circumstances?  Were you in their jail?  Did they escape from yours by tricking you?  Were they your master or your slave?  Did you feel Powerless then too?  What were you both wearing?

Go for the Insights.  These are Big Changes.  When Pluto and Uranus and the Nodes are involved, “we” – our little Ego, that is – don’t actually have as much Power as we’d like to have.  Armies have been mobilized in the Unconscious, and they are marching.  The die has been cast, and Change is afoot.  We need to strive for letting go of our Limiting Beliefs, embracing our Deepest Desires, and dropping our Masks.  We need to do all that lovingly and gently, but rapidly and completely.  It’s not optional, it’s what the planet is evolving to.  We will have considerable mopping up to do and amends to make afterwards, reorganizing everything and apologizing for a Lifetime of disingenuous moments and acts and words.

It’s all good – everyone else will be in the same boat.

A Massive Rocky Shore

July 7, 2013


A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the waves” is the symbol for 5 Scorpio, where Saturn is Standing Still and about to go forward again, at 10pm PDT on July 7.  Saturn, recall, is about Focusing on Priority Number One.  If Saturn feels limiting or stressful, it’s because you’re trying to hold on too tightly to secondary priorities.  Let them go – for now.  They’ll have their own season, but for now you need to Concentrate on the One Most Important Thing.

When I studied time management, that was the cardinal rule – always focus on the Most Important Thing.  Of course, that’s worthless unless you’re consistently able to Intuit what the Most Important Thing is.  You have to Intuit it, not think it.  Thinking about the Most Important Thing is only good for discovering your hidden assumptions, the ones that sabotage you – of course, if you haven’t done that yet, maybe it is the Most Important Thing you can do.  But in order to keep your Intuition on target, the minimum requirement is that you stay relaxed.  So most of the time it turns out that the Most Important Thing is to stay relaxed.  Probably why meditation is so effective, let alone Tapping.

Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things.  It’s Intense, in Scorpio the Most Important Thing is always Getting to the Bottom of Things.  No unturned stones here. Five degrees of Scorpio is right at the end of the Sagittarius chunk of Scorpio.  That’s the place where we’ve long since noticed that by being so Intense we were sabotaging our efforts to Get to the Bottom of Things, so in the Sagittarius chunk we’ve tried to lighten up.  In our methods, not our Intention.  Here at the end of the Sadge segment, we’re about to enter the Capricorn portion, where we really get serious and take an engineering approach to uncovering the Bottom of the Most Important Thing.

Even though this Stationary Saturn – planets are at the Strongest when Stationary – has been dominating the airwaves for the last few weeks, Uranus and Eris are also Stationary.  Their Stations are 10-12 days off, but they’re each only a fraction of a degree from their Station positions, ie, moving verrry slowly, ie, verrry Strong.  So we can make a good case that the Most Important Thing here is likely to have something to do with Confronting Denial (Eris) about our True Self (Uranus).  If you’re Focusing on other people’s Denial, you’re on the wrong page.

Its important when we turn around a Projection that we don’t just replace it with a Judgment.  If your boss makes unreasonable demands, don’t get down on yourself for being impatient about whatever you get impatient about.  A Projection is no different from a Dream.  When we have any Insight into how we sabotage ourselves, it never works to do the opposite of the sabotage Pattern.  We have to keep the basic Pattern, but adjust it by five or ten percent, in a direction that’s a little less self-sabotaging and a little more likely to produce what we Want.  If we just flip to the Opposite, we’re still on the same Coin.  But a tangent can take us to new perspectives and potentially Miracles.


The New Moon occurs only two hours after the Saturn Station.  That will stretch the Saturn-Station Energy out for a month or so.  Saturn and the New Moon are Tridecile to one another.  That’s three tenths of the way around the circle.  The Tenth Harmonic is about Fortune – through willingness to change and to take risks on new opportunities.

Which mirrors the Big Grace inherent in the ongoing Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter/Lilith Grand Trine – the growth in Female Power.  What we read and hear about in the corporate media is the prominent Resistance to that.  The only other prominent Angle made by the Saturn Station is a Biseptile (two sevenths of the loop – Magic) to Juno.  The Angle to Juno says that Magic is Afoot if we’re willing to take risks on new opportunities – the tangent again.

Of course Juno is still Square to the Nodes, representing significant changes in our Unconscious Identity – either so that we’re more aligned with our Lifetime Mission and more actively releasing our Karma (if we’re Awake), or so that our face is getting rubbed in our Karma (if we aren’t Awake, in an effort to Wake us up).  Given that we’ve been working on this for several months now, it’s an excellent candidate for the Most Important Thing, though since it’s Unconscious, and since our Mission is probably not very knowable (as it’s far more multidimensional that the mind can grasp), many of us won’t see the connection.

Those Nodes are the busiest places in the Saturn-Station/New Moon chart, along with Venus.  The North Node forms a second Grand Trine with Chiron and the New Moon – which by the way is Conjunct Mercury.  More Big Grace, and Magic available to us.  We find the Magic by facing where we believe our Mission will take us, and turning very slowly until we feel the click as we find the correct direction for our next step.  Which doesn’t mean the step after that is in the same direction – you have to repeat the slow-rotate-till-it-clicks after each step.  Or you’ll run headlong into a tree.


An example would probably behoove here, as we’re using a spatial metaphor to stand in for a multidimensional process.  Suppose you’re bored with your job, or scared about not being able to find one.

  • Find the Magic by facing where we believe our Mission will take us means to imagine yourself doing what you most love to do and being paid abundantly while doing it.  (Not necessarily for doing it.)
  • Turn very slowly until we feel the click means to alter your fantasy slightly, repeatedly, and watch to see how it feels in your body.  Maybe you first try being paid for doing what you love, but that doesn’t feel fair.
  • So you turn slowly again, maybe trying being paid while doing what you love, and that feels better, but the Dream falls out of the sky because you have no idea who would pay you or why.
  • Turning slowly again, you might see a Robin crossing the yard listening for Worms.  He must love what he does, as much as he does it – and he seems to be getting paid abundantly – in Worms.  Okay, he’s paid indirectly, but Worms aren’t your cuppa, so you
  • Turn slowly again, and maybe stumble onto the idea of living in Community with someone who has a knack for generating cash while doing what they love and loves to share it, someone who loves to grow food and cook it, and someone who loves sharing their house – all of whom deeply appreciate what you love doing.
  • Sounds like we might be starting to click – time to let go of the process so it can rumble around in the Underwhere for a while and see what sticks to it…
  • Then later, we catch ourselves thinking about all the downsides of our notion – that depression business.  Write down each downside and flip it to what you do want.  You aren’t sure you’ll like living communally – maybe the flip side of that is a need for privacy.  Okay, so the house is roomy enough for everyone to have their own space.
  • Et cetera.  This Future-building process can go on for a long time, as well it should, since you don’t want a flimsy, tossed-together Future after all.
  • At each step you need to give up your Expectations.  This isn’t about returning to the Womb, it’s about Living your Mission in a practical, workable, imaginative way.

Does that help clarify?  Once you do this enough (which could be years), your Future will begin manifesting on its own.  In fact, each time you turn slowly, your Future changes.  You just can’t see it yet.

More Relationships

In addition to the Juno T-Square, Venus is also T-Square to the Nodes.  It’s not a Grand Cross because Venus isn’t opposite Juno yet – it will be by Wednesday, but not for the Station/New Moon.  That’s kind of a unique situation, where our Values get adjusted, but we don’t yet see the relationship to our Identity.  Probably designed to minimize our intellectual interference.  Venus is also the Focus of a Yod with Pluto and Chiron – implying that our Attitude Adjustment isn’t optional, and will seem Miraculous.  If you catch your Attitude tending toward depression, be mindful that you’re looking at Chiron, and that Miracles await if you’re willing to release your Expectations and try the slow-rotate trick.

We’ve talked about what for lack of a better name we call a “Pythagorean Triangle,” a Configuration consisting of a Square and a Trine and a Quincunx in one triangle.  We’ve averred that this is a very favorable Configuration, as the Square provides Motivation and Challenge, while the Trine contributes Grace and Ease, and the Quincunx keep you in Curiosity about what’s coming next.  The Saturn Station/New Moon chart contains two of these, sharing the Venus-Uranus Trine, like so…

TwinPythThis is pretty slick, as it combines an element of our ongoing Unconscious Reorganization, namely our Attitude-adjusting Venus-North Node Square, with the Uranus-Pluto Square – which remains the Biggest single astrological relationship that we’re dealing with.  We talk a lot about the accoutrements, but the Chiron-Neptune Initiation (a New Paradigm) and the Uranus-Pluto Square (I gotta be Me) still represent the biggest trends in our Conscious and Unconscious Worlds.

It also includes one leg of the Venus Yod, drafting Chiron (the other leg) into the picture.  In any chart where Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron are all active, there’s turmoil in the Unconscious that will be mirrored by turmoil in the Cultural and Psychic Realms.  And with Jupiter and Saturn heavily involved, big changes in Consciousness are in Relationships are also prescribed.  Walking around each triangle, we have…

  • Discovery of a clash(es) between our Mission and our Values (Venus-North Node Square),
  • Which resolves itself in favor of our Mission, since our True Self is much deeper than our Values, many of which were programmed by our family of origin (Venus-Uranus Trine), and
  • Excitement about how our Life will change when we stop forcing ourself to be other than Who We Really Are (Uranus-North Node Quincunx)


  • The need to change our Lives so they better match Who We Really Are (Uranus-Pluto Square), and Fear that this will leave us too vulnerable (Uranus-Pluto Square),
  • Which resolves itself in favor of Who We Really Are, because Grace allows us to see through our programming (Venus-Uranus Trine), and
  • Curiosity about how our Values will be reframed to allow us to release our programming without Guilt, Shame, or Resentment (Venus-Pluto Quincunx).

Wrapping It All with a Bow

That all actually sounds fairly easy, though we may need to…

  1. Own a Projection or two,
  2. Wake up out of Blame, reduce our Victim space, and take active Responsibility for our Karma,
  3. Learn a few new Chironic tricks like turning slowly to facilitate getting the Miracles to flow,
  4. Accept some Attitude adjustment without getting all defensive about who we used to be, and
  5. Be willing to take risks on new opportunities –
  6. All the while remembering to keep our Attention on the Most Important Thing, and
  7. Enjoy our sleuthing to try to Get to the Bottom of Things;
  8. AND remembering that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and being okay with Sitting Still while in Confusion and not having to fix it or figure it out.

All this is so important because we’re surrounded by Grace right now, with these Grand Trines, and they go away in October.  By then we want to be pretty adept at handling these new Post-Time Energies, so we can fly on our own when we’re kicked out of the nest!


Vesuvianite is a very powerful Healing Stone, used in all manor or Psychic Surgery – and believe me we’re in the middle of Psychic Surgery!  Not surgery on our Bodies done through nonphysical dimensions, but surgery on our Psyches so we can appreciate the extra dimensionality of our Post-Time venue.  In these Crystals some of the Magnesium that would normally be in Vesuvianite has been replaced by our old friend Manganese, hence the reddish tints here and there.  Manganese mops up ancient wounds and bruises, clearing our Consciousness so we’re more prepared for the Present Moment.

Despair and Miracle

April 6, 2013

The Jupiter-Chiron Square does play a prominent role in the New Moon, as it forms a Pythagorean Triangle with the Pluto Station.  I’m particularly optimistic about these kinds of Configurations, because they combine a Square (Mastery through Challenge), a Sextile or Trine (Grace), and a Quincunx (Curiosity).  So there is both Grace and Curiosity to keep the Challenge from overwhelming, there are Challenges and Blessings to keep the Curiosity guessing, and there are Curiosity and Difficulty to keep complacency out of the Grace.  You can see the Triangle here, in green and red and blue, on top of the Twin-Peak purple-and-red Mjolnirs.


We’ll talk about the Mjolnirs in a few minutes.  For now, we need to focus on the Expansion (Jupiter) of Miracles (Chiron), or, perish the thought, the Expansion of Despair (Chiron).  Or, adding the Stationary (Strong) Pluto, Trance Formations that Expand Miracles or Despair.  There is an element of Choice with Chiron – when there is no Hope, somehow Life does go on.  Knowing that, we can Choose to believe that there is somewhere a Transformation that Resolves the Unsolvable, we just haven’t seen it yet.

We can make that Choice before we get to the point where Hope has left the building.  We can even PIAVA such a Transformation while knowing full well that it’s “impossible.”  Actually, the more impossible is something, the more powerful is a PIAVA to manifest it.  It’s just that as impossibility increases toward infinite improbability, the less likely we are to recognize that what we’ve PIAVAed is even related to what we thought we were asking for.  That’s what Transformation and Miracle are about – changes in the underlying structure of Reality (or of the underlying structure of our understanding of Reality, if you don’t believe it’s a hologram).  As Kesey put it, Sometimes you can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you’ve left.

We need this introduction before we introduce these important Despair-Miracle considerations.  With thanks to JoAnn, Lawrence Lessig of Creative Commons fame talks about the necessity of saying No to the Lizards…

While Jim Sinclair thinks it’s too late.  I’d love to be able to argue with Jim, but the only contrary reason I can think of is No, that can’t be, it’s too extreme.  Not a very solid argument…

Then there’s Harry Dent.  He makes his evaluations based on demographics.  His timing isn’t always right on (since people are very good at stretching out the status quo, and since unexpected innovations – and Miracles – do occur), but his perspective should never be omitted from any analysis.  Today’s issue (“Don’t Be Fooled By the Crack-Addicted Equity Markets”) isn’t on the website yet so you’ll probably have to check in again to get it, but yesterday’s (“Spotting Winners From the Front of the Room”) is worth reading as well…

Here’s a sample that agrees with everything we know: “The good news is that this economic season, this cold Economic Winter, doesn’t last forever. We are five years into a 10-12 year stretch.”  The culture we live in is an amalgam of the Miracles we all Co-Create.  Recall that Hope is what’s found at the bottom of Pandora’s Box, after all the discomfort has escaped.