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Authenticity and Self-Sovereignty

September 23, 2015

rhodoc2982bpRhodochrosite Crystals, symbol of the Heart’s Tenderness.

A reader writes…

“I still seem to be alienating everyone in my crosshairs; my orphan, abandonment, archetype, as well as non.acceptance from my ‘family of origin,’ and other sundry members, mirroring back their disdain of me?  hmmmmm.  I speak what I feel, and that is very hard for others.”

Yup, welcome to the club.  Our Olde Ego will try every trick at its disposal to help us Resist Rebirth, because the Ego is in charge of keeping us Safe, and at least in some sense it’s been working (we’re still alive), while that Rebirth stuff is Unknown, and very risky!  What it we lose the Privileges and Comforts we have?  Rebirth is a one-way ticket, you can’t go Home again. 

So you bet, all of our historical and Karmic trans-Lifetime Traumas are up in our face.  The modern experiment with Individualism is not old, and our current Uranus-Pluto version of it dates only from the 1960s.  The roots of our Species are in Community, the realms where Identity was not Individual at all, Identity consisted only of our roles in our Community.  It’s so easy to Identify with job and family and locality (and religion and race!) because those Archetypes have deep history – Patterns developed in millennia of  Repetitions. 

Through most of Western Civilization, only Royalty had any opportunity to explore Individuation, and that was very constrained.  Once the Industrial Devolution elevated Money to the primary means of exchange (rather than, eg, labor exchanged directly for the right to eat), anyone could potentially live as Royalty, if they were avaricious enough.  The lure of that potential is what feeds Greed.  If you read French history, it’s shocking how similar the stories are to today, Royalty is just replaced by today’s sports heroes, entertainers, vulture capitalists, and the rest of the 0.1%.

The Uranus-Pluto Cycle alternates between 115 years and 140 years, depending on whether Pluto is closer to us, in and around Scorpio, or farther from us, in and around Taurus.  The previous Cycle began in 1851.  We don’t get a lot of practice – that is, few Repetitions – with this Energy.  This is only our second Exploration of it since the Industrial Devolution began.

When we personalize our Traumas, it was our fault that we were Traumatized.  The result is a lack of Self-Trust and a deep-seated lack of Self-Love.  That’s what’s being Mirrored back to you.  What happens when we move to the space of “What you think of me is none of my business?”  The Abandonment and Fear we feel when we Imagine that space is our Community Archetype in action.  But we do need to Imagine that space, and perhaps even Embrace it and work towards it, PIAVA it.  And we most certainly need to be Actively Loving and Gentle with any and all of our Resistance to that space.  Compulsive Pleasing is a guaranteed ticket to the lowest common denominator.

Then there’s the matter of how we Speak our Feelings.  There are useful protocols, like Non-Violent Communication or NVC…

To start with, you might want to take your associates out of “your crosshairs” and instead put them In the Light.  There are many “rules” for Speaking our Truth that aren’t always easy to use.  A random sample of these…

  • “I” Statements only, using only Emotion words as the adverb, and no object allowed – “I Feel [Angry, Sad, etc.], period.”  You can find lists of Emotion words on the internet, but be very careful using adjectives or nouns instead of adverbs; you’re on thin ice.  For instance, one list includes “a waste” as an Emotion-word, but it’s really a very loaded intellectualization of an Emotion.  To me, even “wasted” seems more like a Physical condition than an Emotion.
  • “I am [Emotion-word]” is an expression of Identity, not an expression of Feeling.  By simply switching from “I am” to “I Feel” you may be able to Witness your Feelings rather than being Possessed by them.  That simple step can produce Miracles.
  • “I Feel E-word because __” isn’t an expression of Feeling, it’s an intellectualization of your Feelings.  Intellectualizations of Feelings are almost always wrong.  You could Feel that way because of unprocessed remnants from your Lifetime in Rome, not because of your family of origin.  Even if your family-of-origin members were with you there in Rome (which isn’t unlikely), they’ll probably interpret your remarks as Present-Moment.
  • “I Feel E-word because you __” isn’t an expression of Feeling, it’s an accusation.  Don’t be surprised if Defensiveness is the result.
  • “I Feel like __” is also an intellectualization, not an expression of Feeling.
  • Just because you’re expressing your Feelings cleanly, doesn’t mean they’ll be received cleanly.
  • For instance, “I Feel E-word when you __” is part of a strategy that NVC recommends – it’s relatively clean, but will often still be heard as an accusation.
  • If you are able to express your Feelings cleanly, and you do it meticulously, it at least allows you to Discern whether or not you’re being heard.
  • If you aren’t being heard, there isn’t much you can do about it.  That’s when people raise their voices.  When someone else raises their voice, do you recognize that you need to Listen harder, or do you stop Listening?  When you raise your voice, do others recognize that they need to Listen harder, or do they stop Listening?
  • Expressing your Feelings, cleanly or not, does not obligate another to want to hear them.  It’s useful to test the waters first, before you throw your Pearls before pink animals.
  • You can gain a great deal by exploring your Feelings in your Body rather than talking about them.  Where do you Experience it?  What does it Feel like, Physically?  Is it constant, or variable?  Tense or loose?  Physically Painful?  Does it move around?  Are you thinking?  Do thoughts change how you Experience it?  Stay with it for a while.
  • If your Feeling is intense, you might want to Tap on it a few times until it lightens up a bit, before you talk about it: .
  • We are all moving toward our True Community or Tribe, where we are usually understood, but that search will be delayed by lack of Self-Love.  If we Judge ourself, we’ll Judge our True Community too.  We may need to Date a Mystic.
  • Imagine how you’ll Feel when you do find your True Community, and do that as frequently and as long as you possibly can.  If you’re honest with yourself when your Yes-Buts arise (you’ll be Dating your Mystic Self), this is probably the fastest way to Manifest True Community.
  • Once it’s easy for you to sink into that Feeling and stay there much of the time, you’ll be your own True Community, and you won’t need Others to Validate you.  Then you’ll attract Others like you because they’ll enjoy your company, not because they feel obligated to Validate your Feelings.
  • For many of us, our Families of Origin are a primary source of our current-Lifetime Trauma.  We can’t expect them to help us work through our Trauma, because they were very likely either as Traumatized as we were, or they were the perpetrator!  Unfortunately, it’s often both.  We have to work through our Traumas with Supportive Others, professional or otherwise, before we can be Discerning about our Safety around our FOO, and Self-Loving enough to permanently remove ourself from People who are Toxic to us.

Bessel Van der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps the Score is an excellent summary of the latest research in methodologies that do and don’t help us release the Trauma that can arise from Abuse (remembered or not), Accidents, Disasters, Karma, and even from chronic mistreatment such as teasing, bullying, or disrespect.  He points out the research showing that Trauma is lodged in the brain, not in the mind.  While it can be accessed and healed through the Body, the mind can’t even see it.  Most of us carry some degree of Trauma, and it’s a major contributor to our Alienation.

The Great Work of Our Time

September 20, 2015

Excerpts from “The Great Work of Our Time,” by John Liu, in Permaculture, Autumn 2015, pp.4-8…

“Right now, the funds needed to address climate change are swirling in a vortex of highly paid consultants who endlessly debate what to do.  This financial capital needs to flow to the individual and the collectivised farmers, gardeners, and landscape restorers who, through their efforts to increase soil carbon, increase the height of vegetative canopies and protect biodiversity, are leading our species’ efforts to mitigate and adapt to human induced climate change.  Imagine what we could do if we engaged people worldwide in restoring the Earth’s ecological function?”

“A significant and growing number of people are teaching themselves and others how to grow biologically healthy diverse soils rich in organic matter.  They are learning that increases in organic material and microbiologic communities in the soil also retain vastly more moisture, especially when constantly covered by perennial vegetative growth.  These same people are learning to grow closed canopy, multi-story polyculture food forests.  These perennial systems align human systems with nature and have an entirely different result than continuing to practice neolithic agriculture or our current toxic industrialised agricultural model.”

“We cannot erode the fertility and hydrological regulation, and kill the microbial communities that build the Earth’s living soils, and expect to have more productivity.  You may have short-term gains from artificial inputs, but over the long term you collapse the system and have nothing.”

“Acknowledging what is real also means turning our backs on what is false.  We are the end of an era that will be known mainly for its waste, pollution, materialism, wanton violence and foolish addiction to fossil fuels.  It can be frightening to change but, when you think about what we are leaving behind, change can be seen to be a very good thing.  We need to change so many things.  This is our chance.  Not only can we address climate change and make our food systems healthier and more resilient, we can and must remake human society and economy to be fair for everyone.  This is being recognised and this knowledge can empower people all over the world, engaging their creativity and giving their lives meaning.

“As the endgame of this unsustainable era plays out, many people are standing on the sidelines.  Their intelligence, imagination, energy and abilities are needed to move to the next level in human consciousness.”

Read the full article at…

Find more about Permaculture magazine at…

Watch John’s films at…

Watch more Permaculture videos at…

We have five years and three months before the Robots begin to take over, and the Robots will be in the service of the Haves, not the Havenots.  Despite rumors of Harmony and Trust Abounding, Aquarius is an Air Sign – intellect.  It’s not about the Heart.  The Haves will continue to consolidate their Power and squeeze as much Life as they can out of the Havenots, and we will need to create our own alternative Life without the Master’s Money.  Another advantage of perennial canopy is that it hides a Food Forest from Google Earth and the Sheriff of Nottingham’s insatiable thirst for taxation.

The Digital Age replaces the Industrial Revolution wholesale beginning with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of December 2020.  Meanwhile, the incipient Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl and Uranus-Pluto Ouija Board Cycles continue to expand their domain, preparing a fallback for the Atlantean collapses of the Digital Age.

Portal 16-17.9.15

September 18, 2015

6brtangeltrlBright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

  π    π    π    π    π 

Okay, now we can, to the extent that it’s possible, get back to the Present Moment.  As the internet has been afire with, lots happening 16-17 September…

  1. We continue receive great Insight about how to Manifest our Mission – as we intimated in the previous post, Reintegrating our Inner Orphan(s) is an important part of this
    • Makemake Initiates the North Node
  2. We’re introduced to major new arenas of Consciousness (Remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth)
    • Jupiter Opposes Neptune
  3. We review all of our Relationships, and how we go about Relating
    • Mercury begins to retrace its progress over the first half of Libra, as Makemake and Juno enter Libra
  4. We shift the major portion of our Attention from our Hara (Gut) or Muladhara (Root Chakra) to our Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)
    • Saturn moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius

Let’s take these one at a time before we try to integrate them…

  1. Manifesting our Mission: The World has Changed, and our old methods of Surviving no longer work; we need new methods, but what methods?  If we don’t know how the World has Changed, since it’s being Co-Created as we speak, how will we Intuit these?  We have to PIAVA what we need; the intellect won’t be much use for finding the Big Picture, because it operates on Logic, which is based on Assumptions, and all of the Assumptions are Changing and Unknown.  The intellect will be great for painting in how we Want the little pictures to look, once we know the Big Picture.
    • The North Node of course symbolizes our Mission.  Makemake Teaches Survival in new circumstances, and is the embodiment of Manifestation – Make-Make!
    • If you were born between 1931 and 1958, your Makemake is in Cancer, and you Manifest primarily through Nurturance.  If 1958-1986, Leo, through Confidence.  If 1986-2015, Virgo, through Detachment.  Makemake has been dancing with Libra since late 2013, and finally entered Libra for good in mid-June of this year, so henceforth it will be our Relationship to Other that will govern our Manifestations, where “Other” is Not-I and “I” is Who We Believe Ourselves to Be, Moment to Moment.
  2. Confusion: We, the 99%, are being Abandoned by the mainstream, which is pandering to the 1%, as the 1% is the only source of Money, and most people are still addicted to Money.  As we get closer to 2020 and the beginning of the Digital Age in earnest, Money will be virtual, tightly controlled, and a Powerful tool for Controlling you.  The Alternate Economy will be going Underground, and the process will be Confusing.  Remember that Confusion is good, as it’s the first stage of Growth.  PIAVA that you Discern whether you’ve replaced Confusion with Fear, Anger, etc., learn to Notice those Feelings rapidly, and Embrace them as the first stage of Growth.  Remember that Neptune represents Confusion when you’re viewing the World through Material Eyes, and Clarity when you’re looking through Spiritual Eyes.  
    • This Jupiter-Neptune Cycle was Initiated along with the Chiron-Neptune Cycle, “Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl,” which governs the Alternate Economy that is developing alongside of Exploitative Capitalism.  The Jupiter-Neptune Opposition is the Blooming of the Cycle; the Fruiting will follow.  The overarching Chiron-Neptune Cycle has only progressed by 3% so far, so remains in its infancy, and is in the process of moving “Underground,” where it will develop out of sight of the mainstream’s attempts to squash it.
  3. Relationships: Any and all Relationship issues that have arisen since the end of August are critical study material for the next phase of Life on Earth.  This applies especially to Other People, but also to “Other” of any shape or form, anything and everything that is beyond the scope of Who You Consider Yourself to Be Just Now.  Take Inventory of these issues, as they are of critical ongoing importance for the next 30 years of your Young Life.  Be Loving and Gentle with Yourself around these issues.  For example, have you been Empathizing with the plight of the immigrants from the Middle East, or the plight of the refugees from the devastating Wildfires in the Western US, or even with the overwhelmed Europeans?  These are prototypes for our own situation as the Digital Age develops into Digital Haves and Digital Havenots.  Of course that hasn’t been Co-Created yet – it’s just that it will be Co-Created unless Love can outgun Fear here.
    • Mercury Retrogrades over the first half of Libra, which is about Experimental Exploration of Other.  Not just Other People, but All Things that are Not “I.”  Whatever has arisen in your Young Life since 28 August will be rehashed over the next month, and will be critical material for your Future Manifestation processes, as this Mercury study period corresponds with the entrance of Makemake (Manifestation) and Juno (the Edge of Consciousness) into Libra.
  4. Attention: For the last several years we’ve been finding that nothing can be Let Go until we Explore it Fully; unless we have strong Scorpio in our natality, for most of us that involves Suffering.  The protocol has Changed abruptly.  For the next several years, the way to Let Go of what causes us Challenge is to simply do just that – Let Go.  It may come back for additional review, but the first approach is to Let It Go.  Make your additional reviews short and concise, then Let Go again.  This is a hard transition to make.  Remember that our Karma does not Let Go of us, we Let Go of it.  Habits (aka Karma) are made for repetition, and that is their first option.  Choose the second option – Letting Go – and watch to see what happens.
    • Saturn symbolizes The Most Important Thing, and everything else becomes temporarily irrelevant when Saturn is lit up.  In Scorpio, Saturn tells us that The Most Important Thing is to follow everything to its Root Cause.  In Sagittarius, Saturn tells us that The Most Important Thing is to Let Go and Move On.  Sagittarius is Mutable Fire, Mutable as in Mutation and Fire as in Spirit.  Magic is afoot, and its name is Change.  When anything important-Feeling arises, Let It Go and watch to see how it evolves on its own.

So, how might we integrate all of these disparate astroevents?  Mission, Manifestation, Confusion, Growth, Relationships (and Communication and Ideation and Manifestation and Survival and Consciousness thereof), Identity, Focus, Letting Go.  The “rest of” our True Self that may be buried under Conscious, Semi-Conscious, or Unconscious Post-Traumatic Stress, or its alter-ego, Shame.  An Alternate Economy developing around Community rather than Money, and an Exploitative Catpiddleism that’ll do what it can to thwart it for several decades yet (the Chiron-Neptune Waxing Square, when the Alternate Economy “becomes permanent,” doesn’t occur until 2042).  The Co-Creation Process and our own role in it.  Busy, busy, busy!

Sounds like a very germinal Turning Point, and that a good PIAVA might be that we muddle through to put a few positive bricks into the foundation for our Future?

Social Yintegrity

August 13, 2015

mo5693bpMolybdenite, the Sulfate of Molybdenum.  Molybdenum, or “Molly” as she is commonly known, is a Chrome-like element that does not occur on Earth alone, but always Crystallized with other elements.  She’s persistently Solid, with one of the highest melting points of any element.  In the Sulfate, the Molly atoms are tightly bound to each other and to the Sulfur, making solid plates, but the Sulfur atoms are loosely bound to one another, so Molybenite behaves like a Mica, with plates sliding past one another and cleaving off.  Michael Gienger says, “Sulphur wakens our shadow sides and helps us confront them and overcome them.  Then we find the shaft of light that makes it possible for us to accept things we rejected before and to integrate them” (Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, p.124).  Molybdenite also always contains a minute quantity of extremely rare Rhenium, an element that’s so persistently Solid that it’s used to line jet engines.

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

An excellent question from a reader…

“Not sure where you’re getting ‘in a social context’ when you write of the June 2016 Uranus-Eris initiation: ‘…we’ll come to appreciate Yintegrity in a social context a lot more.’ “

Here’s the source, from Who Are We? Part Two

“In June of next year another long Cycle (about 90 years) begins, when Eris Initiates Uranus.  Eris is a dwarf planet out near Pluto, and it symbolizes the Revelation of that which has been Denied.  Denial is a healthy psychological function, as it allows us to work on foundational issues without other more complex issues intruding into our Consciousness before we’re ready to work with them.  As this new Cycle begins to take hold (the more Sensitive among us are already Feeling it), we’ll come to appreciate Yintegrity in a social context a lot more.

“The Initiation occurs at 24 Aries, ‘Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.’ “

The issue arises because we’re programmed to Live in a Yangtegrity World, and from that Perspective, Yintegrity is Chaos (Disorder, not Unlimited Potential, ie, not the dwarf planet).  “Sorry, we couldn’t get your car fixed, because the parts person didn’t Feel like driving around today.  Maybe next week.”  Traditionally, the Masters enjoyed the privilege of Yintegrity, and enforced Yangtegrity among the Slaves with violence.  Under the Industrial Revolution it was a bit more “civilized,” with Bosses and Wage Slaves, but it was the same picture. 

Yintegrity is the natural state for everyone. 

When I learned Time Management, the major takeaway for me was “To succeed, moment to moment always do The Most Important Thing.”  Well, obviously, if you aren’t taking your marching orders directly from someone else, you really need access to your Intuition in order to discover The Most Important Thing moment to moment.  You can use your mind, but then you’re orienting yourself to the Past.  If you want to orient to the Future, you need your Intuition.  Except in cases where you have extensive specialized training and Experience (and often even then), in order to access your Intuition, you need to be Relaxed.  This is especially true when the Future will be different from the Past.  So the necessary corollary is “To succeed, moment to moment always stay Relaxed.”

In a friendly climate where there’s more Food than competition for it, Relaxation and Yintegrity are fairly easy, and unless they’re prone to violence by nature, most of the potential Masters and Bosses can be ignored.  When Scarcity enters the picture, the Political situation Changes.  We can still opt out, by working on our Scarcity, and the “New Age” has developed many tools for that.  Katrina Blair’s Wild Wisdom of Weeds or Sergei Boutenko’s Wild Edibles can even help us Let Go of our Scarcity around Food.  But eventually, the likelihood that we’ll Want something produced by the Human Collective increases, and with it the likelihood that we’ll revert to some form of Slavery – that is, Yangtegrity.

I know, I hear youalls saying, “But doing what you said you would do is Integrity!  I hate it when people don’t do what they said they would.  Just the other day I had to walk two miles in the rain because my ride didn’t show up like they said they would – ‘I forgot,’ they said!”  And that’s because we’re hypnotized to be Slaves, not Masters.  Just like we’re hypnotized to Believe that nothing exists outside of Cause and Effect and Linear Time, at least nothing Material.  So we come to Synchronicity.  Your mother drove by the place where you were standing, two minutes after you left it to walk home in the rain.  Mind orients toward the Past, Intuition toward the Future, but we have to be Relaxed.

So we get “in a social context” mostly out of necessity.  If we can depend on Synchronicity, and Pay Attention to what’s being Taught when it fails to meet our needs, then we can all do Yintegrity and Survive.  Otherwise, we have to save our Yintegrity for vacations and, if we’re lucky enough, retirement.  We’ve barely been introduced to Yintegrity and “Ouija Board” Intuition, especially if we were born after the 1960s.

The Ouija Board, recall, is the Sabian Symbol for the Pluto-Uranus Initiation that governs this Uranus-Pluto Cycle.

One of the first things that the Eris-Uranus Initiation will probably show us, is the keystone parts of ourselves which will allow us to Live Yintegrity without total social chaos.  We don’t Believe that permanent Yintegrity is possible.  Sure, we can read the stories of the Saints and other Masters, who achieved their successes through Synchronicities, but they’re Saints and Masters.  So, if we’re Open to it, Eris-Uranus can show us the places where we have Separated ourselves from the Flow.  It’s one thing to Manifest through Force of Will, but quite another to be in the Right Place at the Right Time to Receive Abundance Effortlessly.

We could relate several other Cycles (Chiron-Neptune chief among them) and Discoveries (Quaoar, Makemake, and Ixion chief among them), but we’ll save that for later.

Busy Weekend

July 25, 2015


Here’s a thought experiment for you…

For the last five weeks you’ve been revising your personal Social Contract with the World. 

Can you recognize this process in your Life?  It may have something to do with your Shoulds and Want-To’s.  You’ve barely begun – you’ve only laid the foundation, but by the time you finish, the Changes will be major.  How has the process been working for you?  How are you feeling about it?  Where’s your jaw this morning?  Up?  Down?  Firm?  Quivery?

Our Bodies and Psyche and our Collaborative Environment run on Hypertoroidal Time; only our mind runs on Linear Time.  Starting on 21 June, our Bodies and Psyche and Collaborative Environment started a new project.  Starting now, they’re letting the mind in on the new agenda.  The Body and Psyche and Collaborative Environment do it this way on purpose, so the mind doesn’t screw up big important Changes with its Dualism and Reductionism.  Reductionism is the preference for working with parts rather than Wholes. 

Our Ego doesn’t end at the skin or the Aura or even the yard.  Everyone and Everything we interact with, knowingly or unknowingly, is engaged in a complex Collaboration with our Ego, setting up dramas and scenes for us.  We do the same for others.  We really are All One. 

Take a few minutes and Be the Planet. 

Wow, see all those tentacles reaching everywhere and tweaking this and that?  Notice that some of them are your fingers?  What if you had to run the Whole Planet with your mind?  How long would you last before you ran screaming for the Exit?  This is a good exercise in Surrendering Control.  Ego isn’t about Control; it’s about the Illusion of Control.

Venus crossed the midpoint of Leo on 21 June, initiating this process.  Venus turned Retrograde on the Cusp of Virgo today.  It will turn Direct again in early September, then it will take another five weeks to get back to the Cusp of Virgo.  So Venus crosses this last half of Leo three times.  And our Big Self – Body, Psyche, Collaborative Environment – knew on 21 June that we were taking an Intensive, a graduate seminar, on the Last Half of Leo.  The Last Half of Leo is the Aquarius Half; it’s about how the Ego relates to its Community.  While it’s Retrograde, Venus will cross Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, and Mars, and Square Saturn and Sedna.

The Venus Station makes an Unx with the 24 July Conjunction of the North Node and Makemake, and a Quincunx to Ceres.  Toby Hemenway points out that the permaculture perspective suggests that we replace the need for the Sustainable (Ceres) with a need for the Regenerative – that we seek Living processes that are Self-Sustaining.  On the other hand, the Initiation of the North Node by Makemake occurs at 1 Libra, “In a collection of perfect specimens, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.”  That’s an inauspicious beginning for the Social half of the Zodiac.  Let’s turn it around, and reframe 1 Libra as the Healing of the need to snapshot Life.

Then there’s the 26 July Station of Uranus, as it prepares to be Initiated by Eris.  It Retrogrades across the Scorpio and Libra Duads of Aries.  More of the same – the Dance between the Individual Ego and the Collective.  Eris will take the illusions of Individuality and Control and rip them wide open.

Are We Thriving Yet?

June 24, 2015

Interesting set of questions at the bottom of the page…

So much for GDP.  My score isn’t very high; I’ve got work to do!  I’m not sure moving to Panama would help.

Portal 13-14.6 – Scorpio and Virgo

June 14, 2015

apon9061bpSagittarius and Scorpio.  Believe it or not, the Sagittarian Wisps are actually Crystals, of Natrolite, sitting on a more recognizable Crystal, Scorpionic Apophyllite.  Nevertheless, things are still not what they seem to be.  The recognizable Crystal is actually a Mica, Apophyllite, even though it looks nothing like a Mica.  And the Wisps are actually a Zeolite, even though they look nothing like any we’d recognize.  A Zeolite is a complex Mineral with pockets.  You wouldn’t think there’d be room in those Wisps for a pocket, let along a complex Mineral.  If you get the right Zeolite, you can dump it into a toxic mess, and the Zeolite will pocket the toxins and bring them out!  I know, She is truly amazing, especially when we forget She’s a Living Entity with many orders of magnitude more cleverness than we’ll ever dream of mustering!

Apophyllite (Potassium Calcium Fluoride Mica) is about Opening our Third Eye, appropriate for Getting to the Bottom of Things.  Green Apophyllite brings Compassion into our Intuition.  As we like to say, Apophyllite was used for Divining by the twelve Apophylls.  Natrolite (Sodium Aluminum Zeolite) is about Opening the Crown Chakra, appropriate for Letting Go of what Limits us.  Like much of the loveliest Apophyllite, this one comes from near Pune, India, a center for many different flavors of Spiritual pursuit.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month, as Pogo used to say.  Whatever you’re Grieving, Trust that it was not planning to be part of the next phase of this Gaia-Pi Adventure.  We’re in the process now of Co-Creating what we need for the next phase.

June 13-14…

  • Makemake (Manifestation) is Stationary Direct (Strong)
  • Saturn backs into Scorpio (Did we leave any Emotional Stones unturned?)
  • The Moon Occults Mercury (Beginner’s Mind) at 5 Gemini (“A revolutionary magazine asking for action”)

Mercury and the Balsamic Moon rise ahead of the Sun, so they should make a lovely couple just before Sunrise, whether you’re in the right spot (east central Asia) to see the Moon cover Mercury or not.  The Balsamic Moon is about Letting Go, echoing our other themes.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Saturn points us to The Most Important Thing, and informs us that all of the other priorities will be just fine playing quietly by themselves while we put all of our Attention on The Most Important Thing.  Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things, so when…

The Most Important Thing Is Getting to the Bottom of Things,

we can – appropriately – be pretty obsessive.  Another useful key phrase about Scorpio, left over from the Recovery Movement in the 1980s (when Pluto was in Scorpio) is The Way Out Is Through.  Saturn has been in Sagittarius since Christmas 2014, and in Sagittarius The Way Out Is Letting Go.  So we’ve Lightened Up quite a bit since Christmas.  But there are still some bits of Egg clinging to the pan, so we need to go back and scrub a little more.

Till last Christmas, Saturn had been in Scorpio since October 2012 – in other words, The Most Important Thing has been Getting to the Bottom of Things since Time ended and Pi took over.  For the last two and a half years The Most Important Thing has been locating anything and everything that has stood between us and taking Full Responsibility for Everything in our Lives.  Though Pi gave us that first nine months of Grand Trines to ease our Rebirth into the New Era, of course that would feel like being poked with spears and knives by everyone and everything around us, as we were educated about where we weren’t taking Responsibility.

Soooo, what did we not quite finish up?  Responsibility means being able and willing to Respond.  It looks to improve the Future, not assign causality and Blame for anything from the Past.  Anyplace in your Life where you’re still feeling like a Victim, or where you want to Blame someone else for anything?  Those are the bits of Egg we need to work with; keep your eye out for them between now and mid-September, especially toward the end of July, as Saturn turns Direct on August 1.  After mid-September, we’re in the Let-It-Go Stage “for good” – well, for two and a half years anyway.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

The Station of Makemake in 29 Virgo (“A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines her mind”) suggests that…

We should be on the lookout for What We Need to Survive in this New Era.  We first experimented with meeting our new Next-Phase Tribe (Makemake in Libra) from mid-October 2013 to mid-March 2014.  Then last September we renewed this quest.  In mid-July we get serious about it.  In between – March-August of 2014 and mid-May through mid-July of this year, we review our own Blocks to receiving our new Community.  Virgo is about breaking down the Ego so we’re ready to meet Other without prejudice – without Judgment.  Ego is a force for good; it’s primary Mission is to keep us alive. The only problem with Ego is that it’s “sticky.”

Sure, Narcissism can feel like a pain if we’re stuck with having to deal with someone else’s Narcissism, but that’s just about our own unwillingness or inability to set working Boundaries.  Our own Narcissism?  Not to worry; it’s its own best frenemy. 

A caution for Virgo, though.  Since Ego-Recycling and Virgo are so poorly understood in Ego-dominated Western culture, Virgo ends up being seen as nit-picky and critical, and Virgo grows up with a programmed self-hate from introjecting this criticality.  So anyone with strong Virgo will likely worry about their own Narcissism.  But Virgo is the Opposite of Narcissistic.  What’s the Coin?  Self-Love.  Self-Transformation (Virgo) is about Self-Love, for sure.  Transformation isn’t about hating what’s being Transformed, it’s about Transcending what’s being Transformed.

A functioning Ego is flexible enough to Celebrate our own unique Skills fully – without having to compete them with the unique Skills of Others, and to Recognize when and where it would serve our Community better to delegate to the superior unique Skills of Another.  A “normal” Ego, more concerned with how many strokes we get, gets stuck on the last hurt or triumph, and loses track of the Present Moment.

This is what Virgo is about.  Pisces is about making a break from a Community that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of a Community without the assurance that we’ll be accepted into a new one.  Neptune and Chiron are working us through all that Drama and Trauma.  Virgo is about making a break from a sticky Ego that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of an Identity without the assurance that a new one will function any better than the old one.  Or, in a word, Ego Death.  Makemake is helping us through this wicket, and it’s an excellent Guide to have, as its focus is always on Co-Creating the new tools we’ll need to Survive in a new Era.

So as we go back into Getting to the Bottom of Things, we’re also back in Ego Death.  With Saturn, we’re just re-entering our last review period (ie, just tiptoeing back into Scorpio and hoping she doesn’t wake up).  With Makemake, we’ve already finished our review (ie, already backtracked into Virgo, and now we’re turning to exit for the final time), so we’re in better shape there.  Between now and mid-July we’ll be making the adjustments that will “fix” the Responsibility shortcomings that we’ve already encountered.

So while there may be a few Surprises awaiting us on the Emotional front, on the Ego front we’ve probably seen that last of them.  Is it any easier to step aside and Witness an Emotion that threatens to overwhelm us, than it is to step aside and Witness an Identity that’s sabotaging us?  You bet.  It’s when the Emotion and the Identity are intertwined, that the greatest difficulties arise.  And as we encounter the last few Emotions that Separate us from Joy and Light, we should already have some degree of Ego Detachment.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

Cuspal Saturn and Stationary Makemake are Sextile to one another, sharing the quality of Magnetism.

Sextiles connect two Signs that have either Magnetism or Dynamism in common, so on this basic level they aren’t competing with one another.  It’s the Sixth Harmonic, so the basic Energy is about Partnership – Win-Win. 

It’s a Waxing Sextile, several years into the Saturn-Makemake Cycle that began in September 2009 at 26 Virgo, “A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar.”  In terms of current events, we could trip into a number of directions on that one, about boy-priest relationships or about “making things smell better.”

In our tradition of focusing on what’s being Healed, we’ll do just that, and propose that the current 33-year Saturn-Makemake Cycle is about Healing the lost art of Apprenticeship.  In pre-Industrial society, as children we “played” at learning the “work” our elders were doing, automatically learning Survival Skills in the process.  Since that link was broken by the various forms of Industrial Slavery (schools that removed children from parents so they could be propagandized into one paradigm, work that separated the workplace from the family so compassion could be removed from working conditions, etc), child-adult relationships have been strained and forced into unfamiliar forms.

A Saturn-Makemake Cycle would be about Building the Structures that Support Survival in the next Paradigm.  So we could see the current Cycle as Restructuring Apprenticeship to reintegrate Spirituality and Survival (“Work”) and Everyday Life.  Industrial and Religious Culture rigidly divided these into separate days of the week.  Remember that what we’re going here (2000-2020) in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles is, on the Cultural level, deciding what parts of the Industrial Age we want to take with us into the Digital Age.  The Sextile represents Grace after we take the first step.  The Cultural level is assembled from accumulation of Personal levels.  So an appropriate question to ask ourselves might be…

Are there concrete steps I can take right now, to integrate my Spiritual Life with my Everyday Life and What I Do to Survive?  Have I already taken any steps like this?  Can I start to build them into Patterns that can become the infrastructure of Life in the Next Phase?

Walls and Sieves

May 17, 2015

A reader Wonders about the apparent contradiction in…

“That’s the Ego’s psychological function, to Defend, to keep the Vehicle alive and functioning.  And that’s exactly what needs to happen if Consciousness is to Expand – the Ego must Stand Down.  So anywhere you’re threatened or affronted or offended or angry or outraged or abused or disrespected or invisible or tempted to Act in Defense – that’s exactly where you need to be, because Choosing not to Act, not to mentally reinforce those Feelings, that’s precisely how you Choose to step off the Wheel.  Emotions arise from the Unconscious, the Ego does not Choose them.  But the mind has tremendous Power to reinforce them or not. 

“While a few thoughts of ‘Those Bastards’ will always slip through before we catch ourself, sooner or later we shift to ‘Oh, there’s that Irritation again!  I Wonder how I can get that thorn pulled out?’  Once we shift, we begin to Expand Consciousness, Grow the Ego, and change the Vicious Spiral of Karma into the Virtuous Spiral of Discernment and Grace… 

“In a.Karma’s “Discovery” chart, it’s Pallas that sits at the Midpoint of Leo: Boundaries.  As in Good Fences make Good Neighbors.  And as in, “You know, worst case these neighbors will probably end up doing less damage than the Sluggs, so maybe I can loosen that Boundary a little and see if it helps lighten things up.  Betternotbroken gives us some Perspective on Boundaries…

“Karma is about Repetition.  My Reactions stream from the Unconscious, so I can’t Choose not to have them.  But I can Choose to be Curious about what Universal or Cultural Archetype I might be in the grip of here, or Curious about when I first encountered this Energy.”

In other words, am I advocating that this is a good time to set better Boundaries, or as our reader says, “Am I supposed to just ‘suck it up’ and not say anything?  Is my inner resistance … making the situation persist?  Will the [situation resolve] if I just try not to let it bother me?  If so, fine, I can work with it that way.  I really do want to ‘get it,’ because I sense a big opportunity for growth here.”

Which is an excellent question. 

Boundaries are always tricky.  One good approach is to move our Boundaries in 5% increments rather than 80% increments – when we can.  But Boundary issues are always so situational, that “rules” or even suggestions (other than “Pay Attention” to them) are never an easy Choice for the person setting or loosening the Boundary, and never something that a third party can Judge.  Also, Addictions and Abuse situations are special cases with their own parameters.

But aside from all this, and moving from Pallas back to the topic of a.Karma and Archetypes, we can say this…

When we’re in the grip of an Archetype, we’re unlikely to have access to all of our Present Moment Competence.  If we’re in the Present Moment, we have the Freedom to evaluate how to Act to best support ourself, and often “What other people think of us is none of our business.”  If I’m operating to please other people, then Who is home playing the role of Me?  I’m Supporting others, but who is Supporting me?  Yes, in a very sticky situation where we’re playing very complex Politics, we may have a Conscious strategy or tactic to please specific people.  But if we’re just Dancing with the Pleaser Archetype, then other people aren’t even involved – the only issue we need to work with is our own Insecurity.

And yes, I do suggest that our Discomfort and Confusion about when and how to Act to support ourself is more or less proportionate to the degree to which we’ve surrendered our Ego to an Archetype, which means in turn, the degree to which our Emotions erupt.  We are, in most cases, competent adults.  We have the Skills to handle most any circumstances, and the Skills to experiment with new ways of handling new situations as they arise.  It’s new ways of handling old situations that we want to Pay Attention to here, as this is how we Choose to Let Go of our own grip on the Archetype.  It’s never that simple, as after a while we may discover that our “new ways” are just minor revisions of our old Archetypal ways. 

But with a difference.  We did two things.  First, we Discerned or Noticed that we were on the Archetypal treadmill.  And second, we Chose what we believed was a new and different approach.  We’ve planted a new seed, and with a little Water and Nurturance, we can grow it into Expanded Consciousness.  The more we Notice, the sooner we Notice, and the sooner we Notice, the easier it is to Choose something different.  Archetypes and Karma cement themselves in place through Repetition.  The more we follow the Archetype, the more it swallows us.  Liberation is also Created through Repetition, but with Liberation, the more we Choose a new approach, the easier it is to Choose.  We just need to recognize that Karma is way ahead of us in reps, and be patient with ourself while we catch up.

It’s as if how we Chose to Act differently doesn’t matter – “Don’t get even, get odd.”  What matters is that we Chose to Act differently.  By following this thread we regain – or gain (since many of these Archetypes are embedded in our Culture and part of our programming since childhood) – access to more and more of our adult competence.  Acting “irrationally” is always a good Choice, since if someone is trying to Control you and you Confuse them, you’re ahead.  Being Honest and telling it like it is – including stepping the conversation up a notch or two, such as “I Feel Discounted” can be useful.  If the Contact is Valuable to you, this is probably your best bet, as it will rapidly inform you whether or not this person is capable of Honesty in return.

a.Karma Chapter Two

May 11, 2015


Well, the plot thickens.  In Chapter One we described the Grand Cross  (Skill at Multitasking) and the Diamond Star (Orientation toward Liberation) rooted at the third Decanate of the Cardinal Signs (Liberation through Letting Go) in the Discovery chart for asteroid Karma (a.Karma for short).  The chart pretty much defines how our Species will be evolving over the next Century.  Some of the key points:
  • Learning to be Loving with Fear without Abandoning ourself
  • Locating and Accepting Forbidden Emotions
  • Opening up to the Skills hidden within Strong Emotions
  • Accepting Confusion as The Most Important Thing in our Evolution

But we also discovered an almost-Grand Sextile – five out of six points equally spaced around the Zodiac – which makes the sixth (missing or Vacant) point a very important place for our Evolution.

Turns our the Vacancy is none other than 27 Aquarius, “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets: The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in our instinctive feelings as frames of reference for our most authentic emotions.”  Where do we recognize this symbol from?  From the February 2010 Neptune-Chiron Initiation.

So our approach to Karma, and in particular our Response to this Chiron-Vesta Initiation, is intertwined with the New Economic Paradigm that the 2007 Financial Derivative Crash (sold to us by the corporate media as a “Subprime Mortgage Crash”) set up for us.  The methodology for this Crash is clearly exposed in Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.  Part of the process lies in the Elite manipulating the Culture into crises (and manipulating endogenous crises) in order to use them as excuses to “rescue” us – by putting us into indebtedness we can never repay. 

If we follow the standard Politics of Karma – and our traditional Limiting Beliefs – we’d placidly accept our resulting Victimhood as “Bad Karma” rather than as a failure of Community.  If we transcend our Limiting Beliefs around Abandonment, instead of being Abandoned then we’ll Abandon the Multinationals and establish a new approach to Community based around Collaboration and Cooperation (hence Lilith’s involvement in the current T-Square), Sustainability, and local Self-Sufficiency.  We’ll vote with our local currency for local control over our local Resources. 

We’ll talk about the other two Grand Crosses in Chapter Three.


April 16, 2015

Security officers carry away a protester who jumped on the table in front of the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi during a news conference in FrankfurtWho farted?

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Five astroevents and several Configurations coming up here over the next few days.  First the timing…

  • April 16, Noon PDT ( – Reorganization of our Unconscious Beliefs is substantially complete, though the other events may eye your dots and tease your cross, or add wells and thistles. 

Neptune Initiates Vesta at 9 Pisces, “A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals.”  Your Emotional (Pisces) Beliefs (Vesta) around Community, Culture, Spirit, and the Sacred (Neptune) are particularly vulnerable to Transformation.

  • April 16, 9 pm PDT ( – Expect things to Lighten Up a little, though not completely, until the next event occurs.  Whatever Traumas you’ve encountered since Christmas are now open for review and resolution over the next several months.  We recommend leaning toward Forgiveness and Loving Kindness, particularly toward yourSelf, and toward (as a friend writes it) yoursElf.

Pluto Stands Still and turns Retrograde, in 16 Capricorn.  Pluto entered it’s 13-16 Degree Shadow Period (the span of its Retrogradation – see below) late last December.  This is basically the Gemini Duad of Capricorn, which is about deciding what you want to include or revise in Version 2.0 of whatever Trance(Re)Formation you’re undergoing.  Not that “deciding” is the right word when the Deep Unconscious is involved, but Intention (and PIAVA in general) can work Wonders.  Bryan’s workshop is amazingly well timed…

The Moon Squares Pluto and Occults Uranus.  An Occultation is basically an Eclipse – the Moon crossing in front of Uranus – making visible what was previously indistinguishable from the background, in this case another part of our Yintegrity.

A New Moon – seems like we have one of these darn near every month!  This one’s at 29 Aries, “The Music of the Spheres: Attunement to Cosmic Order.”  Intense, eh?  After all this Waiting for Godot, this may really be the Tripping Point.  More on this below.

  • April 19, 7pm PDT ( – GO!  Whatever that new project is, now is the time to throw it into high gear.  All necessary background revisions are complete.  Any Boundary Issues (people who anger you, opportunities missed) occur for you in February or March?  Time to think about rectifying them by Speaking your Truth, and Acting on Opportunities.

Pallas Stands Still and turns Retrograde, at 1 Capricorn.  It’s Shadow Period starts at 12 Sagittarius in late January, the Taurus and Virgo Decanates of Capricorn.  This is more Version 2.0 – we Build something, put it out there to see if it “sells,” then revise it.  “Building” here is probably about how well we Live our Yintegrity and how willing we are to Act on our Wants, to let ourself recognize and receive them.  In this regard, the Dain Heer presentation on Lisa Garr’s Summit is, as Bugs would say, verrry interesting

I don’t now how long it will be online.

Shadow Period – the Can Opener portion of a Retrogradation happens before the Retrograde Station, when the planet crosses the zone for the first time.  The Retrograde period is the Exposition phase.  The Confidence-Builder stage occurs after the Direct Station.  The term “Shadow Period” refers to the Zodiacal Span between the Direct Station and the Retrograde Station, and the Time Span between the planet’s first entering that Zodiacal Span and the planet’s final exit, which involves all three crossings.

Duad or Dwad – one twelfth of a Sign, or two and a half Degrees.  The Aries Duad of Aries is the first twelfth, the Taurus Dwad the second twelfth, and so on.  The Taurus Duad of Taurus is the first two-and-a-half Degrees, the Gemini Duad the second two-and-a-half, etc.

Decanate – ten Degrees.  The Aries Decanate of Aries is the first ten Degrees.  The second ten Degrees is the Leo Decanate – the next Fire Sign.  The third ten Degrees is the Sagittarius Decanate.  The second Decanate of Taurus is the Virgo Decanate – the next Earth Sign.  The second Decanate of Gemini is the Libra Decanate – the next Air Sign.  The second Decanate of Cancer is the Scorpio Decanate – the next Water Sign.  Und so weiter.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Grace Abounds, but it’s up to us to take the first step.

Our Grand Sextile still holds…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The New Moon Tricolor is the second-most-prominent Configuration, since the New Moon Trines the Pallas Station, which in turn Squares Makemake.

There’s something important you’ve been working on for the last few months.  You’ve more or less Created a prototype of it, and you’re kind of questioning how badly you really Want it, since it feels like you may be Asked to give up some other valuable things if you actually Choose it.  It may not end up being a Conscious Choice, however, as in some ways it’s sort of preordained. 

Where you do have Choice, is in how you Manifest Version 2 of it.  If you Want you can even PIAVA to “have your cake and eat it too” – you can Intend that Version 2 brings you all of the best parts of your new Creation, and that you get to keep all of the good things about all of your previous Co-Creations.  Be patient; Version 2 will be in the oven till December.  Lots of time to sharpen your “Oh, I Want this too!” PIAVAs.

In early December, Pluto Initiates Pallas, at the Midpoint of Capricorn, “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.

Pallas still sits in the center of a Stellium (a group of three or more planets lined up together), with Chariklo (Charm), Hylonome (Grief), Quaoar (Lawgiver), and, weakly, Pholus (Blame).  The Pallas Station-Stellium makes a bunch of interesting Angles here.  It’s Triseptile to Venus – Magic is afoot.  Mercury Trines it while Juno Quintiles it, meaning we’ll not just be Growing our Consciousness, but to some extent understanding how we’re Growing.  It’s Quintile to Vesta-Neptune and Binovile to the North Node, implying that Meditation will be a Powerful aid to Learning here.  And, the North Node and Juno form the base of a Finger of God focused on Vesta-Neptune.

Basically, Walking in Beauty here involves…

  • Staying Curious about how your new Beliefs will impact your Mission (that is, if you think you’ve got it figured out, Let it Go – you want to stay in Curiosity as long as you can, or your Dualistic mind will freeze it and kill it dead – a Revert!).
  • Whenever you feel any tinge of Conflict over how what you’re Creating might impact what you’ve already Manifested, Wonder how you might attune to the Music of the Spheres instead.  You can have Both/And, with ice cream too, you just have to be Worthy enough to Ask for it.

This color means that this part is really important.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The next-most-important Configuration is a new one that looks like one of those old twin-peaked WWII US Army hats…

We’ll call this Configuration a Twin Peaks.  It’s two planets Quincunx to one another, each one Sextile to another planet that Squares the other end of the Quincunx.  It’s composed of two Minor Tricolors that share the same Quincunx, so that any Challenges that arise from each of the Squares can be resolved using Curiosity, as long as you take the first step.

The Quincunx is between our Stationary Pluto and the dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder), and the Squares are Uranus to Pluto and Chiron to Chaos.

The Potential here is not Limited, but we are.  We’re Limited by our Negative Beliefs – which,

Even though they’ve been blown away, have we noticed? 

Or are we just assuming that it can’t happen because we’ve never been able to visualize it or imagine how it might happen.  Focusing on how is the Male way of Creating, and we’re moving into unknown territory here, where Male Energy is useless.  We need to use the Female way of Creating, which doesn’t care about how, it focuses on what.  Of course we don’t know how it’s never been done before.  Think about your Mythology – the Boys do the things that have been done before, but when things get invisible or unattainable, it’s the Girls that take over.  It wasn’t Buddy the Vampire Slayer!

This is the definition of Unconscious Despair – we don’t know how to Create something we Want, and for whatever reason we don’t Believe it’s possible, so we don’t even consider it. 

You don’t know what you Want?  Well, what if you did know?  So, what answer have you already rejected

Is that what you Want?  Or is it some unimaginable triple quadruple permutation of that?  This is Stretch Time.  See how far you can reach, how Ridiculous you can be while being completely serious.  When we’re in the realm of the Ridiculous, we know we’re getting close, because there’s a good chance you were indeed Ridiculed for Wanting that, maybe even by yourself.

Marry the Quarterback?  Ha!  Don’t be silly.  I don’t even have tits yet, why would he even look at me? 

Make a hundred times as much as the old man?  By doing what, robbing banks?  Besides, he’d hate me for showing him up – don’t even think about it. 

Create a Life that would look like a Legend in my own mind?  Forget it, I’m a Girl – look at how they treat Girls!  It’s not even worth fantasizing about. 

Nobody would ever let a Gay Black live like that.  It’d get me dead!

The don’t even have a name for the kind of Sex or Relationship I would like. 

I couldn’t talk about that even to my best friend – I’d be so Ashamed I’d die!

Why do I even bother thinking about that – I can’t even get it up. 

I can’t have Security and Freedom – they’re contradictory.

I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!

The key is Wondering about it, letting yourself Dream without worrying about “Reality.”  We’re stretching Reality.  So what if no one has ever done it, you can be the first.  Somebody has to be first.  How else are we going to Co-Create a New World? 

When you get a tickle, take one step in that direction, then wait to see what happens, but stay open to Miracles.  PIAVFA that you’ll recognize it, because it may be so far out of your ideation that you don’t even notice it when it happens.  You don’t even need to know what to Ask for – in fact, it’s better if you don’t…

Great Spirit, may I please have a Miracle that Surprises and Delights me for the rest of my Life?

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

One more, another new Configuration, that we’ll call an Hourglass.  This one is an Opposition and a Quincunx that cross each other, so they’re one Sign apart on one end, and two Signs apart on the other.  We unlock the Sextile by Wondering what single step might start the Manifestation process rolling in our favor.

The Opposition is Eris (Revelation of Denial) to Haumea (Rebirth), and the Quincunx is Sedna (Actions taken out of Fear) to Ixion (Damn the Consequences) and Pholus (Don’t Blame me, I couldn’t stop it).  These Energies are Deep in the Unconscious, out beyond Pluto, so we may be only dimly aware of them at best.  The only exception is Pholus, which orbits from Saturn to out beyond Neptune, so it is within our realm of Attention, if through a glass darkly.  It’s currently on its way to Neptune.  It left Saturn’s neighborhood around 1990.  What were we Wishing For back then, during the Harmonic Convergence?  Wasn’t that about a Culture that actually supported individual Autonomy?  Not in the who-gives-a-shit-about-you-its-all-about-me “Libertarian” fashion, but with Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding.

So as Chiron carries the Individual Soul’s Message in from Uranus to the Saturnian Ego, and carries the Ego’s Request back to the Individual Soul, Pholus carries the Community Soul’s Message in from Neptune to the Saturnian Ego, and carries the Ego’s Request back to the Community Soul.  Pholus’s Request that’s being delivered to the Community Soul soon is plaintive…

I want my Tribe!  Where is the Community that I Love Unconditionally and that Loves me Unconditionally?  The Community that doesn’t waste it’s Energy fighting other Communities – We’re All One, damn it!  The Community that Lives on this Planet not just Sustainably, but that leaves only footprints and actually leaves things better than before!  How can we do that when Surviving and Fighting takes all of our Energy and Attention?  Where is our Tribe?  Enough with the Walkabout already!

In 1990 the relationship between Pholus and Neptune was Cancer Opposite Capricorn – “I want my Mommy!” – but on the Community level.  On its previous loop it left Neptune in 1957, the year of the tailfin.  On the surface its Message for the Ego was “You can have it all!”  Behind the curtain it was “See if you can figure out how to make Community work!” – Scorpio Square Aquarius.  When Pholus leaves Neptune again in 2021, the new Message will be “Let’s do Compassion this time, we can do it!” – Capricorn Sextile Pisces.

It’s the Pholus-Ixion Conjunction that renders Libertarianism so hedonistic.  I’ve never read it, but I’m told that Ayn’s work wasn’t Fuck-the-99% at all, even though it was anti-Communist in the sense of anti-Power Over.  As Naomi Klein so clearly explains in The Shock Doctrine, anti-Communism was the doublethink used to justify Ixionic Greed.

So Blame here is our doorway to Deeper layers of the Unconscious, where we can make Changes that have a real and lasting Impact.  The Unconscious is impersonal – every positive Change that any one of us makes in there, is one more marble moved toward the Tipping Point.  The Prize here (the “Coin” in the Opposition) is opening up to a Deep, Deep Denial (Eris) in such a way that it allows a complete Rebirth (Haumea).  The key that unlocks the Portal is

Wondering what it is that we do, or not do, out of Fear (Sedna) that we’ll be Accused (Pholus) of Failing to Care (Ixion).  It’s not about Figuring it Out – it’s about maintaining the state of Wonder.  It’s not a Question that wants an Answer.  It’s a Koan meant to permanently Open our Curiosity, and keep it Open.

I Wonder what it is that I do or don’t do, because of Fear that I’ll be Accused of not Caring?!?  Or out of Fear that it will look like I’m being Selfish?!?  I Wonder.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ