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Sedna’s Station

February 1, 2015

walrusWhat, me worry?

Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ

Sedna is Stationary, turning Direct, at a bit before 8am PST February 5 (

We usually measure Sensitivity (“Orb” in astrolguese) in Degrees – for instance, when planets are less than three Degrees apart, we usually consider them to be Conjunct.  When planets Stand Still as they’re preparing to go Retrograde or Direct, one Degree of Sensitivity might be appropriate – mostly because there’s usually a lot of other things going on, and unless a planet is within one Degree of its Station we often feel the other things more strongly.

Degrees and Time are interchangeable.  It takes one Day for the Sun to travel one Degree.  Everyone’s Sensitivity is different.  Depending on what else is happening, I usually feel a Station for about a week.

Dwarf planet Sedna takes 11,000 years to make one loop around the Sun.  Pluto makes 44 loops in that time.  The last time Sedna was here in late Taurus, the Lizards were just landing in Sumeria and starting to GMO the Monkeys so we’d mine Gold for them.  That’s one Story.  Another would have Yahweh placing Sedna in Scorpio on Day 6 and slapping its butt to get it started.  Yet another would have our Ancestors looking at Dirt and Rocks with a gleam in their eye and having visions of agriculture and stone tools.  Both/And.  The point is, it was a while ago.

So on average, Sedna takes 30 years to cross one degree, which is why some folks say “Sedna is always Stationary”!  But that doesn’t mean that Sedna’s always the most important planet in the sky.  If we worked at it I’m sure we could cast a Story with Sedna at the center of the Unconscious, and all of the other planets would just be messengers for Sedna’s whims.  It would be an interesting exercise.  Our primary Unconscious driver would be Terror.  Not so far-fetched.

If we define Sensitivity with Time instead of Degrees, though, I personally find that I can distinguish the Energy of a Stationary outer planet for about a week prior to the exact Station.  So what if we consider Sedna to be the center of the Unconscious during the week prior to its Station and see what unfolds from that.

First we need to review what Sedna is about…

The Sedna Story is about our Fear and how it makes us do things we would otherwise never dream of doing.

Hmmm, maybe it would be appropriate to “cast a Story with Sedna at the center of the Unconscious, and all of the other planets would just be messengers for Sedna’s whims.”

Dramas unfold in stages, and each stage builds upon the previous.  By the time we get to stage 3 we’ve already forgotten who we were when the Drama began.  So no wonder we do things we wouldn’t otherwise do.  So our question for this week is,

“What Drama (or Dramas) are we in the middle of, where we’re Reacting to current circumstances from the perspective of who the Drama has morphed us into, rather than the perspective of who we really are?” 

We’ve just removed most of our Masks, right?  In the course of this ongoing Drama, do we have our Masks off?  Are we Responding from the vantage of who we were before the Drama began?  Or are we Reacting from the perspective of who the Drama has made us into?  Or is it our True Self that’s in charge now?

Haumea recently Opposed Eris, and the Stationary Sedna makes a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Haumea-Eris Opposition…

Our Drama – and our Responses – may have something to do with a recent Rebirth we went through, a Rebirth that resulted from opening up to what had been previously Unconscious.  Being more complex than the intellect can easily process, we recommend PIAVA to try to unearth these connections.  Like maybe…

“Great Spirit, may I have Clarity around how my Masks and my Old Self may still be impacting any Dramas in my Life where Fear is involved?”

Ixion-Pholus also makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Eris-Haumea Opposition…

There may be places where we still shy away from our True Self because we were in the past Blamed for being wrong, selfish, or inattentive.  Relaxing any Self-Judgment would be an excellent strategy here.

But most importantly, the Stationary Sedna is the focus of a Finger of Yod, the base of which is the Sextile between Haumea and the Ixion-Pholus Conjunction…

As an old Hip dude once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Dramas are Heuristics; we tend to put our Attention on the content of the Drama rather than the Teaching that the Drama gives us.  The outcome of the Sedna Myth was the marine mammals – Sustenance for the Inuit folks who owned the original Myth. 

Sedna’s Station is Novile to the Uranus-South Node Conjunction.

The Novile is the Ninth Harmonic – Meditation and Introversion.

This suggests that we eschew analysis and instead Meditate on the relationship between our ongoing Dramas and our Masks. 

Sedna’s Station is Quintile to both Juno and Venus, at the focus of the resulting Quintangle.

We’re Learning here about how our Values and the Edges of our Consciousness are influenced by Fear.  How many of our Values were founded in Fear of Punishment?  What do we fantasize when no one is watching?  Do we indulge those Energies in our mainstream Identity, or do we hide them behind Masks?  Is any of that hiding motivated by Fear?

Interesting questions, eh?  If we PIAVA Clarity we may get some answers over the next week, and maybe even some Revelations and Liberation.

New Doors, Insights, and Rebirth

August 3, 2014

neph5687bpA Nephrite Jade boulder from Jade Cove in Big Sur, California.  While it seems sad that Jade Cove is no longer home to Jade because all of it has been “collected,” it is powerful that all of this Healing Energy has been distributed around the Planet instead.  Jade Cove still holds the Energy Source, it’s just the Form that’s been sent out to Heal.  While these boulders are the receivers and re-transmitters, the master transmitter still resides at Jade Cove.

Jade is the Witness that allows us to acknowledge and Let Go of the inevitable Grief that naturally follows from Change.  We have to Grieve all Losses, even Loss of Self-Sabotage and Negative Beliefs.  We can’t move forward into the new dawn till we Grieve.  Jade is the Medium that helps us make the transition painlessly.  Jade also stills our Anxiety so we’re better able to hear the “still small voices” that convey our Intuitions and inhabit our Channel.

* * * * *

As our Venus-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine rides off into the sunset, a couple of other windows open up.

* * * * *

Opening New Doors – The Mars Angles

The loudest window, especially if you have natal planetfolk within hailing distance of five degrees of the Fixed Signs, will probably be the Mars-Jupiter Square, with Mercury augmenting Jupiter.  We’ve been through this one twice before, though, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.  It might have undertones of your experience of April, whatever that was.

We’re mopping up any unfinished Yintegrity issues here.  Watch for any sign of Resistance to Shoulds or Have-To’s.  There really is no natural Conflict between our Yangtegity (doing what we said we were going to do or what Others expect us to do) and our Yintegrity (doing what we feel like doing, moment to moment).  The apparent Conflict arises from our childhood Programming, which is almost always a Mirror for our “Past-Life” Patterns, which are almost always Mirrored in our Natality.

Natality being a fancy word for your Birth Chart.

April 2014 was about the close Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross, which was a major milepost in the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square – all of which was about Yintegrity.

While this may not always be literally true, it’s a very useful metaphor…

From the Soul’s perspective, “we” chose our parents or other adults that were significant in our childhood, so they could “Program” (or train) us to be Conflicted about our major Life Issues, to keep them “in our face” so we couldn’t waste a Lifetime on trivialities or Other People’s Karma.  

When we encounter “impossibilities” we only need to look around to see that there are many people running around who don’t face the intractable problems that we routinely struggle with.  Sure, they don’t have our Karma.  But the point is, there are a zillion ways to sidestep our persistent Self-Sabotage; we just need to do it in such a way that it Changes our Programming on a fundamental level.

Encountering an obstacle, we PIAVA our way around it.  We just need to keep doing it (with variations and extensions) till the strength of our Intention is greater than the strength of our old Patterns.  Be prepared for your PIAVAs to get more and more complicated.  You may be PIAVAing Abundance one week, Freedom the next week, and Security the week after that.  Don’t just PIAVA Freedom the second week, PIAVA Freedom and Abundance.  In the third week, it’s Security and Freedom and Abundance. 

Karma is complex, or we’d have Let it Go Lifetimes ago.  If you understand you’re Karma intellectually, you’re probably wrong.  You might be seeing one view of one side of it very clearly, like Rashomon or the Elephant and the blind folks.  If you allow the Intellect to adhere you to that one view of that one side, the rest of the Sisiutl will eat you alive.  We need to respond in the moment to each issue as it arises.

I’ll steal this paragraph from a client’s transit reading…

“Mars-Jupiter-Mercury by itself represents an Active (Mars) Curiosity (Mercury) about how to Expand (Jupiter) – for instance by Letting Go of Self-Sabotaging Patterns (even though South Node-Eris has passed its peak, the Curiosity would remain, and since SN-Eris is still well within “orb” or sensitivity, we’ll be inspired to work on anything we didn’t finish in July fairly assiduously.  Mars-Jupiter-Mercury could also mean (and probably will) Active pursuit of Expansion using our new Understanding that we’ve gained from SN-Eris.”

And its translation…

Expect an Active Curiosity about how to Expand for the first week or so of August – for instance by Letting Go of Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  Even though our July Karmic adventures have passed their peak, Curiosity will remain, and since these adventures are still very warm, we’ll be inspired to work on anything we didn’t finish in July.  We can probably also expect to be Actively pursuing Expansion using the new Understandings that we gained from our recent Karmic adventures.

Mars-Jupiter Mirrors April because it’s a further development (the “Confidence-Builder” stage) of April’s astrology.  It mirrors July because we’re being asked to Expand in August after Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs in July.

The Mars-Jupiter Square was Exact August 1, and is within three degrees of Orb from July 21 to August 10.

When two planets form an exact Angle to one another they’re said to be, logically enough, “Exact” or “Complete.”  That event is more or less instantaneous.  However, the impact of the astroevent usually extends over a period of time.  For “Transits,” or planets in the Sky contemporaneously, which we deal with here, we use three degrees of “Orb” – that is, we consider the event to be in effect while the two planets are within three degrees of one another. 

Since folks vary in how they react to an event, and different events impact different individuals differently (often depending on their Natality), we often refer to “Orb” as “Sensitivity.”  One degree of Orb is frequently used for Transits.  We use three degrees in general because by and large, we’re writing for more Sensitive people.  We do sometimes use one degree, for instance, when we’re dealing with Stations.  In a natal chart, the usual Orb is eight degrees for major Angles, less for minor Angles.

When we’re dealing with more than two planets, which is usually the case here since we focus on Configurations (several planets making significant Angles to one another), “Exact” is a more complicated concept.  The span of a Portal is usually the period when all of the planets in the Configuration are within three degrees of making the Exact Angle to one another.

We consider the three degrees when the two (or more) planet are approaching their Exact Angle to one another, to be different from the three degrees when they’re separating from one another.  If we’re conscious and cooperating with the extant Energy, the Angle is “Complete” when it is Exact.  If we’re in Resistance to the Energy, then the Energy drags on.  If we make decisions to protect our Ego while the planets are approaching one another, then it can take years or Lifetimes to unwind – that’s how we create Karma.

For example, this Mars-Jupiter asks us to Actively Expand.  If that’s too threatening to the Ego, we could attempt to protect ourself with Blame or Doctrine.  Suppose we have a deep desire to change the way we obtain our Daily Bread, for instance, only to discover we’ve been made redundant at our current job.  We could easily just Blame immigrants, or make a Decision which devolves to a Doctrine, that Security is not possible on this planet. 

If we make that a recurring Pattern, we add it to our Karma.  As long as we stay in Resistance, justified by our Blame or Doctrine, Mars-Jupiter will keep tapping us on the shoulder.  The impact will dull after the three degrees of separating Orb expire, but it’ll still be there.

The classic example is “9/11.”  The Saturn-Pluto Energy behind it was Exact earlier in that summer, so if we were conscious that we were being advised that The Most Important Thing Was to Pay Attention to the Way the World was Changing, we would have responded with Curiosity about how it was Changing, and recognized that the Crisis Point had already passed.  Au contraire, the Neocons responded by trotting out their pre-written Patriot Act, and initiating a huge – and ongoing – propaganda effort around the themes of Terrorism and Perpetual War.

Mercury’s involved for only a few days.  The bigger process is the Tricolor, as Mercury-Jupiter Quincunxes Neptune which in turn Trines Mars.  In other words…

If you encounter any Hesitation to Expand, or Resistance to it, or Uncertainty about how to proceed (or Anger that you have to Change), respond by going directly to Spirit with PIAVA – that will unlock Grace for you.

The Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Tricolor is with us till August 11.  On August 9, though, Vesta moves into the Mars position, and the Vesta-Jupiter-Neptune Tricolor Portal runs through August 22.

* * * * *

Insights and Rebirth – The Venus Angles

While Mars-Jupiter will probably be the loudest influence, the more impactful Angles and Configurations revolve around Venus.  Venus teams with the North Node to make a Mjolnir pointing at the Neptune corner of the Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Tricolor.  And of course Venus Squaring the North Node means that it makes a T-Square across the Nodes.  Any T-Square across the Nodes is momentous.

So we actually have two major foci in this chart – Neptune as a corner of the Tricolor and the focus of the Mjolnir, and Venus as the focus of the T-Square and co-conspirator on the Mjolnir.  We know there’s Magic Afoot, because Venus Biseptiles Mars.  The Mjolnir hangs out with us till August 7, and the T-Square till August 8.  The heat comes down on the neighborhoods of Pisces 7 (Neptune) and 20-23 of the Cardinal Signs (Venus-Nodes), should you have any natal folk thereabouts.

The impact is heightened by two dwarf planets on the Nodes – Eris (Exposing Denial) on the South Node, and Haumea (Ms. Manifestation Herself) on the North Node.  The North Node backs across Haumea on September 18.  The gap between them reaches three degrees on August 6 and one degree on September 4.

First off, Epiphanies are available to us this week around our relationship to Spirit, Walking in Beauty, and Manifesting what we need to pursue our Mission.

Second, we’re being asked to make Choices this week.  Some Choices will further our Mission and allow us to learn new ways to Co-Create the tools and resources that will move us closer toward our Mission.  Other Choices will lead to Self-Sabotage.  The important thing to remember is that these Choices are not Either/Or.  They’re Both/And.  If that leads the mind to Confusion, that’s great, because Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and Expansion is the order of the day. 

We haven’t been sabotaging ourselves because we’re masochistic.  We’ve been sabotaging ourselves because some rejected part of our True Self has been trying to get something done that seems to conflict with what our Ego wants, or trying to get our Attention.  Whatever seemingly negative Patterns arise this week, Pay Attention to them.  PIAVA to discover the original reason for the Pattern.  The original reason was positive, even if it was only self-protection.

When you find what appears to be the original positive reason behind your seemingly self-defeating Pattern, identify the Desires that seem to be sabotaged.  Then PIAVA to find a way that these two movements – the positive reason behind the self-sabotage and the sabotaged Desire – can not only co-exist, but help one another achieve their goals.

Suppose for example we want more money, so we have more free time to pursue our Mission and our Yintegrity.  But we don’t want to spend more hours working for The Man.  That’s because we’re lazy and not seriously committed to our Mission, right?  No way!  We want more time to do what we Want and Need to do, period!  Not what someone else wants us to do!  The World is in rapid Change, which puts Humanity into Protect-the-Status-Quo mode, and the more there is to Protect, the greater the Resistance, so we have to expect few benefactors who have their sights on the Future and beyond. 

Your mind can probably come up with lots of solutions…  Work more now so you’ll have more time later.  Change jobs so you get paid for working on your Mission.  You only need one benefactor, why not go find one on Kickstarter.  Strongarm a stage coach.  Nothing there is breaking any Patterns – the Dualistic mind is not in the business of Breaking Patterns, it can only rearrange the deck chairs.

It will take a PIAVA or several to box our way out of this conundrum.  Maybe we’ll PIAVA to Let Go of negative Beliefs that it’s not possible to get paid well for doing that we Love and what serves our Mission.  You know that most intellectual Manifestation techniques try to exclude the Negative, and for good reason – “No” is not a term that the Unconscious understands.  But Tapping thrives on Negativity.  Tapping acknowledges the Reality of the dysfunction, while stimulating the Meridians necessary to bring the Energy back into Balance.

* * * * *

Bonus – Miracles

For the next several days we’re also blessed with a Quintile Yod focused on Chiron, with North Node-Haumea and the Sun as its feet.  Which makes Haumea another “ruler” of this chart, as it makes five significant Angles with other planets, while Neptune makes only four and Venus three.

The next few days give us an opportunity to make real progress over our Beliefs that getting our Needs met and our Wants satisfied are Impossible.  Remember that we define Unconscious Despair as a Belief that what we Want is not within the realm of Possibility, and we’re scheduled for a clinic from the very planet that facilitates conversion of Despair into Miracles.  The key is to remember Einstein’s assertion that a problem cannot be solved with the same thinking that created the problem. 

The intellect won’t get us there.  PIAVA will, as will Intuition and Insight.  PIAVA is a generator for Intuition, and Yindependence is a generator for Insight.  Yindependence means that you Respect your own Authority over your own Life.  Other people don’t tell you what to do and what not to do, unless their advice aligns with your own path.  When you catch yourself thinking this week, especially if you’re thinking about how to move forward, thank your mind for trying to help, but disregard its input. 

The mind will be a great tool for attending to details and planning-executing ideas that PIAVA and Insight bring to us, but after a PIAVA we need to Change the Subject, so we can be Clear and Open for receiving new material from our PIAVA channel.

* * * * *

The Chart

080314The Venus T-Square is the dark red triangle, top left.  The Mars-Jupiter-Neptune is the red-green-blue triangle.  The thick gold lines (with a red line connecting them on the left) that make a wedge pointing center right, represent the Mjolnir.  The thinner orange wedge pointing just above center right is the Quintile Yod.

We haven’t drawn the Semi-Square (Eighth Harmonic, or Realignment) between Neptune and South Node-Eris, just because we don’t usually include them.  But it indicates that…

Our Spiritual Epiphanies are likely to help a great deal with our efforts to divine the positive function of our Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  Once we do that we’re free to efficiently negotiate Win-Win between our current Ego and this newly revealed portion of our True Self!

Everybody Survive?

April 25, 2014

imageRTRed Tulips; design and photo by Nola Carmen

If you’re reaching for light switches on the wrong side of the door, or can’t remember how to operate the headlights in the car you’ve been driving for years, you know you’ve come out the other side of an Ego Death.  Congratulations.  We’re through the most intense period, so unless you’re still in Resistance or Denial, it should be downhill from here. 

The Grand Cross is “complete” – meaning all four of the Squares have peaked – Mars exactly Squared Jupiter, Opposed Uranus, and Squared Pluto on April 22-23.  Uranus exactly Squared Pluto on April 21.  Jupiter exactly Squared Uranus and Opposed Pluto on April 19-20.  And the Moon crossed Pluto and illuminated Everybody on April 20.

An Angle is most prominent, and increasingly so, during the three degrees leading up to the exact Angle, particularly during the last degree.  Then, once the Angle is exact, the impact tapers off rapidly.  Except…  If we aren’t Conscious about our experience of the Angle (ie, if we ignore the Teaching it offers), then we can make Decisions to Defend ourself against the impact of the Angle.  During the three degrees when the Angle is declining, it’s not the Angle that we contend with, but our Defensive Decisions.  Since they represent a Denial of Reality, one  way or another we need to adjust to the resulting Dissonance.

We aren’t done by any means.  Next weekend, April 26-27, will be a debriefing, where we review what the last few months have been about.  If we’re Conscious, we’ll see how we’ve changed.  Consciousness of Change isn’t necessary; sometimes “you trip out so far you never get back to know that you’ve left” as Kesey once put it.  Conscious or not, you’ll just be up and running confidently on your new version of your Mission by Mayday.

The Moon will cross Uranus and tickle Everybody again on April 26-27.  Mars exits the Grand Cross by April 29, and Jupiter by May 9 – that is, we’ll be dealing with any lingering Dissonance till May 9.

Of course we’ll have to contend with the April 28 Solar Eclipse first, but we’ll cover that in a separate post.

We’ll get some good Epiphanies in early May that will make us feel more comfortable with our understanding of what’s going on.

On May 6 Pluto is the focus of a Mjolnir with Pallas and Mercury, and on May 7 the Moon crosses Pallas and illuminates a Mjolnir with the Uranus-Pluto Square.

But the situation will improve drastically by May 12, when the Heavens conspire to help us out.

Jupiter swings into a Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron, which endures for the rest of May.

Authenticity and Community

December 20, 2013

aquamusco4813bpAquamarine Crystals on a bed of Muscovite

Vandana Shiva,

gives us an Eris-inspired lesson on Venus and Lilith and their contrast with the Old Male World.  A few excerpts…

“The notion of growth is the one big thing that must be questioned in our times.  The second big thing is the mechanistic idea of the world as a machine.  The idea of growth was created during the wars.  It was deliberately created to move the resources of society out of homes and communities into financing armaments and militaries.  Therefore, the way they defined growth was by creating a fictitious production boundary which said, If you produce what you consume, you don’t produce.”
“On the one hand, that means that the amazing work of reproduction that nature does is not counted as producing anything, though there is so much work being done now on the ecological services of nature showing that honey bees, for example, contribute $150 billion worth to the agriculture sector through pollination.  The work of communities who live lives of self-reliance, self-provisioning are not counted. 

“They’re producing amazing food.  Some of the best clothing in the world is in the hands of communities who produce for themselves, because they don’t produce a commodity, they’re producing beauty.  They are producing and creating art, whether it’s food or clothing or shelter.  In self-provisioning economies, it is not a product.  It is part of reproducing the richness of culture, the richness of identity, the richness of our embeddedness in a larger creative world.”

“You are not just mining a mountain.  You are destroying our world, our entire cosmology.  Even the farmers around Delhi who have resisted, and five farmers were killed, why are they resisting?  For them that land is sacred.  It’s their mother.  They say, You will not separate us forcefully from our mother.  Five of them gave their lives, right in the national capital region.  So, yes, the fact that this is the basis of life and livelihood.  But even more important, these resources are the basis of living in another world, a sacred world, where everything has value, a deep sacred value, and nothing has a price.  There is no price in the market that could ever be able to buy it.”

“It’s time for those who promote hazardous technologies like GMOs, just for the sake of monopolizing seed, to take responsibility for the implications, for the bees that die, for the farmers that die, the 284,694, more than a quarter million, farmers who have committed suicide.  I think this irresponsible use of power to rearrange the earth, her resources, the wealth of society and think there is no consequence and you don’t have to bear that consequence, that huge irresponsibility, for me it’s power in the ultimate crude, patriarchal form.  And it has to end.  That’s why I’m so happy movements are growing around
the world to say enough is enough.”

“What is demanded at this point is a shift in world view.  What is demanded is a shift from thinking of ourselves as consumers and tweaking within our role as consumers to realizing we are earth citizens and exercising our duties as citizens of the earth, recognizing the rights of others, who also are citizens of the earth, other species as well as human beings.  The problem with extending the idea of consumerism and individuals with money buying their way out is wrong because it makes us assume we are individuals.  But we are not.  We are embedded in community — the human community and the earth community.”

In 2012-2015 the primary theme in the ongoing Planetary horoscope is the Square of Uranus to Pluto, the “coming out” of the Authenticity that Pluto demands as part of its redesign of the Planetary Trance.  And the rebirth of Mysticism foretold in the Initiatory Symbol, “An Ouija Board.”  But there’s another, more subtle process starting.  When I looked it up to find the exact parameters I was very surprised to see that, if we stick with our very-reasonable three degrees of Sensitivity, the influence begins tomorrow.

When we try to dissect the Planetary Trance and its constituent components, we look first at the dynamic relationships between the outer planets – such as the many Waxing (Building) Angles, including…

  • The current Uranus-Pluto Square (Mandatory Authenticity and Mysticism) about “the 1960s becoming permanent”
  • The nascent (7 degrees) Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl Chiron-Neptune Cycle (the New Paradigm that recycles ancient ideas)
  • The turn-of-the-Century Flag turning into an Eagle morphing into a Rooster Chiron-Pluto Cycle (in a nutshell, “Adapt or Die” – the Symbol tells us to stop with the nationalism and tribalism, view the World with a wide perspective, and herald the Dawn of the Light) that’s currently in a very friendly Sextile
  • The venerable Quiver full of arrows (Cupid?  Robin Hood?) 1891 Neptune-Pluto Cycle that even after 120 years is still only a Septile along

The 12th-Harmonic Chiron-Uranus Cycle is Waning (dropping into the Void), as are all of the Eris Cycles.

Which leaves the culmination of the Harmonic Convergence of the late 1980s and early 1990s –

the 1993 Initiation of Uranus by Neptune. 

Uranus-Neptune unifies the Soul of the Individual with the Soul of their Culture – from the Warrior Cultures stuck in the Age of Aries to the Keening Cultures stuck in the Age of Pisces, to the nascent Co-Creative Cultures that are reverse-engineering the Age of Aquarius, starting from What We Want and working backwards to figure out how to create a structure for it from the Emerging Future.  These Ages regress after all, they run widdershins to our usual view of Time.  We start at the “end” and work backwards.  If someone brings a complete package out and we think, no, we need transitions first – revise your thinking.  There will be a lot of sudden transitions and big leaps.

The Initiatory Symbol (Capricorn 20) was “A hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony” – in Rudhyar’s view “The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through their participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of Unity.”  Not only is Venus crossing this still-warm degree thrice, but starting tomorrow Pluto begins a five-year adventure crossing the three-degree span leading up to this degree.

You may not recall that the period before an exact astroevent is the time when the Energy is strongest, growing to a peak when the event is exact.  Like the recent Uranus Station – the pressure to be Authentic increased up to the hour of the Station (subject to assists from the Moon), then fell off rapidly.

There are exceptions – for the Muggles who continue to resist their Authenticity with an increasingly stiff upper lip on their Mask, there’s no such respite.  For them the pressure continues unabated.  And if, despite our most cooperative intentions, we misinterpreted the pressure and made inappropriate decisions, then those decisions will haunt us after the event has passed.

For example, if our programming made us think the pressure to be Authentic was pressure to be Nasty (which would happen if we were programmed to reject our True Self – this often arises from a simple Cultural preference among our childhood Significant Adults; they may have thought tidiness was next to godliness, which could have crimped our Creativity so we ended up believing that Messy was Nasty), then we may have renewed our vows to be Good, especially with Santa packing the sled as we speak!

Of course, since on the Soul Level “you” chose your programmers, they wouldn’t have had negative beliefs about Messiness unless it was an issue “you” wanted to explore in this Lifetime.  In other words, there’s probably a Past Death or other trauma involved there somewhere.  Maybe you Messed your pants and caused a stink that the Nazis detected or something.

The point is, we PIAVAed something somewhere, and Changed the Subject so well that we forgot all about it.  We do that all the time, don’t we.  So we also forget to come back and Pay Attention.  When we PIAVA anything, the first thing the Universe gives us is an illustration of why we haven’t had that all along.  So we may have PIAVAed to eliminate our Self-Sabotage, but then when the Uranian Energy felt like pressure to be Nasty, we didn’t make the connection.

Basically, if we reprogram ourself to interpret all Self-Judgment as a signal to review our recent PIAVAs (which actually includes I Wish and I Wonder) and look for the hidden message, that’ll supercharge our Chironic Miracles and help reframe us into Yintegrity.

So, no matter what the Angle between Uranus and Neptune in our nativity, as Pluto crosses this 20-Capricorn hot spot over the next five years, it’s going to light up our own Uranus-Neptune issues.  Namely, Do we belong here?  Is this my Tribe?  Who am I to criticize my Culture, but it sure seems to be bent on self-destruction!  And any other friction between the Self and the Culture.

But for people born around 1993, Pluto will be directly triggering their natal Uranus-Neptune Conjunction!  Unfortunately, some of those people who don’t get the memo, will feel and act a bit “crazy” by social standards, and some will end up medicated.  That’s a bummer, but it’s better than medicated and incarcerated, or lobotomized like they did not so many years ago.  It’s particularly a bummer because the medication will dampen and disfigure the natural Spiritual Crisis that Pluto over Uranus-Neptune is bound to create.

Uranus and Neptune only come together every 170 or so years – that’s once in about six generations!  So the folks with natal Uranus-Neptune are storm troopers here for a special Mission.  Basically, Uranus-Neptune paints a picture of a Culture where the Community performs best when everyone is unabashed about letting their True Self out.  Like a well-oiled sports team, but without the practice, and without defined positions, all Serendipity.  The “practice” is everyone being their Authentic Self.  It’s hard to even imagine.

Pluto crossing this space for the next five years (and the five years after the actual astroevent, since even though the Energy drops off, it does continue) will light these people up like pinball machines.  The rest of us are going to be hard-pressed to contain our Judgments that they’re out of bounds.  Like an audience with a Saint, once we see that Energy in action, our Energy Bodies will try to imitate it.  It will frighten us, even as it exhilarates us.  We won’t have their finesse about merging Self and Culture – we’ll have to depend on their Guidance for that – but we will certainly have a lot of practice at our own Yintegrity, won’t we, and some good beginning ideas for the New-Paradigm Culture we Want to live in.

Give these Angels your support.  Help them stay grounded.  Remind them who they are, so they don’t go thinking they’re the strange one, rather than us self-sabotaging Earthlings.  You may need to intercede, translate, negotiate for them if they have trouble lifting the rest of us out of our rut.  Remind them if necessary that it’s not just they that need to run at a higher Vibration – they need to help bring the rest of us up a notch or several too.  We won’t be able to match them, but if they are to lay the foundation for the Age of Aquarius (Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding), they have to lift us up out of our rut as well.


June 21, 2013

SI ExifFeel the extra anxiety?  That’s the absence of the Grand Trines that have been easing our transition past the End of Time.  You can use the Anxiety to measure your sensitivity.  The Sun is moving into a new Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune, and as it gets closer, we’ll feel the Grace returning.  When?  Depends on your sensitivity.  Sensitivity is multidimensional, so just because you’re sensitive to one Energy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sensitive to another – though there’s a good chance of it.

Astrologers measure distance with something called “Orb.”  When a Configuration like the upcoming Grand Trine is moving into position, as it moves closer, the Orb gets smaller.  Orb is like slop – when an Angle between two planets is “exact,” orb is zero.  When it’s one degree apart, that’s one degree of Orb, or one degree of slop.  Usually Orb is a threshold – so, depending on the kind of chart, you might use eight degrees of Orb as the threshold, or three degrees, or one degree – when the slop is less than the threshold Orb, you consider the Angle to be in effect.

As we write this, the Sun is about four and a third degrees away from making an exact Trine to Neptune, which would complete the Grand Trine, as Saturn is already Trine to Neptune.  So if you were using five degrees of Orb, the Configuration would already be on the air.  Five degrees isn’t a commonly used Orb.  Often when we’re considering planets in the sky now and their impact on our lives, we use one degree of Orb, but it’s not that uncommon to use three degrees.

If we use a three degree Orb threshold, then the Grand Trine will come into effect at around 8am PDT on June 23.  A very sensitive person should easily detect a three-degree Orb for a major Angle.  Watch to see if there is a fairly distinct downward shift in your Anxiety level over the next several days, as the Grand Trine reforms.  You might feel the Tension ease, or your dreams lighten up, even before the 23rd.  Using two degrees of slop, the Grand Trine reforms on June 24 at about 9am PDT.  The Grand Trine reforms with one degree of Orb on June 25 at around 10am PDT.  Everybody should be feeling it by then.

The Sun moves pretty quickly (as you can tell from the above, about one degree a day – not a coincidence since there are 360 degrees in the Zodiac and about 365 days in a year), so the Solar Grand Trine will only last till June 29.  However, by then Lilith will be taking its place, and since Lilith moves much more slowly, the Lilith-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine will be around till mid-August – using three degrees of separating Orb – that is, three degrees of slop when the planets have already completed their Angle and are moving apart from one another.

Then, by July 5, Jupiter moves into position, forming a Jupiter/Lilith-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine.  Before Jupiter or Lilith move out of Orb, Mars joins them, and then Pallas after that, so the renewed Grand Trines go on for quite a while.  Then, one by one and two by several, as these planets move out of the Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine, they fall into a reconstruction of the Chiron-North Node Grand Trine, so we go back to the double Big Grace that we’ve been enjoying for much of 2013.  Once Saturn goes Direct again in early July, these two Grand Trines slowly merge, as Saturn crosses the North Node.

Don’t miss the Point there – Saturn (Focus on Priority Number One!) crossing the North Node (our Mission).  If we didn’t leave the Planet at the End of Time, we’re still here for a good reason – for our Mission.  It’s very easy to see this Saturn-North Node crossing as the focal point of our whole 2013 Big Grace/Juno-Nodes T-Square/Uranus Square Pluto adventure.

Lilith is the last to leave the merged Grand Trine, in mid-September.  Just as it does, Jupiter forms a new Grand Trine, with Pluto and the South Node, and as Jupiter moves out of Orb, Vesta moves in.  The result is that we’re under at least one Grand Trine continuously into October.

Which gives us this window of Opportunity to (1) find our Gratitude and acknowledge the Grace, and (2) get a handle on the kinds of Anxiety we’ll be feeling once the Grace lets go of us in October.  Gratitude is always really important, as it’s one of the more powerful of those Miracle Attitudes that can change the World as we experience it.  And Anxiety is really important because it forms a dark filter between us and Reality.  Not quite as dark as Fear, but usually more pernicious.

Thing is, because of Karma and other Unconscious Patterns, what makes us Anxious (or Afraid) is seldom what we think makes us Anxious.  An easy way to explore this – and it’s very important to explore it – is to tap it out.  It’s important to the future of the Planet, because the sooner more of us learn to differentiate Anxiety from the supposed causes of our Anxiety – and therefore stop needing to project our Karma onto Other, the sooner we cross the Tipping Point into Peace on the Planet.

Whatever triggers your Anxiety, tap on the trigger, then tap on the Anxiety itself…

  • Even though I feel Anxious about Zombies, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

compared to…

  • Even though I feel Anxious, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

Of course after your first tapping, your Anxiety will likely already be reduced, so you won’t be able to make a direct comparison between the two.  So take another Anxiety-producing trigger, and reverse the order…

  • Even though I feel Anxious, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

compared to…

  • Even though I feel Anxious about Global Warming, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

Even when Anxiety or Fear are completely relevant in the Present Moment, very very seldom is all of your Anxiety or Fear generated by the Present Moment.  In truth, most of us are competent to deal with the Present Moment in some adequate way most of the time.  Anxiety and Fear actually prevent us from realizing and executing our competence.  The more we master Anxiety and Fear as Anxiety and Fear, and not as the result of some alleged cause, the more we incite our natural competence, and enjoy cooperation and collaboration.  There’s little we can’t do from the space of cooperation and collaboration.

We see Emotions as our Emotions, but they aren’t.  Emotions are like Clouds – some high and icy, some lovely in the Sun, some dark and brooding, some pelting us with Rain or Hail or Blizzard or Lightning.  And Emotions are just as impersonal as Clouds.  They don’t belong to us.  It’s easy for us to grab hold of a particular Emotion, and refuse to let it go.  That Emotional Attachment is the glue that sticks Karma to the soul of our shoe.

Once we learn to process an Emotion as an Emotion of and for and by Itself, independent of any trigger or supposed cause, we realize that this is what we came to Earth for.  Earth, shrouded in dark Clouds of Fear and Grief and Anger, needs us to Heal Her, needs us to love those dark Clouds into rays of bright Sunshine.  Locate the Anxiety in your Body, and Focus all of your Loving Attention directly into that place.  See the Anxiety as an Energy separate from your own Identity and your own adventures, and embrace it.  Open your Heart to it, and Love it into Grace.

That’s why we came here – we just forgot, because Emotions are so sticky.  We wouldn’t be able to Heal these dark Clouds, if we hadn’t been willing to get lost in them first.  Your Mission could well open up into additional chapters, but even if it does, your Clarity about it will be a thousand times more acute if you first learn to be Loving with all of the Emotions.  That’s why we took Bodies here.

Opal – Quartz with nanoscale water enclosures that bounce the light around and refract it – captures Emotion and rebroadcasts it.  It takes skill and practice to use Opal, just as it takes skill and practice to Love all Emotions into submission.  Use it with care and respect.  When you use Opal, you aren’t the master, you’re a partner.