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Foggy Groggy Woggy (Portal 11.13)

November 12, 2013

fluog2812abp11What else do we know about this here Neptune Station that’s due at 11am PST on November 13?  As Pogo would have said, Friday the 13th falls on Wednesday this month.

Uranus Quintile Yod

I think the most prominent subplot is the Uranus Quintile Yod that’s supported by Pallas and Saturn.

During this suspension of the normal rules (that is, Neptune Stationary), we’ll be downloading important information about how Focusing on (Saturn) expanding specific Edges and beefing up specific Boundaries (Pallas) will help us improve our Yintegrity (Uranus).

The Moon crosses Uranus at 4pm PST on November 13, so this Portal will be open from Neptune’s Station (the fog should clear a bit after 11am PST) until about 10pm PST, though this Learning Opportunity will probably be most intense between 11am and 4pm.


Lilith Initiated Jupiter in mid July (Cancer 4, “A Cat arguing with a Mouse“), and now that Jupiter has turned Retro, Jupiter is heading back for an Expository review with Lilith, which occurs at the end of November.  For now, starting today, Jupiter and Lilith are Conjunct (using our normal three degrees of Sensitivity).

Which is the Cat, and which the Mouse?  What comes to mind, since Lilith represents independent Feminine Energy, is the White Olde Male Cat passing all these new misogynistic laws in a vain attempt to try to keep the disorderly Minority Feminist Mouse in line.  Minority aligns with Feminist, at least to some degree, because most non-European cultures are far more Yin than is Whitey.  It’ll be interesting to see how much of their Power Women and Minorities reclaim for themselves during the rest of November.

At the Neptune Station, the impending Jupiter-Lilith Conjunction – which is barely within Orb now, so we wouldn’t otherwise emphasize it – makes a Septangle with Mercury and Moon-Uranus, and a Short Quintangle with Vesta and the South Node.

A Septangle is three planets all in Seventh-Harmonic Relations (Magic, Timing) with one another, and a Quintangle is three planets all in Fifth-Harmonic Relationship (Learning) to each other.  While a full Quintangle is two Biquintiles (2 x 360/5 = 144 degrees) and a Triquintile (3 x 360/5 = 216 degrees), filling most of the Zodiac, a Short Quintangle is two Quintiles (360/5 = 72 degrees) and a Biquintile, occupying a much smaller segment of the pie.

The Septangle should mean something like…

By liberating our Yintegrity (Moon-Uranus) to Speak Her Truth (Mercury) when the moment is ripe (Septangle), we liberate our Independent Self (Jupiter-Lilith). 

We could also say that…

Our work on our Edges and Boundaries (Moon-Uranus – see above) will increase our Awareness (Mercury) of the parameters of our Independence (Jupiter-Lilith) and our ability to find and move through the Portals (Septangle) that lead to our Liberation.

While the Short Quintangle may manifest as…

We’re up for Learning (Biquintile) how our concepts of the Sacred (Vesta) and our Limiting Beliefs and Emotions (South Node) interact with one another, and how our Liberation (Jupiter-Lilith) can inspire us to transcend both.

In many cases, our Karmic Limiting Beliefs result from our having gotten stuck on particular Fundamentalist religious Patterns in a previous life.  So while our concept of the Sacred is powerful, it may need to be transcended if we are to Liberate ourself from our Karma.  Bear in mind that this is not just individual work – our cultures and other Entities larger than ourselves (which Neptune after all symbolizes) are also working to release their own Karma.  Not just as accumulated collectives of individual Karma, but also as Archetypal Entities in their own right.


Which brings us back to Pallas-Neptune – our Spiritual Edges and Social Boundaries.  While Pallas makes Fifth-Harmonic Angles to Moon-Uranus and Saturn, it also makes a Second-Harmonic Angle (Opposition) to Neptune.

While the Second Harmonic indicates a Blooming, or Completion of the work required to (in this case) set Boundaries and stretch Edges enough to establish a Marketplace, the Second Harmonic also represents the Intuitive Wisdom, Independence, Self-Trust, and Self-Resourcefulness (Angeles Arrien, Tarot Handbook, p.30) we have gained in that process.

But as the Priestess, the Second Harmonic is also tied to Ritual, Tradition, Followership, and defense of rigid rules.  Studying under a great Master, one follows the instruction closely, in order to internalize the Wisdom of the Master.  But there is a thin edge between following instructions and Fundamentalism.  If one never clicks in to the Wisdom itself, one gets stuck on the rules.  So the Second Harmonic can represent either or both – rigid adherence to Tradition and Ritual, and/or the Intuitive Wisdom, Independence, Self-Trust, and Self-Resourcefulness gained by clicking into the Wisdom behind the Tradition.

So one of our Edges here involves examination of what we consider to be Sacred, to uncover how much of our zeal is rigid adherence, and how much is Intuitive Wisdom.


Which brings us a step further, to Venus-Pluto.  Pluto Initiates Venus on November 15th.  In the Neptune Station chart, they’re Conjunct, Square to Moon-Uranus, Sextile to Chiron and the North Node, and Trine to the South Node.  Without working through the “logic,” we can just say that…

Our Addictions are likely to be up for some very Graceful Healing here, including the places where we aren’t really addicted, but fear that we may be.

Venus-Pluto has another role to play here as well.


The Neptune Station makes a Triseptile Angle (3 x 360/7 = 154 degrees) to Vesta.  So there is…

Opportunity for windows to open around which of our bottom-line Sacred tenets have served us well up to the present, but are now obsolete with regard to our Spiritual progress, and must be respectfully closed.  We may also find some Sacred tenets that have been sabotaging us – those are literally begging to be closed.

And there is a Septile Bridge across this Triseptile – Vesta Septiles the Sun which in turn Septiles Pluto, which makes yet another Septile on to the Neptune Station.  So…

By connecting to Source (Sun), our Addictions (Venus-Pluto) and obsolete Sacred tenets (Vesta) are, at the proper time (Septile), brought into our Consciousness (Neptune) for release.  Take notes, as these windows could open only briefly.

The Neptune Station closely Trines (Grace) Mercury (Awareness).

Then There’s Eris

Given the thick layer of Olde Male pomade that obscures our Clarity about the avaricious predatory capitalism and its perps that rule Western culture in the places where Community should have hegemony, whenever Lilith Acts Out, Eris is probably not far away.  And lo, adding Eris we find that she’s Septile to the Neptune Station, Biseptile to Pluto, and Triseptile to Vesta.  That creates two additional Configurations – A Vesta Septile Yod with Eris and Stationary Neptune at the base, and a Pluto Septangle with Vesta and Eris.  As well as five sevenths of a Grand Septile.

It turns out that our Revelatory adventures (Eris) with our Sacred Cows and Golden Calves (Vesta) aren’t optional (Pluto) after all.  If they aren’t optional, and their timing is important (Septile), then there’s a good chance they’ll catch us off guard (Neptune).  If any uninvited Energies nudge their way into your space during this Portal, open up to them, as they’re likely to carry important messages.

Lots going on, eh?

While Fluoride stiffens bones and teeth, it’s the poster-child Mineral for Liberation from behavioral, intellectual, emotional, and Spiritual rigidity.

Under the Bridge and Portal 10.24

October 23, 2013

I’ve always maintained that we learn more about astrology and about ourselves by looking at yesterday’s planetary patterns than todays or tomorrows.

Which is convenient, because I’ve been tied up and wasn’t able to write about this intense-looking “Portal 10.23” before it happened.  It was open from about 12am PDT till around 7am PDT today (October 23).  Before we open the astrodoor, give it a few minutes to see if anything unusual befell you between those hours…

Cue the music while you gaze at Spider Grandmother’s work…


Okay, here’s Portal 10.23:

P10.23The orange lines describe an interlocking double Quintile Yod, forming a Fifth-Harmonic Fez pattern – simply put, a complex “Learning Opportunity.”  The actors involved were Uranus (To Thine Own Self Be True), Mercury (Awareness), Mars (Assertion), and the Moon (Manifestation).  Uranus and Mercury were the foci of the two QYods, putting the emphasis on the Mercury-Uranus Biquintile.  That would be about Learning to align your Thoughts and Words with your True Self, and becoming Aware of places in your Habit Matrix where you’re out of Alignment.

My experience of it was a complex dream, set in what felt like a high school or dormitory where there was a lot of interaction going on with a lot of people.  A boss or teacher who’s normally conflict-averse got very angry with me and started making demands, while I had too much going on to be able to pay much attention to it, even though if I were following my Shoulds, it would require first priority.

An interlocking Double Quintile Yod like this is really four-fifths of a Grand Quintile.  It’s several degrees out of “Orb” (allowable slop), but the planet closest to the Vacancy in the Grand Quintile is Juno.

The Juno Mjolnir

Meanwhile, the Moon was Squaring Vesta (that which we personally hold Sacred) – I’ve drawn that line heavier, in red, to help distinguish it from the orange lines.  And the Moon and Vesta were forming a Mjolnir pointing at Juno (the purple lines).  We could call the abstract design “Thorn Penetrating the Bridge.”  Now, we’re getting quite familiar with Juno (that which is coming into Consciousness), as since May we’ve been dancing with a Juno-Nodes T-Square.  I’ve drawn in the T-Square in lighter red lines.

The Juno-Nodes T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) invites us to become more aware of why we came into this Lifetime (Nodes) – our Deepest Desires and Limitations.  The whole idea of a Lifetime, at least according to this particular viewpoint, is to work on overcoming Limitations in order to move closer to our Deepest Desires.  If you were programmed to believe that Desire is not such a good thing (and you haven’t yet realized that this is one of your most limiting Limitations), then you can think of it as overcoming your Limitations in order to move closer to your Highest Values.  You discover that they’re really the same thing, these Desires and Values, when you drop Judgment and eschew harm.

The Myolnir (Violent Insight) would have provided a huge boost of Power to this invitation to Ascend, connecting our Karma-clearing adventures to our Highest Values (Vesta) and our Manifestation Skills (Moon).  I didn’t draw it in, but the relationship between the Moon (Manifestation) and the South Node (Hidden Skills) is an Eighth-Harmonic Angle (Realignment), as is the relationship between Vesta (the Sacred or Our Highest Values) and the North Node (Desires or Mission).  This implies to me that we all shifted our Consciousness a lot more than we’re yet Aware of.  You may surprise yourself tomorrow, or even today since the Portal, reacting to circumstances in new ways.  If the Change isn’t too transparent to notice.

The Moon as the Fulcrum

Now, it’s the Moon that connects the “Fez” (Double Quintile Yod) with the Mjolnir.  Look how busy the Moon was…

  • Fourth Harmonic (Dominion) Angle to Vesta (Sacred)
  • Fifth Harmonic (Learning) Angles to Uranus (Self), Mars (Action), and Mercury (Awareness)
  • Eighth Harmonic (Realignment) Angles to Juno (Consciousness) and both Nodes (Clearing Karma)

The Angles from the Moon to Juno and the North Node are Sesquisquares or Trioctiles – three eighths of the way around the Zodiacal loop.  While the Eighth Harmonic symbolizes Adjustment, the Third symbolizes Grace.  So these are the two Angles where the Gifts are descending, into our Skill at bringing our Mission into our Awareness.

A Second Fez

I didn’t draw it in because I wanted the picture to emphasize the Quintile Yods, but there’s a second interlocking Mjolnir from Juno and the North Node, this one focusing on the Moon, and the two Mjolnirs form another Fez Pattern.

Fez2These Configurations are all dependent upon the Moon, which as you know moves very rapidly relative to our other feathered friends.  So the whole dance fell apart after seven or eight hours.

Portal 10.24

However, the Uranus Quintile Yod with Mars and Mercury persists until around 7pm PST October 24.  That in itself is a Learning Opportunity about how whatever we Say (Mercury), Do (Mars), or Think (Mercury) either reflects our True Self, or reinforces Patterns that bind our Soul Self in Spider’s Silk.  That should be a pretty clear Choice.  If it’s difficult, stop yourself in mid-sentence or mid-action or mid-thought, make Amends, and start over!

For the rest of Portal 10.24 see Portal 10.24 Part II

Eris Eclipse

October 18, 2013


If you read nothing else about the October 18 “Penumbral” Lunar Eclipse, read this…

It’s a bit indirect, but it’s right on.  An “umbra” is a full shadow, and a “penumbra” is a partial shadow.  So the Moon won’t darken completely.  In the other direction, toward the out side, is…

which translates into something like…

You’ll see most of the Moon turn reddish around half-past 4pm PDT if it’s not cloudy and you’re in Europe, western Siberia, west of Iran, Africa, coastal Brazil, Quebec, or the MerryTimes.  You might be able to detect some darkening in the rest of Asia and the Americas, but not in Alaska or Australia.

Abundance Means Having Enough to Share

The Eclipse itself occurs at 26 of Aries, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”  You can say that again.  Rudhyar calls it “Obsession by potentiality,” whatever that means.

You know me, I don’t think Eclipses are as important now as they were when you could tell the Grand Whizbah that today is when he should tell the peasants that a Dragon will eat the Moon if they don’t freely offer up the best of their harvest and their offspring.

But the glorious thing about Eclipses is that they hide or Occult an element of the obvious.  That’s good because Consciousness grows by differentiating a new thing or concept out of the general undifferentiated background.  So when the Elephant in the room is suddenly missing, whoa, everybody’s all Where did the Elephant go?!? instead of the usual What Elephant?  I don’t see any Elephants.

Too Many Golden Apples

Especially when the Eclipse is Conjunct our Mistress of the Revelation of Denial, Eris herself.  The Eclipse is three and a third degrees from Eris, so it’s a little outside the range we usually use to measure our sensitivity, but I think there’s little doubt that you’ll notice, if you haven’t already.  For comparison, the Full Moon is about half a degree wide, so if you measure six Moon’s-widths behind (west of) the Moon and squint really hard, you’ll see Eris.  In your Mind’s Eye.

So there’s a good chance we’ll all find some things out on October 18, that shift the way we view the World.  And I guess if we’re possessed of more gifts than we can hold, it must be Potlatch time.  In a Potlatch – a tradition on the left coast of North America – your respect in your community grows not by how much you have but by how much you give away.  Basically the opposite of what’s happening in most of the “civilized” World, and most particularly the opposite of what the US Congress and its fascist puppetmasters have been practicing.

Angles to the Eclipse

The Eclipse is Quincunx to Ceres, which invites Curiosity about How can we make this Abundance Sustainable?

And it makes Quintile-Decile Angles to Pluto and Vesta.  If you want details…

(The Moon Biquintiles Vesta, which in turn Deciles the Sun.  And the Sun Quintiles Pluto, which in turn Trideciles the Moon.)

But the important thing is that we’re dealing with Pluto and Vesta, and the Fifth and Tenth Harmonics.  That is, Inevitability/Transformation, the Sacred, Learning, and Abundance.  That does sound obsessive with potentialities, doesn’t it.  Perhaps an excellent time to permanently shift our attitude toward how much we’re willing to Receive.  That’d be nice.  Just remember to dwell on the good stuff, k?

The Mercury-Jupiter Angle

Vesta is embellished by Sextiles (Creative Grace) to both Mercury (Communication) and Jupiter (Expansion), which means that Mercury and Jupiter Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) one another.  So, are we talking more about what’s Sacred to us?  Maybe allowing the Sacred to talk directly to us!  Vesta is the focus of this little Triangle after all.  Maybe all of the sudden we’ll notice that the Fairies are on vacation – then we’ll have to admit that they were there all along, wouldn’t we.  Or maybe someone will pull the curtain aside to reveal the Golden Cash Cows being worshiped by all those fascists who call themselves more “Christian” than thou.

Mercury also makes a Square to Pallas, implying that there’s some Boundary-setting to be accomplished here.  Mercury turns Retrograde at half-past 3am PDT October 21, and at the Eclipse it’s only a third of a degree from it’s Station.  Which is to say, this is actually a Mercury-Stationary Eclipse.  A Mercury-Stationary Eris Eclipse.  They used to say “Loose lips sink ships” in another era.  How would we phrase that today, if someone threw a Golden Thumbdrive into the party?

We’ll talk soon about the October 21-November 10 Mercury Retreat across 3-19 Scorpio and the paths of Juno, Dragon, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The Ongoing Karmic Drama

Like many of us, the Eclipse chart has two distinct sets of Angles, with little relationship between the two.  That gives the Eclipse a bit of a multiple personality – two pretty independent entities joined at the hip.  That can lead to some mutual “self”-sabotage.  That’d be an oxymoron if it weren’t for the link at the hip.  In this case though, collaboration seems more likely, mostly because of the nature of the two chart segments, but also because here the two parts are joined at two points – Jupiter and Pluto.

The Mr. Hyde portion of the Eclipse chart is one we’re quite familiar with from recent posts if not from “real” Life – the Juno-Nodes T-Square Bridged by Chiron and Pluto, with help from Uranus.  That’s the Karmic Gorgons we’ve been wrestling with off and on since May.  The Ceres Mjolnir across the Juno-South Node Square is recently deceased, but it’s been replaced by a Pythagorean Triangle with Comet ISON…

(That is, ISON is Quincunx to Juno and Trine to the South Node, making a constructive Challenge-Curiosity-Grace loop on the Square from the South Node to Juno, the Quincunx from Juno to ISON, and the Trine from ISON to the South Node.)

and a Venus Quintile Yod across a Jupiter-South Node Quintile.

A Quintile Yod is a “Learning Opportunity” in all the least welcome senses of the phrase.  It’s fabulous – after the fact – because we usually learn something important and useful.  But during the adventure, we’d mostly just as soon not.  However, this is Venus and Jupiter – how can we lose with these two greatest of Benefics?  Well, okay, there’s the third corner, the South Node.

We just have to reprogram ourselves to recognize that every time those Regressions to Childhood (and beyond!) occur, it’s another Opportunity to heal them.  Regressions are windowless, we don’t normally realize that we’re Regressed, we just know that we’re terrified, or enraged, or distraught.  Maybe we could post a note on the toilet lid that says…

Feeling Great?  No?  Then you’re Regressed!

Because all we need is a reminder to take a step back out toward the Present Moment, where we can Witness the Feelings from outside of their sealed canister and begin to recover our adult competence.

Remember the article that we started with, where neurons that fire together wire together?  The opposite is true too – neurons that aren’t wired together don’t fire together.  That’s why Regressions are windowless canisters, because when those Lost-Child neurons fire, the rest of the brain goes dead.  So we need to purposely start adding the links between our Lost Child and the rest of our brain, starting with an independent Witness that can differentiate the Lost Child inside of us from the otherwise undifferentiated Emotional background, and extend a loving and gentle helping hand.


My favorite Stones are the Micas, and my favorite Mica is Zinnwaldite!  From the Zinnwald, literally the “Tin Forest” on the border between Saxony in East Germany and Usti in Bohemia (nowadays aka the Czech Republic).  It’s a complex Potassium-Lithium-Iron-Aluminum Mica Fluoride, like the Eclipse chart not a one-dimensional undertaking.  Never have I experienced greater Peace from a Stone than from Zinnwaldite.

BTFR and its Cousins

September 22, 2013

pecto5264bpA long-time reader writes,

“I don’t see the order going Belief => Thought => Feeling => Reality.  I don’t see An Order.  I could start with any one of the three – B, T or F – to lead me to my reality.  it’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg, No?  It’s all mutually instigating/stimulating simultaneously and then plop ~ Reality, as perceived by Me.  Or is this Belief => Thought => Feeling => Reality just a manner to be able to talk about the dismantling?  the transmuting?  the reframing?  That in order to change the R you start with B move through T then F?”

I’m not sure what Eugenia would say, but here’s how I see it.  The “Belief” she refers to in B > T > F > R is the same sort of Unconscious Belief that Seth spoke of in The Nature of Personal Reality – we identify our Unconscious Beliefs by impartially reviewing our Personal History.  For instance, I might consciously “Believe” that I deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  In fact, I might even be a bit indignant (clue) when someone doesn’t treat me with Respect.

But when I sit down to objectively review my Life so far, I might find a lot of examples where people didn’t give me the Respect that I felt that I deserved.  So in spite of my Conscious Certainty, I’d have to conclude that I had an Unconscious Belief that I didn’t deserve Respect.  (The chip on my shoulder would actually be a strong clue, if I was listening.)  I could test that hypothesis with the “Mirror” – ask a few friends who have known me for a long time, in what ways they think I don’t Respect myself enough.  If they have an answer, then I have a lead on an Unconscious Belief, which would engender the T, which would in turn evoke the F.  F is the glue that crystallizes Energy into Matter.  That’s why the Moon often triggers manifest Circumstances.

Now if I followed that lead, I might find a parent who didn’t recognize who I was, or who even actively worked to squelch my best talents.  Or maybe a “past” Life or two as a Slave – Slavery is pretty common in linear history.  Probably both.  “Hiring” someone on the Soul level – such as a parent – to squelch us turns out to be a common paragraph in Soul Contracts, because that’s one way we learn to have confidence in our talents, by constant reaction to our introversion of the squelching – that’s often what we call a T-Square!  So (Unconscious)B > T > F > R isn’t a Healing method, it’s a description of how we develop our R.

Healing the (U)B might take the form of using T to Witness our chronic F – so instead of complaining to friends about how so-and-so didn’t give us any Respect, we’d conjure up how we felt about that, and give ourselves Empathy.  You poor Sweetheart, that felt awful, didn’t it!?!  When I do that sort of thing I don’t even have to “Change the Subject,” it changes by itself.  If it doesn’t Change, or comes up again in a few minutes, a next step might be Tapping.  So maybe a Healing rhythm might be something like

unwanted R > Intentionally evoked F > Empathic T > change in B

change in B > different T > different F > change in R

I would add that the Spiritual Function of T is Separation.  F unifies the Emotional and Physical Bodies; T separates them.  T is Either/Or.  R is Both/And.  The process of Consciousness involves (1) Separation, (2) the Realization of Separation (the Witness), and (3) Reintegration at a more inclusive (“higher”) level.

Bear in mind that I haven’t finished Eugenia’s book yet, so I don’t know what she would say about this!

The reader adds,

I’m giggling and smiling at your words on yourself and your experience with this book and when you say you’re embarrassed that you didn’t think of it that way, or are stunned… because DUDE WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU”VE BEEN TEACHING ME ALL THESE YEARS??????? =)  To see it that way!  Well, that’s what I’ve been getting from you anyway, even if you haven’t!!! =) tee hee hee… No, I know , it’s all old and new again at the same time.  That’s so cool and beautiful.  I loved this post!  I can’t wait to read this book.

You got it!  Spiral Time, and a Psychic World that’s full of pockets of Regression that don’t have nerve connections with the rest of the “brain.”  Several of the Healing processes developed during the Recovery Movement of the 1980s were based on that notion, and endeavored to make new synapses between our Cystic Traumas and our Everyday identity.  You could even look at Tapping that way.

Just this morning I realized that after all these years of preaching about Empathizing with Chironic Despair, it’s never occurred to me to Empathize with Fear!

When I did, the Subject Changed immediately!  Gratitude for the Grace!  That’s the bottom line here astrologically.

Pectolite makes those little Cyst-like 3D fans that end up like partial spheres as they grow.  That’s a matrix of Datolite Crystals that the Pectolite grew on.  Both are Calcium Silicates; the Pectolite pulled the Sodium out of the molten Calcium Silicate that mothered them, while the Datolite pulled out the Boron.  As a Shamanic Borosilicate, Datolite helps Differentiate what in the Unconscious is Undifferentiated.  That’s the nature of the Unconscious; it’s Undifferentiated.  Pectolite focuses Light and Conscious Attention on what’s been Differentiated.  Boron is the Fifth element, the Teacher.  Sodium is the Eleventh element, the Light-Giver.  Silicon, the Fourteenth element, Balances Polarities.

When we’re working on Big “topics” that require multi-Lifetime Healings – like acceptance of Death as Trance Reformation, or recognition of Trance Reformation as Ego Death and the role of Grief, we achieve in one Lifetime the Separation but not the Reintegration.  So the Differentiation appears in later Lifetimes as Cystic, and our process of Discovery to locate (Realization) and Heal (Reintegration) the Cyst constitutes the process of Consciousness.  When we have a Soul Contract to Heal a particular Cyst, it becomes Malignant – it demands more and more of our Energy until it finally gets our Attention (Realization) – or not.  I’m not saying Cancer can necessarily be Healed this way, I’m suggesting that Cancer may be a useful metaphor for Held Emotions.

Big Full Moon Portal

August 20, 2013

If we use three Degrees of Sensitivity, Juno (Unconscious Identity) is slowly stretching its way out of its T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to the Nodes (Karma and Mission) over the next week, which should give some degree of “relief” to many, as the pressure to come into Integrity with our True Purpose should lighten up a bit.  Of course it’s all gradual and relative, depending partly on your Degree of Sensitivity and what else you have going on at 6-11 degrees of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

The other side of the Coin is that Juno is moving into a Square with Saturn, as Saturn approaches the North Node.  That’ll all start heating up around the end of August, and basically means that we’ll all be Asked to Focus on our Unconscious Identity and how it relates to our Mission and Karma.  The Universe usually Asks us to Focus by arranging circumstances where we sabotage ourselves or something dear to us.

Other than this, we still enjoy our Five-out-of-Six Grand Sextile, and our Uranus T-Square to Pluto and Jupiter (a Challenge to Transform our Lives through Expanding our Authenticity), though Lilith will be replacing Jupiter in that T-Square by the end of the month (a Challenge to Trust our Instincts on a much deeper level).  The Vacancy of the Grand Sextile has moved to 11 of Virgo, “In her baby a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered.”  That should make our cultural Gender Confusion adventures more entertaining.

But the noteworthy thing about the Full Moon lies in the Fifth and Tenth Harmonics – issues of Learning and Abundance.  The Moon itself is tightly Quintile (one fifth of the way ’round the circle) to the South Node, implying that we could be Learning a great deal about our Karma over the next couple of weeks (at least), amplifying the Saturn-Juno-Nodes adventures we mentioned earlier.  Since the Full Moon is an Opposition and the Nodes are Opposite one another, this makes a Fifth-Harmonic equivalent of a Mystic Rectangle – two Quintiles on Opposite sides of the Wheel, with Trideciles between their ends.

A Tridecile is three tenths of the way round the Zodiac, combining Energies of the Tenth (Abundance) and Third (Love with Wisdom) Harmonics – sounds potentially quite benefic.  Of course when we’re dancing with the Unconscious, as the Nodes do for a living, we can always see the Opposite of what we expect to see.  Which is great if we’re Awake, because that makes an ideal Learning Experience.  In fact, even if we aren’t Awake, that should be enough to Awaken us!  If you see any Victims running around (including in the Mirror), it’d be a great Teachable Moment.

So a Quintile-Tridecile Mystic Rectangle should have meaning parallel to that of a Sextile-Trine Mystic Rectangle.  The latter means phenomenal Grace but you may have to provide the initial innoculant.  The former then should mean phenomenal Charity if you’re Awake to the Learning Opportunity.  That would be Charity extended by the Universe to us, by us to others, and by others to us.

Since it’s the Full Moon and the Nodes on the corners, we could easily expect to see Charity in Elightenment.

That Portal should be open widest for a half hour starting at quarter to 7pm PDT August 20, but three Degrees of Sensitivity would open the Gate for about four hours on either side of 7pm PDT.

That is, starting right now.  An excellent period to spend in Meditation, though since much of our Karmic Drama plays out in interactions with other people, hanging with other people should be interesting as well – just be sure to examine any Judgment, Blame, or Victim issues that arise, as that’s where the meat is likely to reside.

The Moon-South Node Quintile also has Venus at its Far Midpoint – that is, a Venus Quintile Yod.  Venus is at 6 of Libra, “A person watches their ideals taking concrete form in their inner vision.”  More validation, suggesting that our Focus should be on What We Want (North Node/Mission Quintile Sun/Source) and What Prevents Us From Having It (the South Node/Karma Quintile Moon/Manifestor).  Notice again that the Manifestor Quintiles the South Node, making it likely that we may be Learning here by realizing how we Manifest what we Don’t want.  The Moon also Tridectiles the North Node, giving potential to Manifest oodles of what we Do want, but the Quintile is the stronger Angle.

We move from Bummer to Delight by realizing that it’s our own Habits that create the Bummers, noticing how we’re doing it, and PIAVAing that we do it differently from now on.

Another Learning Opportunity

May 12, 2013

Forgot to mention that we’ve a couple of unusual Configurations going on here.

The last couple of days we’ve had a Saturn Septile Yod with Uranus and Venus.  The Septile Yod is about Shamanic Power – that is, the apparent Miracles that can be accomplished by Shapeshifting, by assuming a different Identity.  Venus-Septile-Uranus is about the Heart recognizing the Soul, kind of a Homecoming.  The Triseptiles to Saturn would be about Focusing on Homecoming, and preparing to adjust the rest of our Life to make room for it.  Seen anything like that in your own Life over the last few days?  It’s kind of a subtext for our Big Identity Makeover.

And then, starting about …now… a North Node Quintile Yod forms, with Uranus and Jupiter, lasting for the rest of May.  A Quintile Yod is a “Learning Opportunity,” in the sense that it’s often not really what we asked for, but (we have to conclude after the fact, since it is a fact) evidently something that we need.  The Jupiter-Uranus Quintile would imply that we’ll be greatly expanding our connection with our own Yintegrity, with our own Soul.  You know you’re in Yintegrity by the Three E’s – when Life is Effortless, Exciting, and you never have to Explain yourself.  The Biquintiles to the North Node will bring us to our Life Mission.  There’s no way we can live our Life Mission if we aren’t in Yintegrity.  All those moral lessons about hard work and self-restraint were just a test.  Be on the alert for the rest of May for any situation that requires Effort, that’s not Exciting, or where you’re asked to Explain yourself.  Those are the places where your Life needs adjustment.

Power Is Afoot

April 6, 2013

Apart from it’s Conjunction with Venus, Mars, and Eris, the most remarkable thing about the New Moon is the pair of Yods – Quintile and Septile Yods – aimed at the North Node…


A Quintile Yod (orange lines) is a planet (or significant point – the North Node isn’t a planet per se) at the far midpoint between two planets Quintile to one another, or one fifth of the way round the circle from one another.  The Quintile is about learning and teaching, so a Quintile Yod represents a “Learning Opportunity,” and unfortunately carries some of the Challenging connotation of that term.

A Septile Yod (light green lines) is a planet or other hot spot at the far midpoint between two planets that are Septile to one another, or one seventh of the way round the Zodiac.  The Septile is about Timing the Use of Power, so a Septile Yod represents a graduate seminar in the subject.  We don’t usually think in terms of Timing when we think about Power, but it’s critical.  In Physics it’s Resonance – the way vibrations reinforce or cancel one another.  In Pedagogy it’s the Teachable Moment, when what you have to say can actually be heard.  In Castaneda’s adventures it’s about Accumulating Power.  Consider asking your boss or a client for a raise – Timing may not be everything, but it’s close.  Unfortunately, it suggests that we maybe should be taking Jim Sinclair very seriously.

The North Node stands for Where We’re Heading.  I usually translate it as our Mission – the purpose for which we accepted our current Lifetime.  The difference between our Mission and our Fate is that Karma is actually optional.  We always have the Choice of becoming Conscious, to one degree or another, of the Patterns that run our lives, and changing them.  When we confront and embrace the Emotional Baggage behind our Limiting Beliefs (South Node), we release the skills hidden beneath the Baggage, and those skills propel us into a brand new Future.

As we said in The New Trance, the North Node sits near the midpoint of Scorpio.  The midpoints of the fixed Signs are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse.  The particular degree is 17 – “A woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is ‘great with child’.”  To me that sounds very much like we’re going to be Learning something very important about our Mission (that is, our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime), and that we’re going to be experiencing one of those moments where Life bifurcates – where one Choice leads to a very different Future than another Choice would.  I don’t see that as a Win-Lose proposition, though some Choices are likely to be better than others.

One view of Life is that, for every Decision we make, we bifurcate into different Parallel Lives.  If there are an infinite number of Universes, then we simply beam into the one that’s consistent with our Decision, while another part of ourself transmogrifies into the Parallel that’s consistent with the alternative.  It’s possible that we can get a bit lost, or scattered, if we make too many Decisions that don’t serve our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime.  The strong presence of Eris and Pluto here advise that our Decisions are important, and that we have the tools to be able to Choose wisely.

In particular, the feet of the Quintile Yod are Uranus and the Vesta-Lilith Initiation (“Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree”) – we couldn’t do much better than that!  Uranus: our Soul Connection, and Vesta-Lilith: our Sacred, pre-intellectual Instincts.  Since this is a Learning Opportunity, we should be able to see the Karmic consequences of our Choices very clearly.  With the intellect emasculated, the odds in our favor are enhanced.

The feet of the Septile Yod are the New Moon itself, and Jupiter.  While Venus, Mars, and Eris aren’t close enough to be considered part of the Septile, they’re carried in because Venus-Mars-Eris characterize the New Moon.  And we can’t consider Jupiter without involving its Square to Chiron.  So it turns out that our Timing is important for Co-Creating Miracles (Chiron) that resolve our Denial (Eris) and further the integration of our Actions (Mars) and Values (Venus).  In other words, there are moments here when we can Miraculously Transform our Patterns and eliminate self-sabotage (which consists of Acting contrary to our own Values) in a flash.  Power is afoot.


February 9, 2013



Curiosity Rules!  The Yods are multiplying, and what we’re likely to get from them is a demand for greater Authenticity, and an urgency about defending what’s bottom-line for us.

The Ceres Yod

Here’s one of the two primary Configurations we labor under in early February, a double-Yod Isosceles Trapezoid…


The Vesta Yod is still in effect, but since Saturn is one of its legs and Saturn is stationary on February 18, we’ll deal with that in a few days.

This Trapezoid is pretty straightforward – a Ceres-focused Yod and a North Node-focused Yod that share one of the Quincunxes (green lines).  It means we’re coming around to making our Mission (North Node) a more fundamental (Ceres) basis for our lives.  The other two corners are Juno and Eris – Unconscious Identity and the Deep Feminine.  The nature of a Yod is Curiosity, so it’s not like the Yods are necessarily stressful.  But Juno does Square Eris (red line), so there is a Challenge involved.  Eris can’t stand subterfuge, so this is mostly about getting Unconscious contradictions into Consciousness.

Many of us were programmed to denounce our Mission.  On a dualistic planet, we learn most quickly by studying opposites, mirror images, and vacancies.  Like Bilbo, we need to put some experience under our belts before we risk everything, because we’re otherwise too vulnerable.  And in many cases our Mission is time-critical; if we pushed into it before the World was ready for us, we’d blow it.  Of course you could say that our Mission is to clear our Karma, but that’s secondary, and too focused on the individual Ego.  We are not separate.  A goalie’s Mission is not to embrace her Past Deaths, it’s to prevent the ball from finding the net.  Sure, she might have to deal with her fear of Death to do that, but that’s not her Mission.

So as we get ready to move our Mission into priority #1 (Saturn and the North Node collide head-on in September), we throw off the various disguises we’ve taken on to stay safe and preserve the element of Surprise, and begin to visualize ourselves as who we really are.  Letting go of some of that programming and admitting that we actually are what we’ve been rejecting all of our lives, can be difficult.  It won’t be as difficult as you imagine it’s going to be, but getting beyond our expectations is what growth is all about.

So that’s where we are,

Dropping our disguises, we’ll be outing our True Self and preparing ourselves for our real Mission, the reason we came here.  We may have a little trouble wriggling out of the false personas that are most comfortable and most safe.

We’re likely to be particularly challenged to take an opportunity to practice outing our True Self on February 14, when the Moon crosses Eris.  That should build to a peak by around 10am PST on Thursday.

The Vesta Yod

Not to diminish our Vesta Yod with Saturn and Pluto, which persists through most of February – that’s the one where we’re inspired to Focus (Saturn) on Transforming (Pluto) our lives so we’re more respectful of what our Heart holds Sacred (Vesta).    And what do you know, starting just about now, Pallas moves into position to make a Yod with Saturn at the helm and Vesta at the other foot, to create the same double-Yod Trapezoid as the Ceres-North Node pattern, but with Cat’s-Ears…


If you look close you can see that these two patterns sit right on top of one another, just slightly offset.  The second Configuration is a bit more complex.

The Saturn Yod tells us that our newfound need to defend our newfound individuality combines with our newly prominent sense of the Sacred, to force us to attend to our Number One Priority.  Which, given the first pattern, is probably our Mission.  Think of it this way – if you had two months to live, you’d finished business around your commitments, and you didn’t have any limitations from health or finances, how would you change the World?  The Challenge in this Configuration is between Pallas and Pluto – we need to change our Trance in such as way that we become willing to defend our individuality vigorously.

The Cat’s-Ears are made up of Quincunx-Trine-Square (green-blue-red) Triangles, both riffing off of the Vesta-Saturn Quincunx.  These isoceles Triangles are nice – the Square provides Motivation, the Quincunx Curiosity, and the Trine Grace, and the tree complement one another.  One Ear is Venus – the Square to Saturn says we’re going to have to confront our desire to play nice when doing so would be a sellout.  The Trine says that our focus on what’s Sacred to us will make that easier.  The other Ear is Chiron, and the Challenge is dropping our old expectations long enough to allow Miracles into our Field.  The Grace is our Focus on our need for Miracles and our willingness to PIAVA them.

This pattern gets more complex as we move toward next weekend and start to feel Saturn’s Station.

Summing Up

For most of the rest of February, we’ll be preparing our armor and selecting our Steed as we prepare to march off to whatever Crusade is closest to our Hearts.  Not that it’s about war or conquest or even competition – not at all.  But it’ll probably feel that way, as our Heart says, No, you’ve gone too far this time, and I can no longer take this sitting down!  Tavis Smiley has been reviewing poignant and touching and painful moments from the Civil Rights Movement, like the day and night Martin Luther King Jr. spent meditating in Mahatma Gandhi’s room.  Here’s some very inspiring material..

It will behoove us to pray for a loving and gentle transition from here to there.


Everybody knows Rubies and Sapphires.  They’re simple Aluminum Oxides.  Add some Magnesium, and you have Spinel.  The crystals are usually smaller, but they can be just as gemmy and facetable.  Spinel can be red or pink or blue or black, but the pink form is quintessential for letting your True Self out of the closet.  This is the one, there are no substitutes.

The Saturn Station

In a few days we’ll look at the Saturn Station coming up on February 18, including the Grand Quintile that forms February 24.  I missed it last month, but there was also another Grand Quintile on January 28, just as the Vesta Yod was morphing into a Diamond Star.  We said then,

This [Diamond Star] should be very exciting, with Jupiter Stationary and the Moon triggering our Emotional involvement with the Sacred – and Chiron showing the way to Miracles!  This could easily be life-changing for many of us!

The way I and several friends experienced that period felt more life-devastating than life-changing – but that’s what Ego Death is all about, isn’t it.  We got fully involved in the Present Moment (which wasn’t Present at all, but a Regression) and forgot that it was about Letting Go of our old patterns – till we got deep enough into them that it became obvious to us that we were roboting an ancient pattern.  Once we de-tranced, it was life-changing.

In retrospect, I’d say the Grand Quintile had a lot to do with those adventures, and maybe when it visits again around February 24 we’ll be more Aware.  I saw a car the other day with a good-size dent in the fender, and someone has plastered a sticker across the dent that said, “Oh No, Not Another Learning Experience.”  That’s the nature of the Quintile, Learning and Teaching, and a Grand Quintile would be a profound Teachable Moment.

Sustaining Sustenance

February 3, 2013


The Big Issue for the last couple of days and the next several is about Focusing on hearing, expressing, and defending the voice of our Inner Female, and making that a permanent part of our persona.  In case you haven’t met Her yet, she’s likely to be more interested in Collaboration and Communication than in Competition and Control.  Two brothers fighting to defeat one another in the Super Bowl is a perfect analogy for the paradigm that we’re leaving behind.

Ceres is Stationary (Direct) and Out of Bounds and Conjunct Lilith.  There’s a Quintile Yod between Ceres-Lilith, Pallas-Uranus, and Saturn, with Saturn at the Apex.  The Quintile Yod runs through February 6.  The Ceres Station occurs at 1am PST on February 4.  The Moon crossed Saturn and triggered the Q-Yod about 24 hours prior to the Station.

We’re still studying our Heart’s interpretation of what’s Sacred, and revising our Trance accordingly.  “We” mostly don’t have control over the Trance we live our lives from, as it’s given to us by our cultural programming and the Zeitgeist, among other currents.  But we do have some impact on it, depending on how Conscious we are.  We’re all outraged or horrified by some things more than others, and defending those things is important, because they’re either part of our Mission, or Karma that we need to work through in order to find our Mission.  Our Journey is how we discover the difference.

The Vesta-Apex Quincunx Yod, with Saturn and Pluto for feet, remains.

We’re discovering places where we need to be more open and vulnerable, areas where we need to set better boundaries, and circumstances where more honesty is needed, in order to communicate effectively, defend our True Self, collaborate better, and contribute our skills to Community efforts that will help sustain us.

Jupiter is Triseptile Saturn, and Mercury crosses their far Midpoint today (February 3), where it forms Biseptiles to both, creating a complete Seventh-Harmonic triangle.  It’s not a Septile Yod, as that would have a single Septile  for a base rather than a Triseptile, but it’s a strong Configuration akin to a Seventh-Harmonic version of a Trine or T-Square.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Shamanic Power.

The three complete Triangles look like this…


Where the orange lines trace the Quintile Yod, the dark-green-and-blue Triangle is the Quincunx Yod, and the lighter-green lines show the Triseptile-T.  Where do these names come from?  In the picture above we’ve drawn lines connecting the vertices of the three Triangles.  In the picture below we’ve drawn the lines from the center of the circle to each corner of each Triangle.


You can see the near-horizontal orange “Y” and the partly-inverted dark-green “Y” – these are the Yods – “Y” as in Yod.  The light-green lines make more of a “T” than a “Y,” though the top (Triseptile) bar is kinked, hence we’re calling it a Triseptile-T.

Drawing the Configurations this way emphasizes how Saturn sits on a corner of all three Triangles.  It won’t hurt to review Saturn a bit, especially since it’s Stationary during the third week of February.  Saturn asks us to Focus on Priority #1, and let go of Plan B (and C and D).  This can easily feel like limitation, as we might be depending on our secondary priorities as fallbacks, or as the sources of release or joy that provide relief from Priority #1 – which will certainly involve effort and risk.  But as with any other astrological process, this too shall passwhen Saturn’s lit up, Focus on Priority #1 – there will be lots of other times, when Saturn isn’t lit up, where you can enjoy or indulge multi-tasking.

In the current case, this week, Priority #1 is clearly hearing, expressing, and defending the voice of our Inner Female, and making that a permanent part of our persona.  It helps that the Sacred is lit up as well, as the Sacred will illuminate the Inner Female – either by contrast or by reinforcement.  Expect to encounter Resistance, as folks who are invested heavily in their Outer Males, and the obsolete ways of exercising Power and Competition and Control, express their concern over their unwanted retirement.  Don’t argue.  Listen politely and compassionately to what they have to say.

It would even help to mirror them a little.  Ask yourself what kind of verbs they have been using – do they focus on feeling, seeing, hearing, or other ways of experiencing the World?  Match their verbs – I hear you! – or I see what you mean! – or I understand how you feel!  But then be clear and straightforward and brief about what you see or hear or feel or find to be important.  Again, don’t argue.  If they yes-but you, just calmly say…

I know, you feel differently, but I feel this way.  It’s okay if we don’t see the World the same way, as long as we can tolerate other perspectives.  It’s a big World, there are lots of different points of view!  As the World gets more interconnected – as it is, daily – it gets more and more important that we respect the benefits of diversity.

We make space for our True Selves on the Planet by honoring our Uniqueness, and by honoring the Uniqueness of others.  When we do this we greatly increase the potency of Collaboration and Community.

Thulite is a Calcium Aluminum Silicate.  This sample shows three of its four forms.  Most of this Stone is Manganese-rich pink Thulite, with the green Anyolite form around the edges, and a nice vein of brown Zoisite crystal in the left center.  The fourth form, not present, is Tanzanite, a highly-valued blue-purple gemmy form.  Thulite is one of few minerals that combine the two colors of the Heart – pink and green.  It symbolizes Partnership, emphasizing the advantages of mutual respect and collaboration, or Vive la Difference! as the French would say.

It’s not just Marriage and Community that Thulite represents, but the Inner Marriage between our own Anima and Animus, our Inner Female and Inner Male.  Without this Inner Marriage and androgyny, we cannot achieve Wholeness, and our Inner Lovers compete and sabotage one another.  Without internal collaboration, we can’t do outer Collaboration effectively.  So a good deal of our work here – and/or the trance reformations that we undergo above and beyond the level of Will – will be inside of us.

A Thousand Words

January 28, 2013

I know its almost impossible for non-astrologers to make sense of the circular geometries we’re always babbling about, so let’s draw some pictures.  Here’s the Mjolnir to the Pallas-Uranus Initiation that’s going on just about … now.


A Mjolnir or Vajra or Hammer of Thor or Thunderbolt (the purple and red lines) is composed of an Apex planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are three Signs apart (Square – the red line).  The purple lines are the Eighth-Harmonic Angles, or Sesquisquares, connecting planets that are four-and-a-half Signs, or a Square-and-a-half, apart.  A Sesquisquare signifies Realignment, Coming into Balance, and the Mjolnir implies an Epiphany.   Either shakes up the status quo, and one will probably initially experience that as Disruption, and only later as Growth in Consciousness.  We’re deep in a very personal Mjolnir right now – do you concur?

You can compare the Mjolnir to the narrower Yod (the green and blue lines), which is an Apex planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are two Signs apart (Sextile, the blue line) – or two Quincunxes to the same Apex planet.  A Quincunx (the green lines) is formed by two planets that are five Signs apart.  The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity, and the Yod opens a door to new perceptions that can bring previously unrelated phenomena into relationship.  That of course can mean that there is initial Confusion over apparently mismatched Energies, but as we know Confusion is the first step in Growth of Consciousness.  The Quincunx and Yod are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles and Configurations, and the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking.

A T-Square is, like a Yod and Mjolnir, a triangle, but wider than the Mjolnir.  It’s formed by two planets in Opposition or six Signs apart, with a third planet at their Midpoint.  The third planet Squares both of the other planets.  Like the red lines in this picture…


Which is a picture of a Diamond Star – which occurs when a T-Square and a Yod share the same Apex planet.  You can see the “Bowl of Grace” (the blue lines, Sextiles and Trines) under the T-Square.  A T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge – it’s not a problem to be solved, but an adventure to be lived.  T-Squares are enormously frustrating as long as we strive to succeed at solving the dilemma they present.  And enormously rewarding when we realize that a T-Square is a graduate seminar in exploring all facets of an issue.  When we become Curious about what plot twists our T-Square Hero’s Journey will produce next (which Curiosity can be provoked by the Quincunxes), and are willing to expand our perspectives (as the Yod invites us to do), the result is the Bowl of Grace that resolves the T-Square.

You can also see the Pentagram, or five-pointed Star, symbolizing Manifestation.  The Triple Yod below also shows off a Pentagram – there are Yods pointing at the Apex of this Configuration, and Yods pointing at each of the feet.  I’ve never seen this Configuration named.  Since it looks to me like a big electric transmission tower, I’ve called it an Energy Star, but if you called it a Bat Star or a Standing Grizzly Star instead, I can see why!


While the Energy Star might be less of a Hero’s Journey than the Diamond Star, it’s got more than enough Grace (blue) and Curiosity (green) to ameliorate the Challenges (red) and inspire us to great enthusiasm.

This next and last picture shows two Golden Yods or Quintile Yods (the orange lines) – a Golden Yod Configuration is composed of a planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are Quintile to one another.  A Quintile is one fifth of the way ’round the Zodiac, the Fifth Harmonic.  The longer orange lines are Biquintiles – two fifths of the way ’round.


The Fifth Harmonic is about Teaching and Learning.  As with a Quincunx Yod, the planet at the Apex of the Golden Yod is probably not harmonious with the planets at the base – for instance, Aries and Gemini and Leo are Dynamic, while Scorpio and Capricorn are Magnetic.  So a Golden Yod will Teach us about harmonizing contrasts like a Quincunx Yod does – and provide us with a deep skill to Teach others.

Now these two Golden Yods are occurring as we speak, so it may behoove us to have a look at the planets involved – one has Juno at the Apex with Moon and Vesta-Jupiter for feet, and the other has Saturn at the Apex with Pallas-Uranus and Lilith-Ceres at the Base.

For the first we could say that our Emotional response (Moon) to the ongoing Expansion (Jupiter) of our Heart-connection to ourselves (Vesta) is making a profound shift in our Unconscious Identity (Juno).  I can vouch for that, though I was “blaming” other factors and not appreciating the gift!  Remember that both Vesta and Jupiter are Stationary (Strong)!

And for the second we could propose that our budding willingness to stand up for (Pallas) our True Self (Uranus: Pallas is Conjoining Uranus as we speak!) is combining with a process that is giving our Inner Feminine (Lilith) more Power to Sustain us (Ceres), and as these two Energies converge it will be easier for us to Focus (Saturn) on finding the perfect role for ourselves in the New Paradigm.

Here’s an outstanding epic ballad by Kelley Hunter on exactly this subject…