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Duration and Revelations

July 13, 2017

Duration is a funny concept.  It’s not about Beginnings or Endings, but being the space between them it has a lot to say about Beginnings and Endings.  Asteroid Lachesis is about Durations, and it’s Lit Up (Stationary) until 18 July, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of things about Beginnings and Endings are coming up in your neighborhood, like they are in mine. 

Dwarf planet Eris is about Revealing what’s been Denied, and it too is Lit up (Stationary) until 20 July.  So we can Expect to see new Truths Revealed around Beginnings and Endings over the next week, just as we can Expect to see a lot of Changes in how we handle what we don’t like to Talk about, things we Start Talking about and things we Stop Talking about.

We’ll be writing more about all this very soon.

Collective Narcissism

July 9, 2017

Here’s a thought-provoking post…

Those of us who aspire to some form of Enlightenment or Ascension or just…

“…sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice”

are certainly as vulnerable to Collective Narcissism as anyone. 

We always need to remember that the rest of Us aren’t Less Than, just Other Than.  Ultra Eric mentions Nationalism as just one of many avenues to Collective Narcissism, but it’s a favorite for Warmongers of all stripes (who are obviously Inferior to us).  One of the defining characteristics of this Century was established on the eve of 1/1/2000, when Pluto Initiated Chiron at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an eagle, the eagle into a chanticleer saluting the dawn.” 

A Flag is the symbol of Nationalism, and a good candidate to symbolize any other sort of Collective Narcissism.  Chanticleer is a fancy name for Rooster (who does deserve a fancy name, whether they’re part of our own Collective or not).  And Eagle represents Perspective, as in…

“Once, while sailing on thermals, a mountain eagle saw a lovely shiny object far below, but as he swooped down to inspect it, it lost is luster and he lost track of it.  He spiraled up again, and was watching the ground for movement when he spied that shimmer again.  This time, he found several objects to home in on se he wouldn’t lose the beautiful object, but once again he failed to see it when he swooped low.  He left off searching for the object, but kept it in his thoughts all night long. 

“At dawn’s earliest light, he was up in the sky again, searching.  He knew now that he would need help finding the object, but he didn’t know whose aid to enlist.  The crows and other birds always drove him away.  The rabbits, shrews, and mice were his prey.  The coyotes, wolves and large cats were his equals, but too busy with their own work.  As he thought through the list of possible friends, he realize there were none, and he felt sad.

“At that moment, the shiny object caught his eye once more.  The eagle settled on a high limb and watched the object all day.  Occasionally it wouldn’t shine, but as the sun found it again, it would bloom forth in brilliant lavender color.  By and by, through the forest came a child wandering aimlessly.  It came into the clearing and suddenly looked frightened.  The eagle watched, and came to realize the child was lost.

” ‘Ho there,’ he called to the child.  The child searched the sky for the voice, and saw only the beautiful eagle on a bare fir tree branch.  ‘Ho,’ the eagle lifted his wings in greeting.  The child was tired and too frightened to speak.  The eagle spoke lovingly to the child, and learned that he had wandered too far to return home by sunset.  They agreed the child would sleep at the base of the tree, and the eagle would watch through the night.  The eagle saw many things – bats and owls and bobcats – but not one came close to the tree.

“In the morning, the child found berries, and drank from a stream.  Just as he and the eagle were setting off to find his home, which the eagle could see on the horizon, the child realized he could not thank the eagle enough for being so kind and being his friend.  Just then, the eagle realized his friend had come to him, and he asked the boy to retrieve the lavender rock.  The boy did so, and instantaneously, the boy and the eagle were in the air, flying toward his home.”

–Collen Marquist & Jack Frasl, Crystalline Communion 2000, pp.102-3

This is how Collen introduces Muscovite, a Potassium Aluminum Fluoride Mica that, as Collen says (p.103)…

“…aids in raising [your] vibratory pattern… so that the higher self can be contacted…  Muscovite’s molecular structure… has a vacancy [that] allows [one’s Ego] to get out of the way in order to receive guidance and support.  It helps to highlight how self-sabotage is operating, and how to initiate behaviors which will result in resolution and solution of problems or challenges.  It aids in recognizing friends and placing trust in them.”

Jerry Garcia’s ashes were scattered in the Ganges on the day of a Total Solar Eclipse in 1996.

Now Till The End

July 9, 2017

While unexpected events have a way of popping up, we should get this next week “off” from Heavy astrogigs. 

The week after that we’re back to Challenges to our Yintegrity, as Lachesis (Duration) and Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) are both Stationary, on the 18th and 20th respectively.  We’ll be carefully weighing everything in our Lives that doesn’t work (ie, that’s still Unconscious) and everything in our Lives that needs to be Accepted or Spoken (Conscious but still Unresolved), to see if their Time has run out.  Both Stations Reignite the 24-25-Degree zone that the Haumea Station Lit Up, which we wrote up in 4 July XI – Final Rebirth (  The Stations are separated by one Sign, which forms a Twelfth-Harmonic Angle – more Pattern-Breaking.

The New Moon on the 23rd is very busy, Challenging us to Accept whatever Ego Deaths are necessary for us to Fully Open to the Life Force and allow our True Self to be Free to Express itself Confidently, moment to moment.  The New Moon is Merged with (Conjoining) Truth (Veritas), the Life Force (Varuna), and Action (Mars) in the first Degree of Leo, Inviting (Opposing) Ego Death (Nemesis), all Challenged (T-Squared) by our Soul Self (Uranus).  There are Blessings as well (Trine Bridges to Chiron and Hopi-Makemake, and Varuna enters Leo on the 24th).

Then for the rest of July our Urge to Yintegrity is Strong, as Uranus is Stationary on 2 August in 29 Aries, the same Degree Zone as the previous New Moon.  We speak of “Degrees Zones” because the Energies trigger one another – the previous New Moon at 1 Leo is Square to the Uranus Station within two Degrees, and the following New Moon Eclipse is Trine to the Uranus Station within half a Degree.  We wrote about this Cuspal Degree Zone in 4 July X – Victimhood (  Mercury is Retrograde from 12 August through 4 September.

Then comes the Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August, in 29 Leo, the same Degree Zone as the preceding New Moon and Uranus Station.  That Degree is the Culmination of the Ego.  Celebrate it well, as a Descent of Inanna follows (that is, Virgo; see Starhawk’s Truth or Dare for the HerStory of Inanna).  During the Eclipse The Most Important Thing (Saturn), the Edges of Consciousness (Juno), and Fear (Sedna) are all Strongly Lit Up (Stationary: Saturn 24 August at 22 Sagittarius, Juno 26 August at 3 Capricorn, and Sedna 27 August at 27 Taurus).

Some folks seem to be making hay with dire predictions, and this Eclipse is likely to herald more Big Transitions.  As with any Big Change, there could well be temporary Pain, but the astrology signals overwhelmingly Positive Outcomes.  We’ll take advantage of the “Time off” to write about the Eclipse over the next several days.


July 9, 2017

Everybody feeling their Infancy?  I know, Rebirth doesn’t happen on all levels for all people in all Times, and many of us are probably colicky.  I’m confidant that we’ve all stepped out of one Archetypal costume or several forever, but I don’t expect we’re all ready yet to just go around without our diaper all the time.  My three favorite Arcturian Channels all have great essays today on shedding our remaining disguises…

I recommend them all, in that order.  Marilyn (onenessofall) has a fabulous review of the nature of Karma.  A few clippings…

“You are being faced with a choice; ‘Do I really believe what I know of truth or do I not?  Based on images and news, I should be afraid, but based on the truth I know within, why should I react to the outer scene if it is illusion?  There is, never has been, nor ever can be real death.’  These words will sound shocking to some, but need to be considered by anyone serious about their spiritual evolution.”

“Powerful and sacred energies are being experienced on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, serving to draw all who are ready towards awakening into self empowerment.  Those who thrive on the ignorance of others, do not like this, and so continue to broadcast and promote the illusion.”

“In order to bring resolution to certain deeply embedded old energies, a soul will frequently choose to be born into a family that reflects the issue.  This serves to activate it, not allowing the individual to ignore or bury it deeply as they have done in previous lifetimes. … Karmic connections can be cleared when only one person is willing, both are not needed.”

She covers a lot more, including how to Clear Karmic Chords.

From Daniel…

The energies you are now receiving are meant to release you from the bondage of your relationship to your past.  We are not just talking about your past in this lifetime, or even your past lives.  We are talking about your past as a human collective.  Everything that you’ve experienced as a collective up until now plays a role in how you perceive yourselves and in what you believe you are capable of.”

And from Suzanne…

We, your Galactic Family, are aware that your ‘time’ in the third/fourth dimensions of reality has made most of you ‘addicted’ to sequence, as well as change occurring within a somewhat orderly and very sequential, time-bound manner.  As more and more of you are becoming aware, ‘time’ is no longer orderly, nor does it necessarily proceed within a sequential format. 

“In fact, your reality will begin to harbor more than one version of ‘time’ within the same NOW.  You have been somewhat prepared for that shift by the many different time zones that have different concepts of ‘time’ as one travels around the planet.  However, what will gradually, or quickly, occur, depending on the open mindedness … of each person, is that ‘time’ will appear to shift without any travel at all.”

“Gaia is not going wait any longer for humanity to awaken.  ALL of Gaia’s body, from the smallest atom to the largest mountain peak, is eagerly accepting the fifth dimensional resonance that is frightening to so many humans.  Why are humans frightened by this shift when all the members of Gaia’s Nature embrace it?  The answer is that Nature has NO desire to experience ‘power over others.’  Yes, the larger often ‘eat’ the smaller, or take their territory and fight over territories and/or mates. 

“However, Nature Beings do not even consider that they can dominate the planet, as humanity has been trying to do for eons.  Nature Beings realize … that all life on the planet is a Part Of the Planet.  If you separate a tree from the planet’s earth, Gaia’s earth suffers as much as the tree.”

It is this immediate and worldwide dispensation of information around the entire planet that is slowly, far too slowly, awakening the Power Within Humans.  Whether or not humanity listens, cares about, or shares this information is not as important as the fact that the information is available to … discover.  Yes, the more primitive cultures may not get that ‘memo from the Internet.’  However, the so-called ‘primitive cultures’ have always listened to … Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Hence, just as ‘modern humanity’ must learn to ‘listen to Gaia,’ they must also learn to ‘listen to the primitive humans.’ ”

It is the people who can ‘communicate with Gaia’ that will be the leaders, and the people that can ‘make more money’ will be lost in a reality in which ‘money’ has no purpose … because ‘money’ is a third dimensional concept that was created by third dimensional humans who could not find the true value within their own Hearts and Souls.  The ‘primitive tribes’ … divided up the crops and/or the fish so that every member of their tribe would receive the amount that they needed.  This division was not based on who caught the fish or grew the crops, as that was the mission of certain members of the tribe.”

Suzanne also has more to say.  If anyone is new to the terms “Power Over” and “Power With” or “Power Within,” I recommend Starhawk’s Power 101 textbook, Truth or Dare.

Pluto Full Moon

July 8, 2017

Jealous for Attention, Pluto inches its way toward the 20-30-Degree zone that’s been so Prominent for the last while.  As the designated illuminator, the Full Moon obliges, crossing Pluto two hours after it Opposes the Sun.  The Full Moon occurs at 9pm PDT on 8 July.  A Pluto Full Moon is likely to be Intense.  Whatever we’ve been trying to suppress itches to come forth, and we’re out of Calamine.  Actually, Seaberry Oil works better than Calamine, but it’s still not as strong as Pluto.

This itch is Bigger than it otherwise would be, because Jupiter (Bloating) makes a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) across the Full Moon…

Of course we’re likely to Experience the Challenge before (if ever) we Realize the Mastery, and the Challenge will be Overwhelm.  We are, after all, Newborns, so hitting us with a Big Challenge to suddenly Channel tons of Energy may not feel fair.  But it’s what we’re Here for, and there are plenty of Blessings to go with it, so Bring It On.

Look at all those blue lines (Blessings)!  Someone took the “Bowl of Grace” under those recent Diamond Stars, and turned it over, dumping the Blessings all over the place.  The blue Truss Bridge across the top of the Full Moon Opposition is built from Self-Love (Sappho) and Inertia (asteroid Karma), suggesting that Pluto will be torpedoing our Self-Sabotaging Habits, which is Great, though it’s likely to be Disorienting – another Challenge.  Being forewarned, we can look forward to the Liberation.

There’s also a Neptune Trine Bridge across the bottom of the Full Moon Opposition.  Neptune represents anything and everything that’s larger than our Self-Concept, including Culture, Godhead, and Goddessheart.  The useful characteristic of Neptune is that it represents Confusion when seeing the World through Material eyes, but Clarity when we use Spiritual eyes.  The impact here is that when we’re threatened with Jovian Overwhelm, switching to the Spiritual Viewpoint will provide us the Perspective we need to remain Grounded.  That is, not “What’s Happening,” but “Where am I Going, and how does being Here help me get there?”

And Self-Love (Sappho) Connects to both Life Energy (the Sun) and the Universe (Neptune) in the Big Blue Triangle (Grand Trine or three planets equally spaced), which symbolizes Dumb-Luck Grace – the Universe will Cooperate Fully as long as we stay in Self-Love.  When it doesn’t, check to see where the Balance point is between your Ego and your Self-Love; Narcissism ain’t Self-Love.  We don’t even need to Ask for the Grace, though we may Want to use Asking or other PIAVAs to direct the Grace into the places we want it most.  That should work as long as Self-Love predominates.

And Lo, the Truss Bridge, the Neptune Bridge, and the Grand Trine combine to make five sixths of a Grand Sextile!  We’ve just been studying those, haven’t we.  When we have a Vacancy in what would otherwise be a Major Configuration, the Vacancy Rules the show, and We have to provide the Vacant Energy Consciously in order for the Wheel to turn and Release its Fortune.  What Energy Here?  The Vacancy is Taurus 17, “A battle between Swords and Torches.”  Sword symbolizes Mind, while Torch – Fire – symbolizes Spirit.  Eschewing battle (ie, Given a Dimension, Choosing a Direction), what do we Aspire to instead? 


So here’s a third Challenge – to Balance Mind and Spirit.  Or, we could say, Mind and Heart.

Notice too that there’s also a network of lighter lines in the chart, Connecting planets in the Full-Moon Degree that are in independent Configurations.  The most Powerful of these is the red box with inscribed red X, which we call a Grand Cross.  A Grand Cross means Work, but if there are blue lines to any of the corners, it means Easier Work – we could even Enjoy it.  And Yes, there are blue lines to all four of the corners!  The Work is about combining Old Habits (asteroid Karma), Intuition (Asbolus), Confusion (Neptune), and Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) into something desirable.  Those are the Dimensions; what about the Directions?

Well, we get to Choose those, so why not See Through Old Habits, Improve our Trust in our Intuition, Embrace our Confusion without Intellectualizing it – Balancing Mind and Spirit, eh? – and Support our Self-Sovereignty.  That would make an excellent PIAVA – maybe something like “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Learn to Lovingly and Gently Choose Alternatives to Old Habits that don’t Serve me or my Planet, Trust my Intuition more, Enjoy the state of Confusion, and Trust mySelf Fully.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done!  Thank you God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is!  Show me!”  That’s pretty Blissful.

And the blue Blessings?  The biggest one is the big blue Golden Rectangle (Golden because the ratio of the long sides to the short sides is the Golden Angle Φ – which symbolizes Cooperation with Nature).  That would be about Resolving the Dualities between Old Habits (Karma) and Confusion (Neptune), and between Free Choice (the Sun) and Pressure to Act a certain way (Moon-Pluto).  Anybody here still have Difficulty Resolving Dualities?  I know we all get Stuck on specific heritage issues at times, till we Remember that we’re in Either/Or and just step out of it into Both/And.

Then there’s the Major Tricolor (three planets three, four, and five Signs apart) between Asbolus, Neptune, and Jupiter.  We read this as The way to settle Ambiguity about an Intuition is to Wonder how we might Expand our Perspective – and then of course, as with any PIAVA, Change the Subject and Pay Attention.  This is an important part of Learning to Trust our Intuition.  Finally, there’s one Finger of God (a third planet at the Far Midpoint of two planets in Sextile, or, the green wedge), pointing at Asbolus from Sappho and Moon-Pluto.  Which says that Pluto isn’t going to let us Forget to Embrace the Truth of our Intuition.

4 July XI – Final Rebirth

July 6, 2017

The final Act in the 4 July play is the Station of Haumea (Rebirth) at 9:30 pm PDT 6 July, and it’s a Boon.  Its chart features a glorious Grand Sextile (Great Grace; the blue hexagram of six evenly spaced planets, containing within it two Grand Trines and three Golden Rectangles) and two Diamond Stars (Challenge made Easier; a T-Square [red triangles], and a Finger of God [green wedges], focusing on the same planet)…

The Diamond Stars are a little hard to distinguish, so I’ve drawn them separately, the Mars-Veritas Diamond Star in heavy lines and the Lachesis Diamond Star in lighter lines…

So what does it all mean?  That our Rebirth is awash in Blessings.  Let’s look at the pieces…

The Mars-Veritas Diamond Star means basically that the Truth will Out

  • A Mars-Veritas Cardinal T-Square says you can’t hide who you Really Are any more; what you Create will Out you.  The base of the T-Square consists of the Rebirth itself (the Haumea Station) and the Revelation of what’s been Denied (Eris).  Here’s a Scary example, but a good example of how the disguises are finished…

  • The Grace: All-Healing (Panacea), and Reparenting of our Forbidden Genius (Mother Moon and Father Saturn Conjoining Badboy Ixion).
  • The PIAVAs in the Mars-Veritas Finger of God are on the order of “Great Spirit, please show me how I can Best Support Reparenting my Genius” (Mars-Veritas Quincunx Moon-Saturn-Ixion) and “Ganeshi, please Heal All Hesitation to Speak and Act my Truth while keeping me Safe” (Panacea Quincunx Mars-Veritas).

The Lachesis Diamond Star says that Time Has Run Out for many things… 

  • The base of the Mutable T-Square (context of the Challenge) is about that Change involving Reparenting of our Forbidden Genius, and Limits (Chaos).  That is, we’re done with Limitations, including Limits – Self-Imposed or Otherwise – on our Unique Personal Genius.  No more Holding Back. 
  • The Grace is our Rebirth and our Trust that our Unconscious Beliefs are being reprogrammed to Support our Raison d’Être (Eurydike-Vesta-North Node).
  • The PIAVAs in the Lachesis Finger of God are something like “I Wonder how I can help make this Rebirth as Comprehensive as Possible” (Lachesis Quincunx Haumea) and “God/Goddess, I Trust that your Reorganization of my Unconscious Beliefs will Serve Me and You and the Planet Fabulously” ().

The Grand Sextile means that its six elements collaborate very efficiently.  We may have to take some Action to Initiate things, but once we do, Grace flows.  In many cases – the Grand Trines – Initiatory Action isn’t even necessary…

  • The Air (Mentality) Grand Trine consists of Effortless Collaboration between our Rebirth (the Haumea Station), Healing (asteroid Panacea), and Limitlessness (dwarf planet Chaos)
  • The Fire (Spirit) Grand Trine involves Easy Grace between Naming Truth (Eris), Reparenting the Soul of our Genius (Moon-Saturn-Ixion), and Honoring the Trustworthiness of our Path (Eurydike-Vesta-North Node)

The places where we can lend our Ego Strength to the Effort are the six Sextiles…

  • Abolishing Self-Criticsm (Rebirthing Trust in our Path; Haumea Sextile Eurydike-Vesta-North Node)
  • Dealing Constructively with Fear (eg Tapping, Theta) when we are called to Stretch beyond our Comfort Zone (Eurydike-Vesta-North Node Sextile Chaos)
  • Letting the Consequences of Truth Stand without soft-pedaling them or Protecting anyone (Chaos Sextile Eris)
  • Intending that our Habits that Lack Candor be Healed (Eris Sextile Panacea)
  • Praying that the historical Wounds Suffered upon our Genius be Miraculously and Instantaneously Healed (Panacea Sextile Moon-Saturn-Ixion)
  • Celebrating the Rebirth of our Hidden Genius (Moon-Saturn-Ixion Sextile Haumea)

Have a Care not to cut anyone with that jagged broken Champagne bottle, and Enjoy the Journey!

4 July X – Victimhood

July 4, 2017

In his blog post on Power versus Force…

my friend Isaac George points out that I’ve missed a Station of Chiron on 1 July, at 12am PDT.  That’s a big omission, as Chiron is all about Letting Go of our Victimhood and Accepting our Power, the whole concept of which is central to the Sedna-Moon-Nodes Drama that we’re in the middle of.  The Chiron Station Sextiled Sedna, which was about to Initiate Venus.

Not only that, but the Chiron Station makes its own Grand Cross, Opposing Hopi-Makemake (Manifesting Respect for All Things) while Squaring Ceres (Sustainability) and Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center (Becoming Fully Responsible to our Survival Instincts).  Today’s news is full of how the US Environmental Pillage Agency is rapidly Manifesting Respect for All Profits rather than promoting Sustainable Responsibility to Survival, bringing Unhealable Wounds to everyone who can’t afford Affluenza. 

The Unconscious, which is what astrology reads, is Direction-neutral.  It shows the Dimensions of Energy (Survival) but not the Direction of it (Survival for the People OR for the Lizards).  Isaac links to an interesting article about How Power Corrupts…

The good news is that the Lizard-in-Chief hasn’t fully Corrupted the Courts yet, so some of the Pillage is already being Averted, though that may prove temporary.

As Dan & the Arcturians have pointed out (…

“What is necessary for you to bring yourselves to the higher self version is that you accept who you have been in all of your previous lifetimes, and even in your past in this lifetime.  When you encounter other individuals in your life who display traits and behavior that you despise, realize that you are face to face with one of these aspects of you.”

So yes, certainly, who among us would cast the third Stone (the EPA and astrobuss having already cast the first two).  I’m sure most all of us have Parallel Lives where we bask in our Competitive Success, and hopefully all of us have Parts of our Current Lives where we can Celebrate some measure of Competitive Success, ideally without making Loss of Empathy a Sustainable element of our Persona – “Leaving our crown in the garage,” as the Atlantic article suggests. 

In the context of our overarching Sedna-Moon-Nodes Energy, how do I, in the Present Moment, as a thrower of Stones, bask in Competitive Success, or Strive toward it, or Do I Indulge the Fear of Not Doing So?  Having been raised in the Patriarchy, when my Identity dial is tuned to Al-one rather than to All-One, do I Live in a “Compete or Die” World?  Of course I do.  And when I tune to or Imagine my All-One Identity, what is my Emotional Response?  Yes, Fear.  I have no Expectation that the World will shelter and feed me when I can’t “Feed myself” – not because of any hardcore “Frontier” mentality, but simply because of Lack of Trust.

This Crisis of Trust is actually a positive process, which we’ll get to when we consider the final stage of our 4 July Rebirth, the Haumea Station.  So when we reduce the issue to the staple of our Chiron toolchest, we end up with “You Poor Sweetheart, you don’t Trust Hupers, do you.  Do you want to talk about it?”  The Response is non-verbal, but over my left shoulder I can clearly see my terrified historical Child trembling in Fear.  That Unconscious Fear is what contributes to an outer World that Abandons the People (Us) to Cake for the Lizards.

Which brings us to another feature of the Chiron-Station chart – it contains an impending Nessus-Orcus Opposition, which was Complete at 11am PDT on 2 July.  What are the natures of the Oaths (Orcus) we Live Under that spring from Abuse and Privilege (Nessus)?  The Opposition is from Pisces (Letting Go of Emotional Baggage) to Virgo (Letting Go of Obsolete Ego Structures).  The 240-year Nessus-Orcus Cycle is about Swearing Obeisance to People or Ideals that we regard as Superior to our Identity, Deciding between yielding to Abuse or Suffering Threats to our Existence, Vowing Revenge upon our Abusers, Concluding that we must Compete (thereby Intending to Suffer Abuse upon the Losers) to Survive, and similar verbalizations and intellectualizations that get Frozen into Limiting Beliefs.

This particular Nessus-Orcus Cycle, which at Opposition is at its Flowering, was Initiated in 1982 at 4 Leo, “A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition.”  Whoa, Colonialism writ large, which we can Choose to Interpret Optimistically as the Downfall of Colonialism – our accumulated Choices contribute to the Directionality of the Energy – and by 1982 formal European Colonialism was well into its demise. 

We could Interpret the current cycle as Nostalgia for Colonialism.   Britain, the clear Winner in the Colonial Competition (and a Competition it very definitely was), is in the middle of a very messy divorce from its semi-merger with Continental Europe, largely because of uncontrolled immigration of, among others, former Colonial subjects.  The Patriarchy itself is a form of domestic Colonialism.  A Cycle goes into serious decline after it reaches its Phitile (222.5 Degrees), but that doesn’t occur until sometime in the next Century.

The Sedna-Venus Initiation, with occurred 1 July at 2pm PDT, was at 27 Taurus, “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passers-by.”  Rudhyar, a product of Colonial northern Europe, misinterprets this as “Peaceful adaptation to collective needs,” which is hardly the case.  The image is a picture of Desperation driven by Genocide and probably Hunger, to Betray the Heritage of the Collective.  “Artifacts” are bottom-line important to the Native Perspective, as they represent Connection to the Ancestors, whose continuing Support is all-important to Survival in the Present.

The Venus-Sedna Cycle in general would be about how Fear inspires our Values, and an invitation to base our Values on a firmer foundation.  We could say “When you encounter other individuals in your life who display traits and behavior that [violate your Values], realize that you are face to face with one of these aspects of you.”  Less black-and-white than Morals, and more so than our Preferences, our Values are still Either/Ors.  It’s Both/Ands that “bring [us] to the higher… version” of ourself.

When we draw the chart, you can see the strong emphasis on the Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center Diamond Star (a T-Square and a Yod pointing to the same place).  A Diamond Star indicates an otherwise Challenging situation made Easier by the “bowl of Grace” (the blue lines) under the T-Square.  The Challenge is that our Survival (Pholus-Quaoar) is Inhibited by Unhealed Wounds (Chiron) and failure to Respect All Things (Hopi-Makemake).  The Grace flows through Examining our Fears (Venus-Sedna) and through Seeking and Allowing an End to Limitations on the Life Force (Atropos-Varuna).

4 July IX – Love Is All There Is II

July 2, 2017

You may have noticed that the Sappho-Klotho Stations and the Sedna-Moon-Nodes 4 July Adventure are fifteen Degrees or half a Sign apart.  While fifteen Degrees is the 24th Harmonic, too big to fit in the Major Arcana, a Sign and a half is an Octile, and four and a half Signs (135 Degrees) is a Trioctile.  Octiles are about Adjustment or Rebalancing, and Trioctiles are about Adjustments that promote Love with Wisdom.

And more importantly, two Trioctiles to the same planet produce a Mjölnir, symbol of Lightning or Illumination.  With lots of planets in both the 24-30-Degree Sedna Complex chart and the 8-18-Degree Sappho-Klotho chart, there may be Mjölnirs lurking…And lo, there are four.  A Mjölnir is formed when a third planet sits at the Far Midpoint between two planets that Square one another.  The third planet offers Insights into the Challenges presented by the Square.  For instance…

  • We may gain Insight into how Self-Love Allows us to make a Permanent Habit out of Embracing our Pain – by Poor-Sweethearting perhaps (Sappho-Klotho Informs Ceres Square Chiron)
  • How can we keep our mind from Wandering, or Avoid Accepting Victim Status, when someone Attempts to Power-Over us and we aren’t sure how to Speak Up Effectively?  Maybe by evaluating our Options – none of which are Promising – to see which one Diminishes our Life Force the least? (Mercury-Varuna Informs Lilith Square Neptune)
  • We all have loads of Giving-Away-Our-Power Habits.  How can we turn those around?  Maybe by looking at the World through the lens of our Yintegrity (Uranus Informs Karma Square Lilith)
  • How can we Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs?  Following Daniel Scranton’s recommendations at is one way (the South Node Informs Sun Square Jupiter)

4 July IX – Love Is All There Is

July 2, 2017

Earlier in the year we Experienced a Paradox School (Yin Gate) between Fear (dwarf planet Sedna) and Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and a Paradox School between Fear and Rebirth (asteroid Klotho).  We wrote about that at the time; for instance…

Now Self-Love and Rebirth are Lit Up Strongly again, but in a very different way – both Sappho and Klotho are Stationary (Strong) at the same time, namely just as we’re diving into this Sedna-Moon-Nodes (Fear-Instinct-Karma) 4 July Adventure.  Klotho’s namesake was the first of the three Fates.  She was in charge of “cutting the cloth” from which a new Lifetime was sewn.  Dwarf planet Haumea’s namesake was Pele’s daughter, a Fertility Goddess.  She also signifies Rebirth, and she also is Stationary during our 4 July Adventure.

So, as we’ve been detailing over the last many posts, while the Sedna-Nodes T-Square and the Sedna-Moon-Nodes Grand Cross will present many Big Challenges, they’re part and parcel of a process of being Reborn into greater Self-Love.  The Sappho and Klotho Stations are only four Degrees and less than a day apart, which is more than enough to consider them simultaneous.  Their Day in the Sun looks like this…

There’s a lot going on here, but it doesn’t fall into a single coherent Configuration.  Some of the more important elements of this version of the 4 July chart…

  • The Rebirth Adventure is about Reaching Deep, thoroughly Embracing whatever or whomever you find there, and using its Energy to propel yourself Up and Out of your Least Favorite Emotions (the Stations occur at the Midpoint of Scorpio, across the Pisces-Aries Duads)
  • Expect a lot of Emotion, though it will probably feel more like Letting Go than Bogging Down (Sappho-Klotho makes a Water Grand Trine with Sun and Neptune)
  • Make a Decision now that if you begin to Doubt yourself, you’ll double down with Self-Love.  Remember that Confusion is exactly what you Want here, as the first sign of Growth.  When you encounter Confusion, switch from the Material Perspective to the Spiritual (the Karma-Neptune and Sun-Juno/Chariklo Oppositions make a Golden Rectangle)
    • Rather than try to Understand what’s going on, or to Control it, Let Go and Let God/Goddess handle it (Sappho-Klotho makes a “cap” on one of the long sides of the Golden Rectangle)
  • If it Feels like you’re being propelled Too Far Out, Know that you’re Safe, and Enjoy the View (a Jupiter T-Square sits across the Sun-Juno/Chariklo Opposition)
  • Whatever Gender you Identify with in the Current Lifetime, this is about Accepting the Power of your Inner Female (asteroid Karma, Asbolus, Neptune, and Lilith form a Mutable Grand Cross)
    • The means especially your Intuition and Self-Sovereignty; Woe to anyone who tries to boss you around (Jupiter Trine-Bridges the Asbolus-Lilith Opposition)
    • The Intuition part is especially Important (Asbolus is the focus of a Finger of God on the Sextile between Sappho-Klotho and Juno-Chariklo)
  • If you find yourself in Unknown Territory and it makes you Anxious, or if you Know the Territory all too well and Hate It, Ask the Great Spirit to find or make you a Safe Space where you can go inside and Lovingly look to see what you’re Feeling where.  Whatever it is, Love it to Death.  Don’t fall for any Disease or Injury to take your Attention off your Experience (Sappho-Klotho Trine-Bridges both the Jupiter T-Square and the Karma-Neptune Opposition)

4 July VII – Solar Return and PIAVA

July 1, 2017

A reader writes…

“Is it (a) coincidence, (b) deeply meaningful or (c) a wash that my birthday is July 3?  Do you put stock in solar returns?

“I do feel like I underwent resurrection without dying when I left the my old job forever on Sept 4, 2014, yet I was in some sort of bardo until recently, when energy returned at last.  It has felt like a next life beginning in this life with no need to leave the body.  Is this birthday takeoff time? :)

“Many thanks for all your perceptions and encouragement.”

(b), Yes, Yes, and Thanks for the kind words!  I.e., absolutely Deeply Meaningful and Takeoff Time!!  And yes, I do Solar Returns and find them useful and meaningful. 

It varies with the Person, but in general I’d say that anybody with a Birthday between about June 23 and July 8 will either Take Off or Get Stuck in their Held Emotions as a correlate of the 4 July events, along with anybody who has any natal planets (especially Moon or Nodes) in 20-27 Degrees (the Haumea Station), in 23-30 Degrees (Sedna-Moon-Nodes), or in 7-18 Degrees (the Klotho and Sappho Stations) of any Sign

That would mean anybody with a Birthday between roughly the 10th and 21st, or 27th and 7th, of any month.  That would omit only about a third of us.  And that’s just a three-Degree Sensitivity window; it would be easy to justify a bigger window.  And can you Imagine anyone not having any planets in 7-18 or 20-30 Degrees?  And that’s only considering the Major Angles.  In other words, Everybody.  But you’re absolutely right, especially folks with birthdays in the last week of June or the first week of July.  You and your fellow Sun-in-the-Leo-through-Capricorn-duads-of-Cancer will Lead the rest of us out of the Wilderness.  We will welcome your Guest Blogs.

A duad is two and a half Degrees.  In Cancer we start with the Cancer duad, then Leo, etc ’round the loop till we get to the Gemini duad at 27.5-30 Degrees.  So June 23-July 8 corresponds to roughly Sun in the Leo duad (2.5-5 Degrees) through Sun in the Capricorn duad (15-17.5 Degrees).

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The format of this blog makes comments fairly difficult to follow, so when comments or answers seem like they might be useful to everyone, I like to repeat them in a post.

Reader K says, about 4 July VII – Sedna in Real Time III and PIAVA

“This is precious.  I’ve read them [the PIAVA posts] all and literally feel how they feed my soul.  Very grateful.  The hard work is still to be done.”

Thanks, K!  Start with PIAVAing that “My Life Gets Very Easy Now That I Remember to Let God/Goddess Do the Work by PIAVAing about Everything” or something like that, then add “…Rapidly and Completely and Lovingly and Gently!” to every PIAVA.  You’ll be surprised and delighted!  Like having two cats in the yard…

Everything we Believe we Aren’t in a particular moment, resides in the Unconscious.  So if I Self-Identify as an astrologer, then my janitor and my lorry driver and my insurance saleswoman and my prime minister are Out There in the Not-Me.  If I’m Self-Identified with my Shame, then my Confidence and Presence and Groundedness are Out There.  If I Self-Identify with my Woundedness, then my Healing is waiting for me Out There.  Waiting to be Called, actually.  You are always Whole and In Balance, but your Consciousness can easily get Out Of Balance – and what Balances the Whole You is parked and idling in the Unconscious, your name on the keys in the ignition.

Logic is a house of cards that stands or falls on the Assumptions we start with, which are usually Unstated or Unconscious.  If we start with the Assumption that We Are All One, which is one of several “Truths” that the Traditional Wisdom offers (along with All There Is Is Now and All There Is Is Love and I Am That I Am), then Spiritual Logic tells us that Everything We At The Moment Aren’t, resides in the Unconscious.  Among that very large crowd is someone or something, usually very plural, that Knows How and is Willing to Do or Feel or Be that which we in the Moment don’t know how to Do or Feel or Be.  So when I PIAVA, all I’m doing is Connecting via the back door to The Rest Of The Bigger Me.

Just like it’s a sign of Respect to refer to a Person by name rather than Hey You!, Personalizing portions of The Bigger Me is Powerful.  So “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is” or “Ganeshi” or any other Constellated Entity to which we might address our PIAVAs, is just a way of respectfully ringing up that part of The Bigger Me that does Know How and might be Willing to Do or Feel or Be what my present-moment Ego thinks it might need to Complete itself.

Of course my present-moment Ego might not have The Bigger Me’s Best Interests at Heart, so The Bigger Me might want to suggest alternatives (usually Easier alternatives), or provide my Ego with a Lesson Plan to bring it up to Heartspeed.  Hence the need to Pay Attention after PIAVAing and Changing the Subject, rather than Feeling Betrayed because we didn’t get what we Asked for.

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