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Karma-Chariklo-Pluto II

April 16, 2017

It’s been a long time since we saw a relatively straightforward chart, because it’s been a long time since all of the action hasn’t been happening in the last third of the Signs.  This week asteroid Karma’s Stationary at 3 Degrees, Chariklo at 15 Degrees, and Pluto at 20 Degrees – Pluto turning back just as it’s about to enter the 21-26 Degree zone that’s been so busy!

Not that there isn’t still a whole lot of Action in the last third of the Signs, it just happens not to be what’s Lit Up most Strongly this week.  Let’s start with the Station of asteroid Karma in 3 Virgo…

Not even sure what silly name to give to this Configuration.  Maybe we could call it an “Anchored Truss Bridge” or the like, as it’s certainly a Truss Bridge (two Trine Bridges – the blue lines – on the same side of an Opposition) across the Nodal Axis, with Makemake at least sitting on the beach below if not Anchoring the whole Bridge.

A Trine Bridge of course is a Boon, offering as it does an Easy Path across the Opposition.  A Truss Bridge is even better, offering two Easy Paths!  And when the Opposition is the Nodal Axis it’s a Big Boon, as it suggests Easy Paths for our long-sought Psycho-Spiritual Progress.  And having asteroid Karma Stationary on the North Node should be much Easier than having it Stationary on the South Node.

This is especially true with 2007 OR10 (a dwarf planet that hasn’t been officially named yet, so still goes by it’s discovery code – we usually abbreviate it “OR10”) sitting on the South Node, as OR10 is about Irruptions from the Unconscious.  In this case we can expect Irruptions of Karmic Material, so having that occur in the context of a Big Boon with the promise of Easy Growth is Huge.

Remember too that our usual associations of Karma as negative is a misunderstanding.  As Alan Watts famously said, our Good Karma is harder to Let Go Of than our Bad Karma, as we’re accustomed to thinking of Good Karma as, well, Good.  Karma is Inertia, and we can just as easily get stuck on “Good” Habits as “Bad” ones.  The Bane lies in Reacting to everything one way – even if we’re actually Making Love with Stella – rather than having Free Choice about how to Respond.

Habits and Archetypes are incredibly handy – we couldn’t drive a car without them, for instance.  We don’t Judge Habits.  We just Prefer not to let them enslave us, because they keep us from achieving Presence.

Our two Easy Paths are through Atropos – Endings, and through Mercury – Communication, Thought, Analysis.  In this case Analyzing might be useful, though in general whenever we’re dealing with the Unconscious, PIAVA will usually work better.  If we’re Conscious that it is us that grasps Karma rather than the other way around, then Ending Patterns is indeed Easier.

The Finger of God (green arrowhead) pointing to Makemake suggests that we will be able to Manifest What We Want more Easily if we take advantage of the Sextile (short blue line) at its base – between OR10-South Node and Mercury.  That would involve Understanding what the Unconscious Irruptions are all about.  

I know, Understanding is usually inferior to Intuition, but of course it’s ultimately Both/And – and always Responding one way is counterproductive, even if it’s superior in most cases.  Sometimes we want to mix it u just for the sake of mixing it up.

Now, let’s see what happens if we loosen our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity a bit and add asteroid Nemesis to the chart; Nemesis is 3.06 Degrees of Sensitivity from the Degree of asteroid Karma, …

Nemesis symbolizes Ego Death, so we might say that the Finger of God pointing at it tells us that Ending (Atropos) an Archetype (Karma) is Easier if we Pay Attention to facing down (Lovingly of course) the Ego Death.  

It also introduces a Square (red line) to Mercury, suggesting that Analysis could slow us down after all, if it rationalizes our Olde Ego – which Analysis is always likely to do, because it’s logic based on often-unstated Assumptions, and the unstated Assumptions are very likely to be exactly the Limiting Beliefs we’re trying to Liberate ourselves from.

So, are we Contradicting ourself here?  Be mindful that Contradictions are Either/Ors, while Reality is a Both/And.  Contradictions exist only in the mind of the observer, never in observed Reality.  So sure, we can Contradict all day.  We aren’t building a legal argument, we’re charting a Path into the Unconscious, where Paradox abounds and where Dualities are Illusions.

By the way, this second chart is a Square Fez, embellished with the Nodal Opposition across the center of it.  A Fez is shaped like the hat, here on its side.  The Square Fez has Squares (red lines) for sides; we could also have a Trine Fez, with blue lines for sides.  The essence of a Fez is in the diagonal Quincunxes (green lines, or True Curiosity) – Atropos-Nemesis and Mercury-Makemake.

The Quincunx always Asks us to PIAVA

  • “I Wonder what it would be like to End (Atropos) an Archetype with an Effortless Ego Death (Nemesis).”
  • “I Wonder if I can Manifest (Makemake) just by Thinking (Mercury) about What I Want.”

And then Change the Subject.  That’s probably an Easier way to Allow this Great Leap Forward to occur. 

Venus and the Full Moon

April 14, 2017

A reader comments on the Venus Station…

“WOW!  Those Arcturian channels are something else!  Exactly what I’m feeling –  transparency of emotions, no fear, regardless!  What a beautiful thing.  

“Yes, transparency and its not even diffiicult, its natural!  As an empath and telepath, it will be nice when the rest of the world moves to this same state.  Wow – these changes are more than we could ever have expected.  Thanks for being such a consistent guide post. :)  Hugs.”

And a good friend talks about their Experience of the Full Moon…

“I went into the living room and did yoga, then closed my eyes for 20 minutes of meditation.  At the ring of the bell, I opened my eyes – and looked directly into the eyes of a coyote.  He/she was lying on the porch, face inches from the glass.  He met my gaze with calmness, but looked weak, ill, possibly wounded though I saw no evidence of blood, possibly poisoned with cyanide or some other toxin.”

Coyote, Odin, Mercury – which was Stationary – all symbolize the same thing, the Trickster, the left brain’s Skill at Tricking us into Believing that we Understand, when all we’re doing is Closing the Doors of Possibility.

“He didn’t look rabid or in extreme distress, but he had a look of both concern and unconcern at the same time.  He looked into my eyes for a long time, then down as if feeling some internal pain, breathing rapidly as if from running a distance, breathing deeply from illness or pain.  I got up from the pad and he tried to get up too, but fell back, seriously weakened.

“I called a neighbor who runs an animal shelter.  No answer, but I left an urgent message asking for advice about who to contact.  I looked up all the wildlife rehabilitators locally and called several, all without response.  Wildlife Rehabilitation said they couldn’t handle large animals like coyotes and referred me to Fish and Game, which I know would simply euthanize the animal, or mindlessly shoot it.  

“I anxiously waited for a couple of hours, hoping to hear from my neighbor, meanwhile checking on the animal, who in the meantime had crawled to the side of the house by the car, partially hidden in the trees.  I had hopes the coyote would regain strength, knowing reporting to Fish and Game would mean disposing of the animal without sympathy.  I called again, trying to find advice.

“I checked just now and found the coyote had drunk from the pan of water I left on the porch, but had then collapsed and was dead. So I called Animal Control, and left a message, hoping they would return my call.  The animal might be needed for a necropsy for disease or poison as a matter of public and animal health.  Meanwhile I’ll avoid the carcass because of possible plague.

“I’m glad the animal came here knowing it was ill, hoping to find shelter.  I looked into it’s eyes in it’s last moments and felt such empathy.  It spoke eloquently.  I’m humbled by opening my eyes from meditation and gazing directly into the final gaze of this animal; it was a trusting gaze, a gaze of pain and at the same time of unconcern, of acceptance, of waiting for the outcome, anticipating death.  Perhaps I could muster such strength in my final moments.”

Hylonome was also Stationary.  Hylonome symbolizes Death and Grief, and Detachment from Archetypes.  The third Station at the Full Moon was Varuna, symbol for the Life Force itself.  My friend confided that a life-long friend of theirs had died two years ago, virtually in their arms, and Coyote came on what would have been their friend’s birthday.

Here’s a good tip from Dr. Kim…

Full Moon – The Rest

April 12, 2017

We don’t want to give short shrift to the 15 April Venus Station (3am PDT at 27 Pisces), so let’s finish up the Full Moon expeditiously.  Let me know if any questions come up.  Two other charts are fundamental to grokking the Full Moon, the chart of the Mercury (9 April 4pm PDT, 5 Taurus) and Hylonome (10 April 6am PDT, 9 Capricorn) Stations, and the chart of the Varuna Station (10 April 3pm PDT, 29 Cancer).

Here’s the chart of the Mercury and Hylonome Stations…

The big Grand Cross (red Square and Xes) and the two Grand Trines (equal-sided blue Triangles, which are actually Kites when we add the little triangles on one side of each of them) are the standout features.  I don’t think we introduced the Grand Trine earlier.

A “Trine” is the Angle between two planets that are one third of the way round the Zodiac, and the “Grand Trine”  is made up of three planets equally spaced around the Loop.  Put a fourth planet halfway between two of those, and you have a “Kite,” so named because that’s what it looks like.  A Grand Trine makes things so Easy that we refer to it as “Dumb-Luck Grace.”

The “best” charts are charts like this one, that contain major Motivation Configurations (Grand Cross) and major Grace Configurations (Grand Trines), because they Balance Work and Ease, so we neither exhaust ourself nor get lazy.

This is the chart of a highly Motivated Multi-Tasker who can learn how to Channel tons of Grace.  Grace is its own Master; until we Learn that others have their own Unique Skills, a Grand Cross often signifies Arrogance, as folks seem incompetent to us when they can’t do what’s Effortless for us.  The two Stations are both part of the Grace, not part of the Motivation, and the Complement one another very very well, being both in Earth Signs.

So we should be able to identify the Archeypes that we need to Let Go of relatively easily – don’t try to get hyper-analytical about it, just Ask your Belly what makes it Tense Up.

There are two Fingers of God, one pointing at Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes) and the other at Eurydike (Trust).  These are the two Energies that the Universe is Asking us to Pay Special Attention to.

The Varuna-Station chart is more assymetrical…

We can see the Grand Trine (big blue triangle) and two “T-Squares” (big red triangles pointing to the left and lower left).  A T-Square is half of a Grand Cross, and represents Mastery through Challenge.  We usually don’t appreciate the Mastery because we usually get stuck on the Frustration of the ongoing Challenge; we eliminate the Frustration by Paying Attention to how much Mastery we’ve gained.

All that Pressure (where the red and blue triangles converge, at the focus of the T-Square and a corner of the Grand Trine) focuses on asteroid Sappho, which symbolizes Self-Love.  We’ll be making our course Easier by exercising what Self-Love we’ve already Mastered, while we’re Learning more of it.

The other T-Square points toward a Stellium made up of Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius), Saturn (The Most Important Thing), Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility), Quaoar (Survival Instincts), and the Galactic Center (Instructions from Headquarters).  This is pretty serious; basically the Universe is telling us that we all need to get busy Taking Full Responsibility for Recovering our Unique Genius, or our Survival will be in Question.

But neither of these, Big as they are, is the dominant Configuration – that’s the Yin Gate, the two green Xs in the middle of the chart, enclosed in the blue rectangle, and intertwined with the red Ж (Cyrillic letter Zhe) in the center.  The bottom line of a Yin Gate is to Learn the Paradox represented by the central long red line.

Here that’s the Nodal Axis – the path of our Spiritual Progress during the Lifetime.  The Paradox involved here is that We Need the Skills Hidden beneath our Held (maximally resisted) Emotions (the South Node or earbuds at the bottom) in order to accomplish our Lifetime Mission (the North Node or stethoscope at the top).  That which we hate is our most Powerful tool, once we Learn to Embrace it.


Full Moon Configuration IV

April 11, 2017

Lets look at another Big Configuration that uses the Sedna-Mars-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium from the Full Moon segment of the Full Moon chart that we’ve just discussed, and the Eurydike asteroid from the Hylonome Station segment which we’ll map out soon,  This is a Grand Quintile

The Quintile or Fifth Harmonic is about Learning.  A Grand Quintile tells us that the Learning Lamp is Lit and burning brightly.  We put Grand in front of a Configuration when it fills up the Zodiac.

Unlike the “major” Angles, the endpoints of Quintiles don’t fall in the same Degrees.  360 divided by 5 is 72, or 2.4 Signs.  They’re often ignored because they aren’t as easy to spot as the multiples-of-30-Degrees Angles.

At a glance we can see that the weightiest corner of this Grand Quintile stands out like the proverbial sore thumb – the Sedna-Mars-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium.  (A Stellium is a group of three or more planets.)  So let’s start there.

With thanks to a reader for the Inspiration, we’ve decided that Our Response to Fear is a much better interpretation of Sedna than just Fear.  We could put any Fear-and-Anger-related interpretation we wanted on it, but the only valid reasons I can think of for interpreting it as Fear itself are naivete and Power-Over.  If I said we need to be Scared Shitless (Sedna) about Anger (Mars), would that serve us?

Now if someone is in serious Denial about their Anger issues, it’s possible that they could use this Stellium to Manifest that.  But who among us is there?  And would it actually be useful to suggest that?  No, it would be much more useful to say that we want to Be Mindful about How We Respond to Fear and Anger, and in particular Consider the Sustainability of our Actions (Mars-Ceres) in this context, and Look to See If Current Situations Remind us of Anything (Mnemosyne).

As Michael Roads suggests, if someone runs into the back of your car while texting, you should treat them to lunch.  His reasoning is that since there are no accidents, this must be one in a long Chain of Karmic Reactions, and by substituting a “random” act of kindness we Revert the ancient Spell.  So it behooves us to review every less-than-perfect event to see what the Chain might be, so we can Revert.

This is a Grand Quintile, so we can say that the Stellium is Collaborating with the other four elements to Teach Us to Be Mindful about How We Respond to Fear and Anger, Consider the Sustainability of our Actions, and Look to See If Current Situations Remind us of Anything, then Review the Circumstances of our Memories for Opportunities to Let Go of Repeating Patterns We No Longer Need.

And what of the other four elements?  It’s a Powerful collection – asteroid Eurydike (Trust), Jupiter (Expansion), Saturn (Attention), and Neptune (Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity).  

  • Let’s start with the last, Neptune.  We’ve all been Learning and Practicing to Recognize Confusion and Reframe it as the Beginnings of Growth in Consciousness, right?.  We’ve been talking about that for years.
  • The paired “twins” Jupiter (Extroversion, Expansion) and Saturn (Introversion, Contraction) suggest that We’ll Be Learning to Make Our Boundaries Looser or Tighter on the Fly as We Learn to Become More Sensitive to Confusion, Fear, and Anger.  
  • And Eurydike implies that We’ll Be Learning to Trust our Instincts rather than our Opinions about What’s Going On Moment to Moment in our Lives.

All of which sounds like a fabulous Gift, as long as we’re Alert for situations that appear to be the Opposite of what we’ve suggested, as those will be the “Paper Tigers” that we can Choose not to React to.  

Karma is dead; all we need to do to Confront our Obsolete Patterns – which include any and all Patterns that don’t reinforce our Self-Love and improve our Quality of Life – is to Recognize them and Respond Differently then we’ve been Reacting since Forever.  Then, the next step is to build in Repetitions of exactly this, so our old Habits are completely Replaced.  If you’re Alert, it’s actually easier done than said.

Michael Roads (“365 Steps” email; see gives us some Perspective…

“Freedom is not where you are, or even what you are doing; it is all based in your relationship with yourself.

“You could be on an island paradise, with every luxury at your fingertips, every wish fulfilled, but even all this luxury has nothing to do with freedom.  Most likely you would simply want more!  Freedom is truly based in your relationship with yourself.  

“If you Love yourself, you could experience freedom in a prison cell.  Your body can be confined, but not your spirit-Self; and freedom truly is a spiritual experience.  You can be free within duty to others, within a regular routine, within business, because true freedom is a within-self experience.  I also need to state that endless ‘wants’ curtail and limit any relationship with freedom.”

Full Moon Configuration II

April 10, 2017

There’s a second major Configuration in the Full Moon segment of the Full Moon chart, which we’ve emphasized with heavy lines here (same picture as last time, just different lines made bolder)…

The blue rectangle is a Golden Rectangle – sounds like a contradiction, but it’s blue because it’s all about Grace, and it’s Golden because the ratio between it’s sides is the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry fame.  It’s a Big Boon, motivated by the Energy in the two Oppositions (red lines) that make the “X” across its center.  

Miracles await us, in the form of Grace, when we Lovingly Embrace the Energies in both Oppositions.  It’s the sort of Grace and Miracle that we find when we plant Seeds in the spring in Sun instead of in the winter in shade, or when we point our kayak downstream instead of up – the Golden Ratio is about easy sailing with Nature rather than against Her.  So what are the Energies?

Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) Opposite Pluto (Trance-Reformation).  Well, our Unconscious Beliefs are already Trances, so Reforming them should be easy.  But it’s not.  Our Unconscious Beliefs (aka Archetypes, Karma, Programming, Cultural Norms and Taboos) are enforced by Oaths, and in the best of circumstances Breaking Oaths creates Guilt.  Usually, the imagined consequences of such Big Changes seem far more dire.

If we’re still in contact with family members, they may enforce our mutual Unconscious Beliefs with all manner of Coercion, Insult, or downright Punishment and Abuse.  Our Culture may Abandon us, which is more than an Emotional issue.  When we Live in Community or Tribe, the interdependence is such that we may actually not be able to survive without the Group.  

Even if we can, and know we can, the Memories embedded in our Cells may still make it difficult.  This is why they did, and do, Walkabouts in Australia, and Vision Quests in North America, to Clear, through Experience rather than Understanding, the Archetype of Abandonment and Create a Body Memory of Personal Safety.

The other Opposition is between asteroid Klotho and a Mars-Ceres-Sedna-Mnemosyne Stellium (which is three or more planets clustered together).  Courage is more often described as “Feeling the Fear and Doing It Anyway” than it is as “No Fear.”  Ceres is about Sustainability, Mars about Effort, Sedna about Fear.  Mnemosyne is that Cellular Memory we talked about,

So, as with the Vision Quests and Walkabouts, this is about Creating a new Cellular Memory of Knowing that we can and will Exert Sustainable Effort to Confront what we Fear.  Klotho is Responsible for “Cutting the Cloth” or weaving the tapestry of a new Timeline or Lifetime.  Well, recall that Haumea Conjoins the Full Moon – this whole adventure is about Manifesting Rebirth.

So the second Opposition is about Building a New Life founded in a new Cellular Memory of Knowing that we can and will Exert Sustainable Effort to Confront anything and everything that we Fear.  This is not Understanding or Deciding, it’s Knowing.  Knowing means that we might remember back when we did Doubt, but we certainly don’t Doubt Now, and when we do remember we just chuckle at how silly we used to be.

So our two Oppositions create slightly different versions of the same Energies.  Notice the Finger of God (green wedge) pointing at Veritas-Chaos, which symbolizes the Truth of Unlimitedness, right in the middle of the Golden Rectangle.  So in case we didn’t get the message Let Go of our Limitations from the two Oppositions, the Finger of God tells us to Pay Attention to the Liberation that awaits us.

The second Finger of God points at Klotho, reminding us that this isn’t just about Achieving Liberation, this is about Founding a whole new Identity based on Liberation from our former Limits.

Full Moon Questions

April 10, 2017

A reader asks, “Can you tell me a bit about the ramifications for me of the Full Moon being exactly on my Sun-Mars in Libra 21-26?”

Are you a pro at Cleanly Expressing your Anger, so that no one ever walks on you, but no one is ever offended when you set your Boundaries?  That seems like an oxymoron to most people, but you have the Potential to be an expert on it, and Teach it.  If you don’t feel ready for that, then this is homework time.  

Is there anyone on the Planet that you’re Angry at but you’re keeping it under cover?  Is there anyone on the Planet that you wouldn’t Make Love with?  I don’t mean that literally, but metaphorically, as a heuristic to see whom you might be Unconsciously Angry with or whom you might Judge.  

When you Feel Open and Loving enough with someone to be willing to Make Love with them – even though for political or tactical or compassionate or self-care or complication-avoiding or commitment-otherwise or even preference reasons you’d never consider actually do it – then there’s no one left to Forgive, and no Judgment left.

Remember that Forgiveness is not a Decision, but a Discovery.

21-26 Libra is the Cancer Duad of Libra, the zone where our Compassion for Other is tested.  Mars and Compassion may not be comfortable together in the same sentence, but there’s nothing wrong with Fierce Compassion, even before we get to Both/And.

Then there’s the Self-Judgment issue.  If you take fifteen minutes and recall and write down every instance in your Life when you Cleanly Expressed your Anger, so that no one walked on you, but no one was offended when you set your Boundaries?  You’re probably a lot better at this than you usually give yourself credit for.  

Conjunctions are like Squares in some ways – Mastery through Challenge, and while we’re often acutely aware of the Challenges, the Mastery is easily overlooked.

And the Identity Perspective.  Conjunctions are Mergings – we don’t have Perspective on the difference.  So you may not differentiate your Essence (Sun) from your Activism (Mars).  Mars is Action, Energy; Anger is only considered Martian because we live in Power-Over Cultures and we’re Punished for Anger because it’s an expression of our own Power.

So how do you generally consider yourself?  Do you think of yourself as Angry?  As a “Go-Getter”?  As oriented toward the Physical more than the Emotional or Intellectual?  As your “brother’s keeper”?  As someone who can hurt others with your Actions or Words?  As someone who’s a “loose cannon”?

If you don’t think of yourself in any of those terms, what if you did?  And if you do, what if you didn’t?  Freezing our Identity into Concepts is toxic; we’re Infinite Spiritual Beings, not Word Pictures.

Another reader asks, “The full moon hits my birth sun at the EXACT degree!  What can I do to move forward?  Love your blog.  I often have to reread it several times, but it is so juicy and full of info.  Thank you!”

I know, I have to reread it several times too.  My First Teacher used to say “Your own Truth goes right through you,” meaning that the mind often doesn’t easily follow the Heart.  Thanks for the kind words.

I think we’re all in that “What can I do to move forward? place, and the first question is probably “What am I Resisting?” or “What am I Anxious about?” or “Am I dwelling on What I Don’t Want?”  These can provide clues.  If you’re in Resistance about something, it’s especially important to add terms to your PIAVAs like “Lovingly and Gently” or “for the Good of All” or “with minimum Pain.”

If you aren’t familiar with PIAVA yet, look it up in the right-hand “Categories” column on (the column doesn’t appear when you’re looking at an individual post).

While collaborating with the Unconscious is our prime goal (since it’s in charge and Resistance is Futile), we also have to collaborate with our Olde Ego, because if we’re too rough on it, it can dig in its heals and make Growth harder yet.  Surrendering into Emotions we don’t like is usually very useful, when we’re Safe to do so. 

“Safety First” is a good general rule of thumb, as exposing the Olde Ego to unnecessary vulnerability can be counter-productive.  We can also PIAVA “Clarity on how to move forward,” and add something like “the Easy way, without sacrificing any Growth.”

The Sabian Symbol (reading for an individual Degree) for the Full Moon is “A child giving birds a drink at a fountain,” which Rudhyar interprets as “The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved beings who thirst for life renewal.”  Rudhyar was a product of his time, so he foolishly thought of Birds as “less-evolved” and Children as “simple souls.”

On the contrary, Michael Roads praises the Critters as “Living in the Moment,” perfect models for the Infinite Now that we’re moving toward as we surrender excess Cleverness (which he likes to say is “in bed with stupid”) and Live from the nonjudging Heart in every Moment.

Which suggests another possibility: reminding ourself to “go meta” as often as we can by Asking ourself, “What’s Happening Right Now?” as opposed to “What am I Worrying about?” or “What am I Feeling?”  What’s Happening in those moments are Worrying and Querying Emotions, for instance, and those Activities are very different from the content of our Anxieties and Emotions, particularly if we are trying to attribute Cause.

Are any of these suggestions useful?

And another reader muses…

This part is interesting: “the Unconscious knows Dimension but not Direction, so Opposites are Equal in its Realm.”  I guess this is why we always have to catch those negative thoughts in the bud and change them into positive thoughts – this puts those habitual attitudes that spring out by surprise into a kind of mechanical understanding, important we conciously direct the energy – but then i guess that goes against the aspect that says we have to give up on understanding.  Ok, I give up, I’ll just keep retraining my brain and subconscious.  It’s been working, so far, this retraining!  :)”

Remember it’s never Either/Or.  Understanding yields a lot of benefits when it’s accurate in the moment, not least of which is the Ability to Respond Appropriately when we Respond from the Left Brain.  It’s just that Understanding is what we seek when we’re exercising the Left Brain, and we’d be better off to Respond from the Heart or its ally the Right Brain.  As a friend once said, “Don’t get even, get odd.”

Plus, when the moment Changes, our Understanding may no longer be valid.  The Heart is more likely to be hip to such Changes.  And one thing that Understanding can do for us, is to help us Avoid our “Lessons” – a boon for the Ego but a bane for our Growth.

The issue of Negative Thoughts deserves more Attention, which we’ll come back to – remind me.

Full Moon Configuration I

April 9, 2017

Okay, after a long bout of techno-obsolescence we’ve achieved visuals again, so we can go back to involving the “right brain” too.  This is how we do what we do.  Let’s temporarily take the 10 April Full Moon chart apart, starting with the 20-26 Degree region that the Full Moon itself occupies…

Focusing for the moment on just the heavier lines, we can see three intertwining Configurations…

  • The Grand Cross or the red box with the red “X” in the middle
  • The Trine Bridge or the blue lines connecting two corners of the red box
  • A Finger of God, which is the green arrowhead, pointing to the same place in the upper right as the blue lines do

The Full Moon is the diagonal red line from upper left to lower right.  The Moon at upper left Conjoins Haumea (Rebirth), and the Sun at lower right Conjoins Uranus and Eris (Honesty about our Soul Self) – more of what we’ve been enduring for the last five years, the Urge to be Forthcoming with our True Self.

Red lines signify Energy (or of course Resistence to same – the Unconscious knows Dimension but not Direction, so Opposites are Equal in its Realm).  The diagonal from lower left to upper right is the Square to the Full Moon, Pluto (Transformation) on the lower left to Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) on the upper right, which is labeled “oob” or Out of Bounds, which means Strong.

The resulting red Square containing a red “X” is called a Grand Cross, and it signifies Motivation.  It’s like we have four full-time jobs to do here (RebirthHonestyTransformationBeliefs) at the same time, so we’re constantly rushing from one to the other.  We don’t really get a lot of Choice, as this is happening in the Unconscious, so we can’t easily quit or shortchange any of the four, we just have to be an Efficient Multi-tasker.  That’s Motivation.

Basically, in order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed.  Our Unconscious Beliefs consist of our Karmic Habituations, our Childhood Programming (which is often a Mirror for our Karma), and the various prejudices we Learn from our Culture.  Archetypes they’re called – Constellations of Energy that are stronger than, and usually invisible to, our Ego.  

That is, they run our Show.  Our Archetypes Enchant or En-Trance us.  We’re Zombies under their Command.  When we refer to Pluto as symbolizing Transformation, what we really mean is Formation of a New Trance.  On the Global scale, this is the nature of a Zeitgeist.

The blue lines represent Grace, the long blue line “Dumb-Luck” Grace (a “Trine”) that happens to us, and the short blue line (a “Sextile”) “Working” Grace, where Grace flows but we have to make the first move to get it started, like a matching grant.  

You can see the “Trine Bridge” across the Full Moon, with Moon-Haumea (Rebirth) Trine Veritas-Chaos (The Truth of Limitlessness), which Sextiles Sun-Uranus-Eris (“I Gotta Be Me”).  A Trine Bridge shows us the “easy way out” of the potential hassles (too much Energy) of the Grand Cross; in this case we see that we can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations.

The long green lines are “Quincunxes,” linking Planets that are five Signs apart, or five/twelfths of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another (Quin = 5, Unx=12).  They symbolize Curiosity.  Curiosity is in bed with Love, since they both eschew Judgment, and Judgment is the Opposite of Love.  We don’t mean Curiosity as in “How does that work?”  We mean Curiosity as in “Wow, look at that!  Isn’t that Amazing!” – the kind of Awe and Wonder you see in the face of any Newborn.

Obviously, True Curiosity can be Scary, as many of us crave the false Security provided by Understanding.  The shortcoming of Understanding is that it’s Conditional; even when it’s accurate and relevant, it’s vitally dependent upon the current Zeitgeist.  If we’ve succeeded in Accepting, simultaneously, as many different Perspectives as we can get our hands on, we’ll be less “thrown” when a Zeitgeist Changes, but even in the best case it will be a major Adjustment.

The short green lines are “Unxes,” linking two planets that are one Sign apart, or one twelfth of the way around the Loop.  Unxes are about Pattern-Breaking.  Unxes and Quincunxes are members of the Twelfth Harmonic.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning, so a Quin-Unx is about Learning to Break Patterns.  How do we do that?  We drop into Curiosity.

When two long green lines converge – as they do on Veritas-Chaos, it’s called a “Finger of God” – that is, the Universe is saying “Pay Attention to this!” and “Don’t try to Understand it – It Is What It Is.”  and “Accept it as an Assumption, not as a Logical Conclusion.”  Veritas-Chaos is about the Truth of Limitlessness, so this is a request by the Universe that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All.

So this segment of the New Moon chart tells us that…

  • In order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed
  • We can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations
  • The Universe has requested that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All

Pretty straightforward, eh?

Explosive Weekend

April 7, 2017

Well, I hope that’s not a metaphor for anything having to do with minor dukes or pretenders in the Balkans or the Levant.  I meant it in the sense that our own personal Energies are likely to be Explosive, but of course that will aggregate, won’t it.  Myself, I’ve been a Zombie today, groggy and sleepy even with plenty of sleep and several naps to boot.  You could be Energized instead of Enervated, as Barbra so aptly put it – Big Energy works that way.

We’re either ready for the Flood or not, and if we’re in Resistance it can wipe us out.  As we said, if we’re Conscious of the Energy and Paying Attention, we can Move with it.  I thought I had a pretty solid list of major April events till I started looking up the Exact times of their peaks.  Then I notice that Varuna – symbolizing The Life Force is Stationary.  Can’t think of anything better to explain Enervation.

An hour of YouTubing with Barbra and Kris Kristofferson opens the Floodgates for me.  Lots of tears – as Hylonome, symbolizing the Grief of Losing an Archetype, is also Stationary.  Not to mention Mercury turning Retrograde.  And the Full Moon, which is a huge Celebration of our hard work of the last five years Dropping our Masks.

There’s so much going on that I have to drop into astrologuese just to list it all…

The Full Moon sits bang on the Opposition between Uranus-Eris (Irrepressible True Self) and Haumea (Rebirth).  It Squares (Mastery through Challenge) the Opposition from Pluto (Mandatory Trance Re-Formation) to Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) – which is Out of Bounds (Strong), creating a Grand Cross (Intense Motivation).  That’s Big all by itself.

The Full Moon is Trine-Bridged by the Conjunction of dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and asteroid Veritas (Truth), a remnant of the Golden Rectangle we’ve been working on for months as Recovery of our Forbidden Genius.  Saturn-Ixion has moved out of three-Degree Current-Moment Sensitivity, though it’s still well within six-Degree Project Initiation Sensitivity.

Then there’s Varuna.  It sits on one corner of a Golden Rectangle (Unfolding Grace) that will Create some Ego Death for us as we Confront and Release some Values that are Painfully Judgmental – and Karmic – and that have helped keep our Forbidden Genius imprisoned.  More Big with a capital B.

Varuna Opposes asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death) and Trine-Bridges the Opposition between Hopi (Respect for All Things) and Venus-Chiron (Confronting the Pain embedded in our Values), creating the Golden Rectangle.  Meanwhile, the Nodal Axis bisects the short side of the Rectangle, making another Yin Gate (Embracing the Paradoxical Mysteries in our Karma).

Of course what’s Paradoxical about our Karmic Mysteries is that they were on the Soul level our Choice because We Wanted the Experience.  The Full Moon on Haumea-Uranus-Eris gives us the Opportunity to see through this Veil of Victimhood and Appreciate our Courage to take on such a burden, as Daniel’s Channelings have been reminding us.

The Opposition between Hopi and Venus-Chiron is Squared by the ongoing Saturn-Ixion Conjunction (The Most Important Thing is Recovering our Abandoned Genius), with Saturn as we said earlier still Stationary.

And the Hylonome Station is Trine to Orcus (Oath-Breaking) and Quincunx (Curiosity) to Aletheia (Truth) – if we can Avoid intellectualizing it, this is an immense Opportunity to cut deeply into our Karmic bindings, especially with all of the other things going on.  Which is not by any means all of what’s going on in this Configuration…

Orcus Opposes Lachesis-Nessus (Setting Limits on our Tolerance for Abuse) Squaring the Opposition from Aletheia to Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) and making a second Grand Cross.  Eurydike (Trust) Sextiles Aletheia as the base of a Finger of God pointing to the Hylonome Station.

Stationary Mercury makes a Grand Trine with the Orcus-Hylonome Trine, and various Angles to the other members of this Configuration.

That’s a Load.  Let’s look at some Timing…

  • Mercury Stationary 9 April 4pm PDT
  • Hylonome Stationary 10 April 6am PDT
  • Varuna Stationary 10 April 3pm PDT
  • Full Moon 10 April 11pm PDT

That’s a crowded calendar.  Since all four of these events are virtually synchronous, how would we interpret Angles between Mercury (Conscious Awareness), a Full Moon (Illumination), Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes) and Varuna (Life Force)?  Even though they’re not in the same Degrees, they’re Conjunct in Time.

We’d say it offered huge Potential for Letting Go of Karmic Chains that have inhibited our Life Force.  No wonder I’ve been Enervated!

And let’s look at Locations, so we can see how the three Configurations might Dance with our own natal planets.  As they say in real estate, “Location, Location, Location”…

  • Full Moon et al, 20-25 Degrees, with Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) prominent
  • Varuna Station and Yin Gate, 27-29 Degrees, assorted Signs
  • Hylonome Station et al, 5-9 Degrees, with Focus on Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Mutable (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius) Signs

I might be able to make some worth-a-thousand-words pictures of these complex Patterns; if I get time this weekend I’ll see if I can make that process work again.

Saturn and Fear

April 7, 2017

While Saturn (The Most Important Thing) is past it’s Exact Station, it’s Still Stationary.  It remains within one Degree of its Exact Station till 11 May.  One Degree is a fairly conservative measure of Sensitivity.  The impact of an event like a Saturn Station will fade because other astroevents become more prominent before it fades because it loses Sensitivity.  And we have many astroevents in the queue.

However, even though an astroevent like a Saturn Station can fade into background noise, that doesn’t mean it goes away.  We’ve often said, though I don’t think we have lately, that the impact of an astroevent builds in Power till the moment it’s Exact, then falls off rapidly.  So once we passed 10pm PDT on 5 April, The Most Important Thing began to seem less important.

However, that rapid falloff after an astroevent is Conditional.  It depends on what we’re thinking and doing.  If we are Conscious and Paying Attention to the event, an astroevent will indeed disappear after its Climax.  

But if we Focused (Focus is another way to interpret Saturn) on our Fears instead, we could have made Decisions or initiated Actions that cemented those Fears in place.  That will extend the impact of the astroevent, potentially for Lifetimes.  This is how Karma is created.

We associate Saturn with Fear because Saturn demands that we Focus on The Most Important Thing.  Well, if we “fail” at The Most Important Thing, that can be Felt as a big hit to the Ego.  So we try to keep up our secondary priorities, as fallbacks, should #1 not do so well.  When Saturn is Lit Up, all secondary priorities will take care of themselves, and can be safely ignored.  They’ll be waiting for us after Saturn cools off.  But we may not Trust that.

Suppose our Most Important Thing is Healing, but we’re scared that we’ll run out of Money.  So while Saturn is Stationary we accept a job that will – as many jobs do – retard our Healing instead.  Not only have we missed the Opportunities for Healing that Saturn’s Focus would have Gifted to us, but we’ve backtracked and increased the Healing we’ll need in the Future.

I believe that’s why Michael Roads emphasized Fear in a recent “365 Steps” email…

“For most people, various fears are part of our everyday life.  Some fears we can live with, some we can laugh at, some we can bypass, but our more powerful fears crack the whip that ruthlessly controls our lives.  Living with courage means acknowledging our fears, even accepting them, but not allowing the fears to limit, restrict, or contain our life.  It is a Truth that every fear is false.  If you face your fear, totally confronting it, you will find it is without any power.  Fear is an impostor.  Do not let fear indefinitely impose its false illusions over you.  Choose Love!”

Daniel Scranton also Channeled related material…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“When you have an experience in your life that takes you to the edge of your ability to process, that is when you know you are making a giant leap forward in your evolution. It is often through the most painful experiences, the most challenging circumstances, and the most heart wrenching moments that you take your biggest steps forward.

“Now, as you consider these moments in your lives, you often feel like you are drowning in them, like you have mis-created, or like you are a victim of some sort. But if you were to take yourselves out of the details of the experience you are having and shift your perspective on it, seeing it as an opportunity to make a giant leap forward, you would transform the experience, and you would transform the circumstances immediately.

“You don’t have to change anything about what you are experiencing in order for you to move through it with ease and grace. You just need to see it for what it is. It is an opportunity, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to become more of who you are. And it is always your creation, which means you have given yourself the perfect opportunity, the perfect catalyst to springboard you to the next level of your evolution.”

And by the way, I’ve had many people tell me that they aren’t interested in “Ascension,” either because they “Love this Planet” or because they “Want to Stay and Help,” Boddhisattvas that they are.

Suzanne Lie has an interesting comment in her latest Channeling…

“We begin our communication by asking you to remember that ascension is ‘leaving time.’  So if we try to put a ‘time marker’ on moving beyond time, we are limiting our consciousness to third/fourth dimensional thinking.” 

When she says “leaving time” she doesn’t mean “time to leave” the Planet.  She means that one of the hallmarks of Ascension is that we are no longer hypnotized by Linear Time, but we are Able and Willing to fully Live in the Infinite Now.  When we do that we can be anywhere and everywhere; it’s not about Leaving the Planet.

I understand your Confusion; until I read Michael Roads’s recent books I had no idea what anyone meant when the talked about “Ascension” – to my knowledge it was all rhetoric.  And I read a lot.  

I’ve often talked though about replacing Competition and Avarice with Collaboration and Abundance (the latter meaning “Having Enough to Share”).  Genia Haddon’s picture or the Yang Feminine that she expects will follow the demise of the Patriarchy echos this, and adds details (eg, her book Body Metaphors).  Michael Roads writes about just that as “Ascension,” and adds a lot more details (eg, Through the Eyes of Love Book Three).

As JFK would have put it, “Ich bin ein Arcturian.”  I’ll leave it up to you to Channel the appropriate pastry.

Sautern II

April 5, 2017

Your Personal or “Personal” The-Most-Important-Thing (TMIT) can be defined by What You’ve Been Drawn to, or by What You’ve Been Resisting Most Strongly.  If you haven’t been Embracing your Forbidden Genius, or if you’ve been Avoiding Pain rather than Embracing it as a Teaching, you may still be Resisting your Most Important Thing.  

If the last few days have felt Positive, you’re probably in touch with your TMIT.  If it’s Felt Challenging, you may be in Resistance to your TMIT.  During Saturn’s Retrogradation, across 28-22 Sagittarius, it Dances with Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and with Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius).

Saturn was Initiated by Ixion in mid-February.  It revisits in early June, and again at the end of October.  We call the mid-February event a “Can-Opener” because the first event in a series usually introduces us to something which is arising into Consciousness and Disrupts our established Identity.  We’ll Learn a lot more about that Energy in June, and by October we’ll probably be quite Comfortable with it.

Saturn Squared (Mastery through Challenge) Chiron first in late December.  Any Unfinished Business you retain from that Experience will be rehashed in late April.  By early November you’ll be a pro with it.  

Late October and early November will be a particularly In-teresting Time, as Bugs would put it.  Saturn, Chiron, and Ixion will be having a Menage a Trois; it’s a good thing it’s the third event of three rather than a Can-Opener.

They’re joined by Haumea, Chaos, Uranus, and Eris to reconstitute our longstanding Golden Rectangle, and Mercury will Oppose Sedna to recreate another chapter of our Fear Yin Gate.

Saturn also represents the Father and Power-Over.  It’s interesting that the last two nights, as I’ve overheard the evening Soaps from the TV in the next room, Primacy of the Father has been a recurring theme – even among the TV Mothers, both as Masters of Power-Over.  The Females, meanwhile, have been particularly hysterical.  I’m sure it’s “just a coincidence.”

Plus, the likelihood of WWIII much increased today, giving the Fathers a fabulous opportunity to add reasons for extending the Patriarchy among the Sheople.