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More Light Reading

September 10, 2015

Now go back and reread…

with your earliest crush as the childhood friend, the younger the better.  Can you do that without having Compassion for your own Longing?  Your crush was more about you than it was about them, wasn’t it.  Was your Longing Sweet and Innocent, but also Painful?  Was it requited?  Or did you keep it a secret?  Did you share your secret with anyone?  Did anybody share your Secret Space when you were a child, or were you Alone?  Apart from your nonphysical companions I mean.  Explore this Space, Lovingly and Gently – the hidden doorway to your Passion may be in here somewhere. 

Buddhists talk about our Hungry Ghost – a part of us that’s not fully Conscious – and maybe just across the Edge of Consciousness – that walks around Longing.  I get all ready to sit down and write, but then I want something to eat first.  That’s my Hungry Ghost.  They can Hunger for anything, not just Food.  What’s your Ultimate Fantasy?  If you could have anything you Want, with no consequences, what would it be?  Is that your Deepest Desire, or is it your Hungry Ghost?  Fantasies usually have built-in brakes – “Oh, I wouldn’t want that in Real Life!”  Maybe because you think you’d have to give up too many other things if you did have it, or because it Feels too dangerous. 

We have to get past our Hungry Ghost in order to get to our Passion, our Mission, our Deepest Desires.  They often hide behind our Hungry Ghost.  Fantasies are dangerous enough – our Passion can be truly dangerous, because they have no brakes, and when we “fail” at our Passion, we fail disastrously.  Our Shadow-Boxing childhood friend may be Feeling like they’re “failing” at their Passion, or frustrated trying to get their Hungry Ghost to Manifest.  Of course there’s no such thing as “failure,” only an information-gathering expedition that didn’t meet our Expectations, but if our Expectations are strong, it can feel like failure.

We get past our Hungry Ghost by bringing them fully into Consciousness.  In Consciousness, we can choose whether to indulge, moment to moment.  In Consciousness, we’re in Control.  Out on the Edge, the Ghost is in Control.  Like Dr. Kim says, become Aware, Breathe, Choose, ABC.  Of course, when Ghosty’s in charge, they’re also in charge of our Awareness.  Sometimes the Body helps, like when our Hungry Ghost loves Sugar, and we get toothaches.  That’ll wake us up.  At other times, you’ll probably need to PIAVA.  “I Wonder how I can Lovingly and Gently bring my Hungry Ghost into Consciousness.”  Then Change the Subject and Pay Attention ( ).

Light Reading and Listening for September

September 9, 2015

Okay, we’ve (most of us) lived through the Stellium-Stations Galactic Ring-Pass-Not, let’s see what the rest of September has for us to shadow-box…

Many folks worry about the barely-Partial Eclipse this coming weekend; I don’t.  Fear is a strong Energy, easily manifested into Form, and Total Eclipses are definitely one of the most Awe-Inspiring experiences to behold.  When your Emperor tells you to pay double this year on your taxes or a Dragon will eat the Sun, and you didn’t know better and ignored him, then a Total Eclipse can be truly Terrifying.  We know better now, eh?

What’s lit up now is a Focus on what’s Sustainable and what isn’t.  Part of Sustainability involves giving up what we don’t need for Sustenance; Let It Go.  We may get some information on the Sustainability of governments.

Expect to Receive important information about your Mission mid-month.

  • The Partial Solar Eclipse, visible from the Atlantic coast of South Africa and Namibia, occurs 12-13 September at 21 Virgo, “A girls’ basketball team
  • Dwarf planet Ceres is now Stationary, turning Direct 14 September
  • Dwarf planet Makemake Initiates the North Node 16 September (Makemake Initiated Lilith 1 September and the North Node Initiated Lilith 8 September)
  • Mercury turns Retrograde 17 September, till 9 October
  • Dwarf planet Chaos turns Retrograde and Pluto turns Direct 23-24 September; they’ll be Stationary from around the 17th on

The Energy will be pretty Heavy between 17 September and 24 September.  Here’s some essential preparatory work – Dr. Kim presents three free videos on How to Finally End Anxiety and Live the Life You Desire.  Anxiety could well be the root cause of whatever you suffer from, but if it isn’t, there’s a good chance it makes your suffering worse…

Here’s some excellent input on Multiversity and Judgment from Return to Source Energy; what if we were able to Witness Judgment and replace it with Curiosity!  Wouldn’t that spice up Life…

And a profound poem about Empathy for a childhood friend, from Heart Shaped Eyes…

Now, reread it with your own historical child being the childhood friend.

Narcissus, Hybris, Grace, and Insight

September 5, 2015


In addition to the Challenges we talked about in , the Stellium Stations are also loaded with Grace, Insight, and Healing Curiosity.

The Grace…

The dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability), by the way, Conjoins (Confounds) asteroids Narcissus (Self-Absorption) and Echo (Self-Expression) on their corner of the Grand Cross (Mastery of Multi-Tasking), Opposite (Contradistinction) the asteroid Astraea (Innocence) and Square (Challenge through Mastery) to the Opposition between the dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) and the Conjunction between Uranus (the Soul Self), the dwarf planet Eris (Revelation), and the asteroid Karma (Habits).

The primary Spiritual Function of the whole complex event, is to readjust our Relationship to our Ego so that it’s more Sustainable.  The World is Changing in ways that your current Persona won’t handle well.  If you were a county clerk, would you issue a marriage license to a Huperson and a Tree?  If you were a cop, how would you handle someone who is violent?  If you owned a home and a hundred refugees were camping in your yard, what would you do?  Our Egos need a tune-up.

Ceres, which is Out of Bounds (Very Strong), forms a very tight Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) with the dwarf planet Sedna (Consciousness of Fear) and the asteroids Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and Nemesis (Guilt).

Chiron (Discouragement + Empathy ⇒ Miracles) Opposes Nemesis-Juno, forming the focus of a Kite.

There are Miracles to be had with remarkable Ease; all we need to do is know that the option of Instantaneous Healing is available, and Ask for it with Sincerity and Suspension of Disbelief.  A prime mechanism for rebalancing our Relationship to our Ego is Opening ourselves to Consciousness of how much we’re Motivated by Fear and Guilt. 

If you get Conscious Yes-Buts when you try to Suspend Disbelief about Instantaneous Healing, Lovingly and Gently Embrace them.  “You poor Sweetheart, you don’t really think Effortless Healing is available, do you.”

If you don’t get Conscious Yes-Buts (or even if you do), Ask, “I Wonder what I’m Afraid of.” and “I Wonder what I feel Guilty about.”  If you get answers, be Loving and Gentle with them – “You poor Sweetheart, do you feel [Scared of __] [Guilty about __]?”

Take as much time as you can spare this weekend, to just follow these threads – they’ll keep leading you into deeper and deeper layers of Fear and Guilt.  The deeper you’re willing to follow them, Lovingly and Gently, the more Pain and Self-Sabotage you’ll clear.  This Window is a tremendous Gift to us.

The Opposition between the Stellium Stations (Taking Full Responsibility for Our Loss of Privilege and Our Grief about It) and the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential), with the Opposition between Haumea and Uranus-Eris-Karma, forms a Golden Rectangle (Graceful Resolution of the Oppositions).

We’re likely to find that much of our Self-Sabotage is around Fear that Grace and Abundance are “Stolen,” that is, not really ours to Legitimately and Safely Enjoy.  Our Fear that Grace and Abundance are Zero-Sum, that our Receiving them will deprive Others of them.  Since that’s not at all True, be Loving and Gentle with any Beliefs of that sort you encounter – “You poor Sweetheart, you don’t really Believe that Grace and Abundance are Infinite, do you.” 

Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Remember Buddhist Hell (you’re sitting at a sumptuous feast, but your elbows are locked and you can’t get Food to your mouth!) and Buddhist Heaven (you Feed each other!).  Imagine what it will be like when you’re on the Other Side of these Limiting Beliefs.  There are things in your Life that are crazy Abundant, that you’ve never had to even think Scarcity about.  What are they?  Food?  Friendship?  Shelter?  Pain?  Dirt?  It’s like that on the Other Side of your Limiting Beliefs about the things you’ve Always Wanted; you only need to jump the fence.

The Insights…

Complementary Mjolnirs point at Uranus-Eris-Karma (from Hybris Square Jupiter) and at Jupiter (from Uranus-Eris-Karma Square Ceres-Narcissus-Echo), promising interlocking Insights to Resolve the two Squares.

You can get a preview of the Revelations you’re going to be getting, over the next nine months, about the Masks you didn’t know you were wearing over your True Self, by Asking to become Conscious of anything you tend to gloat about.  Where and why do you feel like you deserve Privilege?  Amplify that in your Imagination.  Don’t draw any conclusions, positive or negative.  Just Imagine it and then Let It Go.

You’re actually already Aware of many of your Masks, the places where how you Speak and Behave in the World derives from the script for the part you are playing in your own Drama.  Probably a script that you learned from Significant Others in your childhood.  What if you were unrestrained by your Inner Censors, and you could just completely Relax and Be Yourself, let your True Self take over your Life. 

Spend some time sitting with your Conscious Awareness of the Differences between your True Self and your Thespian.  No conclusions.  Just Imagine sitting your True Self down in one chair, and your Thespian in another.  Is there any animosity between them, or are they okay with each other.  Did you set the chairs face to face, or side by side, or at an angle?  Have they actually met each other?  Have each of them take a turn describing their Needs and Wants.  Then Ask each of them if they’re able and willing to help their counterpaert achieve their Needs and Wants.

If in the course of any of these exercises you find yourself Feeling Confused, take a break and Enjoy the Feeling of Confusion.  Confusion means you’re Expanding your Consciousness.  You don’t want to try to “solve” or resolve it, you want to Embrace it.  Once you feel good about Feeling Confused, you can resume the exercise, or switch to another one.

We haven’t talked much about Neptune, Lord of Overwhelm, but Neptune Opposes Jupiter in the base of a Hybris T-Square.

The Curiosities…

Complementary Fingers of God point at Haumea (from Chiron Sextile Sedna) and at Sedna (from Haumea Sextile the Stellium Stations), asking us to Pay Attention! to our Fears about our Rebirth; be Curious about them, and avoid trying to “figure them out.”

It’s important to understand that we do not want to try to “figure out” what’s going on here.  Definitely Imagine a Future you’d like to see for yourself and your Planet, but do not try to Imagine How you will get there.  Every time you catch yourself trying to reduce your Anxiety by thinking you understand what’s Changing and how, proclaim instead “I Wonder How all this will turn out!” with genuine Curiosity.  We’re dealing with our Fear of Rebirth, aka Ego Death, and we want to be Lovingly and Gently Present with it.  “Wow, there are deep deep Transformations going on – it’ll be Amazing when we see what Evolves from them!  I’m going to be delighted to see __X__ and __Y__, but I sure don’t know How they’re going to Unfold!”

Yintegrity in an Ancient Pottery Bowl

September 5, 2015

An intriguing video…

Another view…

And the blow-by-blow account…

Narcissus, Hybris, Mirrors I, and Coincidence

September 3, 2015

Alfred_Rethel_002A 19th-Century painting of Nemesis doing her duty, by Alfred Rethel.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

What a “Coincidence” – or, as soulsynchronicity says…

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality, for those who have eyes to see.”

…our CAO (Chief Asteroid Officer) Elizabeth tells us that the asteroid Narcissus is very busy in the thick of the Gordian Tangle with the early-September Stellium Stations.

Another interesting synchrony – when I look in Wikipedia to be sure I have the right spelling for Gordian, I discover that a Gordian Knot isn’t just one that’s impossible to untangle, it’s one that’s effortlessly untangled by “thinking outside the box” – another perfect metaphor for Chiron, which is the focus of one of the T-Squares in the Stellium-Station chart!

And that the asteroid Hybris (Hubris “misspelled”) is not only in the thick of it as well, but adds new dimensions to it!

When we add the ‘roids Narcissus and Hybris to the September 5 Stellium-Stations chart, we end up with three T-Squares, focused on Chiron, Narcissus, and Hybris!

Hybris, recall, T-Squared the last Full Moon.  But the Full Moon sat on the Jupiter-Neptune Opposition, which is still around – so Hybris T-Squares Jupiter-Neptune.  So we are Challenged to Master (T-Square) our proper place in the Universe – neither Inflated nor Deflated (Hybris) – in order to Grow (Jupiter) into a deeper Relationship with All That Is Larger Than Ourself (Neptune).

Amid all this talk about narcissism and hubris, let’s not forget Marianne Williamson’s suggestion in A Return to Love:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

We are Challenged to Master our proper role in the Universe – neither Inflated nor Deflated – in order to Grow into a deeper Relationship with All That Is Larger Than Ourself.

The Narcissus T-Square lies across the Opposition between Haumea (Rebirth) and Uranus-Eris (the Soul Self and Revelation of what’s been Denied).

We are Challenged by new Revelations bubbling up from the Unconscious to Master Self-Love without psychopathy or sociopathy, which Mastery will Rebirth us.  The problem with narcissism – for the rest of us – isn’t Self-Love, it’s Self-Obsession without concern for the welfare of Others, which I usually associate with the terms psychopath, sociopath, and sometimes warpath.  Narcissus harmed others mostly by dismissing their admiration of his Beauty, and eventually committed suicide because he couldn’t figure out how to requite his Self-Love.

What Mirrors for the Stellium (more “coincidence”)!  The Stellium includes the dwarf planet Ixion (the Psychopath of the Greek Pantheon), Hylonome (who committed suicide at the death of her partner), and Chariklo (Beauty and Grace).  In the Stellium, both Chariklo and Hylonome are closely bound to the dwarf planet Quaoar (Law-Giver, as in this is what must be done if we are to survive) and the Galactic Center.  And of course, “what must be done if we are to survive” is the proper role of the Ego (“I”) in the Psychic Pantheon.  Meanwhile Ixion is closely bound to Pholus (Responsibility).

And it gets deeper yet.  Who led Narcissus to the pool where he saw and fell in love with his own image?  Nemesis.  Nemesis was the Goddess in charge of doling out retribution to those who would disparage the Gods (literally, Hubris).  Nemesis was angered by Narcissus’s rejection of the nymph Echo.  So, where sits the asteroid Nemesis?  Almost Exactly Opposite Chiron and Square to the Stellium and the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential), completing the Grand Cross.

Anybody who would disparage the notion of personalizing elements of the Conscious Universe is due for a major upbraiding.  Since Western Civilization is notoriously guilty as charged, what does that bode for us?  Another “surprise” uptick in Global Warming?  Another Economic Collapse?  Neither of those would be a big surprise.  It’s probably timely to Pay Attention to the positive side of all this.

Squares and T-Squares are Challenges, yes, but they’re Challenges to Mastery.  They can feel like catastrophes, but their Spiritual Function is to expose our Limiting Beliefs to us so we can Embrace them into our Consciousness where they can no longer sabotage us. 

When we focus on what’s being Disrupted, they’re bummers. 

When we focus on what’s available to be Learned or Gained from them, they’re Liberating. 

They’re manifestations of the Fourth Harmonic, after all, the Emperor, or Dominion, Healthy Control over our “Estate,” however large it may be.

Yes, you’re right – is there an asteroid named after Echo?

The nymph Echo engaged Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) in long and distracting conversations whenever Juno came around to try to catch Jupiter philandering with the nymphs.  Once Juno realized the subterfuge, she cursed Echo’s tongue so it could only repeat what she had just heard.  Juno was forever turning her rivals into Stone, as she was Merged with her Anger over Jupiter’s constant infidelity.  As such, Juno represents Archetypes – Patterns larger than the Individual, with which we Merge so that “I” is not distinct from the Pattern.  You could use the word Karma without losing too much information.  The asteroid Karma, by the way, is still hanging out with Eris and Uranus; having just turned Retrograde a few days ago, it’s heading back to another rendezvous with Eris on 15 September.

The process of Growing Consciousness is in large measure the process of Differentiating our Self from the Archetypes (and Differentiating other Patterns from the general background noise – such as becoming Conscious that our World is immersed in narcissism), so that we become capable of Independent, self-preserving Decision and Action.  Unlike the rest of the Sheep, till they wake up too.  We could easily see Echo as the mind, with it’s never-ending string of Yes-Buts that keep us stuck in our Limiting Beliefs (another synonym for Karma).  But we can also see Echo as another facet of Yintegrity and our Yindependence – were Juno not Merged with her Jealousy (and perhaps in love with her crown), she could have chosen to Individuate on her own, and form bonds with those she could Learn to Trust.  Echo did try to show Juno another option, however ineffectively and perhaps ingenuously.

So where is the asteroid Echo?  Where else but Conjunct the asteroid Narcissus, at the focus of the T-Square with Uranus-Eris and Haumea!  Coincidence Schmincidence.

So our Choice comes down to whether our Self-Obsession will Listen to our Yes-Buts and keep us tightly bound inside our Birdcage, or Open up to Unlimited Potential and allow our Rebirth into a larger Consciousness.

So now, we have a T-Square (several actually, but Echo-Narcissus seems to be the Star today); what about the Vacancy that would make it into a Grand Cross, which would at least be Balanced?  That would be 22 Cancer, “A young woman awaiting a sailboat.”  Rudhyar’s interpretation talks about Living our Dreams.  Interesting synchrony, with Uranus and Chaos and Haumea so active and Lilith converging with the North Node in a few days.

But is there an asteroid at 22 Cancer?  Why, so there is.  Astraea – the fifth asteroid ever identified as an asteroid by our current civilization – the Virgin Goddess of Innocence and Purity.  Not just a Mythos and an asteroid, but a Constellation and Sign as well – Virgo!  So what does Virgo symbolize?  The breakdown of the Individual Ego in order to make space for encountering Other.  All Ego, All the Time!  By now we’re thinking it might even be time for the “Aliens” to shed their disguises!

There’s more, including much Grace and Insight; to be continued…

Mirrors I

September 2, 2015

The Perennial Wisdom (the Collective Wisdom of Human thought through the Ages) is always a good place to start when building a New Perspective…

As Within, So Without

That sounds a lot like we’re working with Mirrors already.

We Are All One

Okay, but who is this “We”?  The Universe is pervaded by Consciousness; Everything in the Universe is Conscious in its own way.  The Perennial Wisdom Personifies many aspects of the Universe – Plants, Animals, Stars, Rocks, Mountains, Concepts, for instance – to honor their Consciousness.

We are always in Balance

When we are (or the Planet appears to be) Out of Balance (ie, Discomfort, Disease, Discouragement, Dysfunction, etc), what Balances us lies in “the Unconscious.” 

“Subconscious” is Freud’s term for the Dungeon where we stash everything we reject; “Unconscious” is Jung’s term for the Treasure-house where our Urge Toward Wholeness is kept; of course the Treasure is guarded by a Dragon!

At any given moment (and it Changes moment to moment) for each Conscious Entity (including you & me), there is “I” and there is “Not I.”  “Not I” is everything that isn’t encompassed by “I” in that moment.  Whenever “I” finds itself to be Limited, the path to Breakthrough lies in “Not I.”

Since “Not I” is the rest of the Universe that’s not “I” in the moment, the Universe is a Mirror for our path to Breaking Through Limitation.

“I,” to the extent that it’s “contaminated” by mind, is often Dualistic, Either/Or.  The Unconscious (aka “Not I” aka the rest of the Universe) is not Dualistic; it’s Unitary and Multifarious, Both/And.  Negation is Dual; there is no Negation in the Unconscious; the Unconscious interprets “Not red” as “red.”

Sure, the rest of the Universe is a Mirror for our Limiting Beliefs, but it’s pretty big.  How do we find the Yellow Brick Road?  There are many helpful techniques.

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Example 1: What we Judge in Others, or reject in ourself, is somehow closely related to our own Shadow, our “Shadow” being the hidden Treasure that will bring us to Wholeness. 

All There Is, Is Love, Love, Love Is All There Is

Oh, and Perpetual Curiosity

You won’t find the Yellow Brick Road by being less than Fully Loving with yourself, so don’t jump to the conclusion that you are what you Judge in Others, or despicable.

We don’t have to be Fully Loving with Others, because we don’t Ascend all in one jump; it’s one step at a time.  In order to be Fully Loving with ourself, we have to Set Firm Boundaries against those who would mistreat us.  Eventually we’ll learn how to Set Firm Boundaries while being Fully Loving, but in the beginning, we need to Set Firm Boundaries any way we can, and while we’re Learning we’ll be quite sloppy at it.  Give yourself Space for that.

More often than not, the Universe is a “Funhouse Mirror,” with distortions, tricks, and humor.  Remember, Coyote lives there.  So if we Judge Others for being narcissistic, it does not mean that we are narcissistic.  It means that narcissism is our first clue for finding the Yellow Brick Road.  For instance, it could just mean that we aren’t narcissistic enough to be Loving with ourself enough to do whatever is necessary to Learn how to Set Firm Boundaries.

Or it could mean that there is some aspect of our Life where we do lean toward narcissism, and it’s Limiting us or throwing us Off Balance.  Maybe we’re in Scarcity about something unrelated to narcissism per se, so we don’t Share it.  Abundance is having enough to Share, and Scarcity around something can be a serious Limiting Belief. 

Our objective is to Grow our Conscious Identity.  Judging folks for being narcissistic may not actually be our Limiting Belief – it may be a Liberating Belief, if it amps up our Discernment about Self-Care.  But any Judgment is a place to start when looking for a handle we can use to pull part of our Shadow-Treasure into Consciousness.

More Blessings

September 2, 2015

Reminder about format: bold italic is for Everyman and Everywoman to read, while…

Indented plain text is for anyone who wants to know the astrology behind what we’re saying, or who wants to Learn it.  If you read these sections without worrying about how much you do or don’t understand, after a while you’ll notice that you begin to see how it works.

We don’t do this in the current post, but if we were defining some astrological term or how some arcane astroprocess works, we’d double-indent and use italics.

  β    β    β    β    β  

We start September with an additional Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) – Vesta (Beliefs), Pallas (Boundaries), and Venus-Mars (Self-Love) that forms a Kite focused on the Centaur Asbolus (Intuition).  It holds for a day or so.  There’s a gap of a couple days before Mars (Action) forms the Grand Trine  with the Stellium (Order from Central Command to Take Full Responsibility) and Uranus-Eris (Getting Honest about What We Really Need to Do with Our Life), but it’s still better than, say, tear gas.  It has a caveat though – Vesta Squares (Mastery through Challenge) Pluto (What We Can’t Avoid), and the Sextile (Friendly) between Venus-Mars and Asbolus is the base of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at Pluto.

So nobody’s going to get away without Changes to their Beliefs and their Relationships, whether we’re Conscious of the Changes or not.  However, they’ll be fairly Painless, especially if we succeed in entertaining ongoing Curiosity about what sort of Miracles our Intuition will reveal about how our Relationships are Changing.  Even if we’re Unconscious of the Changes in our Beliefs, we don’t want to assume our Relationships aren’t being Transformed.  We’re likely to find that our bullshit meter has become more sensitive, for instance, and we’re likely to be surprised at how easily and Emotionlessly we watch ourself reject being conned.  Enjoy it while it’s here.

It’s remarkable how prescient these little snippets are…

Don’t you wish I was that economical with words?

Ego Rebirth

September 1, 2015

DresdenDresden, after “The Allies” firebombed it.  The statue evidently survived.

I got up this morning after a long Meditation sending Loving Kindness into and Tapping on my usual-but-always-different motley collection of Pains, Fears, and Anxieties, and, stepping into the shower, had to stop and think about which way to turn the knob to get the water a little warmer.  A small moment, but what a Window.

Of course I should be on my knees in Gratitude for hot running Water – what a Blessing that so few Hupers in history have been able to Enjoy, and so few even today!  I settled for a lesser expression of Gratitude.  We’ll come back to that “should” in a few minutes.

Right, a “senior moment” as they say.  But not – it was a tiny Rebirth!  Resetting the Patterns!  Epigenetics in Action.  I’ve found Epigenetics to be a little hard to wrap my mind around.  Yes, we’re Victims of whatever Genes were handed to our Ancestors, whatever Mutations they stumbled upon, and whatever ongoing Mutations we’ve stumbled upon in our own Young Lives.  But Epigenetics tells us that it’s not so much about the Genes, it’s about whether or not the Genes are Turned On or Turned Off, or Tuned Out.  And that, while it’s far too subtle for most of us to Engineer on the Conscious level, we actually do have some Influence over the Turning On, Turning Off, and Tuning Out – we do take it with usNot the money, but what we’ve Learned (holistically, not intellectually).

Then look at it from the Karmic Perspective – Karma as Inertia.  Okay, waking up, having Pains and Fears and Anxieties, getting vertical – most of those Patterns have probably been going on since somewhere between the Planet’s first multi-celled Critter and the first Habitation of a Biochemical Organism by Consciousness, if those two events are different.  Far more than Ancient, those Patterns, tons of Inertia, tonnes of Iterations.  That’s how we build Habit (which is very useful – imagine having to Consciously contract and relax each muscle to get vertical; I wouldn’t even know where to start), Iteration.  Compare that to how many Iterations we have under our collective “belt” adjusting the Water temperature in the shower (with that particular kind of plumbing fixture even!).  A Pattern poorly cemented, easily broken.

Which brings us to the meat of the issue here, Ego Death.  I could have added a “senior moment” to my Anxiety List, accreting it to my Small Bummers locker.  I didn’t.  Instead I added a “broken Pattern” to my Small Successes box, increasing my joie de vivre just a pinch.  I “should” probably summarize the signs of Ego Rebirth again as we move into September, since it’s very much in the schedule, but for now, see .

I made an illuminating discovery this morning…

The first thing to pop out of this blog for me is “the victims of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) abuse” – whoa.  Exactly what’s going on on the Planet, with the Income Inequality and Exploitative Capitalism and cultural admiration of the Captains of Excess, whether they’re athletes, entertainers, politicians, or vulture capitalists – we’re all Victims of NPD Abuse here, and Victims of our own acculturated admiration of it.  Unfortunately it’s Genetic, rather than “just” Epigenetic, but the Epigenetic component is big as well.

Not meaning at all to diminish the impact of NPD Abuse on the individual by individuals.  And the notion of “I don’t think it was ever an accident that these people with [a knack for triggering my own Victim Patterns] keep showing up in my life” invites a book on Mirrors, or at least a summary of how they help us Witness our most troublesome Patterns.

I don’t have Mirrors in our Categories list, and it should be there.  And these notions shed a whole new Light on Ixion the Psychopath and Nessus the icon of Male Privilege.  We don’t usually give Centaur Nessus much heed, but it does Sextile the Stellium, Square Saturn, and Bridge (Unx-Quincunx) the Nodes in the Stellium-Stations chart.  Not to mention Pallas (Boundaries) on the Great Attractor.

And then there’s…

“Have you read The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna?  You should.  Or should I say, you must! … The book says there are two paths available to us: should and must.  Should is doing what society considers acceptable while Must is doing exactly what our true self dictates.  I can’t get over the fact that this is exactly where I am right now.  At the crossroads.  And I’ve been standing here for what seems like forever.

Whoa again!  Exactly where we’re all at, and exactly what we’ve been calling Yintegrity for the last four years, and which is lit up again – and still – between now and next June (at the very least).

Eris (Exposing Denial) Initiates Uranus (the Soul Self) next June, which will be putting finishing touches on our 2012-2015 Uranus-Square-Pluto (Mandatory Yintegrity) adventures, while the budding Uranus-Eris Conjunction Opposes Haumea (Rebirth) and forms one corner of the Grand Trine with the Stellium and Mars.

All of which leads us circuitously to…

Twenty-two is way excessive, but we can pick and choose.  They left off Elle’s book, though.

Root Cause

August 31, 2015

maelstromMaelstrom – this is Real Time

Here’s a fascinating perspective on dis-ease and Ego Death…

Is Fear of Death Killing You?

“Dr. Kim” is an emergency room physician.  Her book (see link above) is great.  I haven’t taken her workshops or coaching programs, but I have no doubt that they’re fantastic.  Click on “BLOG” on her website (link above) for more Powerful, quick Life-Changers.

The Bottom Line

August 30, 2015


This will take an hour out of your Young Life, but it will also save the Planet and yourself.  It’s Joseph Mercola interviewing soil scientist Ray Archuleta…

Here’s the website Dr. Archuleta refers to…

And here’s a lot more very usable information, on Dr. Mercola’s web page about his interview with Dr. Archuleta…

If you’re planning to Ascend purely to save your own ass, Rapture-style, you needn’t bother with any of this.  But even if you’re planning to Ascend and you also care at all about Mother Earth, this is the Bottom Line, where the Seed meets the Dirt.  If you kind of like it here, then this is The Most Important Thing you’ll ever do.  Let me know if you want more resources; I have tons.