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a.Karma Chapter Two

May 11, 2015


Well, the plot thickens.  In Chapter One we described the Grand Cross  (Skill at Multitasking) and the Diamond Star (Orientation toward Liberation) rooted at the third Decanate of the Cardinal Signs (Liberation through Letting Go) in the Discovery chart for asteroid Karma (a.Karma for short).  The chart pretty much defines how our Species will be evolving over the next Century.  Some of the key points:
  • Learning to be Loving with Fear without Abandoning ourself
  • Locating and Accepting Forbidden Emotions
  • Opening up to the Skills hidden within Strong Emotions
  • Accepting Confusion as The Most Important Thing in our Evolution

But we also discovered an almost-Grand Sextile – five out of six points equally spaced around the Zodiac – which makes the sixth (missing or Vacant) point a very important place for our Evolution.

Turns our the Vacancy is none other than 27 Aquarius, “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets: The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in our instinctive feelings as frames of reference for our most authentic emotions.”  Where do we recognize this symbol from?  From the February 2010 Neptune-Chiron Initiation.

So our approach to Karma, and in particular our Response to this Chiron-Vesta Initiation, is intertwined with the New Economic Paradigm that the 2007 Financial Derivative Crash (sold to us by the corporate media as a “Subprime Mortgage Crash”) set up for us.  The methodology for this Crash is clearly exposed in Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.  Part of the process lies in the Elite manipulating the Culture into crises (and manipulating endogenous crises) in order to use them as excuses to “rescue” us – by putting us into indebtedness we can never repay. 

If we follow the standard Politics of Karma – and our traditional Limiting Beliefs – we’d placidly accept our resulting Victimhood as “Bad Karma” rather than as a failure of Community.  If we transcend our Limiting Beliefs around Abandonment, instead of being Abandoned then we’ll Abandon the Multinationals and establish a new approach to Community based around Collaboration and Cooperation (hence Lilith’s involvement in the current T-Square), Sustainability, and local Self-Sufficiency.  We’ll vote with our local currency for local control over our local Resources. 

We’ll talk about the other two Grand Crosses in Chapter Three.

Chiron-Vesta and a.Karma

May 11, 2015

ceru5930bpFor these events we’d best choose one of the highest vibrations we can find.  One of those would be Cerussite, Lead Carbonate – hard to imagine how a combination of Lead and Carbon could be almost transparent, till we remember that Matter is Illusion and in the “atom” model almost all “empty” space.  Which just illustrates how woefully inadequate the Material Perspective is, relative to the Energy Perspective.  In this picture a necklace of Cicada-like Cerussite Crystals embrace, like a Chorus of Angels, a block of white blady Barite (Barium Sulfate, symbolizing the Heaviness of Matter) dusted with tiny Crystals of Hematite (Iron Oxide, symbolizing Blood, or Life).  The Cicada symbolizes being “in it” for the long term.

Not to lose sight of the Big Picture, we’re looking at a.Karma (asteroid Karma) because…

It’s dancing with Chiron, which is Initiating Vesta on 13 May and being Opposed by Lilith (complete 6 June), both of which are T-Squaring dp.Chaos (dwarf planet Chaos), which symbolizes Unlimited Potential rather than Disorder.  The Moon blesses the Chiron-Vesta Initiation, crossing them a few hours before their consummation.   Elizabeth points out the a couple of other asteroids – Ask and Amor – are also clamoring to get in on the party, each about to be Initiated by Chiron.  a.Karma was Initiated 1 May, a.Ask will get Shaktipat 15 May, and a.Amor 19 May (while the Moon is on dp.Chaos).

So in addition to Karma, we can look forward to not just Magnetism (Feminine Manifestation processes or PIAVA, Ask being one of the A’s in PIAVA), but also Desire and Relationship (Amor) moving from Despair or Discouragement to Miracles, since that’s what Chiron does for a Living. 

It would be appropriate to ask here, aren’t we confusing the map with the territory, as Ralph Metzner once phrased it?  The answer is Yes, quite purposefully, as one of our Limiting Beliefs is that the Unconscious perceives no difference between our Symbols and  their Referents.  That’s why they work as Symbols.  Or maybe that’s an Unlimiting Belief – who can say?

But meanwhile, a reader writes,

“This Vesta-Chiron etc. seems powerful out of proportion, I find – or is there something else going on?  Do you really feel it’s this big?  I’ve been spending a lot of time Tapping!”

To which we replied,

“Yes.  There is no “Reality,” only Belief – as amply demonstrated by the Placebo Effect that confounds the World’s best statisticians and manipulators of biochemistry.  So yes, going from Beliefs based on Despair to Beliefs based on Miracles is indeed one of the larger Life Changes we can ever experience.  Remember, the Greeks toasted Hestia/Vesta before they toasted Zeus, and toasted Her again after they toasted Zeus.  She was the Hearth – Food, Survival, Home, not-Abandonment, everything of utmost importance and meaning.”

Just to remind, the mechanism Chiron uses – via our intervention – to make this alchemical Transformation, is Empathy.  By Empathizing with Despair, we shift from being IN Despair to being IN Compassion, and that shift all by itself is enough to Create Miracles. 

Miracles happen because Limiting Beliefs dissolve.  As Einstein averred, we cannot solve a problem by using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  We need a new Perspective.  The most Powerful Perspective there is, is Belief, because Belief is all-encompassing.  We aren’t talking about what you think you Believe, or what you were taught to think you Believe, we’re talking about what you really Believe, as demonstrated by what you Manifest in your Life.

But that’s not all…

The whole 21-Pisces Chiron-plus Dance occurs Biquintile to the 16 May Initiation by Jupiter of Juno.

Which means that this is a huge Learning Opportunity around Expanding our Consciousness, and for many of us, Consciousness is more important than even Shopping.  We Manifest what we Believe, and we don’t have direct access to, or influence over, Beliefs that are Unconscious.  While it’s a little more complicated than simply Witnessing them (that’s Step One), bringing our Limiting Beliefs up into Consciousness is mandatory if we want to Liberate ourselves from their need to Sabotage us.  They Sabotage us because they’re shouting at us to Pay Attention!! so they can be Liberated.  Our Limiting Beliefs are Entities that we have in chains in our dungeon, and they want out!

The 21-Pisces business is about “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a child fondles a little white lamb,” which is a loaded metaphor if there ever was one!

How does this relate to the ascendancy of China on the World Stage, for example?  Vesta-Chiron is a four-year Cycle, easily long enough for China to move into World Suzerainty, in spite of Obama’s best efforts to sell the rest of the World to the Multinationals before the Empire collapses.  While the rest of the World is run by lawyers and economists and psychopaths, China is run by engineers.  That’s a radically different Worldview, and one through which we might all be far better off.  Pluto in Capricorn means “Just Fix It” after all, and Pluto symbolizes the Zeitgeist.

The subsequent Vesta-Chiron Cycle begins at 3 Aries in April 2019, “The cameo profile of a person, suggesting the shape of their country.

In other words, by the end of this decade our Beliefs Manifest directly in our Culture, so the more we purge them of Despair now, the better will be our Future. 

It’s too big a topic to drop into now, but in early August of this year Jupiter reaches its Waning Square with Saturn.  This is the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle that corresponded with the “Dot-Com Crash” of 2000, at 23 Taurus, “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”  Because of the longer-term relationship between Jupiter and Saturn…

The years 2000-2020 will see the Industrial Revolution picked apart, to choose those parts of it that “we” want to keep and those parts we want to Abandon, before two centuries of the Digital Revolution begin.  So far it’s clear that one of the defining elements of the Digital Revolution may (it’s not Co-Created yet) be the Abandonment of the Individual.  One of my own Limiting Beliefs is that you cannot rise to the top of the stack without stepping on those “below” you.  Ronnie Reagan and Margie Thatcher took Power in 1980, just as the 20-year Digital Revolution Preview began.  They both epitomize the Liberation of the Individual to step on whomever they want.  So far, Ruthlessness appears to be one of the most sterling qualities of the Industrial Revolution that “we” as a species choose to keep.

Remind us later to look into the role of dp.Ixion in this.

In other words, the next five year is a critical period in defining the Edges of the next two centuries.

The Digital Revolution is 200 years of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Air Signs, just as the Industrial Revolution was two centuries of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Earth Signs.  We’re dropping into the Void phase of the last Earth Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, between the Waning Square and the Conjunction.  Jupiter-Saturn is about the Social and Economic Order, and the Void phase is about deconstruction.

So it’s not just the decade, but the next 200 years that are being cast into concrete during this event, and our Beliefs and Consciousness are the forms that the concrete will be poured into.  Your own Beliefs and Consciousness could be the final mote that tips the Balance.

Oh, and by the way, Mercury turns Retrograde from 18 May through 11 June.  It Retrogrades across 5-14 degrees of Gemini (which Mercury has been introducing since 4 May), which is the Leo through Scorpio Duads of Gemini.  In this phase of Gemini we’ve tried out a new group of Ideas (possibly Ideas around how our new Yintegrity will impact our Relationships) and are in the process of taking them apart to see how they can be improved.  We test a revised version here, debrief it, and set up a second revision.  We can think of it as Beta 2.1 and 2.2 of our Ideas around how to exercise Yintegrity in our Relationships.

Then, on May 21-25, Venus crosses Pluto and Squares Uranus, adding another layer of finesse to our Yintegrity.

The Moon crosses Lilith and Opposes our Chiron Stellium on May 25-26, then completes the Grand Cross on June 2.

Asteroid Karma Chapter One

May 10, 2015

catmaWe’ve looked up the “Discovery” (or rather, “coming into human Consciousness” – it was there all along) date for asteroid Karma (“a.Karma” to distinguish it from the concept of Karma), and it’s quite revealing.  It was the 3,811th asteroid recognized (there are currently over a million), on October 13, 1953.  It was not a Friday, a fact worthy of celebration.

a.Karma, recall, was recently Initiated by Chiron, at 21 Pisces, “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a child fondles a little white lamb.”  For comparison, the four-year Cycle we’ve just completed was Initiated at 2 Pisces, “A squirrel hiding from hunters.”  Chiron is currently lit up by its impending Initiation of Vesta (Beliefs), its Opposition to Lilith (Yindependence), and a T-Square to the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder).

An a.Karma-Chiron Cycle would be about Miraculous release from self-sabotaging Patterns, the Miracles brought about by Empathizing with our own Victimhood.  The parts of our True Self that we’ve been hiding because we expected condemnation, need no longer be hidden.  Children Explore.  We should all be so Open.  As Children we were condemned for Exploring beyond the Limiting Beliefs of our older caretakers or taskmasters.  Time to be Loving with our Inner Tykes in all such situations.

At it’s “Discovery” a.Karma was in 26 Aries, “A person possessed of more gifts than they can hold,” betraying the fact that…

Our Held Emotions (the Emotions that we Refuse to Feel, often to the point that we don’t even know it) hide Skills that are truly frightening in their Power.  Our Rage that would destroy Others, for instance, or our Vulnerability that could destroy our Self-Image.

a.Karma was also closely Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna (wouldn’t you know it!), which symbolizes Acts performed out of Fear…

Reread that last paragraph about Held Emotions, but multiply by 100.  Our rage that would destroy our own Children, for instance, or our Vulnerability that could result in our own Death.

Which Conjunction T-Squared the Nodes…

So yes, we can consider Karma and a.Karma to have the same impact – though a.Karma might be the stronger of the two!

And which completed a Grand Cross by Opposing a Saturn-Neptune Conjunction…

So much for Clear Understanding of all this!  Just when we think we’ve got a handle on The Most Important Thing, massive Confusion takes over!  And just when we start to get in touch with the Crux of the issue in Meditation, our need to Define screws it up! 

Meanwhile, Uranus Conjoined the South Node…

To locate our True Self or Yintegrity we’ll need to face down those Held Emotions and Love them into submission.

Which in turn were Conjunct the dwarf planet Makemake…

What we can Manifest once we do that will be shocking.  If there’s anything you’re having difficult Manifesting, just start Exploring any Emotion you distrust or dislike or don’t embrace wholeheartedly.  The grammar isn’t the best, but here’s a list for you – can you Embrace them all?

Any Emotion on the list that you don’t like, that’s the Door to Heaven for you.  Sure, there’s a bed of nails and a hot coal walk between here and there, but sheesh, they’re just Feelings!  Keep reminding yourself of that.

Nothing to sneeze at here – a Grand Cross with

  • Karma Conjunct Sedna
  • Saturn Conjunct Neptune
  • South Node Conjunct Uranus and Makemake
  • North Node

at the corners.  Well, could be worse.

Grand Crosses are a lot easier than T-Squares, because a Grand Cross is Balanced.  To do a T-Square you have to provide the missing Energy yourself, the Energy residing in the Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross.  Not that it’s a picnic – with a Grand Cross there are so many disturbances that you’re always running from one emergency to the next, so you never have time to fret about it.  Which is the boon, since the essence of a T-Square is fretting about how you don’t measure up to your Perfect Picture.  A Grand Cross is four T-Squares, so you have too many Perfect Pictures to fret over.  Not measuring up?  BFD.

So the asteroid Karma keeps us very busy, which is actually a good thing.  Anything else positive about it?

The Grand Cross is Cardinal, in 23-29 degrees.  So the overall Energy is Creative.  The third Decanate of the Cardinal Signs is the Mutable Signs.  So Karma is not about The Way Out is ThroughKarma – at least as seen through the lens of a.Karma – is about The Way Out is Letting Go.  Our Karma doesn’t hold us, we hold itKarma is Inertia – it’s our Comfort Zone, it’s how we’ve always done things, it’s what we do.  So on the deepest level imaginable, all we need to do, is to do something different that we otherwise would have.  As a friend used to say, Don’t get even, get odd.  Are you brave enough to be unpredictable?

And now that you mention it, both Jupiter and a Conjunction between Pluto and the dwarf planet Haumea make a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge across the Opposition between a.Karma-Sedna and Saturn-Neptune, with Pluto-Haumea Trine to a.Karma-Sedna and Jupiter Sextile to it; and Pluto-Haumea Sextile to Saturn-Neptune and Trine to a.Karma-Sedna.  The positions of the Trines and Sextiles turn out to be important, because while the Trines provide Dumb-Luck Grace, the Sextiles Ask us to take the first Step.

One planet or Conjunction can make a Trine-Sextile Bridge across an Opposition.  When two planets do so, and the two Sextile one another, the Configuration formed resemble Trusses.

So we’re actually Compelled to be Reborn through Letting Go of our Karma.  And we can do it more easily if we take an Active step toward Expansion – which means Consciously relaxing Judgment.

Which is particularly interesting to me, because I’ve always been curious about whether some folks are “Jungian” (driven toward Wholeness and Integration with the Unconscious, as Jung postulated), others are “Freudian” (driven by Demons in the Subconscious, as Freud postulated), and yet others are driven by other Energies that are reflected in the other major schools of psychology.  I would expect all schools to be useful – Both/And, after all – but are some more useful for some people?  I basically do Jungian astrology, but there are many folks for whom my readings don’t make much sense.  Of course we all grew up with different idioms and metaphors, so language has a great impact.

So I’ve always wondered whether the position of, or planetary relationships to, the Nodes may be influential.  But if a.Karma Gracefully Compels us to Rebirth through Embracing our Karma and our Fears, that would be another indication; folks with a prominent a.Karma in their natality could be prone to the Jungian Perspective.

Now, quiz time.  When you have a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge across an Opposition that has a T-Square on the other side (we need a picture, but alas, my camera stopped talking to my computer for some reason), what is the Configuration?  A Diamond Star!  (See for pictures.)  Diamond Stars are very auspicious, as they make the otherwise Challenging T-Square Graceful.  The two planets in the Truss also form the base of a Finger of God pointing at the planet at the tip of the T-Square – in this case, Jupiter and Haumea-Pluto pointing to the North Node.

So these Active Steps of Expanding beyond Judgment, and of Recognizing Confusion as the first stage of Growth and Rebirth, Liberate us to meet our Mission and Embrace our Deepest Desires.  How?  Through Surrendering Control and courting Perpetual Curiosity.

The Finger of God also makes the North Node the overall Focus of the Grand Cross…

Informing us that Karma  – at least as seen through the lens of a.Karma – isn’t about Limitation, it’s about Liberation!

 Well, we didn’t really expect a.Karma to have a simple natality, did we.  And of course we’re just beginning.  If we shift our Orb or Sensitivity a bit, we find an almost-Grand Sextile, granting considerable Magical status to the Vacancy.  I haven’t calculated it yet, but this Vacancy is very close to the position of the current Chiron-Karma Initiation – as a friend says, you can’t make this stuff up!  And depending on the Orb we choose, we have at least one more Grand Cross and an additional T-Square to consider, not to mention at least one fascinating Conjunction.  So, more to follow!

Limiting Beliefs Illustrated – Portal 5.13

May 10, 2015

fuch9108bp Fuchsite (“few’-sight”) is a Chromian Muscovite Mica that’s a powerful Healer of Judgments against the Feminine, making it an excellent Totem for countering the Patriarchy.

Here’s a great illustration of Limited Beliefs…

These are the folks who made us feel dumb when we were growing up.  They not only know nothing of Astral Travel, Shapeshifting, and other Dimensions, but they vehemently deny the existence of anything that doesn’t meet the approval of the dominant Materialistic paradigm, and denigrate anyone who has experience or information that would threaten their Limiting Beliefs.  They’re experts at taking things apart, but know nothing about putting them back together again.  These are the folks who brought us nucular weapons and radioactive waste – er, I mean, nucular power.

Thing is, we all do the same thing, we just have different Limiting Beliefs.  If anything doesn’t fit our Limiting Beliefs, we don’t Believe it, and often don’t even See it.  Like the Fairy who disappears as soon as we shift our head toward that subtle movement we saw out of the corner of our eye.  We have till May 13 to cooperate with the thorough Cleansing of our Belief System, which the Universe has arranged for us.

As Chiron (Converting Despair to Miracles by Empathizing with the Despair) Initiates (Enlightens) Vesta (our Sacred Cows) Opposite (Both/And) Lilith (Yindependence), all while T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to the dwarf planet Chaos (symbolizing Unlimited Potential).  Meanwhile Chiron just Initiated the asteroid Karma (about which more soon), and the Lilith recently Initiated asteroid Lachesis (Length of Life).  Busy busy.

So this is a fantastic time to work with our Limiting Beliefs.  We can do that Cognitively, but since we tend not to Believe or See what lies beyond them, it will probably be more effective to use PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking, and it’s many extensions such as Expanding, “Feelizing,” Commanding, Wondering, and the like.  Pick your favorite Limitation or two – where you’ve been working your butt off all your Life and never getting what you Want – and Ask to Grow beyond your Limits.  “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that my Limits be Lovingly and Gently Relaxed, so that I can without Anxiety Appreciate and bask in Gratitude for the remarkable Gifts You’ve given me, and for the delightful Surprises that You’ll be Giving me soon.”

Bear in mind that our greatest Frustrations often follow from our Squares and T-Squares.  Squares and T-Squares are about Motivation, not Satisfaction.  Squares and T-Squares are Mastered when we realize that since we’ve been working these issues from every conceivable angle since we were old enough to open our eyes, we must be pretty damn good at it by now!  Even if we’re still a youngster.  We have this Perfect Picture of what it’s supposed to be like, and we always fall short of achieving it.  When we realize that we’re amazingly talented while our Perfect Picture is a frozen snapshot of something that never really existed in the first place, then we can start appreciating our Mastery.  Till then, we’re still Challenged and probably still Frustrated.

Another approach is through your Judgments.  Imagine anything (or person or idea or whatever) that you Judge.  Have you ever said “I’m the kind of person that…”?  These are pretty strong expressions of Limiting Beliefs.  Can you conceive of anything positive about what you Judge, or anything useful about the kind of person you aren’t?  What if we could be anybody, but were always the perfect match for whatever situation we were in?  Would we still like ourself if we were that sort of Chameleon?  If we don’t Like and Love ourself in every case, that’s a very debilitating Limiting Belief.

Or through What we routinely Do.  When we ask someone how they are and they actually tell us, do we feel inconvenienced?  When someone asks us how we are, do we actually tell them?  Probably depends on who they are.  Do these Limiting Beliefs serve us?  Maybe sometimes.  But are we Consciously or Intuitively or Instinctively Choosing which times to exercise them, or do they Choose us?  Do we habitually worry about the Future?  What sort of Limiting Belief would that suggest?

Hay! House Summit

May 7, 2015

Don’t know how I missed this, but it starts tomorrow, the Hay House World Summit with Almost Everybody…

Just the information you get when you sign up (free, first name & Email address only required) is mind-boggling.  Wish I’d known about it sooner!

Meanwhile, and this is probably related, our Asteroid Hawk Elizabeth tells us that…

I agree that it can get silly trying to track all the asteroids, so as you suggest, I go with my intuition…

“Asteroid Lachesis stations direct today at 20:33 Virgo, directly opposite Chiron at 20:32 Pisces. 
“Lachesis was one of the three so-called Morai or Greek goddesses of Fate.  Klotho was the spinner of the thread of life; Lachesis (literally allotment) represented the lifespan of the thing or person; and Atropos represented the cutter of the thread of life.  There are four related asteroids: Moira, Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

A Life-Extending Miracle or two may await us.  Not a misspelling; Morai is the plural of Moira in Greek. 

Remember that Vesta (Beliefs) is approaching Chiron (Despair and Miracle), while Lilith (Yindependence) approaches Lachesis, with the whole Dance Squared by the dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Chaos).  I’m wondering which asteroids or Stars are parked at 18-21 of Sagittarius, to complete the Grand Cross.  They would be the Power Brokers here.  It’s close enough to the Midpoint (22 Sagittarius) between the Galactic Center and the Great Attractor that it merits extra Attention!

By the way, speaking of Life Extension, I recommend checking out this… 

This is a recommendation, not an advertisement.  I lost half an eyebrow fifty years ago in an otherwise-inconsequential accident, and it has never grown back – till I started taking these!  Resveratrol has the potential to reduce mutation during cell division; Pterostilbene is a form of Resveratrol extracted from Blueberries.

Unlimited Potential

May 5, 2015

girl_with_elves-large Vision of Freedom: “Girl with Elves” by Maxfield Parrish.  Notice how she’s not looking directly at the Elves.  We have a tendency to jerk our head toward anything that moves, but we’ll see better if we use our peripheral vision and sidelong glances.

Feeling a little nervous about how we’re going to Balance our newfound Yintegrity‘s need to Trust Ourself moment to moment, with our Belief that if we don’t do what we’re told we won’t survive?  Well, those Feelings are right on time.

The dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder) is T-Squaring the developing Opposition between Lilith (Yindependence) and the impending Chiron-Vesta Initiation (Miraculous Transformation of Limiting Beliefs).  Which is to say…

Our Limiting Beliefs are up in our face because they’re bring threatened Bigtime by a Vision of Unlimited Self-Autonomy.  The contrast is painful.  All of our CAN’T messages are flashing red.  That’s Discouraging at best and at worst touches our Despair.  Well, that’s not quite worst – we could be failing to understand why we’re Feeling Discouraged because we’ve really never had any concept of Unlimited Potential.  So we’re just Scared and we don’t know why.

But what’s really Changing here, if we’re willing to accept the Gift, is our Limiting Beliefs.  There’s a Vision of Freedom just outside your window, but there are bars on the window!  Our habitual Reaction is to focus on the bars and rue the impossibility of Freedom.  Our non-habitual Response will be to melt the bars, because that’s exactly what the Universe is doing – melting the bars.  Our Habituation sees the bars as being still there, so we need to erase them manually.  It’ll be one of those over-and-over-again things, as the bars keep reforming.  That’s the nature of Habit – it takes “reps” to break down the old Pattern.

The concept of Freedom in a Patriarchal Culture is different from the concept of Freedom in a Matriarchal Culture.  In the latter it’s more about Freedom to Be who you really Are, rather than Freedom to Do whatever you Want.  Matriarchal Cultures have rules of Behavior, but except in extreme cases, not Judgment of the person who’s ignoring the rules.  The Vision is one of Community, Collaboration, and Unconditional Love, not Competition and Winning.

Nobody in this T-Square is moving very fast, so except for Vesta moving out of Orb in a few weeks, this T-Square stays with us for a couple of months.

The Lilith-Chiron Cycle that’s reaching Opposition began in July 2010 at 1 Pisces, “In a crowded marketplace farmers and middlemen display a great variety of products.”  A Lilith-Chiron Cycle would be about creating Miracles by Trusting one’s Instincts.   The Eat Local movement and the proliferation of farmer’s markets comes to mind.

The Chiron-Chaos Cycle that’s reaching its Waning Square was Initiated in April 1976 at 28 Aries, “A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations.”  Chiron-Chaos Cycles would be about reaching into the Zero Point Field to pull out Miracle Rabbits that make insoluble problems dissolve.  The desmise of the Middle Class fits this Cycle perfectly.  The confrontation has been lacking because the audience is so frightened of losing its privilege and because the fascist performers control the media propaganda flow, convincing the audience that it’s their own damn fault.

The Lilith-Chaos Cycle that’s reaching its Waxing Square had its beginning in January 2013 at 15 Gemini, “Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge.”  This is an interesting Cycle – pulling Yindependence out of the tophat when it’s least expected.  Since long ago the Dutch have made markets, and they’re still making the Political market in Europe.  Children implies some sort of innocence, or relative freedom from the established paradigm.  It’s Danish rather than Dutch, but I can’t help think of Peter Høeg’s novel Borderliners.

If we indeed focus our Attention on Letting Go of our Limiting Beliefs, a good deal of Grace awaits us this coming week.

Pluto makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Lillith-to-Vesta-Chiron Opposition, and for the next week or so the Sun mirrors it, forming a Kite focused on Vesta-Chiron.  The Chiron-Vesta Initiation recall is Biquintile to the Jupiter-Juno Initiation – that is, the Expansion of our Consciousness arises through examining our Limiting Beliefs.

The Chiron-Vesta Initiation occurs May 13, the Jupiter-Juno Initiation May 16, and Lilith Opposes Chiron June 8.

A note about Conjunctions and Initiations.  If we have two planets “Tortoise” and “Hare” that rotate at different speeds, Tortoise more or less sits around waiting for Hare to catch up, since their track is circular.  So when we speak of their Conjunction, it’s a Hare-Tortoise Conjunction, as Hare catches up and passes Tortoise.  However, in a relative sense, Slow planets connote Wisdom, and Fast planets suggest Messengers.  A Conjunction Initiates a Cycle. 

At an Initiation, Tortoise represents the Guru, Hare the Initiate, and the Conjunction Shaktipat.  During the Cycle, the Initiate carries the Guru’s Teaching to the People.  So an Initiation is called a Tortoise-Hare Initiation, as Tortoise Initiates Hare.  So we refer to Faster-Slower Conjunctions and Slower-Faster Initiations, but they’re the same event.  The Conjunction sees the event as a moment, while the Initiation sees the event as the essence of a Cycle.  Think of the Conjunction as a noun and the Initiation as a verb.

Of course, Letting Go of our Limiting Beliefs is not normally a cognitive exercise, as our Limiting Beliefs have roots deep in both the Personal and Cultural Realms of the Unconscious.  So the Grace would lie in opportunities to become Conscious of our Limiting Beliefs.  Once a Belief arises into Consciousness, we can work to establish new Habits that counter the Belief.

For example, while researching material for the Error as Intuition post, I came across the Star Zosma, which sits behind a major planet at the top of a client’s chart.  In Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette says…

“Zosma … belongs to those whom the establishment, either directly or indirectly, makes powerless…  It is present in the chart of victims, of people who are abused by the system.”

Zosma symbolizes the place in Linear Time where the Patriarchy usurped Power from the Matriarchy, and hence the condition of those who are out of Power and vulnerable to persecution by the Powerful.

When I shared this information with my client, they were surprised by how relevant this was to their Life, and how the conceptualization had not risen into their Consciousness before.  They were initially bummed, Feeling it as a sort of Fate or Destiny.  When I spoke with them later, they had thought to Empathize with their perennial Victim, and had come to realize that it was part of their Mission to evolve through this Portal.

Have you had any surprise flashes of Insight in the last several days, that might be revealing Portals of your own Limiting Beliefs?  Visions of Heaven beyond the Gate, and/or Awareness of the bars on the Gate?  Repeating Patterns of Frustration in your Life?  If your Reaction to these was Discouragement, Empathize with your own perceived Limits.  Empathy works as its own device.  Once you Empathize, you can forget the whole Drama.  Later you’ll be inspired to PIAVA a new Pattern or two, but there’s nothing else to Do once you Empathize.  The Unconscious does the Transformation work for you.  When it’s ready for you to take the next step, it’ll tap you on the shoulder.

Here’s a Vision of Heaven, from Bonnie, at


“I’m spending just about every available moment these days in my garden. Not working, just being … being with the bunnies and the birds and the breezes, the sunlight and the stars, and all the slow dancing Green Folk.  I’ve felt for many months now that I access much more intelligence in these Presences, and in recent weeks have felt and leaned into my emotional Connection to them, and through them to All That Is.

“Insights from the Green Folk are beyond words.  Every day there is deepening and strengthening of feeling and relaxing into Relationship, a security and support I’ve longed for all my life at levels I didn’t even know I had levels.

“When I wander in my mind away from Connection, I feel fear and confusion; when I turn back from those Dark Paths I feel steady and knowing once again: not certain about anything, not knowing how even the next moment is going to unfold, but a deepening felt experience of what I’ve known intellectually for years: I’m not abandoned, have never been alone: I’m held (as is everyone) in the Very Heart of Being.  And no One expects me to know anything in advance: all that’s required is that I Participate with my Whole Being, that I bring All of Me to the Moment, and Respond.

“I’m learning not to walk down the Dark Paths in my mind anymore.  I know where they all lead: always the same places full of Paper Tigers and Bad Guesses about The Future.  So partly I’m bored with them finally; and partly they don’t scare me as much as they used to … daily their power weakens; and partly I’m becoming less and less willing to Entertain the Darkness.

“The Choice is becoming clearer and clearer, emotionally.  And it’s getting easier and easier to choose Connection … almost, almost to the point of why on this marvelous, beautiful Earth would I ever choose anything else?

Testing Our Vulnerability to Fear: Portal 5.4

May 3, 2015

orchidsBorrowed from

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Once a long while ago someone said to me…

“My Faith tells me that ‘this too shall pass.’  But you’re an astrologer – you know when it will pass.” 

Sometimes a Full Moon will be such a Passage, but often as not a Full Moon will invoke an Energy more than dismiss it.  In the case of an Initiation, though (and to some extent any Angle), it usually really is such a Passage, as the Energy builds till the moment of the Initiation, then drops off sharply.  There are more Details and Exceptions, but we’ll talk about those in a little while.  The Sedna-Mars Warrior with human scalps hanging from his belt Initiation (see below, however) occurs at 4am PDT May 4 (, so we can expect our adventures with Fear to escalate till then.

Here’s a relevant story…

“Thirty minutes later I notice I’m feeling slightly edgy and I wonder if I’ve picked up some sort of negative energy or spent too much time on the computer.  I do a bit of energetic clearing and deep breathing but it doesn’t help and the edginess continues; it’s like an irritation I can’t stop, like a knocking on the door that is unanswered and the visitor knows I’m home so won’t go away.  I’m almost convinced now I’m under some sort of minor psychic attack so more clearing and ground exercises ensue but again, it doesn’t help and by now I’m feeling intense edginess and even beginning to feel victimised!

“In that moment I suddenly get an insight – it is someone knocking at my door!  I remembered from previous times when I had similar experiences and that once I stopped resisting, relaxed and allowed, I had felt an angelic presence that was trying to get my attention.  So taking a cue from that, I immediately stopped resisting the energy and instantly my experienced changed from edginess to excitement… like a quickening feeling through my body…  Closing my eyes, softening my body, relaxing into myself and allowing my awareness to drop deeply inside of me and set my intention to only be open to Divine Light of the Most High.  Inwardly I said “Greetings, who are you?”

“ ‘I Am the Over-lighting Deva of Orchids’ was the response.

“WOW!  My heart opened even more in response to the charm and delicacy of the vibration, tinkling in me like iridescent vortexes of the finest Light…  Oh such sweet ecstasy!  I can feel its curiosity!  In this moment I recognised that it’s a Divine Child of such purity and innocence, and it is achingly beautiful!  Such deep wisdom yet a lightness of being, of ‘knowing’ itself and its place in Creation – to feel even that is indescribably beautiful!  I was becoming undone.  It is so gentle too, and I was utterly captivated by this experience – such sweetness!”

Fear, recall, is the absence of Love.  On another long-while-ago occasion, I was writing about the Goddess late at night in my basement apartment, and felt – again – that I was being watched.  The curtains were closed, but I had the distinct feeling that someone was just outside the window, looking for a weakness.  I could feel the hair on my neck starting to stand up, and feel the tingling on my skin.  This time I took a deep breath, grounded myself, got up quietly, and moved to the door.  With one sudden movement I unlocked the door and flung it open, to surprise the intruder.  And She was right there, staring me in the face – the Full Moon.

As Marianne Williamson – and Dorothy Maclean – remind us, we do Fear Power, our own as well as that of our allies.  We never know what lies beneath our Fear, but the odds that it may be Blessings are high enough that it’s worth exploring.

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Mars-Sedna is a two-year Cycle.  Mars doesn’t loop at a constant speed, as it Retrogrades every 25 months or so, about the same length of time it takes to circle the Zodiac.  Sedna, however, is a loooong ways away.  At the moment it’s three times as far away as Pluto, and taking a little less than three years to travel one Degree!  The result is that the Sedna-Mars Initiations are walking us through the Zodiac, just about one Degree at a time.  That process began in 1864 with the first Initiation at 1 Aries, but since Sedna is approaching us, it’s speeding up.  In 1864 it was taking about four years to cover one Degree.  Since 2007 the Initiations have been one Degree apart.

But guess what!  There’s  been a reprieve!  We don’t remind folks enough that we always round Degrees up.  Twenty-four Degrees and 32 Minutes is the 25th Degree, not the 24th Degree!  I just noticed that I forgot to round up!  So we aren’t entering a Warrior-with-scalps Cycle at all – it’s the last two years that have been the Warrior-with-scalps Cycle, or we might say the Terrorist-with-severed-heads Cycle!  Taurus 25 is “A vast public parkinstead of a Warrior-with-scalps!  That’s certainly Good News!  Sorry for the Scare, though I guess it was just part of the Mars-Sedna drama – the Devil made me do it (or was it Pholus?).  I do find that errors are usually actually Intuitions.

So what’s scary about a vast public park, anyway?  Well, okay, not so long ago a cop shot and killed a twelve-year-old in a public park because the kid was playing with a gun-like object, and rather than render assistance to the dying twelve-year-old (or even verify that he was “disarmed”), the cop was busy manhandling the lad’s fourteen-year-old sister so she wouldn’t try to help her brother.  We do live in a fascist state; the police don’t make it their business to protect us, their business is to protect corporate interests.  So these days the molesters and muggers may not be our greatest Fear in a vast public park, though they certainly still have rank.

Taurus 25 is however the location of the Star Capulus, the sword of Perseus, symbolizing Ruthlessness.  So it could still be a dangerous Park.

But let’s talk about those Details and Exceptions that we mentioned.

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

First, the Details.  An Initiation is just that.  So it should be that the Energy of the Initiation – in this case now a Walk in the Park, is just getting started.  And that’s true.  But after an Initiation the Energy goes underground.  The perfect example is Uranus-Pluto.  At the 1965 Initiation, Yintegrity was rampant.  But then it went underground, to arise again in the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square.  Once we get past May 4, the Walk in the Park Energy will shrink for six months (one fourth of the two-year Cycle) while the Warriors muster their strength for one more beheading.  Humans will do anything to prevent Change.

So as the Walk in the Park Energy gradually builds over the next six months, the Warrior-with-Scalps Energy will become harder and harder to maintain, until finally it falls away.  The Prior Uranus-Pluto Cycle, which Initiated in 1850, was about “A duck pond and its brood” – making it safe for the kids.  In 1965 the underlying Uranus-Pluto Energy changed to “A Ouija Board” – Magic is Afoot.  The Lawn Order folks were able to keep the Magic under control for a while, till it broke free as we approached 2012.  So the Warrior-Terrorists’ days are numbered.  We just have to remember “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” when we’re Walking in the Park.  Unless it’s a mugger, in which case we need to shoot first, and hope it’s not an undercover cop.

An Initiation is a quite literally a Portal – beyond the Portal, the rules Change.  As Ursula says, “The rules change in the Reaches,” and when we pass an Initiation we enter Reaches that haven’t been Co-Created yet.  Astrology can say when any sometimes sketch out an outline, but Fate is an intellectual observation, not a property of the World.  We are all Co-Creating the Future as we go.  Moving through an Initiation-Portal, the rules Change.  As if it’s a different World.  One minute we’re Frightened by Warriors with Scalps, the next it’s the mugger behind the Tree in the Park that Threatens us.

We bring two personal characters to the Portals with us.  First, our Sensitivity, and second, our Resistance.  We’ll talk about our Resistance in the next section,  If we’re Sensitive, we pick up the new Energy before we actually reach the Portal.  If we have one-Degree Sensitivity, we’ll pick up on the new Mars-Sedna Energy Energy on May 3.  If we have three-degree Sensitivity, we started feeling it April 30th.  Muggles won’t pick up on it even after we’re through the gate; the new Energy won’t hit them till Mars Squares Sedna in six months.  In the interim they’ll still be fighting the last war. 

If you were born with planets in 25 Taurus (or Scorpio or Leo or Aquarius), or if Sedna or Mars was very Strong when you were born, you could have a long antenna and ten-Degree Sensitivity!  So while some of us are more Sensitive to some Energies than we are to other Energies, and some of us are more Sensitive to all Energies than others of us are, we won’t necessarily keep the same Degree of Sensitivity to all Initiations.

If you look at the World as astrology impacting us, you’d refer to it as “Orb.”  Looking at the World as us reacting to astrology, it’s Sensitivity.

To summarize, prior to the Initiation, our Sensitivity rules how much of an impact the event will have on us, and for how long.  After the Initiation, the flavor of the Energy is embedded in the Water under the bridge, even though the Frequency and Color of the Energy is still under Co-Creation, and Resistance to Change is at a maximum.

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

And second, the Exceptions.  We inadvertently collaborate with the forces of the status quo to Resist Change with the best of them.  I left a section out of Lynn’s story above…

“I knew from previous experiences that it was important for me to trust in the moment and to leave any analysing until later.”

You see, while we might know that the Warrior Cycle too will pass, and when, we don’t know much about the Walk in the Park Cycle, because it hasn’t been Co-Created yet.  As far as we know, we’re just leaving our Comfort Zone and entering the Unknown.  Had it been Buffy the Vampire Slayer rather than Lynn, it might not have been the Orchid Deva at the door.  We forget that Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement, and habitually Fear the Unknown, and set our Boundaries against it.

Not only that, but since it’s Unknown and our analytical mind is obsessed with “Knowing,” we have to make things up.  Even though I wasn’t watching much TV news in those days, of course I expected it to be a prowler outside my window.  If I hadn’t flung open the door, I might have added extra locks or lights around my apartment instead, strengthening the bars on my birdcage and locking myself into my Limiting Beliefs more strongly.  And I wouldn’t have noticed that the Universe was answering my earlier Request to be more in touch with the Goddess!  Look how Bush and the his neocon cronies scammed us into Fear about daily Life after 9/11.  Lynn’s wisdom again…

“It hit me this morning, there’s nothing to be gained from thinking about what just happened.  I didn’t just think it, I felt it in the body.  It doesn’t help with the present, and it cannot help the future either.  I asked myself: What if you didn’t think over what happened and just let it pass?  Would you be disadvantaged in the future?  How does going over what happened actually help?  Can it make the present or future better or safer or make you better somehow?  If you didn’t think it over, what would you lose?”

We make Decisions, and those Decisions cement us into the status quo, long after the Present Moment has gone under the bridge.  We decide it’s not Safe, we harden our Boundaries, and we lock out the Goddess and the Orchid Deva.  In 1964 we Decide that the Powers That Be will never understand Yintegrity, so it has to be Us-Against-Them.  Because of that Decision we waste the next fifty years wallowing in Negative Politics rather than Learning Magic.  In 2013 we Decide that the Warriors must be eliminated, so we Drone them back to the Stone Age – creating whole generations of new Warriors in the process.  If we put half the Attention into not creating new Karma that we put into clearing old Karma, we’d be way ahead.

We do that by refusing to “post-mortemise,” by hardening our Boundary against the mind’s obsessive need for Answers, so we can maintain our state of Curiosity as long as possible.  Not Curiosity about “cause and effect,” Curiosity about what will happen next, about what hasn’t had its wave form collapsed yet, about how we can keep the Cat alive.  In this sense, the Alexanders have it right on – stay focused on What You Want, not on What You Fear or What You Don’t Want.  Denying Emotions doesn’t work – it just drives them into the Unconscious, where they find a friendly Archetype and take over your Life without asking permission.  So you can’t Deny Fear to focus on What you Want.  You have to Lovingly Empathise with Fear.  Then You the Witness, rather than You the Scared, can go back to focusing on What You Want.  That’s the Magic.

One other handy trick, taught to me by Jack Schwarz, rest his soul, that will be useful when we get scared while Walking in the Park.  Kegels.  You hit a 95-mile-an-hour fastball over the fence by being “in the zone” – by slowing down Time so relative to your eye and bat, the ball is actually moving at five miles per hour.  Literally.  Otherwise Babe Ruth would still be shaking the sting out of his hands.  And you slow down time by doing Kegels.  The scareder you are, the more Time slows.  Try it next time you’re watching an Adrenalin-burner movie, then see how long it takes to walk the two miles to the refrigerator.  It’ll make even the smallest park vast.

Karma IV (and the Full Moon)

May 1, 2015


A Mystic Rectangle is a basically positive Configuration that consists of two Oppositions separated by Sextiles, which leaves Trines on the long side of the “X.”  Like all “Boxes,” the Mystic Rectangle is “driven” or Energized by the two Oppositions in the “X.”

The Full Moon Mystic Rectangle is driven by the Opposition from Venus to Ixion-Pholus, which we discussed at length in Karma III, and the Opposition between Eris and Haumea.  Eris-Haumea, which isn’t new (the Opposition was Exact in early December 2014), is about the Rebirth awaiting us when we’re willing to face up to what we’re Denying.  Denial doesn’t have to be anything Shameful – it can be embarrassing or even just inconvenient.  Like Global Balming used to be.  Getting to the Truth of something can release gobs of Energy.  Well, there’s no Truth about Self-Blame, or about Blame of any kind.

As many have said, All There Is, Is Love.  So this Mystic Rectangle is about opening up to the Grace that’s available when we realize that Self-Love is Truth and all else is False.  How can we get to Unconditional Self-Love most effectively?

As we pointed out in Karma III, the Venus-to-Ixion/Pholus Opposition is T-Squared by a.Karma-Chiron.  That geometry puts a.Karma-Chiron Quincunx to Haumea…

So one way would be to be Curious about how our Rebirth might unfold once we allow our Self-Love to dispel our Discouragement and Create Miracles – providing we maintain our Curiosity as a final state and not use it as a search for Answers.  Like Love, Curiosity eschews Judgment, but only as long as we stay in Curiosity.  Once we think we have an Answer, we go into Judgment, and the Cat is dead.  You can think of the Magic of permanent Curiosity as a macro-World manifestation of Schrödinger’s  quantum-mechanical thought experiment. 

In the Feminine process of Manifestation, we put out a Request to the Universe for Rebirth, but rather than attempting to manipulate the Universe to that end, we accept what it provides.  We Trust that Rebirth is underway, and remain Curious about what it will Feel like.  Once the Quincunx moves out of Sensitivity or Orb, the wave form collapses, and we either feed or bury the Cat – we Enjoy the Rebirth we’ve detected, or issue a new Request to Resolve whatever Rebirth-related information the Universe gave us. 

Some of us came her to Enjoy, and others of us came here to Resolve.  The Manifestation Teachers who advise us to give up Wanting, because Wanting means Not Having, are sort of missing the point.  If we came here to Resolve, we didn’t come here to Have or Enjoy.  We came here to Heal.  We’re Healers.  There may be a correlation with natal Angles to our Nodes.  Rebirth won’t let us out of that contract.  But it may allow us to be more Loving with our contract, maybe to swap Immer Strebend for Empathy.  We’ll have a harder time being Healing for Others and for the Planet if because we feel Unresolved we’re still focused on our own Healing.  By having Loving Empathy for being Unresolved, we give ourselves permission to just Be as we are, and we can embark on providing the same service to Others.

But the T-Square and Mystic Rectangle aren’t the only elements in this Configuration.  The impending Mars-Sedna Conjunction sits at the midpoint between Eris and Venus and therefore at the focus of a Finger of God from the Sextile between Haumea and Ixion-Pholus.  Haumea is the focus of another Finger of God, from a base of the Sextile between a.Karma-Chiron and Mars-Sedna.  So there are three strong foci in this Configuration – the a.Karma-Chiron T-Square, and Finger of God to Mars-Sedna and Haumea.

Sedna Initiates Mars on May 4 at 24 Taurus, “An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt: The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation.”  The warrior is Elsie’s Symbol; the aggressiveness is Rudhyar’s interpretation.  Rudhyar, though European, knew enough American history to know that Native warfare was about Territory, not Ego.

May 4 is close enough that we could consider this a Mars-Sedna Full Moon, in addition to obviously being a Juno-Jupiter Full Moon.  Mars-Sedna and Juno-Jupiter Binovile one another.  The Binovile is about Meditation.

The net impact of the Full Moon is then Meditation on the Edge between Aggressively defending our turf against that which Frightens us on the one hand, and on the other Expanding our Consciousness to encompass that Frightful part of ourself

If we’re All One, the only thing that can Frighten us is a repressed part of our Self.  So the Frightening Demon that Eris is summoning from the Netherwhere is us…

Karma III and a Half

May 1, 2015

Here’s a perfect example…

Thanks, Soulspeak!!

Karma III

May 1, 2015

konig5022bp Here’s a Crystal that’s perfect for this Full Moon – Konigsbergite (literally, mineral from the King’s Town), aka Amalgam.  A combination of Silver and Mercury, the same kind the Dental Industry still wants to stuff in your teeth so you can be gradually poisoned, every day, by the Mercury.  Without Linear Time, you can turn Cause and Effect around.  It’s not then that a constant low dose of Mercury leads eventually to Dementia.  It’s that when we “lose our mind” (as the Buddhists put it) in Multi-Dimensia, now we have a rational excuse!  In the 60s we didn’t drop acid to get stoned, we were stoned by the Saturn-Chiron-Uranus-Pluto fireworks and we dropped acid so we could make sense of it all!  In Einstein’s mathematics there is nothing that requires Time to flow in just one direction.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

As is always the case, Kelley Hunter brings her Powerful Perspective to the Dance under this Full Moon…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

There is Good News here, some of it historic…

Amid Mother’s protests and the billowing fascism…

We aren’t using that term lightly – fascism means that the Government and the Corporations are in bed together, and no one can deny that.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Aside from the Main-Effect Juno-Jupiter T-Square, Dual-Tricolor Pluto Bridge, and a.Karma-Chiron Biquintile, what else does the Full Moon chart want to tell us?

The a.Karma-Chiron Conjunction is the focus of a second T-Square, formed on a base of the Opposition between Venus and Ixion-Pholus.

This would likely set up a contest between our Self-Love and our Self-Blame.  The combination of the dwarf planet Ixion and the Centaur Pholus could set up any number of personal-history and Karmic flushbacks of situations where…

  • We Acted without considering consequences, and we still regret it
  • We were Blamed for something that really wasn’t our fault
  • We did our Best but were punished anyway
  • We were Deceived into Acting against our own interests
  • We were Deceived into Acting in regretful ways against Others
  • We were accused of or punished for something we didn’t even do
  • We were the Victim of Abuse and Blamed for it
  • Our Vulnerability was Exploited and we have not Forgiven
  • We were Betrayed by those who were supposed to Support us
  • We were sold out by folks who Abandoned their Commitments
  • We were a Victim of Human Trafficking

We could even have been a barnyard Animal who pictured ourself as a pet, and then was killed and eaten.  Beyond the Veil of Linear Time, these Lifetimes are still going on.  Flushbacks is a good word for it.  As we Re-Experience these adventures, if we do, it would be good to push the lever and Flush them.  It won’t relieve the Pain, but it’ll help us stay a little detached from the Energy, increasing the odds that we can be the Witness.

On the other side of this Equation is our Self-Love.  Our treasure-trove of stored-up Traumas is like an iceberg, with only the tip reaching up into Consciousness, and the balance lurking in the Unconscious where it’s reformulated as the Limiting Beliefs that hold us back.  While our Self-Love has the advantage of being Conscious – we can hope at any rate – the disadvantage is that while the Unconscious is vast, Consciousness of often a speck floating on that vast Sea, and often without its bearings.  But, being Conscious, we do have the Power of Intention and all of the other PIAVAFs to bring to the party.  It’s no coincidence that the Inspiring Women Summit is going on as we speak…

That’s just the base of the T-Square.  The focus is on asteroid Karma and Chiron.  So there’s an excellent chance that whatever flushbacks we encounter will not have their Roots in the Present Moment.  Often just setting our own Roots into the Present Moment – Grounding ourself, or imagining a steel cable extending from the base of our Spine to the center of the Earth – is enough to provide the Separation we need to be the Empathetic Witness.  These Experiences are no fun, and Experiencing them Alone makes it worse.  When we’re the Loving Present-Moment Witness to our non-Present-Moment Traumas, we’re no longer Alone.  I know, outside of Linear Time it’s all Present Moment, but when we say “Present Moment” what we mean is “Present Moment Present Place.”

Chiron, remember, is Discouragement/Despair and Miracles, and the worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair, which happens when we don’t even consider the possibility that there are alternatives, because our Limiting Beliefs overshadow all.  But it’s Empathy that Heals.  So it doesn’t matter what’s going on for you.  Witnessing whatever that is, and talking back to yourself as you would to a lost child, shifts the Frequency into the Present Moment.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really feeling overwhelmed here, aren’t you.  Let me hold you for a moment.” 

It’s difficult to imagine that this is all that needs to be done – and it may need to be done many times, as we slip in and out of our Regressions.  We’ll be lost in the Trauma for a while, then something – the phone ringing, the color of the wallpaper, a friend’s kind word, or simply our own cycles and rhythms, will pop us back to the surface for a moment.  That’s the moment to Act with Empathy.  Sooner or later you’ll start to slip back into the Trauma and find that it’s loosening its grip.  When it leaves you’ll feel Lost for a while, as your Experience of “Normal” is no longer.  That happens whenever there is a shift in the Unconscious.  Learn to Celebrate that feeling of being Lost.  It means your Consciousness has Expanded and you haven’t re-established your bearings yet.  The more you can leave this state be what it is, the less you’ll reinvent your former cage.

There’s a bit more, and it’s quite full of Potential, but we’ll save it for Karma IV.