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December 20, 2014

x2quad_stripFriday’s Solar Flair from Sunspot AR2242, in honor of our Big New Moon Uranus-Stationary Solstice.  This one messed with communication in the Southern Hemisphere, but most of it missed us again.  Here’s a NASA video on Solar Flairs and CMEs, the latter being the more dangerous to our technologies…


I was on a ferryboat yesterday when the boat seemed to stop about halfway through it’s journey.  My father was in the business of commercial boating, but I know nothing about it, so I’m always curious and try to guess what’s going on and why.  I was in the middle of the boat, though, so I would have had to get out of my car to see what was going on.  Not that I was being lazy (at that moment), but realizing that we were in a big Pluto T-Square to the Nodes and Uranus, I tried instead to hold onto my Curiosity.

It was near impossible.  Curiosity is like Water.  My mind was adamant though about making up stories!  It was like I was starving and someone was handing me candybars.  I finally realized that once I tried to hold on to the Curiosity, I got the Intuition that another boat was tying up the dock.  Then I remembered which boat I was on, and how that had always been the case with that boat when I had taken it before.

But I had gotten the point – are there any Tricolors to the T-Square?  Moving from the Squares to the Quincunxes will unleash the Grace of the Trines or Sextiles in the Tricolors, just as respecting my Curiosity as Curiosity, rather than as a puzzle to be solved, led to my Intuition and recollections.

The answer is Yes.  There is a prominent Minor Tricolor with Pluto Square North Node Quincunx Chiron Sextile Pluto…

For the next several months we’re being Asked (actually, ordered is a more appropriate term when Pluto is involved) to connect with our Mission in the Lifetime.  When any Uncertainty or concern arises around that –

Why am I here?  What am I supposed to be doing with my Life?  Why is this so difficult?

A Powerful response to those questions would be to empathize with our Uncertainty –

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really feeling puzzled, aren’t you.”

You don’t want to stay with the Questions, looking for answers.  Empathy takes you out of your conundrum and puts you in the role of the Witness.  The Act of Empathy will trigger your Intuition, potentially (if you can maintain the role of Witness) unleashing Miracles that will Transform your Life.

Which is to say, that’s Chiron’s role, to Transform us from Discouragement to Miracle.  The doorway to Chiron’s Transformation is Empathy.

And there is a Major Tricolor across the Pluto-South Node Square; Pluto Square to Uranus-South Node Quincunx to the asteroid Panacea Trine to Pluto…

 Panacea’s role in Mythology was as the “Universal Remedy” – she can fix what ails you.  So when we feel Stress about whether to be “nice” or Honest, and when we feel deja vu coming up over ancient experiences we’d just rather not re-experience all over again, our Power lies through…

“I Wonder what sort of Magic will just eliminate all this Stress about avoiding Bummers and worrying about saying the right things at the right times to the right people!?!?”

Once you’ve Wondered, you’ve done the Work.  You don’t need to know anything else.  You can just Imagine the Elixir you need, the perfect Fairy Dust to heal all of your Stress and leave you perfectly Self-Confident and Relaxed about your Competence to handle whatever Life throws at you today.  Shower yourself with that Elixir, and you’re ready to meet your Solstice Rebirth!  Enjoy!

Abundance II

December 17, 2014

Didn’t read this till after I published the earlier post, but it’s right on the money…

Except that I have a lot less faith in the effectiveness of political action than Mark has.

The Ceres-Chiron Binovile suggests that

This may not be the time to Act, but rather a time to Meditate on the issue.  It’s easy to forget the lessons that TM taught us when they substantially reduced the crime rate in a Community by having 1% of the population in meditation…

By mid-January

we’ll be in the Waning Biquintile stage of the Ceres-Chiron Cycle, where

we’ll be Learning how to Let Go of our own closet admiration for redundant wealth.

The End of Autumn II

December 16, 2014

Forgot to mention that the Capricorn Solstice New Moon is Biseptile to the Uranus Station.  So the three events – Solstice, New Moon, Uranus Station – are tied together by more than concurrency.

The Septile series is about Shamanic Energy, which is to say it’s about Trusting our Intuition to Act at the precise moment when minimum effort is required to produce maximum results, and in the precise manner to make it so.  Since chances are that Shamanic Action won’t make sense to the logical mind, we usually need to assign the role of Non-Judging Witness, or at least disinterested spectator, to the mind when this Seventh Harmonic is lit up.

That’s particularly important at the Biseptile, or two seventh of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop.  The Second Harmonic (the “bi” part) is about Transcending Duality.  The logical mind doesn’t easily move to the Coin from the contrast of heads versus tails; it requires an Intuitive leap.

So Life will be Asking us to Do things this week and next which make no sense.  Dare to go ahead and Do them.  The Uranus Station is in Aries, and Aries’s job is to lay the Spiritual Foundation for a Co-Creation that is totally Clear in the mind of the Creator of All That Is, but completely fuzzy in the mind of Her co-conspirator, us.

Also forgot to mention that our Descent into the Initiation of the South Node by Uranus begins December 20.  It’s Exact on January 31, and remains within our three-degree Orb till March 4.

An Angle is said to be “Exact” or “Complete” when the degrees and minutes match.  We feel it most from the time when the faster planet is one to three degrees away from the slower planet, to the time when the Angle is Exact.  The one to three degrees is called the “Orb” or “Sensitivity.”  If we’re Sensitive to Energy we’ll want to use three degrees of Orb.  If we’re as Sensitive as a concrete block, it doesn’t matter.  But one degree is a minimum.

For instance, on December 20 the South Node (the faster “planet”) is at 15:33 of Aries, and Uranus at 12:34 of Aries.  Since the Nodes always move backwards (the “Mean Node” anyway, which is the one we use), and since Uranus is beginning to move forward again, this is three degrees of Separation and closing.  By January 31, they converge at 13:17.  They remain within three degrees of one another till March 4.

The South Node represents our Limiting Beliefs, and Uranus our Individual Soul.  So there is an impending collision here, between our Karmic programming and our True Self, which may be painful.  The Universe is Asking us to Stand Still for whatever Emotional trauma embraces our Limiting Beliefs.  If you’re old enough and have a journal or a good memory, you can think back to May 1999, the last time Uranus Initiated the South Node.

That one occurred at 17 of Aquarius, “A watchdog stands guard, protecting his master and his possessions,” with Uranus Stationary.  So if you’ve spent the last fifteen years Protecting yourself from your Emotional trauma, no Blame!  ‘Twas the season.  This on is 14 Aries, “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.”  That image carries a whole lot of implications, and Protection doesn’t sound like it’s one of them.

So the next few months could be quite a rodeo ride.  Since we’re dealing with Rebirth, it’s probably best not to hang on too tight, and just PIAVA a gentle landing in our new roost.

The difference between the period of Sensitivity prior to an Exact Angle, and the period of Orb that follows an Exact Angle, depends on our Consciousness. 

If we’re Conscious that the Angular event is occurring, then the impact will drop off rapidly after the event is Exact.  If we’re Victim to the event, it’s more likely to diminish slowly.  If we feel Victimized by the event and make Decisions to Protect ourselves from it, we’ll make this Victimization a permanent part of our Lives, until we Liberate ourselves from it.

So for the next several months we’re deeply entwined in Pluto Squaring the Nodes, with Uranus on the South Node.

Plan to do a lot of Surrendering until we get to the next Equinox.  In a nutshell, Resistance is not only futile, it’s counterproductive.

The End of Autumn

December 16, 2014

galactic_lightshow-e1418515846398-580x309Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163 merging, as observed by the Chandra, Hubble, Donder, and Spitzer telescopes, courtesy NASA/CXC/SAO/STScI/JPL-Caltech.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

As the Nodes (Karma and Destiny) move into a Square (Mastery through Challenge) to Pluto (Inevitability), it’s a good time to review what Felix Wolf refers to as “Cognitive Dissonance.”  We usually refer to it as “Both/And,” the version of the story taught to us by Susun Weed.  You’ll probably recognize it as Buddhism 101.

The basic idea is that, if we want to Live from the Heart – which is not optional – we need to bring the tyranny of mind under control.  Truth lies in the Heart, and it carries a different flavor in every Heart.  It cannot be pinned like a trophy butterfly into words, because it’s Alive.  

The notion that Truth derives from Facts is Political.  It’s basic purpose is to separate your supporters from your detractors.  A “Fundamentalist,” whether a religious Fundamentalist or a scienterrific Fundamentalist or a patriot, is someone who “believes their own metaphors,” or takes them literally.  In the Political realm it’s Either/Or – you’re either one of us or you’re the enemy.

In the Spiritual Realm it’s Both/And; you’re just seeing the World through different Perspectives, and the more Perspectives you can carry around with you, the more flexibility you have for dealing with a Unitary and infinitely Multifarious  Reality. 

Here’s a starter: the Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual views of the World are each different Perspectives on a single Reality.  Find a circumstance where you vehemently object to that proposition, and sit with it till you’re comfortable with the Dissonance.  I’ll wait…

Got it?  Good.  Now you know how to soften up those self-sabotaging Limiting Beliefs.  Saturn moves into Sagittarius soon, so you’re going to be meeting many such situations for the next several years.  And Pluto being Squared by the Nodes, which will be with us through February, is likely to ferret out all of your most vehement objections to the notion.  You want to get this work finished before the end of January, while the “iron is hottest.”

Any time you encounter an apparently Physical problem (such as money or health), work on it from the Emotional (How will I Feel when I achieve that goal?) or Spiritual (Give It Over) Perspective. 

When you run into an Emotional problem (such as being strongly Reactive in a situation where you need all your faculties to be Present), try playing with it from the Physical (act it out with a friend) or Intellectual (what would Dick Cheney do?) Perspectives.

You might approach a Spiritual problem (such as Fear of Death) from the Physical (Tibetan Buddhists sit with a corpse while it rots) or Intellectual (the Buddha asked a person who was unable to release their Grief to find someone who had never lost a relative) Viewpoints.

An intellectual issue (such as what the Lizards and Fascists are likely to do to the Planet next) might soften if approached from a Spiritual (Matter doesn’t Matter) or Emotional (Grieve it as you would the Death of your best friend) viewpoint.  BTW, any concerns about the Future are intellectual concerns, because in Real Life, All There Is Is Now.

Which brings us to a Perspective that might have the Power to allow you to Let Go of your Karma, if you’re willing. 

Imagine us as Souls sitting in the lounge and tuning in to the afternoon soap opera called “Earth” on our galactic scanners.  We’ve smoked a little too much Soulweed, and we start to empathize with the Drama.  So we decide to go “down” there and mix it up a little before Souldinner.  (Time’s a little different here.)

Maybe we don’t like the constant War business.  As Souls, we’re U17-DK-certified Karma-free, so we have to find a costume that’ll seem credible to our fellow simulators.  No problem, as all of the exit ports on the lounge have built-in programming modules.  So we just turn the dial to “Anger” (or maybe a Mars T-Square) as we step into the transmogrifier.  So then when we’re born or walk in to a Lifetime, we get to experience our own little internal War.

Of course, if we remember our Soul Self during our recess it would spoil the fun, so we tune the other dial to “Full” (or maybe Mars Out of Bounds and Rising) so we’ll forget what we came to the Planet to do.  You can see the Emotional Fields on Earth in maps, like they use to show the weather (Emotions aren’t personal, they’re Energy Fields).  So you might drop into Syria rather than Iowa.

The Nodes Square Pluto on January 20, and the three-degree Sensitivity window begins tomorrow and runs through the end of February.  The Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross is 14 Cancer, “A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast.”  Sounds like the Rebirth theme again to me.

If terms like “Sensitivity” are new to you, look them up in the “CATEGORIES” list to the right.  Sensitivity is filed under “Orb (Sensitivity).”

Our drama this week, leading up to the Solstice, is about our True Self’s urge to Manifest into our Life.  This year’s Capricorn Solstice will be a major Rebirth, with abundant Grace sprinkled down from the Heavens.

We start our Solstice adventures at 3am PST December 21 ( ), plus or minus six hours, when the Moon crosses the dwarf planet Chaos (Limitless Potential or the Quantum Vacuum, rather than Disorder) and triggers the Juno-South Node-Chaos Grand Trine and the North Node Kite.  The Kite is long-term, it’s just the Moon’s activation that lasts plus or minus six hours.

The window for Miracles is wide open during this Rebirth.  The only Limits are your own Beliefs.

The next event is an almost-simultaneous Direct Station of Uranus and the Solstice itself, which occur within a quarter hour of one another, around 3pm PST ( ).  In other words, Uranus is Stationary (Strong) all this week.

If Disruptions occur this week, Let It Go.  What’s being cut away is no longer in alignment with our Soul’s Mission for us in the Future.  Grieve if necessary, but move on.  If anything isn’t effortless, don’t push it; instead, go inside and explore your Inner Experience.

Then at half-past 5pm PST ( ), we get the New Moon, within six arc-minutes of the Capricorn Cusp, “An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.

A quick calculation says we’re likely to get a New Moon within three hours of the Capricorn Solstice – which we can think of as Rebirth Squared – every 1,800 years or so.  The Capricorn Solstice stands out not just because it’s a traditional time of Rebirth, but also because it’s near the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center being still Lit Up by September’s once-in-twelve-million-times-the-age-of-our-Universe Centaur Stampede.

A New Moon, a Capricorn Solstice, and a Uranus Station occurring within three hours of one another would occur every 30,000 years or so.  On the current Linear scienterrific time scale that would put us about twenty millennia before the discovery of metalworking, so this is indeed an opportunity for swapping out of a Trance that Hufolk have been in for a loooong time.  The timing doesn’t quite match with the collection of fossils found so far, but with a little imagination you could think of the shift from Homo neanderthalensis to Homo sapiens.

I also can’t help but think about Atlantis, though the Linear timing, at least according to Plato, is off.  But Plato says that Atlantis fell because of the hubris of the Atlanteans.

Here’s a great example of the hubris of Homo sapiens in its current evolution…

It so happens that on December 19 there’s a triple Initiation of Saturn, the asteroid Hybris (ie, Hubris), and the Moon at 30 Scorpio, “Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks.”  Thanks to Elizabeth for the tip.  The impact of this may be that

If it feels like your (old) World is falling apart (or like you’re sinking into a bottomless sea of Emotion) before your Rebirth establishes any foundation for your Rebirth, take it with a sense of humor.  It’s just the Gods having some fun at your expense.  It’ll be all good in a couple of days.

Reanimate the Planet

December 14, 2014

I think one good way to kernelize the irreparable damage that Hupersons are doing to their Home, is to speak of the need to Reanimate the Planet.  History and the frightly news is full of examples to the contrary, but most of us would be less abusive to the Planet if we thought of Her as alive.

I couldn’t find a link – they may be waiting till the copies in the stores age – but the current Popular Science (of all places) has an article on “Animals Like Us,” about the Nonhuman Rights Project, , that’s suing to liberate Primates involuntarily incarcerated for life.  The article goes on to talk about the many “recent discoveries” that demonstrate that differentiation between Hufolk and Animafolk is political, philosophical, religious, reductionist, and self-serving rather than scienterrific.

An unusual topic for Popular Science magazine.  And speaking of unusual topics, foodie Mark Bittman has a very well-written and comprehensive article in the NYTimes about inequality in das Vaterland

where he strikes a similar theme, about how the difficulties facing Folk of all stripes (except the Lizardfolk) really amount to the same thing.  Good food = clear thinking.  This is a good trend, as it simplifies “the problem” and potentially unifies the political movement to change it.

It’s late – we’re at Uranus-Pluto Square #6 of 7, but better late than never.  It’s interesting that the corporate media is carrying these protests; since the 1970s the media has been collaborating with the increasingly militarized police to paint political protest in Amerika as the work of “anarchists,” when they cover it at all.  It’s a big change, and it indicates that corporate interests are now fearing that their police machine could get out of hand and shoot them in the foot.  A parallel to Nixon ending the draft?  Now we just need to avoid a repeat of the Eugene McCarthy debacle.

GMO Labeling Hearing

December 10, 2014

The US Congress is holding a hearing today on whether states should be allowed to require our Betters to tell us whether or not they’re poisoning our food.  Suggestions on how we might respond…

As usual these days, the link may not work; if so you’ll have to copy the address into your browser website address line window.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

By the Grace of Pi

December 9, 2014

sphal4718bpA Sphalerite Crystal – Zinc Sulfide.  Zinc ushers us over serious Thresholds, while Sulfur helps us stand strong against our Illusions of the three-headed Dogs that appear to be guarding those Thresholds.


Portals galore coming up.  The major firework is the sixth exact Square between Uranus and Pluto – all about our Yintegrity (our willingness to trust our Intuitions more than our thoughts, moment to moment).  It’s a great month to open to our Witness, as both our thoughts and our Emotions are Strong.

Mercury is Out of Bounds till December 31, Venus Out of Bounds till December 24.

At half-past 5am PST on December 11, the Moon crosses Juno, which is Stationary.

Copy  into your browser address window to find other time zones, if the 5am link doesn’t work.

Juno turns Retrograde on December 15, but there’s lots going on before then.

For instance, the Moon-Juno meeting is part of a Grand Sextile, one of the most favorable Configurations in the Heavens.  It’s not the strongest Grand Sextile in the flock, but it’s there, and it provides fabulous support for Permanent World-Class Transformations in the way we Live.  Hold your Wants close to your Heart.

If we’re willing to count the asteroids Persephone (Death and Rebirth) and Urania (Astrology), that is.  The other members of the Grand Sextile are the Nodes (Linear Time), Ceres (Sustainability), and the asteroid Chaos (Potential).

Then on December 12 at half past 2am PST, the Moon moves into a position to provide major Epiphanies about Who We’re Becoming and What we need to Manifest.  While this peaks at 2am, it will be live for six hours before and after.

See  on December 12.

The Moon makes a Mjolnir across the Uranus-Pluto Square (Insight about how to Manifest Yintegrity) while the Moon itself Squares Saturn – which creates a Uranus Mjolnir across the Moon-Saturn Square (Insights about what part of our True Self is Most Important to bring forth).

Mjolnirs form when a third planet crosses the far midpoint between two planets that are Square to one another.  It means major Insights, Epiphanies.

Linear Time is optional, but most of us most of the time don’t know that.

“We might ask, ‘What do I want to do with my life, and how can I find out?’

“Or alternatively, ‘What does life want me to do, and how can I find out?’ “

“To find out what to do with our life and how to get the most out of it, we think, analyze, speculate, and proceed strategically.

“To find out what life wants us to do, we are receptive, fluid, alert, attentive, and present.”

–Felix Wolf, The Art of Navigation, p.1.

The essence of this 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto adventure is the Universe showing us all of the places where we’re out of Yintegrity.  This dance has been lit up in June and September of 2012, May and October of 2013, April 2014, and now.  The last dance will be in March 2015.  The “now” part is exact at 10pm PST December 14.  December 14

This is the Uranus-Pluto Square itself.

The “special” part of these last two episodes of Yintegrity-Revealed is that they’re tied by the shoelaces to our Karma.  We’re down to the places where things like Fear of Past Deaths hold our Yintegrity away from us.  As we go into these Shadow-Puppet Dramas, it will be useful to remember that…

If we’ve “been here before,” if we recognize the circumstances (which is actually what happens when we get anxious), it doesn’t mean we know what the outcome will be – it means our shoes our thick with the sticky tar of Karma.  Once we recognize that we’re embedded in a Karmic Archetype, we can Choose to Act differently this time, to step out of the Drama. 

That’s why our Witness is so important – so there’s someone home to recognize that we’ve been here before.

I’ve never understood Lucid Dreaming – it always seemed to me that it would be better to use our Dreams as Guides, rather than try to direct them from our Egos.  But now I understand.  Our Karmic Trances are nothing but Dreams!  So Lucid Dreaming is practice for stepping out of a Karmic Trance! 

Uranus (our True Self, able to be Present in the current moment) is now within our customary three degrees of Sensitivity to it’s late-January Conjunction with the South Node (our Karma or Tranced-out Self, stuck in past Dramas).  Godzilla meets King Kong.

The full impact of which could easily be delayed till 9pm PST December 15 and/or 3am PST December 16   December 15 and/or  December 16

The Moon Opposes Uranus at 9pm on the 15th, and crosses the North Node at 3am on the 16th.  These specific Portals are open for six hours before and after – but the larger Uranus-Pluto Portal is open from October till May.

Not that we expect this sort of outer-planet dance to hit its crescendo at a specific moment in time – it’s more likely to be something we’ve been working on for years.  These windows could just bring a peak circumstance where we’re particularly Challenged or Enlightened or both.

The Intensity doesn’t slack off after December 16, since the Solstice will be huge.

Meanwhile, during this whole dance, Uranus is Stationary (that is, Very Strong), turning Direct fifteen minutes prior to the Solstice, which in turn occurs two and a half hours prior to the New Moon.  Big Day.

The important part about Uranus-Pluto isn’t warfare between our True Self and our Programming (which is a painting of our Karma), it’s Growth in Consciousness, as we Witness our Karma playing out and Choose to step out of the Drama.

Auspicious Full Moon

December 5, 2014


Reminder – this type face is for general readers interested only in what the “stars” and charts have to say.

This type face and indentation is for folks who know a little astrology or want to learn more.

This type face and indentation (when extant) is for introducing new astrological concepts.

∀ ∀ ∀ ∀ ∀

The December 6 Full Moon at half-past 4am PST is very busy and very Auspicious.  It’s particularly Powerful for…

  • Communications with Lasting Effect 
  • Growth in Consciousness
  • Taking advantage of Universal Trends
  • Creating Miracles 
  • Confronting Fear 
  • Rebirth

Copy  to your browser address window for other time zones – WordPress is still denying me access to links.

Communications with Lasting Effect derive from the Sun’s Conjunction with Mercury and Ceres.  Growth in Consciousness, Going with the Flow, Creating Miracles, and Confronting Fear, respectively, evolve from Yods to Juno, Pluto, Chiron (all in the first chart), and Sedna (second chart).  Rebirth comes out of Haumea’s Exact Opposition to Eris (second chart) the day before the Full Moon.

The Communication, Growth, Trend, and Miracle angles become particularly Auspicious because they’re wrapped in a Grand Sextile along with the Full Moon (first chart).  Confrontation of Fear and Rebirth get their Auspiciousness from the overarching Haumea Kite (second chart).

Find out more about Kites, Grand Sextiles, Yods, Sednas, and other terms by clicking on the term in the list of “Categories” at right.

The Challenges that offer Certification of Mastery derive from…

  • Discouragement about the effectiveness of our Communication – which is overcome by finding Awe about how our Mission Guides us using our Desires as prompts

A Chiron T-Square based on the Full Moon Opposition is supported by its Yod, which is based on Juno Sextile to the North Node (first chart).

  • Fear of Surrender – which is resolved by genuine Wonder around examples of how Effortless our Life became when we Trusted our Emotions and our Ability to Manifest what we Need

Pluto T-Squares the Nodal Axis, supported by its Yod based on Juno Sextile to the Moon (first chart).

  • Allowing ourselves to Expand so quickly that our Ego becomes Overwhelmed – which can be handled by being Curious about how to be Relentless in Identifying the Elephant in the room

A Stationary Jupiter T-Square is grounded in an Opposition between Pallas and Sedna.  This is supported by the Grand Trine between Jupiter, Eris, and a Stellium of an Out of Bounds Venus, Ixion, and Pholus (second chart).

∀ ∀ ∀ ∀ ∀

The Grand Sextile (first chart) is composed of Sun-Mercury-Ceres, the Full Moon itself, the Nodes (with Uranus Conjunct the South Node), Juno, and a Vacancy filled nicely by two asteroids, Persephone and Urania.  Persephone is the Goddess of Seasonality and Cycles including Death and Rebirth, and Urania is the Muse of Astrology.

Uranus-Pluto Again

December 4, 2014

Just opened this book “at random” to this page; a great exposition on Uranus-Pluto!  It’s Felix Wolf’s The Art of Navigation: Travels with Carlos Castaneda and Beyond, pp.98-100…

“As I came closer to my hometown, however, heaven started to fade away and made room for a growing apprehension as my internal dialogue intensified.”

” ‘How does a warrior deal with his family?’

” ‘Well, impeccably, I suppose, just like everything else.’

“But I had no idea what this meant in practice.  My apprehension came from the wave of pressure that I was anticipating, a pressure to conform to expectations.  After living outside the mold for so long, I felt myself approaching a minefield of expectations.”

Like going home for the holidays, eh?

“I had just begun to live in a new paradigm, by a new set of beliefs.  It entailed living in a direct relationship with intent, beckoning life for guidance rather than imposing my own ideas.  Instead of engaging in strategic planning and establishing a career, my interest and attention were directed toward silent knowledge, intuition, signs, omens, synchronicities and other manifestations of spirit.  I had developed a passion for unpredictability, for erasing my personal history, for stalking and gathering energy.  There was no way I could share any of this with my family and friends without triggering a wave of resistance.”

” ‘So, what are your plans now?’ was one of the first questions my stepfather asked while we were still driving home from the train station.  ‘You can’t keep working as a tourist guide.  These things don’t look good on a resume,’ he continued.”

“Individual intent is a force that originates from our innermost beliefs.  It is a force that creates our reality and shapes our life in a complex interplay with the intent of the people around us, with the collective human intent, and with universal intent.  Individual intent is superficially related to wanting, but essentially these two impulses are quite distinct, and sometimes even opposed…  In a manner of speaking, intent could be seen as the will of the heart and wanting as the will of the mind.  Ideally they should be aligned.

“Alignment is a key principle when it comes to the force of intent.  Given that there is no conflict between the heart and the mind, the more aligned my intent is with the intent of the culture around me, the more it will manifest…  Conflicting intents are like opposing energy fields.  The wave of resistance that formed in the room while I was sharing some of my new views with my parents was so strong as to be nearly tangible.  It was as if the viscosity of the air had changed, creating a pressure on my midsection and throat.”

“In my experience it is futile to try to change other people’s convictions.  If we want to eliminate the interference of someone’s conflicting intent, it is much more effective to remove ourself from this person’s sphere of influence, or better still, to become less conspicuous, less accessible.  Often it was enough to just listen more and talk less.  Ultimately, I learned that it was not necessary to align anybody’s intent with mine.  The only worthwhile strategy in order to get beyond the world of problems was to align my intent with universal intent.  This, of course, is the art of navigation proper.”

Background Energies I

December 4, 2014

mnax5735bp Manganaxinite is a Borosilicate of Calcium Manganese and Aluminum, any of which, not to mention the Boron, help us rebalance our Identity with our Mission and our Personality and our Relationships.


I should be summarizing the Big astroevents of December and 2015, but I don’t much feel like wandering out of the Present Moment at the moment.  So let’s talk about some of the astroprocesses going on in the background.  They can be profound, but we’re usually focused on the foreground, so we don’t often consider them. 

The Signs are a good example.  For example, qhen Pluto leaves Scorpio later this month – at the Solstice – we’ll all breathe a big sigh of Relief.  Even us Intensity Junkies who thrive when “Getting to the Bottom of Things (Scorpio) is The Most Important Thing (Saturn)” will appreciate the break.  Saturn’s been in Scorpio since October 2012.  A zillion astrologers write about the Signs, though, so we don’t usually feel the need to.

They’re Big, however.  Consider Uranus in Aries.  It’s been there since March 2011 (after dipping a toe briefly in mid-2010).  Yes, Uranus is Squaring Pluto, and that’s Big – Bigger in our book, but that’s just our particular angle on astrology.  Uranus in Aries is Big too.  Aries is about Trusting Spirit to lead us into the Unknown.  Aries has an assignment for us.  We’re supposed to Create something from scratch – but we don’t know what it is.  It’s like a box of Ikea furniture and a blindfold. 

Uranus stands for our True Self.  So Uranus in Aries suggests we need to Rebirth a new Self of some sort, from scratch, without a blueprint.  One step at a time, trusting we’ll get the instructions for the next step, from some unknown source, when we get there.  Uranus is also famous for Disruption.  It’s the Soul Disrupting any Patterns that will no longer serve who you’re becoming, whoever that might be.  So whatever Disruptions have been going on in your young Life, consider those instructions for the next step.  Like the Water.  Interpretation difficulties?  PIAVA.

Marie Manuchehri, in her book Intuitive Self-Healing (pp.98-99; thanks to a faithful reader for the tip) gives us clues…

“I know Sarah has had a few health issues connected to her throat chakra, indicating that she has yet to identify her authenticity.

” ‘Getting to know your truth, Sarah, is a personal experience.  Your reality is based on your individual feelings, because each of us reacts to life differently.  Many times we repress our truth because we unconsciously feel that others won’t love us if we express ourselves genuinely.  Getting past the fear is what will empower you.  Your truth is a gift to humanity.  If you reveal yourself, others will learn from your unique interpretation of life, and you will free yourself in the process.’

” ‘How can we help her to express herself?’ her mom asked.

” ‘First, it’s important to realize that Sarah has a big heart and wants to please everyone.  She feels the feelings of others very deeply, so she holds back her words so as not to hurt anyone.  Sarah, you will need to put aside your sympathetic feelings and express yourself despite what you pick up about what others are feeling.’ “

Which brings us to Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune, if we’re running the Energy as we should, is where we get lost.  If we aren’t running our Neptune Energy that way, it’s running that way Unconsciously.  It we aren’t getting lost, we aren’t Learning, and we aren’t Growing.  And Pisces, of course, being “ruled” by Neptune, is also about where we get lost, and where we get Overwhelmed.  It’s about Finishing Business, which means throwing ourselves into the morass of our Overwhelming Emotions over and over again till we start to recognize a few mileposts and begin to understand the territory.

Here’s another quote from Intuitive Self-Healing (pp.80-81)…

“Human beings have been collectively evolving the idea of self-love (third chakra).  What does self-love look like and how can I know that I’ve attained it?  If you have worked on loving yourself, you might think it’s a daunting task, one that you’ll labor at for years.  But here’s some good news!  The human race has reached the tipping point about becoming emotionally aware of self-love, which means that as a group we will be spending more time in the fourth chakra.  This means that more and more people will open their hearts and care for others.  The fourth chakra will literally expand in size and many people will become empathetic.  To be empathic means to feel the feelings of others, even those of complete strangers.  Empathy is a gift that will lead us to feed, clothe, and support our world in ways we have yet to imagine.  The challenge of being empathic is to become comfortable with the feelings of others – even when others are sad, lonely, or distressed – and remain dedicated to their emotions and life.”

If you notice some potential friction between this Uranus in Aries business and Neptune in Pisces, your Intuition is excellent.  It has to be one or the other, right?  Well, no, it’s Both/And.  And how do we do that?  Well, we just have to throw ourselves into that morass enough times that we come out the other side able to be neutral about Emotions.  That’s not an oxymoron, it’s a paradox.  If Truth isn’t a paradox, routinely, then you’re probably still looking through the lens of Duality. 

To be neutral doesn’t mean you don’t care, it means you don’t get lost in Overwhelm any more.  It means you’re able to be Present, able to relate to the Emotion as a Witness, as opposed to Identifying with it.  That’s Compassion.  When you’re neutral you’re able to be fully Present for an Emotion without having to fix it, and without getting lost in it.  From that position you’re actually able to be helpful to someone who is lost in the Emotion.

After all, Chiron is also in Pisces, has been since February 2011.  So if we “hold our mouth right” as my father used to say, or PIAVA it as I’m wont to say, we might find “some good news.”  Chiron in Pisces says that it’s all the more critical that we cannonball into our most Overwhelming Emotions – then step outside and Witness them (“I feel shitty” instead of “I am shit”), lovingly, so we can be Empathetic with our own Pain.  Enlist a helper before you dive in, so they can remind you to Witness, and Witness lovingly, just before you drown.


What about the Cycles?  Wouldn’t hurt to review those either.

Pluto Initiated Saturn in November 1982 at 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them.”  Saturn-Pluto is a darkish Energy (The Most Important Thing is Transformation and Rebirth or, to the negative thinker, Death is the Ultimate Limitation), best recently known for 9/11 and its manipulation by the Lizards.  By 9/11/2001, the Waning Saturn-Pluto Square was a couple of weeks past its prime, but they trotted out their pre-scripted “Patriot” Act anyway.  At the time they were printing lapel buttons saying “Oh well, I wasn’t using my civil rights anyway.”  The Lizzies waited till 9/11 to take advantage of the Out of Bounds Moon.

With Saturn now 45 degrees behind Pluto, the Cycle is in the Void phase.  The Waning Octile was exact on November 27, so…

If you met any hassles last week, the appropriate Response would be to Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade – those Demons are wax melting into the Cauldron, and can be safely dismissed.  Of course the Lizards will play them up (as the UK did last week) to try to keep folks in Fear, so they can feed. 

The next Initiation is due in January 2020.

Interesting.  We’ll get to the rest of the Long-Term Cycles shortly.


Intriguing newscast on the Lizard-owned media tonight.  The media normally pays more attention to the property damage from protests than they do to what’s being protested.  Tonight however they definitely leaned toward sympathy with the victims of police brutality more than sympathy with the victims of the resulting protests.  That’s a significant shift, and if it’s a trend, it may indicate that the Lizards are coming to feel that repressing the People with violence will hurt their wealth accumulation more than controlling the People with the Fear of violence.  While Obama has suggested review of police militarization, he hasn’t reduced the practice.  His handlers may be having second thoughts.