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Hollow Grams and Black Wholes

December 15, 2013

rbhem4449bpRainbow Hematite, Base-Chakra Iron exuding Crown-Chakra Shimmer

Some folks in astrophysics have objected to the headlines about your favorite Universe being a Hologram…

And of course since it’s Both/And anyway, we have no objection to that.  I mean, we do walk on it, so even if it might be what we understand to be a Hologram, it’s also what we perceive as solid in places.  And more perspective is better than less.  Along those lines…

Of course they don’t mention Nassim, because he uses the banned word “God” and the Scienterrific types think Santa will bring you mud biscuits if you swear.

Meanwhile Bill Moyers talks about American exports to Europe…

And then there’s the American export to Europe that may come next…

which article, while long, talks about many New Paradigm efforts to create or recreate self-determination.

Has American pharmafascism hit Europe yet?  I don’t know…

It’s probably not far behind.

Yintegrity of the Collective

December 13, 2013

BanksyLambsBanksy NYC again, on Sustainability.

One of the features of the Uranus Station is…

A Pythagorean Tricolor between Eris, Lilith, and Saturn, which we can read as: We can resolve an apparent conflict (Square) between Integrity (Lilith) and Denial (Eris) by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Attend to (Eris Quincunx Saturn) – that will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity (Saturn Trine Lilith).

And right on queue, Otto Scharmer provides a view of the same picture from the Global Perspective – yes, Uranus represents the Individual Soul and Neptune our relationship with everything larger than the Individual.  But the Planet and Culture are also Individual Entities, so the same apparent conflict applies on that level as well.  Here’s Otto’s view…

“Framing this century’s challenges through the lens of [the old scuffle over government-centered vs. market-centered economies] is like driving a vehicle while looking in the rear-view mirror.  If you do that you’ll miss seeing what is right in front of you – in this case an oncoming tsunami of disruptive change.  Here are some questions that will guide our inquiry into the eight acupuncture points of deep systemic change…

  1. Nature: How can we rethink the economy and nature from ‘take, make, and throw away’ to an integrated closed-loop design, in which everything that we take from the earth is returned at the same or a higher level of quality?
  2. Labor: How can we relink work – the profession we choose to pursue – with Work – what we really love doing?
  3. Capital: How can we relink the financial economy and the real economy by recycling financial capital into the service and cultivation of ecological, social, and cultural commons?
  4. Technology: How can we create broad access to the core technologies of the third Industrial Revolution, blending information technology, regenerative energy, and social technologies in order to unleash individual and collective creativity?
  5. Leadership: How can we build a collective leadership capacity to innovate at the scale of the whole system?
  6. Consumption: How can we rebalance the economic playing field so that consumers can engage in collaborative conscious consumption and become equal partners in an economy that creates well-being for all?
  7. Coordination: How can we end the war of the parts against the whole by shifting the mode of consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness?
  8. Ownership: What innovations in property rights would give voice to future generations and facilitate the best societal uses of scarce resources and common?”

-Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, p.77.

Remember that our Chiron-Neptune Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl New Socioeconomic Paradigm is still in the formative stages.  That means by putting one or more of these acupressure point-questions into genuine Curiosity and including the questions in our Meditations and PIAVAs, we’ll have a hugely leveraged impact on the Future of the Planet, possibly even the critical impact.

Without leaving the state of Curiosity, include your preferences for the collective, and your preferences for your role in the transition.  It doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t understand the issues well enough to have a meaningful contribution – What if you did know?  Because you damn well do know.  You came here in this Lifetime to do this very thing, shift the Future of the Planet from degeneration to regeneration.  When the mind interrupts with Doubt and Cynicism and Fear, thank it for trying to help, and move back to an open, creative Curiosity.  Let yourself Lead.  It doesn’t have to “go to your head” – the crisis will be resolved on the level of neighborhoods and families, not countries and corporations.  In the formative stage, the tiniest tweak can have a huge impact.

On p.25 Otto says,

Always start by ‘attending to the crack.’  Where do we meet the future first?  ‘Seek it with your hands.  Don’t think about it, feel it’ is the essential instruction that Bagger Vance gives to Junah in the Robert Redford movie Bagger Vance.  The future shows up first in our feelings and through our hands, not in our abstract analysis.  ‘Attending to the crack’ means attending to the openings, the challenges, and the disruptions where we feel the past ending and the future wanting to begin.

That’s an excellent mirror for the Septangle in the Station –

The Station itself is a corner of a Solar Septangle, with Pallas at the other corner.  We could call that as We find our Source by stretching our Edges to encompass our individual Soul, our True Self, our Yintegrity.

We didn’t include in that story the crucial 7th-Harmonic element of Timing; Otto’s Attending to the crack does just that.  We prowl the Edges between past and future like a Ninja, always ready to jam the side of a hand into the crack and twist it open a little wider, always ready to help expand Consciousness whenever the Teachable Moment arises.  In the 60s, the germinal period for the Uranus-Pluto Cycle that this Station illuminates so brightly, we actually used to do just that, quite on purpose!  What a contrast to prowling the Edges with a hod full of cement and a trowel, always ready to paste the crack closed again.

Down to the Wire II

December 13, 2013


Lots going on!

Angels descending to pick up Mr. Mandela…

The US House of Representatives actually passed a relatively constructive measure!

We can be sure it has major faults, but the Big News is the vote count – 332 to 94.  The 94 was the T-Party side.  Of course it’s tentative, but the stranglehold that the T-Party, a propaganda front for the fascists, has had on the US for the last many years may be broken!  Here’s a parallel NY Times commentary…

Look at this “brilliant” scheme to quite literally kill two birds, or most likely many more, with one stone…

You can reconcile that with this story about Earthquakes…

And the frankenapple…

Some of the folks who are more concerned about the future of the Planet than they are about whether they’ll die with the most toys…

Some new books about the New Paradigm…

And a summary of the 2014 New-Paradigm programs by the Schumacher Center for a New Economics…

In case you missed it, Nick Ortner is offering a free online screening of his great movie The Tapping Solution…

plus ancillary interviews with Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson, and Joseph Mercola.

Then there’s a new look at the Easter Island story…

And some press about how Matter is a Trance…

And last but not least, two of our favorite folks,  Nassim Haramein and Lilou Mace…


Down to the Uranian Wire

December 12, 2013

BanksyNYCBanksy NYC on Uranus.

We get closer to the actual event – the Uranus Station, the Energy of which peaks a bit before 10am PST on December 17.  And its embellishments – the Full Moon eight hours prior, and the Moon-Uranus Square eighteen hours later.  We can consider that time range the opening of the Portal, from 1am PST December 17 till 4am PST December 18.

Unless we want to expand our Sensitivity beyond 3 degrees, the astrological skyscape gets a lot quieter than it has been for a long time.  The Station itself is a corner of a Solar Septangle, with Pallas at the other corner.  We could call that as…

We find our Source by stretching our Edges to encompass our individual Soul, our True Self, our Yintegrity.

And there’s a Pythagorean Tricolor between Eris, Lilith, and Saturn, which we can read as…

We can resolve an apparent conflict between Integrity and Denial by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Attend to – that will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity.

Not to forget the basic theme – Uranus Squaring Pluto.  Which is to say…

Hiding our True Self behind Masks is no longer possible.  You want to take it off yourself, because it will hurt less than it will when it gets ripped off.

After the Station, when the Moon comes ’round to Oppose Pluto and create a Uranus T-Square…

It’s not like it will feel smooth and prop up our Ego, but we have to practice being Authentic.  It’s no longer optional.

And fortuitously, the Moon also makes a Grand Trine with Chiron and the North Node…

Grace flows when we’re willing to break our traditional view of the World and our role in it.  Our Light is far larger than we imagine.  In your Wildest Dreams, Who Are You?

The Tricolor and the Septangle persist for a while.


Need and Greed

December 7, 2013

Squirrel-with-nut-in-park-007An Offering.

A new report by the Labor Network for Sustainability shows that fixing aging existing local water, sewer, and gas distribution pipelines between Texas and North Dakota would create five times as many jobs as the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would, the jobs would be more sustainable, and hiring would be local, while the Keystone XL would mostly import foreign contractors.  This could all be paid for by recalling only a portion of the corporate welfare that the Oil and Gas industry receives out of tax revenue.  The report…

An entertaining Patagonia story about reuse and sharing…

An excellent Shareable story about “Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense,” with a happy ending even…

And Bill Moyers tells us about how Google is buying the Tea Party off…

As we’ve said,

I Wonder what it would be like if governments made decisions based on helping everybody live better rather than enriching a few individuals and megacorporations.

Portal 12.10 or Uranus Station II

December 6, 2013

Our Yin Gate hangs on for most of the next week, but our Quintile Yod dissolves in a few days, and our Toadstool/Pagoda has already passed.  Which leaves us alone with our Pluto T-Square to Uranus and Vesta,

Which reminds us that aligning ourselves with our Soul’s Intention (Uranus) is not optional (Pluto) here.  Pluto means Transformation, Re-Formation of the Planetary Trance, and while we can steer the Transformation, we can’t reverse it.  The Square from Pluto to Uranus Challenges us to Master living on a Plane where the Planetary Trance is about each Person Living Their Own Truth according to their own Heart (Vesta).

as the main course for Portal 12.10, when the Moon joins Uranus.  The Moon usually acts as a trigger, so while Uranus doesn’t actually Stand Still until 10am PST on December 17, we could get a strong dose of Stationary Uranus, or

It will be very difficult to bite your tongue instead of Speaking your Truth.  If you do succeed, Boiron Borax 30c homeopathic will greatly accelerate healing for the wounds in your tongue.  Seriously, it will.

during Portal 12.10, which is open for six hours on either side of 9pm PST on December 10.  Portal 12.18, when the Moon Squares Uranus and Opposes Pluto making a Uranus T-Square (that is, a Uranus T-Square with Pluto rather than a Pluto T-Square with Pluto; subtle but important), is likely to be stronger, but it doesn’t occur till after the Uranus Station itself.  Portal 12.10 will gain strength by occurring before the Station, but for a couple of obscure reasons I expect Portal 12.18 will be stronger still.  Not that anyone here is in competition – other than your Ego and your Soul.  Or rather, your Ego.  I don’t think the Soul’s big on competition.

I don’t use Ego negatively; really we’re talking about Habits and Patterns that have served us well in the past – that’s what Uranus tends to disrupt.  Being raised in a Culture that denies astrology, we assume that the future will be like the past, so we feel justified in sticking with those historical Habits and Patterns and investing Ego into them.  Ego is just what keeps us Safe, and “Please pass the Butter” has always seemed a lot safer to say than “You ruined my life!”  Of course some of those Patterns are embedded in Karma, and breaking them will seem like a Life-or-Death risk, and it literally will be, since Ego Death is the only real Death there is.

It’s interesting that in the 12.10 Portal the third party is Vesta, as one of the referents of Vesta is what we’re willing to live and die for.  By December 18, Vesta has moved on.  So one thing to watch for during the 12.10 Portal is

Change in what we consider to be Sacred, what we think is worth living and dying for, what motivates us ultimately, what organizes our Life on the most basic level.  In a word, Epiphany.  Stay open for that; it’s very important.

particularly because of the other major Configuration in the 12.10 chart, the second Triangle…

DSCN4670We’ve been calling that other Triangle a Pythagorean Triangle, but that term is pretty general; maybe a Pythagorean Tricolor would be more descriptive.  A Pythagorean Tricolor connects a Square (red – Challenge) to a Quincunx (green – Curiosity) to a Trine (blue – Grace) and back to the Square.  So we can read that as

When we’re confronted with a situation where we’re Challenged to express more of our Truth than we’re used to and it’s not optional (Pluto Square Uranus), if we respond by Wondering how we can do that and Stay Safe too (Uranus Quincunx Pallas), we can effortlessly discover new ways to Be (Pallas Trine Pluto).

The key is the Quincunx – the Wondering.  If the Pluto-Uranus Square just dumps us into our usual anxiety about revealing our Truth, we might miss the Gift in the Pallas-Pluto Trine.  Pallas represents Edges and Boundaries – we set Boundaries with people by avoiding the Vulnerability of Speaking our Truth.  Our sense of Safety has Edges, beyond which we feel uncomfortably vulnerable.  What if we PIAVAed stretching our Edges just enough to find a way to Speak more of our Truth Safely.  Our Habituation sees a conflict between our need for Safety and our need for Yintegrity, but that’s only the perspective of our Habituation, it’s not Reality.

We just need to PIAVA Both/And, Safety And Yintegrity.

Now, we don’t need to wait until Portal 12.10 opens to do this – this Pythagorean Tricolor was part of Portal 12.04’s Yin Gate and actually started at the end of November and hangs around until December 15.  Not that we couldn’t do it anytime anyway, it’ll just be a lot easier during this Window.  Here are a couple of great examples of the Pythagorean Tricolor unfolding out in the open on the Cultural level…

Boulder Colorado, by a two-thirds majority, has voted to stop buying electric Power from an out-of-state megacorporation, and form their own public utility –

Someone in Austin Texas is building affordable housing for the homeless –

1-cottageThat’s part of the Shareable Foundation, where they have a bundle of great projects in the oven –

After all, Speaking our Truth is a lot more than Sharing our Feelings.  Or maybe part of it is how we Feel about seeing our Planet destroyed by greed.

I Wonder what it would be like if governments made decisions based on helping everybody live better rather than enriching a few individuals and megacorporations.

Good News

December 3, 2013

Orange15c.36mHow’s this for a lovely 15-caret $36 million Orange Diamond.

Here’s some good news…

And look at this…

“For many years I worked in palliative care.  My patients were those who had gone home to die.” 

“People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality.  I learnt never to underestimate someone’s capacity for growth.  Some changes were phenomenal.  Each experienced a variety of emotions, as expected, denial, fear, anger, remorse, more denial and eventually acceptance.  Every single patient found their peace before they departed though, every one of them.

“When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again.  Here are the most common”

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.  This was the most common regret of all.”

“I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.  Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others.  As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming.  Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result.  We cannot control the reactions of others.  However, although people may initially react when you change the way you are by speaking honestly, in the end it raises the relationship to a whole new and healthier level.  Either that or it releases the unhealthy relationship from your life.  Either way, you win.”

So says Bronnie Ware.  And she probably doesn’t even know that Uranus is Squaring Pluto, or that Uranus is Stationary!

Yin Gate 12.4 / Portal 12.4

December 1, 2013

VestaThe surface of Vesta, photographed by Dawn

Our previous Yin Gate finished up around 11pm PST November 28, when Ceres moved out of its Quincunx to the South Node.  A little less than a day later, Vesta took its place Opposite Uranus, making a second Yin Gate!  Quite fascinating.  Whereas the previous Yin Gate was Powered by Ceres-Uranus, or

Get Serious about making your Yintegrity permanent!

as we called it, this one is Powered by Vesta-Uranus, or

If your Yintegrity doesn’t align with your notions of the Sacred, it’s time to change your notions of the Sacred!

Your Soul and your Yintegrity is Sovereign.  If you learned your notions of the Sacred from a book or a teacher, and not from your own Heart, you have work to do here.  Of course, if your books and teachers resonated with your own Heart, fantastic.  But if you’re horrified by the idea of Trusting Emotions more than Scripture or Morals, because it might sound like a flood of criminals will have permission to traumatize your Culture, well, watch your television – according to the corporate media, we’re already there, aren’t we.

If you live far from drones and bombs, rampant criminality may sound intolerable because it threatens your Safety, but guess what – it’s just a Mirror for the drones and bombs Big Governments are sending in your name.  And what nurtures criminality most of all?  Inequality.  When was the last time you voted for someone who promised to reduce Inequality, or you refused to vote with your dollars at institutions that support Inequality, or you insisted that your “leaders” end homelessness and unemployment rather than policing lack of obeisance to predatory capitalism and Empire?

Karma might be dead, but that doesn’t mean the Mirror is broken.  It’s just more immediate.  Even if random violence visited your house, and we wish that on Peoria even less than we wish it on Swat, it’s past time that we understand and accept that Life gets recycled just like Coke bottles and Coors cans.

The Pallas-Chiron-Nodes Mystic Rectangle is the same as the last Portal

Goddess Pi, can you help me make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission? 

What if we were able to Step Effortlessly onto the Path where our Limitations fall away Magically, and we are doing what we feel Passionate about.

For those who don’t like that, we can be compassionate with them about their lack of understanding, without letting them nudge us off our Path.

Here’s the Yin Gate (las dos equis verdes) and the Mystic Rectangle (la caja azul)

YG12.4While the Yin Gate lasts almost until the next Portal on December 10, Portal 12.4 peaks when the Moon Conjoins Pluto and lights up the Pluto-Uranus-Vesta T-Square.  This Window opens around 10am PST on December 4, and remains open for about seven hours.  Inside this Portal within the Yin Gate, there’s another Window, a Portal of Grace, from this Toadstool or Pagoda Formation…

Shroom12.4that the Moon lights up from around 10am PST on December 4 till around 3pm PST on the same day.  After that the Toadstool fades away, leaving just the T-Square, which survives until December 12 and provides the main course for Portal 12.10.  Remember that December’s Main Effect is the Station of Uranus that occurs December 17; this series of Portals between 11.28 and 12.25 occur every week when the Moon makes Challenging Angles to Uranus, preparing us for the Main Event.

What’s this Toadstool part of the Portal about?  Pluto…

Which reminds us that aligning ourselves with our Soul’s Intention is not optional here.  Pluto means Transformation, Re-Formation of the Planetary Trance, and while we can steer the Transformation, we can’t reverse it.  The Square from Pluto to Uranus Challenges us to Master living on a Plane where the Planetary Trance is about each Person Living Their Own Truth.

The Toadstool Formation embodies that Challenge, with Vesta completing the Pluto-Uranus T-Square (red lines).  That’s the same Vesta-Uranus Opposition that drives the Yin Gate.  But the Toadstool adds two avenues of Grace – the Pluto-Pallas-South Node Grand Trine (big blue Triangle), and the Sextiles (shorter blue lines) to Chiron and the North Node.

We are not being abandoned here.  Big Grace (Grand Trine) is open to all of us who want to stretch (Pallas) to recover skills we developed in other Lifetimes (South Node), and yet more Grace is open to those of us who are willing (Sextiles) to PIAVA Miracles (Chiron) that will move us onto our True Path (North Node).

That’s eight planets in that famous 8-to-11-degree Window we’ve been working with a lot this year.  In any sign, 8-to-11-degrees represents the phase where, whatever it is we’re doing, we’ve finished the prototype, and now we’re getting serious about building the Real Thing, version 2.0.  That applies to our Yintegrity as much as to our Culture and the Planetary Trance.

And then there’s a third major Configuration in this Portal, a Quintile Yod that has the South Node and Jupiter bowing to the Sun from December 2 (1pm PST) through December 6 (5pm PST)…

QYod12.4which is all about…

Learning and Teaching (Q-Yod) how to Expand (Jupiter) our concept of Self enough to include Source (Sun), thereby releasing the Held Emotions that cover our Hidden Powers (South Node).

Which gives us this very busy full Portal!

Port12.4You can see why we break it apart for analysis.

But we need to put it all back together again to Live it as a Singular Window.

Then there’s ISON, our Thief of Fire, that brings us the Power of the Gods.  ISON’s Material fate is uncertain, as we can see by the Square (dark red line) to Neptune (Material Confusion, Spiritual Truth).

SKite12.4But look at the other lines.  The orange-red line is a Quintile to Juno, which means that

ISON will be Teaching (Quintile) our Consciousness (Juno).  What will be learning?  During the Portal ISON moves through 4 degrees of Sagittarius, “A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of their parents,” or “The natural assistance of superior powers during crises of growth.”

We could certainly rest our case there!  But look at all those light blue lines, making a Septile Kite!  What can we make of that?

If we PIAVA it (because in Septile-Land the timing has to be just right), ISON (Stealing Fire from the Gods) can pull our Hidden Skills out from beneath the Emotional Holding that occults them (South Node), lovingly and gently (Venus) and permanently (Ceres).

It’s too complex for the mind to put together, but effortless for the Goddess.

Goddess Pi, may I please be lovingly and gently released from my Self-Sabotaging Limitations.

We make things so difficult, when they’re almost Effortless if we open to the Grace that’s available to us.  Remember that Opposition in the Mystic Rectangle, Chiron to Pallas – stretching our Edges to allow Miracles where only Despair dwelled before.  And the Sextile between Chiron and the South Node – Grace flows once we take the first step.  Our prayer above is a perfect first step.

Yin Gate 11.28

November 26, 2013

When four planets align so that two parallel Trines are connected by two Sextiles – like the blue lines in the picture that connect the Nodes, Pallas, and Chiron – it makes a Mystic Rectangle.

DSCN4663A Yin Gate – aka Dos Equis – forms when two additional planets split the Sextiles and create two opposing Fingers of God (or Yods) with the Sextiles – like the green lines in the picture.

A Mystic Rectangle, which basically represents Grace, is driven by the Oppositions between the corners, in this case the Nodal Axis and the Pallas-Chiron Opposition.  So the Mystic Rectangle should provide…

A Grace-full expansion of our Edges into Miracles that lighten our Karma and promote our Mission.

But the Energy in a Yin Gate – where each Finger of God shrieks Pay Attention to Me! – derives from the Opposition of the two Yods, in this case Ceres and Uranus, or…

Get Serious about making your Yintegrity permanent!

Of course that occurs in the context of the Mystic Rectangle, and we can’t forget that Yods are all about Curiosity…

How the devil can I make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission?!?

It would be good to PIAVA something like that…

Goddess Pi, can you help me make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission?

If that doesn’t flow together smoothly into a question that makes a lot of sense for you, that’s good, because this isn’t about thinking our way forward.  We could also shorten it to something like…

I wonder what it would look like if my Yintegrity was permanent.

But then you’d have to be careful to allow the Visualization to form without censoring or editing it or worrying about consequences.  Basically, you’d want to imagine yourself…

Stepping Effortlessly onto the Path where your Limitations fall away Magically, and you are doing what you feel Passionate about.

And to add the Boundary part of Pallas, we’d also want to…

Affirm that other people’s criticism about any of that just rolls off my back.  We can be compassionate with them about their lack of understanding, but we don’t need to let them nudge us off our Path.

Now, the red lines on the picture are a Pluto T-Square across that germinal Ceres-Uranus Opposition (committing ourself to our Truth – imagine yourself swearing a holy oath).  A Pluto T-Square means that…

We’re Challenged to Align our Energy with the Primary Trance on the Planet.

Which isn’t necessarily the Predatory Capitalism, Fear-Mongering, and Fascism that’s all over the Corporate Media.  I mean, as we ease into this Portal, look at what’s happening in Syria and Iran.  The Primary Trance on the Planet is Pluto in Capricorn, which means…

Just Fix It!

It’s not hard to see what “It” is, is it.  We just need to put our backs into it.  And we need to remember that this is just another variation on the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto theme, which is…

We Need to get serious about following Our Own Guides and not anybody else’s!

There’s an obvious Vacancy there Opposite Pluto, and when there are obvious Vacancies it means that we need to supply that Energy ourselves.  The rest is being made manifest by the Universe, but our part of the Co-Creation is signified by the Vacancy.  That’s at 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”  Rudhyar reads that as “The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal.”  Which sounds like a burden.  However…

We’ve been training for this our entire Lives!  The Work is now beginning in earnest.  Time to set aside your Judgment and Doubt and Cynicism and Fear, and lean into the Future you know that you came here to help Create.  You know exactly where we’re going.  It will certainly be two steps forward and one back, and it’s a long Journey.  But we’re done with the preliminaries, and now we’re starting on the Real Thing.

Pretty wild, eh?

The Yin Gate has actually already opened, around 10pm PST November 25th.  It stays open till about 9am PST on December 2nd.

It peaks between 6am and 9am PST on November 28th – Thanksgivukkah.  This wider aperture of the Gate will start opening about six hours earlier, and afterward take around six hours to close.

Which is when the Moon – Ms. Manifestation Herself – Opposes Uranus and Conjoins Ceres.

The Hidden Portal within the Portal

There’s another, much more subtle Portal open behind the Yin Gate.  This one opened around November 22, and will be open till December 4.  When we add Eris into the picture we get five out of seven corners of a Grand Septile

DSCN4664The Seventh-Harmonic Septile is about Shamanic Power – tightly focusing our use of Energy so that when the moment is right we strike like Lightning, while the rest of the time we do nothing.  A classic example is the Teachable Moment, when…

There will be moments when people are willing to Open their Hearts and Minds.  Don’t shy away from those moments; tell it like it is.

You may need to let someone feel their Real Fear around the Global Warming Storms or Fukushima, for instance, but then remind them that we will escape the worst fate by making a stand as a Community.

The parties here are Eris, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars – Big Players that aren’t accustomed to backing down from an opportunity to bring one face to face with our worst Fears and most self-sabotaging Habits.

It may be us that has the moments when we’re invited to Open our Heart and Mind – don’t back down!

There are two obvious Vacancies here – 14 of Gemini and 5 of Leo – “The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence” (eg telepathy) and “The structuring power of Elemental Forces during the long cycle of Planetary evolution,” to use Rudhyar’s views.  That’s asking a lot of us, isn’t it, since these are the Energies we’re supposed to provide…

We’ve been training for this our entire Lives!  The Work is now beginning in earnest.  Time to set aside your hesitation to use your Power, and invoke your Allies to do the same, and lean into the Future you know that you came here to help Create.  You know exactly where we’re going.  It will certainly be two steps forward and one back, and it’s a long Journey.  But we’re done with the preliminaries, and now we’re starting on the Real Thing.

Hanukkah is a rededication of  the Temple – a recommitment to that which is Sacred to us (and indeed, the Yin Gate opens when the Moon crosses Vesta!) and a celebration of the Light.  Thanksgiving means Gratitude, which is a State of Grace.  The American holiday Thanksgiving is at root a celebration of Harvest, a celebration of our Union and Interdependence with Nature.  Guess who rules the Harvest!  None other than Ceres.  So the Ceres-Uranus Opposition and Pluto T-Square that drive the Yin Gate is about…

Celebrating our Unique Contributions – past, present, and future – to our Union and Interdependence with Nature WHILE celebrating the Spiritual Reality of our Core Being.  AND celebrating the Spiritual Reality of Nature and Her Union and Interdependence with Source!

ISON and Chiron-Uranus

November 24, 2013

SolarFlare1As it rockets through Scorpio, scooting across the Sky faster than the Moon, into the Sun, ISON Trines Chiron, so we should be able to…

Expect hidden perspectives to emerge.

Like this interesting point of view…

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and the latest hard news on ISON and its possible encounter with Solar Flair…

Theoretically, the emphasis should be on Uranus – since it’s Stationary – more than on Chiron, but Chironic news keeps surfacing.  ISON-in-Scorpio is Quincunx to Uranus, so while it’s Grace (Trine) that lights up Chiron, it’s Curiosity (Quincunx) that illuminates Uranus…

I wonder how these new perspectives that keep showing up will influence my journey into greater Authenticity…

would be an appropriate mantra.  The Uranus Station makes a close Twelfth-Harmonic Angle with Chiron, and the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking.  Which means, if we don’t get into too much Resistance…

We’ll be a different person by Solstice Time.

The long Chiron-Uranus Cycle is Waning, having finished eleven twelfths of it’s journey.  The Cycle began – this is the Cycle that we’re leaving behind – December 1, 1898, at 5 Sagittarius, “An old Owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree,” which Rudhyar interprets as “A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.”  Curious indeed.

This lends some sense to the perception that we’re descending into Chaos – or being Liberated from Limiting Beliefs.

Chiron doesn’t reach Aphelion (furthest extent from the Sun) until 2021, so she’s out near the orbit of Uranus and thus traveling at about the same speed as Uranus.  Consequently, Uranus doesn’t Initiate Chiron again until mid-November 2042.  That new Cycle begins at 18 of Leo, “A chemist conducts an experiment for her students” or in Rudhyar’s view “By inquiring into the hidden process of Nature, the human mind experiences the thrill of discovery.”  That could be refreshing, though it’ll be a while.

It’s a lot easier for the Western mind to comprehend a construction process than a deconstruction process.  Here’s Michael Meyer’s view of this stage of a Cycle (…

Although there may be much scrambling for position, this isn’t a phase in which one can change much, except one’s self and one’s attitude toward the past and toward the future.  Indeed, now is the time to essentialize, to consolidate inner resources, and learn from the past, in preparation for the coming new cycle.  Now creative imagination outlines new tomorrows, where imagination will be made real.  Impending closure is not merely sensed but often welcomed during this final phase.”

We’re reminded of Ceres Rising in the 1/1/2000 chart, foretelling Sustenance.  Reading this we immediately think of the political-economic situation, but this is Chiron-Uranus, not Jupiter-Saturn (Social Economics, which is in a Waning Trine – another story worth telling again) or Chiron-Neptune (Cultural Edges and our recently newborn “New Paradigm”).  So “one’s self and one’s attitude” is the whole Pie and “consolidating inner resources and learning from the past” creates context for our recent extended Juno-Nodes and Saturn-North Node work.

What if we turned it around.  Rudhyar began his archetypal Cycle at the New Moon or Conjunction – Darkness and Invisibility becoming full Illumination and then returning into Darkness, or the Occult made Manifest and then recycled into the Void, or Evolution followed by Devolution.  That makes consummate sense, but it doesn’t have to be our only perspective.  What if we began a Cycle at the Opposition, the Full Moon.  We’d have the Manifest made Hidden and then Reborn, or the Illuminated being Obscured and then Resurrected in a new Form.  Let’s give that a try…

The previous Chiron-Uranus Opposition occurred in mid-September 1953 at Capricorn 20, “A hidden choir sings during a religious service,” or according to Rudhyar “The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through her participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity.”  If we started at the Opposition, the current Angle would be the equivalent of a Waxing Quincunx rather than a Waning Semi-Sextile, though it would be Waxing into Transformation rather than Fulfillment.  Sort of the Prey’s perspective rather than that of the Predator.

Now the idea of a hidden group performance consecrated to unity that started in 1953 rings bells relative to my memories of Herstory – the hidden agenda of the propagandists who sold us on Consumerism, rabid Patriotism, “American Exceptionalism,” and Women as Servants spring to mind, along with images of Joe McCarthy, Mad Men, How to Marry a Millionaire, and the Silent Majority.  All of that is certainly fading into Darkness, to be reborn thirty years hence, either as some version of Community or a reversion to subsistence.

And what if we Initiated our Anti-Cycle at the Square rather than the Opposition?  The Waning Square of the classic Cycle would be the place where we open to Potential rather than Manifestation, and the process would involve Concepts rather than Matter.  We would cycle from Potential to Birth to full Conceptualization to Breakdown.  On this Cycle the Chiron-Uranus Angle would be a Waxing Sextile.  Our Initiation would have been in October 1997 at 5 of Scorpio, “A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the Sea” or, as Rudhyar calls it, “The inertia of institutions.

Boy, doesn’t that just hit the nail on the head!  The Waxing Sextile phase is about Creative Grace – Grace flows but only after we pull the chain to get it started.

The combined inertias of Certainty and Doctrine (the 1898 Conjunction), of Patriotism and Consumerism (the 1953 Opposition), along with the natural preference for the Known Evil over the Unknown Possible Good (the 1997 Square), leaves us feeling very stuck.  How do we get unstuck?  We know (the Sextile) that it takes Action on our part.  What sort of Action? 

What immediately comes to mind is Otto Scharmer’s leaning into the emerging Future

Our moment of disruption deals with death and rebirth.  What’s dying is an old civilization and a mindset of maximum “me” – maximum material consumption, bigger is better, and special-interest-group-driven decision-making that has led us into a state of organized irresponsibility, collectively creating results that nobody wants.

What’s being born is less clear but in no way less significant.  It’s something that we can feel in many places across Planet Earth.  This future is not just about firefighting and tinkering with the surface of structural change.  It’s not just about replacing one mindset that no longer serves us with another.  It’s a future that requires us to tap into a deeper level of our humanity, of who we really are and who we want to be as a society.  It is a future that we can sense, feel, and actualize by shifting the inner place from which we operate.  It is a future that in those moments of disruption begins to presence itself through us.

This inner shift, from fighting the old to sensing and presencing an emerging future possibility, is at the core of all deep leadership work today.  It’s a shift that requires us to expand our thinking from the head to the heart.  It is a shift from an ego-system awareness that cares about the well-being of ourself to an eco-system awareness that cares about the well-being of all, including oneself.  When operating with ego-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our small ego self.  When operating with eco-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our emerging or essential self – that is, by a concern that is informed by the well-being of the whole.”

This shift in awareness from ego-system to eco-system is something that we are approaching and living through not only as groups and organizations, but also as a global community.  Pioneering the principles and personal practices that help us to perform this shift may well be one of the most important undertakings of our time.”

Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, pp.1-2.

However we look at it, we seem to be in for a quarter-century of Confusion and Chaos.  Remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, because it signifies the breakdown of our Limiting Beliefs.  Again, we can’t think (or even act) our way out of this, there is too much in flux.  We have to PIAVA what we want, revising our PIAVAs at least daily as the place where we stand changes rapidly, and then Change the Subject.  A good way to Change the Subject would be to ask ourself what small thing could we do to make Life easier for someone else.