Own It, then Let It Go 2

In the previous post we mentioned “What do we do when we’re Surrounded by Death? We turn our Hand over and Focus on the Inevitable Rebirth.” The New Moon featured two Stelliums of 6 planets and 3, and one Conjunction of 2 planets. These combinations Initiate 20-some new Cycles, each of which are Excellent Rebirths to Focus upon. Some examples…

DegreeChandra Symbol
Hopi-HaumeaRebirth into Respect for All Things15 Jan
5 years
1 ScorpioFeigning a Naïve Outer Life while Threading a Narrow Karmic Ledge over the Abyss Internally
OOB Karma-PlutoCompulsively Working on Compulsive Karma12 Feb
4 years
30 CapricornAiming for the Stars and Never Letting Go of the Goal
Saturn-GonggongThe Most Important Thing about Intrusive Memories4 May
30 years
6 PiscesValuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequen-cies that don’t fit Current Lifetime
Panacea-DamoclesHealing Fear of Accountability8 Feb
5¼ years
29 AquariusTurned Inward, Focused on the New Self One Is Becoming, with as much Curiosity as Intention
Panacea-SaturnHealing our Attention to The Most Important Priorities2 Feb
6¼ years
27 AquariusHaving a Defined Path but Losing It Over and Over Again, in Order to Learn How to Guide Others Out
Panacea-GonggongHealing our Temptation to Get Stuck on Intrusive Memories23 Feb
5 years
2 mon
5 PiscesDeep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by No Need for Certainty

What can we do with this that will help Ourself and the Planet move into Ascension? Well…

We know that we’ll be working on Letting Go of our Judgments for the next many years (Hopi-Haumea). Any Expectations, let alone Judgments, will Lock us out of 5D. We could start on that today! How often do we say “I’m not one of those people who …?” or “At least I’m …!” Judgments make such fabulous pedestals for propping an Ego upon.

So we may want to PIAVA that we get really good at Ego Death. The Chandra Symbol tells us that this will be Tricky not just from an Ego Perspective, but from a Karmic Perspective. We may want to study the Chandra Symbol for our South Node, since that’s the most likely Nursing Home for our I’d Rather Die than Be That! Emotions.

Which very Emotions are the most likely Candidates to Arise in the upcoming Panacea-Gonggong and Saturn-Gonggong Cycles! Is not Getting Stuck on them The Most Important Thing about Intrusive Memories? Probably not quite, since that could easily put our Drive Wheel over close to the Narrow Shoulder of Denial, and having our I’d-Rather-Die-than Emotions Buried in the Unconscious just leaves them Running our Life below the level of our Awareness.

So Acknowledging them is probably More Important, then Holding Tight to your Magic Wand (so you don’t get Lost) while you Embrace the Feeling as Deeply as you Can for a few minutes, and then Letting Them Go. They’ll be back, so Acknowledge, Embrace, Let Go becomes our Mantra. Like a Muscle, each Repetition makes the next one Easier. The last Chandra Symbol tells us to use Certainty as an Red Flag that Reminds us to Let Go Again.

The Panacea-Damocles Cycle looks like a Winner. Know Thyself is a cardinal prerequisite for Enlightenment, and Nothing Changes Till We Accept It Fully Exactly As It Is. But if Accepting It involves Fear or Judgment or Shame or Guilt, we also need to Accept that, and PIAVA otherwise. There’s a clever but subtle trick we can use on these. Instead of “I Accept my Shame about Fearing Accountability,” we might say, “Up Until Now I Felt Shame about Fearing Accountability.”

You can even Repeat that, each time Feeling a little less Shame. It might be a very Gentle way to Let that Karma fade. And of course the ultimate method of Accepting the Negative, Tapping. Even though I Feel Shame about Fearing Accountability, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Or, getting Radical, Even though Up Until Now I Felt Shame about Fearing Accountability, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Tapping works on the Energy Level – you’re really enlisting Spirit, as you Let your Energy Meridians Know that your Conscious Mind Knows what they’ve Known all along.

When Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit are all on the same page, you can Manifest Anything You Want. When Manifestation is Halting, you can use that to track down the Laggard. When I Think about Being Accountable, do any Yes Buts come up just under the radar? When I Feel what Being Accountable will feel like, is it Exciting? Is my Body Hesitant when I Think and Feel about Being Accountable? Any Twitches or Aches? Where?

When I Ask Ganesh to Remove All Obstacles to my Being Accountable, am I Smiling, or Grimacing? We can actually buy a machine to measure our Coherence, the degree to which our various Personae are Collaborating or Competing – https://www.lawofheartcoherence.com/what-is-heart-coherence-heart-rate-variability/. We can’t Think our way into Coherence, we have to Feel our way into it.

Here’s another approach… Marie Manucheri has announced that Suzanne Giesmann will host a free Shift Network webinar on How to Develop a Mediumship Mindset on 2 March 2023. To attend Live or receive a recording of the event, sign up at https://theshiftnetwork.com/event/53825/.

6 Responses to “Own It, then Let It Go 2”

  1. darshanamaya Says:

    I noticed 2 very bright stars in my southwest sky in the early evening last night. I used my phone app to see it was Jupiter, with Neptune, a dark moon, and Venus below. Near Pisces, which I could not see. But there were only *2* stars visible, though the app made it look like Venus would be closer. So still not sure what I saw. But it was odd that I was moved to find them out. The other night I discovered I can see Sirius, and only that, over my neighbor’s house just to the left a bit from tonight’s view, but later in the evening. I almost knew it was Sirius without checking the app – which I had not used in years. Past life knowledge? I never studied astronomy in this one. Everything feels weird to me lately! I should schedule a session with you!

    • astrobuss Says:

      Hi Darshana!
      When you look at Sirius, you’re looking at the Location where Uranus (the individual Soul) was when you were born. Sirius is the brightest Light in the Sky after the Sun, and when it Rose as the Morning Star in Egypt, it was time to Plant, a time to drop any diversions and Attend to The Most Important Thing. Since it’s very near where Pallas (Boundaries) was Stationary recently, and close to today’s Station of Veritas (Truth of the Mind) it may mean that you Need to Set or Change a Boundary that’s very Important to your True Self. Either Open Up to Soul-Connection Work that’s been Calling you, or Close Up a Gap in your Back Wall where someone or something has been Drawing you Away from your Soul’s and your Heart’s Intentions, perhaps by Manipulating your sense of Logic (Veritas).
      Love, Jim

  2. Bob (in Coloniser Queensland) Says:

    Just love your descriptive “Turds in Lace” and Indeed struggling with the non-functional old designs and structures on every level imaginable, especially the struggle to overcome unconscious programming and the fixations that accompany it.
    Especially when the freedom that is on offer is right in front of your face and beckoning madly!
    Surely I can let go of what I don’t need anymore and see the meaning and purpose it had for me once and for all and maybe figure out how to feel with the brain itself!
    I would also love to include this half hour video of the current square between Eris and Pluto from Heather Ensworth in this comment as I believe it very skillfully explores our unique individual paths on the journey at this present moment. https://youtu.be/O5o9A4d09oU
    I would also like to thank you for letting us know about Isaac George who has gone to the Lightworkers Lounge to plan his next journey.💜


    • astrobuss Says:

      Hi Bob!
      I’m way behind on my correspondence, so I hate to tackle it out of order, but sometimes a Topic just catches a person’s Attention! Yes, Heather’s Perspective is intriguing and important, and the more Perspectives we can collect, the better prepared we are for the next pothole, so while my Perspective on Eris is different, it’s definitely not Either/Or, but Both/And.
      When two planets reach an Angle with one another, it’s the faster planet that’s making the Angle. So really Pluto (orbit 250 years) is actually Squaring Eris (orbit 550 years). It’s not a trivial difference, because if Pluto is doing the Squaring, then it’s a *Waning* Square (Devolution) instead of the *Waxing* Square (Evolution) that would be occurring if Eris was the faster planet. Which Asks the Question, what was going on when this Cycle began? That was 1756 (17 December): the 7-Years War in Europe, its Mirror the French and Indian War in North America, various notable Massacres in the other Colonies (India, South America), and a new Summer Palace near St. Petersburg for the Tzarina, who actually displeased an earlier Empress by being named the Fairest in the Russian Court. Not *all* Old Boys’ Games, as the Germans opened the first Chocolate factory, and Mozart was born.
      The Initiation of the Cycle, with Eris Out of Bounds, occurred in 19 Sagittarius, literally “A Monster Sea Creature Dead, Washed Up on the Beach” – Heather’s Cetus. Lonsdale talks about how such Archetypes never actually Die. There’s a parallel Story about how the Egyptians (see Darshanamaya’s comment) considered their Goddess Sirius (Isis/Pan) Dead when a calendar error was corrected and She no longer rose before the Sun in the Spring. Sirius-Pluto are also connected to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Bernadette Brady talks about how the Death of Pan/Isis is considered symbolic of the Demise of the Matriarchy.
      The “Can-Opener” of the Pluto-Eris Waning Square occurred 26 January 2020, in 24 Capricorn-Aries. Lonsdale talks about the Social and Psychological Confusion resulting from an impending Merger of Heaven and Earth. By this use of Rudhyar’s Cycles, the subsequent Pluto-Eris Squares (through October 2021) would be “Expositions” of the 2020 event.
      Heather emphasizes the Discord side of Eris, but if we look at the Story from the Perspective of Accountability, rather than *Creating* Discord, she *Triggered* the pre-existing Vanity and Jealousy of the Greek Goddesses. A convenient Patriarchy Story illustrating the Emotional Pettiness of the Feminine, relative to the Physical Heroics of the Masculine. But as a Psychological Story it describes the missed Opportunity to Embrace the Eruption into Consciousness of the Destructiveness of Hierarchy and Competition – for both Female and Male. And rather than Guide the “Girls” into Consciousness of their Powers, Paris merely Refereed the Contest. Quite a contrast to Xena’s Story, of her own Revenge and growth of Self-Knowledge.

      • Bob (in Coloniser Queensland) Says:

        So glad you enjoyed the video! and my apologies for the distraction.
        Both/And, for sure! Absolutely astounding, Lonsdales’s interpretation for the degree and Heather’s Cetus. Like you often say, You can’t make this stuff up!
        My spotlight as you are aware, is truly focused on anything about fostering our unique creative expression and the energy (quantum and otherwise) that surrounds creativity, which is why the video resonated so powerfully for me, also “as we’re moving in to the Aquarian age the increasing paradigm is about collaboration and co-operation” and “honoring the oceans and all of the life forms on the earth as sacred” (and should include the inanimate as well!) and “daring to be in our own journey of healing and transformation so that then we too can break out of the dysfunctional out of balance paradigms of this patriarchal period to chart a new course” & “the courage to follow our own creative unique path” & “be in community with each other to see thrive on that diversity” & “being true to yourself in alignment with your soul self and then able to be of service in community”
        Yintegrity all over and indeed!
        Just took me a while to figure out who “Paris” was in the whole scheme of things!
        Much love 💜

      • astrobuss Says:

        Yes, she’s got her 5D Paradigm description down all right! I know Parental Habits are hard to break, and Goddess Knows folks who are stuck in Exploitative Colonial and Intellectual Superiority need to be Educated in any way that works. For me the message was lost in her Parental Emphatic Certainty. Hope I don’t drop into that mode very often!

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