Mass Confusion 1

Imagine if we were dropped into a culture where only Amharic was spoken and written. The label on a food package might look like this – የንጉሥ ቋንቋ – and when you pick it up to see if it might look edible, someone asks about “Ye-Negus QwanQwa.” That’s kind of the way Life on Earth might Feel for the next week. I was awakened from a sound sleep this morning by a buzzer, followed by a robotic-sounding voice saying “You have zero hours.” Suddenly wide awake, my first thought was “Shitodear, I better get to work!”

Our language serves to Differentiate our Reality into what we Observe. Consciousness increases not by Discovery, but by Differentiation. We hear the Bird in the Tree, but we don’t see it till it moves. When it does, it’s suddenly no longer part of the Tree. Having grown up as an “Amateur Naturalist,” I’m used to recognizing Plants by the shape of their Leaves, but I’m often reminded that other people don’t see Plants that way. They just see Leaves, Undifferentiated. Maybe they’re aware of the different shades of Green. Have you noticed all the little Blips out of the corner of your Eye, or the Clear Sense that someone just walked behind you? The World here is Alive with Spirits, much more than usual.

When other people Differentiate their World Differently, it’s more Difficult to Communicate. Fifty years later I can’t help but remember how tickled I was when Louis Malle, in his Epic on India, pronounced that word Di-fic-ul-ty instead of the Dif-i-cul-ty I’m used to. When planets Merge or Conjoin, the Concepts that we Associate with them become less Differentiated. Lets use as an example the asteroids Narcissus and Hopi. Narcissus is about our Self-Image, and Hopi about our Respect for All Things. When those two Concepts Intermingle, as they are as we write, Self-Doubt is a distinct possibility as we Notice how Arrogant we can be.

Of course, Confusion is still the First Stage of Growth in Consciousness, so it’s a Good Thing to Notice the places where we’re Arrogant, so we can amp up our Respect for Those Whom We Were Judging while Lowering our own Pedestal a bit. But we want to Avoid reducing our own Self-Respect in the process, so it’s Important to Congratulate ourself for Noticing rather than Criticize or Judge or Shame ourself. Of course any Comeuppance to our Self-Image will Regress us to our 2-year-old Self and introduce all manner of additional complications.

So a Poor Sweetheart or two are probably in order, something like You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling (Regret)(Shame)(Self-Judgment)(Rejected), aren’t you. Followed of course by Changing the Subject. I know, we try not to Reinforce the Negative, but Poor-Sweethearting and Tapping are “Exceptions that Prove the Rule,” because what both of these techniques are doing is Acknowledging the Truth in order to bring your Thoughts and Emotions and Energy Meridians into Coherence. Nothing ever Changes until it’s Accepted Exactly As It Is. Think 4th Step, if you’ve been there or need to.

Now let’s stretch our example by bringing a third planet into the Merger Dance, say, dwarf planet Sedna, meaning Transmuting Fear into Power. The Fear hits first, unless we’ve already Trained ourself to automatically Breath or do Kegels when Fear starts to arise. If at age 2 our natal Narcissus was a hard nut to crack, our Programmers may have felt that they had to get Serious, with not just Shame, but more explicit Punishment. Now our Inner 2-year old (who’s still in there, like it or not) isn’t just Feeling (Regret)(Shame)(Self-Judgment)(Rejected), but also (Fear).

Now suppose we meet an old friend on the street, and want to catch up with one another. Well, if Self-Image and Respect for All Things and Converting Fear to Power are all Lit Up at the time, one or the both of us are likely to slip on Masks to Self-Protect our Vulnerable front-and-center 2-year-olds. Not much catching up gets done when the Weather is the main topic. We could lose a friend that way.1 Or, if we’re both in Recovery (from anything), this chance meeting could Deepen into much greater Intimacy, as our Respective 2-year-olds get to know one another, mediated by our Present-Moment adults, if the adults are still Present.

1 If we’re practicing our Yintegrity (where we do what we damn well Feel like doing, when we Feel like doing it, but to Survive in a Yangtegrity Culture we minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate when we can, and make Amends when we can’t and the Relationship is Worth Keeping), the first thing we’d do is Evaluate the friendship to see if it is Worth Keeping. We might test to see if they’re on the road to Ascension too, for instance, without going deep enough that they’re inspired to call the Psych Ward before you can Back Out.

By now you’ve probably guessed that in fact, Narcissus (Self-Image) and Hopi (Respect for All Things) and Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) are all Lit Up this week, and so are The Remover of Obstacles (Ganesa), the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment (Zhulong), Boundaries (Pallas), and The Truth of the Heart (Aletheia). And Respect for All Things, The Remover of Obstacles, and The Truth of the Heart are all Amplified (Out of Bounds).

I expect the Confusion to be multiplicative or Exponential rather than Additive – that would make it 21 times as Confusing as usual, without including the Out of Boundses (Outs of Bound?). Hereabouts we’ve already had a Coyote try to check in to the local Huper hospital, and rumors of some kinda Freakout that Emptied a Supermarket and then half the same hospital. And this place specializes in Confusion on an everyday basis.

You should be okay if all of your natal planets are between 15 and 18 Degrees of their Signs – every other Degree is within 3 of at least one of the seven Amplifications (Stations). The Stations are basically one-a-day, but they will all Merge together because of their Timing and Proximity on the Zodiac. Here’s the Exact Schedule…

Amplification of Self-Image Issues

(Narcissus Stationary) till 8-9 February 2023 (PST 9:34 pm 8th, GMT 5:34 am 9th, IST 11:04 am 9th, AEDT Qld 3:34 pm 9th) in 6 Scorpio, The Edge between Self-Importance and Selflessness. Amazing. Another example as if Lonsdale’s Degree Readings were Chosen especially for this day. Remember that asteroid Narcissus is in everyone’s chart, and not everyone is a Narcissist, so we should interpret Narcissus as Self-Image or the like. We all need enough Narcissism to get to Unconditional Self-Love. The one primary Challenge is Fully Self-Resolving, and is an Exaggeration of Ego Death (T-Square, Finger of the Goddess, and Grand Trine to Requiem Out of Bounds). Narcissus itself is Merged With Respect for All Things Times Four (Conjunct Hopi Out of Bounds and Stationary).

Exaggeration of Converting Fear to Power

(Sedna Stationary) till 10 February 2023 (PST 12:41 am, GMT 8:41 am, IST 2:11 pm, AEDT Qld 6:41 pm) in 29 Taurus, Full Self-Expression without Ego-Attachment. There is a Self-Resolving Challenge to Owning Our Shame (T-Square and Finger to Phaedra/Shame and Vesta/Unconscious Limitations), and a Challenge to Be Aware that we are Purging our Karma (naked Square between Haumea/Rebirth and Karma-Mercury-Pluto/Compulsion to Become Conscious of our Karma). Our typical Reaction to Discomfort is to try to Eliminate the Symptoms. If we do that here, we’ll just Freeze ourself where we are, instead of Progressing toward Ascension. When something Untoward Happens “to” us, Ask yourself “Did I Contribute to this?” and be Open to any Answer you Receive that isn’t Blaming. Karma is about Habits, not Doing Something Wrong! We Change a Habit by Noticing it, Congratulating ourself for Noticing so we’re in Positive Energy about it, and making a Commitment to Respond Differently next time.

Sedna itself is Merged With Fate and Choice (Conjunct Moira). We are Victims of our Fate as long as our Karmic Patterns are Unconscious. By bringing them into Consciousness, we convert Fate to Choice. This is a Multiplier of the Haumea-Karma et al Square of the previous paragraph. You know that the Universe is Serious – that is, Pay Attention! – when it repeats otherwise Independent Indicators like this.

A Bright Light Illuminates the Path to Enlightenment

(Zhulong Stationary) till 11 February 2023 (PST 1:27 am, GMT 9:27 am, IST 2:57 pm, AEDT Qld 7:27 pm) in 11 Scorpio, Staying Open To and Present With Our Demons until they Surrender. This is the Ultimate Gift from the Universe – the chart is a Grand Unx, with a dozen planets spaced more or less equally around the Zodiac, yielding three Self-Resolving Grand Crosses (each with 4 planets 3 Signs apart), four Dumb-Luck Blessings Grand Trines (each with 3 planets 4 Signs apart), two Couldn’t Be Better Grand Sextiles (each with 6 planets 2 Signs apart), and twelve Pattern-Breaking Unxes (12 planets 1 Sign apart). Zhulong itself is Merged with Transmutation of Held Emotions (Conjunct Ka’epaoka’awela and the South Node) – a third Independent Indicator signifying Letting Go of Karma.

Also, after 11 February, Our Thoughts Become More Socially Constructive (Mercury moves into Aquarius, PST 3:22 am, GMT 11:22 am, IST 4:52 pm, AEDT Qld 9:22 pm) until 2 March. And after 11-12 February, Our Healing Becomes More Empathetic (Panacea moves into Pisces, PST 2:23 pm 11th, GMT 10:23 pm 11th, IST 3:53 am 12th, AEDT Qld 8:23 am 12th) until 24 April.

The Truth of Our Heart Become Remarkably Super Clear To Us

(Aletheia Out of Bounds and Stationary) till 12-13 February 2023 (PST 7:30 pm 12th, GMT 3:30 am 13th, IST 9:00 am 13th, AEDT Qld 1:30 pm 13th) in 22 Gemini, The Lower Self Expects the Worst, but then the Higher Self Leaps Forth at the Last Minute to Take Advantage of the Unexpected Opportunities. 22 Gemini is home to two Fixed Stars. Bellatrix, the Star on Orion’s left shoulder, means Shadow Work. Capella, the brightest Star in the Constellation Auriga the Chariot, is the Equine Goddess of Speed and Freedom, and is about Balancing Freedom and Commitment. After the Tarot, we associate the Chariot with the 7th Harmonic, which is about Timing, Stillness, and Readiness to Respond. There is one Self-Resolving Challenge, to Trust our Instincts and Authentic Self (T-Square and Finger to Moon in mid-Scorpio).

There are also two other Challenges (Naked Squares), one to Emphasize our Devotion to the Web of Life (Aletheia itself Square to Venus-Arachne, respectively Our Values and Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life), and the other (Square) between two interesting clusters either of which could Self-Sabotage our Heart’s Truth. One is about our Surrender to Codependence in the Misguided Belief that it Will Help Us Manifest What Has Always Been Just Out of Our Reach (Hylonome/Codependence Conjunct Tantalus/Insatiable Cravings), and the other Guilt and Denial Inhibiting our Ability to Focus (Nemesis/Guilt, Eris/Denial, and Neptune/Confusion).

It’s Easy to see how either of these could Limit our Manifestation, but harder to fathom what it means that they Challenge Each Other. But there are Clues. Neptune implies Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity, and Spiritual Clarity would simply have us PIAVA that our Guilt and Denial Be Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely Resolved. And the secret backdoor to Tantalus is to Shift our Orientation so that we Value not the Object of our Desire, since we’d just Want something else if we were Granted that, but that we Value the Richness of Desire Itself, as the Essence of Life. In other words, we Focus on Enjoying the Journey, not Anticipating the Destination.

Also after 12-13 February, We Become More Casual about Trust, as it no longer seems so much of a Life-and-Death Issue (Out of Bounds Eurydike/Accentuated Trust) leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius (PST 10:35 pm 12th, GMT 6:35 am 13th, IST 12:05 pm 13th, AEDT Qld 4:35 pm 13th). On 23 May, though, Eurydike returns to Scorpio to finish up some of this Work Deepening our Trust.

The Funeral for Karma

(Pluto Initiates a New Cycle with Out of Bounds asteroid Karma) occurs on 12-13 February 2023 (PST 9:59 am 12th, GMT 5:59 pm 12th, IST 11:29 pm 12th, AEDT Qld 3:59 am 13th), in 30 Capricorn, Aiming for the Stars and Never Letting Go. In a lot of ways Karma has been Dead since the End of Time as We Know It, in 2012. Without Linear Time, Karma’s old definition as Cause and Effect is moot. Effect is supposed to Always Follow Cause, but that Makes No Sense if Nonlinear Time now has Loops and Wrinkles and Other Dimensions. Karma as Inertia no longer Makes Sense either, because Inertia is Undefined if Time is not Linear and One-Directional.

And Karma is Really Expectation, because we know that by Noticing a Karmic Pattern and tracing it back to its Early “Tells,” we can Short-Circuit it before it accrues enough Belief to Manifest into Hard Copy, and Choose Alternatives. So Karma was never Present-Moment, and if All There Is Is Now, then nothing Exists outside the Present Moment, and Karma is Revealed as a Fiction manufactured by the Brahmins in the early Patriarchy to keep the Rabble Intimidated. Like in the US Constitution, written to Protect the Interests of Slave-Holding Landowners, Tell the same Lie (of Equality) often Enough, and they’ll Believe you. The Energy of the New Cycle takes over completely at the Waxing Square in early 2024. We have only till then to Practice Breaking our Habit of Grasping for the Comfort of the Known, our Karma, when it Goes Missing. We have to Exchange that Fear of the Unknown for the Excitement of the About-to-Be-Born. Remembering to Breathe will Help.

Karma slips back In Bounds on 8 March 2023 (PST 4:56 am, GMT 12:56 pm, IST 6:26 pm, AEDT Qld 10:56 pm). That should make it Easier to move into the His-Story Books where it Belongs. We may no longer even need to Follow it.

Bringing Out the Big Guns to Support the Final Elimination of Our Shame Karma

(Ganesa Out of Bounds and Stationary) till 14 February 2023 (PST 3:45 am, GMT 11:45 am, IST 5:15 pm, AEDT Qld 9:45 pm) in 29 Gemini, Embrace of the Underwhere to Bring Light, home of the Fixed Star Polaris, A Nurturing Mission, and adjacent to Betelgeuse in Orion, Achievement and The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed. The Remover of Obstacles Ganesh is Merged with two other Out of Bounds Heavyweights, Our Enhanced Intuition (Asbolus OOB), and Our Amplified Unlimited Potential (Chaos OOB). All by itself, this Trio is More Than Enough to Levitate Us, should we have the Courage to PIAVA them. These three Challenge (Naked Square) our Shame (Phaedra) Head On. When your Shame Arises, Remember that it’s doing so to bid you Adieu, so yes, Feel It, Deeply, for Half a Minute, just long enough so you can Recognize it instantly whenever you might Meet it again, and Reject it Immediately.

In addition to Delegating Shame to these 3 Godfathers, there are two other Challenges, one to Accountability for Healing that’s Enhanced but not Self-Resolving (T-Square and Grand Trine to Damocles, Saturn, Sun, and Panacea), and one to Rebirth that’s Fully Self-Resolving (T-Square, Finger, and Grand Trine to Haumea). The two Grand Trines are the same one, so the Challenges are mutually Complentary.

Moon Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere

On 14 February (PST 2:04 am, GMT 10:04 am, IST 3:34 pm, AEDT Qld 8:04 pm), the Moon goes Out of Bounds South (Folks tend to Panic More when the Moon is OOB), until 18-19 February (PST 8:22 am 18th, GMT 4:22 pm 18th, IST 9:52 pm 18th, AEDT Qld 2:22 am 19th).

Also on 14-15 February, Our Fate’s Grip on our Attention Loosens (Moira moves into Gemini PST 9:34 am 14th, GMT 5:34 pm 14th, IST 11:04 pm 14th, AEDT Qld 3:34 am 15th), until the end of May. Asteroid Karma also moves into Aquarius on 14-15 February (PST 5:09 pm 14th, GMT 1:09 am 15th, IST 6:39 am 15th, AEDT Qld 11:09 am 15th), till 3 May. A good Opportunity to Practice Letting Go of Our Social Karma, especially any Codependence that’s Becoming Unnecessary.

Respect for All Things Becomes a New Highly-Celebrated Anthem for Ascension

(Hopi Out of Bounds and Stationary) till 15-16 February (PST 2:12 pm 15th, GMT 10:12 pm 14th, IST 3:42 am 16th, AEDT Qld 8:12 am 16th) and beyond, in 4 Scorpio, Apprehension of Doom. Interesting Degree Symbol. Let’s Explore furthur…

“The shadow vigil is not something we make up. It is not just our gloominess and negativity. We are being shown the places others miss, and we are asked to stay tuned to these and to be aware, alert, and on the spot for whatever might arise. As we get into this stance it may be too much to bear, but what we are being shown is vital to grasp, crucial to becoming a conduit for, even if we might become greatly darkened in the bargain” (Lonsdale p.251).

Hmmm. I’ve been ignoring most of the news lately, though keeping up with the major threads. Sounds like an Inventory of Judgments would be in order. And this Symbol suggests that some Judgments may be Appropriate from the Perspective of being “aware, alert, and on the spot” if not from the Perspective of Seeking Detachment. Have I natal planets at 4 Scorpio? No. In fact it Challenges (T-Squares) a Major Axis and Completes a natal T-Square there. So I have Work here, but I’m not sure if I need to Choose to Accept this Assignment – or it’s Opposite, which is always the first Alternative when Working with the Underwhere.

Stationary Out of Bounds Hopi is Merged with Rebirth and Self-Image (Haumea and Narcissus), suggesting that Self-Congratulation about Lack of Judgment could be a Ruse to cover Denial. Respect for All Things doesn’t imply Approval, as that would only mean Judgment about the Opposite of what’s Approved. It should imply Respectful Neutrality. There is one Fully Self-Resolving Challenge, to Prevaricating about Disrespect for Lawn Order (T-Square, Finger, and Grand Trine to Ixion/Rule-Breaking Merged with Pinocchio/Lying).

4 Responses to “Mass Confusion 1”

  1. Says:

    So on the money! Stepping out of the mind cave 🪜 ⛑️

  2. Says:


  3. Bob (in Coloniser Queensland) Says:

    Just an observation, but I am reminded of the advice that spirit must flow through us and not be hindered by the ego. You can’t force indifference or neutrality, it has to be a natural (and a 5D attribute) process that is part of surrendering and accepting things exactly as they are.
    I too have disconnected from the minia, in fact I have recently spent considerable time unsubscribing from a multitude of what is really unnecessary distraction.
    The ego says, I might miss out on something important and I could do something about that, but you can’t.
    I might even be so bold as to suggest that 4 Scorpio is telling us to be a receptacle for collective anxiety and angst (the feeling, not the analysis) and then immediately release it and continue on the path we have chosen and focus on projecting the light from whatever that entails. I can feel the despair in my heart at times and I know it’s coming from a source outside of me and that it is energy passing through me. It is not a pleasant sensation but it is the price we pay for the contract we signed to be empathic (in this, and probably many other lifetimes) and we are getting much better at it and acquiring some serenity as a result of knowing what is happening as a trade off!
    The positive manifestation of the Hopi energy is equally available and is everywhere too.
    We are probably just being reminded not to walk around with rose coloured glasses!


  4. Says:

    Sorry for my multiple comments, blame the precession, but I find it so ironic how the Zero Point, Shows there is zero point , to push your ego/will upwards. At this point it goes sideways and back into itself; Thus eliminating being the host of shadows invited to peek through the window. Those Pearl eyes 👀 without covered branches 🦉 winks

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