The Phitile

A while back (early 2004 to be exact), I decided that the Traditional interpretation of the Opposition, 180 Degrees, didn’t really work as the Culmination of a 360 Degree Cycle. A Cycle doesn’t begin to Break Down till the Waning Square, 270 Degrees. So what happens then between the Opposition and the Waning Square?

Well, if we look at just the first dozen Harmonics, there’s the Quinnovile, 5/9, 200°, Learning Introversion. There’s the Quadriseptile, 4/7, 206°, Mastering Time. There’s the Septunx, 7/12, 210°, Breaking Time Karma. There’s the Quinoctile, 5/8, 225°, Learning to Adjust. There’s the Septelvile, 7/11, 229°, Natural Timing. There’s the Waning Trine, 2/3, 240°, Natural Guidelines. The Sepdecile, 7/10, 252°, Timing of Fortune. The Quinseptile, 5/7, 257°, Learning Timing. And the Octelvile, 8/11, 262°, Adjusting our Self-Respect.

Oh, and there’s the Phitile, 360/φ or 360/1.618, 222½°, Attunement with Nature. φ is the “Golden Angle” that appears everywhere in Nature.

All of those Angles sound like they map out a good path toward Getting Ready to Shift Gears. But it seemed to me that the Harvest of the Fruits of the Cycle should occur at the Waning Trine, where Harvest should be Effortless, something Given To Us rather than something we Do or Take. So I’ve been referring to the Opposition as the Blooming of the Cycle, rather than the Culmination, and to the Waning Trine as the Fruiting of the Cycle, with apologies to Rudhyar. And it seemed to me that an appropriate place for the Culmination of a Cycle would be the Phitile, the Angle where Nature Feels Complete in her Design Process.

The Phitile, though, is hard to compute, even harder than Quintiles and Septiles. Here’s what I wrote about the Phitile in February 2004, in a DIY blog (WordPress didn’t appear till 2007 – it has its faults, but it’s still far superior to the old HTML/FTP process)…

The old Pagan cross-quarter holiday Samhain, halfway between the Libra Equinox and the Capricorn Solstice, at the Midpoint of Scorpio, one of the Power Points of the Zodiac. Lonsdale‘s take on 13 Scorpio is Compulsion to Explore What’s Denied by Everyone, Living in the Shadow of a Culture. Taking the shutters off the Windows to our Programming, in other words. Like Karma and Dogma, Programming is supposed to seem like it’s the only way things could possibly be.

Yes, now that you mention it, that was a “Fun” table to make in HTML.

10 Responses to “The Phitile”

  1. desmene Says:


  2. Bob (in Coloniser Queensland) Says:

    Waking up (for me in Australia) on a Sunday morning, an opportunity to solve a very intriguing puzzle. Being very curious about the nature of cycles, I would love to explore this narrative further and apply the nuances of Harmonics to Astrological cycles as they regularly appear in this wonderful blog. I have a habit of making a note in my digital calendar of the initiation of various cycles as mentioned and also apply some brief notes accordingly with some reminders plugged in, if necessary, but in my haste rarely pay any attention to the natural evolution of the cycle and therefore lose track of the potential and opportunities on offer by paying closer attention to the timelines involved.
    I guess this is simply because I only have relatively scant knowledge of the dynamics involved to integrate these angles into the evolution of the cycle.
    A perfect example would be the fairly recent Chaos-Sappho cycle
    I wonder if any of your readers might know how to automatically generate a timeline for the harmonics with software?
    It would appear that this angle in the current Pholus-Quaoar cycle does not appear until nearly 2100.
    Mon 17-12-2096 6:14:54pm Pholus ( 1Sag07) Ses [16Ari07] Quaoar but at 135 degrees, not at 222.5 ? so, because of their ecliptics they go away from each other and come back again before they reach that angle?

    The energy of the old cycle hovering over the new (like a ghost) is also something that I have struggled to (coin your phrase) “grok”.
    I would very much appreciate some clues to help solve this puzzle.


    • astrobuss Says:

      I know, with as many “planets” as we use (50+), that gives us 1200+ or so Cycles! No way I can keep up with just the Initiations (Conjunction, or first Conjunction in a sequence), let alone the ramifications, so we have to pick out the most important. Rudhyar’s Lunation Cycle book is the primary source. We try to pay attention to the biggies, like the Venus-Mars Cycle, Chiron-Uranus and Saturn-Chiron, and the like. The current Neptune-Pluto Cycle began in the 1980s or so. Lao Tsu, Confucius, Buddha, and Aristotle were all born under the most recent Triple Initiation of Uranus-Neptune-Pluto. I pay most attention to the Waxing Squares of the Biggies, since they Turn the Energies, and the Initiations themselves, since they Introduce New Zeitgeists.

    • astrobuss Says:

      Grokking the hovering ghost of the old Cycle is more about Huper psychology than Cycles. Hupers like to nurse their Investments along as long as they can, usually long after they’ve peaked, in hope that they’ll be reborn (many do, after all). It’s not irrational – Fossil Fuel prices will probably continue to go up if Supply goes down faster than Demand, as forward-looking suppliers get out of Aging markets in favor of Growth markets. It’s probably a rare example of markets that actually ARE rational, rather than just theoretically. And if you’ve spent 40 years in an industry, you’re hard-pressed to just switch to a new one where you don’t even know what its promoters are talking about (think kleptocurrency, er, cryptocurrency, for instance). New Cyclical Energies are often introduced by Migrants from other Galaxies who bring their technology with them, like the Indigo Waves. Even if they’re about to Take Over the World, not many old-timers can make the shift or even Grok the New Energy (think AI). Steve Jobs came here from a Galaxy where Inclusiveness was Valued, which is why his products spread easily. Elon Musk (Howard Hughes in drag) came from one that echoed the Patriarchy’s Hierarchical structure, so only Super-Competitors and Unexposed Grifters are Valued. T.Rump and V.Pootin’ came from a Galaxy that reeked of Corruption, so while Corruption is everyday for most of Huperity, there are enough Earth Cultures based on relative Equality and Sharing, that Greed and Power can’t quite Take Over the Whole Planet like Jobs did with his MyPhone. Pholus-Quaoar means basically *Being Responsive to your Survival Instincts*, and for most Hupers Survival is still based on US-versus-Them. It’ll take a long time for WeBeOne to outgain USvsThem in the World Psyche. Someone should invent games like Football where millions of people can Root for Win-Win succeeding over Win-Lose. Can we even Conceive of a SuperBowl of a Game like that? We need to do that before we can see WeBeOne Taking Over the World.

      • Bob (in Coloniser Queensland) Says:

        Thanks heaps for this clarity and very remiss of me for forgetting to wish you and your readers “Gong Hey Fat Choy!” today.
        Paying attention to “disbelief about the power to manifest” proves also that you can “teach an old dog new tricks” as evidenced by the very best inclusion of “ancient” HTML generated tables in a modern format!
        I’ll add my Intuit energy to the quantum field for someone to create your new game!

      • astrobuss Says:

        Woof! Was today Fat Saturday? I don’t keep track of the Chinese Perspective. No Offense, not that I shouldn’t, but there’s that Time thing. Well, okay, it’s not about Time, it’s about Priorities.

  3. Says:

    Excellent post! I’ll refer back to !! I actually was (jokingly) thinking the third trine was the Confirmation “No” Door, which squarely sends you Back Home 🤣🙊

  4. Says:

    Oh, and Also 1st House, Mars, Surely will confirm the above 👆🏻 with RAMifications 😂

  5. Says:

    And in that 2004 post, is where you explain in clear understanding to me, Now, of what exactly I just went through since 2013! Saturn certainly rules the show with that South Node! No doubt, as soon as Saturn’s final 3rd conjunction to natal South Node, it’s like “Bam!” The “kookoo-veil” lifted. To breathe again slowly picking up where Square One dropped me off 🤍✨in preparation for a new fullness 🌝

  6. Says:

    (PS this spreadsheet is a virgos dream!! Print, laminate and put it on the pegboard! Lol 🥰🙌🏻)

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