Big Rush II

Desmene in her comment to the More Climate Change et al post has added Natalie Glasson’s Arcturian Channeling at I agree with Bob that it’s right on! I’ve never read any Channeling by Natalie that hasn’t been mind-blowing, and her breadth of sources is absolutely flabbergasting!

Someone else who absolutely “gets it right” is George Monbiot, and this time he really nails it. A tiny sample…

“Already, farming is the world’s greatest cause of habitat destruction, the greatest cause of the global loss of wildlife and the greatest cause of the global extinction crisis. It’s responsible for about 80% of the deforestation that’s happened this century. Of 28,000 species known to be at imminent risk of extinction, 24,000 are threatened by farming. Only 29% of the weight of birds on Earth consists of wild species: the rest is poultry. Just 4% of the world’s mammals, by weight, are wild; humans account for 36%, and livestock for the remaining 60%.

“Unless something changes, all this is likely to get worse – much worse. In principle, there is plenty of food, even for a rising population. But roughly half the calories farmers grow are now fed to livestock, and the demand for animal products is rising fast. Without a radical change in the way we eat, by 2050 the world will need to grow around 50% more grain. How could we do it without wiping out much of the rest of life on Earth?”

I dare you to read the whole article…


4 Responses to “Big Rush II”

  1. desmene Says:

    Hard to “Like,” but Truth must be Told. Thanks, JBuss. Just sitting here on a Sunday morning, trying to Love everything… Kinda hard, but Must… stay… strong… Keep envisioning those desired energies! Truth is— it’s beautiful out there right now. Have to Be in the Moment. 🌸🙏🏼

    • astrobuss Says:

      It’s hard to deny that Hupers – as they currently behave – have exceeded the Planet’s Carrying Capacity. If they were in Community rather than Competition, the situation would be a lot different, though still Extreme. I don’t Believe there’s any Doubt that Western Civilization is Dying an unpretty Death. The Ultimate Irony – the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, the Head Cheese of the Judicial Branch, Blaming *young people* for failing to respect Institutions, while supporting his wife’s efforts to destroy the Executive Branch by violently overthrowing the Legislative Branch. Talk about 1984!
      But yes, we do need to Acknowledge Current Moment Reality (“CMR”) *first*, *then* Declare our Intentions to the contrary. If we don’t Acknowledge CMR then our Intentions Manifest from our Imbalance rather than from our Coherence, and there’s no Change. Monbiot’s article actually (after first describing CMR) paints a comprehensive picture of the technology Hupers could use to feed themselves once they reconvene as Community. But I don’t see any process Emerging through which Hupers could move toward Community.
      Patron of the Patriarchy Pootin’ is leading Hupers directly into Population Reduction, more thru famine than war, by destroying 30% of the World’s Grains, repeating Lenin’s and Stalin’s colossal failures of the 1930s, but making the Scale Global this time. I don’t think it’s Hopeless, but I don’t Believe Huperity has stopped digging its own grave yet.
      ‘Twas a Lovely Day here most of the day today too. Time to stop Dwelling on the Bummer, and stop Thinking! Yes, Gratitude for the Moment!

  2. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Dare accepted and what a wonderful surprise!
    Putting aside, temporarily, the undeniable 3D facts “More Climate Change et al” as outlined and the scary prospects that they entail, my attention was immediately drawn to the similarities to the “ephemeral particles that could develop into anything” described in the previous blog and the visionary potential of the language used by Monbiot ie.,
    “The answer (to soil) unlocks the gate to a secret garden”
    “Soil might not be as beautiful to the eye as a rainforest or a coral reef, but once you begin to understand it, it is as beautiful to the mind” & ”Upon this understanding our survival might hang”.
    I’m also reminded of the potential for technological discoveries (if we can get around the greedheads) in this Astrological age, that we have not even imagined yet, and perhaps a glimpse is presented here, particularly with “Precision Fermentation”.
    This potential is evenly balanced with the realisation that a return to more “natural” methods (Tolly’s farm) for sustainability is critical, and can be demonstrated by the ground (no pun intended) swell of the Permaculture movement in your country as well as other parts of the world including Australia.
    Additionally we know Australia was covered with Perennial grasses in perfect balance with the Indigenous inhabitants for thousands of years before European invasion which well supports Monbiot’s argument for a return to perennial crop varieties.
    I could almost feel the excitement of the otherworldly elemental peering over my shoulder while I was reading the article!


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